John Kerry: If Trump Backs Out Of Iran Deal, It Will Be Washington, Not Tehran That’s Isolated

1 October 2017

HEISENBERG REPORT — Although we sincerely doubt readers need to be reminded of the context here, recall that in his truly outrageous U.N. debut, Donald Trump, donning his brightest orange face paint, went on a long-winded rant about Iran. It was expected, but the rhetoric was the very definition of reckless. Here are some highlights (or “lowlights” depending on how you want to look at it):


He clearly indicated that the U.S. is prepared to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal (which would be a terrible decision for all kinds of reasons that should be immediately clear to anyone with any foreign policy experience whatsoever) and then, he parroted the same old line about Iran being the world’s worst offender in terms of exporting terrorism. That is a patent falsehood. It’s a bald-faced lie. By virtue of Washington’s ties to Riyadh, the U.S. is pot committed to pushing what everyone knows is a disingenuous line about Hezbollah. It’s one thing to say “look, Hassan Nasrallah isn’t a guy I’d invite to Sunday dinner, and we have to support our allies in Israel by doing our part to stop the spread of Iranian influence.” But it’s entirely another to gloss over the fact that when it comes to combatting the Sunni extremist groups that are now attacking the West on a near-weekly basis, no one is more effective on the battlefield than Hezbollah and their allied militias in Iraq. That’s irrefutable.

Further, Trump painted a picture of Iran as a dusty, uncivilized backwater run by barbarians and populated by oppressed peasants. That’s completely ridiculous. […]

Puerto Rico Rejects Loan Offers, Accusing Hedge Funds of Trying to Profit Off Hurricanes

By David Dayen | 28 September 2017

THE INTERCEPT — Puerto Rico has rejected a bondholder group’s offer to issue the territory additional debt as a response to the devastation from Hurricane Maria. Officials with Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Agency and Financial Advisory Authority said the offer was “not viable” and would harm the island’s ability to recover from the storm.

The Prepa (Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority) Bondholder Group made the offer on Wednesday, which included $1 billion in new loans, and a swap of $1 billion in existing bonds for another $850 million bond. These new bonds would have jumped to the front of the line for repayment, and between that increased value and interest payments after the first two years, the bondholders would have likely come out ahead on the deal, despite a nominal $150 million in debt relief.

Indeed, the offer was worse in terms of debt relief than the one the bondholder group made in April, well before hurricanes destroyed much of the island’s critical infrastructure.

Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Agency and Financial Advisory Authority suggested that profit motive rather than altruism was the bondholder group’s real goal. “Such offers only distract from the government’s stated focus and create the unfortunate appearance that such offers are being made for the purpose of favorably impacting the trading price of existing debt,” the agency said in a statement. […]

Styxhexenhammer666 10-5-17… “The Occult: Video 161: Don’t Grow Up or Old, but Do Mature” (plus one more)

Occasionally I watch this guy. In general, I like his presentations, for these reasons: 1) He’s straightforward and honest, 2) He presents balanced “arguments” about things, issues, 3) He speaks directly and is not averse to using the f word (don’t like that part, well, get over it, please), 4) He’s got long hair, 5) He usually is shirtless under his jacket, 6) He lives in Vermont. There might be a few more, but that’s kind of my “gist” of him.

Anyway, one word I like is that he often uses the term “Legacy media”. I finally looked up the word, Legacy, and one definition is: Retained under an obsolescent or discarded system, chiefly for purposes of reference. That’s exactly what today’s so-called MSM, CMMM, is, in my view.

Anyway, the first video really “stuck out” to me because what he talks about is pretty much exactly how I have come to live by/ as/ etc. And it describes what I have talked / written about in a few of the Kp blog posts.

The second video ends up covering a lot about these terms like “liberal”, “conservative”, etc., and how they are simply labels. And a few other things.

You may consider this an introduction to one of the people I occasionally listen to via YouTube. He has a couple websites, and apparently sells many books, Kindle versions of which are only $1-2.

Published on Oct 5, 2017
Being young in mind is great. Getting old is dumb. Books blog:


Published on Oct 5, 2017
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Also not honest:
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Galactics Update with Kent Dunn and Peri 10-5-17

This just came out, and the report is “far out” enough that I know many will connect with this. Also I’ve included a thumbnail of Peri, the interviewer (since she is perhaps somewhat more attractive than “the Kent”!!). I do enjoy her updates because they are short and to the point.

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