The 9-30-17 Mission Point…

This was where I was moved to stop to do some kind of ceremony. I wasn’t sure where it was going to be, then suddenly it “showed up”. Not all way up to Mauna Kea, not even to Pu’u Huluhulu, but here. You can see the blue dot with the direction blue, pointed right towards Mauna Kea.

Not sure exactly what was done. I did see a dome of light over lighting the Mauna.

Yesterday’s decision by the BLNR to approve the TMT permit was likely connected to this (ref. 1, ref. 2).

There’s still several hurdles that are in front of the TMT people, though. I am continuing to send Light and Love and Aloha and all that to the Mauna and her protectors.

Suggest following one’s Higher Guidance about what to do and how to BE with all this.

Aloha, Kp

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