What broke American health care and how to fix it

Dr. Marty Makary, a professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital — rated the top U.S. hospital 22 times over the past 28 years — has written a new book, “The Price We Pay: What Broke American Health Care — and How to Fix It.” He also has a master’s degree in public health.

In 2013, I interviewed him about his previous book, “Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won’t Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care.”

In “The Price We Pay,” Makary delves into some of the profoundly serious problems in the U.S. health care system, especially the financing of it. Over the past 150 years, the focus of most hospitals has shifted from serving the community to generating profits, and these two aims are frequently at odds. As noted by Makary:

“Hospitals were founded to be a safe haven for the sick and injured of a community, regardless of one’s race, creed or ability to pay. That is the great American medical heritage. That’s what the charters say. Most hospitals were started by churches, funded by donors.

They had an incredible sense of equality. Who else besides clinicians, doctors, nurses have a sense of the equality of human beings? Because we are witnesses of both birth and death …

I am deeply concerned that public trust is now being eroded by price gouging and by inappropriate care. That’s why I decided to write this book, ‘The Price We Pay’ …

There are a lot of opinions about why health care costs so much. There’s a massive blame game going on. I wanted to take the business of medicine and summarize it in a consumable way, so that anybody could read this book … and leave feeling like, ‘I finally understand how the money games in medicine work.'”

For-profit health care hurts more than it helps

As Makary points out, special interests have polluted the health care field with bad science and dirty deals. The food pyramid, which feeds disease rather than health is just one example. The for-profit agenda is also crushing people beneath its weight.

“There are studies showing a quarter of patients with diabetes admit to having rationed their insulin. Half of women with Stage 4 breast cancer report being harassed by medical debt collectors.

On the tour for this book, I met patients who said, ‘I’m sick and scared to go to the hospital, because last time I went they sued me and garnished my wages,'” Makary says.

The patent for insulin was sold to the University of Toronto by its three co-inventors for $1 each,1 as they felt it would be unethical to profit from a life-saving discovery. In the hands of drug companies, however, insulin has become a guaranteed profit center totally isolated from the inventor’s benevolent intentions for the use of their discovery.

The price of insulin tripled between 2002 and 2013,2,3 and has doubled again since.4 At present, the three dominant makers of insulin, Eli Lilly, Sanofi and Novo Nordisk — which control 96% of the insulin market5 — all sell their insulin for approximately the same prices.

The Washington Post6 cites IBM Watson Health data showing Sanofi’s Lantus brand went from $35 per vial when introduced in 2001 to about $270 today, and Novolog, by Novo Nordisk, which started out at $40 per vial when released in 2001, now sells for around $289. Meanwhile, research7 puts the cost of manufacturing an entire 12-month supply of analog insulin at $78 to $133 per patient.

While insulin makers have raised their prices in lockstep, raising suspicions of price fixing,8 the price of many other drugs and treatments can vary wildly from one place to the next, and Makary believes we need to collectively demand price transparency to prevent this kind of price gouging from occurring.

“Look at GoodRx,” he says. “Look at the good that company has done — the simple act that allows you to find the real-world prices outside of insurance. Oftentimes it’s less than what that pharmacy benefit plan that you might have tells you to buy.”

Predatory practices abound

In his book, Makary sheds light on several predatory billing practices that are taking advantage of sick Americans. For example, some hospitals will charge five to 10 times the going rate for services, then sue patients who cannot afford the padded bills and use the court system as their collection agency, forcing many into bankruptcy.

“It blows me away [that] … the middleman industry, the hospitals, [the] corporate interest, goes after [patients] and … sues them in court to garnish their paycheck, which sometimes is a minimum-wage paycheck. We saw it all over …

We just had a study9 come out in the Journal of the American Medical Association that shows 36% of Virginia hospitals sue patients and 10% of them will just sue the crap out of the patients. One hospital sued 24,000 patients in a town that, by census data, only has 28,000 people in it …

This is the most despicable and egregious loss of our mission in medicine. It erodes the public trust. It affects every patient everywhere in the country who feels afraid. I met patients like Wanda Brooks, who had an unnecessary computed tomography (CAT) scan, an unnecessary magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), was charged over $8,000, was taken to court [and] garnished.

She was a single mom of two kids and actually works taking care of patients. I mean, is that how we treat our own? We called attention to this. We got National Public Radio10 in town to get a story on it. It’s on our RestoringMedicine.org website. Sure enough, two days later, the hospital announced they are going to stop suing patients, same with Methodist Le Bonheur Hospital.

ProPublica reporter Wendi C. Thomas did a story two days later after they had received a letter from me and my research team that I sent to the chief executive officer and board, reminding them of their mission; reminding them of why we all went into health care — to take care of people and help people. They are now going to stop suing patients.

But it shouldn’t be left to individuals to call out hospitals. We need a mass effort to say, ‘Can we restore medicine to its goal of serving communities, helping patients when they’re vulnerable and being kind and compassionate?’ … You see hospitals that are good actors. We want to reward them. That’s really what I try to do in the book.

It’s to tell the problem in the first half of every chapter, and the second half of every chapter are the innovators who are disrupting health care, restoring medicine to its mission …”

Doctors are rarely part of the problem

It’s important to recognize that most doctors are typically paid employees of these hospitals that engage in predatory billing, and doctors often have no idea what’s happening on the financial end. They also do not have any influence over billing.

“They have no idea their patients are getting shaken down on the backend. Once they find out, they want to stop it, and we’re trying to tap into that interest,” Makary says.

“Think about that story of Wanda Brooks. She had unnecessary care and then was shaken down and harassed financially … for an overpriced bill. When I offered to be the expert medical doctor on their court case, when they were sued for wage garnishment, 100% of these cases got dropped.

Why? Because the hospitals are afraid their charge master calculation would have to be disclosed … How is it that two Harvard hospitals deliver babies with high quality, but one charges $41,000 and another Harvard hospital charges $8,000? That’s the negotiated rate with insurance.”

Makary goes on to recount how a researcher at University of Iowa contacted 100 heart surgery programs in the U.S., asking them the price for open-heart surgery. Half of them were unable to give him an answer. The other half cited rates ranging from approximately $40,000 to half a million.

He then correlated the prices he was given with the Society of Thoracic Surgeons’ quality outcomes database, finding no correlation between high prices and quality. There’s also no correlation between high prices and charity care, Makary says, even though that’s a common excuse given when hospitals are asked by they charge far higher rates than another hospital.

“Does the hospital at Vale have so much charity care from uninsured skiers that they have to jack up their prices? No. They are charging as much as the market will allow,” Makary says. “I think we need to remind them of their mission and remind them of why we all went into medicine.”

In many cases, there is no way to determine how much a medical procedure is going to cost you ahead of time, and when the bill finally arrives, it can be a sticker shock. While policy makers tend to resist price transparency, saying it has an anticompetitive effect, price transparency is sorely needed.

“[Price transparency] is what we need. This is honest medicine. That’s all it is,” Makary says. “When somebody comes in, we can’t give them a price? … We can’t tell you what something costs? The solution is embarrassingly simple.

None of us would tolerate shopping for an airline flight on a website [with] no prices and let the airline companies say, ‘Trust us. We’ll bill you after the flight. We just can’t give you a price because it’s impossible. We don’t know if there’s going to be turbulence in the air that might be more work for the pilots. It could get canceled. We don’t know if you’re going to consume a beverage. We just can’t give you a price ahead of time.’

Of course, it’s total nonsense. Nobody is suggesting that surgeons give you a price if you’re shot in the heart and need emergency trauma [care] … But, guess what? 60+% of all medical care is shopable.

We should be able to provide a price. If we did, I think you’d see incredible efficiency and see prices come down universally. You’d see an ushering in of quality transparency, which is the other piece of it.”

Demand transparent pricing

So, what can you do? Makary urges patients of elective and nonemergency surgery to demand prices upfront. Call around and ask. If they cannot provide you with a price, tell them you will not consider them as an option. Give your business to medical centers and hospitals providing transparent pricing.

“If there’s enough demand, we’re going to see a response,” he says. Also know that hospital bills are often highly negotiable, especially before you get the service. And, beware of offers of payment plans without first knowing whether the pricing is fair.

“If a bill is marked up five times more than what anyone else would pay and they offer you a 10% discount, a 10% discount off a bill marked up 500% is not fair. It sometimes commits you to payment plans,” Makary says.

“Just like we have GoodRx and other tools in the drug space, you can look up the reference-based price, the Healthcare Bluebook,11 Fair Health12 and other tools that I point out in the book ‘The Price We Pay.’ You should be able to find out what the going market price is for a service.”

Ambulance transport can cost a fortune

Another egregious example of predatory pricing is that of ambulance transport. After reading that section of “The Price We Pay,” you’ll realize that unless you’re seriously injured, it’s probably best to take an Uber to the hospital and pay a manageable fee instead of the several thousand dollars a regular ambulance ride might end up costing you.

More sophisticated transport, like helicopter transport, can cost up to half a million dollars — rivaling the purchase price of the aircraft itself. As explained by Makary, the reason for these heart-stopping prices is because private companies have bought up many of these services.

“There’s nothing wrong with profit … But the pure goal of consolidating from market domination and then price gouging, as we’ve seen with drugs and in medical care, is something that we need to call out. It’s un-American. It’s unfair.

We have to remember that hospitals were founded mostly by churches to be a refuge for the sick and injured, charities to serve a community. Many of these groups do not pay taxes. We have to remind people of their mission. That’s what we’re doing at RestoringMedicine.org.

The air ambulance, for example, is egregious. My colleague here at Hopkins, Dr. Ge Bai [Ph.D.], just published a paper in health affairs showing just how egregious it can be. We get these stories that come across my desk all the time, a quarter-million dollars, a half-million dollars for a flight off a ski mountain.

If it’s not emergent, if it’s clearly something where minutes don’t matter and you can take a regular ground transport, get an Uber or have a friend take you. Beware of the predatory air ambulance industry. According to experts, 75% to 80% of air transport is for routine and nonemergent care.

Sometimes, of course, you don’t know. You may want to play it safe and take the faster transport. Air ambulances do save lives. But, for the love of humanity, gouging people when they break their leg on a ski mountain with a quarter-million-dollar bill? Keep in mind that Uber, Lyft and ground transportation can be sufficient if it’s not emergent …

We’re supposed to take care of people and not gouge them. Where do you think all this money is going that we’re paying for in health insurance premiums? When people say, ‘I didn’t have to pay. My insurance paid.’ No. Guess what? That is you paying. We’re all paying in health insurance premiums.”

Two primary problems: Pricing failure and inappropriate care

There’s no doubt Americans are being milked by this nontransparent, for-profit health care system. In researching “The Price We Pay,” Makary identified two root causes for our health care cost crisis: pricing failures and inappropriate care.

According to a national survey of 2,100 physicians that Makary’s team at Johns Hopkins put together, doctors believe 21%13 of medical care is unnecessary. That includes medications, diagnostic tests and procedures.

“When you have people in the industry saying that one-fifth of all the services are unnecessary, that is a crisis. Isn’t the opioid crisis one manifestation of the crisis of our inappropriate care problem? Ten years ago, physicians prescribed in the United States 2.4 billion prescriptions. Last year, it hit 5 billion.

Did disease double in the last 10 years? No. We have a crisis of appropriateness. The opioid crisis is a part of the crisis of appropriateness.

If we look at the broader problem of inappropriate care — people being prescribed opioids they don’t need, people falling through the cracks, fragmented networks, poor coordination of care, mistakes made in the hospital — collectively, it may represent the third or fourth leading cause of death in the United States.

These are real issues. They’re avoidable. In public health, there are two types of crises. There are naturally occurring crises in the environment — things like Ebola — and then there are manufactured crises.

Many of the big crises we face in health care today are manufactured. The obesity crisis, the smoking crisis, the pricing/cost crisis and the opioid crisis. These are manufactured crises …

I’ve had really good spine surgeons at national meetings come up to me and say, ‘Marty, I know you’re interested in this subject of inappropriate care. Do you know that half of all elective spine surgeries in the United States are unnecessary?’ …

I don’t know if they’re right, but if they are, we have a serious crisis of appropriateness. By the way, spine surgery is one of the most expensive things in all of health care. You could be charged $40,000 to $100,000 for a single case …

Is a baby delivery unnecessary? No … But C-section rates are far too high in the United States. And how do you explain … one doctor having a C-section rate of 60% and another doctor having a C-section rate of 14%? … [The first doctor’s] rate, by the way, on Fridays was about 100%.”

How patients contribute to the problem

Part of the problem goes back to profit motives and greed. But many other factors also come into play. Patients can be part of the problem as well. Many patients demand something be done, be it an MRI or a prescription for an antibiotic, even when those things may not be necessary or entirely appropriate. Doctors in these cases will often give in. Why not? It’s easier than upsetting the patient and perhaps ending up getting sued for malpractice.

“If you’re taking your kid in and the pediatrician or family doctor says, ‘It’s a viral infection, I don’t recommend we do anything except to sit this out, follow it, support it and watch it,’ then don’t demand antibiotics from that doctor. Leave the doctors alone. This is why we have a problem,” Makary says.

He also believes doctors and patients alike need to be better educated on the options.

“People need to be aware of the mass variation in the way things are done. They need to know about other lifestyle treatment options. The most exciting thing I learned in doing the research for the book,

‘The Price We Pay,’ is the movement to treat back pain with physical therapy as a first line of therapy, and treat gut problems with whole foods, joint problems with yoga, diabetes with cooking classes, and meditation as a first line of therapy for mild borderline hypertension.

There’s a movement to address the root underlying causes of illness. I think, personally, 20 years from now, 50 years from now, when we talk about health, the scientific medical established community is going to talk about how inflamed you are and how’s your microbiome equilibria.

The future of medicine is in the inflammatory state, which we know is modified by healthy foods. We know there are low-inflammatory foods. We’re going to be talking about the microbiome and that equilibrium that can be disrupted with so many things that we’ve taken for granted, like antibiotics … by lack of breastfeeding, by C-section.”

Replacing a broken system

While our conventional primary care system is clearly broken, there are glimmers of hope. As noted by Makary, so-called relationship clinics are sprouting up around America, offering guidance to patients that go far deeper than what can be covered by a doctor during the standard 10-minute doctor’s visit. These clinics, such as the Iora, ChenMed and Oak Street Clinics, will assign you a “health navigator” or lifestyle coach.

“In the book, I profile person after person who says, ‘Look. We can redesign care to make it better. We just need to start from scratch — that’s exactly what we’ve done — and look at the great results [we get] here and how patients love it’ …

Now, we don’t want to create hysteria. Medicines do save lives. Operations save lives. If you have appendicitis and you’re septic and you have a systemic infection, don’t shop around. Just follow the guidance. But we want people to be educated. We want to let them know about how we think about things as physicians …

There are old-school doctors throughout medicine … But by and large, the vast majority of people I engage with and give me feedback or who I solicit feedback from, say, ‘Marty, keep going. The system is broken. Everything from copays to deductibles, out of network, price gouging, all the inappropriate care — do something to push the field’ …

Too often, people in health care are afraid to speak up. They’re scared of what their boss might think, of what their professional society might think. I tell people, ‘Look. I’m reminded every day how short life is … We’ve got to stand up for what we believe in. The soul longs for a deep sense of purpose in life’ …

I think a lot of people now are saying, ‘Can we reevaluate the dogma that we’ve been taught? Can we take a second look at why we’re doing this? Can we change our lexicon?’ Because the language and the vocabulary we use in medicine is sometimes rigged. It’s sometimes not patient-centered.”

More information

To learn more — about both the good and the bad — be sure to pick up a copy of Makary’s book, “The Price We Pay: What Broke American Health Care — and How to Fix It.” It’s an excellent read.

You can also find helpful patient resources on RestoringMedicine.org, including tips on how to negotiate your medical bill, and how to challenge your local hospital if you’ve perceived there’s something that doesn’t live up to the hospital’s mission — such as the practice of suing low-income patients.

You can also find RestoringMedicine on Facebook. “Hospitals are there to serve communities. You’re an important part of the accountability of your local community hospital. As we educate people, we’re seeing great stuff happening,” Makary says. As always, also remember to share this information with family and friends to keep the education effort going.

Delicious and refreshing drinks to quench your thirst

Pure filtered water is the best beverage to quench your dehydration, but let’s face it — sometimes you just need a touch of sweetness  to excite your taste buds. Don’t be tempted to reach for soda or processed juice, however — instead, make your own healthy drinks at home using fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients

Fruits and vegetables are among the most nutritious foods available on the planet, and consuming them may help protect effect against various ailments such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and arthritis. There are plenty of healthy veggies out there, but not all of them  taste great when turned into juices or smoothies.  If you’re not sure which ones to buy, you can get started with these basic ingredients:

  • Berries — Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are among the most antioxidant-dense fruits and, according to one study, they (along with pomegranate) have the highest cellular antioxidant activity (CAA) of all fruits tested.

Blueberries are particularly beneficial — they   have been found to help protect against DNA damage. In one study, blueberries were able to reduce induced DNA damage significantly after an hour of being consumed.

  • KaleIn addition to  fiber, kale is a good source of vitamins A and C. It also offers phenolic antioxidants, glucosinolates, and minerals such as zinc, iron, manganese, calcium and magnesium. One of kale’s benefits is its potential to lower bad cholesterol levels. A study noted that this leafy green, along with dill, may be a “hypocholesterolemic agent.”


However, one caveat about kale is that conventionally grown varieties are loaded with pesticides. In fact, it ranks as No. 3 on the Environmental Working Group’s 2019 Dirty Dozen list. So when you buy kale, always make sure it’s organic.

  • Citrus Fruits (lemons and limes) — Aside from the tangy flavor and acidity they add to your dishes, citrus fruits also add a wealth of nutrients to your food, as they are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and flavonoids that can bring about many health benefits. For example, a 2014 Japanese study suggested that ingesting lemons daily may have a positive effect against high blood pressure levels.

A 2015 study also noted that citrus fruits have “anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antimicrobial and anti-allergy effects.” They also exhibit neuroprotective, hepatoprotective and cardiovascular protective effects.    

  • Avocados and bananasAside from adding a creamy texture to smoothies, these two fruits are loaded with magnesium and potassium, among other nutrients. One study noted that the dietary potassium from both these fruits may help protect your heart from disease. Published in the journal JCI Insight, the  study found avocados and bananas could help reduce your risk of atherosclerosis and minimize the chances of having arterial blockages. ,


To add an extra boost of flavor and more nutrients to your homemade smoothies or juices ,add a dash or two of herbs and spices. Cayenne and black pepper add some kick, while ginger provides a refreshing flavor and fragrance. Mint gives your drink a cooling sensation, which is  perfect for hot days.  

Check out these delicious drinks you can make at home:


Blueberry mint smoothie recipe
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 2

2 cups frozen organic blueberries
1 cup water
1 cup fresh mint leaves
1 avocado, peeled and pitted
1/2 cup orange juice
2 teaspoons lemon juice


  • Blend blueberries, water, mint leaves, avocado, orange juice and lemon juice in a blender until smooth.

(Recipe from AllRecipes.com )



Mango piña colada smoothie recipe

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 4

1 mango, peeled, seeded and cubed
1 1/4 cups ice cubes
3/8 teaspoon of Stevia
1 1/4 cups pineapple juice
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 (14-ounce) can coconut milk


  • Place the mango cubes, ice, sugar, pineapple juice, cream and coconut milk into a blender. Puree until smooth, pour into glasses and serve.

(Recipe from AllRecipes.com )



Kale and turmeric smoothie recipe        

Prep Time:  5 minutes
Servings: 1

6 ice cubes
1 cup organic almond milk
1 banana
3 kale leaves, large stems discarded, leaves chopped
1/4 cup flax seed
2 tablespoons peeled, chopped fresh ginger
2 tablespoons peeled, chopped fresh turmeric root
1 tablespoon organic almond butter
1/4 teaspoon stevia or 2 tablespoons monk fruit sweetener
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper


  • Blend ice cubes, almond milk, banana, kale, flax seed, ginger, turmeric root, almond butter, stevia powder, cayenne pepper and ground black pepper together in a blender until smooth.


(Recipe From AllRecipes.com )



Banana, avocado and spinach smoothie recipe
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 2

1 banana, sliced
1/2 avocado, peeled and sliced
1/2 cup fresh spinach
1/2 cup organic milk
6 ice cubes
2 teaspoons monk fruit sweetener
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  • Blend banana, avocado, spinach, milk, ice cubes, monk fruit sweetener and vanilla extract together in a blender until smooth.

(Recipe from AllRecipes.com )

Remember: Buy fresh, high-quality and organic ingredients

To ensure that you’re getting the most out of the fresh produce you buy, it’s best to buy  organic whenever possible. Choosing organic products is one of the top ways to proactively take control of your health. Not only are you reducing your toxic burden by staying away from pesticides, but you’re also supporting safer and healthier agricultural practices.

Again, make sure to check the EWG’s most recent Dirty Dozen list so you’ll know which foods are best consumed organic. Alternately, you can also look at their Clean Fifteen list — these are the top produce that have very little pesticide contamination, making them OK to purchase conventional when needed.

An introduction to celiac disease

Celiac disease may seem like a modern affliction connected with food antigens introduced into the human diet in the past few decades, but it actually dates back to the 1st century A.D., when the Greek physician Aretaeus of Cappadocia took note of a condition that inhibited the retention of food and caused it to pass through the stomach undigested. He called this condition “koiliakos” (derived from “koelia,” the Greek word for abdomen), and patients with this illness were called celiacs.1

Over the years, there have been many breakthroughs regarding celiac disease. These include Dr. Samuel Gee’s publication of its first clear description in 1888,2 Dr. Margot Shiner’s finding of a diagnostic technique for the illness3 and Dr. Ludvig Sollid’s discovery of genes associated with the disease.4

Defining celiac disease

Celiac disease is a serious genetic and autoimmune disorder wherein the small intestine becomes damaged (particularly in the lining called the villi) due to the consumption of a protein called gluten, which is found in grains like wheat, rye and barley. This disorder goes by other names, such as celiac sprue, coeliac disease (particularly in the U.K.), nontropical sprue and gluten sensitive enteropathy.5,6

How prevalent is celiac disease?

A 2018 meta-analysis published in the journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology analyzed studies published between January 1991 and March 2016 from various parts of the world, including Asia, North and South America, Africa, Europe and Australia, to determine the global prevalence of celiac disease.7

The researchers were able to conclude that “the pooled global prevalence of celiac disease was 1.4% in 275,818 individuals” based on blood tests, whereas the “global prevalence of biopsy-confirmed celiac disease was 0.7%.” The results also show that “the prevalence values for celiac disease were 0.4% in South America, 0.5% in Africa and North America, 0.6% in Asia and 0.8% in Europe and Oceania.”8

The researchers also found that celiac disease is more likely to affect women than men, and is more prevalent in children than in adults.9

You can effectively manage this disease

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with celiac disease, a lifelong adherence to a strict gluten-free diet is your best course of action, according to the Celiac Disease Foundation.10

Living a gluten-free lifestyle has become quite popular today, and even famous personalities like actresses Zooey Deschanel and Emmy Rossum and TV host Elisabeth Hasselbeck claim to follow this diet or at least have minimized their intake of gluten.11 Be aware, though, this diet is not just a fad, as going gluten-free could greatly benefit those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.12

Find out the best food choices you should make for a gluten-free diet in these Celiac Disease pages. You’ll also discover more information about the different symptoms of this disease, as well as home remedies and techniques you can employ to lower your risk of developing this condition.


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By Lisa Renee,

Dear Ascending Family,

In the world’s religions and practice based spiritual traditions, at the higher levels when a complete life commitment has been secured, a type of theological turnaround is often introduced.  All the ascending aspirations toward cultivating virtue and purity are cast aside as naive beginner level beliefs for the masses, to be replaced by the highly secret and real accomplishment, which is to hold onto spirit while breaking all the rules and precepts of the tradition. This is often posed as a challenge for the spiritual adept, that to see God in goodness is only half the path, but to see God in darkness is believed to be where you gain real spiritual power.  Of course, the true intent is to move someone from the ascending path to the descending path with their full consent and participation, to be bound and siphoned by parasitic forces. In occult traditions based on increasing personal power, this descending path is often the starting point.  This is called the left-hand path and is used by the NAA through deception, to create consciousness traps and the Baphomet fields are used against humanity to block ascension.

Although most left path occultists and atheists are told that Baphomet is nothing more than a symbolic representation of the Universal synthesis of polarities, the alchemical process unifying light and dark that occurs during the Magnum Opus or spiritual ascension, this innocuous depiction is a grossly inaccurate deception. It is accurate to say that in the co-existence of light and darkness, life and the death passage are ultimately two sides of the same spiritual coin that are inseparable from each other in this matter realm. However, this basic awareness of the Natural Laws that include the cosmological understanding of Dualism, the Law of Polarity, as represented in the Baphomet Deception, is precariously incomplete without the comprehension that humanity is also actively enduring a consciousness war involving intruding groups.

The lack of information available about lunar forces, parasitic spiritual entities and the NAA contributes to the spreading of misinformation about the nature of dualism, which is being integrated into the popular occultist narrative that carries out the Baphomet Deception. The general concepts that describe the meaning of Baphomet symbolism and its moral dualism is a feature that is commonly found in Gnosticism, Hermeticism and in many other esoteric spiritual teachings and religions. It is the belief in the necessity of the great conflict that exists between the benevolent and the malevolent, and to ultimately find transcendence beyond them, the point of unification or zero point that exists between the forces of light and dark.

Yet, to more deeply comprehend the nature of reality on the earth at this time, we must go beyond moral dualism, beyond the existence of dark and light, and also consider the implications of hidden mind control and machinery from non-human entities that are targeting the population without their consent or knowledge. We are all being exposed to covert biological weapon systems designed to implant thoughts and belief systems into the collective consciousness, intended to merge organic energy systems with alien based artificial intelligence technologies, as this is related to the NAA transhumanist agendas. It is important to understand that artificial intelligence technology cannot assimilate the first cause of eternal light, however, when a form is fallen into gender reversals and goes into dark flowering, this energetic state creates an inner vacuum like a black hole that can be sucked into larger matrices of collective reversal current to be harvested by parasitic lunar forces. The Baphomet networks are designed to run lunar reversals into the male and female gender fin (lightbody) and distort the 2D sacral centers and sexual organs to become filled with parasitic forces. The larger collective consciousness matrices of reversal current are called metatronic or bi-wave reversals, and this entropic state has been caused from the abuse of AI technology, which further generates an assortment of waste products like miasma. The toxic miasma is made of black plasma substance which can then be assimilated for powering up the artificially generated fields via the phantom AI timelines or the Beast Machine.

This has been the ultimate goal for the NAA during the end times of the Ascension cycle in this realm, in which the lunar forces perpetuating the Baphomet Deception play an intrinsic part. This loophole of bending the energetic laws through embedded artificial machinery that generates dead light and shadow forms into artificially generated timelines, is a method used to capture solar light consciousness streams, mental maps and soul bodies. However, the entire matrix of the planetary body has in large part, been recently stabilized through consciousness corridors that lead into organic timelines that exist without the consciousness oppression of alien technology. Still, the traumatizing impacts made against the entire collective soul body and mental matrices must be more deeply considered, when looking at the causality and energetic signature of the Baphometfields more closely.

As Starseeds or spiritual initiates intending to become awakened to the accurate and true nature of this reality, we must see the war over consciousness playing out in the everyday world and transcend the lies and deceptions to overcome our personal fears, in order to gain the direct spiritual knowledge of experiential Gnosis. Gnosticism has been intentionally associated with the symbolic images of the Baphomet, an anti-life reversal of the dark mother principle, manifested through the lower 2D demonic hierarchies that answers to the Serpent Queen Demon force that is conjured and projected through the archetypal Lilith. Thus, it must be clarified that the Baphomet was designed as an intentional anti-Christos-Sophia emanation, used to pervert hierogamic union and inner sacred marriage through sexual energy harvesting and exploitation of human beings. Baphomet rituals were spread on the earth through a secret pact of blasphemy and sacrilege designed to utterly destroy the Christos-Sophia architecture, made popular through the teachings and practices of the Luciferian Knights Templars for over 9,500 years.  The Baphomet Deceptionwas mainly carried out by the Luciferian Knights Templars in order to distort and twist the original Gnostic teachings from the Christos Essene Templars, the blue flame grail lines of the original 12 Essene Tribes. From the earliest Luciferian Templar sects, this signature was promoted over many generations to be adopted into Islam and to pervade the Satanic sects, in which it became the Church of Satan’s GOAT (god of all things) symbolism.

Gnosis illuminates the energetic source field behind all material creations whether artificial, alien or organic, and educates us in the differences that exist between them. We cannot place our trust in mass deceptions and tricksters in the mainstream, believing in the dark entity lunar creations which use artificial machinery to mind control the population, in order for us to accept and normalize spiritual abuse and slavery, while siphoning humanity’s soul light. To maintain sanity and achieve clarity within an integrated multidimensional spiritual identity, we must strengthen our ability to determine the quality of the world of forces that are all around us. Discerning between those activities and behaviors which are spiritually healthy for developing our consciousness body into light, versus those activities and behaviors which are spiritually abusive, creating harm to our consciousness body. The conjuring of the Baphomet network contains some of the most dark and depraved energies, as they are anti-human and intentionally designed to exploit and use humanity’s pain and suffering, that are caused from the deepest sexual wounds and shadows resulting from the inner gender split. The Baphomet network is built on the foundation of human suffering, immense pain, raping and re-traumatizing the human soul in order to get the masses to reject God’s spirit through the personal suffering of the gender split. The moment in the timeline invasion when our species lost our other half and lost the ability to embody and fulfill sacred marriage.

When we cannot tell the difference between light and dark in the world of forces, we become lost and confused souls. We are beaten down by the oceanic tidal waves that are formed from the distorted reversal networks running lunar and AI black forces, hidden in the ley lines of the earth. One of the most important anti-life reversal currents designed for gaining material power for the Satanic and Luciferian cult lifestyle, preferred by the Thothian Leviathan Power Elite, is harvesting sexual energy.  Harvesting the collective net result of human suffering and pain, collected as the sexual energy power source that is the Baphomet network.

Baphomet Network in Parallel Fallen System

To understand the Baphomet field, first we must recognize that everything we see manifested, as well as the quality of creational forces, is governed through an instruction set in a larger system of collective energy. This instruction set is located in a higher dimensional field or parallel system, which acts as the blueprint of that type of consciousness to become manifest in the lower plane of matter. The instruction set for the Baphomet network on the earth plane actually originates in the parallel fallen system and anti-particle layers. This is where the morphogenetic fields exist that generate the actual position and movement of timelines and timeline stacks for our Universal Time Matrix from the 8D Galactic Core. Travelling through the 8D Galactic Core leads into a further parallel fallen Universe that is called Wesedrak, which is the home of the Black Hole entities. This fallen parallel system had systematically captured Solar Logos Female body parts from our Universal system, and that Solar energy capture has been used to construct the multiple levels of a black cube matrix system used to run the Baphomet network and its lunar consciousness streams into the earth body. Emerald Order Guardian Host reconnaissance mission to retrieve Solar Logos Female Melchizedek bodies and fallen female Krystic identity aspects from the parallels, that had been used for Satanic reversals in the dark matter template, have recently been made possible as sections of the Baphomet network from this parallel system location are being dismantled.

The timeline stacks are connected into positions of time vectors and dimensional spaces, and as the consciousness evolves through the mechanism of the Cosmic Clock it is supposed to run upon the principles of the governing Solar Logos body and its Law of Gender that represent the Aeonic Pair. After the Female Solar Logos body of Tiamat was exploded, a satellite Moon was brought into our Solar system and this became an astral plane and solar light harvesting machine, run in the Lunar Matrix. The Cosmic Clock is that celestial mathematical instrument which defines the Cosmic entity and its Gender Principle moving through each of the timelines in the Astrological Precessions, as it explores the nature and consciousness themes of that particular Aeon. The Aeons are governed by Solar Logos pairs always born as masculine and feminine, each of which is in itself a divine Cosmic principle, yet, at the same time when unified represent one aspect of the Godhead. Essentially, the Female Solar Logos that is the Aeonic principle for governing the Cosmic Clock in our Universal System was captured and pulled into the fallen system of Wesedrak. The Female Aeonic principle was removed from our system in order to power up their artificial reality and phantom systems. Her capture enabled the broadcasting of the Lunar matrix as the fallen female principle replacement, which emanated the lunar conscious streams of the Dark Mother or Lilith archetype, to continue to populate the earth with fallen forms. A fallen form in this context means a consciousness body that cannot ascend, but has become trapped in matter.

The main source of the Baphomet network is designed to reprogram the Aeon’s pathway through the Astrological Precession into phantom matrices, rerouted through the distorted zodiacal laws transmitting negative polarity from the Astral plane and Lunar matrix. This particular black cube quantum server network is found in multiple supercomputers that use artificial intelligence programs designed by the Black Hole entities. These exist in the 8D gates on the Galactic Plane which manipulate female principle creations into the governing magnetic structures of the Lunar matrix. This manipulation of the organic solar principle into lunar, was purposed to enslave the collective solar feminine principle of Sophia. From this position in the 8D Galactic Center, they harvested magnetism and lunar forces in the collective astral body or astral plane, to replicate the position of the Solar Logos body throughout timelines. They then programmed these harvested forces, inserting AI inverted versions of realities or holographic inserts to project the male and female consciousness principles into bi-wave creations, which when inverted become lunar forces or anti-Christ creations. The result of the Lunar matrix and Baphomet machinery is to gender split the actual Solar Body, filling up the 2D sexual areas with lunar forces. In this way, the disembodied soul fragments are used to reprogram the Aeonic Pairing into supporting the continual growth of the anti-Christ consciousness streams, the birth of demonic hierarchies and the ongoing spreading of parasitic lunar forces that make up the NAA groups.

Thus, the main blueprint for the Baphomet field is run on lunar forces generated by the dark mother reversals and the solar fragments of the Sophianic body that became trapped in the earth’s dark matter template, as the result of the Orion 8D Portal Invasion. From this point in the timeline, AI technology was set into perpetual motion to assimilate realities from the damaged 8th Stargate in the Galactic Center, where the NAA had gained dominion to control access in and out of the North and South Pole. They gradually brought assorted alien machinery down from the 8th Stargate through an inorganic vertical wormhole, an artificial structure they built with programmable reversal elementals. Once completed, they installed this into the vertical axis of the planet and this is called the Yahweh Matrix.

The Baphomet field or black box quantum server network exists in the wormhole, which leads to the event horizon at the point in the timeline when the 8th Stargate was invaded.  As a result, the Planetary Staff and Solar Logos imploded, creating the 23-degree wobble in the earth axis. The Baphomet network relies on the functioning of the 23-degree wobble and the Lunar matrix acting as the Dark Mother. Together they maintain the artificial female gender principle body that is governed by the inorganic four directions of the Yahweh Matrix set into the Cosmic Clock. As the planetary architecture is shifting during the magnetic peak cycle, it finally allows Guardian Host access into these instruction sets and into the core black box server of the extensive Baphomet Network and all of its complex Lunar matrix infrastructure that is located in the 8D anti-particle layers.

Baphomet Fields in the Earth

On the earth, the Baphomet current is an astral energy and lunar force grid that operates as an anti-Christos reversal current network that is used to invert lower astral forces and collective sexual creative energies. The purpose is designed to mock and defile the true androgynous representation of the Solar Logos Christos-Sophia embodiment, to misrepresent its image, pervert sacred sexual union and prevent true spiritual hierogamic union on the earth. In some cases, the symbol of Baphomet is indoctrinated into the left path initiates, as the representation of the hermetic path of spiritual initiation that is required in order to evolve into a vehicle of light. This means to connect with Baphomet intentionally in order to build the androgynous rainbow body, in which the spiritualist may return back into the source of divinity. This is an obvious deception when tracking Baphomet streams and noting its energy signature is comprised of astral debris and lunar forces that are filled with demonic entities and shadow creatures.  For others, Baphomet is a symbol of worshipping the sexual organs as the source of regenerative powers, fusing ritual with tortuous pain while inciting sexual arousal, in order to conjure group sexual energy as a form of power. In these groups this energy is intentionally directed into manifesting one’s personal desires and agendas.

These destructive narratives that Baphomet rituals are somehow supportive to gain spiritual enlightenment, are perpetuated as outright lies designed as spiritual abuses by the NAA to corrupt the lightbody and gain control over those attempting to find deeper truth by exploring the occult sciences. Instead, the Baphomet deception is carried out by the NAA to intentionally damage the human lightbody, to be unknowingly groomed as a vessel for carrying lunar forms, such as lower demonic spirits, assorted negative attachments and energy parasites. Parasitic entities require a light source in a host, to continue to survive. They mask themselves in the false light that they have stolen as loosh from the collective astral body fragments of humanity. These lower dark entities that feed from the source of the Baphomet reversal current do not generate light from within themselves. They cannot produce light, they can only steal and harvest light from those human souls and spirits on the earth that produce and generate inner light from within their ensouled or activated lightbody. Energetic parasites, such as demonic or shadow creatures and NAA entities are pleased to find a human host to attach to during the rituals that conjure and evoke the assortment of bottom feeder dark forces that comprise the global Baphomet network.

The Hermetic signature of Thoth is clearly visible in the Baphomet figure with the snake symbolism of the Caduceus erected in the genital region. This is the mockery in the hidden symbol used for the purpose of splitting apart the gender principle in the human lightbody, into reversal currents that feed into the Baphomet forces. The Caduceus is a parasitic alien network used to generate reversal plasma fields that feed flows into sprouting the demon seed in the shadow body, enforcing the lower 2D-4D split that cast negative forms in the astral body of humanity.  The Caduceus geometry was an extension used to anchor in the human Lightbody to align with the reversal systems connecting back into the black star Abaddon, and to connect through the 7D Crucifixion Implants and the related networks. Thus, it was also used to bring the Qlippoth currents from the Black Tree of Life architecture to systematically override the organic architecture of the 12 Tree Grid and install artificial machinery and false memory earth timelines.

Christos Starseed gridworkers perceive and help to clean up the lunar forms and black miasmatic sludge that makes up the toxic brew of the harvested sexual energies, used in the 2D collective unconsciousness streams and 4D astral debris that form into the Baphomet fields. These lower astral plane and elemental forces are directly related to the promotion of black magic sorcery, sexual misery programming and the propagation of misogyny on the earth. These are enforced by the NAA’s Archontic Deception Strategies to maintain the 2D-4D split in the soul body layers. The Baphomet fields are what power up black magic grids and direct reversal current to the Satanists or Luciferians, in order to better manifest their desires on the earth plane at the expense of stealing other’s sexual energies and astral layers. Essentially, the Baphomet reversal currents running in the 2D layers are another consciousness weapon used to enslave human beings by manipulating the magnetic field and dark female principle via the Lunar matrix. These reversals are inverting their sexual energies and generating descending serpent fire, or a reversed kundalini flow from the tailbone fetal cells. Descending serpent fire means the kundalini current in the tailbone drains out of the perineum into the lower 1D-2D fields to be siphoned out by lower astral plane bottom feeders. Essentially this means the soul and monadic consciousness of that individual is being eaten and consumed by others.

Thus, the Baphomet network is a lower 2D astral current infrastructure made of collective unconsciousness, lunar forces and sexual energy streams that are embedded in the earth grid. It is fed upon by a massive gestalt of bottom feeder energy parasites in a vast demonic fallen hierarchy that exist within many phantom pockets.  The assortment of forces become a mishmash comprised from a myriad of combined dark and chaotic forces from the lower astral layers, such as the demonic gestalt forms of Leviathan and Behemoth, shadow creatures, astral sewage and Qlippoth current from the Black Tree of Life. Satanic and Luciferian rituals are designed to contact the sentient intelligence existing within the astral sewage in order to evoke and conjure these chaotic dark forces for an assortment of negative ego purposes. They are also designed to heighten addiction webbing in order to promote experiences of deep sensual pleasures through materialism. These collective shadow forces exist within the Qlippoth and dead light structures of the Black Tree of Life, the negative forms and dead energy shells that are generated by the subconscious layers of humanity and its elemental substance and are then assimilated into artificial realities or cloned shadow aspects. Further, these substances are physical forces that are harvested by NAA black magicians for gaining control over the masses by using sorcery in black magic and assorted covert technology, that is programmed to alter mental perceptions and belief systems that fit into the Archontic Deception Strategy narrative.

Christos Essene Templar Gnosticism

Today, Gnosticism generally refers to a set of specific religious doctrines on spirituality that were discovered in 1945 in Nag Hammadi, which were early Christian texts banned from the canonized bible. Prior to this discovery, little was known about the Gnostic beliefs and the interpretation of the content that is included in their religious doctrines is still very controversial in academic circles. Gnostics engaged with spiritual ascension initiation rites in order to create a direct relationship with the eternal source of God, knowing the inner spark of divinity existed within the heart of humanity, in which the inner spark is consubstantial with the Godhead.

Christos Essene Gnostics walked the path of Gnosis where the spiritual goal was to consciously travel through the dimensional spheres in the Tree of Life in order to separate light from darkness through the process of purification, achieving inner sacred marriage and personification of the ultimate wisdom inherent in Sophianic consciousness. Sophia is the Solar Logos embodied aspect of the Holy Mother, she is the Holy Daughter emanation that lives in the Holy Spirit, the loving wife of Christos along with holding the shared title of the Cosmic Christos-Sophia. She is the spiritualized feminine principle of the Cosmic Solar body which holds the keys that open the gateways into the God worlds. One must embody Sophianic consciousness to access the timeless and eternal wisdom of the Universe. She who holds the true knowledge and power in the secrets of animating creation as the prima materia itself, the divine quintessence that breathes eternal life into form. Sophia is an emanation that sources directly from the Godhead, the Christos Solar feminine, and holds the wisdom aspect of perceiving the ultimate truth spirit that exists inside all things. The gifts of Sophianic solar wisdom are imparted through the gateway within the blossoming of the sacred crystal heart. Her sacred song breathes light which ignites the divine spark of God within the ascending human, who then truly learns that Unconditional Love for creation is the Law. Essentially, this means we are unable to access pure knowledge and wisdom from within our heart complex, if we are externally distracted by the mind and the physical body’s sensations of materialism. Thus, Sophiology as the worship of the solar female aspect of the Christos, is the inner revelation of the Godhead’s wisdom as it has been imparted to humanity, to love your Mother and Father equally, which has influenced many ancient Essene and Christian mystics over the ages.

As an example, the Hagia Sophia Church in Istanbul saw Sophia as a co-equal with Christ, as an aspect of Christ, before it was seized in the Ottoman invasion and turned into a mosque, imbuing it with lunar influences.

This ancient wisdom of the original Christos Essene Tribes who once possessed the sacred knowledge of the Founder Records and Solar Logos, fell into a perverted decline of black magic sorcery, which included indescribable actions of depravity that became common within the Satanic and Luciferian cult practices. Satanic and Luciferian belief systems and their ritual practices spread more of the same violent consciousness to manifest in the physical realm, as it is desired to corrupt the human soul to become infiltrated with satanic or luciferian consciousness. Therefore, the human soul and physical vessel can be easily controlled and manipulated into consciousness slavery by the NAA.

Luciferian Knights Templar

In preparation for the Universal Gates opening during the Ascension Cycle, the Luciferian Knights Templar have been instrumental in the enforcement of the Atlantian Conspiracy, spreading disinformation about the location and advanced technologies that were used during the Atlantian civilization. For thousands of years, they have effectively carried out crusades and wars that were intended to destroy any artifacts or historical evidence of the Atlantian colonies, as well as distort any remaining evidence of ancient builder technology that was in Atlantis. In order to misdirect public attention, they have spread falsified Atlantian maps in order to lead astray any competing factions desiring to dominate the earth territories by finding and using powerful ancient vortices.

The Luciferian Annunaki races created the Luciferian Knights Templar with another purpose which was to interbreed and hybridize with higher dimensional genetic templates, as they had stolen the genetic code contained in the Founder Records during the Essene massacre. That instruction set for the original Egyptian-Serres based angelic human DNA code on Tara, would be consistently experimented upon in NAA genetic labs, evolving over thousands of years on the earth surface in order to create an elite Luciferian super race bloodline that was intended to replace the original 12 Essene Tribe bloodlines. The goal was to obliterate the genetic key code that existed between the 12 Essene Tribes and their respective Stargates, and to insert imposter genetics through these Luciferian lines that would be able to open the planetary stargates and gain control over them.

The hybridization attempt for creating the super race bloodline was based on the Taran Egyptian Serres prototypes and made from genetic experiments using Ruby Sun DNA templates, that had originated from the Christos founders for the purpose of providing bio-regenesis redemption contracts. Many of these rejected bio-regenesis contracts from the Thothian Annunaki groups became the current incarnation overlay with Indigo 3’s, as this has direct implications to the histories of Nephilim and Nibiruian rehabilitation for reversed 9-11 DNA templates.

However, the Ruby Sun DNA was modified for hosting the Annunaki based reversal DNA template, which allowed Belial Suns to project their consciousness into a body grown in a lab with the Egyptian-Serres Ruby Sun DNA template instruction sets.  These specific Luciferian super race bloodlines were cultivated and initiated into the esoteric Luciferian Knights Templar secret societies, which evolved over time into what would become the origination of Freemasonry. These covert groups became the ground crew to be further manipulated by the Galactic Federation for servicing the Thothian Leviathan agendas for the New World Order or carrying out the Illuminati groups interests on the earth.

Since the Luciferian Knights Templar were established to covertly replace the original Christos Essene Templars and Maji Grail lines on the earth, they asserted their genetic elitism and divine right to rule, thus systematically slaughtering any of the population that did not comply with their agendas. A major timeline trigger event began with the Celtic invasions 9,500 years ago, when the NAA and their Luciferian Knights Templars were first attempting to create a super-race of genetic elites for ruling the earth. This placed the hijacked Egyptian Serres and Ruby Sun DNA through their propagated bloodlines, which evolved into Freemasonry, Knights Templar, Rosicrucian’s, Jesuits, and other secret societies that persist with a similar Thothian slant of hermetic esoteric knowledge. Therefore, the secret societies in power were originally formed by the Luciferian Knights Templar and were ultimately designed to hide the ancient sacred knowledge of humanities true origins from the common people, in order to route them into the guardrails of superstitions, ignorance and organized religion, such as the church of Rome and Islam.

The Luciferian Knights Templar effectively formed a priesthood and created an alliance with the Hyksos Kings and Knights of Malta in the Middle Ages to orchestrate several crusades in order to destroy all evidence of any remaining Essene manuscripts and Atlantian artifacts that included teachings from the original Founder Records. Therefore, the Luciferian Knights Templars were also directly involved with devising the bible narratives during the Council of Nicaea, in forming the cover stories that would be given to the masses about the Christ on the earth. Falsities were used to hide any Christos Essene Templar knowledge that included awareness of the Christos-Sophia Aeonic pairing, ley lines, stargate locations and how to harvest free energy from the power centers in the earth itself. To continue their search for gaining control over the grail stargates and discovering any buried Essene artifacts, it was imperative that the true nature of Christos-Sophia consciousness be distorted into reversals, that patriarchal domination, misogyny, and sexual submission of all females be strictly enforced to feed the Baphomet sexual energy-based structures.  The immense spiritual power inherent in the embodied Solar Christ feminine that is freed of the lunar reversals, and the knowledge of the existence of the female Christ Melchizedeks on the earth, was obliterated from all of the historical records to enforce the dogma of the patriarchal domination narrative as designed by the NAA.

In the historical timelines, they consistently targeted 2nd Stargate Maji Grail lines and Grailkeepers for hijack or elimination, to remove any competition in accessing the main power vortices of collective consciousness in the earth, in which Temple Mount, Jerusalem and Sarasota, Florida were the primary access points.  Thus, to gain control over the main access grail point in North America, the Luciferian Knights Templar were instrumental in the crusades made in conquering the native American tribes, launching a full-scale control agenda for land grabs intending to infiltrate their control systems in America.

In the interim, they were generating the 2D reversal network to continually feed the Baphomet fields existing in the lowest astral layers of the 2D-4D split. This was instrumental to maintain the shadow forms which feed the demon seed, used to fully corrupt the human lightbody into dark flowering. Once the demon seed or dead light reversals have activated the shadow form to take over the lightbody, it can collapse the inner vertical channel, invert the heart complex into a black heart, so that individual is soul captured and easily possessed by an assortment of dark entities.

Therefore, keeping the Baphomet fields active with the spreading and proliferation of satanic ritual abuse, blood sacrifice and sexual depravity, ensured that the earth population would not be able to achieve sacred marriage within and ascend, and that the Sophianic female principle would remain enslaved in dark matter through the alien machinery that runs the Dark Mother reversals.

Gnosticism merged with Kabbalistic Demonology

For these purposes, the Luciferian sects combined their interpretation of Gnostic mysteries with kabalistic demonology, to be translated into the opposing path of mystical Catharism in which they could achieve a magical practice or sorcery. Once the Gnostic mysteries were interpreted and then inverted into black magic ritual practices of rigorous debauchery and defilement, nothing was regarded as illicit. Any perverted action that violated others was considered acceptable and hence established the very nature of their Luciferian cult belief systems and religion, as practiced through the Knights Templar or related secret society. Through the choice of perverted actions intentionally evoking spiritually abusive behaviors during black magic rituals, this allows the lower astral forces to be evoked where the physical vessel of a human being or the group ritualists are opened to being possessed or attached to by lower dark spirits. These dark spirits operate in a hierarchy and are interested in power and control, thus the more powerful the person is on the earth, the more powerful the NAA representative or a ‘Prince of Hell” from the Ars Goetia Demons would be to use that human body as a dark portal through which to carry out their agendas. Today, some Satanists actually desire to conjure an Ars Goetia demon for possession of their lightbody, as they believe it will augment them or give them superhuman powers in which they consider to be an exalted state. It should be fully understood that the state of possession is consciousness slavery, which includes mental bondage and blood covenants to serve demonic hierarchies, as well as soul bindings made to the material reality in time.

The experience gained on earth through direct Gnosis reveals the deeper comprehension that the material world we live in today, is the amalgamation and consequence of the cause and effect that has been accumulated over many astrological ages of evolution between the original Christos Essene Tribe bloodlines and the invading groups insertion of artificial technologies through the Luciferian Fallen Angelic Serpent bloodlines. This could be comparable to knowing that both Christos Templar God forces, and the Anti-Christ Templar forces are competing bloodlines that have been directly involved in the co-creation of the organic and inorganic architecture and related instruction sets that make up the material reality in the earth timelines, as we currently experience it in the macrocosm.

Thus, it is possible that we can perceive the existential internal struggle that exists in those born into amnesia, disconnected from the awareness of soul and unable to perceive their direct relationship with the eternal God source, and that some are desperate to seek occult knowledge at any price. In order to escape the material prison of the earth, they attempt to find the secret knowledge that allows them to escape the cycle of death and reincarnation by claiming a form of temporary immortality for themselves, with many willing to partake in blood sacrifice to achieve their aims. Ultimately, through the many egoic filters that shape the different factions of these secret societies that have been split off from the original Gnostic Templar teachings, the main goal has always been to achieve personal immortality and to somehow become exempt from the consequences of God’s natural laws, as their long-term agenda.

To gain self-mastery in navigating the world of these chaotic forces, to achieve ultimate spiritual liberation, each person will need to make a clear and decisive choice in what they choose as their consent to higher authority. When seeking truth in its highest expression, it becomes possible to hold the higher knowledge of these spiritual forces in perfect neutrality and in harmony with Oneness. It is intimately knowing that the truth spirit of Christos-Sophia and a pure heart filled with unconditional love is the only pathway that leads to spiritual freedom and eternal Godhood.

The meaning of Baptism in Baphomet

The Greek translation of Baphomet breaks down into bafe (baptism) and metis (wisdom), referenced in the earliest Masonic source “Craft Symbolism in the Gnostic Mass”, which is understood in the context of a baptism by fire-water. This is similar to the belief that Lucifer is the light bringer in the Luciferian Doctrine, and so Baphomet is also associated in occult ritual to bring to the ritualist astral light and birth the divine wisdom of the spirits to bring one’s personal desires into manifestation. For similar purposes, the Gnostic Mass was later adapted and inverted by Crowley for conjuring sexual black magic via contacting the Baphomet network, laying the groundwork for lunar forces to feed off the black magic grids that are designed to support globally practiced Satanism.

Thoth’s influence throughout Hermeticism presented teachings that inferred a soul being born into the physical matter world was a form of punishment through a baptism of fire, in which pains of the flesh are experienced throughout life no matter what path is chosen. The hermetic teachings easily convey an influence of superimposed moral nihilism, a slant towards service to self-preservation because it is believed that God has abandoned the soul to the painful fleshly experience. This is an example of Thoth’s manipulation tactics made via the Hegelian Dialectic, to fabricate solutions that lead people into the guardrails of deception. Normalizing pain and human suffering and the lack of accountability towards one’s own actions, that generate grievous harm and are the main causes that increase the suffering in the world.

The Luciferian Knights Templar interpreted some of the Essene Gnostic knowledge given in the Hermetic teachings in order to conjure the demonic spirits that were believed to baptize wisdom into the head or mind, attempting to mimic and perform the same rituals inverted into black mass in order to achieve their agenda.  Hermetic concepts influenced the Knights Templar in that they believed they were seeking a baptism of wisdom in the bowl of the mind, as represented by a skull or head as a ceremonial bowl, in which their head could actually absorb the contents that was relayed from the intelligence of the Universal Mind.

Traditionally in ancient times, the act of baptism was considered a sacrament of the moon and fertility goddess in which worshippers underwent an immersion into water ritual or would take part in washing rites of spiritual initiation.  With the development of Christianity, it was said that John the Baptist used water baptism as the central sacrament which became a Christian rite of admission and adoption into the Church, usually with the use of water poured over the head, used for the purpose of ‘christening’. Baptism is generally considered to be a form of rebirth by water and the spirit, to give birth to a new spiritual creation within the body and to become stamped with the spiritual seal of the Church.

During black magic ritual, the act of possession of the human body is also referred to as a ‘baptism of spirit’ which is actually an initiation pact being made with the devil archetype (satanic or luciferian forces), in which the Baphomet forces contain the consciousness stream of these assorted parasitic astral forces and demonic entities. Depending on the type of occult order, black mass or black magic rituals are used for conjuring Baphomet and can include an assortment of depraved activities like human or blood sacrifices, sexual magic or orgies, sodomy and the deliberate infliction of great physical pain and terror on those being initiated or possessed. With Black mass or black magic rituals, everything is done backwards to invert the meaning of the ritual, which evokes the Law of Reversal and attracts the anti-life forces.

The point of spiritual attachment or possession, when contact is made with Baphomet astral forces is referred to by black magicians or occultists as the baptism of wisdom, which is considered desirable in this context. The state of mind which incites spiritual possession of the human body is commonly thought to be the desirable result for many occult groups, some believing this state to be a holy spirit possession, while others are purposely desiring to evoke demonic powers. In this context, evoking demonic powers through blood sacrifice is the attempt to create dark spirit servants that can be bound in such ways that they are compelled to do the magicians bidding and serve his will from the astral plane. When these bindings are made, this bond of servitude continues with or without a physical body.

The ultimate purpose of black magic ritual is sorcery, which is to gain control and influence over others in the environment, and to be able to influence your personal will and manifestation into the physical world at the expense of those groups that are considered to be undesirable, ignorant or the slave class.

Secret Pact of Blasphemy and Sexual Degeneracy

Naturally, over thousands of years the NAA influenced certain ceremonies in their preferred bloodlines involving the complete loss of control of impulses through participating in excessive levels of intoxication, blood lust, frenzy and sexual degeneracy in order to reverse the direction of the lightbody’s natural sexual energy current. As mentioned, the goal of these degenerate actions during rituals is to ultimately reverse the pain and pleasure centers in the human bio-neurology, so that the person experiences pleasure when in pain, or when they are torturing others to feel immense pain.

The sexual misery overlay was introduced through the lunar forces, used to conflate and misrepresent the concept of spiritual sacred marriage or hierogamic union with random acts of perverted sexual rites in which the occultists studying distorted Gnostic texts would become increasingly obsessed with the interpretation of its erotic symbolism. Much of the symbolism used during this time of the Luciferian Knights Templar inversion of Gnostic practices was designed to pervert the male-female current into running gender splitting reversals. This involves snakes and serpents that symbolize the male and female demonic counterparts portrayed in many erotic poses, some supposedly representing the ‘genital wisdom’ of Gnosis as being achieved through the worshipping of these demonic forces. The ancient belief system in genital wisdom being responsible for achieving Gnosis, helps to educate the public to better comprehend the reasons Satanism and Luciferian cults tend to encourage sexual depravity or condone a range of random sex acts in their rituals, and in some cases include the use of children.

Azazael is represented as the goat demon that presides over the entire demonic hierarchy to facilitate sexual intercourse and arrange sexual partners, to intentionally defile the inner sacred marriage of Christos-Sophia, via the propagation of attachments of anti-Christ entities. Sex magic, orgies, and black magic rituals symbolize hermaphroditic figures with the caduceus, the twin serpent symbolism is representative of the male and female demons, Black Queen Lilith and Samael the Black. These are intended to be the anti-Christ versions or anti-hierogamic unions, that propagates its decadence through assorted permutations of sexual misery programming. Black Lilith is equated with a large variety of female demons, succubus entities, and is also the mother of birthing many demons or shadow creatures from lunar forces. Azazael and Samuel are sometimes represented interchangeably, or Azazael is the High Priest presiding over Black Lilith’s and Samuel’s copulation during satanic ritual. These demonic forces are evoked and attached within the ritual participants and through the group’s sexual co-creation with these demonic forces, as the Satanic consciousness stream forms into the astral energy signature which forms the grotesque structure of the Baphomet streams. During the sexual ritual that unites the anti-Christ demon lovers, if this produces a child, the blood sacrifice of the infant is believed to be the harbinger of the Apocalypse, bringing catastrophes to the earth that finally end this fallen realm. For in some of the ancient Gnostic texts, it was taught that at the end of the world, everything within it would be completely dissolved and returned to God.

Thus, over the ages Satanists and Luciferians used distortions of Gnostic rites while cultivating the twisted notion that sexual abuse of children and animals was somehow spiritually enlightening on the path of achieving Gnosis and bringing on the Apocalypse, choosing to experience what they referred to as genital wisdom, as their secret inner doctrine of desecration. The actual procreation of a child through these sexual rituals was to be recycled in yet another blood ritual for magical purposes, of rituals within rituals which magnify power, which was considered a sacred act to the Anti-Christ.

The point is comprehending that the black magic rituals as promoted by the NAA groomed Luciferian Knights Templar that eventually infiltrated many occult or secret societies, is actually not Gnosticism, but are perverted beliefs and twisted deviations that have saturated these groups with soul sickness. The decline of consciousness during the dark ages contributed to the misrepresentation of Gnostic texts by converting them into sexual rituals, which digressed further into satanic black mass and sex magic rituals which ultimately have nothing to do with true Essene Christos Templar Gnosticism.

Black Magicians in the NAA understood how to get human beings to invert their sexual energies so that it ran backwards in the opposite direction, to generate descending serpent fire an easily parasitized form of loosh. Essentially, this is for the purpose of inverting a human being’s sexual energy so that it runs out of the perineum channels and into the lower dimensional fields. Thus, it is much easier to siphon by negative spirit attachments or the energetic parasites of the NAA that are manipulating that person to partake in spiritually destructive behaviors.

During OTO Gnostic mass ritual, the final ritual act is performed with sex magic, culminating with intercourse between the naked priest and priestess on top of the altar of worship while the congregation is present. The Baphomet forces possess human bodies through the gateway of Azazael, Black Queen Lilith and anti-Christ entities, so that an assortment of demonic spirits can have intercourse with each other through the human host bodies.

Knights Templar and Freemasons

The historical relationship between the Freemasons and Knights Templar have been mostly contentious, based on the reoccurring accusations made within both of these organizations that their members are participating in anti-Christ or harmful Luciferian occult rituals. However, these organizations are inexorably linked throughout the many mutual influences made in their historical timeline connections that propagate the occult sciences, through the Luciferian Covenant made thousands of years ago. Like all secret societies, the Freemasons and Knights Templars had two doctrines, one that was hidden and reserved for the Masters, and the other teachings that were made available to the public, which was by and large controlled by the Church of Rome.

Albert Pike wrote in the handbook for Scottish Rite Freemasons citing that Baphomet is the magical force of the Universe that was venerated by the ancients in secret rites because it was believed that it is the base of all physical powers in which to gain perfect control over the world of forces. Pike is a controversial figure that was also a Brigadier General of the Confederate States Army and was instrumental in organizing the first white supremacy movement in the United States that formed into the Ku Klux Klan. Pike was later the strategist for establishing Masonic Supreme Councils in tactical places throughout the world, in which these branches were used to gather intelligence and were positioned for hosting many of the Illuminati’s activities since the late 19th century.

To many Freemasons Pike is considered to be a Masonic genius, yet to a large number of people he is viewed as a Luciferian, preaching a secret doctrine hidden from the majority of Masons. However, most Freemasons are adamant to express that Baphomet is not a masonic symbol, nor is it actively being worshiped by Freemasons. Yet, it is important to consider the origins of the foundation built for any large organizations and religions, and to understand the consciousness influences that permeate into the structure, whether known or unknown to those participants.

To understand the mind of the occultist, is to understand that the belief systems they have been fed about the forces of Baphomet, are promoted to contain the ultimate knowledge of self-mastery that can be achieved while incarnated in the physical realm. Mastery over dark and light, synthesis of all polarities in arrangement to the moral relativity that is connected to their personal value system. Thus, in this belief system the goal is to master the Baphomet physical forces in order to achieve the ultimate knowledge and wisdom for manifesting one’s personal desires in the world, at will. The supposed knowledge gained from conjuring the Baphomet forces through the occult rituals or as participating alchemists, has been referred to as gaining the secrets of the nature that is hidden in the world, or that which opens the gateway to the secrets of secrets. Some of these secret society brotherhoods referred to God as the God of All Things, which was turned into the acronym GOAT. Hence, the symbolism of the goat faced demons Baphomet and Pan that have been commonly associated with the horned devil in satanic rituals and occult seals used to evoke demonic powers. One of Pike’s influences was the French occultist, ceremonial magician and author Eliphas Levi who he quoted in his masonic handbook.

Eliphas Levi wrote many early books in which he proclaimed the virtues of Baphomet in ceremonial magic, stating it was the synthesis of all energy that makes up the earth and the heavens, a transcendental power that was capable of performing transmutation on any kind of matter. He felt the common people were too ignorant to redeem themselves, thus he developed his idea of an élite group of initiates that would lead the people to their final emancipation. He illustrated his concepts in the symbolic representation which he called the Baphomet in a book published in 1856, which is the horned devil, and this symbol is still used commonly today. A hundred years later, Anton LaVey and his atheistic Church of Satan adopted the Baphomet symbolism in 1966.

In Levi’s depiction of Baphomet, the goat-man is shown to be seated upon a black stone cube, portraying it with wings, breasts, and an emblazoned pentagram with an Islamic symbol of a lunar crescent on each side flank. This lunar and cube symbolism reflect the ancient sacrificial practices of moon goddess worship that directly connect to the spawn of the dark feminine satanic force of Black Lilith herself. Another depiction of Baphomet is that of the Sigil of Baphomet, wherein the horns, ears and chin of a goat form a pentagram surrounded by five Hebrew glyphs which spell the word Leviathan. In this context it is helpful to research the Beast Machine, Leviathan forces, and the Thothian Leviathans in the Ascension Glossary to find out why that is. To perpetuate the Baphomet Deception, it is further said to be the representation of a perfect human. Levi also illustrated a magical symbol for the Tetragrammaton pentagram connected to the Yahweh Matrix, which he considered to be a symbol of the microcosm, or human being.

These concepts greatly influenced the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which greatly influenced the NAA alien abductee and Thothian poster boy for spreading Satanism on the earth, Aleister Crowley.  Crowley adapted many of Levi’s ideas and took on the Baphomet as his own initiatory name in the Ordo Templi Orientis, Order of Oriental Templars (OTO). Crowley used Islamic terminology when he proclaimed himself as the Caliph of the OTO, which goes back to the Church of Rome’s covert influence in co-creating Islam and furthering its influence on the Luciferian Knights Templars in France during the Middle Ages.

Islamic Influence on Luciferian Knights Templars

Certain factions of the Knights Templars were influenced by esoteric Islamic practices as well as distorted flavors of assorted Gnostic sects during the Middle Ages, in their interpretation and use of the Baphomet representation in hidden ritual practices. The medieval French word used for Muhammad was a derivation of the word Baphomet, as Mahomet was an alternative spelling used in the Middle Ages for the Muslim prophet Mohammed, the supposed founder of Islam that was groomed for position by the Black Sun NAA groups. Therefore, the claims that the Knights Templars in France were worshipping Baphomet in secret rituals also meant, in fact, that some of them had defected and were secret Muslims. Mahomet appears to be derived from its usage in Provence, which was the center of the Cathar Church in France, until the Albigensian Crusade and Inquisition killed or silenced any survivors.

There were beliefs in the Middle East that magical ceremonies could make severed heads act as oracles that would talk to the occultist delivering assorted levels of information and future prophecies. During the thriving era of Thoth cults in Egypt, the black magician would use a mummified head of a firstborn son in magical practice, attempting to make a talking head in which spirits could embody through its vehicle and thus be directed for divination purposes.  The mummified head would be mounted onto the wall overlooking the main altar, or presented on a golden plate, from which it would deliver prophetic messages. Thus, during the Middle Ages some of the factions of Luciferian Knights Templar used mummified heads as their center of black magical rites assigning it as the symbol of the Baphomet, the head which would be used to communicate with these dark spiritual forces.

During the early crusade period, the Church of Rome desperately wanted to gain full control over Jerusalem, not only because of its religious significance to control the population, but because some at the top knew that it was the location of grail stargate. The Church of Rome as run by the Black Suns would not tolerate opposition and thus conspired to create division between the religious groups that saw Jerusalem as their sacred holy place. The Jewish people were their main opposition, and as such they wanted to create a messiah and leader for the Arab and North African population. A new religion was created in order to secure the stargate and Temple Mount for the Black Suns, the architects of Islam. They plucked out a young man for grooming into leadership through intensive training, accompanied with Roman Catholic advisers, and that became the mythos behind a man named Muhammad. Islamic energy architecture has an extensive black cube network in the earth grid transmitting through its mosques and minaret system, which uses lunar force transmissions and provides a massive harvesting supply for the NAA’s Baphomet network.

Islam is described to be an Abrahamic, monotheistic religion, teaching that there is only one God (Allah), and that Muhammad is the messenger of God. It is the world’s second-largest religion with over 1.8 billion followers or 24% of the world’s population, most commonly known as Muslims. Muslims make up a majority of the population in over 50 countries.

The Kaaba is a Black Cube in a building at the center of Islam’s most important mosque, the Great Mosque of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is the most sacred site in Islam. It is considered by Muslims to be the House of God. Wherever they are in the world, Muslims are expected to face the Kaaba when performing the Islamic prayer five times a day, in synch with the daily changes of the lunar calendar.

The themes in this month’s topic are extensively entangled into many different directions, all of which are used to amplify lunar forces, sexual misery and misogyny on the earth for the purpose of female principle torture and subjugation. No matter what our beliefs, this impacts us all. May we be gentle with our hearts when considering and reflecting upon such deep spiritual matters, and come to be unified in peace within a common prayer.

Beloved Holy Mother, please open all channels of eternal crystalline light. Please align us directly into your sacred heart, into your Sophianic body, that leads to your Sophianic wisdom, which has been in the process of returning to this earth. To this living solar consciousness, we hold open our minds, our fleshly body, and our heart to be a sacred and divine vessel for the unconditional love of the Holy Mother, as the divine presence of God would have it be.  And so, it is.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa


Source reference: Alberto Rivera, Former Jesuit.

Source: https://energeticsynthesis.com