How to Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body and Defy Aging

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In his new book, “Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defying Aging,” Ben Greenfield details his best longevity hacks. “Boundless” is a great title, as the object of longevity isn’t just about tacking on years of life, but finding ways to remain healthy and vibrant for as long as possible. In other words, it’s about quality and not just quantity of life.

Greenfield’s goal with this book was to share his best tips for how to improve your energy in every sense of the word. At 640 pages, it’s a hefty book with a higher price to match. For those looking for true and tested advice, though, it’s a treasure trove well worth the price tag.

As Greenfield notes on his website,1 it’s “a complete guide to optimizing the human body, mind and spirit — written with no stone unturned, no fluff, no ‘watered down’ drivel — just pure, hardcore, practical, from-the-trenches content.”

The original manuscript was 1,200 pages, and deleted sections can be accessed on Greenfield’s website (access details for each chapter are included in the book), where you’ll also find all of the references (about 3,000 of them), which also didn’t make it into the printed book due to the sheer volume of information included.

“I wanted to write the kind of book that I like to read, a big, meaty book that you don’t just read and toss aside, but that you use as a reference for a long time, maybe keep on your coffee table,” Greenfield says.

“I wanted it to be pretty, have good illustrations, be fun to thumb through. And also, unlike previous books I’ve written, not just focus on things like athletic performance or six-pack abs, muscle or fats, but a lot of the stuff that I think is more important: your relationships, anti-aging and longevity tactics, spirituality and purpose in life.

I kind of snuck in and tried to dump some of the woo-woo stuff onto the whole fitness, wellness crowd as well, because sometimes I think we’re striving to feel good and to look good, we think that that’s what’s going to bring us happiness, when in fact … it’s relationships and big family dinners and optimizing your purpose in life — things that, I think, sometimes get neglected in this whole chatter about wellness.”

Mitochondrial Capacity and Lactic Acid Tolerance

One of the best features Greenfield brings to the table is his commitment to staying fit and the strategies to achieve that. Having reserve muscle mass is a widely-underappreciated benefit in case you get sick or hospitalized, and the risk of that certainly increases with age. Greater muscle mass actually improves your chances of survival. Greenfield notes:

“Yes, muscle is important … We know that, for example, grip strength is associated with longevity and other elements of fitness, such as walking speed or maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max) … Staving off sarcopenia and staving off the osteopenia or osteoporosis that might come with sarcopenia is absolutely important as well.

It is something that is much easier to accomplish before you begin to get into your senior years, although research has since kind of dispelled the notion that you can’t build muscle as you age. You can maintain muscle as you age and can actually increase muscle …

The main elements you want to focus on that I explore in more detail in the book, are mitochondrial density and biogenesis, which we know are best achieved through very brief spurts of exercise … followed by long rest periods, or like a 3-to-1 or 4-to-1 rest-to-work ratio.

We’re talking about one single session a week where you might do 30 seconds all out, followed by four minutes of recovery. You could do that for several rounds. Another [target], in addition to the mitochondria, would be [lactic acid] tolerance, which is often in physiology called muscle endurance.

This would be your ability to buffer lactic acid … Probably one of the better examples of [exercises that improve your endurance] would be the classic Tabata set, a 2-to-1 work-to-rest ratio. This is something that, unlike mitochondrial workout, would be something you would need to do about two to three times a week.

You could use it as an introduction or as a finisher to a strength training workout, for example, if you want to really prioritize your time. But a Tabata set is just about four minutes in length. It is eight rounds of 20 seconds as hard as you can go with 10 seconds of recovery, preferably using a full-body modality, like an Airdyne bicycle, burpees or one of the elliptical trainers, where you’re using both your arms and legs …”

Maximal Oxygen Uptake and Power

A third parameter, in addition to mitochondrial capacity and lactate tolerance is your VO2 max. To target and improve your VO2 max, you’ll want your training sessions to be longer, about four to six minutes in duration with four to six minutes of recovery in between, for a 1-to-1 work-to-rest ratio.

“In my opinion, this is the hardest of them all,” Greenfield says. “Going hard for four to six minutes then recovering for four to six minutes, then going hard for four to six minutes. You do that about four to six times.

You’re talking about exercising for at least 30 minutes and sometimes for 45 to 50 minutes for your VO2 max session. But if you really want to improve it, that’s the way that you get your maximum oxygen utilization up.

We’ve got those three parameters of your physiological fitness. And then you also have a few others. One would be your power. The power is going to be different than the muscle mass because if you’re looking at your fast twitch muscle fibers, mass is not necessarily synonymous with power.

Mass is good for bone density. It’s good for strength. It’s good for being a glycogen container. But you also want functional power.

The best way to do that in my opinion, if you want to stay injury-free for life, is … bodyweight training done in a very fast explosive manner or with a very light medicine ball [or] sandbag a couple of times a week. Kettle bells are wonderful for this as well. A perfect example would be The New York Times seven-minute workout.2

Strength and Stamina

Two additional fitness parameters that need to be addressed in a targeted manner are strength and stamina. Stamina basically refers to your fat-burning efficiency: your ability to exert yourself for long periods of time.

For stamina, Greenfield recommends taking a 1.5- to three hour-long walk, bike ride or paddle session — anything where your body is engaged in chronic repetitive motion for a long period of time — preferably in a fasted state, once a week. Alternatively, do 20 to 30 minutes of fasted cardio followed by a cold shower.

To improve muscle strength, Greenfield favors super-slow weight training, advocated by Dr. Doug McGuff. Alternatives include elastic band training systems and blood flow restriction (BFR) training, which is my personal favorite. Greenfield likes to combine BFR with super-slow training once or twice a week. More recently, McGuff has also embraced BFR in combination with super-slow training.

“When you add all that stuff up — [the exercises for] mitochondrial density, lactic tolerance, the VO2 max, the stamina, the power and the muscle building, it sounds like a lot. But really, you can do all that with the time commitment of about 45 to 50 minutes a day, plus that one longer session on the weekend.

It’s a sustainable scenario for life, for busy people, that hits all those different physiological parameters. You’re not leaving something off the table, whether it’s your VO2 max or mitochondrial density or what have you. And then … if you really want to put on muscle, I found … a lot of nutrients that I think help quite a bit.

In the evenings, I always do a 12- to 16-hour fast so I get the autophagy. And then I do other things for [to trigger] hormesis or autophagy, like a lot of sauna, a lot of cold [exposure], those long-fasted walks in the morning.”

As for nutrients, three supplements Greenfield recommends for optimizing muscle growth are:

Colostrum — Colostrum is found in the initial discharge of the mother’s milk in all mammals. It’s chockful of growth factors and peptides that encourage the baby’s growth. It’s also very healing for your gut.

If using capsules, Greenfield recommends breaking the capsules open. You want to roll it around in your mouth before swallowing, as the amylase in your saliva is what activates the growth factors in the colostrum.

It is important to understand though that colostrum is highly anabolic and will shut off autophagy. So, if you are fasting, it is not good to take. Ideally it is best taken just after a time-restricted eating fast and workout, at your first meal, to get an mTOR boost.

Grass fed organ meats or organ meat capsules.

Injectable tesamorelin peptide.

While these may sound like supplements a pro athlete might use, aging individuals who want to put on muscle can reap equal benefits. The same goes for the exercise routines described above. Greenfield notes:

“That entire workout routine that I just described is in no way something I’ll give to a professional athlete. I’ve trained marathoners and triathletes and they’re out on two-hour hardcore bike rides and crushing track repeat workouts that last an hour or so. What I just described is actually very close to what you would want as a stay-fit-for-life-type of routine.”

Breath Work for Health

In the interview, Greenfield also expounds on the benefits of breath work and breath holding. For all the details, please listen to the interview in its entirety. Why would you want to practice holding your breath? Greenfield explains:

“I do holotropic breath work, similar to what Stanislav Grof developed as an alternative to LSD for merging left and right hemispheres of the brain and taking you to a very cool place, the highest you can get without psychedelics really … I can hold my breath forever. It used to be about three to three and a half minutes on the exhale during holotropic breath work.

I’m up around six minutes now. Same thing when I do my breath hold walks. I’m walking and every time I pass a telephone pole, I see how long I can hold my breath.

I play with all these different breath devices when I’m walking. I have one called the Relaxator, which is based on Patrick McKeown’s work in ‘The Oxygen Advantage.’ It trains you to retain simultaneously elevated levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Based on the Bohr effect, you get more oxygen delivered in the tissue when you do that. Essentially, all it means is that you exhale for a far longer period of time than you inhale.

The Relaxator [device] that you put in your mouth is basically like a resistance device where you breathe in through your nose, and then as you breathe out through your mouth, it’s almost like you’re breathing out through a straw or through very pursed lips.

You can go for a whole walk where you have this thing in your mouth … Your breathing just feels clear, crisp, clean and full when you’re using that thing on a regular basis. I certainly noticed a dramatic effect from that.”

The Oura Ring and Other Fitness Devices

Certain technologies and wearable devices can be quite helpful and motivating when you’re changing or trying to improve your lifestyle and health. Greenfield was one of the first to adopt the Oura ring, which he purchased at a biohacking conference in Finland.

“I was looking for something that would track my sleep cycles and also be able to be put in airplane mode,” he says. “I wound up buying one there at the conference and travelling with it back to the States. It was shortly after that that I wore it to some conference … where a lot of people asked me about it …

I like it. It gives me good data. What I use the most is the sleep data, and I find the step count data to be very motivating … I take at least 15,000 steps a day, because that’s my marker for myself and it’s very easy for me now to check at the end of the day.

If I’m at dinner and I look at my ring, which I do, and I haven’t had my 15,000 steps, I go for a walk after dinner. I find it highly motivating. It sounds silly, but for step counts and for sleep tracking, I find it to be very useful.

For heart rate variability (HRV), it gives you decent data, although I still like to get my HRV measurement in the morning using the gold standard Bluetooth-enabled chest strap, lying in my back. I use an app called NatureBeat. It sends both my low-frequency and high-frequency, my sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system scores to the app.

It allows me to track [my HRV) in real time for about five minutes as I breathe. Since I wake up in the morning and lay there and do a little bit of journaling and breathing anyways, it’s a much more accurate way for me to check my HRV.

But the Oura ring does take a multitude of five-minute readings, when you’re prone in bed overnight. It’s not electrical, so the accuracy is somewhat questionable, but it will give you a ballpark.”

Boosting Mitochondrial Biogenesis With Cold Therapy

Another strategy Greenfield advocates is cold therapy, which stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis.

“I’m a big fan of cold thermogenesis, especially in a fasted state so that you’re able to maximize the conversion of white adipose tissue to brown fat,” Greenfield says. “A little bit of caffeine, capsaicin or green tea in the system beforehand can upregulate that process even more. I’m using cold for two to five minutes almost every day …

I always jump in [cold water] after a workout. Everybody says, ‘You’re going to blunt the hormetic response to exercise.’ But research has shown you’ve got up to 10 plus minutes to do that in order to decrease muscle temperature to the extent where you actually blunt that hormetic effect.

Most of my workouts, because I do a cyclic carbohydrate diet, where I save all my carbohydrates for the evening and my workouts typically occur between about 4 and 7 p.m. … so I’m very insulin-sensitive going into that evening carbohydrate feed where I’ll have my pumpkin, sweet potato, yam, dark chocolate, red wine or what have you.

But when I finish that workout, of course I am aware that working out close to bedtime, the increased core temperature decreases deep sleep cycles, so I always go jump in that cold pool when I finish the evening workout.”

More Information

Greenfield details hundreds of biohacks in “Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defying Aging,” so there’s no shortage of alternatives to pick and choose from. It’s bound to become a staple reference you can go back to again and again in years to come.

We also cover far more ground in the interview than I’ve summarized here, such as his views on stem cell therapy and how he uses hyperbaric oxygen treatment, so to hear more about Greenfield’s personal longevity routine, be sure to listen to it in its entirety.

Greenfield’s website,, is also an excellent resource for all things health-related, as is his cutting edge podcast, where he interviews a wide variety of leaders in the health and fitness fields.

Chuck Baldwin on the Virginia Gun Grab

Lexington And Concord Redux In Virginia

Tragically, most Americans do not have any idea what it was that actually triggered America’s War for Independence. The primary reason was not “taxation without representation,” or taxes of any kind, for that matter. And it was certainly not because our Founding Fathers were a bunch of anti-government extremists or demon-possessed puppets of the Illuminati.

Update — 18 January 2020

By Anna Von Reitz

The Great Fraud scheme we have unraveled comes back, always, predictably, to the same Persons, the same Offices, and the same Institutions.  

It is all caused and operated equally by omission and by deceit.  

The intended “Gift Recipients” of all the lucre and physical assets on Earth were set up to be the Pope and the Holy See.  These were intended to be the only unincorporated Public Office (Pope) and the only unincorporated Government (Holy See) left standing.  

This means that they would “inherit” everything of actual value on Earth, own all land, all businesses, all other governments, all people —- and be able to run everything through their Vassal organizations, the incorporated government services corporations, all acting under the auspices of the United Nations organization, all secretly owned and operated by the Vichy French UN Corp.  

All power and ownership interest would belong to the Holy See and be exercised by the Pope by Default, because the living heirs and rulers of our countries were deliberately mis-characterized and left without disclosure or Notice that the entire world was in probate.  

You all know what happens in probate, don’t you?  Well, everything gets thrown into a Slush Pile, and the Heirs have to come forward in the absence of a Will and claim back their own as best they can.  Otherwise, their assets are deemed “abandoned” and up for grabs. 

That’s what they have tried to claim about America and much of the rest of the world, too — as a means of gaining control of all assets on Earth.  

Rather than admit what they’ve done and the deals with the Devil [aka “Marduk”] that they’ve made, the various parties responsible for this circumstance have tried to avoid the facts.  Among the salient points: 

Benedict XVI separated himself so that he could still act as Pope in “the ministerial office” — that is, the unincorporated Office—- and act in behalf of the Holy See, while Francis took on closure of the Pontificate — the corporate secular government of the Church, and the incorporated Vatican, too.   

By their reckoning, there can be only one government, one church, one monetary system, one megalithic hell hole to live in.  And they think of that as paradise.  The Great Cause.  No borders.  Everyone mish-mashed together.  Everyone enslaved. 

One must ask —- having control of all the corporations on Earth wasn’t enough for the Pope?  Especially in view of the fact that he didn’t do his duty to control the corporations and liquidate those engaged in criminal acts?  

So now they are deliberately folding the umbrella and rushing to try to pull off their intended fraud—-when they need to admit that their Plan has been observed, the Great Fraud has been exposed, and none of it is going to work.  

Let us also observe that the Queen is in on this plan and has been since June of 1953, when she abdicated the actual Throne and occupied The Chair of the Estates, instead.  Read that: the British Throne has been vacant since 1953 and this has been fully proven in court.  She can’t go back to the Throne, because she broke her Coronation Vow. 

So at this moment, the entirety of the British Homeland and the British Commonwealth is “unclaimed” by anyone having standing to do it, and the Principal Parties are trying their best to ignore the fact that The United States of America has “risen from the dead” and has the standing and is making the claim for all the American assets.  

A ‘General Melee” must shortly ensue, in which all the member corporations of the United Nations acting “as” governments must come to terms with the fact that they aren’t really national governments at all and never have been. By definition, they are just commercial corporations in the “government services” business.   

So far, the only government on Earth to have itself together, standing ready to deal with the facts, other than The United States of America, is Russia. Vladimir Putin has claimed his living status and is now occupying the vacant Throne of the Czar.  

This shouldn’t be interpreted as a power-grab by him, because it’s not.  And it won’t be a power-grab when someone competent stands up to claim back the Throne of Great Britain, either.  

Someone with the correct standing has to act for all the people in each country to receive back their land and soil assets.  There has to be a lawful government — not just a “legal” government — present and making the claim for each country,  or the bogus “abandoned assets” claim rears its ugly head.  

Like us, the Russians woke up to the way that Operations of Law have been used to set up this situation, where it is all going, and what they need to do to stop it.  

And that is indeed a great comfort to us and to every thinking soul on this planet.  It means that The United States of America — the actual country — does not stand alone. 


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Article Video – JFK to 911 January 17, 2020 By Anna Von Reitz

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The Different Benefits Of Laughter

Authored By The Depression Alliance Staff

Any person who has giggled at a private joke with friends will understand the benefits of laughter.  It can reduce stress, release endorphins, improve a person’s overall mood, and even act as a coping mechanism for daily functioning – all of this by merely laughing.

Mental Benefits Of Laughter

If you have ever doubled-over with laughter, you’ll probably agree that laughing has physical effects.  The tightening of the abdominal muscles when laughing is similar to intentional exercising.  However, laughter benefits us in not only a physical but also a mental capacity.

Reducing Stress Hormones

Researchers at Loma Linda University found that positive emotions and laughter lowers the level of cortisol, dopamine and epinephrine or adrenaline in the body.  Reducing the levels of these hormones contributes to a stronger immune system, which means you’ll experience fewer effects of stress.

Releases Endorphins

One of the most well-known benefits of laughter is the release of endorphins.  Commonly referred to as the “happy hormone”, endorphins can improve mood.  An article published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences found that endorphin release is associated with physical activity; therefore, the release is triggered by the physical act of laughter.  Researchers also wrote that laughter in subjects reduced pain thresholds, causing an increase in their ability to withstand pain.

Can Help Improve Uncomfortable Or Depressed Mood

In addition to the several short-term benefits of laughter, laughing can have many long-term effects such as improving a person’s mood.  A person experiences depression when their levels of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine – neurotransmitters in the brain – are reduced.  However, laughter increases the levels of dopamine by secreting endorphins in the brain; therefore, improving a person’s overall mood.  Psychologists refer to this as laughter therapy to reduce feelings of depression or anxiety.  It is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy that does not use medication and is non-invasive.

Laughter As A Coping Skill

Similar to crying, laughing is an innate or inborn skill for all people.  If you consider children, they will laugh at almost anything, particularly as infants.  Laughing at our embarrassing or stressful situations can be difficult; however, laughter can be a useful coping skill

Practicing Laughter

While laughing is a natural skill, not all people laugh each day.  In fact, it is possible for people to exist for months without laughing.  To ensure you reap the benefits of laughter, it is important to practice laughing regularly using different approaches.  Using mind over matter, you can manifest laughter by merely thinking about a joyful event that brought happiness to your life.  By visualizing this event in your mind’s eye, your spirit will be uplifted, and a smile (perhaps even laughter) can be experienced.

Another means of practicing laughter as a coping skill is by laughing at yourself.  You may wonder why a person would laugh at themselves when having other people laugh at them can be stressful.  Research found that people placed in uncomfortable situations experience high levels of stress.  Laughter can reduce the release of stress hormones and improve a person’s overall mood, making them feel more relaxed in negative settings.  To learn how to laugh in these situations, therapists encourage patients to practice laughing daily.  This can be done by interacting with friends and family, watching entertaining television shows or reading a good book.

Laughter Yoga

Have you heard of the phrase: fake it until you make it?  This is the core of laughter yoga.  The primary premise is to laugh for no reason but to experience the benefits of laughter.

Laughter yoga was developed by Dr. Madan Kataria, a family physician from Mumbai, India, during the mid-1990s.  He was searching for a coping mechanism to deal with the stress of living in an over-populated city and decided to attempt laughter therapy.  Dr. Kataria gathered a group of people to share jokes and enjoy laughter; however, he found that people would laugh even if they did not find the jokes humorous.  Realizing the laughter was contagious, Dr. Kataria developed laughter techniques implementing breathing exercises.

Benefits of Laughter

Unlike traditional yoga practices where breathing exercises are used through physical postures, laughter yoga promotes breathing exercises between laughter activities.  The use of yogic breathing assists in relaxing the mind and body.  As you deepen and steady your breathing, all tension is removed from your body.  When the body relaxes, the mind mirrors the de-stressed state, and you become aware of your present situation.  According to yoga theory, being aware of the present removes regrets of the past and any concerns of the future.

As well as relaxing the body and mind, laughter yoga offers physical and psychological health benefits.  Using deep breathing exercises, a person’s lung capacity increases and oxygen is delivered to all parts of the body, specifically the brain.  Laughter exercises increase the levels of endorphins; therefore, reducing feelings of depression.  Laughter exercises also improve the blood supply to internal organs promoting the functioning of a person’s digestive tract.

Laughter Clubs

Laughter clubs involve gatherings of individuals with the aim of laughing to reduce feelings of stress.  The first laughter club was formed in Mumbai, India by Dr. Kataria; however, these clubs can now be found across the globe in over 65 countries.  Any person can join a laughter club, regardless of your age, fitness level or cognitive abilities.  In fact, you don’t need to have a sense of humor, be happy or even be in a good mood to take part.  All you need is to locate a group and enjoy the benefits of laughter.

Traditional laughter clubs meet in community centers or parks, but it is also possible to engage in online laughter yoga clubs.  For instance, a person could use Skype laughter clubs or opt for telephone laughter clubs.

Mark Twain said that the human race has only one effective weapon, and that is laughter.  By using this “weapon”, whether it is through a laughter club or recalling a pleasant memory, you can reap the benefits of laughter.


Source: Laughter’s Benefits

The Words We Use — Substantive or Statutory?

By Anna Von Reitz

Never, ever forget that law comes from religion and religion comes from man’s perception of God— either the True God, or the False God of our own making.
All this while, you’ve been living in two worlds and never even known it.
The world of flesh and the world of thought.
The True God, independent of Man, created the world of flesh and rock and water and air and fire. This world has “substance”. It’s factual. It runs according to Natural Laws. You can hold it in your hand. So it should come as no surprise that the law of the actual, factual world is called “Substantive Law” or The Law of Substance.
You, as a living being robed in flesh, are owed substantive law — but, instead, you have been “impersonated” as a corporation, and subjected to foreign statutory law by a process of “unlawful conversion”.
Most people know that “impersonation” is a crime, and both the word “unlawful” and “conversion” should give us pause.
We most often hear about a “religious conversion”, in which someone undergoes a change of religion, and if you change your religion, you change the law you are standing under.
A Jew who converts to Islam no longer stands under the Law of Moses. He stands under Sharia Law instead.
And a man who converts from his lawful existence as a man and who operates as a corporation named after himself instead, undergoes the same kind of change.
Such a man no longer stands under the Substantive Law of God. He instead subjects himself to the Statutory “law” created by men acting as Legislatures.
Therein lies the entire difference between what is “lawful” and what is “legal”, what is “substantive” and what is “statutory”.
As a convenience and as a profit-making mechanism for themselves, the Queen and the Pope and the corporations chartered under their auspices, have contrived to impersonate you and to subject this unlawfully converted thing operated under your name to statutory law— all without your knowing and fully disclosed consent.
These are crimes of state forbidden by both the Geneva Conventions and the Hague Conventions, and these Perpetrators are well-aware and fearful of what they have done.
Despite this, they — and their employees — are dragging their feet about making correction, and trying to abuse bankruptcy as means of off-loading their own Odious Debts upon innocent people.
No amount of flannel-mouthed British charm can make up for the fact that hundreds of millions of bogus franchises of the British Crown and the Roman Municipal Government need to be liquidated and the unencumbered assets returned to the lawful owners: The United States of America and the individual States and People, and all the other countries and people that have been victimized.
We have asked for complete lawful conversion and re-conveyance of our Good Names and Estates, and offered them the chance to make good on their Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption remedy.
To date, they are still trying to get a fraudulent “war” started on our shores, despite the fact that we have forbidden our Subcontractors to do any such thing, and despite the fact that the Pope controls both sides of any such conflict.
We feel that continued obstruction of remedy long owed and overdue, and continued efforts to provoke unnecessary conflict, and failure to heal the grotesque Breach of Trust involved, are all indicative of Bad Faith by the Governments of the Queen, the Lord Mayor of London, the Pope, and the Municipal Government of Rome.
All these offices and institutions deserve to be exposed for their corruption and the crimes that they have committed against America and most other nations of the Earth.
Their embezzlement of our substance via means of fraud and words of art is well-recognized and documented now. The exact mechanisms employed to unlawfully seize upon and mis-characterize American babies have also been mapped out in detail.
There should be no further excuse or question that these actions are grossly improper, both unlawful and illegal, and have been used to evade the requirements of the constitutional agreements existing between the government of The United States of America and these foreign service providers.
The same Perpetrators have caused a similar fraud scheme to be unleashed on a worldwide basis, and used it to bring false claims in commerce against whole countries.
On behalf of our country, The United States of America, we have taken action to declare our correct political status and our standing under the substantive law, not the statutory law.
Instead of working with us to heal their mis-administration of our Public Servants, the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor, have continued to wheedle and delay and obstruct: (1) a proper accounting and (2) discharge of Odious Debts and (3) agreeable conciliatory efforts to return purloined credit to those are actually owed the credit — the living men and women, not the corporations.
Let our voices be raised and let them span the oceans. Let all our words be succinct and to the point. We are men and women, not “human beings”. We are many sovereign nations, not service corporations. We are free, not at liberty. We have been purchased at great price, and nothing and nobody stands between us and the Divine.
Let those who would pretend to reduce us to the level of THINGS come forward before the Court of Heaven and contest their claims.


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Article Video – I Rest My Case January 17, 2020 By Anna Von Reitz

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