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This page is a compilation of the best resources I have found online for all things relating to chlorine dioxide.

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The Universal Antidote

1) Watch The Universal Antidote documentary in full screen on Rumble.com:

2) Follow the steps outlined in this free online course developed by the producer of The Universal Antidote documentary. You will learn everything you need to know about the universal antidote (ClO2): http://bit.ly/UniversalAntidoteCourse

3) A good friend of mine, Edwin and I have put together a ClO2 Workshop available in person or online. You’ll get updated information on the latest protocols with chlorine dioxide solution. Check it out here https://eddiesbloglist.rocks/clo2-resource-guide/clo2-workshop/and leave us some feedback in the comments section below.

Upon completion, you will have the knowledge of where to source the pre-made ClO2 Kits, and the raw materials if you wish to make your own “on site” generation ClO2 kits. You’ll have access to the protocols being used by millions of people around the planet to defeat severe illnesses and recover their health, and vitality. You will know where to find the answers to your questions and have the option to review thousands of testimonials.

Additional Resources

This article from Dr. Mark Sircus will get you up to speed on ClO2 from a physicians perspective: The Tiger Tank Of Modern Medicine:

ClO2 Chemistry – The Full Story (10 minutes 54 seconds) This is an awesome, short technical documentary on the effects of ClO2 on pathogens: https://youtu.be/1Ks3wil1PtkERCO

Andreas Kalcker – Is a multilingual biophysicist from Germany and promoter of chlorine dioxide solution use world wide. His website is a great information resource: https://andreaskalcker.com/en/

Here is a recent written interview of Andreas https://unbekoming.substack.com/p/chlorine-dioxide

ClO2 Study courses:

How to Make Chlorine Dioxide Solution the Easy Way with Andreas video:

COMUSAV is The Coalition For Health and Life with 5,000+ MD’s in Latin America. The COMUSAV “Clinical Protocols with CDS in Covid 19” was 1st published in April of 2021, then revised and updated Sept 10 2021.  This document is the primary quick referrence guide for protocols from prevention to severe illness cases using CDS :

CDS Protocols from Andreas Kalcker:

Chlorine Dioxide Bath Protocol as per Mark Grenon. This protocol works very well for children, elderly folks and the very ill or anyone who cannot tolerate drinking any ClO2 in solution:

Jim Humble, the fellow who brought forth the information about MMS (sodium chlorite in solution), MMS1 (acidified sodium chlorite), MMS2 (hypochlorous acid):

Where to Buy ClO2 Kits and DMSO: https://kvlab.com/

The Universal Antidote Videos Telegram channel:
https://t.me/theuniversalantidote for testimonials and Jeff’s (producer of The Universal Antidote) latest video productions.

The Universal Antidote (TUA) Chat on Telegram. This is a great channel to seek answers to your pressing questions:

Curious Human Productions Rumble channel. Jeff is the producer of The Universal Antidote documentary and his channel on Rumble.com is a huge, constantly updated resource for videos in multiple languages:

ClO2 Destroys Glyphosate with Dr. Stephanie Seneff and Kerri Rivera:

ClO2 cured my Leukemia testimonial:

TUA Jeff on Gab.com: https://gab.com/CuriousOutlier

Are you going to visit or do you live in the greater Sedona Arizona area? I offer ClO2 Water Purification Workshops on Sundays at 4:00pm in Cornville or gather 4 friends and I will do the workshop there at your home or hotel room:

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ClO2 Workshop QR-Code Links – updated Oct 17, 2023

PEER reviewed Publications on CDS in Humans and related

How To Make CDS

Cat and Dog Sodium Chlorite Protocols

Informed Consent and Petition for Assistance document

CDS Protocol Guide by marien

Clinical Protocols with CDS in COVID-19

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