Charlie Ward VIDEO 8-2-20… “The Awesome Chris P and The Happy Hannah J with Cheeky Charlie Ward”

Very much “reveled” in this discussion among Charlie Ward, Chris P (aka, UK Patriot), and Hannah J. They are all very much on the same page regarding world events, and what is occurring right now.

This is fairly lengthy, but there are many intels in here, and their UP beat attitudes are what really attracted me to listen to them.

One key point… both Charlie and Chris have received (from separate intel sources) that the Quantum Financial system is now up and running.


Weekly Health Quiz: Insulin, Nutrients and Masks

1 Which of the following statements is accurate?

  • While U.S. SARS-CoV-2 infection rates are rising, hospitalizations and death rates have steadily and dramatically declined for more than two months

    While U.S. SARS-CoV-2 infection rates are rising, as testing of healthy people continues to increase, hospitalizations and death rates have steadily and dramatically declined, demonstrating the COVID-19 lethality has been massively overestimated. Learn more.

  • Rising U.S. SARS-CoV-2 infection rates are primarily due to poor adherence to mask wearing
  • Declining U.S. SARS-CoV-2 infection rates are primarily due to children not attending school
  • Children are COVID-19 “super spreaders”

2 What is the biggest danger of mass COVID-19 vaccinations?

  • The cost
  • It is another step toward one-world government

    Mass COVID-19 vaccinations and the surveillance that accompany them are another step toward a one-world government. Learn more.

  • Adverse health effects
  • The inconvenience of receiving a vaccine

3 Which of the following types of masks is the least effective, in terms of filtering viruses and blocking respiratory droplets emitted when talking and coughing?

  • Surgical masks
  • N95 respirator masks
  • Cloth masks

    Regardless of the mask, it will not prevent you from exhaling or inhaling the aerosolized virus, but cloth masks are clearly the least effective option if you actually want to reduce the spread of infection, as their ability to block respiratory droplets is also limited. Learn more.

4 Which type of test will tell you if you have recovered from a COVID-19 infection?

  • Molecular (PCR) test
  • Antigen test
  • If you were asymptomatic, you cannot tell if you ever had COVID-19
  • Antibody test

    There are three types of COVID-19 tests: molecular, antigen and antibody. Molecular and antigen tests detect active infections. The antibody test will tell you if you’ve developed antibodies in response to a previous SARS-CoV-2 infection, even if you were asymptomatic at the time. Learn more.

5 If SARS-CoV-2 is a manipulated, manmade virus, it is proof that:

  • Gain-of-function research poses tremendous risks to humanity

    If SARS-CoV-2 is a manipulated, manmade virus, it is proof positive that gain-of-function research poses tremendous risks to humanity and that those risks far exceed any potential gain. Learn more.

  • Virologists have high IQ
  • Biowarfare researchers have high ethics
  • Biosafety laboratories need more funding

6 Taking these two nutrients concomitant with oral vitamin D has been shown to reduce the vitamin D dose required to achieve optimal blood levels by 244%:

  • Calcium and potassium
  • Magnesium and vitamin K2

    Certain nutrient deficiencies can make it difficult to improve your vitamin D level. One of them is magnesium, which is required for the conversion of vitamin D into its active form. Recent research shows you need 244% more oral vitamin D if you’re not also taking magnesium and vitamin K2. Learn more.

  • Iron and glycine
  • Vitamin B6 and folate (B9)

7 What percentage of Americans are metabolically unhealthy and insulin resistant?

  • 27%
  • 74%
  • 90%

    NHANES data from 2009 to 2016 reveal 87.8% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy, based on five parameters. That data is over four years old, so the figure is clearly greater than 90% of the population today. Learn more.

  • 52%

WHO Admits: No Direct Evidence Masks Prevent Viral Infection

According to the director general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, life will not be returning to your old normal anytime soon. What’s more, things will only get worse unless the public follow health advice such as wearing masks and social distancing. The somber announcement came during a July 13, 2020, press conference (above).

This, despite the fact that the WHO’s June 5, 2020, guidance memo1 on face mask use states there’s no direct evidence that universal masking of healthy people is an effective intervention against respiratory illnesses.

What’s more, people are being urged to use cloth masks or bandanas (ostensibly to prevent shortages among health care staff), none of which conform to any kind of quality standards, and according to what little scientific evidence is available have been shown to provide only about half of what little protection you may get from a surgical mask.

No Direct Evidence to Support Universal Mask Usage

SARS-CoV-2 is a beta-coronavirus with a diameter between 60 nanometers (nm) and 140 nm, or 0.06 to 0.14 microns (micrometers).2 This is about half the size of most viruses, which tend to measure between 0.02 microns to 0.3 microns.3

Virus-laden saliva or respiratory droplets expelled when talking or coughing measure between 5 and 10 microns,4 and it is these droplets that surgical masks and respirators can block.

For example, N95 masks can filter particles as small as 0.3 microns,5 so they may prevent a majority of respiratory droplets from escaping. They cannot block aerosolized viruses, however, that are in the air itself. Additionally, many N95 masks only protect the wearer, as they have exhalation ports that allow you to exhale unfiltered air.

Lab testing6 has shown 3M surgical masks can block up to 75% of particles measuring between 0.02 microns and 1 micron, while cloth masks block between 30% and 60% of respiratory particles of this size. As noted in the WHO’s guidance memo:7

“Meta-analyses in systematic literature reviews have reported that the use of N95 respirators compared with the use of medical masks is not associated with any statistically significant lower risk of the clinical respiratory illness outcomes or laboratory-confirmed influenza or viral infections …

The use of cloth masks (referred to as fabric masks in this document) as an alternative to medical masks is not considered appropriate for protection of health workers based on limited available evidence …

At present, there is no direct evidence (from studies on COVID- 19 and in healthy people in the community) on the effectiveness of universal masking of healthy people in the community to prevent infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.”

Curiously, while cloth masks and face coverings are far less effective for blocking respiratory droplets, the WHO recommends that cloth or nonmedical masks “should only be considered for source control (used by infected persons) in community settings and not for prevention.”8

CDC Policy Review Found No Evidence of Usefulness Either

A policy review paper9 published in Emerging Infectious Diseases in May 2020 — the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s own journal — has also reviewed “the evidence base on the effectiveness of nonpharmaceutical personal protective measures … in non-healthcare settings,” and they too found no evidence of benefit:

“Although mechanistic studies support the potential effect of hand hygiene or face masks, evidence from 14 randomized controlled trials of these measures did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.”

Pages 970 to 972 of the review include the following quotes:10

“In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs [randomized controlled trials] that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks …

Disposable medical masks (also known as surgical masks) are loose-fitting devices that were designed to be worn by medical personnel to protect accidental contamination of patient wounds, and to protect the wearer against splashes or sprays of bodily fluids …

There is limited evidence for their effectiveness in preventing influenza virus transmission either when worn by the infected person for source control or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure.

Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza … In this review, we did not find evidence to support a protective effect of personal protective measures or environmental measures in reducing influenza transmission.”

These Mistakes Undermine the Protection Masks May Provide

If and when you do use a mask, you have to follow proper protocols, or else you can nullify what little protection they do offer against potentially infectious respiratory droplets. As detailed in WHO’s guidance memo, you need to make sure your medical mask is:11

  • Changed when wet, soiled or damaged
  • Untouched. Do not adjust or displace it from your face for any reason. “If this happens, the mask should be safely removed and replaced; and hand hygiene performed”
  • Discarded and changed after caring for any patient on contact/droplet precautions for other pathogens

The memo also points out that “Staff who do not work in clinical areas do not need to use a medical mask during routine activities (e.g., administrative staff).” Now, if administrative hospital staff do not need to wear masks, why would healthy individuals need to wear them when walking around, especially in open-air areas?

Broward county, Florida, has gone so far as to issue an emergency order12 mandating masks to be worn inside your own residence. But why, if administrative hospital staff aren’t even advised to wear them at work?

In summary, it is likely that masks are not entirely useless in all circumstances. However, the literature rather strongly suggests the usefulness of masks depends on a significant number of factors — type, fit, length of use, purpose and circumstances — which are effectively impossible to account for in public universal-masking policies.

The science, contrary to the ignorant platitudes we are bombarded with, has NOT proven that universal masking is effective for viral containment, and has instead provided substantial grounds for skepticism of such a policy.

Benefits of Mask Wearing Do Not Include Infection Control

Despite the lack of scientific evidence showing masks do much of anything to prevent the spread of viral infections, the WHO still manages to make a case for universal mask wearing. The “potential benefits” listed, however, have little to do with health, and much more to do with learning submission. According to the WHO, potential benefits of mask wearing include:13

“Reduced potential stigmatization of individuals wearing masks to prevent infecting others or of people caring for COVID-19 patients in nonclinical settings” — In other words, we should all wear masks to make people caring for COVID-19 patients feel more accepted, as if that’s actually a significant problem.

“Making people feel they can play a role in contributing to stopping spread of the virus” — I.e., masks, while providing a false sense of security, make people feel like they’re “doing something” to help. Put another way, it makes people feel virtuous and “good.”

“Reminding people to be compliant with other measures” — In other words, mask wearing is a sign of overall compliance.

“Potential social and economic benefits” — This is perhaps the most ludicrously strained reason of all. According to the WHO:

“Encouraging the public to create their own fabric masks may promote individual enterprise and community integration … The production of non-medical masks may offer a source of income for those able to manufacture masks within their communities. Fabric masks can also be a form of cultural expression, encouraging public acceptance of protection measures in general.”

Potential Harms and Risks of Mask Wearing

The WHO also lists a number of potential harms and risks of mask wearing, which “should be carefully taken into account when adopting this approach of targeted continuous medical mask use.” These include:14

  • Self-contamination due to the manipulation of the mask by contaminated hands or not changing the mask when wet, soiled or damaged
  • General discomfort, as well as facial skin lesions, irritant dermatitis or worsening acne
  • False sense of security that may reduce adherence to other well recognized preventive measures such as hand hygiene
  • Disadvantages for or difficulty wearing them by specific vulnerable populations such as those with mental health disorders, developmental disabilities, the deaf and hard of hearing community, and children
  • Difficulty wearing them in hot and humid environments

Aside from these, several people have demonstrated that masks can rapidly result in the buildup of toxic carbon dioxide, which can have a markedly detrimental impact on health.

In one video, a science teacher tried to evade YouTube censorship by saying children should wear face masks to school — all while holding up handwritten signs informing viewers the tactic was for censorship evasion, and to pay attention to the carbon dioxide metering results, which show carbon dioxide levels behind the mask shoot up above 10,000 parts per million (ppm) after just 10 breaths.

After garnering several hundred thousand views, the video was removed for “violating YouTube community guidelines.”

Del Bigtree of The Highwire has performed an identical demonstration15 (see bitchute video below). With an N95 mask on, the carbon dioxide level spikes above 8,480 ppm within seconds. Above 5,000 ppm, OSHA warns that “toxicity or oxygen deprivation could occur.”

Carbon dioxide levels between 2,000 ppm and 5,000 ppm are associated with headaches, sleepiness, poor concentration, loss of attention, increased heart rate and slight nausea. The maximum permissible daily exposure limit is 5,000 ppm.

Wearing a standard surgical mask, carbon dioxide levels again reached above 8,000 ppm, although it took longer. Shockingly, wearing a cloth bandana resulted in carbon dioxide buildup near the nose and mouth exceeding 8,000 ppm.

Even wearing a clear plastic face shield (without a mask) resulted in carbon dioxide levels in the 1,500-ppm range, which is associated with drowsiness and poor air quality. The video at the top of this section also addresses many of the potential harms and risks of masks wearing.

Toxic ingredients that can worsen breathing problems are yet another potential hazard of certain masks. For example, surgical masks are made of plastics like polypropylene, a known asthma trigger.16

The 2018 study,17,18 “Hypoxia Downregulates Protein S Expression,” also describes how hypoxia (low oxygen concentration) increases your risk of blood clots by reducing protein S, which is a natural anticoagulant. Wearing a mask, especially for long periods of time, may reduce your oxygen concentration, and considering COVID-19 is already associated with abnormal blood clotting, inducing hypoxia may be ill advised.

PPE Waste Is Becoming an Environmental Hazard

Last but not least, environmentalists are now warning that personal protective equipment (PPE) such as medical face masks may turn into a devastating environmental problem. As reported by The Guardian, June 8, 2020:19

“The French non-profit Opération Mer Propre, whose activities include regularly picking up litter along the Côte d’Azur, began sounding the alarm late last month.

Divers had found what Joffrey Peltier of the organization described as ‘COVID waste’ — dozens of gloves, masks and bottles of hand sanitizer beneath the waves of the Mediterranean, mixed in with the usual litter of disposable cups and aluminum cans … ‘It’s the promise of pollution to come if nothing is done,’ said Peltier.

In France alone, authorities have ordered two billion disposable masks, said Laurent Lombard of Opération Mer Propre. ‘Knowing that … soon we’ll run the risk of having more masks than jellyfish in the Mediterranean,’ he wrote on social media alongside video of a dive showing algae-entangled masks and soiled gloves in the sea near Antibes.

The group hopes the images will prompt people to embrace reusable masks and swap latex gloves for more frequent handwashing. ‘With all the alternatives, plastic isn’t the solution to protect us from COVID. That’s the message,’ said Peltier.”

Consider Peaceful Civil Disobedience

Clearly, most people are being bombarded with mainstream media propaganda that seeks to convince you that masks are necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19. So, it is entirely understandable that you would want everyone to wear masks because you believe they will save lives.

However, if you carefully evaluate the evidence, independent of the mainstream narrative, it is likely you will conclude that this recommendation has nothing to do with decreasing the spread of the virus but more to indoctrinate you into submission.

Most objections to mask-wearing requirements are not to the masks themselves, but to the mandate, and well-documented consequences such as oxygen deprivation should give anybody pause when considering a legal requirement of wearing masks in public. We already see that most people wear masks in public regardless of mandates.20 But it is entirely irresponsible and unethical for governments to mandate such a practice on anybody.

In my recent interview with Patrick Wood, he provides compelling evidence that this has been a carefully crafted technocratic strategy that has been in place for the last 50 years or so.

By submitting to these orders, we are likely setting the stage for inevitable mandatory vaccinations. If you’re still on the fence, please watch my interview with Wood, embedded above for your convenience, and consider not complying with mask mandates.

Black Raspberries May Help Fight Skin Allergies’ Inflammation

Studies have shown that your diet — or more specifically, having a high intake of antioxidants in your diet — plays a major role in helping to prevent the development of allergic diseases and allergy responses.

One study published in Clinical and Experimental Allergy in February 2017 found a significant inverse relationship between the total amount of antioxidants you eat and how sensitive you are to inhalant allergens, like pollen.1

Another study published in Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Research in March 2013 looked at the connection between an antioxidant-rich diet and the risk of allergic disease in Korean children between the ages of 6 and 12. Researchers found that children who ate more vitamin C, which has strong antioxidant activity, had fewer allergy symptoms.2

Black Raspberries Can Help Your Skin

While there’s existing research on the benefits of antioxidants in general, a July 2020 animal study published in Nutrients looked at how a specific food, black raspberries, may be able to combat skin inflammation associated with allergies.3

The researchers found that a diet high in black raspberries reduced inflammation from contact hypersensitivity, an allergic skin condition that causes redness, swelling and inflammation.

For the study, they separated mice into two groups — a control group and an intervention group. Both were fed the same diet, with one difference: The intervention group was also given the equivalent to one human serving of black raspberries.

After three weeks, the researchers exposed one ear on each mouse to an allergen that caused contact hypersensitivity and associated swelling. Over the next few days, they measured improvements in swelling to see if there was a difference between the two groups.

The found that in the mice that ate black raspberries, swelling reduced significantly more than in the control group. The researchers concluded that the antioxidant compounds in black raspberries help inhibit inflammation by acting on dendritic cells, which process antigens and tell the immune system to turn off or on, especially when it comes to inflammation.

According to Steve Oghumu, lead researcher for the study,4 when your skin is exposed to an allergen, like in the case of contact hypersensitivity, your immune system sends out cells that turn on inflammation and cause itchiness, redness and swelling.

Oghumu adds that instead of trying to treat the response after the fact with steroid creams and other potentially harmful topicals, you may be able to control or reduce the severity of the response by eating black raspberries and other foods that are high in anthocyanins and antioxidant compounds.

Other researchers speculate that antioxidants can also help in a different way that’s connected with oxidative stress and the damage it can cause to your cells. According to the study in Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Research,5 a lack of antioxidants in the diet allows an increase in oxidative stress, which can trigger allergic responses that are inflammatory in nature.

On the other hand, a high intake of antioxidants helps prevent the formation of free radicals, which can cause lipid peroxidation, or the breakdown of lipids, and, ultimately, damage to your cell membranes or DNA. Both of these things contribute to reduced sensitivity to allergens and irritants.

Other Health Benefits of Black Raspberries

In addition to helping reduce inflammation associated with skin allergies, black raspberries have been shown to:6

  • Reduce eyestrain
  • Improve night vision
  • Help prevent macular degeneration
  • Protect against DNA damage
  • Prevent cancer

Black raspberries are also rich in ellagic acid,7 an antioxidant phenol that has been shown to decrease the symptoms of chronic metabolic diseases, like insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and dyslipidemia.8

The ellagic acid in black raspberries has also been shown to help combat obesity by increasing thermogenesis and turning white fat into brown fat.9 White fat stores energy and is a main contributor to obesity, while brown fat dissipates energy in the form of heat and may actually help increase energy expenditure or the number of calories you burn.10

Black Raspberries Are Different Than Blackberries

Although black raspberries look similar to blackberries, there are some distinct — albeit small — differences in their appearance. As the name implies, black raspberries are darker than red ones, but they are similar in size and covered with fine hairs. Also, like regular red raspberries, black raspberries are hollow in the center. On the other hand, blackberries are large with bigger cells and have a white, dense core.

Red and black raspberries and blackberries are all high in anthocyanins, flavonols, phenolic acid, ellagitannins, vitamin C, vitamin E and folic acid — compounds that exhibit antioxidant activity. But black raspberries are particularly high in the plant pigments and have an overall higher total phenolic count.11

According to a 2015 research article in Open Chemistry, black raspberries contain a significantly higher number of anthocyanins than both red raspberries and blackberries and, because of this, they have a much higher antioxidant capacity.12

It’s this antioxidant capacity that’s responsible for many of the health benefits connected to black raspberries, including their ability to fight inflammation associated with skin allergies.

Health Benefits of Red Raspberries

Red raspberries may not be as high in anthocyanins and other antioxidant compounds as black raspberries or blackberries, but they’re still a powerful health promoter.

Red raspberries are high in vitamin C, quercetin and gallic acid,13 antioxidants that contribute to their ability to fight heart disease, circulatory disease, age-related decline and cancer. Raspberry oil has a sun protective factor and may protect against wrinkles.

Also high in ellagic acid, red raspberries may efficiently help stop damage to cell membranes. In combination with other flavonoid molecules found in red raspberries, this unique blend of antioxidants also has some antimicrobial properties.14

The high nutrient value of the berries also boosts your immune system and helps you fight off disease. When grown in fertile, healthy soil, they are an excellent source of manganese and vitamin C, helping to protect against oxygen-related damage.

The combination of flavonoids and antioxidants in berries have demonstrated in animal studies that they may help with memory improvement15 and may protect against cognitive decline.16 The fiber and water content in the berries, including black raspberries, may also help prevent constipation.

How to Grow Your Own Berries

While berries are worth their weight in gold when it comes to nutrition, buying them in small containers at your local grocery store can get pretty costly. The good news is that raspberries are fairly easy to grow in your own backyard. Growing your own berries also ensures they aren’t sprayed with fungicides or insecticides that can be detrimental to your health.

If you want to grow your own berries, choose a well-drained location that isn’t soggy and has access to full or partial sun. If you live in a hotter climate, choose a location that has sun in the morning, but gets plenty of afternoon shade.17 If you’re planting multiple bushes, which isn’t required since black raspberries are self-pollinating, make sure they’re at least 2.5 feet apart.

Water plants about once per week before you see any fruit, soaking the ground instead of wetting the foliage directly.18 Once fruit develops, the black raspberries need 1 to 1.5 inches of water every week. If you don’t adequately water the berries during this time, you’ll end up with small berries that have a lot of seeds.

Black raspberries do have a short season that begins in early July and lasts about two to three weeks,19 so you want to make sure you’re timing your harvesting to reap the most from your efforts. If you can’t finish all of the black raspberries, pick them and freeze them in BPA-free containers to use later in smoothies or for homemade dairy-free sorbet.

For England 5.0 and America, Too

By Anna Von Reitz

As we have been slogging through the trenches of many adversities and stupidities as well, we have kept a “weather eye” out for our friends in Britain, for information that they need to affirm for their country the same respect and security that is owed to ours. We do this because we realize that the British People have been just as misinformed, abused, deceived, and defrauded as we have.
We have observed throughout that the Mess is not an American issue. It is a worldwide issue, with nearly every country on the globe being caught in the Corporatist web and nearly everyone on the planet being misrepresented as a Legal Person — a slave or indentured servant — a constructive fraud and identity theft and crime of personation designed to seize illegal and unlawful claim to our land and soil assets by Robber Baron billionaires like Bill Gates, who is aiming at the “Ultimate Theft”.
Bill Gates aims at nothing less than the theft of our bodies—literally.
He and his compatriots are attempting to do this by fraud, deceit, and genetic alteration, which would, if successful, lead to commercial claims of ownership and dependency based on the patented genetic material inserted into our natural genetic code — and that would enslave the entire affected world population.
Your “acceptance” of his patented RNA fragment would result in that RNA being inserted into your DNA and changing it forever. You would thereby become a new product belonging to Bill Gates and his co-conspirators.
You would no longer be a natural product of our original Creator.
This, more than anything else, is what is driving the criminals now engaged in the Covid-19 Farce.
The U.S. Military is in it up to their eyeballs, desperate to find a way to commercially enslave enough people to pay their bills.
They don’t care where, who, or how. They have built a system based on peonage (mercenary service) and enslavement (purported volunteers) and they aren’t willing to do the right thing and return to the command of their civilian government.
So this is a gargantuan issue that has to be finished once and for all —-most effectively by pulling all the patents that have been put in place in support of these nefarious aims.
Everyone’s support for everyone else is necessary. Our eternal vigilance and determination is required. Each one of us, in our own country, must serve to defeat the aims of the Corporatists, who are nothing but Colonialists on steroids, and Robber Barons without conscience.
That Bill Gates and DOD could even come up with such a plan is an indication of the disgusting lack of moral character that is common to both, and the necessity of dealing with — as in taking out — NATO and the UN responsible for the DOD and SERCO support that has thus far enabled this criminal idiocy.
SERCO is the British-based paymaster for the U.S. Military.—- and not coincidentally, it has also been unlawfully, illegally, and immorally placed in control of our United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) where it has accomplished no end of filthy mischief, including the promotion of private corporate patents on mankind’s DNA and RNA.
At the end of the day, it’s a British Corporation, SERCO, that is enabling Bill Gates and the Wellcome Trust and the Filthy Fabians to procure a patent on the RNA “creation” that they hope to insert in us via the Covid-19 Test and Covid-19 Vaccination— and thereby secure a commercial claim to own us.
Such an outrageous circumstance can hardly be described without retching. Our British kindred must act in their own defense against this and pull the rug out from underneath SERCO, must expose this diabolical plot against Nature and against Mankind to the Parliament, and to the world.
Just as we must expose it to the American People and must hold the Military and Corporate and Uniformed Officers commercially and personally 100% responsible, and must also liquidate the offending patents that have been issued under our Delegated Power by SERCO.
So, all right, Lads and Ladies. It’s showtime and the faster we act and the faster we start banging our dishes on the floor like angry dogs and put an end to this nastiness, the better.
Target SERCO, which richly deserves it. Target any politician who makes any excuse for this at all. Target the Parliament in Britain, and demand immediate cessation of these abuses of the American patent process and immediate and permanent of all commercial claims against living people or their “persons” based on insertion of patented DNA and RNA products.
Now, just because I have been dwelling on the current horrible betrayal and breach of trust being practiced against us all by the Pope and the acquiescing Queen and the Lord Mayor via SERCO and the US Patent and Trademark Office, doesn’t mean that I haven’t been looking out for our British friends regarding more basic ammunition valuable to us all.
Here it is for this week, and may God Bless him forever — DragonDaddy. 


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Another Iteration of The Big Lie

By Anna Von Reitz
As I always say, if they could lie about dropping “Atom Bombs” on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they can lie about anything.  And do.  

That’s what the Children of Satan do.  A lie is a prayer to their Father. So they really get into their profane religion; day after day, they placate the Spirit of Falsehood in every way possible.  

So you must learn to discern what they are doing and use your God-given horse sense to figure things out.  I call this using your “Shinola Sensor”. 

So use it.  Look.  Think.  Learn.  

Often, their most successful scams revolve around something new — something you never heard about — like the Atom Bomb.  The newness allows them to make up whatever drivel they want to make up, and because it’s “new”, you accept that whatever they tell you about it is true.  

You have no knowledge of it, because it’s new. 

You have no opinion of it, because it’s new. 

And if it has something to do with science and it’s new, you probably don’t feel competent to form an opinion about it, and rely on “the experts” —- and how much does it cost them to buy experts?  

So now that you are thinking about it and screwing up your courage to look behind the curtain at the ugly old man pulling the strings, see this: 


Dana Ashlie:  You Cannot Catch The Coronavirus Unless You Take The COVID-19 Test Or The COVID-19 Vaccine


Dr Thomas Cowan MD Coronavirus and 5G

The Invisible Rainbow Aurthur Firstenberg 


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For Trumpsters Only: Exposing the Covid-19 Lie! Coronavirus Test Spreading Virus!

By Anna Von Reitz

5G Whistleblower: Coronavirus Test Spreading Virus! You Cannot Catch the Coronavirus / Covid-19 Unless You Take the Covid-19 Test or the Covid-19 Vaccines! Exposing the Covid-19 Lie! Great Videos.
Friday, July 31, 2020 8:39

Dana Ashlie:  You Cannot Catch The Coronavirus Unless You Take The COVID-19 Test Or The COVID-19 Vaccine
Dr Thomas Cowan MD Coronavirus and 5G
The Invisible Rainbow Aurthur Firstenberg