Puerto Rico Being Set Up for Parasite Guild Loot

Sleeping Americans might want to watch Trumpian former grand strategist Steve Bannon’s “Generation Zero” documentary below. It well describes how sick and near death the U.S. is as a debt-enslaved target of the Parasite Guild.

It’s the proposed, unapologetic, medieval-bloodletting Shock Doctrine treatments that should be of concern, because the Trump administration has defacto-hired the Rothschilds and the Crime Syndicate to dissemble and foreclose on the country. The U.S. might as well be Greece, because that’s what’s next. Nowhere does Bannon speak to the Greek Golden Dawn “extreme right” “neo-Nazi” debt-slave solution. See How Once a Torn Country Liberated Itself from Debt Slavery. That would be an actual default and never paying the Parasite Guild back and or letting them foreclose or privatize.

It has always amazed me how real default options are never discussed in the public discourse. It is always minor haircuts, followed by roll out maturity extensions with even more debt piled on.

For understanding the Parasite Guild and Shock Doctrine system see:

Puerto Rico was in severe debt-slave trouble well before hurricane Irma. The storm pushed it over the cliff, and Donald “The Red Queen” Trump finished the job by saying “no bailout for Puerto Rico.”

The Red Queen also inferred that “Goldman Sachs holds these bonds.” That is sleight of hand. Of $76 billion, $50 billion is owed to everyday investors through pension funds and other intermediaries. Less than 25% of Puerto Rico’s debt is held by hedge funds, according to estimates by Cate Long, founder of research firm Puerto Rico Clearinghouse. The rest of the debt is owned by individuals and mutual funds that are held by mom-and-pop investors.

Another pile on is coming, because when Puerto Rico gets federal relief — perhaps via line of credit, as requested by the governor — repayment of debt from federal government is likely to take seniority over existing debt obligations.

The scam now is to get Aunt Millie’s fund manager, who takes his orders from the Parasite Guild and Crime Syndicate, to dump these bonds cheap — in fact, very cheap. The Parasite Guild will scoop them up and later deal with the bankruptcy in the New York courts under the direction of Parasite Guild crony judges.

The case of Argentina discussed in my Parasite Guild articles is illustrative. This will be a multi-year process. Typically, there is little debt forgiveness or significant haircuts in these captured courts. Debtors are cut little slack. This is the precursor to a literal foreclosure of the island under new owners. Watch also for shock doctrine austerity, pensioner wipeouts, privatizations and reconstitution of key Puerto Rico assets and infrastructure into new hands.

As part of this process, hundreds of thousands of native Puerto Ricans are being uprooted and displaced to the mainland U.S. Notably, a little more than 5 percent of electrical customers had service on the storm-ravaged island, according to officials — with the head of its power utility saying that number would rise to just 15?percent during the next two weeks. Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority is also debt burdened and bankrupt and doesn’t have the financial clout to rebuild.

Food and drinking water also remained in short supply, and the Federal Communications Commission said more than 88 percent of cellphone towers were out of service.

The long-term plan of the Parasite Guild and the vultures will be some transformation of Puerto Rico into a rich-man enclave. But first the riff raff have to be foreclosed upon and removed. There will be some human trafficking as well, especially given that Puerto Rican women are exotically attractive. One wonders how many will end up in the Middle East. It is a younger population so healthy organs will also be available for the market.

Listen to Rothschild agent and hack Wilbur Ross discuss Puerto Rico before Irma. In Parasite Guild situations and in theory, there can be losers other than the people — namely, the creditors — who have their holdings marked down. But that never seems to occur as little debt is ever outright forgiven or written off. Listen to Ross describe the debt crisis in Puerto Rico and other states. Notice he says, “Puerto Rico schemed its way into heavy debt.” Nowhere does he suggest this was enabled and facilitated by Wall Street and Wall Street infestations within government. It is “just Puerto Rico.” He then mischaracterizes the vulture funds. He goes on to concisely describe his new job and the standard bankster Washington Consensus “reforms” (aka looting).

The following chart from Zero Hedge shows the next likely large city bankruptcies-with Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix and Pittsburg leading the pack. Among the states it is Illinois, New Jersey and Connecticut.


How to Do the Heimlich Maneuver

By Dr. Mercola

Up until 1972, when the Heimlich maneuver was developed, the sixth leading cause of accidental death was choking, usually on a bite of food, or for young children, a small toy or other object. At that time, around 3,000 people in the U.S. died every year from getting something lodged in their throat. The sobering thing is that it doesn’t take long for choking to become a fatality. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) explains:

“Choking is the blockage or hindrance of respiration by a foreign-body obstruction in the internal airway, including the pharynx, hypopharynx, and trachea. Airway obstruction can be fatal if it leads to serious impairment of oxygenation and ventilation.

Choking is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among children, especially those who are 3 years of age or younger. This is largely because of the developmental vulnerabilities of a young child’s airway and the underdeveloped ability to chew and swallow food. Young children also commonly put objects in their mouths as they explore their environments.”1

In 1972, as a Cincinnati doctor, Henry Heimlich read an article reporting these statistics and wondered what he could do to help. After having developed the reversed gastric tube for esophagus replacement in the 1950s, and spending years studying patients’ swallowing difficulties, he began researching old medical journals on the topic of choking and medical interventions.

One of the most interesting of his discoveries was that from the time a tome titled “A Practical Treatise on Foreign Bodies in the Air-Passages” was published in 1854, to 1972, prevailing medical advice steered away from slapping people on the back as a means to remove an object causing them to choke. Even so, that was the very approach the American Red Cross recommended in 1933 to “help” someone who was choking.

If you’ve ever had a choking problem yourself, or have seen someone who has, you probably know that quite often, this is still the method many people try first. “Choking persons who can still breathe, even with a piece of food in their throat, often die when back-slaps cork their airway,” Heimlich explained. He called such measures “faulty advice.”2

When someone is choking, they’re often unable to either draw in a breath or exhale, which is why they can’t simply “cough” the object out of their airway, but the maneuver creates an “artificial cough.”

How Heimlich Developed His Maneuver

In his subsequent essay for the American Broncho-Esophagological Association on how his life-saving technique, the Heimlich maneuver, was developed, the doctor recalled:

“As I approached the problem, I decided that since back slaps caused deaths by forcing the object back downward in the airway, the answer lay in creating a flow of air upward out of the lungs, using the lungs like a pair of bellows … To work up enough force to expel the object, I would have to find a way to compress the lungs sufficiently to create a strong flow of air out of the mouth.”3

To simulate a foreign object, Heimlich blew up a balloon and secured it at the end of an endotracheal tube to close off the flow of air in the airway of an anesthetized beagle (a method now largely viewed as unethical), thinking that a large flow of air created by compressing the lungs should eject the obstruction.

But nothing happened. He tried several times with no luck, so he stopped to analyze the problem, which he correctly surmised must be the rib cage, which wouldn’t allow the lungs to be compressed effectively without breaking them, which sometimes happens in CPR. Heimlich explained further:

“I decided to start again. I considered if you pushed the diaphragm upward into the chest, you would markedly reduce the volume of the chest cavity, which would compress the lungs in a very even manner. Moving below the rib cage, I pressed my fist above the dog’s belly button and just under the rib cage, thereby pushing the diaphragm upward into the chest.

Instantly the tube shot out of the animal’s mouth! Repeating this procedure, I found the same result every time. I was extremely excited! With only a little bit of exertion, I found that pushing upward on the diaphragm drove air out of the lungs, creating a sufficient flow of air to carry the object away from the airway and out the mouth.”4

It isn’t necessary for the object to be “stuck in the throat like the cork in a Champagne bottle,” Heimlich observed. Even a bone, which lets air flow around it, can be extricated, but it’s the flow of air, not pressure, that carries the object away.

Performing the Heimlich Maneuver, aka ‘Abdominal Thrusts’

Himself a participant, Heimlich asked 10 colleagues, both doctors and residents, to help him calculate the actual measure of air flow needed to carry an object stuck in someone’s airway. Multiple techniques were tested until the easiest and most effective was found. Heimlich called it “sub-diaphragmatic pressure.”

They used a mouthpiece connected by tubes to a machine designed to measure the flow or expulsion of air from the study subjects’ mouths when a fist sharply pushed their diaphragms upward. While today computers would report results, the doctor used a graph on a rotating drum, which showed that an average of 205 liters of air were generated — quite enough to expel an object trapped in someone’s throat.

Heimlich’s next challenge was to develop a simple method for the above scenario that anyone could use, including children, even without a first-aid course. He didn’t think a tool of some sort would work because what if it couldn’t be found in time?

It also had to be quick, because when a child is choking, for example, rescuers have less than four minutes to dislodge the object to avoid the very real possibility of either permanent brain injury or death. Now followed by men, women and children all over the world, the simple procedure when someone is choking is to:

  1. Stand behind the person and reach around their waist with both arms.
  2. Make a fist with one hand, placing the thumb side below the victim’s rib cage, just above their navel.
  3. Grasp your fist with your other hand, then firmly and smoothly, press your fist inward and upward until the choking object is dislodged from the airway.

Repeat as many times as necessary, but in many cases, the dislodged object flies from the victim’s mouth so fast that it hits the wall or ceiling. In 1985, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced Surgeon General C. Everett Koop’s endorsement of the Heimlich maneuver, “not as the preferred, but as the only method that should be used for the treatment of choking from foreign body airway obstruction.” Koop added:

“Millions of Americans have been taught to treat persons who are choking with back blows, chest and abdominal thrusts … Now, they must be advised . . . and I ask for the participation of the Red Cross, the American Heart Association and public health authorities everywhere . . . that these methods are hazardous, even lethal.”5

Anyone Can Use the Heimlich Maneuver — Even on Yourself

One of the most compelling features of what is now the go-to procedure for choking, nearly anyone can use it. Medical News Today6 explains other scenarios that may require a slightly altered procedure: When the choking victim, child or adult, is unconscious or cannot stand:

  1. Position the victim flat on their back and sit on their thighs, facing them.
  2. Placing one hand on top of the other, positioning the heel of your hand over their diaphragm, just below the rib cage and above their navel.
  3. Lean onto your hands, pushing upward and inward, repeating until the object is coughed out.

Performing Heimlich on yourself (when there’s no one to help):

  1. Make a fist, and with your thumbs pointing inward, position your fist against your diaphragm, under the rib cage and above the navel.
  2. Push in sharply until the object is expelled.
  3. If unable to do this or if it doesn’t work, lean over a solid object such as a counter or chair, position the edge at your diaphragm and push in and up. Move slightly forward and backward to produce thrusts, repeating as necessary.

Infants under 1 year old:

  1. Position the child face down on your forearm, making sure their head is lower than their chest.
  2. With your forearm resting on your thigh, support the baby’s head with your hand, making sure their mouth and nose are not covered.
  3. Use the heel of the other hand to smack the baby’s back between the shoulder blades four times. Repeat until the object comes out.
  4. If this fails, turn the baby over and position two fingers in the center of the baby’s chest, between the nipples. Forcefully push down four times to a depth of about 1 inch. Repeat until the object comes out.

What You Can Do to Help Prevent Your Child From Choking

What do balloons, hotdogs and batteries have in common? Yup, they’re all objects that can cause a choking hazard in children. Hazardous can mean anything small enough to get into their mouth, such as buttons, coins and marbles. Toy pieces left out by older children, plastic eyes on a teddy bear or decorative beads on a doll dress, accessible to toddlers, can become some of the most dangerous items in your home.

Latex balloons, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), are the leading cause of choking deaths among children 6 years old and younger, and at least 68 died from this in the U.S. between 1990 and 2004.

It’s when balloons pop that they pose the biggest problem because pieces can be inhaled, after which they can conform to a child’s airway and form an airtight seal. Thick, sticky substances like caramel, peanut butter and toasted marshmallows can also cause problems, but one of the most common foods small children choke on is hot dogs.

When hotdogs are sliced into coin-shaped pieces, the cylindrical shape acts like a tight seal, which can completely block a child’s airway. Bowls of peanuts, round, candy-coated chocolate pieces, a bag of small marshmallows on the counter while making hot chocolate, and even raw carrots, apples and other foods you might be preparing for a recipe should be monitored when toddlers are around; children can be quick, and all it takes is a moment.

How to Minimize Choking Hazards for Young Children

Parents Magazine7 suggests adhering to a few simple precautions for children under age 3 to minimize choking hazards.

  • Always cut firm and/or round foods such as cheese or grapes into smaller pieces or thin strips before making it accessible to them
  • Closely supervise children during mealtime
  • Show children the proper way to eat and chew food
  • Learn how to apply the Heimlich maneuver for children

Further, children should be taught to:

  • Remain seated while eating
  • Chew food slowly and thoroughly
  • Not talk or laugh with food in their mouth
  • Only put as much food in their mouth as they can chew comfortably

While the Heimlich maneuver is nearly always used today as the go-to response when someone is choking, other methods have used it as a basis with a few tweaks, such as one advised in a study just a few years later, in 1976. This method recommends chest thrusts, but used only six study participants, so experts acknowledge that a larger study might return different results.

However, Heimlich’s procedure was recognized as having saved the lives of more than 50,000 people in the U.S. alone, according to CNN,8 which relayed a fascinating account: The man behind the maneuver used it himself to save a woman who was choking on a piece of hamburger in a Cincinnati-based senior living community center in 2016. She was sitting right next to him.

That’s how Heimlich employed his life-saving technique — the first time ever in a real, life-and-death situation — before his own death of a heart attack just a few months later. He was 96.

The Rarely Discussed Reality of Radioactive Pollution

By Dr. Mercola

A rarely addressed environmental problem is radioactive pollution from nuclear waste disposal. For decades, the common method of nuclear disposal was to simply dump plutonium-filled steel barrels into the ocean.

Starting with an overview of the past, the featured documentary, “Versenkt und Vergessen,” (Sunk and Forgotten), notes that in May 1967, 100,000 tons of nuclear waste from Germany, Great Britain and France were dumped in the North Atlantic, the Irish Sea and the English Channel. And that was just one of many loads.

Officials claimed the waste would be safely diluted at depths of about 4,000 meters (2.5 miles). The motto was: “The solution to pollution is dilution.” But was it? The film crew investigates what happened to these barrels of nuclear waste, and how radioactive material is disposed of today, now that ocean dumping is no longer allowed.

1970s Activism Raised Awareness but Could Not Stop Nuclear Dumping

Greenpeace began raising public awareness about the practice of dumping nuclear waste in the ocean during the 1970s. Alas, the nuclear industry remained unfazed. Instead, environmentalists were attacked and criminalized. John Large, a nuclear physicist who was involved in the development of a British nuclear bomb in the 1960s, knows a thing or two about nuclear dumping.

In addition to barrels filled with plutonium, nuclear reactor fuel rods were also routinely dumped into the ocean. And, while specific sites had been chosen for the disposal, there are no guarantees the rods or barrels actually made it there.

The reason for this is because the ship’s crew were continually exposed to radioactivity as long as the rods remained onboard. This meant the captain had to pay careful attention to exposure times to protect the health of the crew, and if they ran into bad weather, the cargo would have to be dumped wherever they happened to be when the clock ran out.

Dumping Inventory Records Tell Us Little

In addition to that, many entries in the disposal inventory records simply read, “not known,” when it comes to the amount, content or location of the disposal. With such an apparent lack of precision in the dumping inventory records, how might the fate of the barrels and fuel rods be ascertained?

The filmmakers turn to the British Health Protection Agency (HPA), which is responsible for radioactive waste. Alas, they have little choice but to rely on the information they’re given, no matter how incomplete. Michael Meacher MP, who was Minister for the Environment between 1997 and 2003 and an opponent of the nuclear dumping policy, believes the lack of record keeping is no accident.

He suggests it was probably an agreement between the British ministry of defense, the Army and the nuclear industry — none of which really wanted anyone to know how much was dumped, what kind of materials were disposed of or exactly where. The less information anyone has, the lower the chances of any of them being held responsible. “This is a sort of conspiracy,” Meacher says, adding that the long-term effects of dumping radioactive waste into oceans are entirely unknown.

Fundamental Assumptions Proven Wrong

The idea that nuclear pollution can be rendered safe by extreme dilution has been proven wrong. As noted by Large, “The fundamental underlying problem was that they assumed that if you dilute the radioactivity with tons and tons of water, it’s safe to discharge. And that has been proven wrong time and time again.” Evidence of this was collected by a German research group in the mid-‘80s.

The exploratory group visited nuclear dumping sites in the Atlantic where they retrieved several barrels, and found plutonium in the water, seabed and fish. An internal document titled “Position paper on the implications of deep sea disposal of radioactive waste,” issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), notes that “Increased concentrations of plutonium in the dump sites indicates plutonium leaks from the barrels.”

Now these toxins have dispersed into the biosphere, and dispersion does not equate to safety. At its headquarters in Monaco, IAEA scientists are conducting experiments to assess the impact of radioactive waste on marine life by feeding marine animals with contaminated food sources. The IAEA, which continuously monitors the ocean floor, claims it has not found any other dumped barrels. The assumption, therefore, is that the barrels ditched in the English Channel have all disintegrated.

Nuclear Waste in the English Channel

There have been no additional investigations at the dumpsites since, however, so is the IAEA correct in its assumption that all dumped barrels have corroded and no longer retrievable? The film crew decides to conduct its own investigation, and travels to an area called Hurd Deep, located in the English Channel near the island of Alderney, where 28,000 barrels of radioactive waste and munitions is known to have been deposited at a depth of 100 meters (328 feet) or less.

With the use of a small unmanned submarine, the team surveils the area. What do they find? On the very first dive, the camera-equipped submersible documents a still undamaged barrel, which could potentially be salvaged. On the second dive, a thoroughly corroded and disintegrating barrel is found — barely half an hour’s boat ride from the coast of France.

With nuclear waste dumped so close to land, what effects might it have on the environment and residents? The team follows professor Chris Busby to Alderney, where a doctor has reported an unusually high number of cancer cases and deaths. Unfortunately, exact statistics on cancer deaths cannot be obtained due to data protection protocols.

Based on informal inquiries, however, the team finds that the island, which has a total of just 2,400 residents, has had quite a few cancer-related deaths. The government, however, assures Busby that everything is fine, and that levels of radioactivity in the environment are far too low to cause harm. According to the IAEA, the dilution hypothesis does work, and despite very large amounts of radioactive waste having been deposited in some areas, the water would still meet safe drinking water standards, were it not saltwater.

Busby disagrees, as does Claus Grupen, a nuclear physicist at the University of Siegen in Germany, who says, “If the amount in which [the radioactive waste] is diluted is infinitely vast — if I discharge it into outer space — then it might be well-diluted. But the Earth is a very small body, and the concentration is growing.” The conclusion is that the radiation is merely spreading out. It’s not actually “disappearing” at all, and according to Busby, every single radionucleotide has the potential to trigger cancer.

Nuclear Ocean Dumping Continues

In 1993, nuclear waste dumping was banned worldwide, in large part thanks to the ongoing efforts of Greenpeace. But that doesn’t mean the practice has stopped. The nuclear industry has merely changed the way it’s doing the dumping. Instead of ditching barrels overboard, the industry built pipes along the bottom of the sea, through which the radioactive material is pumped. To where, you might ask? Directly into the open sea.

One of these nuclear waste pipes is situated in La Hague, Normandy, where physicist David Boilley has founded an environmental group against nuclear ocean dumping. In his view, the nuclear accident in Fukushima has had global ramifications, forcing us to rethink how we view “clean food.” It’s no longer possible to assume that clean water equals clean and healthy fish.

A fish may ultimately be caught in water considered clean, but if that individual fish has, at any point in its life, swum through a contaminated area or eaten contaminated food, it will be contaminated to some degree. So being caught in clean water is no guarantee that it will be free of radioactive contaminants. “It’s like gambling,” Boilley says. “You may be lucky or unlucky.”

Back in Boilley’s lab, water samples prove to have tritium levels that are fivefold higher than those provided by the French nuclear operator Areva. This is why the group, and other environmentalists, refuse to rely on “official” measurements, and insist on taking their own. Fish and shellfish bought at the local market are also tested, as are other marine animals found on the ocean floor.

Microbiologist Pierre Barbey explains that radioactive materials bioaccumulate. A worm can contain 2,000 to 3,000 times higher levels than its environment. The worm is then eaten by another marine animal, which gets eating by another, and so on. At each step, the radioactive level rises. Barbey has identified reproductive defects in sea crabs, caused by radioactive contamination, and these genetic defects are passed on to future generations of crabs.

Are we to believe the same is not happening in humans, who are at the top of the food chain? According to Barbey, the cellular impact is the same. Plutonium has been found in gray seals off the coasts of Europe, and cesium has been found in porpoises. Since the ecosystem is a closed system, every animal must be protected from radioactivity. None is “disposable.” And what happens to the animals will ultimately affect us too.

Why Ocean Dumping Continues Despite Ban

Next, the team visits Sellafield, home of 80 percent of the U.K.’s nuclear waste. This site also has waste pipes dumping radioactive materials into the ocean. In 1997, Greenpeace activists drew attention to the pipe. One of the activists was Shaun Burnie, who to this day continues his fight against the nuclear discharges. He’s particularly concerned about the health and welfare of the locals, especially those who live right on the beach.

Their homes have been found to contain plutonium-contaminated dust, and tests reveal these high-risk individuals have higher levels of radioactivity in their bodies. They even have plutonium in their teeth. Radioactive material originating from Sellafield has also been found along the coast of Norway. But how is it that the nuclear industry can continue disposing of radioactive waste into the ocean when ocean dumping has been banned?

The answer may surprise you. The industry claims the pipes are part of a land-based disposal system, and therefore legal. When asked if there’s a scientific, logical reason why barrels are banned while open discharges into the ocean are allowed, Hartmut Nies with the IAEA replies, “I think it is more of a philosophical question.”

Wolfgang Renneberg, an expert on radioactive waste disposal and director general for nuclear safety in the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, offers a more definitive answer: There’s only one reason why open discharges are allowed, and that is economics. To install a system to ensure discharges have a near-zero radioactivity would likely be so expensive, it would likely render the plant economically unviable.

Rising Childhood Leukemia Rates Dismissed

So, despite reports of rising rates of leukemia in Sellafield — which, according to Busby are 10 times higher than the rest of the country — the discharges continue. And, since investigations into cancer clusters keep finding the nuclear operation at Sellafield is not a factor, plutonium-contaminated beaches remain open to the public.

Many locals have come to suspect the authorities are being “deliberately imprecise in their work” to hide the extent of the problem. In an area of the beach where official soil testing has not been done, the filmmakers find plutonium levels up to 10 times higher than the permissible limit. Still, some nuclear industry experts insist the dangers associated with radioactive material is small. One 30-year veteran in the industry, Richard Wakeford, says:

“I assess the risk of radiation … to be very small, and should really not be a major [concern] to parents or anyone else. There are much more important things to be worried about. There are two major ideas: Either childhood leukemia is a rare response to a common, but as of yet unidentified, infection, or [it’s due to] large-scale urban, rural population mixing.”

As noted in the film, “Conclusion: Either a virus or population mixing around Sellafield is responsible for cancer — but not the highly toxic nuclear waste from the sea?!” The team turns to another expert, the German physician Klaus Hoffmann, member of a number of German federal radiation protection committees. When asked what he thinks about the U.K’s denial of a link between rising leukemia rates and radioactive pollution, he says:

“They are simply wrong. There is little evidence for the population mixing hypothesis, and there’s absolutely no evidence of the virus hypothesis. There is neither a virus, nor are there antibodies. In other words, forget this whole infection hypothesis. These hypotheses have arisen primarily to explain away any risk from radiation.”     

Industry Cost-Savings Weighed Against Human Life

The fact of the matter is that a certain number of cancer deaths are considered acceptable in order to keep costs for the nuclear waste industry down. The question no one has the answer to is: At what point do the deaths begin to outweigh the cost-savings of the nuclear industry?

As to where such cost-benefit considerations came from in the first place, the filmmakers identify the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) — an independent charity “established to advance for the public benefit the science of radiological protection, in particular by providing recommendations and guidance on all aspects of protection against ionizing radiation.”

While interview requests with the Commission went unanswered, they discovered a video online in which former ICRP chairman Roger Clarke explains the cost-benefit principle by quoting one of Epicurus’ utilitarian ethics, which states that, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

In this case, you could argue the nuclear industry is hardly operating for the benefit of the many. If the true costs of operations were considered, it would become clear that there are far less expensive, not to mention less toxic, ways to produce energy. As noted in the film, we need safer forms of energy. The waste pipes need to be closed, and any retrievable barrels recovered from the ocean floor and secured. If we do nothing, our environment will continue to deteriorate, and so will human health. 

CENSORED FOR TRUTH: Youtube Changes Search Algorithms After Misinformation During Las Vegas Shooting

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) A growing trend online is the outright censorship of "unapproved" content—particularly information that counters or undermines an official narrative. Recently, YouTube censored a video related to the Vegas Shooting, which apparently proved that there was a second shooter on the 4th floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel. Although censorship isn't new, this level of banning seems unprecedented. 
Read more »

The Ponce Massacre

“Wanton killing of innocent civilians is terrorism.” – Noam Chomsky

WAR AGAINST ALL PUERTO RICANS — In 1934, Pedro Albizu Campos led an island-wide agricultural strike which paralyzed the US sugar corporations and won a great victory for the sugar cane workers, by raising their wages from 45 cents to $1.75 per 12-hour day.

From that moment on, Albizu was a marked man. Arson and bomb threats were made against his home. FBI agents tapped his phone, read his mail, and followed him all over the island. In 1936 he was arrested and imprisoned for “advocating the overthrow of the US government.”

On March 21, 1937, in his hometown of Ponce, a peaceful march was organized on behalf of Albizu Campos.

It was Palm Sunday. Men, women and children arrived from all over the island, dressed in their Sunday finest, waving palm fronds at each other. A five-piece band started playing La Borinqueña (the Puerto Rican national anthem) as the peaceful march began.

And then a shot rang out.

Iván Rodriguez Figueras fell like a rag doll.

A second shot exploded and an 18-year old poking his head out a window, fell down dead.

A third shot dropped Obdulio Rosario, carrying a palm leaf crucifix. […]

Message from Mike Quinsey 10-6-17…

A new Mike Quinsey. Mike is back from his break.

“Nothing can stop the progress to the ultimate goal of Ascension. The Illuminati have been severely weakened by losing vast amounts of wealth that are necessary to keep their plans afloat. They also find that they no longer have the degree of command to keep their military objectives going. They see their command and authority weakening and cannot continue to maintain their previous level of domination. As the arrests continue they are losing control of events that threaten their demise…

“As the vibrations continue to lift up there is an awakening and purification occurring, and your DNA is gradually operating at a higher conscious level. In the course of time everything will change for the better and it will include your politics. Time capsules already exist that will trigger them when the right circumstances exist. They will be gradual and everything will be affected for the betterment of the Human Race.

“Over the course of time you have been given many indications as to what you should expect. So have no doubts that the New Age is upon you, and very soon you will begin to enjoy the advantages of it. However, the immediate priority is to establish governance that reflects the coming changes, and has those at the helm who are of the Light. Many negative souls have found their way into positions of authority and they must be removed…

“In short time all that has been promised will manifest and you will not miss out on anything at all. For so long you have been given details of what is to come and very little has changed. Once matters are seen to be going forward you will see that much has been prepared in advance, so that no time will be lost in presenting the advantages to you. They must come in an orderly fashion so that you are not overwhelmed…

“There is an allowance being made for all changes to progress over a number of years, in an orderly manner according to your needs. The changes will be far reaching and cover much more than you have possibly anticipated. Life will be constantly changing for the better,”


6th October 2017. Mike Quinsey

Nothing can stop the progress to the ultimate goal of Ascension. The Illuminati have been severely weakened by losing vast amounts of wealth that are necessary to keep their plans afloat. They also find that they no longer have the degree of command to keep their military objectives going. They see their command and authority weakening and cannot continue to maintain their previous level of domination. As the arrests continue they are losing control of events that threaten their demise, and they realise that they can no longer be certain of achieving their plan to take control over the world. Even in Space they are not the force they used to be, and are also confronted by ET’s who align with peaceful forces of Earth. The battle rages on but there can only be one winner, and that is the Forces of Light.

As the vibrations continue to lift up there is an awakening and purification occurring, and your DNA is gradually operating at a higher conscious level. In the course of time everything will change for the better and it will include your politics. Time capsules already exist that will trigger them when the right circumstances exist. They will be gradual and everything will be affected for the betterment of the Human Race.

Much is at the ready to come into being and has been well prepared for quite some time. The coming years will be those that will go down in history, as the most important you will have experienced in this new cycle. Many times you have failed and previous ones have never reached this stage before, and you are to be congratulated for having moved past 2012 into the New Age entirely due to your own achievements in having moved firmly into the Light. But for your success, the old cycle would not have continued as it has done so.

Chaos rules in many countries as the needed changes are resisted by those in charge. However, regardless of whatever action is taken to prevent them, they cannot be stopped and must precede the introduction of those things that lift you up. Be assured the changes will come, and they have been ordained by higher Beings who carry out the Will of God.

Over the course of time you have been given many indications as to what you should expect. So have no doubts that the New Age is upon you, and very soon you will begin to enjoy the advantages of it. However, the immediate priority is to establish governance that reflects the coming changes, and has those at the helm who are of the Light. Many negative souls have found their way into positions of authority and they must be removed, and such steps have been in hand for some time now. Gradually the changes are making a difference worldwide, as will be seen when the new governance of the U.S. takes its place in Congress.

The changes are so important to your well-being, and will enhance the efforts being made to bring about world peace. It will sound impossible when the present events on Earth are considered but time will tell, and success is assured because of the planning that has been made and the help being given by those off planet. There are many different groups standing by to assist you, but only when they are permitted to do so without infringing your freewill.

In short time all that has been promised will manifest and you will not miss out on anything at all. For so long you have been given details of what is to come and very little has changed. Once matters are seen to be going forward you will see that much has been prepared in advance, so that no time will be lost in presenting the advantages to you. They must come in an orderly fashion so that you are not overwhelmed, and that is a distinct possibility in view of the extent to which they will take place. Be assured that during this period of change you will get help from other sources, and you will undoubtedly be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

There is an allowance being made for all changes to progress over a number of years, in an orderly manner according to your needs. The changes will be far reaching and cover much more than you have possibly anticipated. Life will be constantly changing for the better, and because those who have tried to hold back progress will have been removed, nothing will cause any holdups. With the cessation of wars and any such confrontations however small, real peace such as never experienced in your history will descend upon Earth. It will be fully deserved by you for your dedication to God and for maintaining a level of love for Humankind that has enabled advancement into a New Age.

In the years to come you will receive many surprises and celebrations for your achievements. Perhaps you might consider that meeting your Space families will be the highlight of the changes that are coming, because you will be renewing contact with those who know you well. They have followed your progress and urged you ever onwards, and given encouragement when your willpower may have weakened. You will eventually get to know various Beings who come to meet their own to renew old relationships, and joyful reunions will take place.

In the meantime avoid attaching yourself to the negative energies that abound on Earth. Even talking about them may draw them to you, particularly if you allow yourself to become angry. By all means think about the negativity around you and send it love to soften its affect without any personal feeling of a negative nature. You the Lightworkers have so much more power than you imagine so use it wisely without any discrimination. Every soul on Earth has the potential to become a Light worker, and when the time is right they will be given the “tools” to enable them to do it. As much as you may wish to bring every soul to the Light, there will always be a right time and when it arises be assured that their Guides who are fully aware will seize the opportunity on their behalf.

Re-valuation of the currencies is still waiting the go-ahead, but it is still a decision that must be made at exactly the right time. So much is at stake and the ability of the Illuminati to interfere still remains even although its power has been drastically reduced. The Galactic Forces standby, but their mandate requires them to only become involved when requested by the Higher Beings who oversee events. Be certain however, that much help is given in many ways that does not entail them taking on the Illuminati. Victory is assured for the Light, and now it is only a matter of ensuring that everything is fully prepared for a final burst of Light to lift the vibrations even higher. You shall see a multitude of changes commence, that will leave you in no doubt that you have truly entered a period of peace upon Earth.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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Welcome to the Hunger Games: Trump’s Tax Plan is Going to Mean a Battle Royal Among DC Lobbyists

By Michael Snyder | 29 September 2017

THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE — Are you ready for mass chaos in Washington?  There are lobbyists for just about every cause that you can possibly imagine, and they are always working hard to influence members of Congress on their particular issues. But when you are talking about a major tax reform bill, that is something that virtually every single lobbyist in the entire city will want to be involved in. Our tax code is over two million words long, and the regulations are over seven million words long, and any changes to our immensely complex system could have absolutely enormous implications. There will be winners and there will be losers with any piece of legislation, and lobbyists will zealously fight to defend the turf belonging to their particular clients. Often lobbyists from different sides will literally be pitted directly against one another, and it won’t be pretty. In fact, one analyst that works for Cowen Washington Research Group says that we could soon be watching “the corporate hunger games”

Almost every industry, special interest, and consumer group has an interest in the tax code, especially if the package ends up being as ambitious as Trump and Republican leaders want it to be. Chris Krueger, an analyst at Cowen Washington Research Group, told Business Insider that the battle over which loopholes to keep and which to throw out could get nasty.

“Welcome tribunes to the corporate hunger games!” Kruger said in an email. “Only one-sixth of lobbyists were involved with health care (give or take — assuming it is one-sixth of economy). Six-sixths of lobbyists are involved in taxes.”

There is so much at stake, and if the Republicans are able to get something passed it probably won’t look much like the plan that Trump originally proposed. But it is so important to do something, because today Americans spend more on taxes than they will on food, clothing, and housing combined. That is morally wrong, and we desperately need tax relief.

Trump’s tax plan would nearly double the standard deduction, and that would be a wonderful thing. It would provide instant tax relief to working class Americans, and that is something that I would greatly applaud. […]