Cobra – Situation Update – 13th October 2018

Increased activity in the Galactic Center continues. Galactic Light Forces have removed last remnants of the quantum signature of a huge quantum fluctuation Dyson sphere, 4 light years in diameter, that was encircling our Solar System and was hindering the Ascension process of our Solar System.

Graphic of a dyson sphere

This quantum Dyson sphere was a very advanced quantum hyperdimensional portal that was created by the Chimera group in 1996 and is now completely gone forever.

As a result of this, our Sun has joined the Galactic network of Light as the last star to be joined in that network, and is now a fully functional Light portal.

Now all primary anomaly worth mentioning is concentrated inside primary anomaly well, less than one planetary diameter distant from the surface of planet Earth.

Galactic Forces fleet is present inside our Solar System, cloaked, but those sensitive to energies can definitely feel it.

Emblem of Ashtar Command

To avoid revealing the presence of those motherships to the surface population, NASA has arranged “blind eyes in the sky”:

All remaining plasma toplet bombs are now located within 30 meters from the planetary surface.

Plasma toplet bombs are connected to a network of plasma implants through plasma filaments called the Tunnels of Set.

Plasma implants are black holes, rotating in a strong electromagnetic field. That electromagnetic field serves the purpose of erasing our memories and disconnecting us from our Soul. The physical biochip (produced by Siemens) located next to the implant of every incarnated human sends a constant audio-video feed to the main Chimera control center, located on the surface of the planet:

Plasma implants and physical biochips are the seals that are covering up all layers of programming that the surface population has received:

During 1996-2001 timeframe, the vast majority of Lightworkers and Lightwarriors have been subjected to trauma-based mind programming in underground military bases. For many, memories of that programming will begin to surface as implants begin to lose their power.

Many of those Lightworkers and Lightwarriors have been mind programmed against Galactic Confederation Light Forces, and many have been programmed against me and some other key people involved in the planetary liberation process.

Light Forces are working full speed at resolving the deadlock that still holds the surface of the planet hostage to the dark forces.

The main remaining problem are still the plasma toplet bombs, and finally the mass media are slowly becoming aware of the danger of strangelets and toplets:

This is the main reason why the Light forces are still not intervening on the surface of the planet.

This is why the Resistance Movement can not rescue some exhausted Lightwarriors underground, this is why they can not bring you gold or cash, or call you on Skype.

Also, if a Resistance agent would contact a surface individual directly, the dark forces would kill that individual immediately.

Dark forces are using the same strategy for isolating me in order to prevent me from doing my mission. Certain key people who wanted to contact me, have received death threats if they would initiate contact.

Nevertheless, it is time to expand my team. This blog was not intended as a last hope resort for the most desperate, but a place where the most empowered people could turn the tide in the favor of planetary liberation.

For this reason, I am calling for new people to join my team. For joining the team, I am only interested in people who are mentally, emotionally, physically and financially stable, and who KNOW what is their mission. I am especially calling for representatives of positive Dragon, White Nobility, Secret Space Program, Mystery School, Intelligence or other similar positive groups that are working towards planetary liberation. I am also calling for people who can spread intel into the mass media, people who can finance large projects (1M and more) and women who are capable of anchoring Goddess energy in a pure and powerful way.

Ancient flower of life dipicted in pathment

New people who wish to contact me need to open their own encrypted email address at and then contact me from their tutanota email at , stating who they are and how they can contribute to the projects.

People who are already involved in projects for the planetary liberation need to refrain from communication on Facebook because that platform have been heavily infiltrated. They need to use end-to-end encrypted email services such as Tutanota (excellent) or Protonmail (good) or encrypted phone apps such as Signal (excellent) or Whatsapp (good).

People also need to understand that Lightworker and Lightwarrior community has been heavily infiltrated and many people who have a Ligthwarrior or Lightworker front have a secret life at night as Cabal agents:

Many of those people are in the Cabal networks against their will, and would escape if they only could.

You can use the power of meditation and visualization to visualize all Lightwarriors and Lightworkers being purified with a Violet Flame, being surrounded by love of the pink Liquid Light of EELA (Sirian angel of Love) and being liberated from all programming, control or suppression with a White Fire of AN.

This nightmare will be over, soon. Justice is coming:

Victory of the Light!


The Government is Blacklisting People Based on Predictions of Future Crimes

By Hina Shamsi | 8 October 2018

ACLU — Imagine: You’ve never been charged with any crime, yet the government blacklists you as a terrorism threat and bans you from flying indefinitely. You’re separated from family members, can’t get to weddings or funerals or religious obligations, and lose jobs because you can’t travel or your employer finds out you’re blacklisted.

You know what the government has done violates your constitutionally protected ability to travel and to be free from false stigma. You have rights — the Constitution guarantees due process. So you ask the government for its reasons and evidence, as well as a live hearing to establish your credibility and innocence. In response, the government says it put you on the No Fly List because it predicts that you might commit a violent terrorism act in the future, but it won’t tell you all the reasons why or give you any evidence or the hearing you seek.

This is the Kafkaesque nightmare in which our clients on the No Fly List have been trapped for eight years. And it’s the unfair system we’re challenging on their behalf in an argument Tuesday before a federal appeals court in Portland, Oregon.

Throughout this long-running case, our clients have sought a fair process in order to clear their names and regain rights most Americans take for granted. […]

5 Garden Herbs for Flu Season

By Jason Stuck

Boost Immunity and Beat the Flu with these Powerful Medicines Found in Your Kitchen, Window-Shelf Pot, or Year Round Growing Dome® Garden.

You can use these 5 garden herbs for flu season to boost immunity and alleviate aching, nagging, cold and flu symptoms.

I honestly don’t want to talk about the flu. It hit hard this year. It drags on, gets passed around, kind of clears up…. Comes back again, drags on, gets passed around.

To make matters worse, when you or your children are in the thick of it, short-term memory loss seems to kick in. It’s easy to forget what to do for yourself and your loved ones. We forget about convenient medicines found in everyday herbs.

You know how to boost your immune system. You’ve heard about it, and done it, before.  So, what I’m about to share with you may not surprise you…

However, this reminder might be the thing to get you back on track for effective and easy self-care.

These 5 garden herbs might become your new best friends if you want to supercharge your immune system and beat the aches and pains of this flu season.

Sage (Salvia officinalis) The “Thinker’s Tea”

First of the Garden Herbs for Flu

Drink sage tea this flu season… and the next one… and in between.

Here comes some Sage advice… Drink sage tea.

Called the “Thinker’s Tea,” Sage has been shown to enhance memory… That’s why it’s first on the list. Drink sage tea… and remember there are power medicines in your garden.

Also, Sage tea is effective for relieving your sore throat, and alleviates painful cramping in the gut.

It’s pungent, bitter, and astringent. Sage is also anti-bacterial, and a natural antiseptic that is high in vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin A.

Drink sage tea… Your sore throat will thank you as it tightens and tones the irritated and swollen tissue.

Make Sage Tea: Pour 1 cup of hot water over 1 teaspoon of dried sage or 2 teaspoons of fresh leaves. Steep for 10 minutes and strain.

After my bad sage pun above, I’ll refrain from telling you which herb it’s time for next…

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

Number 2 of the Garden Herbs for Flu

Garden herbs for flu.

Thyme for help with digestion, immune support, and pain relief.

Here’s another tea to ease your sore throat, especially when it comes with a thick white coating on the tongue, congested mucus in the lungs, and spasmodic coughing.

Also, Thyme tea promotes pain relief from headaches, cramps, and body aches that are common territory of the flu.

Moreover, it’s anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and aides respiratory ailments… Oh, and it’s a mood enhancer that fights depression. Yes, please, I’ll have some.

Make Thyme Tea: Pour 1 cup of hot water over 1 teaspoon of dried Thyme or 2 teaspoons of fresh leaves. Steep for 10 minutes and strain.

Sage and Thyme are strong. They are bold and pungent. Let’s freshen things up a bit… with a longtime favorite…

Peppermint (Mentha x piperita)

Number 3 – Peppermint for Tea

Herbs for flu.

Not just a “nice” tea, peppermint is packed with strong medicine.

Peppermint is an herbal tea favorite… and for good reason. It tastes good. It’s refreshing, cooling, and soothing. Thankfully, it also helps an upset stomach, colds, flu, fever, headaches, and sinus congestion.

Peppermint opens pores in the body and gives an escape route for excess heat when you have a fever.

Make Peppermint Tea: Pour 1 cup of hot water over 1 teaspoon of dried Peppermint or 2 teaspoons of fresh leaves. Steep for 10 minutes and strain.

Also, Peppermint is an excellent choice for an herbal steam to break up congestion.

Make Peppermint Steam: Pour just-boiled water over a handful of leaves in a medium sized bowl. Put a towel over your head and place your face just above the bowl. Catch and breathe in the rising steam. Make the temperature as warm as you can without burning yourself.

Garlic (Allium sativum)

Not really a Garden Herb for Flu… More like a Root for Flu… Or Bulb for Flu… Is it a Stem for Flu?

Who knew number 4 would be so confusing, but regardless… Garlic for Flu.

Garden herbs for flu.

Needs Garlic.

With antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal benefits, garlic has been used for health and healing for thousands of years.

It is by far one of the most powerful immune boosting herbs. If you want to fight off sickness… if you are already sick and want to get back to health…

You need garlic.

Eat garlic. Eat it cooked. Eat it fresh and raw. Eat it any way to get it down.

You will stink. Your scent will give you away if you are playing hide and seek, and you might want to refrain from whispering sweet nothings to the one you want to woo for a while.

However, it’s medicinal qualities are legendary and effective, bar none. The “Stinking Rose,” as it has been called, should be one of your mainstay herbs for flu season.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Garden Herbs for Flu… Number 5

Garden herbs for flu.

Rosemary tea for cold and shivery fever.

Another of the common herbs for flu, Rosemary, can help with a fever during the beginning stages when you’re cold and shivering.

It’s another one for the memory banks too. Similar to the Sage advice from above, Rosemary boosts memory, and contains many beneficial properties…

  • anti-inflammatory
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin A
  • renowned for fighting infection
  • anti-fungal
  • antibacterial
  • antiseptic

Make Rosemary Tea: Pour 1 cup of hot water over 1 teaspoon of dried Rosemary or 2 teaspoons of fresh leaves. Steep for 10 minutes and strain.

Also, Rosemary is another great herb for a congestion breaking herbal steam.

Make Rosemary Steam: Pour just-boiled water over a handful of leaves in a medium sized bowl. Put a towel over your head and place your face just above the bowl. Catch and breathe in the rising steam. Make the temperature as warm as you can without burning yourself.

Rosemary smells amazing… and the steam delivers relief to nasal and chest congestion.

Now, time for a Bonus…

Parsley (Petroselinum crispum)

Bonus of the Garden Herbs for Flu, Not just a throwaway fancy garnish.

Herbs for Flu

Your Bonus Herb… Parsley

Parsley is not necessarily on the list to fight cold and flu symptoms. However, it builds health in many ways, and as you’ll see…

It’s an important herb to have on hand if you are brave enough to build your immunity with number 4, The Stinking Rose.

If you are eating fresh, raw garlic to boost your immune system, you’ll want to gather some parsley. But, first…

Parsley can be used medicinally as a diuretic and is overall beneficial to the urinary system.

It relieves stagnant digestion, bloating, constipation, and gas… while also stimulating a healthy appetite. It’s an excellent source of folate and vitamin K1, giving possible benefits to heart health. Parsley is high in antioxidants and helps reduce systemic inflammations in the body.

Eat fresh parsley… it’s good for you. But, eat more than the little sprig on the side of your fancy sandwich plate. I mean eat large amounts, a big handful.

Now, for it’s magical quality. The reason to pair Parsley with Garlic, the real reason it’s the bonus herb on our list of garden herbs for flu season…

It freshens your breath.

As you munch cloves of garlic this flu season, chase it down with a handful Parsley. Everyone will thank you… or, at least they won’t completely avoid you.

The Flu is Chasing You

However, with these 5 Garden Herbs for Flu Season… You are NOT Helpless

Herbs for Flu

Befriend the Stinking Rose. Eat it Fresh. Eat it Raw. Chase it with Parsley.

You can use these 5 garden herbs for the flu season to alleviate the pain and discomforts of being sick. It’s almost inevitable that you, or someone you love, will come down with the flu.

It’s out there… chasing you down right now. You don’t know from which direction, person, or sneeze it is coming… but you know it’s there.

Wash your hands, wipe down the buggy handles at the grocery store, be wary of the shared phones at work… maybe all of those are worthwhile, and good advice.

However, it’s also important to cultivate your own healthy immune system.

We cannot control what other sick people do. They cannot be forced into total quarantine so we have the luxury of staying healthy. We have no agency over our exposure…

But we do hold the power to cultivate the natural defense shield of our own immune systems.

We just have to do it. And the aides are waiting… in the soil, on the windowsill planter, or sometimes already in your kitchen.

So, right now, go make tea. Not over-sweet chai, or London Fog full of caffeine and sugar… make a powerful immune boosting tea… and drink it to wash down the crunchy clove of garlic you ate.

Have your parsley handy.


Bishop to Set up Exorcism Ministry as he Warns of the Evils of Reiki

By Conor Kane | 10 October 2018

INDEPENDENT — A Catholic bishop has said he is establishing a “delivery ministry” of people who will attempt to rid others of the devil and warned that using reiki or other new-age healing methods could open one up to the possibility of encountering malevolent spirits.

Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan said he had received “several requests” from people to help deal with evil forces and that one priest in his diocese of Waterford and Lismore is about to start training in the practice of exorcism.

He said he was told by the brother of a reiki master that the man was “working on somebody one day when he actually says he saw a vision of Satan” and was “scared out of his wits, dropped the reiki and went back to the Church”. […]

As Catholic Church Ignores its Pedophilia Scandals, Bishop Warns You that Reiki Energy Healing is Satanic

Have you ever known one of those people whose life is in total disarray, but instead of focusing on cleaning up their own act, all they do is tell other people how to live? If there were an international organization for people like this, it would be the Catholic church.

Mired in disgusting scandal after scandal, the Catholic church is known to be an organization that commits and covers-up pedophilia and the sexual abuse and rape of children. There are literally many thousands of child victims across the globe, and these scandals are so common place now, that people have outrage fatigue.

Now, the Pope is under fire for not accepting responsibility for the evil being perpetrated by Catholic leadership worldwide. The Pope blames all the sex abuse on the devil, and he refuses to do anything about it, or even publicly acknowledge the victims.

Read Entire Article »

And We Know VIDEO 10-13-18… “SerialBrain2: ‘The Maestro – Come Fly with Me Rosenstein’”

I love the many anons and video makers who put these together for us to learn and enjoy. This short one (11 minutes) covers the “Rosenstein flying with Trump” deal. I’m not 100% sure right now how some of the letter to number assignments are made, but the hidden messages are clear.

I’ve included the SerialBrain2 article with this post.

“…Trump delayed his meeting with Rosenstein, how it was connected to Kavanaugh, and now that he is confirmed, why the meeting can take place, what Trump is really doing with Gladiator Rosenstein and how he would get rid of him elegantly should he wanted to.

“The Maestro says: Since the moment Brett Kavanaugh was […], and you remember this, we made an announcement and since right from the moment we announced, radical Democrats launched a disgraceful campaign to resist, obstruct, delay, demolish, and destroy, right from the beginning… he purposely failed to articulate after “Brett Kavanaugh was”… this is where the coded message is… Resist, Obstruct, Delay, Demolish and Destroy. Take the initials and you have ROD DD. Coincidence? You already know what ROD stands for, but then how about DD? [DD translates to “AF1”]

“Rosenstein is a gladiator in bad shape. As I explained, the right arm and the left leg are already gone. Now, with this 25th Amendment thing, he has some serious explanation to do. Trump inviting him on Air Force One to listen to his explanations means Trump has already decided they would fly.”


Published on Oct 13, 2018
SerialBrain2 takes us on another brilliant flight with this COOL information…topped off with Frank Sinatra and Peruvian Coffee. Now let’s talk about the Maestro inviting Rosenstein on Air Force One.


The Maestro: come fly with me Rosenstein!

I am still receiving messages of people asking for my permission to use my writings on Q. I have stated in a previous post that I consider all my Q related writings to be the property of the Q Movement. They are free and members of our community are welcomed to make videos out of them, comment them and distribute them on all platforms to spread the truth. I know there are already several Qtubers who made the best out of that offer and who use their skills and creativity, each with his or her own style, to create amazing productions. This is good. As long as the Fake News is still doing its damage, there will never be enough Q related content out there.

Now let’s talk about the Maestro inviting Rosenstein on Air Force One. If you read this post: Saving Private Kavanaugh and the 3 Coliseum Gladiators., you already know why Trump delayed his meeting with Rosenstein, how it was connected to Kavanaugh, and now that he is confirmed, why the meeting can take place, what Trump is really doing with Gladiator Rosenstein and how he would get rid of him elegantly should he wanted to.

For the decoders who pay attention, did you catch where Trump announced he would meet Rosenstein on Air Force One? Peruvian coffee for those who caught it 2 days before at the Topeka rally! It’s right here, in these 30 seconds: video The Maestro says: Since the moment Brett Kavanaugh was […], and you remember this, we made an announcement and since right from the moment we announced, radical Democrats launched a disgraceful campaign to resist, obstruct, delay, demolish, and destroy, right from the beginning. Did you hear how he purposely failed to articulate after “Brett Kavanaugh was”? He created what I now call a word-chord just like he did with “anonymous”. He is signaling this is where the coded message is. Do you see it? Resist, Obstruct, Delay, Demolish and Destroy. Take the initials and you have ROD DD. Coincidence? You already know what ROD stands for, but then how about DD? Well, DD=8 and Air Force One’s initials is AF1 which, since A=1, F=6 and 1=1, is also 8. The hidden meaning of Resist, Obstruct, Delay, Demolish and Destroy is ROD AF1. Knowing this, those who have a musical ear can now deduce what the Maestro’s word-chord was… 🙂

There are other very cool things in this Topeka speech. I have given you the tools to extract them in my previous posts. The purpose of this post is not to decode it but I will give you the one that I think was among the coolest. It’s right here, listen from here to 57:10 video.

Here is the transcript: “We also passed Veterans Choice, 44 years, giving our veterans the right to see a private doctor, and we pay for it so they don’t have to wait in line for 25 days, 38 days, 14 days, 6 days. They go out and they see a private doctor, they get themselves a good doctor. We paid the bill. It’s frankly so simple but it took 44 years to get it done”.

What if I told you this is about General Flynn and this drop:

Q970 Done in 30. House cleaning. WH secured. Final stage. Q

Do you think Trump picked the number of days veterans would wait randomly? No. Look: these numbers: 25, 38, 14 and 6 respectively stand for: 25=Y, 38=12=L (because turning the alphabet wheel in 38 increments is like turning the wheel in 12 since turning in 26 increments is equivalent to identity. Think clock and how 3pm=15:00), 14=N and 6=F. And here are your building blocks for FLYNN (N repeated, dismissed, repetition rule). But then, the Maestro says 44. Repetition rule: 44=4 which is also 30 for the same reason 38=12=L above. And this 30 is the 30 Q talks about in Q970. In the disguise of talking about the number of days the veteran would wait to be serviced, Trump is saying FLYNN received his cure, that the bill was paid and that it was done in 44=4=30, just like Q said! Do you see the beautiful double meaning? I’ll never get enough of this!

Now back to Rosenstein. Since I have already explained how the Emperor can politically and diplomatically benefit from gladiators at the coliseum, I figured this time, I would just make a short video summarizing the situation and paying tribute to our great Frank Sinatra. Rosenstein is a gladiator in bad shape. As I explained, the right arm and the left leg are already gone. Now, with this 25th Amendment thing, he has some serious explanation to do. Trump inviting him on Air Force One to listen to his explanations means Trump has already decided they would fly. Pretty cool right? Hahaha! The Maestro will never cease to amaze me!

So, Gladiator Rosenstein, it seems the Emperor still wants to see you fight for your life at the coliseum. I wonder what you had to do, or say, or give to deserve the prolongation of your torture away from your kingdom of origin. As Q would say, Anons already know…

Time for the video. It was recorded in my kitchen and I am never sure if the microwave displays the right date and time. That would explain whatever you would not understand about it. 🙂 Watch, download, share: streaming and backup download link

Q2233 Imagine the frustration if we weren’t here communicating w/ you. You are many tens of millions strong (Q). Let your VOICES BE HEARD. Information is meant to be FREE. POWER TO THE PEOPLE. Q

US Evangelical Pastors Are the World’s #1 Warmongers – the Opposite of Christian Behavior

Their pro-Israel and pro-deep state pandering is a national disgrace, a betrayal of their congregations, and of the God they claim to follow.

The author is a prominent American Christian conservative who was a presidential candidate for the paleoconservative Constitution Party in 2008, when he was endorsed by Ron Paul.  

He is the pastor of Liberty Fellowship, a non-denominational church in Montana, and a popular radio host and columnist. His weekly sermons are available on his YouTube channel.

He is a relentless foe of neoconservatism and frequently criticizes the neocon hostility towards Russia.  His views are representative of an influential and substantial part of Trump’s popular support.

As I said in a previous column, Donald Trump’s appointments of John Bolton as National Security Advisor, Gina Haspel as CIA Director, Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State and Nikki Haley as the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. are the formation of a full-fledged War Cabinet.

The signs are ubiquitous that Trump plans to take America to war against Iran and Syria in much the same way that G.W. Bush took us to war against Iraq and Afghanistan. All it will take is another false flag attack that can be blamed on Iran.

And now that Trump is up to his eyeballs in legal trouble as an unindicted co-conspirator in ordering his then attorney Michael Cohen to pay hush money to two women Trump had committed adultery with in order to pay for their silence during his campaign for President in 2016, the likelihood that Trump will attack Iran and Syria as a means of taking attention away from his legal troubles grows exponentially.

This is a favorite tactic of presidents who are embroiled in serious scandals. Can anyone say Bill Clinton? And here’s the thing: The more war that Trump (or any Republican President) wages around the world, the more evangelical pastors and Christians love him.

And if you think that Trump’s paying hush money to hookers during the 2016 campaign will have any serious negative ramifications with evangelical Christians, it won’t. National Christian leaders knew what kind of a moral and ethical degenerate Trump was when they loudly lauded and supported him—and it didn’t matter. Why should it matter now?

And rank-and-file evangelicals were so determined to stop Hillary Clinton from being President (for all of the right reasons) that they would have voted for virtually anyone who would have obtained the Republican nomination. It’s a crying shame that evangelicals rejected the candidacy of Rand Paul in 2016—and especially Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012. A crying shame!

But I digress.

I tried to warn listeners of my radio talk show on how then President George W. Bush was turning Christian people throughout the United States into warmongers. Because Bush claimed to be a born-again Christian and had successfully garnered the support of so many conservative evangelical Christians, he was able to shift the entire spiritual paradigm of the country.

But that’s what wolves in sheep’s clothing do. Phony Christians do more destruction than overt unbelievers. Phony conservatives do more destruction than overt liberals.

Ever since the two administrations of G.W. Bush, America’s conservative Christians have become infected with a serious malady; it’s what Laurance Vance correctly calls “Christian war fever.” And the evangelical church in America is eaten up with it.

And now that we have another Republican warmonger in the White House, war fever has reached epidemic proportions among evangelical Christians.

The United States and its coalition allies have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children in its so-called War on Terror. The doctrine of American hegemony (not to mention the globalist/Zionist doctrine of “Greater Israel”) has turned the Middle East into a giant killing field.

Through perpetual bombings, drone attacks, missile attacks, etc., President Trump has killed more innocent civilians than ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, the Taliban, Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong-un combined. And that fact does not take into account the billions of dollars in U.S. weapons sales to terrorist states such as Saudi Arabia and Israel that account for tens of thousands of additional deaths. Barack Obama and G.W. Bush did the same thing, of course. Trump is merely carrying on the same international crimes of empire as did the two presidents that preceded him.

And just who are the biggest cheerleaders for war? You guessed it: evangelical Christians.

When Donald Trump unjustly, unconstitutionally, illegally and immorally ordered the bombing of Syria for what was clearly a false flag chemical attack in that country, evangelical Christian leaders immediately jumped in to provide spiritual cover for Trump. And this they will continue to do.

See this analysis by a Marine Corps colonel and veteran combat pilot on how U.S. government reports of Assad using chemical weapons against his own people in order to justify the U.S. missile attack against Syria were totally FAKE:

Senator Black: CIA Lies Getting Harder To Believe

But in the eyes of the so-called Religious Right, ANY war a Republican president sends the U.S. military into is a just war—no matter how unjust the war really is. Evangelical Christian pastors are unabashed apologists for war. It is safe to say that a majority of conservative Christians have become rabid warmongers.

They cheer for war; they promote war; they glorify war; they worship those who wage war; and they enthusiastically vote for neocons like Lindsey Graham and John McCain because of their support for war.

For evangelical Christians to talk about the bloodthirstiness of Muslims is laughable. Islamist jihadists don’t hold a candle to the sheer numbers of innocent people who have been killed (and are daily being killed) by the American empire—with the enthusiastic endorsement of evangelicals. At the same time, conservative Christian pastors constantly trumpet more and more war, more and more killing.

These pastors would do well to familiarize themselves with the “Gospel of peace” (Romans 10:15; Ephesians 6:15) as proclaimed by the “Prince of Preachers,” Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Some time ago, Laurence Vance published a compilation of excerpts from the famed British Baptist pastor on the subject of the proper Christian attitude regarding war and peace. These sermon excerpts are as germane to Americans today as they were to the citizens of Great Britain in the mid to late 1800’s when Spurgeon delivered them.

Vance introduces Charles Spurgeon this way:

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834–1892) was an English Baptist minister who served as pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London from 1861 until his death. But Spurgeon was no ordinary minister. He was a pastor, a preacher, a teacher, an author, an editor, and the overseer of a pastor’s college, a Christian literature society, and an orphanage. He is still widely revered today among Baptists (and others as well) as one of the greatest Baptist ministers in history.

Spurgeon preached his first sermon as a teenager and, in 1854, was called to the pastorate of the historic New Park Street Church, Southwark, London. During his thirty-eight-year tenure, the church increased from 232 to over 5,000. [And remember, this was in a day when the only attraction to the church was the preaching of God’s Word: no rock music; no smoke; no colored lights; no espresso machines; no twenty-minute sermonettes, etc.]

During the remodeling of the Park Street chapel to house the growing congregation, Spurgeon preached at the 5,000-seat Exeter Hall, a public auditorium. But because the remodeled chapel was still too small to accommodate the crowds, the church began construction of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, which sat 5,500 and had standing room for 500 more. In the interim, Spurgeon preached to thousands at the Surrey Gardens Music Hall. He was truly one of the most popular preachers in history. When he died in 1892, 60,000 people filed past his casket in the Tabernacle.

Spurgeon lives today through his sermons. From 1855 until his death, his Sunday morning sermons were published weekly. By 1865, Spurgeon’s sermons were selling 25,000 copies every week. They would eventually be translated into more than twenty languages. The sermons were then collected in one volume and reissued at the end of each year in book form. After Spurgeon’s death, the series continued until 1917 using his

Sunday evening sermons. The six volumes of the New Park Street Pulpit (1855–1860) and the fifty-seven volumes of the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit (1861–1917) contain 3,561 sermons, 25 million words, and fill 41,500 pages. Many of these volumes are available online, and most are in print.

Unlike some Baptist preachers today who shamelessly serve as spokesmen or apologists for [war], Spurgeon was not the least bit excited about war and war fever.

Vance quotes Spurgeon:

“Long have I held that war is an enormous crime.”

“So combustible are the materials of which this great world is made, that I am ever apprehensive of war. I do not account it wonderful that one nation should strive against another, I account if far more wonderful that they are not all at arms. Whence come wars and fightings? Come they not from your lusts?”

“Sin is the mother of wars.”

“It is astonishing how distance blunts the keen edge of anything that is disagreeable. War is at all times a most fearful scourge. The thought of slain bodies and of murdered men must always harrow up the soul; but because we hear of these things in the distance, there are few Englishmen who can truly enter into their horrors. If we should hear the booming of cannon on the deep which girdles this island; if we should see at our doors the marks of carnage and bloodshed; then should we more thoroughly appreciate what war means. But distance take away the horror, and we therefore speak of war with too much levity, and even read of it with an interest not sufficiently linked with pain.”

“He is the God of peace, for he is the restorer of it; though wars have broken out through sin. He is the preserver of peace. Whenever I see peace in the world, I ascribe it to God, and if it is continued, I shall always believe it is because God interferes to prevent war.”

“The church, we affirm, can neither be preserved nor can its interests be promoted by human armies. We have all thought otherwise in our time, and have foolishly said when a fresh territory was annexed to our empire, ‘Ah! what a providence that England has annexed Oude’–or taken to itself some other territory–‘Now a door is opened for the Gospel.

A Christian power will necessarily encourage Christianity, and seeing that a Christian power is at the head of the Government, it will be likely that the natives will be induced to search into the authenticity of our revelation, and so great results will follow.

Who can tell but that, at the point of the British bayonet, the Gospel will be carried, and that, by the edge of the true sword of valiant men, Christ’s Gospel will be proclaimed?’ I have said so myself; and now I know I am a fool for my pains, and that Christ’s church hath been also miserably befooled; for this I will assert, and prove too, that the progress of the arms of a Christian nation is not the progress of Christianity, and that the spread of our empire, so far from being advantageous to the Gospel, I will hold, and this day proclaim, hath been hostile to it.”

“Did you ever hear of a nation under British rule being converted to God? Mr. Moffat and our great friend Dr. Livingstone have been laboring in Africa with great success, and many have been converted.

Did you ever hear of Kaffir tribes protected by England, ever being converted? It is only a people that have been left to themselves, and preached to by men as men, that have been brought to God. For my part, I conceive, that when an enterprise begins in martyrdom, it is none the less likely to succeed, but when conquerors begin to preach the gospel to those they have conquered, it will not succeed, God will teach us that it is not by might. All swords that have ever flashed from scabbards have not aided Christ a single grain.

Mahommedans’ religion might be sustained by scimitars, but Christians’ religion must be sustained by love. The great crime of war can never promote the religion of peace. The battle, and the garment rolled in blood, are not a fitting prelude to “peace on earth, goodwill to men.” And I do firmly hold, that the slaughter of men, that bayonets, and swords, and guns, have never yet been, and never can be, promoters of the gospel. The gospel will proceed without them, but never through them.”

“While, however, we shall anxiously watch the contest, it will be quite as well if we mingle in it ourselves. Not that this nation of England should touch it; God forbid. If tyrants fight, let them fight; let free men stand aloof. Why should England have aught to do with all the coming battles? As God has cut us off from Europe by a boisterous sea, so let us be kept apart from all the broils and turmoils into which tyrants and their slaves may fall.”

“The Church of Christ is continually represented under the figure of an army; yet its Captain is the Prince of Peace; its object is the establishment of peace, and its soldiers are men of a peaceful disposition. The spirit of war is at the extremely opposite point to the spirit of the gospel.”

“War is to our minds the most difficult thing to sanctify to God. The genius of the Christian religion is altogether contrary to everything like strife of any kind, much more to the deadly clash of arms. . . . Now I say again, I am no apologist for war, from my soul I loathe it, and I do not understand the position of a Christian man as a warrior, but still I greatly rejoice that there are to be found at this present day in the ranks many of those who fear God and adorn the doctrine of God their Saviour.”

“For if there be anything which this book [the Bible] denounces and counts the hugest of all crimes, it is the crime of war.”

“What, then, is to be done? Shall we unite with the clamorous patriots of the hour and sacrifice peace to political selfishness? Or shall we in silence maintain our own views, and despair of their ever being received by our own countrymen? There is no need to take either course: let us believe in our principles, and wait till the present mania comes to an end.

We would persuade all lovers of peace to labour perseveringly to spread the spirit of love and gentleness, which is indeed the spirit of Christ, and to give a practical bearing to what else may become mere theory. The fight-spirit must be battled with in all its forms, and the genius of gentleness must be cultivated. Cruelty to animals, the lust for destroying living things, the desire for revenge, the indulgence of anger–all these we must war against by manifesting and inculcating pity, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and goodness in the fear of the Lord.

Children must be trained with meekness and not with passion, and our dealings with our fellow-men must manifest our readiness to suffer wrong rather than to inflict it upon others.

Nor is this all: the truth as to war must be more and more insisted on: the loss of time, labour, treasure, and life must be shown, and the satanic crimes to which it leads must be laid bare. It is the sum of all villainies, and ought to be stripped of its flaunting colours, and to have its bloody horrors revealed; its music should be hushed, that men may hear the moans and groans, the cries and shrieks of dying men and ravished women.

War brings out the devil in man, wakes up the hellish legion within his fallen nature, and binds his better faculties hand and foot. Its natural tendency is to hurl nations back into barbarism, and retard the growth of everything good and holy. When undertaken from a dire necessity, as the last resource of an oppressed people, it may become heroic, and its after results may compensate for its immediate evils; but war wantonly undertaken, for self-interest, ambition, or wounded pride is evil, only evil, and that continually.

It ought not to be smiled upon as a brilliant spectacle, nor talked of with a light heart; it is a fitter theme for tears and intercessions. To see a soldier a Christian is a joy; to see a Christian a soldier is another matter.”

“Many of our bravest soldiers are on the side of peace, and in the present crisis have spoken out more boldly on the right side than we might reasonably have expected of them. This must be duly acknowledged and taken into account, and we must speak accordingly.”

See Vance’s column here:

Charles Spurgeon On Christian War Fever

When is the last time you heard words such as these coming from the pulpits of today’s evangelical churches? And when Vance quoted Spurgeon saying, “Many of our bravest soldiers are on the side of peace,” I thought of the words of King David. He said, “I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.” (Psalms 120:7 KJV) I know that feeling very well.

I am also reminded of the words of Major General Smedley Butler (USMC). General Butler wrote a book entitled War Is A Racket. This book is a classic treatise on why wars are conducted, who profits from them and who pays the price. Few people are as qualified as General Butler to advance the argument encapsulated in his book’s sensational title. When War is a Racket was first published in 1935, Butler was the most decorated American military man of his time—including receiving TWO Congressional Medals of Honor.

He had led several successful military operations in the Caribbean and in Central America, as well as in Europe during the First World War. Despite his success and his heroic status, however, Butler came away from these experiences with a deeply troubled view of both the purpose and the results of war. I consider General Butler’s book War Is A Racket to be Must-Reading.

The spirit of war will never be extinguished from our country until it is first extinguished from our churches. A sizable percentage of all of the evangelical/fundamentalist churches in America today are splits and splinters off of other churches. Christians will fight at the drop of a hat. They will split a church at the drop of a hat. They are filled with the spirit of war.

But Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” (Matthew 5:9) As long as God’s people continue to abandon the spirit of peace and embrace the spirit of war, we will never be able to sing “God Bless America” without abject hypocrisy, knowing that God will never bless those who have willfully abandoned the Heaven-ordained title of peacemaker.

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