Seeing Babies Or Pregnancy In Your Dreams? Here’s What It May Symbolize

A friend of mine recently asked me for some help interpreting her dreams, as she and her friends seemed to all be dreaming about babies. Babies, as like many things in dreams, do not represent exactly what you might think they would.

Rarely can we interpret things in our dreams literally, and so it is always wise to parse out the dream on a personal basis to find out the true meaning behind the appearance of babies in your dreams.

A baby in dream analysis is basically a clean slate, a new beginning or start of a new phase in your life. Dream babies symbolize an “untouched” program. In dream speak we often refer to our original self as the person we were before we began to adjust to those around us, particularly our family members and more specifically our mothers.

Everyone in our lives leaves their “fingerprints” on our unconscious minds. We unconsciously and continuously adjust our original self to fit into our environment. These adjustments are seen as programs or alternative components of ourselves who show up in our dreams as other people. Everyone in your dream is you, only when it’s not.

I should clarify: most dreams are progressive, which means that the dream is all about you and your unconscious mind communicating. Your unconscious mind is said to have an IQ of 10,000 because it knows everything that you know and things you don’t even know you know. Thus your UM can present literally ANYTHING in your dream, but it is trying to tell you something important about what it is processing at this time in your life. If you are dreaming about babies, things in your life are blossoming, unfolding, about to be born.

If you dream your friend or someone you don’t even know is pregnant or has a baby, you would then think of three characteristics or traits that that person brings to mind if you had to describe them to a stranger. Your unconscious mind is using these traits to show you that this part of you is preparing or pregnant with a new beginning. If the person is generous, giving, and open, these are the parts of yourself that are multiplying, growing, and preparing to awaken in you.

If you are pregnant then your core self is preparing for a new stage of your life. Take notice of how you feel about the pregnancy or baby. Are you surprised, aghast, overjoyed, or simply puzzled? The emotion you have in your dream is the biggest indicator of how you are reacting to this impending change in your life.

Babies everywhere? You have a baby, your friend is pregnant, and you are in a maternity ward? Then you are experiencing a lot of new changes in your life. Your life is bursting with new possibilities.

Also keep in mind that there is a certain phase in life, for women in particular, when you start considering the actuality of becoming a mother or a parent, and this may factor into your dreams. When your friends are getting married and having kids, you will naturally be adjusting your social and personal life to those realities. Babies in your dreams at this point might mean that you are simply considering when and if you want to begin thinking about having a family of your own.

Then there’s the “only when it’s not” scenario I mentioned at the beginning of this article. If you are pregnant in real life then we may actually be talking about an exchange of information between two different unconscious minds: Yourself and your unborn baby. We know that nutrients are exchanged, and that DNA, even genetic memory, can be passed from mother to unborn child. Emotions of the mother are often received and reacted upon by the baby.

I knew of a woman whose mother and father would study from the time the father got home at 1 am until 5 or 6 am so he could pass an exam which would lead to more financial security. All her life she could not fall asleep until 5 or 6 am no matter what she tried. Finally, a hypnotherapy session allowed her to understand that her in utero “hard wiring” had been the root cause of her insomnia.

Then there is the more metaphysical aspect of a baby in your dream. As a shamanic hypnotherapist, I can tell you that sometimes a soul will reach out to its future mother as a gentle “hello” to help prepare her for the conception and acceptance of this new being into her body and life. This is an example one of the more rare d41quP98cKOL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_reams, which we call precognitive — showing a future event that will take place in real time. It may also be shamanic, if the message is not coming from the person’s unconscious mind but rather from some outside source.

Look at your life situation, which of what I just mentioned “speaks” to your dream baby. Most likely it is just a new beginning in your life, not a real baby. (Though of course, a baby is a real life beginning!) You can find most of your questions answered in my book Dream Analysis Handbook or you can schedule a personal consultation by contacting me at .

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Is Your Makeup Contaminated With Superbugs?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published their first Antibiotic Resistance Threats Report in 2013 with the intention of sounding the alarm to the dangers of antibiotic resistance. Experts have been warning about the advent of superbugs for decades, which is the term coined by the media for antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The resistance happens when bacteria begin to adapt to the chemicals and drugs in the environment making treatment less effective. When bacteria become resistant, treatment is ineffective. In the first CDC report it was estimated 2 million antibiotic-resistant infections in 2013 were responsible for 23,000 deaths.

However, the 2019 report calculates this data missed nearly half the cases and deaths. New estimates find 3 million each year are infected and 35,000 die. Still other researchers believe this number is too low and a true number is likely much higher. The 2019 report identified the secondary infection linked to the use of antibiotics, Clostridioides difficile (C. diff).

This infection triggers deadly diarrhea after antibiotics have upset the natural balance of bacteria in the digestive system. If the number of deaths attributed to C. diff are added to the 2019 totals, 48,000 deaths may be attributed to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The CDC has linked misuse of antibiotics to the impressive rise in resistant infections.

Superbugs may be found in the hospital and community where they increase your risk of a potentially deadly infection. Anyone with a compromised immune system is at greater risk of infection, including children, those who are ill and the elderly.

How Contaminated Are Your Cosmetics?

Research published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology1 addresses the extent of contamination in cosmetics, including lip and eye products as well as beauty blenders. The goal was to identify the risks consumers in the U.K. may experience using these cosmetic products.

The study team tested donated, used products and found that 79% to 90% of all the products were contaminated. They found Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus), Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Citrobacter freundii, as well as fungi and Enterobacteriaceae in the makeup.

These types of bacteria may trigger illness and infections when they come in contact with your eyes, mouth or near breaks in the skin. The researchers believe consumers are unwittingly putting themselves at risk for infection and illness by using products that are past their expiration date.2

The EU guidelines adhere to strict standards to prevent the contamination of new cosmetics, in particular concentrations of E. coli, but there is limited protection for consumers after the products have been opened and are in use. The shelf life or expiration of a product is the amount of time you may expect the product to act as expected and be safe to use.

When a product expires may vary depending on several factors, including how it’s stored, the type of product and how it’s used. The researchers expressed concern U.K. consumers may be at a greater risk after Brexit as they will no longer have the protection of EU regulations and may be purchasing more products from the U.S. where regulations are lax.

For instance, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration,3 responsible for regulating the industry, does not require cosmetics to have a specific shelf life or have printed expiration dates on products. The FDA considers “determining a product’s shelf life to be part of the manufacturer’s responsibility.”

The law doesn’t require manufacturers to share their testing or tracking information. In other words, the FDA has made manufacturers responsible for the safety of the products they sell, which allows them to regulate themselves.

Beauty Blenders Worst Offenders

The researchers evaluated 467 individual items,4 including beauty blenders — contoured blending sponges used to apply makeup foundation. The data revealed the highest level of harmful bacteria on these sponges, which may be the result of the products being put away damp after use, creating a perfect area for bacteria to multiply.

Additionally, the researchers found two-thirds of the users reported dropping the sponges on the floor at some time during use, but 93% of the beauty blenders had never been cleaned. Amreen Bashir, Ph.D., from Aston University was lead researcher and commented on the results:5

“Consumers’ poor hygiene practices when it comes to using make-up, especially beauty blenders, is very worrying when you consider that we found bacteria such as E.coli – which is linked with fecal contamination – breeding on the products we tested.

More needs to be done to help educate consumers and the make-up industry as a whole about the need to wash beauty blenders regularly and dry them thoroughly, as well as the risks of using make-up beyond its expiry date.”

The researchers wrote this study is the first in which scientists have looked at the relatively new beauty blender products, which are often endorsed by celebrities. The researchers concluded:6 “Signi?cant levels of microbial contamination occur during use of cosmetic products and presence of pathogenic organisms pose a potential risk to health.”

Your Makeup May Also Contain Poisons

Personal care and cosmetic products are notorious for the number of chemicals used in their creation and manufacture. You might be surprised to learn the average American woman uses 12 distinct personal care products each day, which combined contain nearly 168 different chemicals.

While the EU proactively regulates the number of chemicals their consumers are exposed to, the U.S. does not. Personal care products reach the store shelves without authorization by any federal agency and only after harm has been demonstrated may the FDA take action. Unfortunately, this has led to a large number of dangerous chemicals in cosmetics marketed to the public.

In one study, researchers enrolled 100 young women in a community-based research intervention study to determine if using products with lower levels of chemicals such as parabens, triclosan, phthalates and phenols could result in lower urinary concentrations. Before the start of the study, researchers found 90% of the participants had detectable levels of phthalates, parabens and BP-3.

After using alternative products labeled paraben- and phthalate-free for three days, the concentrations reduced by over 40% for parabens and over 27% for monoethyl phthalates. Unfortunately, there were increases of butyl and ethyl parabens detected in nearly half the participants, suggesting these may have been contaminants in the cosmetics or unlabeled ingredients.

This supports a further study in which researchers evaluated 49 different makeup items and found serious heavy metal contamination in nearly all the products analyzed. Contaminants included lead, beryllium, thallium, cadmium and arsenic.

In 2015, the Personal Care Products Safety Act was first proposed to Congress as an amendment to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act by Senators Dianne Feinstein, D-California and Susan Collins, R-Maine. The bill included a system requiring manufacturers to register their products and ingredients, requiring the FDA to review five chemicals in personal care products each year for safety.

However, the bill was never approved. It was reintroduced in May 2017 and again in March 2019. Unfortunately, Skopos Labs for GovTrack estimates only a 3% chance the bill will be enacted as a result of the March 2019 introduction.7

Strategies You Can Use to Prevent Contamination

It is important to take precautions to prevent your cosmetics and personal care products from becoming contaminated with bacteria to reduce your potential risk of a skin infection. Keeping your beauty blenders clean and dry between uses is especially important as the data showed these were prone to bacterial growth, including bacteria commonly found in feces.

How you use your cosmetics and the precautions you take are integral to the shelf life of your products.8 Cosmetics can degrade or breakdown over time related to use and storage. Here are some precautions to reduce your risk of infection and extend the life of your cosmetics:9,10

Ensure anything you use to apply your makeup is dry and clean before dipping into the product. Wet fingers or applicators may add bacteria and other pathogens.

Most makeup is manufactured with preservatives that break down over time, increasing the risk of bacterial growth. Look for an expiration date. A better choice is to seek out safe makeup products from the Environmental Working Group (EWG)11 and heed the expiration dates.

Applicators for mascara and eyeliner are exposed to bacteria with each use, which are then reintroduced to the product. Purchase small sized products and use mascara and eyeliner only for three months before disposing of it. Mascara and eyeliner have the shortest shelf life since they are exposed to bacteria with each use and are moist. If it smells strange before three months, it’s time to buy new products.

If your mascara dries out, don’t add water or saliva as this introduces bacteria.

Store your makeup in a room with low humidity, which means outside the bathroom where a daily hot shower causes consistent temperature changes and rising humidity can affect bacterial growth.

Do not share makeup with anyone, even those in your immediate family. This easily spreads bacteria and increases the bacterial load in your products.

Keep your applicators clean, washing beauty blenders with soap and water and allowing them to dry with each use. Brushes and other applicators should also be routinely washed and dried.

Purchase your products only from trusted vendors. If you are purchasing online buy directly from the manufacturer or licensed distributor to reduce the potential you are sold a fake product that may be past the expiration date, tampered with or diluted.

If you develop an eye infection or skin infection on your face, stop using all your makeup, especially eye makeup. Seek medical attention quickly to reduce the potential of an infection that may lead to loss of eyesight.

Proper Hand-Washing Helps Prevents Spread of Infection

E. coli is one of the bacteria researchers found in contaminated makeup. Some scientists call it the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of bacteria since there’s such a wide spectrum ranging from harmless to fatal. Hand-washing is one of the primary strategies you may use to prevent the spread of disease, yet several studies have found many of those who use a public restroom leave without washing their hands.

In a study by the U.S. military, after two years of using proper hand-washing techniques, 45% of the participants had fewer respiratory illnesses. It is important to wash your hands before putting on makeup and to routinely clean your makeup applicators. Using the correct technique helps reduce the number of harmful bacteria. To be truly effective, consider using the following guidelines.

Use warm, running water and a mild soap. You do NOT need antibacterial soap, and this has been scientifically verified. Even those from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration state “There is currently no evidence that [antibacterial soaps] are any more effective at preventing illness than washing with plain soap and water.

Further, some data suggest long-term exposure to certain active ingredients used in antibacterial products — for example, triclosan (liquid soaps) and triclocarban (bar soaps) — could pose health risks, such as bacterial resistance or hormonal effects.”

Start with wet hands, add soap and work up a good lather, all the way up to your wrists, scrubbing for at least 15 or 20 seconds (most people only wash for about six seconds). A good way to time this is to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice.

Make sure you cover all surfaces, including the backs of your hands, wrists, between your fingers and around and below your fingernails. Rinse thoroughly under running water.

Thoroughly dry your hands, ideally using a paper towel. In public places, also use a paper towel to open the door as a protection from germs the handles may harbor.

The Walking Revolution

Most of us have some idea about the dangers of inactivity — the too common lifestyle that consists of going from the “couch to the car to the cube.” But many think the alternative to a sedentary life is active working out and a gym membership.

The excellent documentary “The Walking Revolution,” which grew out of the Kaiser Permanente Every Body WALK! campaign,1 shows that the alternative to inactivity can be a simple, fun and free activity. It is called walking.

From “mall walking” to “walking school buses” made up of school children who walk to school as a group with a supervising adult, “The Walking Revolution” shows many ways you can incorporate walking into your everyday life. Implementing standing desks, which we use at, and using the stairs rather than the elevator are also great ways to combat a sedentary lifestyle.

“The Walking Revolution” also reveals health benefits of walking, some not that well-known. You may realize walking can lower your blood pressure and reduce your susceptibility to diabetes, but do you realize walking can also lower your risk of developing cancers and cognitive decline and that it can work as an “instant antidepressant,” as experts say in the video?

In addition to benefits to your health, “The Walking Revolution” stresses the environmental benefits of walking. Pedestrian-designed environments like transit-oriented development (TOD), a type of urban development that situates housing within walking distance of public transportation, result in fewer cars and less pollution.

“Walk friendly” environments even help the local economy by enabling people to more easily visit stores that are not in malls and strip malls, says the film. Best of all, unlike some other forms of exercise, you can begin walking immediately with no particular training and do not need any special equipment.

How Did Americans Stop Walking?

When I grew up, children walked to school and were not typically driven by their parents. I still walk every day, usually barefoot, to receive the benefits of grounding along with the benefits of walking.

While fear of child-focused crime is a major reason parents say they began driving their children almost everywhere, and many children no longer live within walking distance of their school, the physical effects on children have been catastrophic.

Obesity now affects 13.7 million children and adolescents,2 and children are developing what used to be thought of as “adult” diseases like Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.3

U.S. inactivity and the obesity caused by sedentary lifestyles can be traced back 40 to 50 years as the U.S. highway system matured. That is when car culture and “bedroom communities” sprang up with breadwinners commuting to their jobs and returning to their suburban or exurban homes. Here is how Kaiser Permanente’s “Every Body WALK!” describes the unfortunate evolution:4

“For the past 75 years, and in order to sell land, cars and a new concept of consumer-driven lifestyle, America’s city planners favored the sprawl: Suburbia, individualized traffic, brand- new freeways and loose zoning laws won out over Main Street, USA — where people once lived, worked and shopped in relative proximity to their homes …

While it took our communities less than a century to make that shift, what happened to our bodies after evolving for thousands of years as hunter – gatherer – transportation machines was severe …

Raised in industrialized societies with little need to move and exercise, the human body is now paying a heavy price. Our natural bodies are mismatched to our constructed environment of comforts dooming us to live out our days in the golden cage of a sedentary lifestyle …

Once upon a time our cities were designed on a human scale. As more and more people took to the roads, we moved into the suburbs. Sidewalks were removed. Drive-in mini-malls were created. Homes and business moved farther and farther apart. The Result: urban sprawl so expansive it could not be walked in a single day.”

When they conceived their commuter-based environments, urban planners probably never realized that the ultimate “labor-saving device,” the car, would produce negative health effects, pollution, urban sprawl and social isolation. As wealthier people fled to the suburbs, it also produced impoverished, crime-ridden inner cities too dangerous for safe outdoor exercise, says “The Walking Revolution.”

The poor areas were also food deserts. What an irony that suburbanization, which was supposed to improve people’s lifestyles, meant people could no longer walk in their neighborhoods. Wealthier people ended up walking indoors on treadmills and poorer people often ended up not walking at all.

Walkable Neighborhoods Are Making a Comeback

The good news, says “The Walking Revolution,” is the U.S. is reversing the trend of urban sprawl including in neglected downtown areas across the nation. Some of the reversal, says the film, stems from millennials who are notorious for rejecting isolated suburban living and car culture.

In Chicago, the downtown campuses of Roosevelt, Loyola and DePaul universities and Columbia College have kept downtown housing, shopping, eateries and nightlife thriving.

Adding to the revival of walking communities, corporations have also relocated to urban centers in a move to attract the many employees who want short commutes to work instead of spending hours driving on the highway. The trend is taking off in Chicago, says Chicago Business:5

“McDonald’s is one of many local companies that have left longtime headquarters campuses in suburbia or downstate for new locations in Chicago’s expanding central business district. ADM, Kraft Heinz and Motorola Solutions have made the move, and snackmaker Mondelez plans to follow next year.

Others, notably including drugstore giant Walgreens — which is moving more than 1,000 workers from Deerfield to the Old Main Post Office — are setting up sizable downtown offices.”

Another trend that shows the resurgence of walking is that public parks are coming back, often with citizen-led management, says “The Walking Revolution.”6 The public park movement is likely to be as influential on public health as the availability of clean, piped water in cities and the creation of Central Park.

New and Old Walking Ideas

“The Walking Revolution” showcases many people, including older people, who have made “mall walking” their primary physical activity, with positive results. Certainly, the climate-controlled environment, free from traffic risks, can be ideal, although it means you’re missing out on the benefits of outdoor exercise, like sunlight exposure and grounding.

Several people in the film testify, however, that they have mall-walked for years, lowering their blood pressure and beating their diabetes.7 It is also free, unlike a gym membership. The film also reminds us of the practically unlimited exercise opportunities that come from owning dogs. Not only do dogs need to go out several times each day, but they also want to play with us and other dogs.

They put a lift in our step, help us meet people and lift our spirits. We all know the benefits of exercise, says Preston, a young man in the video happily walking his dog, so, “Why not do it with a beautiful companion?”

Citizen-led park initiatives are addressing some of the barriers to walking, says the film. For example, traffic-calming devices, shade trees and better sidewalk lighting make walking a much more enjoyable activity.

“When there are trees between me and the roadway I feel safer,” agrees one committed walker. Building walkable, safe paths should be as much a priority of city governments as building roads, says Neha Bhatt of Smart Growth America.

And speaking of roadways, the replacement of railroad-transported freight with truck lines has left many railway corridors abandoned, and they are easily transformed into walking paths. One shining example in the film is New York City’s High Line, operated by Friends of the High Line in partnership with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation.8

Built on a retired elevated freight line, the High Line starts in the Lower West Side of Manhattan and runs all the way to the northern edge of the West Side Yard on 34th Street.9 Many people called for the abandoned freight tracks to be demolished because they were an eyesore but instead, in 2006, ground was broken on the first section of the High Line.10

Now dotted with art and food vendors, it has become an inspiration to all cities that want to transform their industrial infrastructure into walkable public spaces.

Many Medical Benefits of Walking

The medical risks from a sedentary lifestyle are significant. “The sedentary lifestyle is blamed for as many deaths as smoking,” says one newscaster who begins the film. “Prolonged sitting is linked to breast cancer and colon cancer,” says another.

Experts appearing in “The Walking Revolution” repeat the warnings. Inactivity is skyrocketing rates of “obesity, heart disease, high … blood pressure, diabetes,” says Shellie Y. Pfohl, from the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. The diseases that threaten the public’s health today are no longer infectious but “primarily rooted in inactivity,” warns Dr. Robert E. Sallis, who practices both family and sports medicine.

Luckily, the effects of walking are just as eye-opening and include the reversal or diminishment of many sedentary-linked diseases, says the film. Jesus Lopez, an RN at Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center, says walking helped him lose an astounding 70 pounds and that he feels like he has been “reborn.”

Dr. Karim Khan, from the University of British Columbia, says activities like walking can “reduce some cancers by 50%.” Dr. Lynn Kostecki-Csanyi of Kaiser Permanente Rehabilitation Center says dementia patients “are better in terms of their memory” when they walk.

John Arden, Ph.D., an author and psychologist, stresses the significant and underreported antidepressant benefits of walking. Compared to antidepressants, he says, “a better quick fix is walking,” which he calls “an immediate antidepressant” that is the “cheapest and easiest way to get relief immediately.”

Sallis adds that relying on pills instead of exercise to reduce health risks is no solution to health ills and can even be dangerous. Studies show, he says, that people who are put on blood pressure medication exercise less and don’t eat as well as those who aren’t on the pills. The reason is that they think they don’t have to worry about their health problem anymore when they are on medication, says Sallis.

All told, says the video, the benefits of walking are unarguable and available to all. In fact, if the benefits that come from walking were available in a pill, those pills would be flying off the shelves, says Dr. JoAnn E. Manson, of Harvard Medical School.

Sent to the Pope on January 3, 2020

By Anna Von Reitz

One of Yours….

One of your “Officers” is causing trouble and unnecessary problems for us— the so-called “Governor” of the “Commonwealth of Virginia”. 

Please note this Oath:

_Every person before entering upon the discharge of any function as an
officer of this Commonwealth shall take and subscribe the following
oath: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the
Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the
Commonwealth of Virginia, and that I will faithfully and impartially
discharge all the duties incumbent upon me as ____________________
according to the best of my ability, (so help me God).”_

Notice that this Oath is to what?  “the Constitution of the United States” —- not “The Constitution of the United States”.

He is taking his Oath to the Municipal Corporation, not even the Municipal Government, which is what it would be if he took his Oath to The Constitution of the United States, and frankly, we don’t know what this “Constitution” even says or requires of this man, because it is foreign and private, though it might be available as a Washington, DC Municipality document.

Also note that this man is not acting as any State Governor at all.  He is acting as a Commonwealth “Governor” — an entirely different position, with different citizenry involved. 

So, within his little club calling itself the “Commonwealth of Virginia” he can probably confiscate member’s guns all he wants, but that does not enable him to touch the guns of a single American.

He’s your Officer acting under your Commonwealth auspices and it is your duty to me and to the other people of this country to stand him down and make him accountable to the actual Law and the international treaties involved.

We have reported, fully, on the widespread falsification of political status records in this country, so until that conundrum is sorted out, it is impossible for you or for him to know who is a “citizen of the United States” and who is a United States Citizen and who is an American State Citizen.

This is your NOTICE that you and the Holy See and the Municipality of Rome will be held 100% personally and commercially liable for any violence, any mistaken attacks on Americans, any damage done to us or our country in any way. 

Touch a single American gun “by mistake” and your Officer will be guilty of Treason against the actual Constitution of the United States.


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Note to the British Peerage

By Anna Von Reitz

You all know the observation — “If all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” — that is what is happening with all this Iran War Talk. 

Iran hasn’t participated in a war outside its borders for over 200 years, about the same amount of time that we’ve been used as cheap mercenaries by the Pope and the British Crown Corp to rampage around the world and attack other people for profit. 

So now the big buzz is — will Trump go for a war against Iran?  

He’s being offered a Fat Contract to do so, and as everyone knows, he’s up against it for money to fund the military and the Federal Civil Service.

That isn’t, by the way, because Americans haven’t already paid through the nose for their services.  It’s because the Popes and the British Monarchs haven’t paid their debts to us for 160 years. 

Now, the Pope wants a war in Iran because Iran is one of the few remaining nations that is still functioning as a land jurisdiction government.   

The Pope wants a war with Iran, because they, the “Holy Roman Empire” elites, are aiming at their cherished goal of complete world domination and Corporate Feudalism. 

So it has nothing to do with Iran per se.  It has to do with how much economic pressure the rats can put on Trump, to force him to sell American soldiers as cheap mercenaries and make some payola.  

That’s all that is going on here, except that it is diametrically opposed to everything our actual country stands for.  And it would cost Trump the election. 

So, step back, children, and see what you shall see.  It’s not a nail. And we don’t need a hammer.

What is really at issue is a debt owed to us by the Pope and the Queen, and all Mr. Trump has to do, is what we have urged him to do from the beginning.  Redefine his Federal Dual Citizenship, and he can command all the wealth in the world —as an American. 

In his current status, he has to take orders from the Queen and the Pope.  He has to constantly back-track against the European Power Elite because, technically, he is working for them.  And by “European Power Elite” I mean mainly the rats in Brussels and Rome, though you have a few of your own. 

Trump can turn that around and get where he wants and needs to go in an instant, simply by reclaiming his American State National identity — and presenting the Pope with a bill for all the goods and services owed to us, the Long Lost Americans.

Federal Citizens can function as Dual Citizens— all that matters is which two citizenship(s) you choose. 

Most Americans have been deliberately misidentified as Dual Federal Citizens — a process like rustling and re-branding cattle — that has been going on here without our knowledge for decades via the “Birth Certificate” process, and which is entirely illegal, immoral, and unlawful and against all forms of national and international law, including both the Geneva and Hague Conventions.  

No doubt Donald Trump was rounded up like the rest of us and had the “Federal” Citizen stamp affixed to his rump when he was just a few days old. But like the rest of us, he can change that.  His Birth Certificate is evidence of Unconscionable Contracting.  

He doesn’t have to work for the Pope and the Queen.  In fact, as they are operating under our Delegated Power with respect to us, they need to be working for him.  

And all he has to do, is stand up and declare that he’s a New Yorker, born and bred, and that he adopts New York as his Birth State. 

Not only is it true, it’s easy.  And then he can do everyone on Earth a great big favor by stopping the misuse of Americans as mercenaries and calling an end to “the New World Order”— which is what he wants to do, and which we will require him to do. 

All of a sudden the “Federal Budget Crisis” and the “presumed power” of the Municipal United States Government vanishes like a puff of smoke.  Suddenly, instead of operating as Paupers and Debtors, Mr. Trump can operate in the actual Power Holder Office and have all the money and credit he needs to restore America and the rest of the world, too.  

By working for the actual American States and People, he can change the entire chessboard, and that, my dears, will be the end of all this warring and waste and lies and everything else that has harmed us and harmed our world. 

We aren’t the Debtors.  They are. 

And on top of that, thanks to their mis-use and abuse of our Armed Services, we have the drop on them.  

So, think: peace.  

Think: wake up, Donald Trump.  Wake up, US Military.  

Think: we will hold everyone involved “personally and commercially liable and accountable” for any war with Iran or any war, period, at all.  

Their salad days of making money off of war have just come to a screeching halt, though they may not know it yet. 

And now, a Special Note to the British Peerage. 

Apparently, this information is not well-known and even very distinguished British Peers are unaware of it, but—-Queen Elizabeth II isn’t sitting on the Throne of Great Britain and Commonwealth.  

She abdicated that position three days after her Coronation and has been sitting on The Chair of the Estates ever since.  

That is, she committed regal suicide on paper.  Her reign lasted exactly three days.  

Apparently, she was grossly mis-advised to do this by her husband, Prince Philip, and his Uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten, who always had more ties to foreign interests — and against the interests of Britain.  

What this means is that Great Britain has been in the grip of a de facto corporate “government” in the same way that America has been.  

The Queen is “dead” on paper. 

Can she recoup from this?  What help or control can she still exert from her perch on The Chair of the Estates?  What can the British Peerage do to save Britain and the Commonwealth—- and their National Monarchy?  

Ironically, the man uniquely entrusted and entitled to answer these questions is the Lord High Steward, Lord Talbot, and he is actually also entitled to the Throne— and making a bid for it, as it is vacated: Elizabeth II abdicated in effect, and none of her sons seem interested and morally competent to do the job. 

British Peers — if I were you, I would think hard about my Queen and my country, both.  Elizabeth II has been betrayed and ill-advised and done her best within her knowledge and capability for many years, so it isn’t like you can just throw her under the bus.  At the same time, you can’t go on like this, living under the thrall of the banks and the EU and the so-called “governmental services corporations”.  

You must assert your true national interests and begin operating as an independent land jurisdiction government again— just as we have— or you will be in the same position as the “United States” has been in — indebted on paper beyond any ability to pay, and being jerked endlessly back and forth by the madmen in control of the Central Banks and the UN Corporation.  

People need to stop thinking about and chasing after money.  They need to realize that money is just a product like ACME widgets and national currencies are just brand names.   

What’s keeping you from making your own widgets and promoting your own brand name? 

These and many other questions must naturally arise as we all walk forward together.  Speaking for, I am sure, the majority of Americans — despite all the abuse that we have suffered at the hands of the British Crown Corp, we retain our fondness for the people of Great Britain and the actual British Commonwealth.  

We simply need you to wake up out of your stupor and do what has to be done to help straighten things out.  Work with the Americans — not “the US” — and fully inform your People.  Help Elizabeth II make the most of her remaining position and assist Lord Talbot in his duties and efforts.  

The world is waiting for you, just as it was waiting for us.


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Most economies are largely dependent upon a main product or service, oil (Saudi Arabia) Germany (manufacturing) Russia (gas and wheat); the American economy is an eye-watering 55 percent war-related economy. Without conflicts, the United States is Saudi Arabia with oil; an impoverished Third World country.

anti war great comment

Every US president talks peace whilst waging perpetual war because all presidents are “captives of the military-industrial complex which is the underpinning of the US economy,” says Dennis Etler, an American political analyst who has a decades-long interest in international affairs.

Killed 30 million

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday categorized a series of aggressive American military strikes in Iraq and Syria that killed more than two dozen people as a “defensive action” intended to protect his country’s interests in the Middle East.

222 years at war

“Well, it begins by an understanding that this was a defensive action designed to protect American forces and American citizens in Iraq, and it was aimed also at deterring Iran,” Pompeo told Fox News.

If really fighting for our freedom

In an online interview with Press TV on Tuesday, Etler, a former professor of Anthropology at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California, said, “The continued occupation of Iraq and Syria by US military forces contravenes all international norms and standards.

! John Bolton receives Guardian of Zion award

Both the Syrian government and patriotic forces in the Iraqi government have demanded that the US withdraw its military but to no avail. There is no legitimate reason for the continued US presence in either country.”

US invadxed 14 Islamic countries since 1980

“It is not surprising that the illegal US occupation of both countries has elicited popular resistance. The people of every nation have the inherent right to defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity from foreign invasion. Thus, US Secretary of State Pompeo’s assertion that it is acting defensively in attacking forces friendly to the Syrian and Iraqi governments is completely without merit,” he added.

American Presidents Wars

“But, it is standard American practice to cry ‘national defense’ when it engages in offensive wars of aggression. Every US president talks peace and wages war and Trump’s talk about withdrawing US forces from the Middle East is likewise so much blather,” he said.

US World Tour

“All US presidents are captives of the military-industrial complex which is the underpinning of the US economy. Companies like Boeing and Lockheed could not survive without massive US defense spending. They need perpetual wars in order to sell their products and make mega-profits from a corrupt military procurement system,” the analyst said.

US at War

“In a similar fashion, the US media is controlled by a small cabal of large multimedia conglomerates who represent the interests of US corporations and their political servants. It is no accident that the talking heads on network and cable news programs continually interview the same former military leaders, FBI and CIA operatives and former government officials, day in and day out,” he noted.

Lockhhed. I love the Yemen War good for profits

“Politicians also know who their paymasters are. Entering politics is one sure route to power and wealth in the US. Even those who come from humble origins are able to parley their political ambitions into a profitable career if they are savvy enough. Hence, nearly all the Democrat candidates for the US presidency are millionaires and those who are not will soon be with lucrative media contracts,” he said.

US Stands with Israel, well, sort of

“It should be obvious that neither Trump nor any other US politician, no matter their rhetoric, is in a position to challenge the powers that be. Whether or not they may be initially sincere in their admonitions against foreign entanglements is irrelevant, they will all follow the same interventionist policy as it is inherent in the US political economy.

! None of us want war

Only with the dismantling and socio-economic transformation of the military-industrial complex and other capitalist industrial complexes into forces that serve the interests of the American people and the people of the world will the US war policy come to an end,” Etler concluded. Like this story? Share it with a friend. 

US is a threat to Europe


MICHAEL WALSH is a worldwide journalist, broadcaster and author of 64 book titles with 36 years’ experience.