Bill Mitchell, YourVoice™ America, 3-26-19… “Q Special w/ Praying Medic!”

[Kp update: at about 39:48, they both listen to Mayor of Chicago’s response to the Smollett charges being dropped, and Praying Medic has a wonderful insight into what may actually be going on (bottom line, “Nothing is as it seems!”).]

Very much enjoying this video interview. Praying Medic explains how Q and @RealDonaldTrump, are step by step, preparing the American public for full disclosure of what has been happening during the first two years of the DJT presidency, and prior to that. This is a prelude to (eventual) full disclosure of all the dark deep state cabal operations.

According to Praying Medic, “It’s all downhill from here.”

Published March 26, 2019
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Q Special tonight! A full hour with Praying Medic as we break down everything that is happening with the Mueller Report and prosecution of the #DeepState as well as insider information on Huber and Horowitz.