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Jesus Campos ‘Award Ceremony’ May Offer Smoking Gun Proof of Staged Deception

The ludicrous stories involving security guard Jesus Campos and the Las Vegas mass shooting event are garnering the attention and disbelief of even the most steadfast “normies.”

Oddly enough, after being shot in the leg and quickly released by doctors, Campos went underground. Mainstream media claims he missed five scheduled TV appearances and simply vanished. We have seen no CCTV footage of the guard we’re told took a bullet to the leg in the hallway of the Mandalay hotel, and even the paparazzi haven’t managed to capture a picture. For that matter we have seen no survelliance footage of anything related to this large scale event.

Campos is a ghost — that is, with one exception. On Oct. 10, just nine days after being shot, he managed to limp into a steakhouse to receive an award for bravery from his fellow security officers. The following image is a photo of the event, which was held at Jean Georges Steakhouse in Las Vegas. Notice the dark motif and surrounding appearance of what is commonly referred to as “the boardroom.”

Campos is seated second from the right.

Next, we have a random photo of a party in “the boardroom” taken in 2013. The same pattern can be seen on the wall behind where the wounded Campos is comfortably seated. Also notice the same white box on the wall in both photos as well as the chandeliers.

Intimate post-wedding couple’s shoot on the Las Vegas Strip and restaurant reception at Aria by Taylored Photo Memories.

There’s just one problem. The entire Jean Georges Steakhouse underwent a full remodel that concluded in July 2017. Assuming that this July 14 article announcing the renovation and accompanying photos could be taken offline, we’ve taken a screen shot. It’s clear that, based on the photo below of the remodeled boardroom, Campos and his associates could not have been there for the “award ceremony” picture on Oct. 10. Once again, somebody in the Crime Syndicate screwed up the details.

A researcher posted this bombshell to Reddit in the early morning hours. It was quickly censored and deleted, as was a series of mirrored Reddit posts.

The whole ceremony has a Weekend at Bernie quality to it. This photoshopped image was also taken of the recently wounded Campos in a standing pose.

In the table photo, Campos is shown as a man with a quite small head. This is shades of Mason Wells, the Utah lad who survived his third terrorist attack at the Brussels airport. The incredulous story goes that Wells was in the Boston Marathon and Paris events as well.

Mason Wells with elders of the Mormon church. PHOTO: Desert News