Kp Message 6-24-19… “The Energies as I’m ‘Sensing’ them, now… Apocalypse, Completion, Resolution”

“Resolution energies” are what I’m getting at the moment. That’s what’s “flying around” the planet currently. Along with these are what I would call, “Apocalypse” (unveiling) energies, as well as “Completion energies”. I suppose if these were written in some kind of order, they’d go like this:

1. Apocalypse energies: exposing (unveiling) what needs to be released.

2. Completion energies: these are encouraging each to complete things that may have been “put off”, and/or complete cycles. In my own case, I’ve felt the past year has been involved with “completing the cycle(s)”.

3. Resolution energies: I’m not sure exactly what this means, or if it’s different from the “Completion” ones, but this may mean something like “fine tuning” next pathways, New Paradigm movements.

So all that sounds maybe, sort of, straightforward, but the way things are moving, it appears these are all occurring simultaneously. They may even be happening outside of the “chronological time order”.

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me. Although at the moment, “Resolution” of certain “issues” is the most attractive of those three.

You know, there is a “Completion” energetic process in which I am currently involved, and which will manifest shortly. Whether it means going somewhere (location-wise) or not, is not necessarily the issue, but if it “feels” it must be done that way, then so be it. In the end, it’s an “inside job”, and if moving around to somewhere helps with that, so be it.

I don’t know if anyone else is getting similar things, but I’m just putting “out there” what I’ve been “getting”.

Aloha, Kp