Your Public? Or My Public?

By Anna Von Reitz

As our run amok and misdirected foreign subcontractors have continued their mercenary war games on our shores— all without our knowledge or permission— they have prospered themselves by changing the meaning of words and redefining everything. 

We have seen this process go from changing the meaning of “person” to mean “corporation” all the way to redefining us as some species of Federal public employee or dependent—- without, however, the benefit of a Federal paycheck. 

If you have ever investigated the IRS you have learned with some astonishment that, from their perspective, you, their employer, are identified as a “non-resident alien”. 

That is, you are not a resident of their peculiar Federal Enclave. 

Just imagine your Federal Employees as two different kinds of Coneheads —Short and Tall —-from a different world, and you will get the gist of it.  

They exist in a different jurisdiction, operate under different forms of law ( codes, regulations, and statutes) and they are in fact either so crooked or so mindless as to mistake their Employers as “the Enemy” in a war that actually ended more than 150 years ago. 

Once you realize that they are still at “war” with each other (although colluding in the back room at the same time to evade their mutual obligations under the Constitutions) and that they have placed you in the middle of this “war” as a punching bag for both—- things begin to make more sense. 

You can now begin to understand that their “Public Elections” are in fact private corporate elections, while your actual Public Elections —which address a different “public”— are the activities of non-resident aliens so far as they are concerned. 

Your public is not their public.  And vice versa. 

They have turned those definitions inside out and upside down, too.  

What serves them as a public court, is, from your perspective, a private corporate tribunal. 

What serves them as “law” is, from your perspective, the caprice of the “Public Policies” of a corporation. 

So they are rounding us up under the completely false presumption that we are Coneheads, too, and subjecting us to their laws——which aren’t laws. 

Their most recent “wars” on terrorism and drugs have, of course, resulted in the vast proliferation of both. 

We can and should expect no other outcome from their “war” against the Common Cold Virus mislabeled “Covid 19”. 

Their constant phony wars are how they make money at our expense,  so the more wars the merrier from their perspective. And the worse everything gets, from ours. 

To put an end to this pathetic circumstance  we must assume our proper political status as Americans.  

We have to declare and record our identity as Americans. 

And then, we have to start acting like Americans. 

That is, we assemble our State Assemblies, organize our civilian court system, fill our State militias —and get on with the job of self-governance. 

And with enforcing our Public Law.  

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