Until the Wall, a Wall of Troops. – Stewart Rhodes

Trump Should Deploy U.S. Military “Wall of Troops” to Secure Border.  Latest Shooting of Border Patrol Agent Shows This is a War and Requires a Military Response
Tuesday morning, June 12, 2018,  between the hours of 0330 and 0430 Arizona time, a Border Patrol Agent in the Tucson Sector was ambushed and shot repeatedly.  He survived the ambush only because he was wearing rifle plates that protected his torso.  As Breitbart reported:
[T]he Border Patrol agent was shot in the chest and back as well as in the hand and knee, but heavy plate body armor successfully stopped the shots to the chest and back.
This shooting occurred on the Chilton family cattle ranch, which is on the border with Mexico.   As the Associated Press reported:
An Arizona cattle rancher says that the shooting of a U.S. Border Patrol agent near the boundary with Mexico happened in a remote part of his ranch that is frequently used by drug and migrant smugglers.
Jim Chilton tells The Associated Press in an interview that a Border Patrol official sent him an email Tuesday morning informing him the agent was alone when he was wounded on his ranch, and was struck in the leg and the hand.
First, let us all thank God the Border Patrol agent survived the attack, and let us keep him and his family in our prayers, asking God to grant him a speedy and full recovery.
It just so happens I was on the Chilton ranch the night before (Monday night), along with another Oath Keeper, Kait Hylton, and we were visiting with Jim Chilton and his lovely wife, at their home.  They gave us a very sobering, detailed briefing on just how bad it is on the border.   This horrific attempted murder of a Border Patrol agent on that same ranch the very next morning further confirms just how dire the situation really is.
The Chilton’s are brave, Salt-of-the-earth ranchers who have been sounding the alarm bells for years about how the cartels are essentially taking over our border with Mexico, and taking over large parts of U.S. soil, and can bring in anything or anyone they want with impunity.   We also discussed the very real humanitarian crisis of all of the rape, assault, murder and death in the desert that is inflicted on the illegals by the cartels and their coyotes.  They showed me a picture of a young couple who were being cared for by Border Patrol after a gang of coyotes had gang raped the wife all night while holding her husband at gun-point and forcing him to watch.   Mrs. Chilton expressed heartfelt concern and deep compassion for the many thousands of illegals who are victimized by the coyotes and cartels, as well as concern for the safety of all the ranchers and their hands, and for the Border Patrol Agents who are so incredibly vulnerable and exposed out there as they work. They told us of two rancher friends of theirs who were murdered by the cartels years ago.

Last night as I talked to the Chilton’s, we discussed how vulnerable a lone Border Patrol Agent is to ambush as he drives the lonely roads in the Arizona desert.  As we said goodnight, I told Mr Chilton that, given that reality, as an Airborne infantry veteran it is my opinion that there should be at least a fire-team sized element of armed Army, Marines, or National Guard infantry going out on patrol with each agent or pair of agents as a security escort to keep them safe as they work.   The Border Patrol Agents would do the law enforcing, but the infantry fire-team would be there to keep the agents safe.  That kind of pairing up has been done in the past, to a limited degree, but President Trump needs to do it en-mass.

The New Mexico Army National Guard Liaison Team visited the U.S. Border Patrol El Paso Sector to meet and coordinate preparations for their upcoming deployment in support of border security operations April 7, 2018.
The agent ambushed Tuesday morning is lucky to be alive.  Given the reality of heavily armed cartel drug escorts and the reality of heavily armed “Rip Crews” who raid the drug mule trains, he and his brother agents need direct protection and backup that is ready to engage in a fire-fight with the cartels and WIN.  Those Rip Crews and drug mule trains often have a squad sized element of heavily armed men, with select-fire AKs. This is essentially a war zone along the border, and our Border Patrol Agents deserve an infantry escort.
What will it take for President Trump to finally take the decisive action he promised us he would take in order to actually secure our border?  He should declare this to be a national security emergency – which it certainly is-as well as a human rights crisis, given the well-documented death toll among illegals, and the equally well documented forced sex trafficking and rape that goes on.
And then President Trump should deploy the U.S. military on the border in significant force to secure the border with a “wall of troops.”   The Army Corps of Engineers can get busy building a wall, with a road directly behind it, with joint teams of Border Patrol and military patrolling the road/wall, with effective QRFs also ready to go.   They can start patrolling even before, and as, the wall and the road is built.  That is what it will take to secure the border, and President Trump can do that right now, as Commander-In-Chief.
A wall coupled with aggressive patrolling and aggressive and fast QRFs can flip the paradigm on the cartels, deny them their easy access routes, and put the fear of the American grunt in them.
President Trump, it is time for decisive action.  And you can also count on us military veterans to help if you need us.  Just say the word and we will be there.
For the Republic,
Stewart Rhodes

Who Lucifer Actually Is & Why They Are Here (Part 1)

Of all subjects to venture into, writing about Lucifer could be among the most contentious of them all. Many readers will likely come into the discussion with pre-conceived notions and emotional triggers that are difficult to lay aside, even just for the amount of time it takes to read this article. But put them aside we must, if we are to have a fruitful conversation.

I am not out to convince anybody about an opinion. I am out to elaborate upon an understanding of who and what Lucifer is that I find best explains the entire body of information that is out there about him. Further, this explanation resonates the most with the paradigm I currently hold about spirituality and my understanding about why we are here on the planet at this time.

Some of my information comes from a forum thread between a self-proclaimed “generational member of a Ruling Bloodline Family,” and forum members who pose questions to the person going under the moniker ‘Hidden-Hand.’ I found this information particularly, ahem, illuminating.


A general understanding that I work with about our life here on the planet is that we have incarnated into this ‘3rd density’ reality to evolve, individually and collectively, to the 4th and higher densities. David Wilcock and others speak about our ascension into the 4th density as an event that was slated around the end of the Mayan calendar in December 2012, and remains imminent, as he speaks about in his book The Ascension Mysteries.

This ascension of our individual and group souls, unfolding in accordance with astrological cycles that our solar system is tied into, is the quintessential spiritual ‘movement’ of all sentient beings in our universe, whether they are focusing on their own advances up through the densities, ending in a return to oneness with the supreme creator, or holding themselves back by choice to help other beings rise out of those lower densities. This is the ‘game’ that has been set up, to give life its vitality, direction, and purpose.


A very simple way to explain how ‘Creation’ works within this context will help in our understanding of who Lucifer is. Basically, the one ‘Supreme Creator’ did not create all there is as such. The one ‘Supreme Creator’ created many ‘sub-creators.’ A sub-creator (also known as a ‘logos’) could then create ‘sub-sub-creators.’ In other words, there is something of a hierarchy or ‘chain’ of creation that goes from the unmanifest ‘Supreme Creator’ all the way down to us as individual souls, who are also ‘creators’ in our own right. Simply stated, there are creator-beings who are creators of planets, suns, galaxies, and even universes.

When asked who directly created us, Hidden-Hand replies thusly:

Your Creator, the one you have called ‘Yahweh’, is not “God” inasmuch as your bible refers to him as being “the One True God”. He is ‘a’ Creator (or Sub-Sub-Logos) rather than the One Infinite Creator. He is not even a Galactic level Logos, but rather, is the Planetary Logos for this one planet.

Stay with me now. If we can entertain the possibility that creation is multi-leveled, and that at the ‘planetary’ level the ‘creator’ of a planet has free will to create as they choose, then the stories we hear from the book of Genesis take on far more meaning. Apparently, Yahweh decided to create a nice planet that was somewhat of a paradise, because essentially evil didn’t exist there and the human beings lived in a state of reverence and obedience towards Yahweh, who was providing humans all they needed.

Nonetheless, in the absence of conflict, challenge, or stress, neither the humans nor Yahweh himself were evolving towards reunion with ‘Supreme Creator,’ which as we previously mentioned is the ‘game’ that we all signed up for. Humans did not have any ‘free will’ because in the absence of evil in their world things were ‘all good’ and they had nothing to choose from.

Enter Lucifer.


According to Hidden-Hand, Lucifer (the ‘light-bearer’) is an advanced 6th-density being (or ‘group soul’) that agreed to descend into 3rd density on planet Earth to provide the ‘context’ by which human beings could experience free choice. That context was made possible by the introduction of ‘evil.’ In the face of ‘evil’ humans would for the first time be able to choose ‘good’ over something else.

Hidden-Hand describes how polarity and the presence of evil first came into mankind’s experience:

Yahweh agreed that we would introduce the concept of Free Will to Earth’s inhabitants, by offering them an initial choice, as to whether they ‘wanted’ it or not. Hence, “The Tree of the Knowledge of ‘Good and Evil’” (or more accurately, the Knowledge of Polarity, of Positive or Negative).

Yahweh takes his inhabitants to a new ‘garden’ and tells them you can do anything you like, except this one thing, thus creating the desire to do the one thing there are told they cannot. Hence, a “Choice”. We provide the Catalyst by telling them the benefits of attaining Knowledge, they eat from the tree, and the rest is history.

Hence Lucifer ‘tempts’ humanity into polarity, as polarity is the one context through which knowledge can be acquired. In essence, Lucifer has agreed to play a very challenging role on our planet in order to be a catalyst for our evolution into the higher densities.

Not An Endorsement Of Luciferianism

If you are still with me, you undoubtedly agree that conversations like this require a high level of discernment between what is being said and what is not being said. While Lucifer has so far been characterized as a highly evolved bringer of light and knowledge, for example,  there has been no support given to the principles or the practice of Luciferianism or the ‘Luciferian Doctrine.’ I hope you will rejoin me when we deal with those concepts in Part 2.

Cosmic Disclosure: Suppressed Medical Technologies

David Wilcock: Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, here with Corey Goode and our guest, Emery Smith.

Emery, welcome back to the show.

Emery Smith: Well, thank you, David, and Gaia, for having me again.

David: And Corey, thanks for being here.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So we’re going to get into suppressed technology in this episode, which is a vast subject. And we’re going to focus in to some degree on medical things, but also just beyond that as well.

So we interviewed William Tompkins before his death, and he talked about some very strange stuff.

He felt like if you could live just a few more years that things would come out that would allow you to live much, much, much longer.

1 William Tompkins

Emery: So there’s a medical corporation out there and a spine surgeon who has invented this A2M alpha-2-macroglobulin protein.

2 Emery Smith

And what they did is they get this protein from your blood. It’s in your blood.

3 Medical Capsule

And it’s a protease inhibitor, so it stops all inflammation once you concentrate it and inject it into the body, into your joints or whatnot.

What they found out is they were able to regenerate articular cartilage, which is the cartilage that lies under your joint in the bone. So it’s not bone on bone.

David: In the knee, you’re saying?

Emery: Yeah, in the knee. So here’s your knee right here. And then between that, that’s all covered with articular cartilage.

4 Knee And Leg Bones

5 Articular Cartilage

And Corey knows this very well because he’s getting one of these procedures done very soon.

And what happens is that grinds away after a while and tenocytes, which are cells in the articular cartilage, are the hardest thing in the world to regenerate because there’s barely any blood going to it.

So that’s why we have all these knee problems and joint problems.

But by putting this A2M protein in there and reducing the inflammation, it seems to heal itself and regenerate.

Now, I’ve been able to regenerate tissue forever in the mil labs [military laboratories] and in modern day science, but what I was NEVER able to do was to anti-age a cell.

And guess what: one of the side effects they found out of doing this study was that it actually anti-aged tenocytes – THE HARDEST CELL TO EVEN REPLICATE. It anti-aged it!

So what that means for us is . . . And what this physician is doing is he’s actually going on now and he made a recombinant form of it, which means they have a synthetic form of the exact same molecular structure of the actual protein in your body.

So this is going to be off the shelf. So instead of buying like aspirin to get rid of your headache, you’re going to reach up and get some A2M.

Or you’re going to get this . . . Instead of taking human growth hormone and all these replacement therapies, you’re going to be taking A2M.

And that’s going to help systemically anti-age other cells. Because if I can anti-age a tenocyte, the hardest cell in the world, then there’s no problem of anti-aging all the other cells, [which] is what I’m getting at.

Corey: Well, how are you judging the age of a cell?

6 Corey Goode

Is it by the amount of degradation in the telomeres?

Emery: Yes.

Corey: Okay. So is this a type of telomere therapy?

Emery: Well, right now it’s so new, Corey. This is the first study that came out that showed this, which it wasn’t even about that. But they found out it does do this stuff.

So I can’t say because I don’t know yet. I haven’t seen any additional information other than that, but I would assume that’s the only way you could test.

Corey: Okay. Have you seen anything about the small eddies created by the gravitational field that causes aging, [which] along with cosmic radiation, is what basically kills us and causes us to age?

Emery: Right. The only reason we age is because of this radiation from the Sun.

Corey: And the gravitational force . . .

Emery: And the gravitational force.

Corey: . . . which creates time.

Emery: Right. And time . . . that’s a whole other story.

Corey: Right.

Emery: I was working on a classified project up in the New York area, about 30 minutes south of New York, and there was a device in there, a Teslatron unit, they called it.

And I can’t get into specifics of it, but it was a type of time machine distortion-type thing that used Tesla energy to cure people of inflammation and diseases like HIV and herpes and whatnot.

And they’re very successful with it.

It was reserved only for the elite and the politicians of our current realm here in the United States. If they come down with some diseases that were inappropriate, they can go down here [and] get zapped.

And that unit was also anti-aging people. Because when you get in there for an hour and sit down in this room, it might feel like 15 minutes but you’ve been in there for an hour.

And you take stopwatches in with you. There’s a stopwatch locked in your locker. You have one. And that definitely shows and proves that you’ve been actually gone for a while, but you don’t feel like that. And time DOES get distorted in there.

And you also lose weight and lose toxins and whatnot.

And I’d like to get more into that, but that’s kind of a classified project right now. But that IS going to be available for the public in about a year.

So that’s a new thing that’s coming out that people are going to be able to look forward to.

David: Well, since our focus on this show is the Secret Space Program and the greater reality that we’re learning about, William Tompkins was so excited about these life extension pills because he claimed to have met with beings that pretty much looked like us but lived a lot longer than we did.

What do you know about those types of beings, if anything?

Emery: Yeah, those beings, in their genetic DNA profile and also just in their bodies, have a way to reflect ultraviolet radiation and other electromagnetic fields and gravitational forces. And this is how they do it.

And by doing that . . . If we had that capability, we would also live a lot longer.

And that’s why things in the past, in prehistoric times, grew to just unimaginable sizes because the atmosphere was so much thicker and not all that light was coming through.

Plus, there were lightning storms and thunderstorms that could be years long. And guess what happens when lightning hits the water . . .

Corey: Yeah.

Emery: . . . you create the Fourth State of Water. Secret!

David: Hm.

Emery: And guess what happens when you drink that water – mega plants. I’m talking BIG tomatoes.

So these things right now are available for us to get healed, like this Fourth State of Water I’m talking about.

So we have lots of technology that is suppressed, and we have a lot of technology that’s not. Because what happens is, as a device manufacturer myself, you come out and you create something and you patent it.

And as soon as I send it in, the FDA says, “No, no. No, do it again”. Or your patents get refused.

Because you can’t just patent anything, especially medically, that’s going to help someone.

You could say it does this: “Well it just concentrates growth factors.” Well, that’s okay.

“Don’t claim that it concentrates growth factors that you’re going to put in someone’s elbow and stop their arthritis because then you’re messing with the pill company. So we don’t want to do that.”

So you can only say so much. So what I do is I create medical devices that just do certain things biologically. “Oh, it concentrates this cell or this protein.”

Then I give it to the doctor – I give it to you, Dave – and I say, “Hey, it may or may not work for you. This is what it does. Let me know how you like it.”

Then they come back to me. “Man, I can’t believe what it did! It healed this wound in two weeks. We couldn’t heal it in 12 months.”

I’m like, “Wow, that’s fantastic. I never knew that could have happened. Why don’t you write a white paper on it and publish it at a major university and let me know.”

So this is how I got to this point with the advice on medical devices and with a huge roadblock with the government and the FDA and other governing bodies.

It was very, very difficult, very hard.

David: Let me ask you kind of a pointed question. A lot of these so-called elites really look almost like Sith lords out of “Star Wars” or something. They don’t look healthy. You can kind of see on them that there’s something really wrong.

So if they have access to all this great technology, then why don’t they look beaming and radiant and young and beautiful?

Emery: Maybe it’s by choice or maybe someone is controlling them.

Corey: Yeah, the true elites are not the ones that we think we have the names of. That’s for certain.

Emery: That’s right. I mean, they’re puppets, too, and people don’t realize this. And Corey gets it.

But these things . . . These people even on the elite side . . . There’s always something else going on that you’re not aware of. And everyone has dirt on everybody, and things are happening up at that echelon that are probably just too much to get into right now on this show.

Corey: And I’ve heard also . . . We were talking about the avatar technology, using electromagnetic fields to push people into clones or back into their bodies. I’ve heard a tale of some of these people: when they’re in public, they get pushed into their sick bodies.

When they’re not in public, they get pushed into an avatar body.

David: Oh, wow! Corey, one of the things that seems relevant to all this is this very bizarre experience that you have had with a type of age regression.

And I don’t know if Emery is familiar with this aspect or not, so this is a great opportunity for us to kind of drop this live and just see how it goes.

So why don’t you tell us a little about that.

Corey: Right. Other than the fact that I’ve been talking to 8′ tall blue birds, this is another part of my testimony where people are just like, “Phlusp, I can’t deal with this!”

Emery: Right

Corey: The fact that in the 20-and-Back programs . . . It’s kind of like a stitch in time. They pull you out of this timeline, and for 20 years, you serve, you know, . . . the 20 years.

At the end of that 20 years, you’re brought back to the LOC. You’re given a debrief . . .

David: Which is Lunar Operations Command.

Emery: Right.

Corey: Lunar Operations Command. You’re debriefed, you’re chemically blank slated, and then through pharmaceutical means, they take you . . . They put you on a gurney. They sedate you first.

They put all of these foam things all around you and Velcro you down so you can’t move, . . .

(7 – Corey strapped to gurney and foam frame)

Emery: Uh huh.

Corey: . . . and then they give you an IV. And the IV is a pharmaceutical method of reversing your age, and it takes about two weeks. They put you in a chemical coma for about two weeks as the pharmaceutical is regressing you back to a certain age.

And at that point, then they take the age regressed you and send you back through time by putting you into this huge MRI-looking machine where the bed slides out.

It’s like . . . An MRI is this big [Corey holds his hands about 6” apart to show comparison], and you slide in and out of it. This one’s like an 8′ long MRI-looking machine [Corey holds his hands about 12” apart, which means the MRI he’s referring to is much longer than a standard MRI] that the bed slides out of.

Once you’re regressed pharmaceutically, they then put you inside this device, and it turns on and brings you back into the same device but 20 years earlier on the LOC.

Have you heard of any pharmaceutical therapy that can reduce age or the work on it?

Emery: I have heard of some of this stuff in the mil labs when I was down there, but I wasn’t part of that project. But I know there were a lot of people that were part of that project, and they were definitely dumping a lot of money into that project – more than some of the stuff that we were doing.

Corey: Absolutely.

Emery: So you can see how important that was.

During some of the briefings I had, there . . . We know some of the compartments that are near us, . . .

David: Okay.

Emery: . . . and sometimes all the compartments will meet in a big meeting room once a month.

David: Oh!

Emery: And they do base-type talks, and they do small updates on what the compartments are doing. And they also talk about finances, and where money is going, and who has money, and also who needs support.

They’ll move technicians from this to come over here to help them to get this done and put this on hold.

Corey: And that’s how through compartmentalization you learn all this different information that is compartmentalized from each other, because you’re moved within these compartments.

Emery: Exactly. And that’s how I was able to do not just, you know, extraterrestrial bodies, but hybrid bodies, clones. Then I moved on to spacecraft and from there on to energetic weapons and also portal technology.

David: Was there a name for these conferences? What were they called?

Emery: Well, it’s not a conference. It’s just a base meeting.

David: Okay.

Emery: It’s a base conference meeting that they have once a month. And then you go in and everyone sits down . . .

Corey: Unit directors . . . like the compartment directors.

Emery: Oh, absolutely. And there’s about 300 people. And there’s many different meetings, so you know, because everything is split up.

I mean, I was in this medical pavilion. So that was just us. And there were about 300 members there that come to this meeting once a month.

And that’s not everybody. It’s not all the employees, by the way. It’s just the compartments that they want to debrief or tell us there’s going to be a change . . .

Corey: Gotcha.

Emery: . . . or even base changes, security changes – all sorts of stuff. And they do change things very often.

Corey: So it was in this context that the age regression therapy came up:

Emery: That’s where I found out about age regression and regenerative properties that they were working on with cellular material and chemicals.

And they were trying to reproduce neurochemicals because neurochemicals have something to do with anti-aging.

Corey: Uh hm.

Emery: But I don’t . . . I wasn’t debriefed on the scientific part of that, so I can’t answer those questions.

What I DID catch out of you, though, is you said 14 days for regeneration. And that is the key number that is used when we 3D print bodies sometimes and 3D print organs and things like that.

Because the body can only regenerate at certain levels of time, . . .

Corey: Exactly.

Emery: . . . and not many people know that.

Corey: And a certain rate.

Emery: And only 20 years? Well, hey, two weeks is not bad, because we can sometimes do bodies or limbs.

Corey: It has to do with metabolism, right? The rate of metabolism can only be pushed so far.

Emery: That’s right.

David: Well, another aspect of what he’s describing is temporal anomalies – time travel, time shifts, time slipping.

So if you were in these monthly base meetings, as you said, in this medical pavilion, were you aware of temporal research going on? Did you ever hear anything like that?

Emery: No. No, I have not. Sorry.

David: Okay.

Emery: Yeah. I know . . . Just from after getting out, I heard some things, but not while I was in there at all.

David: You were talking to me about this military guy who was working on a government contract, or secret government contract, for a very interesting pill.

Emery: Oh, right.

David: Could you talk to us about that?

Emery: Yeah, the limitless pill. What had happened is the astronauts and the pilots and the special forces guys were taking too many amphetamines. And it was a normal thing back in the day to take amphetamines to keep the troops going and to keep the pilots focused or the astronauts.

The problem is there are side effects to those, such as addiction, and also [they] throw off your shot because you’re shaky. And that’s not good.

8 David Corey And Emery

Corey: Ah huh.

Emery: So they came up with a new pill. And what it did was it allowed you to focus and be calm and be able to handle 10 things at once very accurately.

David: Hm.

Emery: It also increased delta, beta and zeta waves in the brain to help you actually remote view anywhere from six to 10 seconds into the future. So you would be ahead of the opponent if they were throwing a punch at you for sure.

Corey: And I’m sure also the inoculations we got for AI abilities were speeding up our neurology.

Emery: Right.

Corey: Our neurons . . . There is a certain amount of resistance in the neurons, and it did something to where it allowed there to be less resistance for the impulses to travel MANY times faster.

Emery: Right.

Corey: And that was good for us when we were communicating with non-terrestrials because they think MUCH quicker. That enhances their ability to have telepathic abilities.

So when they increase your neurological fire rate, they’re also increasing how quickly you can think. And you start having weird things like that, like remote viewing. You see things happen before they occur.

Emery: Right. Absolutely. Yeah, the science behind that is exactly that, speeding up neurotransmitter chemicals.

Behind this pill is actually a voltage thing.

Corey: What is it: the neurons are sodium or potassium pumps that create the resistance for electrical impulses?

Emery: Right. And by speeding up the voltage, too, and getting the voltage actually where it’s supposed to be – because everyone’s voltage is off a little bit – it creates another homeostasis in the neuro system.

And that’s what this does: it manages that and increases . . . You know, usually, people are low voltage, and they increase the voltage at a certain point and it does exactly what you said: it speeds up that signal x10.

Corey: Yes.

Emery: So imagine if you’re thinking 10 times faster than you already are right now without having an elevated heart rate, without shaking, and having 10 conversations with 10 extraterrestrials at one time.

And you’re absolutely correct with this because this is how it is.

When you communicate with an extraterrestrial telepathically, we’re trained to memorize about 100 to 150 questions. Because as soon as you see them and make eye contact, within 0.08 seconds, all your questions are answered, and you’re sitting there smiling or crying because you feel like an idiot human, and they’re just sitting there smiling and laughing back.

Because that 150 questions that I just got answered just brewed about another 1.5 million questions. Ha, ha. And then you have to wait for the next meeting.

So it’s a really dynamic thing telepathically to have communication like this.

And the great thing about it is you don’t have to worry about language barriers and things like that. And it’s all based off more of an emotional response. It comes to you emotionally.

I know that sounds weird.

Corey: Yeah. It can come in emotions, smells, tastes, sounds.

Emery: Right.

Corey: It can come in as your own inner monologue voice. It can come in as little pictures in picture frames.

Emery: Sure.

Corey: A lot of it . . . And it depends on the non-terrestrials. They will communicate in different ways.

Some of them, just like us, are more visual; some of them are more . . . you know.

Emery: Oh, right. No, I completely agree. Yeah.

David: It’s interesting to me to note that as people develop great proficiency on an instrument, like if you, for example, are a jazz improvisation musician, when you really get into the detail of how people play those solos, you have to think faster than most people do because you’re not only executing the notes that you’re playing, but you’re planning out what you’re going to do next.

And correct me if I’m wrong, but a lot of insiders have told me that musicians tend to be much more capable of being brought into these psychic, telepathic type programs.

Corey: Well, just by learning how to read music and how to compose, you’re creating different neurological pathways in the brain which gives you more bandwidth.

So yeah, you’re going to have more neurological, I guess, wiring.

Emery: Right. You create an extra crease in the brain when that happens. And that’s why we always say: when we’re looking in our brain in surgery, if it’s really wrinkly, we’re like, “Man, this guy must be pretty smart”.

David: Really?

Emery: And if it’s really smooth, that’s an insult we do to each other, “Oh, you’re such a smooth brain”, because you’re being stupid.

David: So why would the creases matter? I’m not sure I understand.

Emery: I really don’t know. I don’t even know if there’s data to back that up, but this is just an inside joke we have in compartmentalized projects.

Because especially looking at extraterrestrial brains, it’s just unreal the shapes of them, and some of them have four lobes, and they’re extremely wrinkly. Ha, ha. And it’s just an interesting thing.

So I don’t know if that’s medically a proven thing, but this is just an inside thing that I hear a lot of the docs and scientists talk about. So we adopted this as a joke.

Corey: This is a little off topic, but the brains that you’ve been looking at, do they have hemispheres?

Emery: Yes.

Corey: Okay.

Emery: There’s four hemispheres to one brain stem.

Corey: Okay. All right. I was just wondering because I know how they were studying the electromagnetic fields, the electric body, and how the brain had to have two hemispheres, at least, to be able to process the electromagnetic field in a certain way . . .

Emery: Right.

Corey: . . . and use that as like a hard drive for your memory.

Emery: Yeah. I mean, not all extraterrestrials have – just to go back – four lobes.

What I’m getting at is there’s many different kinds. And some of them also have this amazing harmonic ear type drum thing that is actually located as a disk in between the lobes.

So they are more like maybe a dolphin . . .

Corey: More of an auditory . . .

Emery: . . . or have an auditory-speech or frequency of either very low frequencies or very high frequencies, but not in the middle. And they say this is used for communication.

Corey: Yeah. What I was kind of curious [about] is: out of the brains that you were looking at, are they more similar or dissimilar? Are they pretty similar?

Emery: Well, you know, there are so many species, number one. You’re talking about an unlimited amount of species.

Corey: Right. I was just kind of wondering how they develop on different planets.

Emery: And because of planets and their gravity and the type of body they have, it usually symbolizes if they’ve ever even been on a planet. You can tell by the body.

As far as the brain goes, there’s just too many to go over.

Corey: Yeah.

Emery: It’s just incredible. That’s like asking all the brains of all the species on the planet.

Corey: Right.

Emery: It’s THAT different.

Corey: The insect brains are very different than mammal brains.

Emery: Right. But they all have the five-star look, which is the head, two arms and two legs. And the brain, though, is always different. It could be very large or very small.

We thought we had an extraterrestrial at one point and it wasn’t. It was a PLF [programmed life form] and it didn’t really have a brain. It had some other globular formation in it.

And so it’s really interesting to see how THEY make clones and PLFs, because ETs do this, too.

Corey: Oh, yeah.

Emery: They make all different kinds of things.

Corey: Especially like the Greys are standing operating hardware out there. So many different groups have been seen with these little automatons.

Emery: Yes. Yeah.

David: Well, this kind of gets into another topic we want to cover, which is the biohacking.

Now, Corey’s people in the SSP Alliance were VERY concerned about artificial intelligence and losing our genetic sovereignty to machines.

But I’m curious about what have you done – and maybe we can open this discussion up – what have you seen regarding technology interfacing with biology directly, like as an implant or as augmentation?

Emery: Well, what they have done – this is what I know 100% – is they’re using nanoparticles in the body that work with each other. And they’re infused into the body, or teletransported into the body, and it’s in your system. And you can get rid of it, but it’s in your system.

And that allows them to control you. It allows them to . . .

Corey: It’s very interesting. I was getting an update or an intel briefing, and in the programs, they’ve been trying to capture a certain type of caste of Reptilian for a while.

But if they were able to kill one, they would vaporize, disintegrate.

Emery: Yeah.

Corey: And they were finally able to create some sort of a field that would prevent them from disintegrating when they killed one. And then they did a post-mortem on it and found out that it was infested with nanites . . .

Emery: Yes.

Corey: . . . completely infested with nanites. And that’s when they really began to realize that some of the Reptilian castes worshiped an artificial intelligence god.

Emery: Right. Actually, that being was made by artificial intelligence.

Corey: Hm. I was told that it was a biological being that at a certain point in their development, just as a matter of fact, they’re all infused with this . . .

Emery: And this was Reptilian, correct?

Corey: It was a Reptilian.

Emery: For sure. There are these silos that make these creatures, and they are completely controlled. And they are not . . . They’re different than a lot of Reptilian races, but they are Reptilian.

Corey: Right. Yeah. I’ve seen the genetic Reptilians that we’ve created that are large, green, and just as scary as the real ones.

Emery: Right. Yes.

David: When you say “silo”, I’m thinking of maybe a 100′ tall cylinder of metal. What do you mean by “silo” in this case?

Emery: Oh, the shapes of these craft or permanent stations.

Corey: Like the pods.

Emery: Yes. But we’re talking very large. I mean, some of these can be up to a quarter-mile long. And it goes through . . . It’s in a cylinder because it actually starts here, and then by the time the clone gets out and infused with everything, it’s already grown to its full capacity and it’s ready for work, we’ll say.

And that was created by AI. Now, who created that AI is the question.

Corey: The intelligence goes back that this AI is so incredibly ancient, and it does not come from our reality, that it bled through another reality, and it’s wreaked havoc in many, many galaxies over time immemorial.

Emery: Right. It’s like a virus.

Corey: Yeah.

Emery: Yeah.

David: So you’re familiar with the same problem?

Emery: Yes.

David: Where specifically did you hear about the AI problem, if you can give us any details you are allowed to share?

Emery: Ah, the first time I heard about it was in the projects. They talked about an artificial intelligence that could be a threat.

And they had captured a lot of these ETs with nanites in them. And that’s how we knew, like, NO ONE would do that to their own body because it’s not a benefit to it unless it has to do with control.

And we found out through frequency generating receivers that even deep underground, it’s still receiving some sort of, within time and space, message on a frequency.

Corey: Yeah, it is a quantum entanglement type of communication. We were using that in the programs.

They would have devices that had isotopes that had been entangled, quantum entangled. And no matter where they were in time and space, you had instantaneous communications.

Emery: Right.

Corey: If they had . . . When they were first working on temporal drives, if these people happened to travel out of phase or out of time, they would be able to tell by the slight delay exactly when and where they were located.

Emery: Oh, that makes sense. Yes.

David: The AI problem in your understanding . . . I just want to see if there’s any discrepancies between what you heard and what Corey heard.

So what did you hear about the identity of the consciousness that is using machines?

Emery: We just heard that there was a threat that was AI, it was not from this dimension, and that it is now in this dimension, and it’s on the outskirts of this Solar System.

Like there’s a part of this AI, whether it’s itself or . . . because it could be everywhere.

Corey: It is everywhere.

Emery: You know what I mean? And that’s what they said. They said it could be everywhere.

Corey: It’s not local to time and space.

Emery: Right. But it had a 3D something here, craft or something on the outside of the Solar System, that they were monitoring for quite some time.

David: It had a craft?

Emery: Yeah, it was either a craft or a station of some sort on the outside of this [Solar] System.

David: Okay.

Emery: We already had satellites out there long before . . . right after Voyager and before Voyager.

Corey: Oh, yeah, we were traveling then.

Emery: So we were traveling how far along ago? Can you say a date?

Corey: Oh, back in the mid-’80s, we were already traveling to other star systems.

Emery: Right. Okay.

Corey: So we were traveling out to the Oort cloud routinely.

Emery: Exactly. So that’s how they picked up on us. And then what they found out, that frequency that emanates from that AI, from all of the ETs that they captured . . .

Corey: The AI signal.

Emery: Right. It’s the signal. That’s what they try to send back to kill it.

But anyway, what happened is all of these beings also had the same signal.

Corey: Uh huh.

Emery: So then they knew, “Oh, these are real organic beings, but they are controlled by something else – by this, as you call it, this AI.

Corey: And they can’t block the field because, like I said, it’s a quantum . . .

Emery: Right. It’s from within time and space.

Corey: Right.

Emery: So that frequency can open up, send a frequency, and it opens up wherever they want. It’s like a scalar wave; it could be anywhere.

David: All right. Now, one of the weirdest things that I ever heard that had a lot of people freaked out, . . . and I met this guy named Jacob. He was talking about an AI system that he said was underground in the Earth that was built by the bad guys and that monitors everyone’s thoughts, and that if you start to think in a direction that would lead to Disclosure, that would lead to a better planet, that it will start to make you tired, to feel anxious, to do just about anything you could to not want to read that information or watch that information anymore.

Corey: Well, that’s a part of a wider network. The Draco many, many thousands of years ago set up a network that utilizes not only the ley lines to . . . Because, you know, they had this technology in orbit, and it used line of sight. It communicated with the other satellites around, and also it communicated by broadcasting through this grid system.

And it is a mind control system and a monitoring system of the consciousness.

And I know that it’s incorporated some of our natural rocks and minerals to kind of store information like we would in a crystal.

David: Have you heard anything like that about the idea that AI could be nudging us in some way with our consciousness?

Emery: Well, I haven’t heard of that place you speak about inside the Earth. But I have heard about the mind control devices that we have on Mars and the Moon and here that send these waves down here.

And also, of course, HAARP: everyone knows about these other scalar weapons here that can send stuff.

But I didn’t know anything about receiving information from these things and being controlled by this one underground.

But those are the only ones I know about.

David: So I want to end this on a more positive note. And I think it’s really important in case people haven’t been watching all the other shows that we cover this aspect.

I have been looking at in “Wisdom Teachings” prophecies of a solar event, a Solar Flash, across like 35 different ancient cultures saying that it leads to a golden age.

And Corey, if you could bring that up for a moment about what is the Flash and how might it relate to this problem based on your information?

Corey: Sure. The way it’s been described to me, and there have been conversations recently about it, our local star cluster is traveling through a part of the galaxy that has a high energy cloud, okay?

And because of the Cosmic Web, all of the stars are connected through a thin electromagnetic tube.

And when one of these stars pushes into this heavy cloud, there is an electric feedback through all of the rest. And all of that begins to build up, and it begins to pulse through our star out to us.

David: And specifically, Corey, what did it say about that with the AI problem?

Corey: Basically, they have stated that that is when they plan on bringing a lot of these hidden technologies forward. They expect that . . . And more recently, I was told at the end of this Solar Minimum, which is like 10 or 11 years away, is when they expect this series of solar flashes.

And when this series of solar flashes occur, it is going to be basically like an EMP that’s going to destroy all the technology that the AI uses as kind of like a fish in water.

It’s going to remove all of that technology. It’s going to clean all the bioelectrical fields of the planet and the other planets because this AI signal can reside in the electrical field of a planet for thousands, millions of years until technology comes by for it to piggyback on.

So basically, this AI signal and all of the technology that the AI is utilizing is going to be wiped out.

And at that point, they’re going to bring forth all of these technologies that we’ve been able to see in the background.

Emery: Oh, beautiful.

David: Did you hear when you were in there if there was any . . . At that time, were they aware of any effective countermeasures against AI?

Emery: Yes. They were definitely weaponizing space. They were sending out more probes to that area.

And that’s just US government, not the underground projects.

Corey: Right.

Emery: They have their own agenda with it. They’d rather capture, study, bring it here, which is not good.

Corey: Well, sadly, a lot of them worship it. They’re AI prophets now.

Emery: Wow!

Corey: They’re into trans-humanism.

Emery: Right.

Corey: They see that as the Ascension, or technology ascension.

Emery: Okay. I know those people. Yeah.

Corey: But those people are going to be very disappointed, because when this Solar Flash occurs, it’s going to wipe out all of that technology, and we’re going to have an opportunity to bring in new technologies and be free of the AI signal and all of the ETs that have been controlling us.

Emery: Wow!

David: Let me make a statement about this that both you guys . . . I’d like to hear your thoughts on.

And that would be: if we go with some of the things Corey said, there’s the possibility that this AI may be almost as old as the universe.

And I’ve wondered perhaps if these solar flashes were an adaptive response of a living universe to be able to continuously cleanse this infection and keep renewing life and stop this thing from spreading.

Corey: I was told that what’s occurring with the Solar Flashes is just natural celestial mechanics.

David: Right. But there might be some intelligent design behind it . . .

Corey: Oh, yeah. Definitely.

David: . . . to defend against this ancient threat.

Corey: Right. Well, after the Solar Flash, it changes the energy of a system to where a lot of these negative beings . . . it’s not palatable for them. They can’t be in these systems.

So there could be some sort of this consciously being done, but it could also just be a part of the homeostasis of the universe.

Emery: Sure.

David: Did you ever hear anything about a solar event or the idea that we may go through some sort of rapid evolution just on a natural basis?

Emery: Yeah, not through a solar event. But I have heard of rapid ascension-type stories, but nothing to really report that I feel comfortable that is rock hard solid.

So this is kind of new for me what you’re saying, and what you’re saying about homeostasis. I mean, it all makes . . . Just by hearing this, I would speculate that there IS some sort of homeostasis on . . . because the universe IS alive, and we ARE still here. And we’re going to be here for a long time.

And we do have good ETs out there that are working against all this, and we also have the universe.

And don’t forget we ARE the universe.

David: Yeah. Well, this has been really fascinating. I want to thank both of you for being here. And I want to thank you for watching.

This is “Cosmic Disclosure” with Corey Goode, Emery Smith, and your host, David Wilcock.

* * * * * * * *
Cosmic Artists:

Arthur Herring
Daniel Gish
Vashta Nerada
Rene Armenta
Charles Pemberton
Steve Cefalo
Stellan Tonring


Huge Historical Blackout: The Astrological Mound Builders of Ancient North America

It’s truly mind-altering to contemplate history, I usually start with the fact that most of our recorded history remains in secrecy. The US Government alone, according to some historians, classifies approximately 500 million pages of documents every single year.

How can a researcher, historian, or anybody who is interested in diving into the archives of US history, for example, expect to find anything of any real substance that actually pertains to the truth?  History is written by the victors, and most major historical events are full of information and facts that don’t really show up in our secondary and post-secondary ‘educational’ textbooks. These days, no matter how much evidence and fact support a topic, if that topic and information simply defies beliefs, or offends current upheld belief systems (many of which are based on lies), then it is rejected.

We see this in all disciplines today, a great example would be the connection between consciousness and our physical material world, as demonstrated numerous times repeatedly by quantum physics. Despite the fact that we are told these rules only apply at the quantum level, there are several examples which show that, no, they can be applied at the classical level as well.  Cases of mind influencing matter have been reported throughout history and across many cultures, more specifically in regard to ‘supernormal’ abilities which include telepathy, psychokinesis, and other phenomena that lie within the realms of parapsychology. This is evident in ancient literature, from the Vedic texts and the yoga sutras to Jesus, Moses, Milarepa,  Mohammed and more. It’s also evident via declassified CIA documents, some of which you can access here.

What is going on here? Just as there is a scientific blackout in many cases, we also have historical blackouts and a modern-day blackout of information and discoveries that are made by the black budget world. A 1997 US Senate report described them as “so sensitive that they are exempt from standard reporting requirements to the Congress.”

Yet we still reject these blackouts and historical facts are no different. What about the Giants of North America? Have discoveries been ‘covered-up’ simply because they don’t fit the framework of accepted knowledge? It sure seems that way, especially because you won’t see any mention of giants in our textbooks. Perhaps that’s because they don’t fit in with the supposed theory of evolution? Is this information just too paradigm shifting? Where what we once thought we knew, is not true anymore? Kind of like another, ‘the Earth is not flat’ type of moment…

Giants are found within the lore of multiple cultures, from the indigenous to the ancient past, but bones have also been discovered on numerous occasions.

“It calls up the indefinite past. When Columbus first sought this continent—when Christ suffered on the cross—when Moses led Israel through the Red-Sea—nay, even, when Adam first came from the hand of his Maker—then as now, Niagara was roaring here. The eyes of that species of extinct giants, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do now.” – Lincoln

A discovery was made in 1883 when the Smithsonian (the United States government/military-led organization) dispatched a team of archaeologists to the South Charleston Mound. The report indicates that the team uncovered numerous giant skeletons ranging from 7 to 9 feet tall. They were decorated with heavy copper bracelets and other religious/cultural items. The report also mentioned that some of them had a skull that was of  “the compressed or flat-head type.” This would resemble similar skeletal characteristics to those found in South America and Egypt. (source)

Going back further still, in 1774 settlers found what they called “The Giant Town,” which housed several gigantic skeletons, one being an eight-foot-tall male. (source)

You can read more about that in the articles we’ve written previously about the subject, and see some examples. From New York Times articles and more, the evidence of giants is great.

The Hidden Origins Of Human History: These Giant Skeletons Challenge Human History

Why Are We Not Talking About The Reality of Giant Humanoid Skeletons? Here Are A Few Examples

Giant “Skeletons of Enormous Sie” Discovered In New Mexico.” – New York Times Article From 1902

The Ceremonial Astrological Mound Builders of Ancient North America

Another interesting topic I recently came across, was, just like Pyramids, and many other ‘wonders’ of the world built with remarkable mathematical precision and synchronicities, are the ancient structures in North America that’s been completely ignored by mainstream history.

Jim Vieira is a stonemason, writer, and star of History Channel’s Search for the Lost Giants had his TED talk banned. The banned TED talks are always the most fascinating, my favorite from Russel Targ, who was a physicist contracted by the CIA to create the STARGATE project, a program investigating parapsychological phenomena, where he shared everything he knows about ESP. It was banned simply because it was too controversial, similar to Vieira’s talk as well.

In one of Jim’s talks, he describes a structure, one of many which have apparently been found all over America, that goes to show just how interesting and mysterious, and advanced these beings are. It’s one of many pieces of the puzzle showing that extremely advanced, highly intelligent ancient civilizations once roamed the Earth, and many of them have been completely blacked out from history. Perhaps the ‘history makers’ wrote their own version and decided to cut out information that wouldn’t fit in with their plan to control the narrative of what is and what was.

In it, he describes “ceremonial” stone-works that have been found in New-England, these structures have been carbon dated, according to the talk, to thousands of years old, every single one of them, “but there’s a historical blackout,” according to Vieira, especially in New England.

He goes on to show a picture of the Goshen Stone chamber, one of the hundreds in New England. What’s remarkable about these structures is that the majority of them are oriented to the equinox sunrise or winter solstice sunrise.

Below is a picture he took on March 12th from the chamber:

He then goes on to say, “we are told that these are colonial root sellers.”  This one has a 10-tonne sailing, and as a stone mason, he explains how the structure itself is quite a feet, which is why he has a suspicion that they might have been built by the giants which exist in ancient lore.

Another interesting shot from the talk, this particular structure (Goshen Stone) has a stone line shaft created in the chamber which allows the Equinox sunset to come through twice a year, only on those days.

Again, he also cites lab work done which sites carbon date reading of thousands of years old. So that would completely shatter the current mainstream accepted explanation, that these are simply colonial root sellers… How crazy is that?

You can check out the full TED talk below:

The Ancients Obsession With Astrology

The evidence for intelligent ancient civilizations that have been left out of the historical record is grand, but even the ones that have not been left out show a tremendous knowledge of astrology, planets, and facts about the cosmos that we didn’t discover ourselves till only a few decades ago, like the existence of Pluto, for example.

From the indigenous all the way to ancient Sumeria, astrology has obviously played a huge key role among these societies and was extremely relevant, yet today, this topic and its importance are brushed off as pseudoscience. I personally have no doubt the movement of the cosmos and the way it affects human consciousness is something real, yet perhaps not well understood, but it’s making a comeback.

There is a lot of validity behind such concepts and beliefs, but they are brushed off today simply because we’ve been trained to believe that this type of thing is bogus, when really, it’s far from it and once understood it could be of tremendous use to humanity, especially for goodwill.

Survival medicine: Are you familiar with the medicinal uses of honey?

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