x22Report 10-20-20 VIDEO… “Giuliani Signals 10 Days, Shutdown, The Hunted Have Become The Hunters” – Episode 2307b

This video was taking a long time to load on Bitchute, so I was able to go to his other outlet at x22Report.com to embed the video (remember that all of his videos are available there, even though all of his YouTube channels have been removed.

This one goes through all of the items that may be “taken down” in the next two weeks (prior to election day), as 10 days of drops are ongoing regarding the former VP and his family. Quite “explosive”. It’s very much related to today’s only Cue drop (#4903), which describes an okay given for a missile launch.

[Kp note: please note that because of x22’s recent “YouTube banishment”, Dave has set up a private server to store and share his videos, without the “danger” of them being taken down by YouTube or anyone else. It is available via paid subscription at https://x22report.com/x22-report-tv/ (quite inexpensive, at $29.99/year, $2.99/month). I have subscribed to this, as I love his news presentations and information. The videos are also all available for free at x22Report.com.]


Published 10-20-20
We are now looking at a V recover in many of the economic sectors.

We are now witnessing the entire economic plan for the election win, market, precious metals, housing, retail all up. Unemployment low and soon the GDP number will be presented to the American public. The [DS]/MSM are doing everything they can to stop the patriots, but it will not work. Trump and the patriots are ready to fire the next missile. This will last for 10 days, information will be presented to the public from now until the elections. The [DS]/MSM will use what they have left to counter all of this. Be prepared for FF, censorship and a shutdown of the social media platforms.

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