Dr. Jerome Corsi and the @CBTS_Stream team discuss the #QAnon (#Q) Postings of 3-21-18

Related to this earlier post about #Q #QAnon postings of 3-21-18, Dr. Jerome Corsi and the @CBTS_Stream team have a short video about these recent posts. They say that the most likely ID for “RT” is “Rizvi Traverse Management“, which Q has mentioned before. They apparently have invested heavily in FB and Twitter.

[WikiPedia] “Suhail R. Rizvi is co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Rizvi Traverse Management LLC.[1] He has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and sits on the Wharton Undergraduate Executive Board.[2] A venture capitalist, his investments include Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard and Square.[3] Due to his large stake in Twitter, both personally and for other investors, he was the subject of media scrutiny at the time of Twitter’s IPO; he is notoriously private.”


Published on Mar 21, 2018
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Photodynamic treatments for human health and the food supply: Light compounds being developed that will fight microbial infections and cancer

(Natural News) A new field of medical science is emerging from six universities and five partner organizations in Europe. The POLYTHEA project, coordinated at the University of Limoges, aims to train doctorate candidates in the field of photodynamic treatments. Researchers are learning how to develop active light compounds that fight cancer and microbial infections. The…

Leveraging new tech for conservation: Drones help researchers track sea turtles, gather data

(Natural News) If you absolutely have to use drones to track something, why not turtles? A new study detailed how unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are revolutionizing research and conservation efforts involving endangered sea turtles, reported a Science Daily news article. Remote sensing data is vital to obtain an understanding of the spatial ecology of marine ecosystems. When combined with tracking…

Researchers are one step closer to creating solid oxide fuel cells

(Natural News) Solid oxide fuel cells could become more affordable and commonplace thanks to a recent study that successfully identified more than 50 candidate materials, reported a NanoWerk article. The new materials could allow a fuel cell to run at lower temperatures, which leads to a longer lifespan and cheaper costs. Materials researchers from the University of…

Another Perspective On The Austin Bombing & Others That Mainstream Media Never Mentions

A man suspected of being behind several bombings in Texas has passed away after taking his life when police closed in on him. The suspect has been named as Mark Anthony Conditt.

According to authorities, the motive behind his bombings are still unknown.

Here’s a great summary of the incident from the New York Times:

“Law enforcement officials investigating one of the most brazen and deadly serial explosion cases in America in decades are struggling to read his bombs for any clues they can find. So far, five homemade explosive devices planted in packages and near sidewalks have detonated in Austin and near San Antonio this month, killing two people, wounding five.

On Tuesday morning, a sixth bomb, this one unexploded, forced the shutdown of a FedEx facility near Austin’s airport. Hours later, the authorities said, an old military device donated to a Goodwill store went off in an employee’s hands at a strip mall south of downtown, injuring a man in his 30s and setting off another scare in a city on edge. But officials determined it was not related to the earlier package bombings.” 

What’s Really Going On Here?

What’s really going on here? Who can really say for sure. There are several theories floating around out there, but none of which ever seem to be addressed by mainstream media.

Did you know that there is more than one mass shooting each day in America? It’s unbelievable and a problem that’s not really seen in other parts of the world as much as it is in America.

At the end of the day, there are people out there who would never take a life, no matter what the circumstance. Imagine a planet full of people like that. If that were the case, then that society would probably never even manufacture guns. Their consciousness wouldn’t create it, like ours has.

The truth is, there could be several different explanations, from the violence-inducing effects of psychiatric medications, family violence, the influence of pop culture (music, movies, video games, etc.), government mind-control, false flag fabricated events, gun control, heightening the national security state and more.

The bottom line is, major events that capture our attention often coincides with some shady activity going on that we don’t really know about. Be it in another country, or a shady bill being passed, who knows.

The perfect example of this is the war crimes committed in Kosovo by the United States that should’ve received international attention, but all of America’s eyes were on Columbine, which took place at the exact same time.

Another problem is that we never question what is happening, we simply, almost instantaneously, believe what we are hearing. Not only with mass shootings do we do this, but for major events. Just like what’s happened since 9/11, and how many people ‘woke up’ as a result of that event, and many others.

So, what’s the lesson here? It’s that what is actually happening in all of these cases is very unclear, and in order to get to the bottom of all of these events, constant questioning is required, especially when concerns are being raised that deserve serious attention.

Breaking: Another School Shooting Just Happened In Maryland

10 Eye Opening Maps/Charts That Explain America’s Gun Violence Problem

Vince Vaughn’s Eye-Opening Comments On Edward Snowden & Gun Control

Mammoth China-Russia gas pipeline nearing completion – Gazprom

Russian President Vladimir Putin Chinese President Xi Jinping (centre) and President of Mongolia Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj [Image: PPIO]

Days after both Chinese and Russian Presidents were re-elected, the Russian energy giant Gazprom announced that a mammoth gas project between the two countries was nearing completion.

In May 2014, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping singed a landmark $400 billion gas deal under which Gazprom will supply the China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) 38 billion cubic meters (BCM) of natural gas every year for 30 years.

Gazprom on Wednesday said that the Power of Siberia natural gas pipeline is 75 per cent complete and runs over 1,600 kilometers.

The project will strengthen Russian-Chinese energy cooperation, and defines the main terms of the natural gas supply from Russia to China through the East-Route, including the cross-border section of the gas pipeline across the Amur River (the Heilongjiang River in China) near Blagoveshchensk (capital of the Amur region in the Russian Far East) and China’s border city of Heihe.

The pipeline has geopolitical and strategic value as it means Russia’s energy export targets are now eastward, and China can wean itself off the polluting coal as an energy supply.

The deal has brought both countries, BRICS members, closer and has been a massive boost to Sino-Russian ties even as Russia struggles with EU and US sanctions over Ukraine.

On Monday, Xi congratulated Putin on his landslide presidential election win. Putin did the same a few days earlier.

The BRICS Post with inputs from Agencies

Only crazy people drink raw milk?

Only crazy people drink raw milk?

The wider implications

by Jon Rappoport

March 21, 2018

For a moment, don’t think about whether raw milk is safe or dangerous, health-giving or harmful. Stop. There are wider implications here. And they affect every citizen.

Here is my article, from August 5, 2011. The issues are still quite relevant.

The federal raid on Rawesome Foods in Venice, California, is based on the insistence (with guns) that private citizens can’t make contracts with each other to buy and sell raw unpasteurized milk.

Some uninformed types believe the raid was solely focused on the fact that Rawesome doesn’t have a business license. But it is a private club, and the last time I looked, a club doesn’t need a license to carry on its activities.

Do private citizens have the right to form an association, by contract, and then engage in exchange of goods and services, among its members, regardless of the opinion of the State?

Well, if we return to the basic document, the Declaration of Independence, can we interpret the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without understanding that private contracts are fundamental to this pursuit?

In the case of Rawesome, the government believes it can garner wide public support, and therefore it feels confident its prosecution will make no one nervous. Whereas, if the product Rawesome club members were buying and selling was homemade oatmeal, the public might balk and see the intrusion on Rawesome as invasive and quite insane.

Speaking of which, the government is using what I call the The Crazy People Doctrine.

If more than, say, 60% of the American people believe Rawesome is crazy, the government is good to go in court. If that wide majority thinks raw-milk dealing would only be carried out by nutcases, then the whole issue of whether private contracts are inviolate can be set aside and dropped in the trash.

Well, we know government agencies have been warning the public about raw milk for at least 70 years, and claiming that pasteurized milk is wonderful and safe and scientific. So The Crazy People Doctrine seems like a slam-dunk here, regardless of how the specific charges against Rawesome’s owner are worded.

“He’s crazy, who cares whether we (the prosecutors) say he was doing business without a license or was making a contract he had no right to make.”

And the public will say, “Find him guilty, he’s a whacko. Nobody in his right mind would sell raw milk.”

As usual, I’ll resort to one of my analogies:

Let’s say eight of us form a private club, and we buy and sell, among ourselves, little gold balls of plant matter which, when ingested, have been shown, invariably, to cause one-hour headaches. The balls have been tested, over and over again, and amazingly, the verdict is precise across the board. Eat a gold ball of this plant substance, you get a one-hour headache.

And suppose the eight of us believe this activity of buying and selling and eating the gold balls is part of our pursuit of happiness. We’ll assume responsibility for the headaches. Do we have the right to have our club and engage in our activity—or does the government have the legal power to destroy the club and prosecute us on a criminal charge?

The government says, “Gold balls are food products for sale. Therefore, they fall under our jurisdiction when it comes to the issue of safety. Period.”

The public says, “Put these crazies in jail, or in a mental institution, and drug them to the gills.”

Government says, “Citizens have no fundamental and overriding right to make private contracts among themselves. We can intercede at any moment we choose to. Any rule or law we make automatically trumps the so-called right to private contracts.”

If we accept this judgment, then we are admitting that private relationships are a thin illusion that can be swept away without notice.

If you and your friends own a piece of land and build a community vegetable garden there, and then exchange squashes and tomatoes and grapes and cucumbers with one another, from your individual plots, the government can send in a food safety inspector, he can walk on your land, and he can decide whether your vegetables are legal. Your contract with your friends is null and void and without meaning—and always was.

If 50 of us form a health club, and buy and sell amino acids among ourselves, and if we happen to have printed a sheet, for internal distribution, claiming these products cure arthritis, the FDA could invade our office, confiscate the products, and charge us with practicing medicine without a license.

And if the public, by and large, believes we are “crazies,” the government feels confident it will escape blowback.

You now, perhaps, see one clear reason for government/media/science propaganda: “creating convenient crazies.”

Take, for instance, the arena of vaccines. If government succeeds in outlawing all claimed parental exemptions from the jabs, based on its own version of good science, how many people will rise up and revolt? Versus how many will say refusing vaccines was always just for Crazy People?

The Crazy People Doctrine, behind the scenes, is the standard of prediction that government employs—and propaganda is the tool it uses to manufacture perception about its targets…

So that the matter of private contracts is tossed into the garbage.


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