Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Resource Guide (Updated Mar 1, 2023)

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This page is a compilation of the best resources I have found on chlorine dioxide.

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1) Follow the steps outlined in this free course and learn how to get rid of disease with the universal antidote (ClO2):
This course is several hours to complete. Upon completion, you will have the knowledge of where to source the pre-made solutions, and the raw materials to make your own on site ClO2 generation kits. You’ll know where to find the protocols millions of people world wide are using to recover their health. You’ll know where to find answers to your questions and review thousands of testimonials.

Chlorine dioxide info:
Dr. Mark Sircus article from Feb 2022 will get you up to speed on ClO2: The Tiger Tank Of Modern Medicine:

ClO2 Chemistry – The Full Story (10 minutes 54 seconds) An awesome short documentary on the effects of ClO2 on pathogens:

Andreas Kalcker – Biophysicist and developer of the process to make chlorine dioxide solution:

ClO2 Study courses:

How to make chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) with Andreas video:

How to make CDS in printable form below.

COMUSAV Clinical Protocols with CDS – updated Sept 10 2021:

CDS Protocols from Andreas Kalcker:

Chlorine Dioxide Bath Protocol as per Mark Grenon. This protocol works very well for children, elderly folks and the very ill or anyone who cannot tolerate drinking any ClO2 in solution:

Jim Humble, the fellow who brought forth the information about MMS (sodium chlorite in solution), MMS1 (acidified sodium chlorite), MMS2 (hypochlorous acid):

Where I buy the ClO2 kits and DMSO:

The Universal Antidote documentary (no full screen):

The Universal Antidote documentary on Rumble (full screen):

The Universal Antidote Videos Telegram channel: for testimonials and Jeff’s (producer of The Universal Antidote) latest video productions.

The Universal Antidote (TUA) Chat on Telegram:

Curious Human Productions (Jeff’s Rumble channel):

ClO2 Destroys Glyphosate with Dr. Stephanie Seneff and Kerri Rivera:

ClO2 cured my Leukemia testimonial:

TUA Jeff on

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