"Incurable was yesterday" - Andreas Kalcker

Learn about the “Most Important Health Discovery of the Last 100 Years!”

  • ClO2 works perfectly well against viruses, bacteria, fungi, prions, and spike proteins.
  • ClO2 destroys pathogens, the root cause of disease.
  • ClO2 destroys the poisons excreted by pathogens.
  • ClO2: Pathogens cannot develop resistance to ClO2.
  • ClO2 helps the body return to homeostasis.
  • ClO2: Purchase a year’s supply of ClO2 raw ingredients for a family of seven under $40.00.
  • ClO2 is 100% safe for pregnant women, babies and the elderly.
  • ClO2 is preferred disinfectant used by 1000’s of potable water treatment plants globally.
  • ClO2 is being consumed by hundreds of millions of people 24 / 7.

The benefits you will receive by attending:

  1. You’ll have the resources in hand to complete your own due diligence online.
  2. You’ll know where you can buy the premade solutions online.
  3. You’ll learn how to make the part A and part B solutions of ClO2 from the raw ingredients.
  4. You’ll learn how to make chlorine dioxide solution (CDS), which is water saturated with chlorine dioxide gas and is the “standard” being used by thousands Doctors world wide.
  5. You’ll have the option to take home or order the “CDS Starter Kit” you’ll need to make your own chlorine dioxide solution at home.
  6. You’ll have an extensive list of protocols developed and implemented by 5,000+ Medical Doctors in Latin America.

3 Types of ClO2 Workshops Available

  • In Person Workshop: In Cornville Arizona, Sundays at 4:00 pm.
  • An @ Your Home, Conference Hall or Church Workshop in the Sedona, Village of Oak Creek, Cornville, Rimrock, Verde Valley, Cottonwood, and Clarkdale area’s (minimum of 10 people please).
  • A ClO2 Workshop Online click the right hand button below to get started.
  • An Online Consultation via Zoom Video Conferencing with Ed, click here.

Duration: 1-1/2 to 2 hours.
Cost: The workshops are FREE. A suggested donation of $27.00 for a “CDS Starter Kit” if you decide to take one home with you or have us ship it to you ($36.00 with shipping). You can find these kits online for $45.00.

Click one of the “In Person” or “Online” buttons below.

If you need assistance, or have any questions, comments or concerns, please text Ed @ 928 202-8244. Thank you.

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