Kp Message 7-3-20… “Time Markers… and Releasing”

Okay… not every photo of myself from now on is going to be from a coffeehouse. But when the Spirit finds one that it LOVES, the joy flows and it shines through. So that’s why I’ll use it from time to time (the one in this post is from 7-1-20).

And this weekend I know is “supposed” to be special… Trump being at the Mount Rushmore for the Fourth of July Celebration, and possibly mentioning new things (at least that’s what Santa had to say).

No matter what happens, I do sense that the time marker of 7-4 is significant, in some way. The clearing out and correcting and strengthening of the entity called “The United States of America” is necessary to the process of “cleaning out the deep state” from this planet. So was the COV_ID deal.

Remember from these posts (3-9-20 (Mark Taylor), 3-15-20 (RMN Intel), 3-22-20 (Michael Salla)), the COV_ID deal was used to take out the deep state:

“…messages Mark has received about the Corona Virus, which is basically a white hat cover operation for taking out many deep state assets…”

“56,000 U.S. troops are in Europe mass arresting cabal. The World Health Organization in NYC was raided. Military operations have started in America and arrest numbers are expected to hit 540,000. (millions worldwide…

“…While much of Europe has been closed off due to the Coronavirus pandemic, elite military forces from 17 NATO and partner countries are using the Defender Europe 20 Military Exercizes as a cover to arrest leading Deep State Satanists entrenched in fortified European compounds, according to… David Wilcock… None of these troops have been issued with Bio/Hazchem suits or masks, which seems a little reckless of the American Government if COVID-19 is really the threat that we are being told that it is…”

Well, that’s what I see as worth celebrating.

I’m finding I have to step back from all of that much of the time. I’m just getting more and more energies incoming that are “flattening” me from time to time… like today. Also I’ve had connecting wireless printer to the new internet provider router, and that has been a challenge, but only because I’ve not let go of the old printer, until today… I’ll be trying this with a brand new, identical, printer.

Those are minor, I suppose. But one thing I can say for sure for myself, is that I’m being encouraged to just take care of my own situations in my own arenas, like personal body health, clearing out parents’ possessions (following Higher Guidance), releasing things and connections of the house, and parents, from the past. Attachments are being dropped.

I still have no idea where my place will be with all this. It feels like I am to become at one with the house, and enjoy it as my house… like each bit or not. Once that’s accomplished, the rest will take care of itself.

I’m doing those things slowly, one step at a time, but there are moments when I feel a pang of releasing things I’ve seen around this house for years, that I know were uniquely Mom’s and Dad’s.

So I don’t really know what this post was all about, but there it is.

Sorry folks, I’m not a “cheer cheer USA” kind of person, but I do believe the USA is currently the key player in the liberation of the planet. So I will enjoy the show, whatever that happens to be.

Aloha, Kp

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