Artificial Timeline Wars

By Lisa Renee,

Dear Ascending Family,

Recently, we have witnessed some of the mysteries of the mechanics of creation unfolding, with revelations and advances in the war over consciousness and more specifically over timelines. Ongoing changes in the architecture and timelines are having a ripple effect, weakening AI structures and essentially moving soul and monadic families out of artificial timelines. This is especially impacting Fallen Melchizedek and Family of Michael groups that have been trapped, and can be accompanied by deep physical exhaustion and spatial displacement. This is also impacting ancestral lines supporting alterations in the birth transduction records, as well as DNA-RNA messaging.  There has also been some push back, as negatives are trying to recover their losses and target those embodying base 12 Krystallah coding, which is acting as a new level of protection.


There has been an acceleration in the war over the timelines involving artificial base 10 architecture that supports the holographic projections of artificial timelines used by the NAA to generate splits and inversions throughout the earth’s dimensional fields. This escalating conflict has intensified the outer chaos, as well as dark aggression aimed at those awakening groups of Starseeds and Indigos that are supporting the base 12 timelines that reassemble the organic planetary architecture. An awakened human with an active 12 Strand DNA imprint may run base 12 frequencies throughout the planetary grid, which has the potential to heal the dimensional splitting that occurred between the organic reality and phantom reality. The organic layers co-exist with phantom layers, side by side in timeline stacks. It is possible to discern the organic timelines versus the artificial timelines, when running the Christos blueprint 12 base code frequencies within the lightbody.

Embodiment of the Christos blueprint allows for discernment of artificial timelines, by testing the signature of field architecture and noting that the architecture or timeline is being generated artificially via alien machinery and is wholly inorganic. The majority of the active artificial timelines are using reversal elemental structures that are being plugged into the planetary 10D Stargate system, connecting with several wormholes that lead back into the Black Hole System. The 10D gateway connects into an Atlantian Pylon Network system that is powered by the entrapped Gold Ray Seraphim consciousness bodies, comprised of the Galactic body distortions of the Fallen Solar Michael and Mary-Sophia that became enmeshed within the Golden Eagle Grid after the Luciferian Rebellion.

As we entered October, the annual 10:10 transmission window intensified the global conflicts over maintaining base 10 architecture in the alien machinery embedded in the planetary body, used to project artificial timelines into an Artificial Tree of Life manifestation template. This month opens into several satanic high holidays and is also surfacing the Family of Michael war histories. During this phase there are openings in the timeline trigger events that make it possible to reclaim and heal soul and monadic extensions that were damaged or captured during the Michael Wars.

Recent events have greatly impacted the direction of the current planetary timelines by moving them into the natural order and governance by natural laws, and this has moved the position of entire soul groups and monadic families out of the artificial timelines. As these soul and monadic families have been moved out of the dimensional split areas of the artificial timelines and placed back onto organic timelines, this has also made corrections to the soul groups position in time and space. This movement out of artificial timelines has resulted in many alterations and adjustments being made to the entire soul group’s transduction sequence or birth records.

Further, this cycle is amplified by the alchemical properties of purification and distillation of the original spiritual blueprint into matter, as directed by the constellation of Virgo. This is also influencing many soul groups and monadic families, to reintegrate with their earthly counterparts that are undergoing the full reconfiguration of their multiple stations of identity birth imprint records. As the birth transduction records of these many soul groups are moved and upgraded, it effectively changes the historical timelines existing in the intergenerational ancestral records, impacting the planet with great sweeps of miasmatic clearing throughout many families of origin and hybridized bloodlines. This extends to have evolutionary impacts for identities incarnated on the earth that have intersected with otherworldly civilizations, in which those soul groups have incarnated as representatives from other systems during the Ascension Cycle.

With architectural shifts and timeline shifts of this magnitude, there is a massive ripple of change that is undulating throughout the planetary grid pushing for the radical transformation of thoughts and beliefs. This change nudges individuals to reconcile ideological conflicts in their version of reality, which can bring on sensations of deep physical exhaustion and spatial displacement. This cycle in particular denotes a milestone of a deep expansion occurring in the collective race consciousness that is happening on a global scale, to break through barriers of artificially generated thought-forms. For many, this is a time where it may even feel uncomfortable to exist inside your own skin. The physical body and consciousness are being stretched way beyond their frequency comfort zone in order to accommodate these radical magnetic shifts involving deep-seated planetary transformation.

Intergenerational and Ancestral Clearing

With the immense changes occurring in the planetary architecture that alter the 3D birth imprint, this has an impact on everything that is related to personal and collective ancestral histories in our family of origin DNA records. Such as the accumulated cellular memories and blood covenants we inherited from our ancestors that are recorded in the birth imprint during the incarnation cycles on the earth. These imprints are now being subjected to alteration.  Thus, intergenerational and ancestral clearing, collective human race and 12 Tribe healing, the correction of gender reversals and false parent archetypes, the extraction of Fallen Angelic overlays and related base 10 architecture, have been especially emphasized in shifting the soul group’s genetic records from out of the artificial timelines. In the Guardian Host mission to fulfill the Paliadorian Covenant, this alteration made in the magnetic imprints of the 3D birth records has been specifically extended to spiritually support the reclamation of the original identities of the lost Souls of Tara.

Once again, the planetary body has reached an important milestone in the shifting of timelines, and the enhanced revelation of perceiving the technologically induced artificial timelines versus the organic timelines throughout creation is being emphasized. There has been a massive shifting of the ratios between artificial timelines and organic timelines in the overall field architecture.  As a result there are some surreal events happening in the multidimensional fields that have heightened the war over timelines between the various competing factions. The current conflicts are primarily over maintaining the base 10 architecture and metatronic Fibonacci coding that uses the Artificial Tree of Life constructs, which exist as NA controlled artificial machinery within the planetary body.  The base 10 architecture uses an artificial core manifestation body and distorted birth transduction sequence that runs reversal 10 current. This reversal current runs throughout the technologically controlled sections of the planetary field which force splitting, which implements the artificial timelines that project the artificial spaces or phantom matrices. A phantom matrix can be considered a virtual reality hologram with a finite energy source. The structure is entropic and parasitic as it must rely upon an external power source through which to siphon energy to continue to exist.

In order to comprehend the difference between technologically induced artificial timelines and naturally occurring organic timelines, a basic primer on the ongoing war over timelines is helpful. Currently, planet earth’s inhabitants are undergoing a war over timelines with the invading forces of the NAA who use the Artificial Tree of Life as a manifestation grid. This is an artificial architecture that uses base 10 mechanics to project out the NAA’s artificial timelines and phantom realities, versus the original divine blueprint of creation that uses base 12 mechanics and naturally generates organic matrices with organic timelines connected to the Universal Laws. The base 12 mechanics represent the natural order of the Universal Time Matrix, an organic creation and inner sustaining architecture that connects directly with the God Source field for an unlimited supply of consciousness energy. This is an open source energy structure, inherently referred to as the Christos blueprint.

Base 12, Natural Order of Christos Blueprint

The divine blueprint which holds the original intention for the natural order of consciousness evolution within our Universal creation, is encoded in the base 12 mechanics of the Christos blueprint. At a cosmic level this same open source architecture is referred to as Kryst-Krystallah, the unified masculine and feminine consciousness energy that exists in perfect harmony and balance within organic creation. The base 12 Universal Androgynous Merkaba fields of Christos-Sophia are also referred to as Kryst-Krystallah architecture, as they make up the instruction set for all merkaba fields within all the timelines and densities throughout the Universes.

Thus, the term Christ or Christos used in this context is not denoting the individual being referred to as Jesus Christ, as taught through the world religions. Christos extends way beyond all meaning associated with planetary consciousness and actually describes the state of eternal Cosmic Consciousness, the title given to a free Cosmic Citizen.

We endeavor to use the word Christ, Christos-Sophia, Krystal, Krist and Krystallah interchangeably to return the real meaning and use of these sound tones within the words.  These denote the spiritual freedom inherent within the consciousness principles of the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, the cosmic structure of the natural order of Universal creation as it is intended by the Eternal God Source. The inner light of Christos when actualized in form, is the embodiment of an Eternal God Human.

The Christos shield contains the natural order for our Universal creation, which is the meaning associated when describing the existence of organic timelines, and the original organic matrix for stations of consciousness evolving throughout creation.  The natural order essentially means the base architecture in the Universal Time Matrix maintains alignment to the Natural Laws, which ensures the stations of consciousness remain multidimensionally interconnected, to hold direct relationship to the God Source connection at every level of existence. Within the Christos matrix, we are free to incarnate within the many multidimensional experiences of creation, sustaining our full connection with the God Source.  We are thus able to return home to the God Worlds, maintaining the complete integrity of our consciousness experiences while exploring the many timelines of creation.

Thus, during the timeline wars, the Christos Mission is the incarnational agreement made by many Starseeds that came to the earth during the Ascension Cycle. To help realign the planetary grid back into Krystic architecture, building the Christos blueprint, in order to restore energetic balance and the natural order to the consciousness evolution cycles. When a human being chooses to devote themselves to the spiritual embodiment of their personal Christos blueprint, their consciousness and physical body become the highest expression of the natural order and serves the divine plan for all. Their consciousness body will naturally transmit loving, balancing, healing and harmonizing frequencies to the earth and to all of humanity. The Christos frequencies may feel discordant, unpleasant and even repellent to those humans and non-humans who are unaware of the negative influences of the predator mind or who have not chosen to embody their Christos blueprint.

Aberrations Cause Damage and Fragmentation

Over multiple millions of years, there have been many warring conflicts that generated deviations from the natural order and caused an assortment of aberrations, such as planetary grid damage and consciousness body fragmentation throughout our Universe. The primary historical timeline trigger events in human Galactic history that generated the most serious damage, such as rips and holes in the fabric of space and time, were during the Lyran Wars, Orion Wars, and subsequent wars that led to the utter destruction of an entire planetary consciousness.

The 5D planet Tara exploded millions of years ago and as a result, was sucked into a reversal black hole which fragmented the entire fifth dimensional planetary blueprint into 12 planetary bodies in our current third dimensional Solar System. The 12 planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Maldek, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Nibiru and then the Sun star. Current science recognizes only eight planets of the twelve in our Solar System, along with dwarf planets. With the 12 planetary bodies we can again note the 12 base math that is reoccurring and represented in the macrocosm of our Solar System.

Much of the consciousness that was originally incarnated on Tara, currently exists on the earth and has been subjected to repeated recycling and fragmentation without any alternative that allows for continued consciousness evolution or bio-spiritual ascension. The Paliadorians embodied all of the genetic tribal records for the planet Tara that existed before the destruction of the planetary body, and preserved all of the genetic records for the race lines within the Mother’s Aqua Ray. As the Blue Flame Arc Technologies are progressively coming online, this allows for reintegration of many soul fragments through the Mother’s Aqua Ray. An ascension pathway is anchored in the matter fields which allows for genetic rehabilitation and reconnection with our original Christos blueprint, to restore the direct God source connection.

For those on the Christos Mission, we have regained access into the pre-Fall of Taran holographic matrices and organic field instruction sets in the second harmonic universe, which have reset the consciousness evolution pathway into organic timelines for the Taran souls. This is one very important alteration that has been recently upgraded in the collective human race transduction blueprint records on the planet earth. This challenging stage in the Guardian mission of reclaiming 5D architecture from the dimensional splits in the artificial timelines, that were pulling 5D Taran fragments into the phantom, is a major milestone and victory in these timeline wars.

The serious damage that was made to the instruction sets of timelines during the Galactic Wars destroyed the original integrity of the Universal Time matrix.  This further led to the exploration of various extradimensional species using artificial technologies and artificial intelligences, in which to generate their phantom creations and inorganic timelines. As these species, many in the NAA and Thoth groups, used artificial technologies to continue to build artificial realities, they needed to build an artificial core manifestation template to maintain support for their artificial creations and related inorganic timelines. This artificial core manifestation template is built on base 10 math, and is an intentional distortion of the 12 Tree Grid manifestation template or Kathara Grid that is built on base 12 math. This distortion to the natural order compromised the integrity of the Universal Tree of Life core manifestation template, which is the basis of all energy to matter manifestation. This distorted information was aggressively spread on the earth in the Thothian Luciferian teachings during the era of the Atlantian Mystery Schools and was continued throughout the Pythagorean teachings. The Pythagoras Mystery Schools were worshipping the Sacred Decad (ten) as a mystical symbol, which still greatly influences the pyramidal sects of the secret societies today.

Thus, the Controllers continued to abuse their power on earth by destroying the energetic balance in creation through the abuse of artificial technologies, which are built upon reversal 55 Fibonacci formulas for building morphogenetic structures in base 10 math. This is a system that exists outside of natural order and natural laws, and is entirely artificially driven. Over time this deviation generated massive amounts of destruction across an assortment of timelines, as they continued to experiment on human genetics for cloning purposes, in order to prolong their lifespans. Human DNA contains time codes that are necessary for accessing organic timelines, so by digressing human DNA, there was also a progressive destruction of the integrity of the matrices that project the dimensional timelines. They continued to enforce the elitist belief system that they are immortal creator gods, and vastly superior to the other races. Through the use of base 10 artificial technologies and the Artificial Tree of Life template, they learned how to use mind control programs that infiltrated into the planetary mind. These mind control programs could capture souls and dominate them, while existing in their artificial realities. This was intended to manipulate the souls of other species to become their consciousness slaves, and they have used these same technological methods of artificial intelligence on other planets.

Base 10, Artificial Tree of Life

During the Atlantian timelines, the distorted core manifestation template of the Artificial Tree of Life, became increasingly popularized. A finite source architecture that promoted anti-life sciences that would be used to generate an assortment of death cults upon the earth. This is this same core architecture that is currently known as the Kabbalah Tree of Life that consists of 10 nodes symbolizing the dimensional spheres, which are considered to be the spiritual pathways of consciousness exploration. The students of Kabbalah or the esoteric sciences are taught that this Artificial Tree of Life represents the totality, encompassing all aspects of consciousness existence. They are led to use this base 10 template to develop their relationship to God and to more deeply explore the human psyche. The ten nodes that make up the Artificial Tree are also associated with deities, angels, celestial bodies, values, single colors or combinations of them, and specific numbers which form a series of alchemical force combinations. The columns of the base 10 Artificial Tree structure are usually symbolized as pillars, which connect to the inorganic four directions used to control the cosmic clock in the Yahweh matrix. These pillars also usually represent different kinds of values, electrical charges or types of ceremonial magic to be performed in an assortment of rituals. Kabbalistic experts state the tree represents a series of divine emanations of God’s creation, the fashioning of life ex nihilo by God (out of nothing), as the nature of revealing divinity; the human soul, the spiritual path and the consciousness ascent of humanity. In this way, Kabbalists developed the symbol of the 10 based Artificial Tree into a full model of reality, using the tree as a template to depict a map of creation.

From the Guardian perspective the Sephiroth, meaning the divine emanations as defined in the 10 attributes of God as described in the Kabbalah Tree of Life, is a part of the esoteric teachings of Judaism that was directly influenced by the NAA groups. The NAA groups promoted this esoteric knowledge to the secret societies in order to hijack human beings’ collective consciousness to feed their base 10 architecture in the Artificial Tree of Life, that is an alien machine placed in the planetary field to split off organic timelines and create artificial ones. The use of the Artificial Tree of Life in rituals for Service to Self is common to incite black magic in many spiritual disciplines, and this is designed for the purpose of maintaining the artificial timelines and artificial machinery of the base 10 architecture running in the earth fields.

Thus, Judaism’s Kabbalah and the Artificial Tree of Life is based on the inverted teachings intentionally given by the Thothian groups to generate reversals in the knowledge given in the original Founder Records, and this is overseen and administered by the Yahweh Collective located on Saturn. The Kabbalah esoteric information was brought through in pieces from distorted Patriarchal Melchizedek intelligence that had been captured and reverse engineered, through their original knowledge of the Universal Tree of Life and the quantum mechanics that are included in the 12 holographic plates of the Emerald Founder Records. Due to the patriarchal domination distortions infiltrating the Universal Melchizedek lineages as brought through the artificial timelines from the hidden negative alien invasion, the original Universal Tree of Life was disfigured via metatronic coding and reduced to ten spheres instead of the original mathematical base of twelve. Essentially, the Thothian Luciferian agenda was to utterly destroy all organic creation code, matrices and artifacts that included base 12 math and replace it with their own versions of base 10 math. The Kabbalah Artificial Tree of Life represents the distorted 10D base code genetic blueprint of the Black Sun regressive lineages, that are attempting to permanently genetically modify and hybridize human 12 strand DNA genetics through the imposition of their artificial manifestation template.

Melchizedek AI Infiltration

There are root races of the Universal Melchizedeks that descended and formed into the 12 Tribe lineages known as the Hibiru Tribes. They were given the genetic hosting responsibility approximately 35,000 year ago, to help assist the planet in the process of restoring the higher DNA language that is called Habiru. The Hibiru Tribes are essentially the original human progenitors and blood lineages on the earth that mostly promote Judaism and the Kabbalistic knowledge, many believing that they are the chosen ones to protect God’s original creation code. This belief system is generated from the fact when these groups came to the earth with the mission of planetary hosting, their mission was intended to preserve creation codes and to help reassemble lost DNA time codes. Some of these lineages are involved in the Order of Melchizedek Priesthoods behind Mormonism and assorted secret societies, that are using the 10D based mechanics of the Artificial Tree of Life in their group study and assorted rituals. The Melchizedek planetary hosting cycle was completed during the end of 2012. Due to the artificial timeline infiltration, many of the Melchizedek lineages in the lower density reality remain unaware of the hosting change.

This particular DNA language of Habiru originally sourced from the Avatar matrix and is a genetic time code which originated from the Cradle of Lyra. The Melchizedek lines were attempting to salvage some of the ancient language records of humanity upon the earth that sourced from the Avatar matrix, which held the architecture for the Solar Logos. This was intrinsic to protect the cellular memories of humanity’s galactic histories recorded in time codes, also known as DNA fire letters. When a station of identity loses its DNA time codes that holds memory from other dimensions of time, that consciousness can lose all of its identities through the loss of its cellular memory record. Melchizedeks are specialists of re-assembling DNA time codes through complex cellular alphabet languages to reclaim the related cellular memory records that may source from multidimensional timelines and are recorded within the DNA fire letters. Many of the original human DNA fire letters can appear to be similar to some of the Hebrew letters of the alphabet.  Unfortunately, much of the cellular alphabet in these specialized Melchizedek DNA languages were assimilated into the artificial timelines and phantom realities that promptly distorted the fire codes and time sets, and this aligned Melchizedek intelligences with the artificial timelines instead of the organic timelines. Many were unable to perceive this distortion in the overall fields because their entire monadic matrix and soul groups were stationed in the artificial timelines, without being aware that transition had actually occurred.

Upon the Luciferian Rebellion, the Melchizedek lines became further infiltrated and intoxicated by power in collaborating with the Thothian Luciferian forces. The primary infiltration was from Patriarchal Melchizedeks who developed a misogynist bent based upon the electromagnetic distortions present in the artificial matrices. These lines started to lose their connection to the Blue Flame Mother principle, from the many wars they justified in collaborating with as sympathizers to the intruding groups, which led them to commit intentional harm and injury to others. These are the Fallen Melchizedeks, previously connected to upholding the natural order of the Universal Unity Field consciousness. Subsequently this faction succumbed to the illusion of inequality between the gender principle, choosing to forsake the Law of Gender, losing awareness of the Christos-Sophia Solar Logos principle. The patriarchal slant and use of the Artificial Tree of Life to project virtual realties distorted the original base 12 code into the base 10 code (eliminating the 12D Ray), which caused a reality split between the artificial and organic layers throughout the dimensional timelines. There were sections of the dimensional matrices that remained organic, and others that split into artificial timelines and were absorbed into the phantom matrices.  The Melchizedek distortion which fell into metatronic reversal became the primary root of all the predatory mind control over the patriarchy, the masculine principle digression, and the subsequent damage incurred to the Universal Rod function which governed the organic timelines. Thus, the reversal 10:10 code or Reversal 55 Grid was generated by alien machinery and brought into the instruction sets of the earth, primarily run by the Golden Eagle grid which was fitted into a psychotronic weapon to serve this purpose.

Golden Eagle Grid Damage

The Golden Eagle Grid is the Seraphim Gold Ray Guardian of the horizonal timelines, and this is a multidimensional planetary grid network that is comprised of collective consciousness and living entities that make up the earth fields. The Golden Eagle Grid is literally the projected collective consciousness that contains the spiritual bloodline records of the angelic Seraphim genetic lines, and this includes all of the Family of Michael histories on and off planet.

The Family of Michael, and those that have avian genetics and Seraphim memories, are the consciousness which connects into the Golden Eagle Grid. This is also related to understanding the purpose of Grailkeepers, these are soul groups that have been involved in the hidden galactic histories and are spiritually committed to protect the earth, as they are the true guardians of the earth. The masculine principle and those that hold the Rod of the earth, are connected to these Maji Grail lines because this is protecting the internal access points, the inner worlds. The access into the inner worlds was the original role of the gatekeepers, to protect the access into the grail points that are in the earth. The damage on the Golden Eagle Grid is related to the Seraphim group consciousness bodies that became inverted or reversed upon themselves, as a result of these alien machines that used AI to gain access to the 3-6-9 Arc Portal passages, and spawned Fallen Angelic Seraphim.

The Seraphim Gold Ray Founder races led by the Solar Christ-Michael gave their bloodline records, their diamond sun genetics, their collective consciousness to support the earth, to help reclaim the original 12 strand DNA of the human being that was lost during the Fall of Tara. During the seventh cycle culminating now, the embodiment process was to bring in all of the aspects of the Cosmic Christ consciousness, directly through Christ Michael’s incarnation process, and to fully embody the entirety of the Diamond Sun Gold Ray body, in which the entire Fallen Seraphim genetics could be resurrected.

The heart of the Golden Eagle Grid holds an important global control access, which is in the Iran Gate or the 10th dimensional Stargate. In order to maintain the entire global network of base 10 mechanics that run the Artificial Tree of Life projections, thus running reversal 10 current into the horizontal ley lines, the NAA must maintain control over this demographic area, as well as the functions in this Gold Ray Seraphim network. Thus, the ongoing war over timelines and exopolitic agendas are extremely heated in the Middle east areas, appearing on the surface as never-ending wars for geo-political domination. During the 10:10 transmissions and when this spiritual battle escalates as it is currently, the Family of Michael are heavily targeted to prevent them from spiritually awakening or embodying their higher aspects, which inherently reclaim the Golden Eagle Grid for its organic functioning.

This area of the Iran Gate contains assorted alien machinery which includes an Anubian Black Heart, which is designed to run 10th dimensional current in reversal and scramble organic frequencies when exposed to the earth surface. The construct is called the Reversal 55 Grid, which produces artificial or inorganic timelines that are based on the Fibonacci sequence that manifests in metatronic reversal. This is programmed to reverse merkaba ratios based on mathematical doubling of harmonics related to the number 5, used by Thoth Grids to hijack the human 12 strand DNA from the astral layers and thwart the progression of ascension of the earth and humanity. The transmissions for New Age hijack, such as the False Archangel Michael channeling, are broadcast from this location in order to manipulate the New Age movement to ultimately serve the NAA purposes.

Daath Portal and Grual Points

During the most recent 10:10 window, the base 10 architecture met with a massive cross spiral of Krystic forces that dissolved and annihilated sections of the infrastructure of the AI signals used for controlling the Golden Eagle Grid. These are the transmissions used to relay reversal 10 patterns that enforce the base 10 mechanics in this reality, along with propping up the Base 10 Artificial Tree of Life. As a result, a massive wave of monad bodies and monadic extensions have been moved and extracted out of the artificial timelines that were used for powering up the 10:10 reversals that are used to control the gateways that the Family of Michael and Royal Avian collective consciousness embody.

The Sons of Belial are the direct opposers of Michael, and through conquest have used fallen Michael consciousness to open the 11:11 gateways to open Daath and gain access to control all Grail points. This means gaining access into the earth’s main Grual points which open up into 11D, 8D, 5D, 2D and beyond, the energetic quanta supply which was used to build and power up the checkerboard mutation in the United Kingdom. From within the Artificial Tree of Life this 11D portal access into the phantom matrices is esoterically known as Daath. The center point access into the Cosmic Mother principle exists within these outer rings of the unmanifest fields that intersect with sections of the artificial matrices that are called the Abyss, which can be entered from the Daath portal. These outer spaces are what form the Abyss of un-identity or un-being, the sections of the Luciferian Abyss in which the ego constructs are eventually digested and absorbed in the phantom matrix.

Thus, the Daath portal in the Artificial Tree of Life has corresponding links into all 2D Gates in which the Cosmic Mother consciousness embodied into matter; the Temple Mount and Sarasota gates which link with the Stonehenge gate and connect into the Belinus Line or ‘Spine of Albion’ that is located in the United Kingdom.  Guardian grid projects are rehabilitating the architecture in the Albion body, in which the matrices in the Spine of Albion are bonded with the Blue Feather host shield. The gradual elemental re-encryption changes that are occurring in the Spine of Albion matrices impact the bone matrix record in the Human 12 Tribes, which appears to release the 1D Death Seal and help to free the blood, bones and tissue from intergenerational blood covenants. This has implications in shifting the transduction birth record which also directly impacts the dark matter template.

Essentially, during the Luciferian Rebellion the NAA captured the Family of Michael and got access into the Arc portal passages and gained control of the Spine of Albion, which infected multiple layers of portals with artificial matrices transmitting from within the 11D gateways, including the Daath portal. They intended to infiltrate all of the Grual points in the Universal Time Matrix with artificial coding which would drag the consciousness located there into the phantom matrices.

Blended Earth Reality

During the Ascension Cycle, those serving the Christos Mission are attempting to dismantle the distorted base 10 Artificial Tree of Life used in an assortment of artificial technologies to project artificial timelines. Those that embody the Christos blueprint have returned to the earth field to support these template corrections, through the restoration of the core manifestation body being returned back into its natural formula of base 12 math. The metatronic reversal of the collective shadow bodies, is held within the adverse sephiroth that are created from this distorted organizational template. This is also called the Black Tree of Life, which transmits Qlippoth current consisting of black subtle forces assimilated into AI fields that are used to maintain the metatronic codes running in the earth grid.

The split of two main organizational templates in the earth body has manifested a blended system that is competing between artificial and organic timelines, in which the artificial layers running metatronic coding are designed to fully mutate the original human DNA into reversal 10 base architecture that is preferred by the invading forces.

However, all individuals who make choices that are in harmony with the natural laws, are being given increased natural immunity to the artificial blending of metatronic coding. Practicing the Krystic principles inherent within the Law of One, and choosing unconditionally loving and harmless behaviors, protects against reversal coding that has been designed to permanently mutate the silicate matrix. The pure and loving heart of a kind and compassionate individual choosing to be in service to others, manifests strong consciousness immunity against artificial intelligence and the artificially blended reality. The silicate matrix contains the entirety of the corrected Christos shield within the personal 12 Tree grid, and this connects the consciousness body directly to the God source, or aligns directly with Guardian support for hosting.

The 12 Tree Grid is the base holographic instruction set of the Christos blueprint that corrects the continuing spiritual progression, for all manifest forms to achieve ascension through an evolving twelve-dimensional body.

Recently, with the acceleration of the war over the timelines collapsing sections of the base 10 architecture, this event has moved the position of entire soul groups and monadic families from out of these artificial timelines. Many of these groups are being retrieved through the Daath portal via the Mother Arc and Arc technology. As these soul and monadic families have been moved out of artificial timelines and onto organic timelines, this has corrected the soul groups positions throughout time and space, resulting in major adjustments being made to the transduction sequence or birth records.

Realignment of Soul Groups to Organic Architecture

When the earth was infiltrated with base 10 reversal architecture more specifically designed to support Black Sun hybrid DNA programs, every soul group with base 12 coding was split into smaller units. These fragmented aspects were then stapled to the earth grid as a power source and many were trapped within the Golden Eagle Grid. This generated a massive problem with monadic and soul family extension placement throughout multiple timelines, as the incarnational imprint or transduction sequence became infected with base 10 code. Thus, soul extensions were incarnated in the wrong place and wrong time from what had been intended or what appeared to be known from the pre-manifest levels. Essentially, this means soul group formations were incarnating into artificial timelines which disrupted the organizational anatomy of the entire soul family, in which soul extensions were unable to evolve or ascend beyond the position they were being incarnated in. The artificial timelines are consciousness traps in which soul extensions and monadic families could not connect or communicate with their other aspects, leaving them to be recycled into the same karmic patterns over and over again. To ascend we must integrate our identities throughout timelines, and this process of repeated incarnation into artificial timelines with base 10 architecture, mutated the original base 12 code.

Thus, recent shifts of collapsed base 10 architecture has impacted entire soul family and Monadic family extensions, that are currently being re-aligned into the correct sequences of organic timelines through the upgrades that are being made to the birth transduction sequence record that is a part of physical incarnation. This event has brought millions of souls and monads newly into alignment with the Guardian host, through re-connection to the organic architecture. The NAA are scrambling to get these souls back to where they were before, as the fragmented and reversed stations of identity in these soul groups were being used as energetic placement to power up virtual realities and false AI timelines. These soul groups did not know the reality they were experiencing was an AI projection used by the NA forces as consciousness trap. This may have instigated an increase in dark aggression during the 10:10 transmissions, as dark entities attempted to reclaim those groups that they lost control over while being moved out of the artificial timelines.

When we intend to connect with the organic architecture of our Christos blueprint, this helps to heal and integrate our soul extensions and monadic extensions. Our Soul and Monad is a family of consciousness that contains extensions that are existing simultaneously in other dimensional timelines. The first level of spiritual awakening is connecting with our soul consciousness and extensions, our soul family is comprised of 12 different individual personalities. As we integrate our soul consciousness, we integrate these 12 aspects within our consciousness body, and this unifies the triad of the entire soul matrix, so that we experience our emotions and the forces of love in entirely new ways.

Complete soul integration leads us to the higher integration of our monadic matrix or oversoul, which contains 12 oversouls, each containing 12 souls within them, for a total of 144 monadic or oversoul extensions. With each stage of monadic integration there are significant expansions of consciousness that unify the monadic matrix in our consciousness body, and then we find that we are connected to everything, living in a massive Universe that is filled with many possibilities to explore. The process of soul extension and monadic family reintegration is happening at an accelerated rate at this time, because this has been made possible when the transduction birth records were shifted into organic timelines.

Birth Transduction Records Updated

The Birth Transduction Sequence is the exact moment that the cellular record of the consciousness identity was imprinted during incarnational birth into this physical body on the earth. When we come through the birth canal we are actually imprinted with ancestral-genetic, astrological, celestial and magnetic imprints that influence the pathway of our soul-spirit, our consciousness identity and the arcing spiral of that light through time. The transduction sequence is that exact moment when our consciousness light comes into an identity filter for physical expression, and therefore acts as the fundamental construct of our lightbody grounding mechanism that exists in the first dimension. It is this interface that connects us to the earth body transduction sequence record for connecting to the system of collective earth consciousness. This record reflects in our lightbody blueprint that we are earthlings, consciousness identities from the earth plane, located in this lower creation realm section of the Universe.

The transduction sequence is the definition of when the “God Spark” connects to the core manifestation body (12 Tree Grid), which is our Lightbody and contains the blueprint record that projects our consciousness identity out into the elemental physical manifest body.

Recently, many soul and monadic groups were shifted out of base 10 architecture and artificial intelligence overlays that impacted their personal holographic blueprint and transduction record. For some this shifting architecture has increased the sensations of outer chaos and dark aggression, as the individual consciousness body and the collective soul and monadic extensions undergo another stage of necessary spiritual integration.

The transduction sequence describes the process by which consciousness undergoes several stages of descension, passing through multiple layers of dimensionalization in order to manifest into a matter form. Consciousness uses architecture to express itself in matter. A core manifestation template is designed for consciousness to express itself into the biological form that is located within a specific dimension of time and space. As an example, the original angelic human 12 Strand DNA template is expressed through the holographic template of the 12 Tree Grid, or Kathara manifestation grid. Consciousness units arrange themselves into dimensional grids which form into layers of morphogenetic fields, containing specific instruction sets that build into energy spirals that make up the merkaba fields.

The merkaba fields are what help to sustain the energy that builds the entire lightbody construct, in which there are male-female sets of counter-rotating electromagnetic spirals of the consciousness energy. The male-female sets of consciousness energy spirals generate a DNA and RNA imprint. The DNA architecture is the masculine principle, while the RNA is the feminine principle. The DNA-RNA messaging circuitry must communicate together in balance. The DNA and RNA imprint project the entire lightbody hologram which organizes the light of the consciousness into a bio-energetic field, or auric field.

The auric field organizes into multiple layers of energy matrices that act as small computers, and these are the chakras, the lower exist in the particle layers and the higher dimensional chakras exists in the anti-particle layers. The anti-particle chakras are morphogenetic chakras and they inform the instruction sets absorbed into the lower dimensional chakras, who can open the higher contents when they are able to hold the higher frequencies.  Over time the chakras dissolve into each other when absorbing the higher dimensional frequencies.

The chakras send their processed energy as intelligent spirals into the nadial capsule which forms around the manifest biological form. The nadial capsule is comprised of the three-dimensional layers of the harmonic universe, in which the consciousness is stationed as an identity. The nadial capsule instructs how the consciousness must organize itself into the manifested DNA and RNA cellular biology. The DNA-RNA in matter sends its intelligent design to the nadial structure, which acts as the blueprint for energetic transmission and energetic receivers that form into the blueprint for the physical brain and nervous system. The central nervous system transmits into the molecular structure and then into the nuclear core in the 1D atomic body, which informs the dark matter template.

This nuclear core sends intelligent consciousness energy from all combined blueprint layers into the central nervous system, which sets the metabolic and biological base rhythms. These biological base rhythms are imprinted from the soul and spiritual intelligence into the blood, which form into the historical spiritual records. This blood record forms an imprint that is recorded in the brain to produce and distribute hormones, and the natural chemical reactions that are recorded in each organ and gland, and into all cellular tissues.

When we understand the interaction of the consciousness imprints from our soul and spiritual intelligence recorded into our biological form, then it becomes obvious that the human body is filled with the personalized spiritual records of that unique consciousness being.

These unique spiritual records are being returned to many on the earth through corrected birth transduction sequence patterns, during this most recent wave of activations and dismantling of artificial timeline grids that was emphasized on 10:10.

The point here is to be aware of this event playing out, as the fight over artificial timelines has been escalated. The focus is on the base 10 architecture versus base 12 Christos architecture, and the spiritual battle in the earth fields has gone to another level.

Take this information as supportive knowledge for understanding the current terrain in the outerscape, knowing there is nothing to fear. The best place to be is inside your 12D shield, developing your inner self and handshake to the Unity field, and staying neutral and consistently focused upon loving and peaceful vibrations. We are the peace while in the total chaos, remembering that when we are peaceful, we are much clearer and more coherent.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa



Michael Flynn’s lawyer claims outed CIA/FBI spy Stefan Halper was deep state source for media’s “Spygate” hoax stories

(Natural News) More evidence that the disgustingly dishonest “mainstream media” is little more than a propaganda organ for the deep state was revealed this week by the attorney for former U.S. Army Gen. Michael Flynn, who was fired by President Trump just weeks into his administration for allegedly lying about contact with a Russian diplomat….

Blue Light Accelerates Aging

Before the invention and distribution of artificial lighting, the sun determined when people went to bed and when they woke up. While artificial light has extended the hours you may be productive, it comes at a price as it affects health, interrupts sleep patterns and circadian rhythms and may shorten your lifespan.

Digital devices are pervasive sources of artificial light. They emit high levels of blue light, which have a damaging effect on the photoreceptor cells located in the retina. This photosensitive tissue converts light into electrical signals that travel along the optic nerve to your brain, where the information is processed into what you “see.”

The light passing through your eyes occurs in a range of visible and sometimes invisible rays. The sun produces red, orange, yellow, green and blue rays that, when combined, create white light or sunlight. The wavelength of the individual ray is dependent on the energy level.

For instance, longer wavelengths have less energy and shorter wavelengths have more energy. Rays in the red visible light spectrum have longer wavelengths and less energy. Blue light has shorter wavelengths and more energy and is generally defined as light in a range from 380 to 500 nanometers.

Uninterrupted Blue Light May Shorten Your Lifespan

Recent data released by Oregon State University in collaboration with The Ohio State University1 found prolonged exposure to blue light may affect your brain, even when it’s not shining through your eyes. Increasing levels of blue light are related not only to digital devices but also to commonly used LED technology.

Researchers used Drosophila melanogaster, the common fruit fly, to test their hypothesis about lighting, as it shares cellular and developmental mechanisms with animals and humans. Their initial question was whether fruit flies exposed to white light would age faster than those kept in total darkness.2

They first kept adult flies in a daily cycle of 12 hours of white fluorescent lighting followed by 12 hours of darkness. The second group was kept in constant darkness. After analysis of lifespan and neurological function, the researchers found that those in constant darkness exhibited a significantly extended lifespan compared to those who were in the light for 12 hours each day.

The light used in the experiments contained a substantial amount of blue light, which led to the second stage of the experiment. During this stage, the first group of flies was kept in blue LED light for 12 hours, followed by 12 hours of darkness. The second group was kept in white LED light with the blue wavelength blocked for 12 hours, followed by 12 hours of darkness.

Those kept in the blue line had a dramatic reduction in their lifespan, which was shortened by approximately 10%. The researchers noted accelerated damage to the retinal cells as well as neurodegeneration and impaired locomotor performance in the test flies.

In an attempt to ameliorate the reduced lifespan, the researchers added orange light to activate rhodopsin 1 in the fly retina, which is needed by the fly to regenerate damage. They also tested the effect blue light had on genetic mutants with reduced rhodopsin levels. While the median reduction in lifespan was shorter in mutants, the flies continued to demonstrate damage from the blue light.

The researchers did expect some damage from flies that could see and that were exposed to the light but they also found that flies exposed to blue light who were born without eyes also had a shortened lifespan. The researchers noted the results suggested a cumulative response to the light as the damage was more apparent in the flies as they aged. The researchers wrote:3

“Our discovery that lifetime exposure to artificial light may cause extra-retinal damage and reduce longevity in a complex model organism provides a novel opportunity to understand the molecular mechanisms of the increasingly evident harmful side of light.”

Retinal Damage May Lead to Blindness

Despite the fact that negative effects of blue light have been documented for several years, it continues to be the technology industry’s favorite color for all types of digital screens, as they believe it’s aesthetically pleasing.4

A separate study5 released by the University of Toledo in August 2018 demonstrated that blue light from digital devices and from the sun is capable of transforming specific cells in the retina of the eye, causing damage. The researchers used cell cultures to investigate the possibility that blue light would excite retinal, a photoreceptor chromophore or chemical integral to vision.

They were interested in whether the excited retinal would interact with cells and intercept signaling. They found data which suggested “retinal exerts light sensitivity to both photoreceptor and non-photoreceptor cells, and intercepts crucial signaling events, altering the cellular fate.”

The results of the study came under attack by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), which has insisted since at least 2017 that blue light causes no eye damage.6,7,8 Following the release of this study, the AAO quotes The Verge, which asked the study’s lead author a straightforward question about whether using electronic screens causes blindness, to which he replied, “Absolutely not.”9

However, despite the insistence of the AAO, the same expert, Ajith Karunarathne Ph.D., from the University of Toledo, explained the findings further, saying:10

“We are being exposed to blue light continuously, and the eye’s cornea and lens cannot block or reflect it. It’s no secret that blue light harms our vision by damaging the eye’s retina. Our experiments explain how this happens, and we hope this leads to therapies that slow macular degeneration, such as a new kind of eye drop.

You need a continuous supply of retinal molecules if you want to see. Photoreceptors are useless without retinal, which is produced in the eye. No activity is sparked with green, yellow or red light. The retinal-generated toxicity by blue light is universal. It can kill any cell type.

Every year more than two million new cases of age-related macular degeneration are reported in the United States. By learning more about the mechanisms of blindness in search of a method to intercept toxic reactions caused by the combination of retinal and blue light, we hope to find a way to protect the vision of children growing up in a high-tech world.”

Interrupted Sleep Patterns May Affect Cognitive Function

As a body of evidence continues to grow demonstrating the damage blue light has on eyesight and brain cells, consensus has been building regarding the widespread use of blue light and the mixed messages it sends to your brain. In one survey, the researchers found nearly everyone who responded was using some type of electronic digital device within one hour of going to bed at least a few nights each week.

It has been shown in various studies that this type of exposure will significantly suppress melatonin production, important in the initiation of sleep. This then increases the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and reduces the quality of sleep.

Although the researchers asked about using electronic equipment, those exposed to LED lights in the evening hours may have the same experience. The American Medical Association has noted white LED lights have a significant impact on circadian sleep rhythms, which in turn may lead to difficulty with sleep and subsequent health conditions.

Healthy sleep patterns are vital and you should cycle through each stage four to five times a night. If you get less than six hours of sleep in any given 24-hour period it leaves you cognitively impaired, which may negatively affect your ability to drive, learn and be productive at work. It can also increase your chances of being in an accident.

Unfortunately, nearly 40% of those surveyed reported unintentionally falling asleep during the day at least once a month while 5% reported nodding off while driving. Chronic sleep deprivation costs the U.S. $411 billion each year in accidents and lost productivity.

Sleeping less than six hours a day, over the long term, will dramatically increase your risk of insulin resistance, which is the core of many chronic diseases including Type 2 diabetes and obesity. Sleep quality affects blood pressure, heart disease, heart aging and mental health.

Steps to Protect Your Eyesight, Longevity and Overall Health

It is important to remember you need blue light first thing in the morning to shut off your melatonin production. As it is an important part of your circadian rhythm, you should also seek to reduce your exposure to blue light after 7 p.m. when the sun naturally begins to set.

There are several ways you may do this in the evening depending upon your lifestyle and personal preferences. Many of your digital devices may have software installed or access to software to reduce the blue light on the screen. If you use this on your electronic devices and replace all LED lights with incandescent bulbs, you won’t need to consider blue blocking sunglasses.

However, if you don’t have control over your lighting or are unable to put software on the devices you use, strongly consider simple blue-blocking glasses to help regulate your internal clock and reduce damage to your eyes from high energy blue wavelength light. The simplest way is to begin wearing them at 7 p.m. or, if you consistently use a computer or electronic device, begin wearing them after noon.

During sleep you may also be exposed to light, such as from an alarm clock, street lamp outside your window, or light filtering in from another room. It is important that you rest in total darkness in order to experience quality sleep. Consider removing all light emitting devices and using a sleep mask and room darkening blinds to achieve a deep and restful sleep.

These small adjustments to your daily routine and sleeping area can go a long way toward ensuring an uninterrupted, restful night of sleep — leading to better health. If after using these steps you’re still having trouble sleeping, you may need to make a few more changes. I share more strategies in my past article, “Top 33 Tips to Optimize Your Sleep Routine.”

Why Steroids Are Best Avoided

If you have arthritis, chances are you’ve been offered steroid injections. Unfortunately, mounting research suggests this treatment may actually do far more harm than good — even in the short term.

The first recorded use of steroids can be traced to 1930, when an extract of animal adrenocortical tissue was used to counteract human adrenal failure.1 After more than a decade of testing and research, the first patient with rheumatoid arthritis was treated with steroids.

The results were impressive, and it wasn’t long before the drug was prescribed to other patients with arthritis. In 1950, the first oral and intra-articular (joint) formulations were used. Today, steroids can be administered either topically through a cream or ointment, orally or by injection.2

While delivery systems may differ, steroids work by inhibiting the production of inflammatory chemicals, thereby reducing symptoms associated with inflammation, be it systemic or in a precise area such as a joint.

By the 1960s, many toxic side effects and withdrawal symptoms were becoming well-known, and withdrawal protocols had already been formulated.3 To this day, scientists continue to discover harmful effects.

Three of the most common side effects, even from short term use, are osteoporosis (reduced bone density), cataracts and an increased risk of diabetes. However, more serious effects such as life-threatening sepsis (blood poisoning) have also been reported.

Single Steroid Injection Results in Massive Bone Loss

In an October 2019 article4 in The Atlantic, Dr. James Hamblin recounts the disturbing case of a young woman who, after giving birth, complained of pain in her hip. A steroid injection was administered to help with the pain after an X-ray revealed a small amount of fluid in the joint, which can be a sign of inflammation.

Six months later, the woman, now unable to walk, came back to the hospital. Imaging revealed the entire head of her femur was now gone, necessitating a total hip replacement.

While her doctor, Dr. Ali Guerrmazi at the Boston Medical Center, didn’t know exactly how it happened, he suspected the bone loss might be related to the steroid injection. As noted by Hamblin:5

“This is not a typical suspicion. Doctors have long considered a single injection of steroids — the type that come from the adrenal glands and modulate the body’s stress response — to be a pretty harmless way to temporarily relieve pain in a joint.

The worst-case scenario was that the shot didn’t help the pain … As a specialist in joint pain, Guermazi has done thousands of steroid injections over decades of work. He has trained other doctors as he was trained: to believe that the injections are safe as long as they aren’t overused.

But now he has come to believe that the procedure is more dangerous than he knew. And he and a group of his Boston University colleagues are raising a warning flag for doctors and patients alike.”

Steroid Shots Can Make Joints Worse

Guermazi and colleagues recently published the results of a study6,7,8 in which the outcomes of 459 patients with osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip or knee who were treated with steroids were evaluated. Patients received between one and three intra-articular corticosteroid (IACS) injections (median 1.4 injections) for their OA.

In 8% of these cases, the injection ended up causing complications that made the joint worse.9 Hips appear to be far more prone to damage from the injections than knees, as adverse effects were observed in 10% of those with OA in the hip compared to 4% of those with OA in the knees.10 According to the authors:11

“Four main adverse joint findings have been structurally observed in patients after IACS injections: accelerated OA progression, subchondral insufficiency fracture, complications of osteonecrosis, and rapid joint destruction, including bone loss.”

Of these, accelerated OA progression was the most common, accounting for 6% of adverse effects; 0.9% experienced subchondral insufficiency fracture, 0.7% experienced osteonecrosis and 0.7% had rapid joint destruction and bone loss.

They also cite other research12 showing intra-articular corticosteroid injections more than doubled the cartilage volume loss compared to placebo (?0.21 millimeters versus ?0.10 mm), while having no impact on knee pain at two-year follow-up.

Evidence to Support Steroid Use Is Lacking

A 2015 meta-analysis13 that looked at 27 trials for arthritis of the knee also concluded that the quality of the evidence in support of steroids was low and, overall, inconclusive. According to the authors, “A single trial included in this review described adequate measures to minimize biases and did not find any benefit of intra-articular corticosteroids.”

What’s more, the evidence suggests the effects of steroids decrease over time, and this particular analysis found “no evidence that an effect remains six months after a corticosteroid injection.” As Guermazi told Hamblin:14

“The unfortunate thing is that there is no pharmaceutical treatment for osteoarthritis. All the guidelines tell you to lose weight, exercise, and improve lifestyle. Those are the treatments.”

Hamblin continues:15

“[Guermazi] and his colleagues emphasized that two groups in particular should be cautious: young patients and anyone with pain that seems dramatically worse than might be expected (based on the history, imaging, and physical exam).

Such disproportionate pain suggests a subtle problem that, perhaps, is being overlooked. Adding steroids to the mix could only make things worse, or delay an important finding. This may well have been the case for the young mother Guermazi treated.

A tiny stress fracture could have been invisible in the X-ray. It would have required treatment by keeping weight off the leg. Instead, with steroids or a placebo creating some sense of relief, the woman felt able to walk on the hip, precipitating the collapse of the bone.”

The fact of the matter is that steroid injections have been suspected of triggering bone loss for quite some time now. In 2006, animal research16 revealed a strong link between steroid use and osteoporosis.

The conclusion of the study revealed that although the steroid cortisone appears to inhibit the ability of osteoclasts to dismantle old bones in genetically normal mice, the inability of the skeletal structure to renew itself may cause bones to weaken dramatically. Senior author Dr. Steven L. Teitelbaum, Messing professor of pathology and immunology commented:17

“High-dose cortisone is the second most common cause of osteoporosis, and we currently have no real treatment for this serious side effect. Given how frequently these drugs are used to treat many different conditions, that’s a major clinical problem.”

Knee Steroid Shots Are No More Effective Than Placebo

Similarly, a 2017 study18 published in JAMA presented convincing evidence that use of corticosteroid injections for osteoarthritis of the knee causes a gradual loss of knee cartilage over time and appears to be no more effective than placebo in terms of relieving knee pain.

In this study, a group of 140 men and women over the age of 45 who suffered from painful knee OA were randomly assigned injections of either a corticosteroid or a saline placebo. Those receiving a corticosteroid were injected with 40 milligrams (mg) of triamcinolone acetonide.

The intra-articular injections were administered every three months for two years. The effects of the shots were tracked via pain questionnaires and physical ability tests, as well as annual bone and joint magnetic resonance imaging. Neither the study participants nor the staff administering the shots knew which patients were receiving placebos.

At the conclusion of the study, there was no noticeable difference between the two groups in terms of joint pain and stiffness. Both groups performed equally well in terms of standing from a seated position and walking. As reported by the authors:19

“Among patients with symptomatic knee OA, two years of intra-articular triamcinolone, compared with intra-articular saline, resulted in significantly greater cartilage volume loss and no significant difference in knee pain. These findings do not support [steroid shots] for patients with symptomatic knee OA.”

Significant Risks Found With Short-Term Steroid Use

Aside from the possibility of serious bone loss, other significant health risks have also been found. For example, a study20,21,22 published in The BMJ in 2017, which evaluated data from more than 1.5 million people enrolled in nationwide health care insurance revealed disconcerting effects.

One in 5 patient reports indicated they had filled a short-term prescription for steroids during the three-year study period. Nearly half of those who used steroids were prescribed a “dosepak” where the drugs are prepackaged and labeled for daily use. These “dosepaks,” also called “burstpaks,” are designed to deliver the highest dose on the first day and taper the dose over the following five days.

In addition to a higher risk of suffering a broken bone, patients who took a short “burst” of steroids also had a higher risk of a blood clot or life-threatening sepsis. This increased risk lasted for up to 90 days after the steroid use had stopped.

The results prompted the researchers to call for better education for physicians and patients about the potential risks. In a press release, lead author Dr. Akbar Waljee said:23

“Although physicians focus on the long-term consequences of steroids, they don’t tend to think about potential risks from short-term use. We see a clear signal of higher rates of these three serious events within 30 days of filling a prescription.

We need to understand that steroids do have a real risk and that we may use them more than we really need to. This is so important because of how often these drugs are used.”

Other Dangers of Long-Term Steroid Use

The dangers of long-term steroid use are well documented. Unfortunately, sometimes physicians and patients believe that steroids are the only option available to reduce painful symptoms. However, the long-term effects of the medication may in many cases outweigh the benefits of treatment, depending on the condition.

Of those who were prescribed steroids in The BMJ study described above, nearly half received the drug for diagnoses related to back pain, allergies or respiratory infections.24 Steroids are also commonly prescribed for other health conditions, including lupus, systemic vasculitis (blood vessel inflammation), myositis (muscle inflammation) and gout.25

The underlying commonality in a majority of conditions for which steroids are prescribed is inflammation. Whether from disease, illness or injury, the intent behind the use of steroids is to lower inflammation, thereby reducing symptoms.

But, steroids are not the only option, and may not be your best option, for lowering inflammation. Since adding hormones (steroids) to your body alters the delicate balance of your natural hormones, the addition can cause a long list of reversible and/or irreversible changes, including the following:26,27,28,29,30,31,32

Stomach ulcers

Increased facial hair

Increased risk of heart disease

Genital yeast infections and oral thrush

Reduced bone density and osteoporosis

Gastrointestinal bleeding

Thinning skin and stretch marks

Increased appetite and weight gain

Metabolic syndrome

Higher risk of infection

Cognitive deficits and impaired memory




Puffy “moon face”

Hypomania, hyperactivity, depression or psychosis

Urinary tract infections

Suppressed adrenal gland hormone secretion

Slow-healing wounds

High blood sugar and diabetes

Fluid retention


Night sweats

Increased blood pressure

Steroid Withdrawal

If you do choose to use steroids for an extended period of time, you also need to know that stopping the drug abruptly may trigger adverse and potentially even lethal effects, depending on how long you’ve been taking the medication. Symptoms associated with steroid withdrawal include:33

Weakness and fatigue

Decreased appetite

Nausea and/or vomiting

Body aches and/or joint pain

Weight loss

Abdominal pain and/or ileus (the temporary arrest of intestinal peristalsis)


Low blood pressure


Low blood sugar


Mental changes such as depression, mood swings and suicidal thoughts




Skin rash

Changes in menstrual cycle

Elevated calcium levels and/or electrolyte imbalance

Corticosteroids simulate the natural hormone cortisol, released by your adrenal glands. When you add corticosteroids your body has not produced, it may shut down the production of your own hormone.

These changes in the balance to your natural secretion may be the result of taking doses greater than your natural production.34 As you discontinue the drug, you can experience withdrawal symptoms.

These symptoms may be managed through a structured and coordinated drug withdrawal program, to help reduce withdrawal symptoms. The severity of your symptoms will be related to how long you took steroids, the dose and the taper schedule used.35

Safer Alternatives

In specific instances, your medical treatment may necessitate the use of steroids. However, I believe steroids are prescribed far too frequently for conditions that may be addressed with other, much safer options.

In many cases, you may prevent the use of steroids by incorporating lifestyle strategies that naturally reduces inflammation in your body. So, before you resort to steroids, consider implementing a few of the following suggestions first, to see if you can achieve relief:

Curcumin — Curcumin is one of the ingredients in the spice turmeric and microactive technology helps improve absorption. Curcumin helps to balance excitatory and inhibitory cytokines (substances secreted by your immune system that have an effect on other cells).

Many human trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of curcumin to reduce inflammation.36 The supplement is also well tolerated, without adverse side effects, even at high dosages.37

Eliminate foods that promote inflammation — Foods that significantly contribute to the inflammatory response in your body include virtually all processed foods, sugars, gluten, processed vegetable oils (trans fats) and alcohol. Lectins can also cause problems if you’re sensitive to them.

Eat foods that reduce inflammation — To reduce chronic inflammation, it’s important to address your overall diet. Foods that help reduce inflammation are typically high in antioxidants and healthy fats. Examples include green tea, vegetables, bone broth, avocado and coconut oil.

To help you get started, I suggest following my free optimized nutrition plan, which starts at the beginner phase and systematically guides you step-by-step to the advanced level.

As a general rule, I recommend replacing processed foods with whole, organic foods as much as you can. It is especially important to avoid processed vegetable oils and sugars. If you hope to optimize your health, you must have a regular source of high-quality, unprocessed fats. Check out my latest book “Fat for Fuel” for more tips on how to incorporate more healthy fats into your diet.

Stay well-hydrated — When dehydrated, your cells are not able to function optimally and have a more difficult time eliminating toxins, so be sure to stay well-hydrated. As a general rule, drink to quench your thirst. A helpful guide to gauge your hydration is to look at the color of your urine. Urine that is a light, straw yellow color is typically a sign of being fully hydrated.

Exercise and keep active every day — Exercise helps lower stress and improves the quality of your sleep, both of which will lower your levels of inflammation. Exercise also improves your heart and lung function, flexibility and range of motion.

According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise is especially crucial if you have knee pain.38 Lack of exercise can make your joints even more painful and stiff. As noted by Dr. Kim Stearns, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic:39

“We say motion is lotion — the more you move, the more your body lubricates itself. When you’ve been sitting or lying around, fluid in the joints doesn’t move. The more active you are, the more your joints lubricate themselves.”

Nonexercise movement is also important. Ideally, you’ll want to keep moving as much as possible throughout the day. A worthy goal is to limit your sitting to three hours or less. You can learn more about the health benefits of standing in my previous article, “What Happens to Your Body When You Sit All Day?

If you have joint pain, there are a few factors to consider with respect to exercise. Particularly if your pain worsens with movement, you want to take care to not strain a significantly unstable joint. Pain during movement is one of the most common and debilitating symptoms of OA.

If you’ve already developed knee OA, you’ll most certainly want to incorporate exercises that strengthen the quadriceps muscle at the front of your thigh. Instead of running or other high-impact exercise, you will more likely enjoy and benefit from non-weight-bearing exercises such as bicycling or swimming.

Should you experience pain for more than one hour after exercising, you either need to slow down or choose a different form of exercise. As needed, you may want to work with a physical therapist or qualified personal trainer who can help develop a safe set of activities for you.

Optimize your weight — If you are overweight, consider pairing exercise with a healthy diet to bring some relief to your joints. A 2013 study40 revealed overweight and obese adults with knee OA who followed an intensive diet and exercise program experienced less pain and better function than those who pursued just diet or exercise alone.

Dr. Aman Dhawan, an orthopedic sports-medicine specialist at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, suggests any loss of weight will translate into tremendous improvements in your joint pain and function:41

“There is good data to support getting rid of excess weight because it does improve pain in the joints of the lower extremities, as well as decreases your risk of getting arthritis, or of having it progress. The joints carry the weight of our bodies, so the less stress you put on them, the longer they will stay healthy.”

Practice stress reduction — Science demonstrates that stress increases the inflammatory response in your body. Meditation, yoga, exercise and deep breathing are all ways to help reduce stress.

One of my favorite methods is the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), which uses gentle tapping on acupuncture points on your head and upper body to help you clear your mind and accomplish your goals. You can learn more about EFT for stress in this video:

Get quality sleep — Getting eight hours of quality sleep is important to your health for many reasons, not the least of which is that it will help reduce inflammation in your body. If you have trouble sleeping, see “Sleep — Why You Need It and 50 Ways to Improve It.”

Essential oil and aromatherapy — There are many uses for essential oils, from lifting your mood to helping reduce inflammation. For suggestions on how to incorporate them into your daily routine, read my previous article, “How Essential Oils Can Help Improve Your Life.”

Detoxify in the sauna — Although there is more than one way to help your body detoxify (which is important for lowering inflammation), using a near-infrared sauna may be among the easiest and most cost effective.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy — Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy releases growth factors that can help heal and strengthen areas of the human body, including knee joints.

Research published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine42 investigated the effects of PRP when applied to patients with OA in both knees. At six weeks and three months, the knees treated with one or two PRP injections saw a reduction in pain and stiffness, and experienced improved function. At the six-month mark, positive results from PRP diminished, but knee pain and function were still better than before treatment.

Poison Found in 95% of Baby Food

A national investigation commissioned by Healthy Babies Bright Futures (HBBF) recently made a disturbing finding. A shocking 95% of baby foods tested contained the heavy metals lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury.1

I have often written about how most commercial infant formulas are high in processed sugar and questionable ingredients including soy. They can contain as much sugar as a can of soda yet lack the benefits of the natural sugars found in breast milk.

Worse, most formulas also contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), synthetic vitamins, inorganic minerals, excessive protein and harmful fats while lacking vital immune-boosting nutrients found in breast milk.

Still, the new findings about poisons like heavy metals lurking in baby food add urgency to the problem and raise questions about how parents can safely feed their infants.

Disturbing Findings About Baby Food

Parent volunteers working with HBBF’s partner organizations were asked to buy the most prominent baby food brands at their local stores or online.

The organizations the parents worked with were the Alaska Community Action on Toxics, Campaign for Healthier Solutions, Coming Clean, Ecology Center, Environmental Justice Health Alliance, Getting Ready for Baby, Learning Disabilities Association of America, Organizacion en California de Lideres Campesinas Inc., and Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services.2

The foods selected by the parents included 61 brands and 13 food types, including infant formula, teething biscuits, cereals and fruit juices. The results were staggering. Lead was found in 94% of the baby foods; cadmium and arsenic in approximately 75% of the items; and mercury in just under 33% of the products.

Fifteen of the baby foods accounted for 55% of the heavy metal contaminants. These included apple and grape juice, oat ring cereal, macaroni and cheese, puff snacks and rice-based foods. Rice foods such as cereal and rice-based snacks account for one-fifth of the risks babies face, as these foods have high levels of arsenic, as well as the other three metals, HBBF says.3

Contaminants Threaten Babies’ IQs

The presence of heavy metals in baby food has been known for a decade, but the HBBF’s study sheds new light on just how widespread the contamination is, and the specific risks babies and toddlers may face from such foods, especially to their IQs. An excerpt from the report reads:4

“The four heavy metals we found in baby food have a unique significance. All are developmental neurotoxins … They can harm a baby’s developing brain and nervous system, both in utero and after birth, for impacts that include the permanent loss of intellectual capacity and behavioral problems like attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

All four metals are linked to IQ loss from exposures early in life. The scientific evidence spans decades and continues to build: at least 23 studies published in the past seven years confirm these four heavy metals’ impacts to a child’s healthy development …

These metals are so prevalent in foods eaten by babies and toddlers that every child could be exposed daily to all three of the most common heavy metals detected in food — lead, arsenic, and cadmium — based on an analysis of federal surveys of children’s dietary patterns and heavy metals levels in food …”

Rocket Fuel Component Also Found in Baby Food

Heavy metals are not the only IQ-lowering substances found in baby food, according to HBBF. The industrial chemical perchlorate, a rocket fuel component, was also detected, and this dangerous substance adds to the cognitive risks posed by heavy metals, HBBF says:5

“Perchlorate disrupts thyroid functions crucial to brain development and has been linked to IQ loss among children born to mothers with thyroid dysfunction, who are more vulnerable to perchlorate toxicity …

It is a rocket fuel component used since the Cold War. In 2005 FDA approved its use as an antistatic in plastic food packaging, and in 2016 expanded the approval to cover dry food handling equipment.

Perchlorate is also a degradation product of hypochlorite used to disinfect food processing equipment. Levels in children’s food increased dramatically from 2005 to 2012 …”

This is not the first time perchlorates — salts derived from perchloric acid used in the ways described above — have been found in baby food. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found 15 brands of powdered infant formula were contaminated with the substance 10 years ago.6

Most people are exposed to perchlorate through their diet, in the form of contaminated water and/or foods. But the exposure infants receive may be far greater than that of adults if they are fed infant formula, as the toxin may be present in both the formula and the milk or water used to prepare it.

Perchlorate blocks the thyroid gland from taking up iodine, which can have a serious effect on a developing fetus and infant whose neurodevelopment depends on access to iodine.7 The harmful impact of perchlorate is also mediated by other endocrine disruptors that affect the thyroid found which might be found in the environment.

Even Organic Baby Food Poses Risks

Sadly, parents can’t “shop their way out of” the toxic heavy metal problem by buying organic products, HBBF warns. Heavy metals are everywhere — they naturally occur in the soil, but pesticides, fertilizers, factory farms and other environmental pollution greatly increase their presence.

Because heavy metals are in the soil (whether deposited there naturally or through artificial means), leafy greens and root vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes take up and retain them to a greater degree than fruits and above ground crops.

While parents may decide to buy organic foods and make their own baby food, this does not entirely solve the problem because organic standards do not set strict limits for such contaminants; both adult and baby foods may contain heavy metals.8

Parents also cannot rely on bottled water to avoid heavy metals. Bottled water is no safer than filtered tap water and generates toxic plastic waste to boot.9 In a previous article, I noted that that microplastics are also found in bottled water.

Parents Should Beware of Fruit Juices

The HBBF report recommends against giving babies and toddlers fruit juices for two reasons. First, because common juices like apple and grape contain heavy metals and secondly because parents tend to give excessive amounts of juices to their children. This means the metal levels can build up.

According to a consensus statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, “Even 100% fruit juice offers no nutritional benefits over whole fruit.”10

There are other reasons to shun juice, say child and medical experts. Fruit juices can cause weight gain and lifelong obesity to the same degree as soft drinks, and their effect on teeth is equally destructive.

Most parents probably don’t realize that giving their child apple juice is akin to giving them a Coke, but metabolically, and in terms of dental health, it is. The lack of protein and fiber in juice counteracts any nutritional benefits, add the experts.11

Over seven years ago, Dr. Oz and Consumer Reports exposed high levels of arsenic in fruit juices. A full 10% of juice tested by Consumer Reports exceeded federal drinking-water standards for arsenic in the U.S.

Low-level chronic exposure to arsenic can lead to gastrointestinal problems, skin discoloration and hyperkeratosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, high blood pressure, diabetes, reproductive problems, neurological problems, various cancers and reduced IQ, as cited in the HBBF report.

Rice Is Also a Harmful Baby Food

Though pediatricians continue to tell parents that rice cereal mixed with breast milk or formula should be a baby’s first meal, it is irresponsible advice that I have always resisted.

Acclimating infants to the taste of highly processed white rice could set them up for a lifetime of bad eating habits and put them at risk for diabetes.12 The way that white rice is processed strips away vitamins, fiber and other nutrients. The rice that is left turns to sugar and raises insulin levels.

Since rice is submersed in water to grow, it also readily absorbs inorganic arsenic, which is the most harmful kind of arsenic. “Rice cereal has six times more arsenic than other types of cereal, like oatmeal and multigrain,” says Jane Houlihan, HBBF’s national director of science and health.13

“I have not been recommending rice cereal as a first food for many years, because I prefer babies eat whole grains with more nutrition,” agrees pediatrician Dr. Tanya Altmann.14 So, just how can baby food be made safe? Government clearly needs to do more, says the HBBF report, pointing out that:15

“FDA can use its testing programs, recall authority, and guidance to industry, among other tools, to characterize and control heavy metal levels in food. The agency tests a fraction of imported food in their Import Program, prioritizing food likely to pose risks to consumers, including those with high heavy metals levels.

Federal law gives FDA the authority to require a recall of food it deems to be adulterated, that ‘bears or contains any poisonous or deleterious substance which may render it injurious to health,’ including heavy metals …

Despite FDA’s many areas of authority and its recent emphasis on reducing exposures to heavy metals, for 88 percent of baby foods tested by HBBF — 148 of 168 baby foods — FDA has failed to set enforceable limits or issue guidance on maximum safe amounts. And none of the agency’s existing guidance considers the additive neurological impacts of multiple metals in baby food.”

How Can Parents Ensure Baby Food Safety?

I have often written about how parents can make sure their babies and toddlers eat the most nutritious and safest foods. For instructions on how to make your own homemade baby formula, see “The U.S. Campaign Against Breastfeeding.” Here are a few other ideas sparked by the HBBF report that appeared on CNN:

Feed your baby a variety of healthy foods — This will help children be less picky eaters and avoid future food allergies.16

Choose snacks carefully — Rice teething rusks and other teething biscuits have little nutrition.

Reduce juice — Water and milk should be the drinks of choice.

Serve carrots and sweet potatoes less frequently — When you do, peel them carefully and cook them in water that is then disposed.

Minimize the use of plastic, especially with reheating foods — Heat causes dangerous plastics to leach into the food.

Steam and puree organic or biodynamically grown vegetables — Cool them in small glass containers, then freeze and put in bigger containers.

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