Kp Message 9-6-18… “Clarifications about ‘This and That’”

There are occasionally times when I feel I am in a “clarify this and that” mode, and I sense this is one of those times. Most who read this will already know where my BEingness is “at”.

Political this and thats: which includes anything going on in the Washington DC USA Corpoation place, whether it’s the Congress types, the Executive Branch types, and/or the Judicial types. I basically let all the rest of the planet deal with and/or play with and/or go back and forth about those. So and so says this, So and so says that, So and so protests this, So and so protests that. In the end, those are all surface 3D type things which I absolutely do not bring into my arena. All is playing out as it needs to play out.

What other people think and/or believe: absolutely none of my business. Nor do I feel any “urge” to try to convince anyone that so and so is “right”, so and so is “not quite as right”. Every being I view as going through their own particular “working out of things”, whether it’s karmic, inner growth, group joinings, etc. I’m leaving it all alone.

Trump: The current US corporation president office holder is one of the most important keys to the closing off of the “dark cabal”, aka “deep state”, and this one is uniquely qualified to play the role required for humanity’s awakening. #GreatAwakening is very key, particularly, at this time, in the US… many many many are waking up as a result of the Trump effect (major societal “pot stirring”), the calling out of the mockingbird MSM, and the #Q #QAnon which has now become a key part of that. Also, the alternate “side” has been “waked up”, and many are called to balance some the TAOs (Trump Administration Oversteppings) where and when they might occur. And many previously considered “nice people” are exposing themselves as self-interested-only types.

To me it was never about just “Trump”, it was about “The Alliance and Trump”, which is working for the clearing of the dark and the healing and the Ascension of the planet.

I am pro-planet. Anyone who I perceive is part of that has a “+” in my book. And my perception is indeed that “The Alliance and Trump” (and a bunch of other earth and galactic BEings) are working for the planet.

Barack Obama: a valuable “predecessor key” to what is occurring now. Without his (and his administration’s) actions, many would not be willing to “wake up” to the old paradigms and take the steps necessary to expose and clear those out. My own perception is that he was quickly compromised just after entering office and became more of a “puppet” of the deep state, but there were many seeds he planted for the awakening of humanity which are now sprouting.

#Q #QAnon: this is some type of major education program to help many many people awaken to what has been going on, the “dark agendas”, the systemic political corruptions in the US and the world, etc., etc. Perhaps not for everyone to follow, but I love the messages and the points of education it provides.

So that is all for now about all that. Maybe it resonates for some, maybe it doesn’t. In any event, my primary “directive” is:

Keep following the Higher Inner Guide and DO and/or BE and/or GO wherever the h— I am called!!

Aloha, Kp

The Jewish War on White Australia: Colin Tatz and the Genocide Charge — Part 1 of 4

By Brenton Sanderson | 6 September 2018

OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER — January 26 is Australia Day, a national public holiday marking the date the first permanent British settlers (mostly convicts) arrived in Sydney in 1788. These thousand or so souls — transported to the other side of the world and told to fend for themselves — laid the foundations for one of the most successful nations in history. Traditionally a day to celebrate this remarkable achievement, Australia Day has, in recent years, been attacked by left-wing activists who, emboldened by the escalating anti-White rhetoric of the intellectual establishment, have rebranded it “Invasion Day.” Every year sees shrill demands for Australia Day to be moved to another date, recast as a day of mourning, or abolished altogether. Despite the growing agitation against Australia Day, two-thirds of Australians favor retaining the date as a national public holiday.

Speaking to an “Invasion Day” protest rally in Melbourne this year, Aboriginal activist Tarneen Onus-Williams, screamed: “Fuck Australia,” expressing her hope “it burns to the ground.” A statement produced by her organization, the so-called Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR), drew freely on the Cultural Marxist lexicon, insisting they “would not rest until this entire rotten settler colony called Australia, illegally and violently imposed on stolen Aboriginal land at the expense of the blood of countless thousands, burns to the fucking ground, until every corrupt and illegal institution of white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist settler colonial power forced upon us is no more… Fuck your flag, your anthem and your precious national day. … Abolish Australia, not just Australia Day.” Aboriginal activist Tony Birch insisted Australia “does not deserve a national celebration in any capacity,” while Onus-Williams later claimed “people who celebrate Australia Day are celebrating the genocide of Aboriginal people, waving Australian flags in our faces. It’s disgusting.” Aboriginal activist Dan Sultan likewise maintained that Australia Day marks the “day that started the ongoing genocide of our people.” A local councilor for the city of Moreland (in Melbourne) claimed that commemorating Australia Day is “like celebrating the Nazi Holocaust.”

Tarneen Onus-Williams at an “Invasion Day” protest rally on January 26. PHOTO: Occidental Observer

The origins of the “genocide” charge embedded in these comments can be traced (inevitably) to a coterie of Jewish academics and intellectuals including, most prominently, Latrobe University historian Tony Barta and Sydney University genocide studies professor and “anti-racism” crusader Colin Tatz. In collaboration with Winton HigginsAnna Haebich, and A. Dirk Moses, these Jewish intellectual activists have succeeded in ensuring that “genocide is now in the vocabulary of Australian politics.” The word “genocide” was first used regarding Australia’s Aborigines by Barta at an academic conference in 1984 in a presentation entitled “After the Holocaust: Consciousness of Genocide in Australia” where he proclaimed that “genocide had indeed occurred here.”[1] For Barta, a laudable focus on “the Holocaust” had “inhibited consciousness of the violent past that had enabled us to meet on ground named after the colonial secretary, Lord Sydney. The question was equally suppressed where I had settled with my family, the city named after Lord Melbourne.”[2] […]

Researchers say this novel herbal powder suspension could treat depression naturally

(Natural News) A novel herbal compound made from jujube and lilies could be used to naturally treat depression, according to researchers from Anhui Medical University. The study, published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, looked at a novel treatment called ziziphi spinosae lily powder suspension, which is made from dried jujube seeds (Semen Ziziphi spinosae) and…

Molecular hydrogen dramatically reduces oxidative stress in your body

(Natural News) Could one of the most prevalent molecules on our planet prove to be one of the most powerful healers of our time? While researchers investigate rare botanicals tucked away in remote corners of the planet and scientists try to engineer increasingly sophisticated treatments, the answer to many health problems might have been right…

EU Enters ‘Final Stage’ of Crafting Bill Forcing Big Tech Censorship

By Joseph Jankowski | 5 September 2018

PLANET FREE WILL — The European Union is in the final stages of crafting legislation that will force big tech and internet companies to censor “extremist” content and cooperate with law enforcement, Reuters reports.

The bill is expected to be released by the end of the month and will absolutely require companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter to swiftly remove any content considered terroristic from their platforms.

In March, the European Commission told such companies that they had three months to show they were removing “extremist” content more rapidly or face legislation forcing them to do so. […]

Graphic Shows How Facebook Banned Most of the Conservative Content

It’s no secret that the Silicon Valley tech giants discriminate against conservatives and conservative content.

Last week President Trump warned Google about it’s biased practices against conservatives and conservative content in their search feature.

Twitter has also been accused of shadow-banning Republican politicians and conservative voices.

And Facebook is probably the worst violator. Facebook has been shutting down traffic to conservative websites since the 2016 election.

In March 2017 Columbia Journalism Review published a study of the 2016 election that found conservatives had abandoned the liberal mainstream media in 2016 and went online and to social media to get their news.

Harvard University published a similar study months later.

This slide shows the online influence map on Facebook before the 2016 election.

(Columbia Journalism Review)

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They’re taking over sports, too? New AI robot can shoot better than professional basketball players

(Natural News) Toyota employees loved a basketball manga character so much, they built a basketball-shooting robot from scratch. While it can’t move, it hits nothing but net from the free throw line, reported a NewsWeek article. Japanese newspaper Asahi Shumbun identified the humanoid robot as CUE. Its artificial intelligence allowed it to pick up and polish certain basic basketball…