Kp Radio Hawaii 10-8-20… “Journey of Illumination, Elimination, Illumination”

Theme of the show: “Seeing and Releasing the blocks… freeing our Inner Spirit to “Ride the Waves”

This show was recorded in two parts, the first on 10-5-20, the second on 10-7-20 (almost 10-8-20). Part 2 starts about 11 minutes in. See the *Kp music note at the end for links to the music.

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Talked about (among other things):

  • Part 1
  • A bit of a “rant” about not putting down and denigrating others who have set us up for this time. Many of them paid a price.
  • Does it serve our Ascension process to denigrate others? No matter who they are.
  • Releasing these blocks.
  • Part 2
  • Things are being rapidly unveiled. Stay out of the “chaotic zones”. Energetic “chaotic zones”.
  • People are waking up behind scenes. I’m not into “pushing” others to wake up. There’s a time and place for everyone.
  • Not spending any time trying to “wake up” the (currently) un-wake-uppable!!.
  • Releasing old paradigm agendas, ways of looking at things.
  • My Obama wake up experience; my msm media wake up experience, via Rachel Maddow (see this Kp blog post).
  • Found it very important to wake up at my own pace, in my own way.
  • We’re on Journey of Illumination (of dark parts), Journey of Elimination (releasing those “dark parts”, old paradigms), leading to new Journey of Illumination (at new level).
  • Journey of Corrections.
  • CV19 “lockdowns” = we are “locked down” into finding out about ourselves.
  • Journey changes, and the energy of each phase changes.
  • Riding the waves.
  • Massively beautiful awakening time. On a “Rising in Vibration”.
  • Great Guide is Lorie Ladd.

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This One Thing Is Connected With Almost Every Cardiac Death

According to the World Health Organization, ischemic heart disease and stroke were the top two causes of death across the world in 2016.1 Although there have been dramatic declines in cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), ailments in this category continue to remain major causes of loss of health and life.2

In the U.S., the CDC’s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention reports that 1 in every 3 deaths is from heart disease and $1 of every $6 is spent on CVD.3

While the statistics are disturbing, cardiovascular disease can also lead to nonlethal stroke, heart attack, disability, serious illness and a lower quality of life. These conditions can trigger fatigue, depression and related problems.

The American Heart Association tracks seven key health factors and behaviors they believe increase your risk for heart disease and stroke.4 They call these “Life’s Simple 7,” which they measure to track progress toward their goal of improving the cardiovascular health of people in the U.S.

While each of Life’s Simple 7 behaviors and risk factors are important to overall health, they do not address problems with sleep as contributing factors.

Pandemic Interfering With Sleep Hours and Quality

In an interview with KYW radio, Dr. Zeeshan Khan, pulmonologist from the Deborah Heart and Lung Center, talked about sleep disorders and the relationship they have with CVD, especially in the midst of the current pandemic.5 He told the reporter that the International Classification of Sleep Disorders identifies at least 60 diagnoses in seven categories.6

The two most common are insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea. With sustained poor sleep, a person may experience altered judgment, mood swings and impaired cognition. Khan also listed problems with the cardiovascular system and immunity in people who chronically get less than seven hours of sleep each night.

He warned that lack of sleep can lead to problems with a person’s general health. He recommends that on average, people should get seven hours of sleep each night, but he also shared that in America, about 35% of the people get less than that. “We are kind of a sleep-deprived nation,” he said.

Symptoms of disrupted sleep or insomnia can vary depending on the person. Although you may take a 30-minute power nap in the early afternoon, it doesn’t get rid of sleep debt. It may help you feel better in the immediate moment, but it doesn’t impact the effect of sleep debt on your overall health.

Lack of Quality Sleep Is Associated With Cardiac Morbidity

When asked about how long it should take to fall asleep, Khan said the average amount of time is 15 to 20 minutes. However, the time it takes to fall asleep is extended when people take their smartphone or computer to bed with them. Using these devices can disrupt sleep in several ways, including by engaging your mind at a time when it should be slowing down.

Khan advises people to first use nonpharmacological treatments to help them sleep, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, a consistent sleep routine and meditation. He also recommends steering clear of medications as they can be addictive and they only treat the symptom of sleep disruption, not the reason behind it.

Additionally, he recommends steering clear of having a nightcap to help you relax and fall asleep. This is because drinking alcohol before bed may help you fall asleep faster, but in the long term it can have a negative effect on your sleep patterns. He stresses the importance of using a routine to go to sleep to cue your biological clock.

He went on to discuss the problems with sleep apnea, which often overlap with snoring. During snoring the upper airway narrows, which causes vibrations in the membranes. Although most people with sleep apnea snore, not all people who snore have sleep apnea.

When people with diabetes, heart disease or other problems also snore, they should be evaluated for sleep apnea, especially if they start having problems during the day. Sleep apnea lowers the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain, heart and other organs during sleep. According to Khan:7

“Almost every cardiac morbidity you can think of has been linked to sleep apnea. Heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmias, strokes … inflammatory issues like diabetes, worsening obesity — the list can go on and on.”

Sleep Disorders Associated With Using Technology at Night

In a recent study in Sleep Standards, researchers evaluated the results from a survey of 1,062 people across the U.S.8 The objective was to gain an understanding of how technology may have a relationship with sleep disorders.

One key finding was that 71.8% of the respondents who reported a disruption in sleep pattern also used technology just before bed. The researchers separated the participants into five age groups, which represented the total number in the survey. They were:

  • Generation Z (under 25) — 22.3%
  • Millennials (26 to 40) — 44.8%
  • Generation X (41 to 55) — 23.8%
  • Baby Boomers (56 to 76) — 8.9%
  • Silent Generation (older than 76) — 0.2%

They also found that those under age 25 were the most likely to have sleep disorders. People who had a sleep disorder averaged five hours of sleep per night and spent up to 20 hours in front of a bright screen each day.9 The participants also reported that they used their technology devices within 30 minutes of bedtime: 70.2% watched television; 59.4% checked social media; 31.8% checked email; and 32.9% played video games.10

Of all the participants, 57.8% said they used cell phones, which was higher than television use at 18.5% or computer use at 14.2%. The highest percentage of participants in the survey had insomnia at 64.3%.

Although sleep apnea was the second most common disorder, it ran a far second at 14%. Other disorders reported in the survey included sleep paralysis, parasomnias, restless leg syndrome and narcolepsy. Although many experts such as Khan recommend steering clear of pharmaceutical remedies to treat insomnia, 51.2% of those surveyed reported using sleeping pills and 47.5% had tried other medications.

Sleep Deprivation Associated With More Health Conditions

Fragmented or disturbed sleep happens when you fall asleep easily but awaken during the night. This may happen frequently, and you go back to sleep easily, or you awaken and have a hard time going back to sleep. This type of sleep pattern can trigger chronic inflammation that contributes to mental health issues and neurological disorders.11

Lack of sleep also affects your immune system by reducing the number of protective cytokines available.12 In addition, it is associated with atherosclerosis, which is the buildup of plaque in the arteries. This may be called “clogged” or “hardened” arteries and can lead to lethal heart disease.

The exact mechanism of poor sleep in inducing atherosclerosis may have been clarified in a study published by UC Berkeley sleep scientists, who found that an increase in neutrophil and monocyte levels during fragmented sleep had an impact on the pathology of atherosclerosis. They wrote:13

“… these findings affirm a pathway in which the quality of human sleep, specifically the degree of fragmentation, raises inflammatory-related white blood cells, thereby conferring increased risk for atherosclerosis. This was true of sleep fragmentation assessed across a week or across a single night, which predicted increasingly higher CAC [Coronary Artery Calcification] score through a mediating association with increased neutrophils.”

Sleep deprivation is also linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions. A recent animal study from Marche Polytechnic University in Italy revealed that astrocytes in the brain will start to break down healthy nerve synapses when you are chronically sleep deprived.14 They wrote that the results suggested:

“… that like many other stressors, extended sleep disruption may lead to a state of sustained microglia activation, perhaps increasing the brain’s susceptibility to other forms of damage.”

Average Number of Sleep Hours Dropping

For several years Mattress Firm has commissioned a survey on sleep habits and the number of hours people are sleeping each night. The 2019 results show Americans are sleeping less and less. They asked 3,000 adults about their sleep habits, how satisfied they were with their sleep and about the frequency of sleeping and naps. They compared those results to those from 2018.15

What they found was a sad commentary on the speed at which modern society has chosen to live. It seems that getting at least six hours has become more challenging with each passing year. In 2018, results from the survey showed the average person was sleeping six hours and 17 minutes each night, but by 2019 that had dropped to 5.5 hours.16

Experts currently recommend adults from 18 to 65 years sleep consistently from seven to nine hours each night.17 In other words, most people are sleeping at least 1.5 hours less each night than the minimum that experts think is important for optimal health.

While the number of hours you sleep is important, so is the quality. So, it’s even more disheartening to read that 25% of the respondents reported they also “consistently slept poorly in 2019.”18

Since the amount of quality sleep at night was on the decline, it makes sense that respondents reported they took more naps in 2019 than 2018. But, while more were taken, survey findings indicate there were many planned naps that didn’t get taken.

The survey defined a “great night’s sleep” as “quickly falling asleep and staying that way until morning.” There were about 120 nights fitting that criteria. Americans are so desperate for a good night of sleep they said they were willing to “pay $316.61 for just one night of perfect sleep.” This was $26.16 more than in 2018.

Interestingly, the people who reported the best sleep were those who slept on their back or slept with a pet in their bed. While side sleeping was the more common position reported in the survey, these were the same respondents who had the most difficult time getting to sleep.

EMF Pollution Associated With Sleep Hours and Quality

As I’ve written before, your sleep quality may be impacted by several factors, including your sleep pattern, the number of hours you spend sleeping and by the light and electromagnetic pollution in your area. If you’ve ever gone camping, you may have noticed a change in your sleep quality. Chances are you had a deeper sleep and awakened more rested.

Two factors that influence sleeping better outdoors are the drastic reduction in artificial lights and the reduction in electromagnetic fields (EMF). Your circadian clock is affected by your melatonin levels, which in turn are affected by exposure to light at night. You might enjoy the same restful sleep if you install blackout blinds, use a sleep mask and get rid of any light-emitting source in your bedroom.

Electromagnetic fields also may impair sleep quality19 and produce oxidative damage during sleep.20 Consider shutting off all your electronic devices and your Wi-Fi modem and router at night to reduce your exposure and improve your sleep quality. For more tips on improving the number of hours you sleep and the quality of your sleep, see “Top 33 Tips to Optimize Your Sleep Routine.”

Unique Glucosinolates Found in Moringa

Glucosinolates are sulfur-containing phytochemicals most notably found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts. But research shows that Moringa, also known as the drumstick tree or the horseradish tree, is also high in these health-promoting compounds.

According to a May 2018 report published in Scientific Reports,1 Moringa not only contains high levels of glucosinolates, but also has unique glucosinolates that are responsible for many of its medicinal properties.

Glucosinolates, which are inert, are metabolized into bioactive isothiocyanates by an enzyme called myrosinase.2 The primary isothiocyanate in Moringa responsible for many of its health benefits is moringin,3 created by hydrolysis of glucomoringin.4

Moringin is also known as 4RBITC (after its chemical name, 4-(alpha-L-rhamnopyranosyloxy)benzyl isothiocyanate). Like sulforaphane in broccoli, moringin has potent anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective effects.5

According to Jed Fahey, a nutritional biochemist and assistant professor at Johns Hopkins Medical School, moringin is just as potent as sulforaphane, and in some assays actually more potent.

What Is Moringa?

Before diving into the specific health benefits of Moringa and why glucosinolates are important, it’s helpful to know what Moringa is. Moringa is a tree native to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.6

There are 14 different species of Moringa, but the most common and most widely consumed is Moringa oleifera, sometimes referred to as the “miracle vegetable.” If you live in a subtropical area and decide to plant this tree, be careful, as it is one of the fastest growing trees I have ever seen.

I planted a few to have as shrubs that I can harvest for my salad. I stopped using it when I switched to carnivore and six months later, these trees were 25 feet tall, blocking my solar panels, and the trunks had a 12-inch circumference.

For centuries, Moringa oleifera has been used in Ayurvedic and natural medicine as a remedy for inflammation, infectious diseases and chronic conditions such as heart disease, blood diseases and digestive disorders.7

While Moringa oleifera is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and several phenolic compounds, many of the health benefits of the plant come down to its glucosinolates and the isothiocyanate moringin. Interestingly, recent research has revealed a previously unknown glucosinolate in wild Moringa.

Previously Unknown Glucosinolate Found in Moringa

Glucosinolates are a class of sulfur-containing compounds found in cruciferous vegetables, also called the Brassica family of vegetables, and Moringa, but Moringa oleifera contains several members of the glucosinolate family that aren’t found anywhere else. The most concentrated glucosinolate in Moringa oleifera is glucomoringin (GMG), which has antioxidant and anticancer benefits.

Researchers recently discovered a novel type of glucosinolate in wild forms of Moringa oleifera dubbed 4-(-L-glucopyranosyloxy)benzyl GS (4GBGS).8 Domestic forms of Moringa oleifera, or those specifically grown for human consumption, also had some levels of 4GBGS, but in much lower concentrations.

The researchers speculate that this may be due to the manufacturers’ desire to improve the naturally bitter taste of Moringa. Since glucosinolates contain sulfur, they have a distinct, sometimes off-putting flavor.

In addition to GMG and 4GBGS, Moringa oleifera also contains at least 10 other glucosinolates that work together to provide many of the health benefits of Moringa.

Moringa Has Powerful Antibiotic Effects

Moringa has also been shown to have potent antibiotic activity against a wide variety of pathogens, including Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhimurium, Candida and Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori).9 According to Scientific Reports:10

“ … (4RBITC), the isothiocyanate created by hydrolysis of ‘glucomoringin’ … from M. oleifera is a potent and selective antibiotic against H. pylori.

Other studies have shown that the antibiotic activity of 4RBITC from M. oleifera is selective and potent against other important human pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans. It also appears to be effective in controlling certain manifestations of both ALS and multiple sclerosis in mouse models.

A growing number of epidemiologic, animal, and clinical studies link dietary glucosinolates and their cognate isothiocyanates to protection against chronic diseases including a variety of cancers, diabetes, and autism spectrum disorder …”

A 2005 study11 in Planta Medica compared the effectiveness of several different isothiocyanates to see which offered the most potent protection against H. pylori. Of the isothiocyanates tested, sulforaphane and moringin (4RBITC) were the most effective.

In another study,12 researchers collected bacteria samples from fecal matter that was supplied by a hospital in Portugal. A total of 18 aerobic bacterial strains, including Enterococcus faecalis, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus saprophyticus, E. coli (two strains) and Salmonella typhi, were isolated.

The samples were then exposed to three different glucosinolates and three isothiocyanates. While the intact glucosinolates had no effect on the bacteria, the isothiocyanates, specifically SFN, BITC and PEITC, had high antimicrobial activities. In some cases, the isothiocyanates were actually more effective than antibiotics.

Moringa Contains All of the Essential Amino Acids

Moringa is also a source of high-quality protein. Just 2 teaspoons of dried Moringa powder contain 1 gram of protein13 and the total mean protein content of domesticated Moringa oleifera is 30.24%.14 Perhaps most important is the fact that Moringa contains all of the nine essential amino acids, something that many other sources of plant protein fall short on.

Amino acids are important because they’re the building blocks of protein. Conversely, when your body breaks down or digests the proteins you eat, amino acids are what’s left behind. Your body uses amino acids to make new proteins that carry out a variety of different functions, from growth and repair to wound healing to food metabolism.

There are 20 different amino acids that are classified as either essential or nonessential. Your body can make the nonessential amino acids itself, but it cannot make the essential amino acids. That’s why you need to get them from food.

The nine essential amino acids are histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, threonine and valine. Three of these essential amino acids — leucine, isoleucine and valine — are also categorized as branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) because they have a branched molecular structure.

While your liver breaks down most amino acids, it can’t break down BCAAs. Because of this, BCAAs are broken down primarily in your muscle. As such, they help improve exercise performance and reduce the breakdown of muscle.15

There aren’t a lot of plant foods that contain all of the essential amino acids, but moringa does. According to the African Journal of Biotechnology, moringa has a total of 19 amino acids,16 including all nine essential amino acids.17 As detailed in several research articles, including the journal Amino Acids, the nine essential amino acids have important biological roles, including the following:18

Isoleucine19 — Helps stabilize your blood sugar and is required, along with leucine and valine, for muscle synthesis, repair, energy and endurance.

Leucine20 — Helps lower blood sugar that is elevated and triggers the production of growth hormone. Along with isoleucine and valine, leucine promotes the growth of muscle, bone and skin.

Valine21 — Helps maintain muscle metabolism and nitrogen balance. It’s also used in tissue repair and energy production.

Lysine22 — Is needed in the production of hormones, collagen, enzymes and antibodies. It also helps combat viruses and plays a role in calcium assimilation and protein construction in bones and muscle.

Methionine23 — Is converted into homocysteine and vice versa, based on the needs of your body. It’s also a primary source of sulfur in your body, which is required for healthy hair, skin and nails.

Tryptophan24 — Aids in the production of niacin (vitamin B3), which is required for serotonin and melatonin production.

Phenylalanine25 — Plays a role in memory formation and nervous system function and helps reduce inflammation.

Threonine26,27 — Important for healthy cardiovascular system, central nervous system, immune system and liver function. It also plays a role in the digestion of fats, and promotes healthy collagen, muscle tissue, skin and bones.

Histidine28 — Required for red and white blood cell production, and aids in tissue repair. Importantly, histidine helps protect your nerves by maintaining the myelin sheath around them.

In addition to essential amino acids, Moringa contains beneficial fatty acids (44.57% being a-linolenic acid29), beta-carotene, phenolics, zeatin, quercetin, beta-sitosterol, kaempferol,30 flavonoids and isothiocyanates.31 Two teaspoons of dried Moringa powder also offers32 0.999 grams of fiber, 80 mg of calcium and 200 IU of vitamin C.

Other Health Benefits of Moringa

In addition to the previously mentioned health benefits, other studies report that Moringa also:

Helps protect diabetes patients from retinopathy — Retinopathy is caused by the inflammation of the blood vessels in the eyes, which may lead to fluid leakage. If left untreated, retinopathy may advance into complete blindness.

Moringa may help stop retinopathy by regulating blood sugar in diabetes patients and protecting the retina from inflammation. This is usually attributed to moringa’s high antioxidant content.33

May ease asthma — One study34 found Moringa oleifera can decrease the severity of symptoms in people with asthma and improve lung function parameters, including forced vital capacity, forced expiratory volume and peak expiratory flow, without any negative side effects. Moringa oleifera was also shown to reduce the severity of asthma attacks.

Helps protect liver, kidney, heart, testes and lung health35

Has analgesic properties36

Has antiulcer activity37

Helps lower blood pressure38

Protects against radiation39

Helps modulate immune function40

Has anti-inflammatory41 and antiviral activity, thanks to quercetin42,43,44

How to Include Moringa in Your Diet

Similar to matcha, most Moringa is available in powder form. The Moringa leaves are dried and then ground to form a concentrated powder that’s rich in all of the beneficial compounds, vitamins and minerals that moringa has to offer.

Consuming Moringa this way may be especially beneficial because the leaves are never cooked, only dried. Cooking can denature the myrosinase enzyme, reducing the amount of glucosinolates that get converted to the active isothiocyanates and the amount of isothiocyanates that your body absorbs.45

You can also purchase Moringa in oil or capsule form. When deciding on a source, consider one made from wild Moringa. Wild-harvested Moringa may be more bitter than domesticated versions, but ensures that you’re getting all of the beneficial glucosinolates and the health benefits that come with them.

Moringa supplements can contain a large range of Moringa leaf powder, anywhere from 500 to 2,000 mg, depending on the size of the capsule. The recommended amount for adult supplementation is two capsules per day, one in the morning and one at night.

However, it would be best that you consult a doctor or health practitioner before taking the supplement. This will ensure that the dosage is advisable for you or that the supplement will not interact with any medications you may currently be taking.

While moringa offers impressive health benefits, it’s also important to be aware of the possible side effects moringa supplementation may cause. For pregnant mothers, it’s best that you avoid the use of Moringa oleifera supplements, as there are insufficient studies that show Moringa is safe for pregnant women. There are also a few studies that suggest Moringa, when taken during the early stages of pregnancy, may cause miscarriage due to its ability to cause uterine contractions.46

You can also harvest the seeds, sow them and harvest them like microgreens, i.e., while they’re small, like sprouts. For guidance on how to grow Moringa trees in general, see my previous article, “How to Grow Moringa Tree.”

Other Sources of Glucosinolates

It’s true that Moringa contains unique glucosinolates, like glucomoringin that you can’t find anywhere else, but they’re not the only source of glucosinolates in the diet. If you want to increase your intake of these beneficial plant compounds in other ways, you can do so by including these foods:47

Brussels sprouts



Garden cress

Mustard greens


Savoy cabbage


Turnip greens

Red cabbage



Bok choy

Collard greens


Who actually controls the US Navy?

Dear Benjamin,

I would like to ask you about the United States Navy, if I may. My Dad spent the majority of his life in close association with the USN, he truly loved the Navy and was still in the reserves when he died. During the war, he was stationed in North Africa, and Italy, where he was active in planning several important invasions. I know that he worked for Naval Intelligence, and I know a bit about what he and his associates did for the war effort, but actually, he spoke very little about his war-time activities.

As a younger guy, I did not “push” to find out more, I just assumed that some things were secret, and left it at that! However, after becoming “awake” I have had many curious thoughts about the Navy, and the actual part that it plays in the “big picture.”

Could you kindly tell me who actually controls the US Navy, and give me some insights into what it actually does?

My guts tell me that it is involved with much more than meets the eye!

Thank You so much for your assistance in this matter.




The US Navy has inherited the traditions of the British Navy.  After becoming the absolutely dominant force in the oceans, they began ensuring the free flow of commerce, fighting pirates, and mapping the oceans among other things.

It was US Naval intelligence that was attacked on 911 because they were opposed to the Nazis who carried out that dastardly and criminal act.

These days they want to make sure no single power, e.g. China, tries to block the free flow of trade and shipping.

In the future, they have the right institutional DNA to lead space exploration.

It was no coincidence the Starship Enterprise of Star Trek was named after a US Navy aircraft carrier.

In short, they are the good guys.

Best regards

Benjamin Fulford


A Short Message to the Surface Population

Source: Cobra Update

Time frame between September 19th and October 4th was the moment of peak darkness for the surface of this planet. There were absolutely brutal attacks on many of the key Lightworkers and Ligthwarriors that sometimes led to physical consequences. On the global scale, there was also an outbreak of war between Azerbaijan and Armenia:

Situations are now slowly expected to improve, but there is a new peak of war in Low Earth Orbit that is expected to precipitate towards the surface of the planet on October 9th as increased violence among members of the surface population, and as violence from the Cabal towards the surface humanity.

Therefore the Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to join the Flower of Life meditation at the exact moment of Mars Pluto square on October 9th at 1:09 pm UTC:

The dark forces appear to be far too successful in their plans for the second wave lockdowns, therefore the Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to participate in daily meditation at 9:30 pm UTC to counteract these lockdowns:

A full situation update will be posted on this blog at some point after October 9th when situations are expected to improve and some intel can finally be released.

Victory of the Light!

Benjamin Fulford Report 10/5/20: Red October begins with Worldwide Attack on Deep Underground Military Bases

The long-anticipated October offensive against the Satanic Cabal has gone into full swing, Pentagon sources report.  This includes attacks on Deep Underground Military Bases in California, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany, the sources say.

The biggest battle was an attack on the underground base complex near Palm Springs, California.  This was where self-described Satanist leader Leo Zagami fled to avoid arrest in Italy.  Zagami claimed he could summon demons and admitted to eating human fetuses, and has been leading a campaign against Pope Francis.

The attack on the underground base was reported in the news as a swarm of close to 600 earthquakes. However, these bore the telltale signs of being caused by explosives and not natural processes, according to U.S. Geological Survey sources.

Pentagon sources also say “over 1,600 Israelis may have received extra-judicial treatment as protests against Bibi [Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] continue.”  Furthermore, Israel has been exposed for trying to start World War III by fomenting a dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia,” the sources say.  Israel is being forced to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and de-nuke as a condition for Middle East peace, they add.

“The attacks began after U.S. President Donald Trump declared a national emergency on the first day of the fiscal year 2021 [October 1, 2020] and then left the White House to man battle stations for Red October,” the sources say.  It was also on this day that U.S. “doomsday planes” were sent airborne as a sign of preparedness for all-out nuclear war.

This offensive was telegraphed in advance on the Trump-anon (mislabeled Qanon) website with the following pictures. One shows a Mickey Mouse watch with hands pointing at 10 and 2 to indicate October 2nd. The other is self-explanatory.

However, Trump remains in imminent danger of assassination, multiple sources say.  The biggest threat is from his son-in-law Jared Kushner, P3 Freemason, and MI6 sources agree.  “The Trump business is confusing but there does seem to resonate some theory about him evading assassination….that dreadful Kushner was on the runway with one of the Hicks,” MI6 sources note.  They were referring to an un-named relative of Trump PR assistant Hope Hicks, who allegedly was responsible for contaminating Trump with a Mossad poison, hence the Covid-19 positive test result, the sources say.

The P3 Freemasons are saying they would prefer to have General Mike Flynn as President and Mike Pence as Vice-president. That’s because these individuals support their goals of a world republic and world peace.  Jesuit sources say Pence has been flown to North Korea for personal protection.

Regardless of how the Trump offensive goes, MI6 notes:

“The U.S. is a rogue state on the verge of all-out civil war with the general fabric of society in tatters and vast tracts of the country in a state of ruin.  It would not be beyond the realms of possibility the sitting president would be killed as part of this.”

It is also worth noting that the Tokyo Stock Exchange shut down due to a “glitch,” on October 1st, the first day of the United States of America Corporation’s fiscal New Year.

According to Japanese military intelligence, the real reason the TSE was shut down was to cut off the flow of money from the Bank of Japan to the Khazarian Mafia. As background to this, after the Nazi Bush coup d’etat of September 11, 2001, Japan was forced (under threat of attack by earthquake weapons) to hand over control of all of its listed companies to hedge funds owned by Khazarian mafia kingpins like the Bush, Rockefeller and Rothschild families.

The Bank of Japan (which is neither a bank nor Japanese) has ever since then been laundering money to them via the TSE.  That flow has now been cut off, the sources say.

The international cut off of money to the financial industry is one of the reasons why only 10% of the people working in the financial industry of New York are employed now. It is a good bet 90% of this mostly parasitical industry has been permanently shut down.

Related to this is the news that checks sent from the U.S. Department of Labor have started bouncing.  The first bounced checks showed up in the U.S. Virgin Islands where members of the Rothschild family have been hiding.

Please remember it is a matter of public record that when Trump was a businessman, each time he went bankrupt he was bailed out by the Rothschilds. Has his relationship with his former financiers really changed?

We realize we are getting and reporting contradictory information from our sources about Trump.  This reflects the fact we have sources on both sides of this ongoing civil war in the West.  It is almost as if there are two sides to the sitting president.  One is the patriotic hero we support who is re-establishing the Republic of the United States of America and rounding up all the Satanic pedophiles.

However, the other side of his public persona appears to be going along with the Covid-19 (Certificate Of Vaccination ID 2019) scamdemic and its vaccination ID agenda.  This leaves us to wonder is he sincere in this effort, or is he just playing along knowing that it’s difficult if not impossible to come up with a safe and effective vaccine, and just keeping the stock market happy by appeasing the drug companies with a positive outlook for their goals?

One theory is that by gauging the backlash against HCQ as a preventative and treatment when Trump supported it, by promoting the vaccine he will appear to be doing all he can to end the pandemic for voter support in the run-up to the election, and cleverly sucker the Democrats into coming out negative against a vaccine as Kamala Harris has already done.

Our sources in the KGB, MI6, NSA, and the Vatican Secret Service all say Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is a top Satanist.  So it would be good to see Trump announce the arrest of Kushner, in order to confirm he is acting in the best interest of the country first and foremost.

P3 sources also tell us a certain Paolo Foa a member of the Adosso Foundation in Washington DC, is one of the groups still pushing for Satanist leadership of the world. They recommend finding and neutralizing him ASAP.

Also connected to all this is news that the U.S. Air Force has been put under the command of the U.S. Army. This is important because the Air Force command had been thoroughly infiltrated by religious fanatics trying to start Armageddon

This is especially relevant for Japan because the country was being terrorized by Satanists hiding in the Yokota Air Force base in Western Tokyo. They were led by Barbara Bush’s cousin Richard Armitage, and Rothschild agent Michael Greenberg of the CSIS (Center for Satanic and International Studies).

We note that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been forced at the last minute to cancel most of his planned trip this week to Asia. He was told he would not be getting any money or gold so as not to waste his time on a trip the simultaneously beg and make threats, Asian secret society sources say.

Pope Francis last week commented on the financial situation in the West with the following comments:

“Anyone who thinks that the only lesson to be learned was the need to improve what we were already doing, or to refine existing systems and regulations, is denying reality…It is imperative to have a proactive economic policy directed at ‘promoting an economy that favors productive diversity and business creativity’ and makes it possible for jobs to be created, and not cut.”

Francis and the P3 support a jubilee, the creation of a meritocratic future planning agency, and a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. That is why the Satanists oppose him so strongly.

Before we delve further into the ongoing civil war in the West, though, it is time to examine some bizarre events happening in the solar system.  To get an understanding of how world-changing events may be imminent, try a web search using the search term “observatory shut down.”

You will quickly realize that observatories all over the world are being forcibly shut down. Allegedly this is due to “Covid-19,” or “technical glitches”, etc. but in reality, it is to prevent people from realizing things like the planets are moving in ways that cannot be explained by Newtonian mechanics

For example, maybe I was hallucinating (I am not taking any drugs) but the full moon on October 2nd, looked bright yellow and had a happy face on it.  Now we have a blue moon, a hunter’s moon, and a micro-moon appearing simultaneously on Halloween.

This to have suddenly been announced although I am sure reasonable explanations will be made for it.  While blue moons are not actually supposed to be blue, take a look with your own eyes on October 31st.  If it is actually blue, you will know these are indeed extraordinary times we are living through.

Also, the planets Mars and Venus seem to be shining brightly and close together every night.  News reports explain the brightness of Mars, for example, by saying things like “Mars opposition happens about every two years, but this year is particularly noteworthy because it’s the closest the red planet can get to Earth.”

Of course, this could all be a coincidence, but then why shut down all the observatories?  NSA sources also say the planets are moving in un-explicable ways.  However, do not take our word for it, just go look at the sky with your own eyes.

Anyway, back on the Planet Earth, we are seeing many signs the good guys are winning. For example, former French President Nicholas Sarkozy is facing jail time for corruption.

Also, Rwandan genocide suspects have been arrested in Belgium. The Rwandans were massacred on orders of the Khazarian mafia cabal because they refused to follow orders to keep their population growth in check. Now that their Belgian royal family protectors are gone, justice is being served.

As far as the reports we received about the Dutch Royals being killed are concerned, MI6 sources say, “they cannot comment.”  However, British Royal family sources did say:

“The house of Orange Nassau [Dutch Royals] is only one of the many houses which make up the Venetian Black Nobility of Europe.  The original Phoenicians who settled in Venice are the roots of the Dutch then the East India Trading Company, which was the corporate militia of the British Empire. They were so-called Black Nobility because of their dastardly acts.  The Queen by the way of the Royal Standard represents the house of Hannover, which is also one of the Venetian Noble Houses.”

The sources also say, “Human sacrifice has always been part of human civilization and it will take time to die out as is the case in all changes of the guard.”  We have heard before from a different British Royal that human sacrifices used to take place in Balmoral Castle.  That ancient Phoenician practice has now been discontinued the sources say.

Whether or not such events can be dealt with through a Peace and Reconciliation Committee is something the people will have to decide when this battle for the Planet Earth finally ends.  However, it is worth remembering those born into these Satanic cult bloodlines had no choice but to go along with these practices or be themselves killed.  Hopefully, when the war ends, the majority of the one million or so Satanists can be re-educated, rehabilitated, and set to good work.



It Begins: COVID Passport Trials On United Airlines In UK

By Patrick Wood,

The pressure to comply with COVID mandates and fraudulent science will come primarily through non-government operations, like airlines and other modes transportation. If you don’t take and pass the COVID test, you don’t travel.

The sheer mental disconnect of this program will require a traveler to be tested again and again, for sickness could strike at any time after a successful test. If a test is negative, then you are grounded wherever you happen to be at the time. ? Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood

Coronavirus passport trials are taking place at Heathrow this week to test technology to let people travel the globe without risk of being quarantined.

Passengers on United Airlines and Cathay Pacific are trying out an app called the CommonPass.

The phone software is a digital health pass which can hold a certified COVID-19 test status or show someone has been vaccinated in future in a way designed to satisfy various governments’ different regulations.

It has been launched by non-profit trust Commons Project Foundation, part of the World Economic Forum, in the hope of it will end the days of flyers producing bits of paper, often in different languages.

The tech is very much at the trial stage using volunteers on flights between London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore under government observation.

But it is seen as a longer-term measure to allow air travel to return to something like pre-coronavirus levels.

However, it is reliant on Governments around the world accepting test results from ‘certified’ laboratories in other countries and allowing those with negative results to enter freely on their say-so.

Dr Bradley Perkins, chief medical officer of The Commons Project, said: ‘Without the ability to trust COVID-19 tests – and eventually vaccine records – across international borders, many countries will feel compelled to retain full travel bans and mandatory quarantines for as long as the pandemic persists.

‘With trusted individual health data, countries can implement more nuanced health screening requirements for entry.’

It comes as hopes for a UK airport testing breakthrough this week look set to be dashed after ministers decided to launch another review of the issue.

The aviation industry had hoped trials of new systems designed to cut travel quarantine times could begin as soon as tomorrow.

But Government sources said ministers were instead poised to launch a ‘taskforce’ to study the subject, delaying hopes of action for weeks.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said today: ‘I will be making the announcement later today to Parliament but it involves a taskforce.

‘So looking at the systems which would enable us to have testing.’

The new app lets you upload your Covid test securely to show different countries

The new app lets you upload your Covid test securely to show different countries

Commons Project propose framework to ease coronavirus travel

The aviation industry had hoped trials of new systems designed to cut travel quarantine times could begin as soon as tomorrow. But Grant Shapps today said  today he would launch a ‘taskforce’, delaying hopes of action for weeks

How CommonPass works:

Step 1: Person gets tested at an approved lab in their home country, or gets vaccinated when one becomes available.

Step 2: Results are sent to a local or national registry database or a ‘personal health record’ like Apple Health or Google’s CommonHealth app.

Step 3: App determines current entry rules for the destination, where the lab test was carried out and the result and whether the traveller meets the country’s entry requirements.

Step 4: Person sees if they will be cleared to travel/enter their destination country.

Step 5: App generates a QR code that can be scanned by airline staff and border officials.

The pass works by passengers taking a test at a certified lab before uploading it to their phone. It generates a QR code that can be scanned by airline staff and border officials.

David Evans, Joint CEO of traveller pass company Collinson, said the app could be a gamechanger.

He added: ‘As we come to grips with living with COVID-19, testing is the safest scientific method to reopen countries and borders.

‘However, as each country looks to find the right solution to protect their citizens, we know that the ability to demonstrate the validity of testing done upon arrival or before departure is key to reopening borders.

‘The Collinson and Swissport dedicated COVID-19 testing facility at Heathrow will support the CommonPass’ trial by testing United Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways volunteers.’

Heathrow’s Process Improvement Director Mark Burgess said: ‘For some time now, Heathrow has been calling for the creation of a Common International Standard and cross-border pilots such as these could help governments across the world and the industry to unlock the benefits of testing in aviation.

‘We’re looking forward to reviewing the findings of these trials and using the learnings to support the recovery of an industry that provides so many jobs and economic opportunities globally.’

CommonPass says it adheres to tight privacy principles and is designed to protect personal data in compliance with relevant privacy regulations, including GDPR.

It was launched by the World Economic Forum and The Commons Project, in collaboration with a broad coalition of public and private partners around the world

Passengers will be able to show the digital passport to authorities to give them assurance

Passengers will be able to show the digital passport to authorities to give them assurance

Heathrow Airport is one of the locations for the testing of the new digital pass

Heathrow Airport is one of the locations for the testing of the new digital pass

Chaos as just 63 per cent of 16,000 virus carriers are traced

The search for nearly 16,000 people who tested positive for coronavirus but were missed due to a computer glitch yesterday remained mired in confusion.

Test and trace staff are still battling to catch up with the enormous backlog caused by officials opting to use an inadequate computer programme.

Downing Street said 63 per cent of the positive cases had been contacted by 9.30am yesterday.

But staff said there were still major problems with the system.

One source added that a single household had been contacted 75 times over the weekend.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock admitted in the Commons he was unable to confirm how many people had been affected by the blunder.

Labour asked how many of the estimated 48,000 contacts had now been traced, but Mr Hancock said the number would not be known until all those missed had been contacted.

Meanwhile, charity boss Mark Adams told MPs and peers care home testing is stuck in the ‘Dark Ages’ with residents and staff waiting up to ten days for results.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus heard the testing system has ‘gone backwards’ since summer, putting thousands of residents at risk.

Boris Johnson is understood to have asked ministers and officials to conduct a ‘rapid review’ into the feasibility of using testing to ease restrictions on travellers.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and Health Secretary Matt Hancock are expected to lead the review, which will study the way other countries use testing to reduce quarantine times, and assess whether the UK has the capacity to follow suit.

The new body will also look at ways to breathe new life into the vital aviation sector.

Industry leaders are pushing for travellers to be tested at the airport and then re-tested a few days later in order to cut the current 14-day quarantine time which is crippling the sector and wrecking families’ travel plans.

But a Government source said pressure on testing capacity meant ministers were likely to focus on a single-test solution, with travellers asked to quarantine for five or eight days before being tested.

They defended the controversial quarantine regime, saying as many as 10 per cent of new cases in the UK over the summer are thought to have been brought in from abroad.

The decision to launch a review will dismay the aviation industry, which has been campaigning for the change for months, and which has offered to trial its own systems.

It also comes as a blow to the Mail’s Get Britain Flying campaign, launched last month to encourage the Prime Minister to lift the ‘closed’ sign hanging over the UK.

But a Government source last night insisted that the launch of the taskforce was a sign that ministers were finally taking the issue seriously.

‘Everyone gets the importance of international travel to the economy and business, and to people’s lives – that is why it is being looked at,’ the source said.

‘But we also have to recognise the constraints on testing capacity and come up with the most effective solution. That will take a little time.’

A Department for Transport spokesman insisted there was no delay over plans for airport testing, adding: ‘As we’ve been clear, work is ongoing with clinicians and health experts on the practicalities of using testing to reduce the self-isolation period for international arrivals.’

The move comes amid growing Tory disquiet over the tough travel policy which requires people to quarantine for 14 days if arriving from a ‘hotspot’ country.

Italy, Sweden and Greece face possible restrictions later this week.

Meanwhile, a new study yesterday suggested that fewer than 1 per cent of air passengers test positive after seven days in quarantine.

Research commissioned by Air Canada and carried out by McMaster Health Labs and the University of Toronto, suggests a two-test regime could be a safe alternative.

Some 13,000 travellers arriving into Toronto Pearson International Airport were tested on arrival, and had a second swab after seven days in quarantine.

 Fewer than 130 tested positive, with 80 per cent of cases picked up on arrival – suggesting a single-test could detect most cases.

The rest – a mere handful – were picked up seven days later.

One of Europe’s Leading Neurologists Claims Masks Are Dangerous & Explains Why

What Happened: Dr. Margareta Griesz-Brisson, MD, PhD, is one of Europes leading neurologists who is currently based in London, UK. She is currently the Medical Director of The London Neurology & Pain Clinic and also serves as a medico-legal experts in the UK, Norway, Germany, Switzerland and the United States. She specializes in neurology, neuro-regeneration, neuroplasticity, neurotoxicology, environmental medicine and pain management.

She is one of thousands of doctors and scientists from around the world who have strongly disagreed with the measures taken by the World Health Organization at multiple governments to combat COVID-19.

Is this false news? No, she actually gave an interview explaining why she believes masks are dangerous. What may be false is the claim that masks are dangerous, as multiple internet-fact checkers will likely claim is untrue, and already have. That said you should, as a viewer, be allowed to hear multiple sides of expert opinion and make choices for yourself.

In a recent interview, she states the following:

I am following the events in Germany with growing concern, in Germany and worldwide, corona turned out to be a moderate flu and the measures are an absolute disaster on every level…Our health is greatly in our own hands, through good food, good water, a lot of movement, sociability, joy, friends love and lots and lots of fresh air…We can strengthen our immune system. Have you noticed something, exactly those things our governments have forbidden us….The much loved mouth and nose cover…the re-breathing of our exhaled air will without a doubt create oxygen deficiency and a flooding with carbon dioxide. But we know that the human brain is so sensitive to oxygen deprivation that our nerve cells for instance in the hippocampus who can’t be longer than 3 minutes without oxygen, they can’t survive. The acute warning symptoms air headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, concentration, slow down in concentration time…But chronic deprivation, all those symptoms disappear because people get used to it, but your efficiency will remain impaired. And oxygen undersupply in your brain continues to progress. We know that neurodegenerative diseases need years to decades. So if today you forget your phone number, the break-down in your brain already started 20 or 30 years ago.

While you’re thinking you have to get used to your mask and your own exhaled air, the degenerative processes in your brain are getting amplified through the oxygen deprivation…The second problem of the brain is the nerve cells are not really dividing themselves, so in case our government generously lets us go without masks…the lost nerve cells will no longer be regenerated, what is gone is gone. This is extremely important for fearful people who actually think that they are protecting themselves from the virus. The virus has approximately size of 0.0 micrometers, the pores of the regular masks have a size of 80 to 500 micrometers and are getting bigger though each washing. The common masks does not at all protect you from the virus. I do not wear a mask, I need my brain to think, I want to have a clear head…and not in a carbon dioxide anesthesia….Oxygen deprivation is dangerous for every single brain…

For children, masks are an absolute no no. Children and adolescents have an extremely active and adaptive immune system…Their brain is also insanely active and has so much to learn…The youth brain is thirsting for oxygen…In children…every organ is metabolically active, to deprive a child’s brain of oxygen, or even just to restrict this is absolutely criminal…The damage because of it cannot be reversed…We don’t need a clinical study for that, it is simple simple indisputable physiology…Conscious and purposefully induced oxygen deficiency is a deliberate…health hazard and an absolute medical contraindication….This therapy, this method, this measure should not be used, should not be allowed to be used. To use an absolute medical contraindication…by force…there must be definitely and serious reasons and they must be presented to competent in-disciplinary independent bodies to authorize this…

It’s no secret that scientists and doctors who express and explain why they believe masks aren’t effective, and lockdown measures are doing more harm than good, as well as the idea that COVID is not dangerous, are being subjected to massive amounts of censorship. The interview with Dr. Margareta Griesz-Brisson has been removed from YouTube, for example. This level of censorship is something we’ve never really seen before.

There are many who oppose what’s happening, more than 500 doctors and scientists in Germany, for example, have signed on as representatives of an organization called the “Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee” to investigate what’s happening on our planet with regards to COVID-19 restrictions. They oppose the measures that have been taken by governments.

Is She Correct About Masks? 

Claims that the virus is too small for the masks to be effective have been heavily challenged by internet fact-checkers. For example, here’s an article published by USA Today explaining why masks are efficient enough to block COVID-19. It explains why that despite the size of the COVID particle, masks are still effective. Here’s another one from a Taiwan fact-checking organization. CDC director Robert Redfield recently stated that wearing a mask might be “more guaranteed” to protect an individual from the coronavirus than a vaccine.

On the other hand, a paper published a couple of months ago in the New England Journal of Medicine by, Michael Klompas, M.D., M.P.H., Charles A. Morris, M.D., M.P.H., Julia Sinclair, M.B.A., Madelyn Pearson, D.N.P., R.N., and Erica S. Shenoy, M.D., Ph.D states:

We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.

There are also a number of studies suddenly emerging claiming that wearing a mask can supposedly help stop the transmission of Covid-19. That’s important to note. For example, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that wearing a wet washcloth greatly reduces exposure to speech droplets in the air. Another study in ACS Nano observed that well-fitted face masks made of common materials, such as cotton, can filter out between 80 and 99% of droplets, depending on droplet size. Finally, Jeremy Howard, a research scientist at the University of San Francisco, and other scientists have compiled a list of research publications supporting the use of face coverings for reducing disease transmission.

It’s not hard to see why people are so confused.

Below is a quote from a very interesting paper published in 2016, titled “The Surgical Mask Is A Bad Fit For Risk Reduction.”

As represented by our cinema and other media, Western society expects too much of masks. In the public’s mind, the still-legitimate use of masks for source control has gone off-label; masks are thought to prevent infection. From here, another problem arises: because surgical masks are thought to protect against infection in the community setting, people wearing masks for legitimate purposes (those who have a cough in a hospital, say) form part of the larger misperception and act to reinforce it. Even this proper use of surgical masks is incorporated into a larger improper use in the era of pandemic fear, especially in Asia, where such fear is high. The widespread misconception about the use of surgical masks — that wearing a mask protects against the transmission of virus — is a problem of the kind theorized by German sociologist Ulrich Beck.

The birth of the mask came from the realization that surgical wounds need protection from the droplets released in the breath of surgeons. The technology was applied outside the operating room in an effort to control the spread of infectious epidemics. In the 1919 influenza pandemic, masks were available and were dispensed to populations, but they had no impact on the epidemic curve. At the time, it was unknown that the influenza organism is nanoscopic and can theoretically penetrate the surgical mask barrier. As recently as 2010, the US National Academy of Sciences declared that, in the community setting, “face masks are not designed or certified to protect the wearer from exposure to respiratory hazards.” A number of studies have shown the inefficacy of the surgical mask in household settings to prevent transmission of the influenza virus…

A study published in 2015 found that cloth masks can increase healthcare workers risk of infection. It also called into question the efficacy of medical masks. You can read more about that and access it here.

The physiological effects of breathing elevated inhaled CO2 may include changes in visual performance, modified exercise endurance, headaches and dyspnea. The psychological effects include decreased reasoning and alertness, increased irritability, severe dyspnea, headache, dizziness, perspiration, and short-term memory loss. (source)

Is She Correct That It’s “Flu Like?”

Many scientists and doctors in North America are also expressing the same sentiments. For example, The Physicians For Informed Consent (PIC) recently published a report titled  “Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC) Compares COVID-19 to Previous Seasonal and Pandemic Flu Periods.” According to them, the infection/fatality rate of COVID-19 is 0.26%. You can read more about that and access their resources and reasoning here.

A group of Canadian doctors in the province of Ontario have come together and written an open letter to Ontario premier Doug Ford. The letter is signed by 20 doctors and professors of medicine from faculties at the University of Toronto, McMaster University and the University of Ottawa and from hospitals such as Sick Kids. The letter was sent to ford on September 27th, and it argues against a return to lockdown measures as a way to tackle rising COVID-19 cases. You can read more about that here.

A report published in the British Medical Journal has suggested that quarantine measures in the United Kingdom as a result of the new coronavirus may have already killed more UK seniors than the coronavirus has during the peak of the virus.

The examples above are a few out of many.

The CDC also released new infection/fatality estimates that also has many people and experts calling into question the severity of the virus, this was well after John P. A. Ioannidis, a professor of medicine and epidemiology at Stanford University has said that the infection fatality rate is close to 0 percent for people under the age of 45 years old. It turns out he was right.

On the other hand, According to the fact-checker Health Feedback,

Scientists have observed that some survivors suffer from damage to various organs, including the lungs and heart, as well as the nervous system. Such damage could lead to chronic health problems, as this news article in Science reported, although it is currently unclear exactly how long such damage persists and how often it occurs. However, the long-term health effects of COVID-19 can be so severe that physicians and researchers are preparing to provide rehabilitation services to patients to facilitate their return to a functional life[2,3].

Finally, even a small IFR can translate into a large number of deaths if the virus spreads among a large group of people. Indeed, in spite of COVID-19’s relatively small IFR, the U.S. has recorded more than 200,000 COVID-19 deaths at the time of this review’s publication while there have been more than 1 million COVID-19 deaths worldwide, according to the Coronavirus Resource Center by Johns Hopkins University.

You can read their full post here.

The Takeaway

We have to ask ourselves, why are so many experts in the field being completely censored, and why we are being told there is a clear consensus when there is in no way a consensus. Why is there so much information being shared that completely contradicts the narrative of our federal health regulatory agencies and organizations like the WHO? Why are we being made to believe that there is no solution for this except for a vaccine? Why is it so hard to find out what’s going on these days, and why is there so much conflicting information out there?

Does the politicization of science play a role?  Can we continue to rely and obey the advice given to us by public health authorities, or should independent bodies be given as much attention regardless of their view? Why is certain information emphasized and the contradicting information from credible sources silenced? What’s going on here? Is our perception of major global events heavily influenced and controlled for ulterior motives?

As we write this, we are prepared for the possibility that a fact checker will shut this article down for it’s balanced journalism, that is to say, it’s giving you an unbiased look at both sides of the story. Something that apparently is lost from journalism in both the mainstream and alternative these days.

Your Own Imagination

 By Anna Von Reitz

There is, and there has to be, a logic to everything.  A leads to B leads to C in this world.  Rain falls down not up. 

Millions of purported blood-thirsty adrenochrome junkies torturing children and working out of a vast maze of underground cities and military bases and tunnels?  Really? 

News to me.  I don’t believe it.  Neither should you.  In the world where I live, if you remove soil to make a tunnel, you have to move the dirt to a new location. It doesn’t just evaporate like the Wicked Witch of the East. 

So how plausible is it that millions of square miles of cubic space have been dug into the Earth as tunnels and underground cities with virtually nobody being the wiser, and no surface residue in evidence? 

Even if they come out with The Whiz-Banger of all Hollywood Thriller Movies trying to convince you—just remember the special effects they achieved with Star Wars in 1980.

Extrapolate forward forty years. 

Can they make me appear to morph into a talking unicorn?  Turn you into a “reptilian”? Plow a hologram into the World Trade Center? 

Yes, they can.

The people we oppose are Liars. Magicians. Gamesters.  Con men.  Actors.  Illusionists. Hypnotists. Bunko Artists. Snake Oil Salesmen. Oh, yes, and political lobbyists, too— just another brand of Fakir.

These people are in the business of creating fantasies and “representations”, whether on the stage, on film, or behind a store counter, pulpit, or podium — or spinning “legal fictions” from the bench of a courtroom. 

All these courts do to achieve their ends, is to create their own Legal Fiction Person named after you, and then address it “as if” it were you.  In terms of black magic, they use a “poppet” like a voo-doo doll representing you, a Legal Person that they substitute for your Lawful Person.

And if you don’t call them on it, they get away with it.

“Let him who will be deceived, be deceived.”  This is their law — literally.  

It’s the same way with all the rest of this junk.  It’s all Hollywood.  All bunk.

And it is all being “spun” in an effort to make you believe– and do– outrageously stupid and self-defeating things.

My Son wrote: “I just figured out that The American Civil War and all the major wars since then, aren’t really wars, but nightmares. Illusions made real. Powerful dark magic with a dark god feeding off the anger, pain, and sorrow.”


We’ve been snookered.  Lost touch with Terra Firma. Allowed ourselves to be Spinmeistered for the profit of evil men.

These nightmares won’t stop, until we take charge of our own imaginations and choose what we believe in.

“Love,” my Mother told me, “is a choice. You choose to love –even if, at the time, you are not aware that it is a choice like any other choice.”  

In the world today we are beset by pirates trying to commandeer our imaginations and our emotions, seeking to manipulate us in any number of ways and for any number of purposes.

They want to make us afraid, so that we accept government oppression.

They want to make us blame others, so that we don’t take responsibility for ourselves— and don’t take time to discern the real causes of our troubles.

They want us to feel needy and hungry, so we buy all the junk they have for sale.

They want us to believe that money has real value, and isn’t just the arbitrary symbolic equivalent of corn kernels being fed to mice in a maze.

They want to present us with false choices, and leave us no real choice.

Wake up, as my Grandmother used to say, it’s daylight in the swamps. 


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