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Ozone Therapy for Coronavirus

Dr. Mercola Interviews the Experts

This article is part of a weekly series in which Dr. Mercola interviews various experts on a variety of health issues. To see more expert interviews, click here.

In this interview, which took place March 23, 2020, Dr. Robert Rowen, who has practiced ozone therapy longer than any other physician in North America, discusses how it can be used for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 infection and other viral illnesses.

I previously interviewed Rowen about his contributions during the 2014 Ebola epidemic, when he and his staff went to Africa to treat affected patients and teach medical professionals on the use of ozone.

Over the years, Rowen has treated tens of thousands of people for a wide variety of conditions, and ozone appears to work in a wide variety of clinical settings, he says.

“I decided to go to Africa in 2014 because, knowing what I knew about the Ebola virus itself, I thought ozone would be an ideal therapy. Because of the similarity of the Ebola viral coat to coronavirus, I also believe it will be an effective treatment for coronavirus,” Rowen says.

Ozone Is Safe and Inexpensive

Aside from its effectiveness against infectious disease, ozone therapy is also incredibly inexpensive and safe. Ozone is only toxic to respiratory lung epithelium, so you must avoid breathing it. Other than that, it can be safely used in a variety of ways.

The biggest cost is the ozone generator itself, but once you have that, and compressed medical grade oxygen, you can treat large numbers of people very inexpensively.

You can technically generate ozone from ambient air. However, ambient air is nearly 80% nitrogen, so you’ll create a load of reactive nitrogen species rather than reactive oxygen species. That would be a bad idea. So, you a form of purer oxygen is preferred.

The most convenient is an oxygen concentrator. If run at a at a low flow rate, it will produce about 93% to 95% oxygen. Medical grade 100% oxygen is ideal, but in most states, you have to be a physician to get it, or you need a prescription for it. An oxygen concentrator is fine, Rowen says, if all you’re doing is bubbling ozone through water, but it should not be used for other ozone delivery strategies.

How Ozone Works

The most important factor in healing is oxygen, Rowen says. Oxygen is life. Without it, we die. Ozone improves body oxygenation in several ways. It:

Increases 2,3-diphosphoglycerate (2,3-DPG) in red blood cells, which causes more oxygen to be released by hemoglobin

Improves red blood cell flexibility, allowing the red blood cells to travel through small capillaries better

Increases arterial venous oxygen difference, which improves your body’s consumption of oxygen

Improves ATP production

Increases key antioxidants

Modulates the immune system, increasing certain cytokines that reduce inflammation and decreasing certain cytokines that increase inflammation

Reduces tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), thus reducing the lethality of insults such as stress or infection

Increases nitric oxide production, which improves blood circulation

All of these biochemical effects help explain ozone’s effectiveness. Importantly, ozone kills microorganisms, both viruses and bacteria, on contact. However, since ozone dissipates within microseconds, it cannot effectively kill a significant number of viral pathogens unless you somehow are able to extend the exposure.

For this reason, (if the case is severe or acute) ozone needs to be given via prolonged administration, either through direct intravenous (DIV) administration or through administration of ozone-enriched blood.

That said, even though ozone dissipates quickly, it creates a whole host of downstream metabolites (ozonites) — messenger molecules — that can kill pathogens and upregulate your immune system, and they last for days.

As explained in Rowen’s commentary,1 “A Plausible ‘Penny’ Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus — Ozone Therapy,” published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology:

“When blood is treated with ozone, it instantly reacts with electron-rich double bonds of lipids and other molecules. This creates longer lasting downstream weaker oxidant metabolites called ozonides: reactive oxygen species and lipid oxidation products, inclusive of peroxides, peroxyls, alkenes, alkanes. These molecules appear to act as messengers for the key biochemical and immune modulating effects of the therapy.”

How You Can Use Ozone

There are two basic ways to receive ozone therapy. Ideally, you’d see a clinician like Rowen who is experienced in its use. However, during a pandemic, that might not be feasible for any number of reasons.

Rowen has created an hour-long video explaining how to administer ozone therapy at home. Anyone can use these techniques, and it’s “extraordinarily safe,” Rowen says. The video is available for a $20 donation to Ozone Without Borders.2 Rowen’s website,, also provides articles on home ozone use. In summary, home ozone techniques you can use include:

  • Rectal and/or vaginal insufflation
  • Ear insufflation
  • Drinking ozone water
  • Ozone sauna
  • General insufflation

Combination Therapies

When it comes to ozone machines, Rowen points out that some machines will also allow you to nebulize hydrogen peroxide, which he is doing daily during this epidemic. If you’re using colloidal silver, he advises taking the silver and hydrogen peroxide separately from each other. Two other useful therapies that can be combined with ozone therapy are:

Molecular hydrogen, which upregulates your endogenous antioxidants. Molecular hydrogen tablets are dissolved in water, generating molecular hydrogen gas, which is then consumed. I would recommend drinking molecular hydrogen about 30 minutes before you do the ozone therapy. I do this routinely before I go into my hyperbaric chamber.

Liposomal vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which will allow you to take far higher dosages than regular vitamin C (as regular vitamin C is limited by your bowel tolerance).

As noted by Rowen, “You’re looking at 6 grams an hour, so you can easily swallow six 1,000 milligram capsules per hour or even more. If you take a lot of them at once, you would actually exceed intravenous administration levels, if the kidneys did not eliminate the nutrient.

That’s a really good idea. The vitamin C in this case is working as a pro oxidant, and it’s worth it to [take it].” Bear in mind that these high dosages are only for acute illness, not for prophylactic use to prevent infection.

Nebulized hydrogen peroxide — This is a very powerful therapy that I believe is even more effective than using hydrogen peroxide in your ear canals that I’ve previously recommended. If you want some entertainment, watch one of my first YouTube videos from 2006 on this.

Ozone Water Is a Simple Home Remedy

While spending time in the Republic of Guinea a year ago, Rowen met a Polish nurse named Wieslavia Moriba — the wife of one of his patients — who was using ozone therapy on her patients. She had them drinking ozone water or taking ear insufflation or rectal insufflation. 

“She was getting really, really good results with this,” Rowen says. She would bubble ozone through water at very cold temperatures, as cold water allows for far greater diffusion of ozone.

Water close to freezing can contain about three times the amount of ozone found in room temperature water. The reason for this is because colder water is denser, allowing it to hold more oxygen. As the water gets warmer it is not able to hold as much gas, so it diffuses out.

Ozone for Coronavirus

So, just how would ozone therapy kill coronavirus? In the interview, Rowen explains the mechanisms responsible. A more detailed description is also given in “A Plausible ‘Penny’ Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus — Ozone Therapy”:3

“[Ozone therapy] may be ideal therapy for viruses. In order to successfully penetrate cells, many viruses require membrane glycoproteins to be in the reduced R-S-H form rather than oxidized (R-S-S-R). Ozone inactivates many viruses directly …

Mirazmi, et al. found cytomegalovirus loses infectivity if its thiol groups are oxidized. Re-reducing the oxidized thiols (by dithiothreitol) enabled the virus to regain 65% infectivity. HIV is dependent on reduced sulfhydryl groups for infectivity, as also reported for Ebola virus to enter cells.

Like Ebola, corona virus structure also has regions rich in cysteine, inclusive of the spike and envelope proteins. Cysteine is an amino acid carrying a sulfhydryl (R-S-H) residue, also called a ‘thiol’ group. Alterations of these residues have been found to ‘cripple’ virus growth properties at least 2 logs lower than wild type virus.

Active cysteine is essential for membrane fusion … The redox status (reduced cysteine residues vs. oxidized residues) can ‘switch’ protein activity to ‘on’ or ‘off.’ Thiol S-H bonds are far weaker than the O-H bonds in alcohols, and vulnerable to oxygen based oxidants, which can oxidize the sulfur to sulfonic acid residues (R-SO3-H) …

Cysteine is highly vulnerable to oxidation to disulfide (R-S-S-R) or other residues; which effect will cripple its biochemical activity in proteins, altering their three-dimensional structure. Enzymes may become inactive when reduced thiols are oxidized. Ozone itself will oxidize SH groups instantly on contact.

Knowing ozone extinguishes itself virtually instantly on contact with blood, creating ozonides, one might then ask, ‘How will ozone reach deep reservoirs of virus?’ Ozonides are oxidants in their own right. They have a prolonged life … providing ongoing protection after a single treatment.

These molecules are less reactive than ozone, but still possess oxidizing power and serve as biochemical signaling molecules modulating the immune system. Creating a more ‘oxidized’ environment, ozone therapy may assist the body in inactivating thiols in viruses in blood and tissues.

(Our immune system is well known to create reactive oxidant species, such as hydrogen peroxide, superoxide, nitric oxide, hypochlorous acid, etc. and even ozone itself as mentioned previously to defend against infection). Viruses, unlike ‘living’ cells, have no mechanism of self-repair.”

In simpler layman’s terms, the coronavirus is a lipid-coated virus and rich in cysteine amino acid residues; if you disrupt that lipid coat or oxidize the vulnerable cysteine, you reduce or eliminate its infectivity. Ozone attacks lipids, and viruses cannot repair that damage. Thus, ozone may effectively destroy the virus.

Ozone May Be an Ideal Antiviral

Ozone also modulates the immune system. The cytokine storm associated with severe COVID-19 infection is due to an out of control immune reaction. Ozone can help bring the immune system back into balance, thus allowing it to defend itself against the invader without causing excessive damage in the process. According to Rowen:

“Ozone appears to be an incredible antiviral. In my words, it’s the ideal antiviral … Designing drugs to damage the lipid coat is probably going to fail because those drugs are going to be toxic.

But we have a molecule that can do this. And whether you call it a drug, ozone is a natural substance — because it’s made by the body — it matters not to me. The fact is, it’s a pro-oxidant and it can ding the virus and render it inactive if the virus is exposed to it …

One of my goals in all of this is to try to get ozone [as] standard of care. I believe it’s running up against a wall deliberately, because if ozone and oxidative therapies, including vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide or ultraviolet blood radiation got out there, you would see a change in the landscape of medicine in this country and it would really hurt Pharma … So, I have no doubt that this information is being deliberately squelched.

I know reporters who were trying to get the story out there and they were told by their higher ups, no go. It’s a dead story. Why? Ozone could be put into the ICUs [at] no expense, no cost. I don’t want to be paid for it to go into local hospitals … But we have a system that is so corrupt, so vile, that if it’s not FDA approved, they will let somebody die.

That’s evil on steroids. So it would seem that this pandemic could be a great opportunity. Because in China, they’re using intravenous ascorbic acid for this, but it would seem to be an opportunity to use ozone over there … The people that they’ve gotten to with ozone, even those who are seriously ill, have had a very favorable outcome.”

To learn more, read Rowen’s commentary,4 “A Plausible ‘Penny’ Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus — Ozone Therapy,” published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology, or check out his website, In the interview, Rowen also goes into greater depth, explaining the biomechanics of ozone as it pertains to viral infections.

Just In…. Read and Know

By Anna Von Reitz

Two pieces of news from credible sources that should make your hair stand on end. 

First, it appears that people are filing suit against China seeking compensation for damages incurred because of the so-called Wuhan virus. The amount of damages being sought is suspiciously similar to the amount of the US trade deficit with China.  

Go figure.  

Instead of suing Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and Charles Lieber and the NIH and DARPA and the Pirbright Institute and the Wellcome Trust, and all the other entities and persons that are, most likely, the cause of the problem— these people are busily suing their fellow-victims.  Satan must be having himself a real hee-haw. 

Take in the view.  And stand in Chinese shoes as you do so, thinking that “the Americans” are the problem, because most people can’t tell the difference between “the US” and “Americans”.  

FDR’s Administration abused our Good Names and Credit with their 1930’s impersonation scheme, and never provided the remedy they promised — Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions.  

The payola they captured from not paying us what they owed us was used to rebuild Europe following the Second World War, and an endless parade of other monopoly and commodity rigging and bank fraud schemes.  

So, technically, Europe owes us the cost of rebuilding the world, including the Commonwealth and Japan after the Second World War, plus interest—– a sum so unimaginable that it would not fit on this page. 

Then, again, abusing our Good Names and Credit, they ran up a HUGE trade deficit with China.  

Just as they did with us, they exchanged paper I.O.U.s and “Treasury Bonds” for actual, physical goods. 

Only the Treasury Bonds were issued against bogus labor contracts and based on unlawful conversion of assets, exacerbated by issuing 7-10 times the credit backed by any actual asset under the “Federal Reserve System”.  

Read that— the Chinese acted in good faith, provided the actual goods in trade, and got rooked the same as we did, howbeit, for slightly different reasons. 

It’s like a domino pile up.  The Europeans owe the US, and the US owes us and the Chinese, nobody is getting paid jack, and the rats in charge are all bound up in a big boiling rat-pile bankrupting each other, mostly over digits that don’t exist. 

The curious end result of all this is that, assuming the virus originated in the US, the victims are being blamed (again), and everyone, everywhere, is engaged in stupidly proposing to in-debt their children for the next 32,000 years over debts that literally don’t exist.  

Debts that are the fruits of fraud in all directions.  Odious debts.  Debts that should be written off, discharged, declared null and void, as if they never were.

Imagine a hundred seven year-olds with no very clear moral compass or grasp of adult reality, fooled by 3-D photographs of cupcakes, and fighting to possess all these “cupcakes”.  

Because the Debt-Credit System was hijacked and used to siphon money for “government investments” the entire world monetary system has become more and more distorted and lop-sided as this imaginary debt has skyrocketed year after year, and those responsible have made no effort to pay people with anything equitable.  

Imagine a guy sitting at a bar, sucking down Irish Whiskey, and when its time to pay, he says, ah, sorry, bit out of pocket today.  My son will pay my tab….. 

So the son comes in, and gets hit with his Dad’s bill.  He pays it, but then, his turn to pay for his own drinks comes up, and he says, ah, sorry, bit out of pocket…. my son and grandson will pay….. 

If this nonsense was allowed to continue — for example, this recent glutting of $6.2 trillion to be charged against our credit as a “Stimulus Bill” — (except that we returned the charges) our children would still be paying that debt two hundred and thirty generations from now.  

Not only is that not fair to them, and also not legally or lawfully or morally enforceable, its sheer Loony Tunes crazy.  Bonkers. 

That the fat men in Whitehall and their counterparts in Scotland and Hong Kong and Dubai and Tokyo and Bern and New York and Rome and Madrid ever let things slide this far is unimaginable. 

Yet, to be fair, this skimming and scamming has been going on so long that it has been institutionalized and compartmentalized, so that the majority of younger bureaucrats administering this Fairy Land, accept this as “the way it is, the way it has always been, the way we do things….” even though they are themselves the victims of it and even though this was never the way we did things at any time in our history— or anyone else’s history— prior to FDR, when this whole Mess got going on steroids. 

There is only one (1) known way to collapse the debt safely, and that is to re-venue it as credit. 

Give all the rights, titles, interests, profits, fees, etc., back to the people it belongs to, and surrender the credit  — what I call the “National Credit” owed to us, and the National Credit owed to China, and so on.  

Unfortunately, the guys at the top of the rat-pile are rats.  They can’t imagine a world where they don’t control everyone and everything.  They can’t face the loss of all that glorious debt, used as a club over all the purported slaves— even though that is exactly what is needed to preserve the credit system at all. 

And now, get ready for Slam Number Two….. 

Not only has the Office of the Pontiff been closed since 2011 — news that apparently escaped the vast majority of the Catholic population on Earth, including senior clerics — but now Pope Francis has admitted it, and signed the should-be-non-existent Pontifical Calendar without claiming to be the “Vicar of Christ”.  He signed it in his own name, plain old George. 

Think about it.  If you are in fact acting as the administrator of the biggest liquidation of commercial entities in history, what does that have to do with the Church or Christ?  


Better to suck it up and take responsibility for it yourself.  

I would assume that that is what Pope Francis is doing by stepping outside his role in the Church to do this dirty clean up work related to the Pontificate. 


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Article Video – Measles Parties and Mathematics April 3, 2020 By Anna Von Reitz

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Ron Paul: Is It Time To End The Shutdown?

Yesterday the Mises Institute published a brilliant article titled “End the Shutdown”, making the point that continuing the “house arrest” of Americans and the shutdown of the economy will have much worse consequences than the coronavirus itself.

Kat (of GAoG)… Notes from David Wilcock on the Great Pandemic, Part IV: Q&A

These just came out from Kat. I’m sure many will enjoy reading these.

I’m copying the text only here, but some may wish to go to the GAoG link to view screen captures of David’s slides she included. Thank you Kat!!


David Wilcock on the Great Pandemic, Part IV: Q&A [by Kat]

David Wilcock on the Great Pandemic, Part IV: Q&A
April 4, 2020 by Kat

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I offer my partial fourth transcription of a David Wilcock video (long).

I got as far as 2 hours, seven minutes. I’ll finish the rest tomorrow.

I do it because I feel the information is important, and not everyone likes to watch hours of videos.

David Wilcock on the Great Pandemic, Part IV: Q&A 4-1-20

As of this writing, this fourth video has had 400k + views. His third video, that I transcribed on March 30th, has had more than 1,073,015 views.

As with everything, take what you can use and leave the rest. If you vibe with some points David makes, but not others, so be it.

I feel that way about every variety of information I carefully expose myself to — channelings, news, both MSM and alternative, books, articles, videos, movies — everything. Some stuff I agree with, some stuff I think is looney tunes.

I think Wilcock is brilliant. He researches the heck out of every subject he discusses, and since I also do that in my personal writing, I highly approve of it.

His discussion about President Trump is very important and I would like to underscore it here: Say what you will about POTUS—like him, don’t like him—I conclude, as David describes, that he is working with the Forces of Light to save this planet.

I believe that when all is said and done, when the whole truth is finally revealed, that all will recognize Trump as the courageous leader he is.

In his last video, David said, “Trump may not be the hero you want, but he’s the hero you got.”

Regarding the 3-days of cell phone, internet blackout: I can report that some in my area of S. California did in fact lose their phone service on Monday, March 30th. The phone blackouts are confirmed in Judy Byington’s Special Restored Republic report, as of April 3, 2020: (1.)

“Internet, Phone Blackout: On Mon. 30 March from 10pm to midnight local times along the West Coast (CA, WA, TX & Midwest), and East Coast (FL, NC, VA, NY, etc.) there was rolling phone and internet black outs to cover Spec Ops and other law enforcement… arrests…”

David Wilcock is very clear that he doesn’t know if or when the 3-day phone/internet blackout will occur.

Regarding the arrests; they do not harmonize with my vision of a beautiful, pristine, Divinely restored, paradisal Nova Gaia. I do not want New Earth to be a prison planet. So I wonder, with these alleged arrests taking place, if that is a sad possibility? Where will these prisoners go? Will they be imprisoned on Earth the rest of our lives? Or is there another outcome?

I asked Linda Dillon what she thought, and she emailed, “The Council has spoken so much about this not being a time of punishment – and please, please don’t buy into the conspiracy theories… The most recent post on the Council of Love site from Archangel Michael addresses this in detail”:

“So when we speak of unity, we do not speak of ‘some in, some out, some guilty, some privileged’. This is important. All are equally forgiven. All are equally being given the opportunity directly from the Heart of One to be reborn – and to be reborn into the balance, above-below, within-without, of various bodies and chakras and energy systems.” (2.)

I’m good with forgiveness, but are there other possibilities? I read a SaLuSa channeling by Mike Quinsey, where he said, “Be prepared for 2.5 billion people to be gone from the planet.”

I asked Steve Beckow if he remembered that channeling, and he didn’t, but I remember it because it was so startling. In researching where that channeling might be, I found this piece from SaLuSa, on October 3, 2014:

“At some point in the near future it will transpire, that because you have made sufficient spiritual progress, that it is time to allow such souls to surge forward without the hindrance of those who still lag behind.

“It is in no way discriminating against them but allowing those who are ready to progress to the higher vibrations, without being delayed by those who are not. After all it is inevitable that those who are not ready to move into the higher vibrations, will have their own path to follow to continue their evolution. The new cycle has begun and slowly but surely all remnants of the earlier one will disappear, to be replaced by a more updated version that has been born of the Light. There will be no place for the lower vibrations that could not in any event exist within it, and all thought levels will be based on Light and Love.” (3.)

Apparently, this is where we are at right now, as outlined by Adamu the other day. We are in the division of Timelines and what we choose to focus on—Light or Fear—will determine our next step in Ascension:

“Right now, The Event is busy being triggered. Just to catch you up: The Event is the moment when the timeline that you are all collectively on, fragments. When you go away on separate timelines, you will find yourself on the timeline that is resonant with your own vibratory frequency. Right now, you are busy choosing. And, because you are busy choosing, you are busy creating your timeline, this is a time of extraordinary events.

“This is a time of miracles and magic. A time of wonder. You’re very powerfully being invited to use your divine creative abilities to focus on fearful, disastrous outcomes. You’re being invited to think small. To be scared. And, if you accept this invitation, you will find yourself on an other-responsible timeline and life will continue, in broad measures, as it always has been…

“You can transcend this. You can find yourself on the self-responsible timeline… Or indeed, you can transcend all the way to a Unity-conscious timeline, where you are aware of the divinity within and you will be a divine being, walking the world amongst divine beings. An angel amongst angels, so to speak.” (4.)

I choose the Divinity Timeline, hello. When I read Autobiography of a Yogi 30 years ago, I was thrilled by the chapter where Paramahansa Yogananda’s guru, Swami Sri Yuketeswar, described the Astral World.

“I want to go there!” I thought. Perhaps that is the Higher Dimension that Gaia, Kingdoms, and Light-filled Humanity are Ascending to right now in this division of Timelines. To a 5th Dimensional / Astral world.

Here is part of Sri Yuketeswar’s description of the Astral World:

“The astral world is infinitely beautiful, clean, pure, and orderly. There are no dead planets or barren lands. The terrestrial blemishes-weeds, bacteria, insects, snakes-are absent. Unlike the variable climates and seasons of the Earth, the astral planets maintain the even temperature of an eternal Spring, with occasional luminous white snow and rain of many-colored lights. Astral planets abound in opal lakes and bright seas and rainbow rivers.” (5.)

Yuketeswar also outlines what happens to lower-dimensional beings in the astral world, and this, perhaps, might be the fate of some of those arrested here, who have doggedly rejected the path of Light and clung ferociously to darkness:

“Among the fallen dark angels expelled from other worlds, friction and war take place with lifetronic bombs or mental mantric vibratory rays. These beings dwell in the gloom-drenched regions of the lower astral cosmos, working out their evil karma.”

Interestingly, David Wilcock references Yuketeswar’s description of Astral beings @1 hour 48 minutes.

Besides his world-acclaimed expertise in UFO’s, and his extensive research into the deep state / cabal / illuminati, David Wilcock is a Spiritual man. He deeply cares about helping Humanity awaken. I hope this transcription from his latest video proves helpful.

Health, Peace, Light, Abundance and Plenty of supplies to all,

xo, Kat


David Wilcock on the Great Pandemic, Part IV: Q&A 4-1-20

Transcribed by Kat, Part 1

The information that I have is contentious but it’s also true… don’t fall prey to pandemic fear-porn… anyone who has got the Covid virus and recovered, they can go back to work, can be part of Society… won’t give it to anyone else or get it from anyone else… do not need Social Distancing if you’ve already had it… the media is trying to really be dodgy about it…

4:32 Gotta get hip to the truth and the truth is not easy to find… however it’s much easier to find the truth now than it’s ever been… we’re in an unprecedented Renaissance of truth telling information coming out to the public… I want you to be fully empowered and informed with the truth…

5:10 We are in an unprecedented situation where everybody’s got to stay home and there’s a lot of fear in the world there’s a lot of panic in the world… if you’re not familiar with my work, I have been primarily an Ancient Civilizations and UFO researcher… my 100 episodes Ancient Aliens show was the #1 Show on History channel… #1 most viewed program in India, Bali, most of the countries in South America…

However, apart from Ancient Aliens… I’ve also done a lot of work into the deep state / the cabal / the illuminati, these folks are not your friends, they are nasty nasty people… and we do not appreciate them trying to destroy the planet… (Covid-19] is clearly a programmed and manipulated attack, this is not random… definitely looks like [Covid-19] was manufactured… We have strong evidence that a person who was working for Charles Lieber, the Harvard University chemist, who was also the Head of the Dept., a student of his was caught trying to smuggle 21 vials into Wuhan, China on Dec. 9th… he lied about what he had… but a Dept. of Justice official report that came out on January, 28, 2020… all tied in with Wuhan, smuggling, biological material… this was in fact Coronavirus in those 21 vials…

8:06 I have been receiving briefings for a very long time… these briefings come from extremely high level sources.. the UFO subject is a much bigger deal on the inside than most people could ever imagine because Roswell really did happen 75 years ago [‘47]… it’s how we got our hands on Alien tech (discusses this, our capabilities, Space travel, and his source Daniel, who passed last month…)

11:30 Understand how big of a subject the UFO cover-up is on the inside… the dark Military Industrial Complex has done a really good job of keeping this hidden from the people… keeping this away from our collective consciousness… they don’t want us to know how advanced their Secret Space program really is… the number of ships they have, the capability these ships have…

12:30 According to one of my top insiders, Pete Peterson… Americans are already all over the galaxy…cool as that is… the fact that we already, since the 1950’s, were already becoming a Jetsons, Star Wars, Star Trek-type of Society… and now we have bases all over the place on the Moon, all over the place on Mars, other Moons in our Solar Systems, 13 other Solar Systems in our own local area… and then we have these various outposts throughout the galaxy…

13:00 Where did they get all the people? In the 1950’s they did the “brain drain” they got 55 million employees picked from all over the world, the top of the crop, the most intelligent wonderful scholars… people who really really proved they had what it took to be great Scientists… But when they got out there, unlike the brochures that made it look like they were going to live in some Futuristic Paradise they find out they’re slaves… the whole system was built to insure there wouldn’t be another American Revolution…

14:20 This is real… most of the Intelligence agencies, other than maybe Homeland Security and the FBI… most of the others, out of the 16, if you get above mid-level, you KNOW that there’s a UFO cover-up… and you KNOW that we have exotic and advanced technology… we know this…

I will do my part to try to inform you how this all fits together… where you as a soul reside in this whole process…. what does this mean for everyone on the planet? This is a big big deal… We are awakening into a Galactic Civilization… I don’t want you to think this is fake… the sheer persistence of the amount of information that has come out is overwhelming… the current Administration in the U.S. has been telegraphing this move… in Sept. 2018 they said there ARE Secret Space Programs… and Roswell was a real crash of a piloted Extraterrestrial object…

16:00 Pete Peterson who died mysteriously… which happened to be on the same day that our other insider Woody, was found face down dead after he had just signed off on the New Financial System which we’re going to talk about very soon…

18:00 There is an International group… if you go to Russia it goes back 300 years that they’ve been working on this… and in the U.S. it goes back to the 1950’s… a group [The Alliance] that has been trying to get the deep state arrested… the illuminati, another name, the new world order, trying to get them arrested and thrown in prison on a collective level …. I became aware of these plans in 2001, before 9-11… then in 2007 or thereabouts Benjamin Fulford explained that the BRICS organization was formed for the same goal… [Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa…] BRICS has expanded a lot more… there is a secretive Alliance with the U.S. Military Intelligence community which was going to lead to a Military coup over the USA during the Obama Administration… at the last minute they decided to ask Donald Trump if he would run…

19:00 The Alliance doesn’t have a lot of money… they needed a candidate who could finance his own campaign… they gave him a briefing over a 2-week period on how bad it really is… he was absolutely shocked for the first week and a half he didn’t want to do it… and they talked him into it… you may not be able to appreciate anything positive about Donald Trump… and the media has your back on that… 100% negative on POTUS… but the media will never tell you what Q-Anon is telling you; that pedophiles are running the world… Satanic… highly vicious people… who really want to see humanity brought down to 500 million…

21:45 The Alliance had planned on doing this mass arrest later… but in light of this unpresented attack of a highly contagious virus which was bio-engineered… of Covid-19 that traces back to Bill Gates… the month of April will be shut down but I don’t think it’s going to go on much longer than that…

26:32 Re 3-days of Darkness… the idea that the last stage of the mass arrest process… will be only 3-days without cell phone and internet… but apparently most of the deep state has now surrendered… I don’t know when the 3-day shutdown will be… the briefings are not necessarily right either… we don’t know if the plans that have been made are going to go through… maybe before Good Friday… given the fact that we have to Social Distance till the end of April… might be till the end of April… or in May?!…

I don’t really know if the Alliance is actually going to do this… all I have is Q-Anon stuff, which is clearly from the Alliance… if you don’t like Trump don’t throw the Alliance out with Trump… this thing has been in place and worked on since the 1950’s there are probably 100s of thousands of soldiers and Intelligence agents working on this…

31:00 Trump was asked to run by the Alliance that is trying to get this job done… they made a deal with him that he would use his own money to campaign on telling people real information… Does [Trump] have an annoying personality? Absolutely… keep in mind what is this guy actually doing… being a public figure… it’s nightmarish…

32:50 Try to imagine Harry and Meaghan… try to imagine what it would be like to turn your back on the Royal Family and have the entire media try to pin you as these crazy evil people for daring to step away from the Monarchy… Harry and Meaghan, congratulations, you did an amazing job of getting out of there… and you’ve help to awaken people that there’s something really wrong with what’s going on or you wouldn’t have left and taken all this abuse… maybe they were getting away before this big thing’s about to happen… it’s entirely possible they were tipped off and warned…

33:45 Try to imagine what it would actually be like to be Trump… try to imagine what it would be like to be the most hated person in human history… the amount of scorn that the world has shown to Donald Trump is beyond anything we have ever seen for anybody, including Hitler… even with Hitler you had State friendly media in his own country, that was supporting him, and throughout the other Axis countries like Italy and Japan… so to try to even wrap your head around to have countless hundreds of thousands of the most vicious attacks coming at you every day… what type of personality structure could even handle that… without breaking, without cracking?

34:30 The problem with the deep state is that all the other Presidents that have gone in… even if they thought they could make a difference… like Jimmy Carter for example… or like Obama… they find out real quick—no, you’re going to do what we tell you to do you, you don’t have your own free will…

35:00 The first thing that happened to Obama… was that after he won the election… and there was that private meeting with all the Presidents… and you can look at this online, it’s available in the news reports about that first meeting with all the Presidents, they will say in there… there was an approximately 20-minute meeting he had in private with George Bush Sr…

35:23 What you don’t know is that in that private meeting, George Bush Sr. went frickin crazy and turned demonic and started threatening Obama, and actually got all toothy and wild… and used the “n” word repeatedly…. “Look you f’n ‘n’… literally starts tearing him apart… “If you ever do anything except what we tell you to do, your whole family is going to be…” (horrible threats)… and then Obama staggered out of the room… there was a CIA guy in a telephone booth that he didn’t see… Obama collapsed down… sitting on a sofa… he put his head in his hands and he said, “My God they made the ‘n-word’ into a scape goat”…

36:17 And that makes me very sad… apparently, based on stuff we get from Q, Obama took these death threats very seriously and did cooperate with several different things that these people were doing… the briefings are very sad in that sense…

36:40 So you have to understand, you need somebody who can have death threats coming at him on a daily basis… the most serious sinister death threats that if they catch you they’re going to torture you… and he’s still going to keep going… and he has the whole world against him and he’s still going to keep going… it’s really frickin hard to be a guy in that role… I want to try and get you to remember that there is a human being in there [Trump…]

37:45 If he can do this… if you’re on that side that where you just can’t stand it [Trump…] Wouldn’t it be hilarious to find out, once these 3-days of darkness go by, they turn everything back on, and now you get round-the-clock broadcasts telling you what was really going on… it’s very unpleasant information… there’s probably going to be things I’m surprised by… that everybody is surprised by… wouldn’t it be hilarious… after all of this hatred against this one guy… to find out that the whole thing was actually about saving the planet… even though (if you want to look at it this way, I don’t) that it is sloppy, it is messy… you think it’s a joke…

38:20 What I’m trying to tell you folks is that… The most magnificent Military combined maneuver in human history… the game-changer, planet-saving, single 3-day Military operation… over and above all the stuff they’ve been doing before… is about to happen… something with the degree of planning and logistics and sophistication and beauty and elegance… That when this happens the world will never be the same…

39:00 A lot of people are really scared right now… they don’t trust… and they are very very nervous about this thing that’s going on in the world right now…

39:20 Is this the end of the world? Absolutely NOT… Is there a mass consciousness effect taking place right now? Yes… understand the consciousness significance of having everyone staying home all at once all over the world… we have never had a leisure event like this in world history before… that is amazing… because… as I told you last time from the Law of One, which is a Spiritual Text allegedly derived, through telepathy, from Extraterrestrial Intelligence… only other ones I can think of are Edgar Cayce and The Seth books and a few others…

41:00 When people have the opportunity to rest and to have solitude at home they can make enormous Spiritual progress that is nearly impossible to make if they’re busy… think of the number of people in the world working 2 or 3 jobs who have no time to do anything except eat and sleep and that’s it… this is the sad state for many many people… those people are finally getting a break… getting checks from the Government… that’s where this is going…

43:30 What happens when everybody is staying at home at once all over the world?… a lot of solitude and a lot of Spiritual insight… when enough people are having the same experience interesting quantum effects start to take place… field effect… consciousness starts to aggregate on itself… it starts to evolve… you have the ability for consciousness to upload new information into people’s minds…

[Story about Italian Wall Lizard]

47:20 We are being put through stress and stress causes evolution… genetic DNA code re-writing…

53:00 Virus smuggling… which is what we think happened in Wuhan…

57:10 The FISA report [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act]… is big big part of what Q-Anon and other Alliance sources have been telling us that we can expect to hear from… about tampering with the US election… messing up the US election that tried to destroy Trump’s Presidency… it’s frickin weird that the FISA report would be tied in with bio-security issues of people smuggling viruses into and out of the USA… that implies that viruses have something to do with tampering with elections, tampering with the government… look at what’s happened? As a result of Covid-19… the whole 2020 election… now you’re going to have to vote by mail… can’t see the candidates’ debate each other… they want to stop the elections…

[A lot of information and slides about virus smuggling…]


1:00 A US identified research institution… will tie back to the Gates foundation… virus smuggling… they’re doing this because they intend to release this stuff…

(in the photo) you can see WSN on the left the just smuggled it in like that

More explanation/proofs about virus smuggling… the FBI acknowledges that this appears to be bio-terrorism… people smuggling this in… How/where did Covid-19 get into the world… trying to blame the Chinese… don’t blame Bill Gates (who paid for it)…

1:17 Bill Gates trying to say we should stay home for 2 months… then get a vaccine… which will probably be a bigger problem…

1:19 What percentage of people in the world have died from the Corona Virus? 7.8 billion people on Earth… 27,198 deaths… the percentage of the world’s population that has died from C-19 is 0.0003%… no reason for all this crazy stuff…

1:22 China has proven Covid can be stopped in its tracks with Social Distancing… no new cases…

1:27 Q-Anon on “the Great Awakening” with slides… David reads the whole Q postings [Kat has posted the actual Q-drop from the DoJ Q website:](6.)

1:36: Q-“Difficult truths will soon see the light of day-WWG1WGA”… The enormity of what is coming will shock the world… it’s going to be Biblical… 3-days of darkness, turning off the phone and the internet… would be kind of a Biblical event… I don’t know WHEN the 3-days will be… but I did have a dream this a.m… going up to this tomb… make sure all booby traps were removed… big stone door… cave… I walk up to the door… out comes this woman who is screaming like a banshee… I had to back up down the stairs… when she was gone then it looked like I could go into the cave… normally don’t make a prophecy off of one dream… my guess is the screaming woman coming out of the cave means… there’s one more crazy thing from the deep state BEFORE we get the 3-days… the 3-days is what Jesus spent inside the cave before Resurrection… it’s not going to happen immediately… there’s going to be another crazy thing or a cluster of things… Q—Difficult Truths Will Soon See The Light of Day… This is about saving America…1:39 Q1:41:40 The ability to manipulate mass consciousness through the media is how the cabal defines Black Magic… this is a form of sorcery… using the media to promote falsehoods… to promote lies… to promote only one political party…
And again if you identify with the Democrats, you should still be concerned that the people on the other side are being completely stopped from talking… there’s something really frickin scary if you’re having an electoral process and only one side gets to speak… and the other side is being aggressively censored by big tech and big media… “Well, but I can’t stand his mouth… [Trump]… I’m so offended…”

1:42:30 The Alliance is a lot bigger than one guy… the deep state wants you to be angry at one guy because that’s simple, that’s easy, you can wrap your head around that… you can’t wrap your head around a whole bunch of countries all over the world, all collaborating together, on something that nobody knows yet because it’s still secret… unless you go and you look at sources like Q-Anon… which is clearly proven coming from the U.S. Administration… Q-Anon is the U.S. Presidential Administration… it’s really easy to figure out… all I want to know is, when are you guys going to say you’re responsible for this? When do we get the truth? Well, it appears that it happens very soon… So, this is the big question, so many versions of this question:

1:43:45 Question: How does this fit in with 5G?

When I was working with Pete Peterson… I met the guys who were allowed to bring out 5G… they lived in Idaho… the original version of 5G was called Air Fiber… I met them in 2010, 2011… back then I was really excited about it… because I saw a speed test they did of it… 100 megabits per second… I asked these guys… about Health considerations… is this thing dangerous to Biological life?… they told me no… well you’ve got to have studies that show it was tested and safe… they said it was safe but they didn’t have that information… I heard all this way back when… now 5G is coming out…

1:45:30 There have been a number of things that has been released into the public consciousness… there’s been this recording of this English guy, doesn’t say his name… saying the real reason people are dying from the coronavirus is because they’re turning on 5G…

1:46 Wait a minute… if that’s true then why have all the cases dropped off?… it’s NOT 5G… it’s simple logic… but I always look deeper… 5G could be a way in this case to get people’s attention AWAY from the coronavirus now that the deep state knows that it’s going to be exposed as actually being man-made, highly contagious… is it possible that 5G could piggyback on this virus to make it worse? Possible… I’m not saying it isn’t…

1:47 To get to the root of this question, I want to really emphasize something that I think is very important… When we’re talking about these higher dimensional beings, Extraterrestrial guidance, Extraterrestrial contacts, like I have gotten reading The Law of One…

1:48 What you find out is that there are different levels of these Angelic Planetary Saving Beings… you got 4th density, which is pretty similar to us but they’re still very advanced… then you have a whole other Dimensional level that you can make a quantum leap after that, which is 5th Density… still have something like a body… but do not require craft to travel, can travel by thought alone… and apparently… they just manifest their own food which is a liquid nectar that they manifest and drink made of pure light… a liquid light broth… must be awesome… [Reference Swami Sri Yuketeswar’s chapter, footnote 4]

6th Density beings equivalent of a whole planet worth of people like us that have merged into a single collective consciousness… that’s really amazing… if you have beings who have formed a global, like a whole planet like Earth into one mind… a very very advanced race (NOT like the Borg)… very harmonious… at that level they exists as Guardians… they Guard over entire planets… the only level higher than that is 7thDensity or 8th Density… 7th density beings don’t work with us directly… they only consult with 6th Density Beings…

1:50 6th Density beings in the Law of One system… are the highest level beings that interact with us… they do not have body unless they choose to project themselves into a body… they were at 6th density but they had to downshift back into 5th density in order to help out our planet in these last days… and they are heavily identified with the Hawk… this is what they chose their appearance to be… this is where you get into Horus… the idea of Hawk Headed beings depicted in the Egyptians murals… 12,000 years ago… these Blue Avians that Corey Goode was seeing are not new… William Henry found paintings on the frescoes in these Egyptian tombs of Horus where he had Blue feathers… there’s a lot of cool stuff about that…

(Kat’s slide)

1:51:28 What does it say in The Law of One about life on Earth?… it says that we are totally protected… nothing will happen that will disturb the so called Ascension or Harvest… they will not allow a nuclear war… they will not allow anything on Earth that will cause mass death… the beings themselves will not allow a pandemic to occur… there‘s a great deal of evidence for this

…There’s all these reports of cigar shaped or other types of UFO’s appearing over nuclear missile installations powering down the entire installation… actually rendering the warheads themselves radioactively inert… this is a widespread observation of how ET’s… or whatever those craft are… are powering down the nukes…. It’s happened in Russia, China, India, Pakistan, USA, everybody’s who’s got nukes has had this happen to them…

1:52:40 Positive beings are letting us play in the sandbox… and we can create some disruption… throw some sand around, metaphorically speaking… but will never allow the whole planet to be wiped out… the cabal has consistently discovered that whenever they try… to kill lots of people… it can’t work… they’ve tried multiple times to create viruses to kill all life on Earth but it just won’t work…. Even with covid-19… they got the contagion… but they didn’t get the lethality… is it possible that 5G… could be designed to cause a great deal of trouble? Absolutely… but, once again, the cabal will find out this time… just like they have every other time… that when they try to flip the switch it simply won’t work… Why?

1:54:35 Because there are powerful and wonderful Angelic beings that are behind all the world’s leading Spiritual traditions and religions… they’ve been trying to get us be more loving, to love each other… they’re not going to let these idiots destroy the planet… they simply will not allow it to happen… the deep state will keep petitioning… well can we try to nuke everybody? Nope… can we try to create a debilitating global financial collapse… never happened up until now… not gonna happen now…

1:55:10 [covid-19] is not killing very many people… Society’s going to come back on… the lights are going to come back on… and it’s very likely that we’re getting this amazing Global Economic Reset… arresting of deep state perpetrators… you look at how confident Q is… they say very disturbing truths are about to come to light… you’re going to want to put truth back in the bottle… you’re not going to want to know the truth… but we need to go through this… as I’ve said so many times, if you throw up you’ll feel better… we need to have a collective vomiting… “oh my God it’s horrible, oh my God the information, I don’t want to know”… well you gotta to know… we gotta get through this together… I’m not worried about this… I’m not worried about 5G… I’m not worried that they could turn it on because if they try they won’t succeed… and there are so many proofs about this Divine Intervention stuff… for example…

[lists examples here]

1:59 I find it very interesting that they were allowed to do Covid-19… look at what’s happening… it’s not that big of a deal… less than 1% of people are dying… it’s mostly people who had advanced age and advanced health problems anyway… which is sad, but still most people are not going to be affected by this… and you get to be at home… some time off… the IRS has delayed taxes till July 15th… you can relax, chill out, and you have time to meditate, to talk to your family, to read books, watch videos like this… a great opportunity for solitude, for rest… for all these cool things.

I do not believe that if they [deep state] do have the ability to make 5G wipe us out that they will be allowed to use it… [by the angelic ET’s]… I really don’t think that the coronavirus is caused by 5G… I do think it’s a virus… it’s not the end of the world… they’re not going to kill you off… we’re all going to get through this and there’s going to be an amazing great awakening…

2:00:35 Question: Are the 3 days of darkness going to occur globally? Or just the US?

Great question… it is my understanding… that this is worldwide… I don’t know for sure but it sure sounds like it… because apparently they have to shut the whole internet off… to clip out certain nodes in which data is flowing through and the deep state is able to harness that data and use it for mass surveillance and killing people… so the Alliance is going to literally edit out all the suckage points where the deep state can suck in that data and use it to advance their agenda… so when the internet comes back on it will have been de-bugged, de-loused, had a parasite cleanse… and all of the deep state cr*p is gone and they can’t surveille us anymore, they’ve lost the keys to the car…

So it will have to be worldwide shutdown… I don’t know if the phone is going to be down around the world… certainly the USA and Europe… already reports… how Britain is telling people to get ready to have a power out and an internet out…

so the arrests are not just the US… Defender Europe-20 has 38,000 troops all over Europe… and they’ll be grabbing people out of the Vatican… out of the financial centers… and some of the geo-political centers… I’m amazed they allowed me to give you this briefing… but they don’t think these guys have anywhere to go… even if they know once the phones and internet go down that they’re screwed… they don’t have anywhere they can go… they’re all being monitored… many of these deep state people don’t realize that their best friends are going to kill you… that’s how deep these [Alliance] agents work… they get imbedded in your life and then they try to kill you… it is a horrific mission…

2:03 Many questions on the 3-days

I don’t know… we did hear we’re going to get a lot more briefings soon… Q-Anon said that 75% of the sealed indictments were in the media… bear in mind the media is using black magic and sorcery to manipulate our opinions… they’ve lied to us about so many things… it’s about time we see some justice happen in the world… when you see these indictments.. it’s all going to make sense… it’s all very legal… not people being abducted in the night… this is going to be public trials… you hear what the charges are… probably some of the footage that they’re going to air would include depositions from the secret Military trials that have already happened… with people like George W. Bush and Obama… of them confessing and you’re going to know that it’s true… of them confessing to whatever degree they aided and abetted… during the 3-days will involve a lot of Big Tech, entertainment industry, financial system… a lot in Chicago, New York, L.A., San Francisco… other places… I don’t really know… all I know is they want to try and get it done in 3-days… we’re sending these guys our prayers that this mission is a success…




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