Kp Message 5-31-19… A Couple of “Final Notes” on the Kauai Mission…

Before I “flatten out” and go to bed, I wanted to make a couple of notes about this mission.

Yes, there were “things observed” and “things done” here and there. But I sense that 5-29-19 11:11 (PM) ceremony “properly” completed (whatever that means) the process that we began on 5-8 at Kilauea, followed by that of 5-14 on Mauna Kea, followed by this one at Kalalau (reference: this Kp blog post)…

  1. Brought a type of “Fire enlightenment” to the entire planet.
  2. All that is not harmonic with the raising of the planetary vibration(s) will essentially “burn itself out”. This can be people, groups, individual traits, personality “quirks”, etc.
  3. All that is harmonic (aligned) with the raising of the planetary vibration(s) will find themselves in a (seemingly) entirely new place. The only “work” that needs to be done is a releasing of the grip on old vibration(s), and following the Higher Guidance.
  4. Planetary Consciousness Vibration rises exponentially, compared to the “slow progression” of the past.
  5. “Great Balls of Fire” is an appropriate term for this.
  6. The only things consumed by these “Great Balls of Fire” will be lower vibrational constructs.

“Enjoy the Show” on Planet Earth!
“Enjoy the Ride” into the Light!

Aloha, Kp