Hollywood: The Dark Celebrity Cult

Nothing in this world works the way you think it does, there is always more to the story. It is time to call people back, you are being lead down a path toward something you are conditioned to not see coming.

To understand what is going on within Europe and America your must look back into ancient European Druidic society and ceremonies. Be aware that there is a war for your mind and your soul. The illuminati and those that work behind the scenes use none other than Hollywood to help fulfill their global agenda.

To study the world of the occult means nothing more than to study the world of the hidden. So much of real knowledge and wisdom is hidden because the people who run the planet feel that true knowledge and wisdom of how the world works and how to manifest reality is something you do not need to know. Entertainment is designed in such a way to direct your minds to serve the masters of this world, Hollywood is their tool.

The priesthood called the Druids ruled ancient Europe. The ministers, the priests, the lawyers, the nobles, the politicians. The Druids held power within society. Europe and their Anglo-American arm we now call the United States American continue to be based on Druidic principles.

One of their most important symbols was the magic wand made of the wood of the holly tree. Magicians, conductors and those in power all held magic wands or staffs. You were to play to their tune and dance to their beat, they directed you to play. The Hollywood of today is nothing other than a Druidic establishment.

Think about how Hollywood does what they do. A story is written which turns into a screen play, then actors are hired to act out the characters. Actors are paid to act out human emotions, the director is hired to direct the actors and place them exactly where he or she wants them within the shot. The director is responsible to the producer, who is responsible to the executive producer, who is ultimately producing the money for the film.

As the viewer you watch this story unfold on the big screen, the movie subliminally causes you to act in terms of what you just saw. Because of your emotional response to the film or show you leave the theater or couch thinking this is how you normally act or react to certain situations, just the way the actor did in the movie.

That is why today, especially in the west we are so confused. Our ability to work together and live together as humans is not aligned because we have been watching to many movies and have been saturated with entertainment. All the violence, sex and drugs that is being sent from Hollywood to your living room is causing people to have no idea in the world how to live. They have lost their humanity due in part to the low vibrational fear based frequencies. Hollywood is in some ways doing psychological behavior modification on people to get them to behave in certain ways they think are socially acceptable. People just go out and act the way they are supposed to act, rather than the way they really feel in their heart.

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The number one drive for most young people today is to become famous. When you look at the actual idols we have as a culture they are now elevated to the highest status possible. All the young women you see in tabloids age 18-25, by age 30 are gone, replace be a younger more modern group. Hollywood is a meat market, we as a society have become a whore house of entertainment. Valueless, empty, nothingness and our young people strive to fulfill that position of a “product of Hollywood”. Young people look up to these celebrities, they emulate them, when in fact celebrities are nothing but product.

Be aware of what is going on within mass media and know the intention. When you are informed you will not be sucked in. The ones that stand apart and have quality and values are the ones that are going to have a profitable future. Don’t let the herd force you, don’t let your desire for acceptance lead you into acting a way you would not normally act. We are created as individuals to stand out, not fit in, success can be defined as your ability to stay true to yourself.

Update on the Orchestrated Attacks to Eliminate Vaccine Safety Exemptions

By Dr. Mercola

I’ve written many articles discussing vaccine safety and freedom of choice. The encouraging news is that while we’ve faced more than 180 legislative attempts in the states to add more vaccine mandates and restrict or eliminate vaccine choices in the U.S. in the past two years, we’ve successfully defeated all but a few. As noted by Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC):

“What we’ve seen in the last few years is a very orchestrated attack on vaccine laws that allow people to have choice … We’ve had some of the most restrictive and oppressive vaccine laws. We do have exemptions in the laws and that’s what they want to eliminate. They want to eliminate all choice.

We have organized, and — through the NVIC advocacy portal, which people can sign onto — we’ve kept people informed by monitoring all the bills in the States. We have been able to generate enough opposition to not lose, despite more than 180 bills this last legislative session trying to add more vaccine mandates, trying to monitor vaccine status of everyone, trying to restrict or eliminate exemptions — we defeated all of those bad vaccine bills.

The only bill that passed was a meningococcal vaccine mandate in Indiana for college students. This is an incredible accomplishment, but the heat is on. We’re going to see another mass attempt in 2018 to take away exemptions.”

Vaccine Safety and Freedom of Choice Have Become International Issues

Americans are no longer alone in our fight for medical freedom of choice, as the aggressive push for mandatory vaccinations has gone international. Part of the problem is that governments are making business deals with vaccine makers. The Gates Foundation is also very much involved in the global mass-vaccination agenda.

Australian parents now forfeit child care and nontaxable child benefit payments unless their children receive all government-mandated vaccines.1 As in California, they also cannot attend day care or preschool unless fully vaccinated.2

Italy suddenly added 10 vaccines to the mandated vaccination schedule for children,3 whereas before they had none. Noncompliance will result in a hefty fine, and unvaccinated children will be barred from attending preschool. France is also threatening to add more vaccine mandates.

“There’s this global push to take away all vaccine exemptions,” Barbara says. “I think people need to take it seriously because they’re not going to stop. Why? Because the global vaccine market is a $27 billion business right now. The projection is $55 billion by 2021 and $70 billion by 2024, which means they aim to double the market within eight years. It’s a serious situation.

The big four are Pfizer and Merck, which are U.S. companies; GlaxoSmithKline, which is a U.K. company; and then there’s Sanofi-Pasteur [in] France. They’ve had the lion’s share of the market. They clearly have all gotten together. They made deals with governments around the world.

Right now, in the U.S., it’s ‘No shots, no school.’ It’s ‘No shots, no medical care,’ because there are pediatricians who refuse to provide medical care to children who have not gotten all the government recommended vaccines. Then there’s the ‘No shots, no job for health care workers.’

I predict that what we’re going to see is ‘No shots, no driver’s license; no shots, no passport; no shots, no ability to get into, for example, a stadium to watch a football game.’ Anywhere you go out in public, you’re going to have to prove that you’ve had the vaccines. That’s what I think is going to happen if we don’t hold the line here.”

The Big Squeeze

People are waking up (and standing up) to these issues, and because of that, the vaccine industry is really ramping up attempts to quench opposition as quickly and as firmly as possible. Tens of thousands of people demonstrated against the new vaccine mandates in Italy, for example. “They know they’re in trouble if they don’t make the laws restrictive so that people can’t function in society unless they have all the government recommended vaccines,” Barbara says.

It’s also worth remembering that while we talk about protecting informed consent rights and freedom of choice when it comes to vaccination, this concern does not end there. The far broader issue is the process by which corporations are trying to achieve their means, which ultimately entails giving them unlimited power. Barbara explains:

“In 2015, I called it the ‘Vaccine Culture War.’ Truly, I believe that’s what it is. The vaccination issue is at the center of a larger culture war. The outcome of this culture war — which is an attack on autonomy, on privacy, on freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and freedom of religion — will determine how we’re going to live not just in this country, but around the world in the 21st century.

If the governments and the big corporations, which have gotten together financially, continue down this path where they limit individual freedom, we’re going to have a situation that’s very much reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ and George Orwell’s ‘1984.’ You look at the apocalyptic visions that are coming out of Hollywood. Often, entertainment and literature are harbingers — they sense something.

You see a lot of apocalyptic type movies coming out. People can sense there’s something that’s not right, and they’re anxious. You can feel the sort of collective angst not just in this country but around the world, particularly in developed countries where there’s a high education status.

We’ve seen the media — which seems to be increasingly controlled by governments and by large institutions — come down on the idea … that you cannot dissent from what you’re supposed to be believing and how you’re supposed to act.

Certainly, the holistic health care movement is also at the center of this. They do not want anyone to be able to take control of their own health, because this would diminish the profit-making of the corporations that are wed to the [medical model]. The medical model now is very wed to drugs, vaccines and use of products that have a lot of serious side effects. They don’t want people to talk about that.”

Biological Integrity of the Human Race Is at Stake

In the late 1990s through the early 2000s, Fisher was a consumer representative on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Vaccine Advisory Committee, which reviews new vaccines being licensed by the FDA. Through the years, she took notice of the slow erosion of licensing standards pharmaceutical companies have to meet to prove safety and effectiveness of their vaccines. “In the last decade, it’s just gotten worse,” she says.

With Congress’ passing of the 21st Century Cures Act in December 2016 — which was a huge assault on FDA licensing regulations — the floodgates for next-generation genetically engineered vaccines in the research pipeline opened wide. These vaccines, Fisher believes, will “profoundly change the way our immune systems function.”

“They’re going to change our DNA. They’re going to, in my opinion, compromise the biological integrity of the human race. This is a serious issue when you have almost no standards in place to make sure these very different types of vaccines (with novel adjuvants that hyperstimulate the immune system) are safe. To not have proper regulations in place is a tragedy.

For those who want to use all the government recommended vaccines, it is a tragedy. It is a tragedy for those who cannot withstand the process of vaccination because of genetic, epigenetic and environmental risk reasons. The Institute of Medicine has acknowledged that there is individual susceptibility.

The problem is they haven’t done the research to find out who the high-risk people are. This mandatory one-size-fits-all approach to vaccination, I have always said, is a de facto state-sanctioned selection of the genetically and biologically vulnerable for sacrifice. That is an immoral policy. It should not stand in any government in any country, and yet we have that.”

The Medical Vaccine Exemption Almost Nonexistent

Californians were promised there would be a flexible medical exemption available if the religious and philosophical exemptions were removed, yet that promise was not kept. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) limited the medical exemption to the point that 99.99 percent of people simply cannot qualify.

The medical exemption does not even recognize regression after a vaccination as justification to qualify for a medical exemption for subsequent vaccines. Doctors giving medical exemptions to at-risk patients are also being harassed and threatened with medical license removal. 

“If you insist that doctors take away their professional judgment and insist they conform to government policy, nobody gets a medical exemption. What is that? That’s tyranny. That is fascism. When you can’t even have a doctor exempt a child they believe is at risk, that is tyranny.

That is taking away a basic freedom, the right to life, the right to autonomy. It’s a violation of informed consent rights. Informed consent has been defined as a human right since 1947, after The Doctors Trial at Nuremberg. This is a very serious assault on basic human rights. People have got to get involved,” Barbara says. “They’ve got to talk to their legislators and say, ‘We will not have these kinds of laws. Not in America.'”

‘The Greater Good’ — An Immoral Pseudo Ethic Rejected by the Nuremburg Tribunal

The justification by public health officials for enforcement of mandatory mass-vaccination laws is a utilitarian one that individuals can be forced without their consent to risk their lives or the lives of their children for “the greater good.” However, buying into this concept is dangerous indeed, as it ignores an important historical lesson.

At the Doctor’s Trial at Nuremberg after World War II, the Nuremberg Tribunal concluded that the state, science, and the medical community cannot sacrifice some individuals “for the greater good” of the rest.  The utilitarian philosophy maintains that for the greater happiness of the majority, a minority can be sacrificed. The Nuremberg Tribunal said this is not a moral public policy and issued the Nuremberg Code, which defined the ethical principle of informed consent to medical risk-taking affirming the individual’s natural right to autonomy. 

Informed consent to medical risk-taking is a human right. Vaccines carry risks that can be greater for some people. To force everyone — particularly when there’s no way of knowing who might be at risk — that’s utilitarianism, and it should not be allowed to anchor public health policy. It’s a pseudo ethic and an inhumane and immoral policy.

The Supreme Court decision that cemented utilitarianism as an anchor of public health policy in the U.S. was the 1905 case of Jacobson vs. Massachusetts. Jacobson thought he was genetically predisposed to having a reaction to the small pox vaccine, and was refusing the mandate to get vaccinated.

The court decided the state did have the right to insist on mandatory vaccination, without exceptions. The U.S. government is now applying that more than century-old utilitarian Supreme Court decision to every vaccine that pharmaceutical companies produce and the Centers for Disease Control adds to the childhood vaccination schedule. 

“It’s not just small pox vaccine that has been mandated. They went on to all the rest of the vaccines — diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, measles-mumps-rubella, pneumococcal, meningococcal and influenza. All the vaccines now are supposed to adhere to the small pox model that was decided in Jacobson vs. Massachusetts,” Barbara says. “Who gave them the right? …

My family could be wiped out because we have autoimmunity in my family. We are vulnerable. We have severe allergies. My father had to wear a penicillin bracelet. My mother died of lupus. What they’re doing is they’re going to wipe out whole families if they continue to force people to use all the vaccines that the drug companies produce.”

There’s No Legal Accountability for Vaccine Injuries

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 shielded doctors and other medical workers giving vaccines from lawsuits when individuals are injured or die from government recommended and mandated vaccines, and drug companies selling vaccines also received partial liability protection under the 1986 law.

Then, in 2011, the Supreme Court effectively removed all remaining civil liability from vaccine manufacturers, which means Americans are now in a situation where there is forced vaccination with extremely few medical exemptions, and zero liability for those manufacturing, selling and administering vaccines that are required for school attendance and, in the case of day care and health care workers, for employment.

Without personal and spiritual belief vaccine exemptions in public health laws allowing parents to take a more cautious approach, children are absolutely going to be sacrificed. This is why we cannot allow informed consent protections to be stripped from vaccine policies and laws.

Two-thirds of those seeking compensation for vaccine injuries or death from the federal National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) are dismissed — in large part because the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice do not want to admit how many people are being harmed by vaccines.

They consider every award made to the vaccine injured in the federal compensation program to be an admission that vaccines can cause harm, which they believe leads to a loss of public confidence in the safety of vaccines.

Today, many fewer children are compensated for their vaccine injuries, which includes permanent brain and immune system damage, because government officials responsible for developing, licensing, recommending and promoting vaccination, don’t want to admit children are being hurt by the vaccination program. Today, the majority of payouts in the VICP are to adults injured by the flu vaccine. Despite these limitations, the program has paid out nearly $4 billion for vaccine injuries and deaths since 1988.

For the past two years with the leadership of NVIC and grassroots organizing through the online NVIC Advocacy Portal at NVICAdvocacy.org, we’ve successfully held the line, preventing further erosion of vaccine exemptions in the U.S. But the assault on our freedoms continues.

Fortunately, we have two levels of government in the U.S. — state and federal. Many other nations do not have this kind of check and balance on centralized government authority. The federal government regulates vaccines and makes vaccine use recommendations; however, most vaccine laws in the U.S. are state laws, Americans have the ability to work with their state legislators and educate them about the importance of protecting flexible medical, religious and conscientious belief vaccine exemptions.

Legislators who have been educated about vaccine issues are more likely to vote the right way when vaccine-related bills come up. If we all actively participate in the legislative process, “we can retain at least some degree of freedom in most of the states,” Barbara says.

Join the Vaccine Freedom Movement

If you have remained uninvolved thus far, I urge you to join the NVIC’s Vaccine Advocacy Portal. The reason I urge you to do this is because in the past decade, the majority of the corporate-controlled mainstream media have ceased to include NVIC’s knowledgeable perspective in public discussions about vaccine safety and choice.

So, it’s really going to be incumbent upon us to spread the word. Surveys in the U.S. show more than 90 percent of parents are worried about vaccine safety, and the primary reason for this is personal experience.

It’s rare to find a person who doesn’t know someone — either a child or an adult — who has been adversely affected by a vaccine these days. Side effects are not rare. They’re happening daily. These are powerful experiences, and when added together with others sharing similar stories, they become increasingly difficult to dismiss, no matter what the official response is.

“I believe it will be the mothers across the world who will stop this. They are the ones who are, by and large, demonstrating in Italy. Although, thankfully, 21st century fathers have really stepped forward. They’re joining now. That, to me, is so exciting, because I do believe that we can turn this around.

But we have to be awake and we have to take action. [The NVIC portal] lets everybody know what’s going on in the country about vaccines and vaccine laws, and tells them how they can get involved,” Barbara says.

The Price of Freedom Is Not Free — Your Action Is Required

As mentioned, the vaccine issue is merely the tip of the iceberg. If we lose all rights to make decisions about vaccination, then other freedoms will be taken away shortly after that. There’s absolutely no reason to think a corporate-controlled government wouldn’t continue eroding personal freedoms. Mandatory vaccinations are just one profit stream; there are many others that would require the removal of the right to self determination, which includes being free to make independent health choices.

So, if you’re a fan of personal autonomy, then you’ll want to be really active in this issue. Resistance is also necessary if we’re going to have any hope of securing the possibility of health for future generations. So, in addition to joining the NVIC Vaccine Advocacy Portal, please consider making a donation to the NVIC. During Vaccine Awareness Week, I will double-match your donations to this crucial cause. In other words, for every $1 you donate, I will match it with $2.

Here’s a ‘Wild’ Twist to Your Usual Deviled Egg Recipe

Recipe from Pete


poached or soft-boiled — Are you tired of eating your eggs the ordinary way?
This ketogenic wild salmon deviled eggs recipe from famous chef Pete Evans
gives a twist and introduces loads of new flavors to your usual eggs. Not only
that, but along with the health benefits of eggs, you also get essential
nutrients that salmon has to offer.

For other healthy
recipes, stay on the lookout for our latest collaboration, the “Fat for Fuel
Ketogenic Cookbook.” This book is filled with ketogenic recipes
that are both tasty and nutrient-dense, and is going to be released November 14.
For the meantime, enjoy this delicious recipe!

Serves: 6


6 free-range organic eggs

4 ounces canned wild red traditional sockeye salmon

4 tablespoons aioli, see recipe

1 tablespoon salmon roe

1 teaspoon chopped dill


Fill a medium saucepan with water and bring to a
boil over high heat. Reduce the heat to low so that the water is simmering,
then add the eggs
and cook for seven minutes
. Drain, and when completely cool, peel the eggs
under cold water. Allow the eggs to cool completely.

Slice the eggs into halves lengthwise. Carefully
remove the yolk from the white and place the yolks in a bowl.

Mash the yolk with a fork until broken down into
fine pieces. Add the wild salmon and aioli. Whip the mixture until smooth and
creamy with a spatula or wooden spoon. If you like, you can place the mixture
in a food processor and blend until smooth. Season with a little salt and
pepper if needed.

Spoon the mixture into a disposable piping bag.

Lay the egg white halves hole-side up, then pipe
the salmon mixture evenly into the holes until all the salmon mixture is used

Top each filled egg with 1/4 teaspoon of salmon
roe and sprinkle with some freshly chopped dill.


Aioli Ingredients:


4 garlic cloves, roasted


4 organic free-range eggs


2 teaspoons Dijon mustard


2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar


2 tablespoons lemon juice


1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil


Sea salt and pepper, to taste


Aioli Procedure:


Place the garlic, egg yolks, mustard, vinegar
and lemon juice in food processor and process until combined.

With the motor running, slowly pour in the oil
in a thin stream and process until the aioli is thick and creamy; add extra
olive oil if needed.

Season with salt and pepper.




Where Did Deviled Eggs Originate[CO2] ?

Deviled eggs are
well-known around the world as an appetizer or part of the main course. Although
there have been a lot of innovations when it comes to the recipe of deviled
eggs, the original deviled eggs dates back to the 13th Century in Andalusia, or
what is now called Spain. A cookbook from that time instructed the cook to
pound the egg yolks with cilantro, pepper, coriander and other ingredients. The
stuffing was then put back in the hollows of the egg whites and fastened with a
small stick.

But why are
deviled eggs called as such? This originates from a tradition in the 1700s, when
foods cooked with spicy ingredients were called “deviled.” Because of the
connection with the devil, church functions devised a different name for it;
thus referring to them as “stuffed eggs,” “dressed eggs,” and “salad eggs.”[1]

What Is Salmon Roe and Is It Healthy?

Often mistaken
for caviar, fish roe is a mixture of eggs taken from different types of fish,
such as herring, kelp, trout and salmon. When the term caviar is used, it usually
refers to sturgeon fish eggs, which are harvested in the Caspian and Black Seas.[2]

Salmon roe, or
Ikura, is normally orange or red-pink in color, and has a mild and sweet
flavor. It can be incorporated into dishes for flavor or to add a pop of color.
But the bright and attractive color of salmon roe is not the only reason why
this ingredient is highly commended in the world. Salmon roe is impressively
nutrient-rich, with some researchers claiming that it contains a higher density
of nutrients than the fish itself. It contains high amounts of DHA and EPA, B
vitamins, vitamin D, folate and thiamine.[3]

Why You Should Get Pasture-Raised Organic Eggs

Eggs have
largely been demonized because of the salmonella bacteria risk they pose if they
are eaten raw or undercooked. The problem is that a lot of people are not aware
that buying eggs from conventional poultry farms dramatically increases the
risk of getting salmonella. This is largely due to the inhumane conditions
egg-laying chickens are subjected to in these conventional farms. Not only
that, but many are also fed antibiotics and food that are grossly not species-appropriate.

Compared to animals in conventional
poultry farms, chickens raised in pastures are allowed to freely forage
outdoors. Because of this, they eat their natural diet, which consists of
worms, seeds, insects and plants. Free-range organic eggs also contain:

less saturated fat

times more
omega-3 fatty acids

vitamin A

times more beta carotene

When buying eggs, make sure that you
choose the free-range organic variant to lower your risk of salmonella
contamination. It will also ensure that you’re getting eggs that are rich in
protein and other essential nutrients.

Go for Wild Salmon Instead of Farmed Salmon

Salmon is widely praised as one of the
best sources of omega-3s, which are essential fatty acids that are important
for promoting brain function. However, salmon is also at the center of a hot
debate when it comes to food safety and toxin content.

Consumers around the world are commonly
torn between buying either farmed salmon or wild salmon. They either have to
shell out a few dollars more for wild salmon or settle for farmed salmon. But settling
for farmed varieties actually exposes you to the risk of consuming pesticides,
genetically engineered ingredients and antibiotics.

Aside from ingesting these possible pollutants lurking in farmed salmon,
its nutritional content is also poorer compared to wild salmon. While studies
show that farmed salmon has more protein content than wild salmon, this is only
a mere 2 percent. Wild salmon basically trumps farmed salmon in almost all of
the other health areas, such as high
antioxidant content, omega-3 fatty acids and
potassium levels.

[ECF6] I highly recommend going for wild Alaskan
because it is one of the best types of fish in the market. It has
the lowest mercury content among the larger types of fish and has high nutrient

About Pete Evans

Pete Evans is an internationally renowned chef who has
joined forces with Dr. Mercola to create a healthy cookbook that’s loaded with
delicious, unique Keto recipes, ideal for people who want to switch to a
ketogenic diet. The “Fat for Fuel Ketogenic Cookbook” will be released November


has had numerous noteworthy contributions to the culinary world. He has not
only cooked for the general public, but he’s also cooked a royal banquet
for the Prince and Princess of Denmark, a private dinner for Martha Stewart,
and even represented his hometown at the gala G?Day USA dinner for 600 in
New York City. Pete’s career has moved from the kitchen into the lounge room
with many TV appearances including Lifestyle Channel’s “Home show,” “Postcards
from Home,” “FISH,” “My Kitchen Rules” and “Moveable Feast.”


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