New study confirms the dangers of BPA exposure for infants: It reduces gut biodiversity, setting the child up for chronic inflammation and disease

(Natural News) Recent research in rabbits reveals that exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) sets up an infant for susceptibility to chronic disease influenced by inflammation. The study, published in mSystems, used pregnant rabbits that received 200 µg of BPA/kg of body weight from gestation day 15 through postnatal day seven. Fetal exposure to BPA did not…

Children are more obese than ever, and the numbers are still growing; there are 10 times more overweight kids than there were 40 years ago

(Natural News) International experts from various fields are all saying the same thing: STOP. Stop denying that there isn’t an obesity crisis. Stop feeding your children junk. And most of all, stop practicing unhealthy lifestyle habits. The slightly desperate plea made by researchers at the Imperial College London and the World Health Organization (WHO) comes…

Boom! Docs Show Vegas ‘Hero’ Campos Entered US FROM Mexico Exactly 1 Week AFTER Mass Shooting

The New Nationalist (TNN) has been speculating that Las Vegas mass-shooting “hero” security-guard Jesus Campos is in fact a false persona, a cutout actor. Increasingly, evidence is coming forth suggesting that there was no “Jesus Campos” shot in the leg on the 32nd floor of the MGM Mandalay on the night of Oct. 1. There probably wasn’t a Stephen Paddock either.

Almost as amazing, Fox News has a journalist who is acting like a real investigative reporter. The fact that Tucker Carlson was able to go on the air and say what he said in the following must-view video suggests that there may be white hats behind the scenes trying to expose the fraudulent staged deception in Las Vegas. Of course, this could all be yet more stagecraft and misdirection — but, for now, we hold out hope.

On his news program Wednesday night, Carlson stated that he received a leaked Customs Department document that shows Jesus Campos came through the U.S. border at San Ysidro, California, FROM Mexico in a rented vehicle with a California license plate on Oct. 8, exactly one week after the mass shooting in Vegas during which he allegedly took at AR round to the leg while in the hallway of MGM’s Mandalay Bay Resort.

This suggests an implausible scenario in which a man with a severe bullet wound took a road trip of at least 700-miles trip (counting from the border crossing) less than one week after his injury, returning just two days before his award ceremony, which was followed by a guest appearance on the “Ellen” show where he looked 35-lbs. heavier, 10 years younger, with a rounder face, and six shades tanner in just one week. A security guard union representative told Fox News the organization was aware of his trip to Mexico.

Besides the glaring appearance differences between this unlicensed security guard “Campos” at his award ceremony versus the “Campos” who appeared on the “Ellen” show, nobody really has any details about medical treatment — or really any other details at all about Campos, as Carlson points out. But why would police and the FBI even allow a wounded key eyewitness to leave the country just days after a mass shooting? When queried about the latest in this preposterous chain of events, a sheriff’s spokesperson said, “Jesus Campos is a victim and we don’t speak about victims.”

Now the narrative is that Campos left the country. But that’s not what Carlson’s report said, only that he entered the country from Mexico. TNN’s theory is that this Campos is a fake persona being brought in from the outside to play a role. The fact that the Crime Syndicate resorted to this suggests botched planning in the Jesus Campos part of the operation and canned narrative.

In the midst of all this, in a Oct. 6 lugenpresse story, ABC News claims to have reached the elusive Jesus Campos via telephone on Wednesday night, Oct. 4. Campos told ABC, “I’m fine.” Other than a rehash of the official narrative, ABC offered absolutely nothing else from Campos. One would think that if the wounded Campos was in Mexico during this “phone conversation,” wouldn’t it be worth mentioning in the story? Wouldn’t that be the real news? Yet, there’s no mention of this.

Kp Message 10-25-17… “Just because I can does not mean that I will“

This is not about any particular item that has been a part of my life and my life’s mission here on this planet. But it definitely does connect with “missions” in general, and/or “life’s works”.

Many times, I realize that we each have many talents, individually and collectively. Personally, as an “educated (so to speak) in the traditional university systems” in chemistry, and as a (for a period of several years) “self-realized” music type recording and performing person, I would likely do either of those quite proficiently, if I chose to do so (in a full- or part-time kind of way).

But I don’t.

Bottom line, it’s the “Higher Guidance”, or “Higher Path”, kind of thing. I am here to follow the Higher Guidance for what I do, and BE, and that is all. No matter what the “prior talents” (so-called) and resultant “successes” (so-called) I may have had, and demonstrated, they are not the paths of my “Higher Guidance” of today… of this moment. And the “Higher Guidance” of this moment is all that matters in this moment.

So I usually avoid involvements in other peoples’ ideas, projects, groups, things, and all that (at least in these particular “now moments”). Not for me. Unless Higher Guidance provides an immediate, clear, absolute, from the depth of my BEing, “Yes”, it is always a “No”.

The Path, the Higher Path, is the only one I follow, and the only one I choose to traverse. And, of course, that “Path” is made clear through my own inner, “Higher Guidance”.

That is all for now. I felt this was to be posted right away, and without my reviewing anything I’ve written down here. Hopefully it may be instructive to one or two.

Aloha, Kp

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