Cosby Accusers are Frauds Proven by Staged Grief and Fake Crying in Sentencing Trial

2 May 2018

NODISINFO — Watch this video which proves that the women who ‘testified’ against Bill Cosby are absolute frauds. This is proven via the fact that they were not grieving to any degree. Nor were they in horror and shock. Nor were they saddened. Nor were they tearful. Instead, these fraudsters feigned grief through staging and hoaxing.

See the first hoaxer, Therese Serignese, here, as she does a “thumbs-up” sign, looking over to another agent of this fraud, while holding her tissue. He is attempting to draw another hoaxer over for the photo-shoot. This is clearly a signal, which is beyond dispute. If she was an actual victim as attested, why would she have to do this? […]

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Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: All those who challenge the ruling ideology, are called Facists – Herland Report

6 June 2018

THE HERLAND REPORT — We had the privilege of a sit down with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, discussing why free speech is being shut down in America. Dr. Roberts is one of the leading political economists in the USA, awarded by the Treasury Department’s for “his outstanding contributions to the formulation of United States economic policy.”  He is also the chairman of the Institute for Political Economy, a former Wall Street editor and an author of many books. Dr. Roberts states:

It is a pity that free speech is becoming associated with Fascism. Because what free speech does is it lets you say something that challenges the ruling ideology. And they don’t want it challenged. So, to protect the ideology from challenge, they call the people telling the truth for Fascists.

That lets them tell their lies. That’s the way it works. It is really what political correctness boils down to. They don’t care if their position is based in objective truth. For them, its an ideological thing, an emotional thing. And therefore, anything that challenges it, is wrong and evil. The favourite word for that is Fascism.

Hanne Nabintu Herland: – It’s such an honor to be with you, Sir, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. In Europe, we love you because you have a perspective that many do not have as you speak in broad manners about the important issues of foreign policy and the state of American culture today.

As an outsider to the American system, we wonder, how come your country seems to disintegrate from the traditional national unity regardless of ethnic origin to a divisive and fragmented society. For one, what happened to free speech?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: – You know, you have a situation now, where all kinds of people, whistle-blowers, truth tellers get called Fascists. We have in the United States a number of former CIA-officials who have turned whistleblowers and reveal what is actually going on, and they are called names. […]

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Anthony Bourdain: Suicide or Suicided?

Anthony Michael Bourdain (1956-2018) grew up in Leonia, New Jersey. His parents were Pierre Bourdain (d. 1987, French Catholic), a classical music industry executive for Columbia Records, and Gladys Bourdain (née Sacksman, Jewish), a staff editor for The New York Times

With the background of his parents and as an employee of CNN, one should look for a usual suspect, a hack, and probably an intelligence agent. At The New Nationalist (TNN), we grade hacks in terms of real talent versus the typical empty suits we see so often in the Jewish-media cartoon world.

I personally thought that Bourdain produced very good work in his travel-chef genre beyond just entertainment. He had a quirkiness and demeanor that I always appreciated. He was very sentimental, which is an emotional tug on me personally. He didn’t hang out with the elites and often would head straight to the dining rooms of the plebs. As a world traveler myself in recent years, and being about the same age and kind of the same personality, I identified with him. Therefore, we don’t see him as only a beneficiary of overrated hackery. He had substance.

In contemplating what may have gotten Bourdain suicided, our top theory was that he was a loose cannon to the Crime Syndicate. If he was intelligence, that doesn’t mean he was good intel. In fact, he was a feather ruffler.

He angered people of proud white heritage with a commentary that the world’s problems wouldn’t be solved until the population was Brazilified. This ignorant cosmopolitan Kalergiesque offense didn’t square with the respect and affection shown to all the local and nation cultures as he introduced them on air. In reality and practice, he was a Europhile, respected those national cultures and never diminished or trashed any of the various largely white nations he portrayed. Because he was trying to teach respect, I think Bourdain gave lip service to a confused political correctness, but at the local level was a closet nationalist.

He also bucked the endless Muslim demonization by (((American media))) when he showed up in Palestine in 2013 with a very positive portrayal. He immediately fell in love with Palestine, its people and the culture and was shocked to witness brutality of military occupation by Israeli forces.

Mike Prysner, an American political activist said on Twitter, “The food traveler“ made a point to show the evils of the military occupation and said in the episode that no honest journalist— even one like him — could report from Israel/Palestine without acknowledging that overarching reality of oppression. Brave and set an example.” He continued to be a supporter of the Palestinians and critic of Israel.

Here he gives a thumbs up to Iran.

I am not sure how a network like CNN could have dealt with his independence or controlled him. What would have been the pay off, if they broke his contract? Have not seen that question answered.

So that alone might have made him a target. But to make matters worse, his girlfriend, Italian actress Asia Argento, is one of the dozens of women who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. Bourdain stepped into that fray as well, tweeting “Can we use the word ‘rapist’ now? #Weinstein.”

Taking it a step further:

He took a shot at the degenerate culture as well. : “How many 17 year olds have you dressed like they are, in your words, ‘asking for it’?” he tweeted at Donna Karan’s fashion brand, DKNY.

He said to Matt Damon: “Looking forward to ‘THE BOURNE APOLOGY’ in which Jason fights off attempts to expose a pimp.”

Image result for anthony bourdain asia argento
Bourdain with his girlfriend, Asia Argento, in September. How many 61-year-old men have six-pack abs like that? To stay fit, Bourdain said he trains in Brazilian jiu-jitsu every day regardless of where he is in the world.

And it didn’t look like Bourdain was going to go away.

People also point to his running feud with the Clintons. That makes three parties in the world you don’t want to piss off in a serious way: Israel, the Clintons and Weinstein.

TNN Takeway

Death by hanging is thought to be typical of pittura infamante, or a defaming portrait. It is also associated with David Carradine and sexual affixation. Therefore, in terms of a gesture, and with his enemies list, to us this looks like Bourdain was suicided. Secondly, he was a recovered heroin addict. His suicide of choice surely would have been riding the dragon out to the end, not hanging. All the lugenpresse was quick to jump on the suicide narrative.

His friend Ripert indicated they were having a good stay at their French hotel. On Thursday night, when Bourdain didn’t show up for dinner, Ripert thought it was strange. Bourdain “knew the chef, Monsieur Nasti, and he knew the kitchen. This leads us to suspect that not much preparation and premeditation went into the act, and leads us more in the direction of an impulsive act,” said Mr. de Rocquigny, the investigator. Just an impulse? Really sketchy.

The post Anthony Bourdain: Suicide or Suicided? appeared first on The New Nationalist. 6-7-18… “Benjamin Fulford Talks: The Rise of India and New Global Alliances: Interview…”

Some may be interested in this Benjamin Fulford interview. I’m listening to it now, and sometimes I find it helpful to hear this information directly from Benjamin.

Found this at RMN.


Benjamin Fulford Talks: The Rise of India and New Global Alliances: Interview June 7, 2018 with Prepare for Change had the pleasure of an interview with Benjamin Fulford on June 7, 2018.

In this interview, conducted by Richard and Meg, Benjamin lets us know about the rise of India, the shifting of world alliances, the decline of the influence of the petrodollar, and he reminds us of the upcoming Bilderberg and G7 meetings.

Benjamin continues to work to liberate the planet from the bad guys. He is literally fighting to bring freedom and new life to humanity.

We hope you enjoy this third interview in our series of interviews with Benjamin Fulford.

This interview is about 60 minutes long.

Our Address For The Queen

From Anna Von Reitz

While it is wonderfully apparent that our lawful government has suffered Gross Breach of Trust at the hands of several generations of British Monarchs, ruthless mis-representation and mis-characterization, and deliberate theft and violation of international treaties and commercial contracts owed to us, the Queen of Great Britain must be notified and given all assistance and means to make correction— therefore our unstintingly polite correspondence:
Her Majesty The Queen June the Sixth of 2018 A.D.
Buckingham Palace
London SWIA 1AA
Your Majesty:
It has come to our attention that you have apparently lost our address and are therefore unable to correspond with our Sovereign and Unincorporated Government, The United States of America. We find it necessary in view of current affairs to remind you that our address has not changed in over 200 years and that our mail may still be received by sending to:
The United States of America
General Delivery
316 Market Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
[19106] The United States of America
Or more securely and directly to:
The United States of America
c/o Clinton Belcher
2848 South Sheridan Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
[19148] The United States of America
No doubt this lapse in communication has resulted in the current circumstance in which we have not been informed of the “abeyance” of the Federal United States organization and the substitution of the Territorial United States as a Trustee and Secondary Beneficiary. No doubt, too, this has occasioned the failure to Notify us of the numerous bankruptcies of Territorial and Municipal United States corporations charged with providing our States and People with “essential government services”.
Any presumption on the part of Your Majesty or of Your Government or of the Government of Westminster that we “no longer exist” or that we have been “de-populated” or that we are inhabited by “disregarded entities” or that we no longer maintain our Post Office and our addresses in Philadelphia would indeed be a false presumption owing immediate correction. As we have informed the United Nations Secretary-General and the Vatican Chancery Court, we are alive and well and our Hereditary Head of State is similarly well-disposed, in full life, and enabled to competently administer our affairs—as we have been from September 9, 1776 to date.
Indeed, our earlier correspondences with Your Majesty would indicate that we have shared our closer regional office address with Your Majesty and invited Your Majesty to honor our reversionary trust interest in all soil and land assets naturally belonging to our States and People, despite the incapacity of our original federal subcontractors doing business as the States of America.
Here again for your reference and convenience:
James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
The United States of America
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska [99652]
Non-domestic – The United States of America
As our Estates have been subjected to probate in error and in apparent Breach of Trust, we request corrective action by Your Majesty, and note that by Operation of Law, all Delegated Powers have now returned to The United States of America owing to the incapacity of the Federal United States being held in abeyance, and the bankruptcies of both the Territorial and Municipal United States.
This circumstance, as unfortunate as it is, does occasion a form of emergency but conveys no granted emergency powers; pending return of our assets, including the misappropriated “Life Force Value Annuities” owed to six generations of Americans, we shall be continuing to work with Mr. Trump’s Administration to restore and rebuild our First Estate, to convene a Continental Congress to resolve unfinished business, and to resume exercise of our formerly delegated powers.
Yours truly,
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

Asset Decree

In The Court of The Record of The United States of America
For the Decree and the Demand of the Assets Thereof:
Whereas The United States of America is an unincorporated and sovereign government created by and for the States and Peoples of our Country on the Ninth September of the year 1776 and it is the Source of all of the Delegated Powers entrusted to the Federal United States; and, whereas the Federal United States has been held in abeyance and under reconstruction and whereas this circumstance has been wrongly construed as an abeyance of our General Government; and, whereas we have given Due Notice that this is a mistake; and, whereas both the Territorial and Municipal Governments subsidiary to the Federal United States have succumbed to liquidation and reorganization in bankruptcy within the last four years; and, whereas all three levels of the Federal United States Government have thus been rendered incompetent by these actions and circumstances:
Now, therefore, we declare and decree that by Operation of Law all Delegated Powers have returned to the Delegator and all assets which have been held in trust in behalf of The United States of America must be returned to our States and Peoples and may not be subsumed as chattel subject to any Federal United States bankruptcy and may not be considered abandoned nor uncollected assets. Any failure to return our assets to our possession and control shall be considered a criminal Breach of Trust.
So said, so signed, and so sealed this  6th  day of June in the year known as 2018 Anno Domini in the sacred space of now by the lawful Head of State for the unincorporated Body Politic of The United States of America under the Great Seal which appears above and whose signature and recorded sign and separate seal appear below:
Here is the link to the actual document:

Measles — Everything You Need to Know About This Infection

If you have heard about measles, you might be wondering what you should be aware of regarding this disease. Keep reading to learn about measles, how this viral infection spreads, its symptoms and how you can help prevent and treat it.

Basic Facts About Measles

Also called rubeola, measles is a highly contagious, acute viral infection of the respiratory system. It’s transmitted via respiratory droplets (infected saliva or mucus) in the air, spreading easily from person to person through a cough or sneeze.

The measles virus can stay airborne or live on surfaces for up to two hours, which means anyone who breathes the contaminated air or touches the infected surface can become infected.1 You need to know the symptoms of measles, especially if you think you or a family member is infected. The symptoms often appear within 14 days of exposure to the virus.

Like the flu, it starts with a fever, muscle aches, cough and runny nose, but it is the inflamed or pink eyes and the white spots inside the mouth that give it away. Two to four days later, those who are infected will get a red, blotchy skin rash that will spread over their body.2 In some cases, measles may lead to certain complications:3,4

1 out of every 10 infected children will develop an ear infection that can lead to permanent hearing loss

1 out of every 20 children with measles will get pneumonia, which is the most common cause of death from the infection in young children

1 out of 1,000 people with measles can develop encephalitis (brain inflammation), which could lead to brain damage

The world Health Organization (WHO) reports that measles kills more than 100,000 people (mostly children under age 5), all over the world each year.5 But keep in mind that these deaths and complications mainly occur in undeveloped and developing countries with low incomes and weak health services, where poor nutrition is common because of poverty.

In fact, child mortality due to measles is 95 percent greater in malnourished children in less developed countries than those in developed ones. Once nutrition improves, complications and death are radically diminished.

Despite how mainstream media portrays this disease, measles mortality is actually quite rare in industrialized nations. In the U.S., the last documented deaths directly attributed to measles were in 2003, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).6 One death was a child with a chronic disease who received a bone marrow transplant and was found post mortem to be positive for measles. The second death was a 75-year-old man from Israel, who had measles encephalitis and encephalopathy.

Only two deaths occurred in the U.S. because of measles complications in 2009. No deaths were seen in 2008, 2007 and 2006, and only one was recorded in 2005.7 (NOTE: One death of a person in 2015 who didn’t have classic measles symptoms was listed after an autopsy as dying from pneumonia as a complication of measles.8)

Is Vaccination the Key to Preventing Measles?

According to the CDC, this disease can be prevented with a measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, which they claim provides long-term protection against all strains of measles. However, this vaccine offers only temporary artificial immunity, and there is an increasing amount of evidence that even vaccinated people can both get measles and spread measles, even after two doses of the MMR vaccine, whether they have visible symptoms of the disease or not.9,10

What’s more alarming is that between 2013 and 2015, 98 deaths following MMR vaccinations were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). In the same time fame, there were 694 reports of MMR vaccinations that caused disability. There are other options to help protect you and your family, such as avoiding public places during a measles breakout and strengthening your immune system to help your body fight the infection.

You can help enhance your immunity by eating organic whole foods, consuming more high-quality fats and getting enough sleep daily. One study indicates that vitamin A deficiency is a risk factor for developing severe measles, so you need to address this and other nutritional deficiencies as well.11

Learn everything you need to know about measles in these articles — the causes, symptoms and treatment strategies for this illness. Be informed so that you and your loved ones, especially your children, can stay protected against this disease.


Measles: Introduction

What Is Measles?

Causes of Measles

Is Measles Contagious?

Measles Symptoms

Measles Treatment

Measles Precautions

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