The Kauai-Pacific Mission of 3-6-18 to 3-8-18… Images and Videos to follow…

The photo shown here is of two stones which I wore on this mission, with Waimea Canyon on Kauai as a backdrop. The right is my personal Cintamani stone which was worn for the first two days, the one on the left is an 8-pointed amethyst “Star Stone”, from which I created a necklace, and was worn after the mission was completed, on 3-8-18, at 12:01 AM HST.

I sensed that this mission was for some type of connecting of energies throughout the Pacific. I was informed that I was to hit 4 points on the island, in connection with the ocean… North, East, South, and West, in that order. The final point was to be an “activator” (I presume) at Kalalau Valley overlook. Five points total.

The dates were chosen by what “felt right”, and I paid no attention to the numerology. Later, I realized that the last date was 3-8-2018, which is an 11-11. And Guidance indicated that the final point ceremony (at Kalalau Valley overlook) was to be done at 12:01, or 0001 HST… another 1. So there were five points of operation, and as it turns out, the numerology of the final (fifth point) ceremony at a 11-11-1… five 1s.

This mission was indeed completed in perfection, and although I have no complete idea what will occur as a result of this, I would anticipate some types of MAJOR new beginnings on the planet, very shortly.

I’ll post these in chronological order, and will post all I feel moved to post, and I will post nothing else until these mission images-videos are all posted.

Aloha, Kp

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