Where We Go 1 We Go All 6-17-19 VIDEO… “TWlN TOWERS follow up: Will Anything Ever Happen?” (Well, it IS happening!

This graphic appears at about 2:45, and shows what has happened after Trump.

This is a great follow up to WWG1WGA’s previous video (related Kp blog post). This one summarizes (from his viewpoint) the things that have been happening to expose what really happened on 9_11, and the role of Trump in this.

Two items that stood out, in particular:

  1. At 2:00: he displays a quick overview of Twin Towers destruction signals that have appeared over and over again, pre-9_11, that predicted the event (predictive programming) (suggest slowing down the video (click “gear”, playback speed, then choose the speed) and watching that way; I went to 2 minutes, and set speed to 0.25).
  2. At 2:45: he displays a graphic that shows what has happened re: 9_11 disclosure POST Trump election.

Recall that in the last WWG1WGA Kp blog post, I pointed out that WWG1WGA guy is an engineer of skyscrapers, so he knows what he is talking about.

The YouTube video and link is below, but, as I mentioned before, since the social media giants’ censorship algorithms might want to wipe this one out at some point, I have downloaded the video in MP4 format. Click to save… 360p (16 MB) … 720p (20 MB)


Published June 17, 2019
Just my personal thoughts on the matter, so this video is more of an opinion vlog than anything else, enjoy!

SGTReport interview (in 2 parts) with Dr. Dave Janda 6-15-19, 6-16-19… “The Mainstream Media is Petrified” and “What the Deep State Fears Most”

Some may find these helpful in understanding (and enjoying) how the deep state is being exposed, dismantled, and in one way or another, eliminated, and that definite signs of panic are showing.

There are two parts, and each is of reasonable length for easy viewing. These go along with all of Dr. Janda’s video reports, in particular, the one from the last post, with Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe.

The second part also goes through several of the recent “takeouts” of various people who have been working to expose the Clintons and other deep state operators.


Published on June 15, 2019
Dr. Dave Janda from Operation Freedom joins me to discuss the mass censorship of the alt-media and Dr. Janda says the mainstream media is petrified because President Trump and AG Barr are going to break the back of Big Brother AND the deep state. Part 2 will post on Sunday night.


Published on June 16, 2019

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