Kp Message 1-3-20… “Let me be Perfectly Clear… THIS is my mission”

This is the Light, which I am looking up to in this image, which was taken on Mauna Kea, on 5-14-19. Interesting, as it is the date of my Mother’s last (90th) birthday on this planet.

My mission, on that date, had something to do with the “5-5 connection”, and related to “Releasing the Fire” (see this post for more). That mission, clearly, released much Higher Vibrational “Fire” energy into the planet. It is still resonating around the planet.

Currently, my mission is to be here, in the Midwest, with my parents, to assist them through this period in their lives. Of course, most know that my Mother passed over on 12-23-19 (related Kp blog post), and now I am assisting my Father in dealing with his state of mind and body and spirit, as he grieves and releases whatever he needs to release, related to his partner of 75 years. And dealing with many of the earthly 3D issues related to her passing, and setting things up for myself to take responsibility for those issues, one step at a time.

THAT is my only mission now.

I receive many emails, and calls, etc., about “this is going on”, “that is going on”, so and so is falling over, deep state is flailing away, this shooting happened, that event happened, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

At this moment, in this place where I currently reside, and following the Higher Inner Guidance I am receiving, I am not involved, in any way shape or form, with ANY of that. I honestly do not care about any of that “stuff” going on “out there” right now. It will happen. And it will all be “taken care of”.

I trust the Alliance (including President Trump). I trust the Galactics. I trust that there are many whose mission it is do deal with those things. I trust God to deal with those things. It is not mine to deal with them.

My mission is to care for the BEings who brought me into this planet, and who have supported me and enabled me to carry out my missions here. And that is what I am doing, and will do, until it is very clear that that particular mission has ended.

So that’s about all I have to write right now. I’ll surely post a news bit or two here and there, but I will not be doing “full time” blogging as I used to.

Best to all,

Aloha, Kp

Veteran Goes From Janitor to Physicist After Teaching Himself Trigonometry Using Youtube

When I think about education, I usually can’t help but to think how many of our educational institutions have been compromised in many different ways, like the connection between the CIA and major academic institutions, for example. I also tend to think about how, when it comes to knowledge on various subjects, we often appeal to authority, meaning that only those who are ‘educated’ on a particular topic know the most about it. I believe this has caused many individuals, when the desire for information on a certain topic pops up, to simply look for what others with supposed ‘credibility’ believe on the topic. There are many subjects out there, for example, where authority figures claim that “the science is settled,” meanwhile, if you do your own digging, you will find out that there are many publications by various academics that make it quite clear that the science is not settled.”

This is known today as the politicization of science.

Without getting too specific, the point is that there is a lot of information out there, and one doesn’t have to be within the realms of academia to obtain it. In fact, based on my experience, having gone through the education system and post-secondary education system, those with the passion and desire to learn are the ones who seem to become the most knowledgable, regardless of their education. It’s all about passion. Today, education seems to be used by most to simply obtain a piece of paper for the purposes of making money, instead of people engaging in their passions. Perhaps this is why so many people end up unhappy? Perhaps it’s why Albert Einstein once said that he never let his “schooling interfere with his intelligence.”

Are we going to school to learn? Or are we going because it’s simply the thing to do?

There are many people out there who recognize this, and one of them is a former US Army veteran by the name of Joshua Carroll. After returning from the horrors of war, he suffered from PTSD and found himself feeling a general lack of purpose. He started to work as a janitor at a school when he came across a book by physicist Stephen Hawking, this sparked his drive to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a physicist.

As The Good News Network reports:

With just a 10th grade education in geometry, Carroll managed to persuade the admissions staffers at Radford University to let him skip the prerequisites for the physics program provided he could teach himself trigonometry. Armed with nothing but the internet, Carroll prepared for his entrance exam by watching dozens of YouTube videos to learn advanced mathematics in just three weeks. Not only did he pass with flying colors, he graduated as one of the top students in his class—and he has been working as a physicist ever since.

Caroll’s story is proof that anytime you have the desire, will and the passion to learn something, you can do it. At the end of the day, there are resources at our disposal in the form of Youtube videos, libraries, journal articles that are available to the public, and much much more. A university degree or college education is not required for your to learn. You can probably get the equivalent, or even better, for free using the internet and a library.  Sure, it’s required to possibly get a job an maybe a better quality of life (even that is doubtful), but it’s not at all required for a real education. Something to think about.

BREAKING: The USA Killed Iranian IRGC Commander Qasem Soleimani

Iranian IRGC Qasem Soleimani Quds Brigades and Iraq PMU Hashd Dy Commander Muhandess Killed by Trump

By Arabi Souri,

The Pentagon confirmed the United States of America’s responsibility of killing the legendary IRGC Quds Brigade commander Qasem Soleimani in a drone attack near Baghdad Airport.

The Pentagon’s statement didn’t elaborate on the cost on the US itself and its interests in the region, and maybe beyond. It just declared war on 3 countries officially after years of trying to hide behind the consumed slogan of ‘fighting terror’, moving from it to ‘Fighting for Terror’.

Qasem Soleimani is a general in the Iranian Army, in case the Pentagon’s officials didn’t know.

The former head of the IRGC and currently the top security adviser in Iran issued a statement vowing to avenge the killing of the Iranian top general. Qasem Soleimani was the legendary fighter on the ground who defeated ISIS and other al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and defended Iran itself and the rest of the world from the growing terrorist forces.

The assassination also killed the Deputy Commander of the Iraqi Security Forces – PMU Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

IRGC commander, just a day earlier, warned the USA from crossing any red line in its aggression in the region, seems they did because they wanted to escalate the region towards a regional war.

Obviously, the US President instead of ‘draining the swamp’ he drained the US establishment of any sane thinkers and decision-makers by submitting completely to the Zionist lobby, even someone like George W. Bush or Barak Obama, the guy who dropped tens of thousands of bombs on civilians, wouldn’t carry out such insane assassination, especially with tens of thousands of US troops are within the firing range of the Iranian IRGC-Quds Brigades, and the Iraqi PMU as well.

Whatever excuse the US had is no longer worthy of reading, out of our direct experience in the region, the US should be very worried of the consequences and remain on ultra-high alert until Iran officially says they concluded avenging this killing if they’ll ever do.

From the decades-long history of resistance and the people of the region, whenever a commander is killed, the subordinates become more hot-headed and seek revenge. This was demonstrated clearly when the US and its stooges killed the Syrian Minister of Defense Abdallah Rajha in 2012 and a number of top security and army generals and instantly al-Qaeda terrorists were given the green light to storm Damascus from a number of axes. The Syrian Arab Army, instead of collapsing, turned the tide in the opposite direction and secured the Syrian capital moving from one victory to another.

The only strategic outcome of this assassination is seeing the US forces out of Iraq, sooner than thought before, opposite to the hopes of who carried out this operation.



False Claims A-Coming

By Anna Von Reitz

I am getting reports from all over the country that people are suddenly receiving large tax bills, especially property tax bills, that are being spun off the TARP Bailout  that Mr. Obummer organized in 2007, in collusion with the Office of the United States Attorney General and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., in Arizona.  These False Claims against the assets of our Counties were engineered in advance of the 2008 Meltdown of the Financial Sector as a means to fund the bank Bailout, which was the entire object of the exercise —- and then, to lay this burden on the unsuspecting American People.  This fraud was committed using a “MASTER FORM LINE OF CREDIT DEED OF TRUST”, an example of which can be seen recorded in Recording District 301, Anchorage, Alaska, 2007-061209-0, on September 25, 2007.   

We are now faced with international bill collectors up the wazoo, coming after us and our actual assets as if we had anything to do with any of this.  

It’s not your bill, even though it is “apparently” being addressed to you, and it is not your land and soil that is being attached — it’s  their DESCRIPTION of your land and soil that is the object of these False Claims in Commerce.  

They scheme up some description of your land and soil —- like a street address:  5100 Morningside Circle, for example.  Or a Lot and Block description like “Block 9, Lot 11, Silver Stream Subdivision”  and so on.  And these descriptions are being foreclosed upon, unless of course, you pay the racketeers large sums of “property taxes” that you either (a) outright don’t owe, or (b) may owe, but are entitled to discharge by Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption.  

The bill collectors don’t know anything about this.  They are being paid a commission according to how much they can “recover” from these Big Lies, so they don’t care, either.  And the Perpetrators who should have protected you from anything like this, are snugged up on Capitol Hill, hoping that you will just bow down and pay, pay, pay. 

The Tax Assessors have your land and soil misidentified as “income producing” residential, commercial, or agricultural property” belonging to a brand new “federal county” organization.   Take a real close look at the paperwork.  You will notice that it is addressed in an odd way and that the names are slightly different — in some cases the addresses are different, too.   A “federal county” is another oxymoron, and it refers to a “county” business organization operated by foreign corporations —- as if “Target, Inc.” — a well-known French Commercial Corporation — went into the “county” business and charged you for their services without any contract with you at all.  

So you have to take on the Tax Assessor and his office and issue a “Correction Instrument” to the County Registrar in the county you were born in (telling them “under penalty of perjury under the Public Law of The United States of America” (and under a Witness Jurat from one of their Notaries) that you are not a “resident” and not a British Territorial United States Citizen and not a Municipal “citizen of the United States” and saying that you are acting “without the United States and without the United States of America”. Firmly state that you are a State Citizen of The United States, a Texan, living on the land and soil, requiring correction of the mis-registration and impersonation of your name and misrepresentation of your political status as that of a federal citizen. They are requested and required to remove your name from the Register. 

If you have been following along, you can additionally tell them that your proper political status and Trade Name (which is your Trademark) are already recorded as your private property.  

Then issue a Corrected Deed and Re-conveyance of Title — same perjury declaration and notarial Witness Jurat — and record it with the County Recorder in the county where the land is mapped, also identifying yourself as the private American Person in possession of this land and soil and claiming all descriptions of it — and then list them all — street, plat, parcel number(s), lot and block, — whatever descriptions they have applied to your property, you claim them all, and the underlying United States Patent, all titles, all easements, all driveways and accesses, all water resources and utilities and appurtenances related to to this land and soil  properly described by its metes and bounds, mapped, surveyed and made part of and incorporated into this Public Record —- are returned to Texas and to  (Your Name) as a Freehold in perpetuity.”  

Then pick up a current UCC-1 Form off the internet and the Addendum Form to it  and whatever name the land is now under, you write it in all capitals and you name that ENTITY as a DEBTOR on the UCC-1 —- that’s the Municipal Government Franchise.  Give it’s address as 55 Water Street, 4 Conc, New York, New York, 10041 and the country code is “US”   Next, you write the name in Upper and Lower Case — this will in most cases look just like your Given Name, but in this context, it is a Debtor to you —- the Territorial Government Franchise — and write in its address as your birth County Registrar’s Address and the country code is “USA”.  

You are the Creditor, but for this purpose you are going to operate as part of an organization —- the unincorporated version of The United States of America, to be precise.   You are going to name yourself as your own Fiduciary.  So write your name out as an “Organization” —- Upper and Lower Case, and give your country address as “usa” and “In care of” your usual mailing address.   

In the collateral section you list all the descriptions of your land and soil again and check the “non-UCC Lien” in box 6.   Then, on the Addendum, you name The United States of America [Unincorporated] as an additional Secured Party, give my In Care Of: mailing address as the address and “usa” as the country,  and you check the box requiring this to be posted among the real estate records, and you put whatever the old owner of record name was in the bottom left box and you check the “Fixture Lien” box on the right hand side and you claim the additional collateral of all paper, all ink, all electronic substance being or bearing any impression of your Trademark: Your Name,  however styled or ordered or represented on deeds, patents, powers of attorney, records and registrations. 

You get three certified copies of all the above, and you keep one set for you, one set goes to the Tax Assessor, and the third gives to the “State of State” Secretary of State.  

You write a cover letter very clearly stating that you are not a “resident” of the State of Texas.  You are part of the living population of Texas and the State of Texas owes you Good Faith and Service under the terms of The Constitution of the United States of America.  You are informing all Parties of your correct political status and proper possession of the land and soil of Texas associated with your Trademark (which is your Given Name) which is an American Person protected under Article IV.  You are directing the State of Texas to make the appropriate corrections to its records and directing the Tax Assessor to remove your name and your land and soil assets from the Tax Rolls of both the Territorial and Municipal Government Corporations.  You are not operating as a corporate franchise and  your land and soil is not “income producing” corporate agricultural, commercial, or residential property within the meaning and intent of Federal Code.  

If they have bills for services rendered and agreed upon,  the proper way to submit them is via a Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption Voucher, not by pretending that you are a federal corporation. 

This is nasty paperwork, I know.  But it is only about six pages all told, and it effectively puts an end to all their false claims about you and about your land assets.  Claiming your trademark and everything that is imprinted with it pretty much does them over, and because you gave Notice to both the Recorder and the Registrars (County and UCC) they’ve got nowhere left to go to continue their False Claims process.  They may try to mis-address you by a different name.  Just record another Certificate of Assumed Name to take charge of that name, too.  

You are the Holder in Due Course of your Trademark (Given Name) and they have been abusing it via impersonation to benefit themselves. That’s a crime, akin to rustling and re-branding cattle, and like rustling, is actually a capital crime in Texas.   If they want to discuss it further, you are available for consultation.  Otherwise, you wish your name and your assets to be off their tax rolls and also wish for an end to any attempts to mis-address you or latch your assets or mis-characterize you as any kind of foreign citizen owing allegiance to the Queen or the Pope.   

Thank you very much for your time and attention, etc.,etc.,etc.,

Why we have not begun stringing the Perpetrators up on lamp posts is a testament to the Christian forbearance of the people of this country.  Those who have engaged in these practices and in making these False Claims are international criminals, nothing more or less.  It has no political substance or overtones.  It is merely a vicious commercial fraud scheme.  And it is up to each of us to join together and put a stop to it. 

Go to:  and get started today.  You have the power to end the crimes and enforce against the criminals— lawfully, peacefully, and effectively. 


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9 Mistakes that Ruin Relationships

By Guest writer Rebecca Schmidt,

There is nothing like having a healthy and successful romantic relationship. Not only can it boost your spirits and moods, but it can also enhance your overall mental well-being. While relationships are usually full of highs and lows, it can sometimes be hard to maintain the highs when you are going through rough patches; and these tough times may be due to several common mistakes made in a relationship. 

If you and your partner are going through some difficult times, some minor adjustments might just help to get your relationship back on track. You can do so by identifying issues in your relationship early and adopting certain strategies before it takes a toll and negatively impacts your relationship. If you’re fretting over what some of these issues may be, read on as we list some common ones in relationships that you may unknowingly be guilty of.

1. Taking your partner for granted

As your relationship progresses and you grow more comfortable with each other, neglecting the needs of your partner is a common phenomenon. Partners start buying fewer gifts for their other halves, cut down on extravagant romantic gestures and leave handwritten notes behind. While it is normal to assume that your partner will always be in your life even if you reduce these niceties, it never hurts to do a little something every now and then to show that you care.

Picture life without your partner — will you be able to survive without him/her? The fear of losing your significant other may propel you in the right direction and motivate you to start doing little things to show your appreciation for him/her again. If you entirely cut down on showering him/her with love and affection, your partner may seek comfort in someone else instead.

2. Being too insecure

While it is not good to neglect your partner, it can also be detrimental if you care too much about and obsess over whether he cares for you. Being too insecure will make your partner feel suffocated, and instead of bringing you two closer, it will push him away. You’ll become clingy and possessive, wanting to spend every waking moment together; not giving him room to live his own life away from you. You may constantly crave for his attention and reassurance, and start questioning whether the time that he spends with his friends may just be a cover-up for hanging out with a potential love interest.

When two parties commit and make a decision to start a relationship together, having confidence in his genuine love for you will prevent you from being that needy girlfriend that his friends hate. Constantly reminding yourself about the little things that he does to express his love and care for you will help you to be less anxious in the relationship, and be a healthier person for your partner.

3. Oversharing information with others

In relationships, there are bound to be secrets and intimate moments that only both of you know about. When your partner tells you something confidential, it indicates his absolute trust in you to keep it to yourself. While it may be something completely trivial or harmless, tattling it to your friends or family will lose the trust that your partner has in you. Imagine if it spreads to the wrong people and ends up affecting your partner’s life. That will cause you to feel extremely anxious and stressed out, knowing that you leaked information that was never meant to be circulated. This not only causes his faith in you to falter but may also be extremely damaging to the relationship.

4. Complaining about your partner to others

It is normal for individuals to turn to their friends when things get rough in a relationship. While confiding in others may be second-nature to you, keeping mum about it may help to prevent your relationship from getting stuck in a rut.

When you focus on the bad qualities of your partner, it clouds your judgment about him as a person and you will find yourself starting to withdraw from him. In addition, if you choose to tell your friends about his shortcomings instead of directly talking to your partner, he will be unaware of your dissatisfaction and assume that all is good. As these instances of unhappiness start to accumulate, it may one day manifest into a full-blown unsalvageable argument that will seem uncalled for to your partner; taking a toll on the relationship as a result.

5. Engaging in passive-aggressive behavior

Passive-aggressive, or ‘pagro’ for short maybe an ‘in’ term these days, but not many know about how detrimental it can be to a relationship. Passive-aggressiveness usually comes in the form of intentional sarcastic remarks or making empty promises on purpose. While it is sometimes your subconscious acting, it usually stems from deep-seated unhappiness and anger with your partner that you do not voice out. This could be your self-defensive mechanism kicking in that is extremely counter-productive.

In these cases, self-reflection is key as you identify gaps in the relationship that you are upset about. Having honest conversations about what you are not happy about will also thoroughly help your partner to understand your feelings more, and propel the relationship forward when both of you address the underlying issues together.

6. Doubting the relationship

If you find yourself constantly questioning the relationship, you may be indulging in self-sabotaging behavior. When you start to doubt how long the relationship will last, or when he is going to leave you, you will tend to avoid making future commitments; leading to your partner thinking that you are starting to lose interest. When that happens, both parties may engage in withdrawal behavior and start growing apart, causing the potential demise of the union.

7. Not putting your partner first

With the demands of work, social life and family, it is often easy to have other priorities in your life besides your partner. If you regularly ditch your date nights to be with your friends for a drinking session or willingly grab dinner with a client after work instead of going home to take care of your sick spouse, chances are, he will experience feelings of neglect.

While it is hard to decide who is the most important in your life, and whose needs should be prioritized, it is crucial to be attentive to your partner’s needs every now and then. As you start getting used to seeing your partner only twice a week, this lack of attentiveness will start to evolve to become rejection over time, resulting in your partner growing detached from you.

8. Giving up on your partner

When your partner is going through a difficult time in his life, or when she is stuck in a vicious cycle of self-esteem issues, it is often easier to just disengage from her problems and focus on your own tasks. However, it is important to give your loved one the confidence that you are always there for her, allowing her to rely on your unconditional support. It will not only strengthen the relationship, but it will also motivate her to get out of her mental prison.

9. Stop trying in the relationship

Couples go through ups and downs all the time, and when the going gets tough, you may sometimes feel dejected and lack confidence in your partner to carry on in the relationship. Regardless of any previous infidelity or ground-breaking arguments, it can deeply shatter the mutual trust that both of you share and cause a lot of unresolved resentment and feelings of betrayal. You may tend to commit less and invest fewer emotions in the relationship for fear that you may end up getting hurt again. Catch yourself before this becomes permanent, and all the effort and time that you spent building the relationship go down the drain.

In a nutshell, while these are some common mistakes in relationships that couples overlook, it can be damaging to the relationship if they are prolonged. Self-reflection and honest communication may help to propel the relationship in the right direction again and salvage the union before it is too late. However, there are times when you should trust your gut feeling if it is telling you that there may be something wrong. Perhaps your partner’s actions have led you to believe that he could be cheating on you. If that’s the case, head to to find out what some common signs of cheating are. 



A Sitting President Declares Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself! Implies Epstein Was Intelligence Operative

(Spiro 1) In yet another bizarre twist to what will likely be the biggest story of 2019, a current president has come forward in an interview stating that convicted sex offender and billionaire Jeffery Epstein did not commit suicide and was actually murdered!

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