Kp Radio Hawaii Message 11-12-20… “‘Going with the Light’ and ‘Staying in the Light’ in these ‘High Intensity Energies’”

This message came up rather quickly. Didn’t want to write it all out, so made a show. Sometimes it’s necessary to “make a show of one’s Self”!

  • Done with “the election”.
  • Feeling compression.
  • Feeling like “things are going to pop”.
  • Releasing items (inner) that need to be released.
  • Many must be (and remain) in their current locations. Stay fully grounded.
  • Staying in place. Staying in Peace. Staying in the Light.
  • New GaiaPortal, talked about.
  • Not to get caught up in mini-vortices of turbulence.
  • After we’re through the difficult phase, enter into brand NEW phase. See CF /Colleen video.
  • New phase is about to kick in.
  • Internet shutdown may be used to help wake up humanity.
  • Oceans of Harmonics.. may be called on to help some beings to tune in to the new harmonics.

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*[Kp music note: the intro and ending music is “Kaulana na Pua” by Makaha Sons.

Fruit Lowers Blood Pressure and Risk for Diabetes

Eating fruits such as avocados, apples and berries may support your metabolic health, lowering your risk of Type 2 diabetes and supporting healthy blood pressure.

At the core of the condition, Type 2 diabetes is a function of insulin resistance, which in turn is a diet-induced condition. Obesity, high blood pressure and high blood sugar are also signs of metabolic syndrome, a group of risk factors that raise your risk of diabetes.1

Processed foods loaded with added sugars, processed grains and industrial processed omega-6 vegetable oils are the primary culprits that trigger insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes and obesity, and while cutting out toxic foods such as these is essential, adding in healthy foods, like certain fruits, can be beneficial.

Optimizing your nutrition can help lower your insulin level, stabilize your glucose level and improve your overall energy. Fortunately, making small positive dietary changes, including eating more of certain healthy fruits, may help reduce your risk of diabetes and lower your blood pressure.

The Mighty Avocado Helps Lower Blood Sugar

Legend has it the early name for avocados — “alligator pear” — came from an early English mispronunciation and misunderstanding.2 The name may have continued since the skin has a vaguely reptilian appearance and the fruit is shaped like a pear. But no matter the name or appearance, avocados are superfoods that may also help lower your blood sugar.

Paul Spagnuolo, Ph.D., and a team at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, revealed that a compound called avocation B, found only in avocados, can beneficially alter cellular processes that increase the risk of diabetes.3,4 In Canada, 25% of citizens are obese. This is a condition that increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes. By comparison, the prevalence of obesity in the U.S. was 42.4% in 2018.5

The team began the study by feeding mice a high-fat diet for eight weeks, which triggered obesity and insulin resistance. Over the next five weeks, the mice were separated into two groups. One group continued the high-fat diet and the other group’s food was supplemented with avocatin B.6

At the end of the five weeks, the researchers found the mice that were treated with avocatin B had gained significantly less weight than the control group and, more importantly, had a higher insulin sensitivity.7

The team then went on to test supplements in a human clinical trial in which they gave avocatin B as a dietary supplement to participants who were eating a typical Western diet. They found weight reductions in the individuals and no effect on the kidney, liver or skeletal muscles from the supplement. While speaking to Nutrition Insight, Spagnolo warned:8

“We want to stress that the benefit of this molecule is in its ability to help regulate blood glucose. Reductions in weight are likely a secondary effect. We realize that this is a desirable feature for most, however, urge caution for weight loss as the sole indication.”

Spagnuolo also spoke with a reporter from Yahoo! Life about the bioactive ingredient, avocatin B. He believes avocados are a healthy addition to the diet for people with diabetes and prediabetes, explaining:9

“When we talk about bioactives, think of it like the nutrients we get from other foods: we get Omega-3 fatty acids from eating fish and Vitamin C from oranges. AvoB is a bioactive ingredient in avocados, which can be an important dietary choice for diabetics and prediabetics.

When your metabolism is working, everything is in balance. You have ideal levels of blood sugar, good cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. … Science tells us that blood sugar imbalances can have a profound and negative impact on our health.

They can impact our energy levels, concentration, mood, and much more. And for diabetics, unbalanced blood sugars could lead to even more serious health complications like heart attack and stroke.”

While the avocado is one of the healthiest foods, rich in monounsaturated fat, fiber, magnesium, potassium, vitamin K and carotenoids, there is also a dark side. Each avocado requires 70 liters (18.49 gallons) of water to produce, which means the fruit can be environmentally destructive. Read more about the challenge and what you can do to support sustainable methods for growing avocados at “Avocado — Superfood and Environmental Killer.”

High Flavanol Diet May Help Lower Blood Pressure

People with metabolic syndrome also have difficulty regulating their blood pressure. In what researchers called the first-of-its-kind study in the U.K., scientists used objective measures for dietary intake across thousands of residents, using data for 25,618 people in Norfolk, U.K., and compared the data against their blood pressure measurements.10

Most other studies look at links between nutrition and health but rely on the study participants’ self-reported data. In this analysis, the researchers measured the participants’ flavanol intake using nutritional biomarkers present in the blood. They then compared those against their blood pressure measurements.11

The data revealed blood pressure measurement differences between people with the highest 10% of flavanols as compared to the lowest 10% between 2 and 4 mmHg. The researchers wrote this was comparable to the difference measured when a person switched to a Mediterranean diet or the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet.

Nutritionist Gunter Kuhnle at the University of Reading led the study. He talked about the importance of how the data were collected and the implications for consistent dietary intake of foods with flavanols, saying:12

“Previous studies of large populations have always relied on self-reported data to draw conclusions, but this is the first epidemiological study of this scale to objectively investigate the association between a specific bioactive compound and health. We are delighted to see that in our study, there was also a meaningful and significant association between flavanol consumption and lower blood pressure.

What this study gives us is an objective finding about the association between flavanols — found in tea and some fruits — and blood pressure. This research confirms the results from previous dietary intervention studies and shows that the same results can be achieved with a habitual diet rich in flavanols. In the British diet, the main sources are tea, cocoa, apples and berries.”

The subclass of flavanols measured in the study were flavan-3-ols,13 commonly found in tea, berries, apples and cocoa-based products.14 These same flavonoids have demonstrated benefits in other studies.15

Researchers have found those who drank tea consistently had a lower risk of all-cause mortality and were free of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease for 1.41 years longer than those who did not drink tea.16 Of the tea tested, green tea was the most healthful. Green tea has also been linked with other health benefits that I discuss in “Tea Drinkers Shown To Be More Healthy.”

The High Cost of Diabetes

In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that diabetes affected 25.8 million people in the U.S.17 This was 18.8 million who were diagnosed and 7 million who were undiagnosed, representing 8.3% of the population. A short nine years later those numbers had jumped drastically higher.

The CDC currently reports 34.2 million people with diabetes, 26.9 million of which are diagnosed and 7.3 million are undiagnosed.18 The total represents 10.5% of the U.S. population. They also estimate the number of people with prediabetes who are over 18 years as 88 million people or 34.5% of the adult population.

In total, 45% of the U.S. population is affected by diabetes or prediabetes, which can lead to long-term complications including cardiovascular disease, nerve damage and Alzheimer’s disease.19

The combination of many individuals with diabetes and the number of complications associated with the condition contribute to the staggering financial costs of the disease. According to the American Diabetes Association, people with diabetes have 2.3 times more health care costs than those without diabetes.20

Annually, this totals $327 billion, which means 1 in every 7 health care dollars is spent on treating people for diabetes and its complications. The largest expenditures are on inpatient care, prescription medications, diabetes supplies and physician office visits. There are also indirect costs to the individuals and employers, including $26.9 billion lost in reduced productivity and $3.3 billion lost in absenteeism.

Address Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Insulin Sensitivity

At the center of the pathology behind diabetes is mitochondrial dysfunction. Eating a high-carbohydrate diet that bathes your mitochondria in glucose can suppress mitochondrial metabolism.21

As I’ve written before, your mitochondria are energy producers inside most of your cells and are the primary sources of energy to keep your body functioning. Mitochondrial dysfunction is at the heart of several disease pathologies, including cardiovascular diseases22 and neurological dysfunction.23

While there is no easy answer, I believe the foundational first step to addressing metabolic defects responsible for mitochondrial dysfunction, Type 2 diabetes and obesity is to make food choices that boost mitochondrial health. I discussed this in detail in my book Fat for Fuel.

In my book I discussed the importance of metabolic flexibility and insulin sensitivity. Achieving this through nutritional ketosis helps to support your mitochondrial health. To reverse Type 2 diabetes, you need to recover insulin and leptin sensitivities.

The best way to address those metabolic conditions is through proper diet and exercise as I detail in my free nutritional plan. You’ll find further suggestions to optimize your health and improve your insulin sensitivity, including optimizing gut flora, monitoring fasting insulin levels and sleep requirements in “Diabetes Has Become One of the Most Expensive and Lethal Diseases in the World.”

As for fruit consumption, eating small amounts can be an excellent way to increase your intake of beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. But moderation is key, especially if you have metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and/or Type 2 diabetes.

Because fruit contains fructose, it can increase your risk of insulin resistance if you eat large amounts. Examples of lower fructose fruits that are beneficial for most people include avocados, berries, kiwi and citrus fruits.

Why COVID-19 Testing Is a Tragic Waste

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the clarion call has been to test, test and test some more. However, right from the start, serious questions arose about the tests being used to diagnose this infection, and questions have only multiplied since then.

Positive reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) tests have been used as the justification for keeping large portions of the world locked down for the better part of 2020.

This, despite the fact that PCR tests have proven remarkably unreliable with high false result rates, and aren’t designed to be used as a diagnostic tool in the first place as they cannot distinguish between inactive viruses and “live” or reproductive ones.

Dr. Mike Yeadon, former vice president and scientific director of Pfizer, has even gone on record stating1 that false positive results from unreliable PCR tests are being used to “manufacture a ‘second wave’ based on ‘new cases,'” when in fact a second wave is highly unlikely.

Understanding PCR Tests

Before his death, the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, repeatedly yet unsuccessfully stressed that this test should not be used as a diagnostic tool for the simple reason that it’s incapable of diagnosing disease. A positive test does not actually mean that an active infection is present. As noted in a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention publication on coronavirus and PCR testing dated July 13 2020:2

  • Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms.
  • The performance of this test has not been established for monitoring treatment of 2019-nCoV infection.
  • This test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens.

So, what does the PCR test actually tell us? The PCR swab collects RNA from your nasal cavity. This RNA is then reverse transcribed into DNA. However, the genetic snippets are so small they must be amplified in order to become discernible. Each round of amplification is called a cycle.

Amplification over 35 cycles is considered unreliable and scientifically unjustified, yet Drosten tests and tests recommended by the World Health Organization are set to 45 cycles.

What this does is amplify any, even insignificant sequences of viral DNA that might be present to the point that the test reads “positive,” even if the viral load is extremely low or the virus is inactive. As a result of these excessive cycle thresholds, you end up with a far higher number of positive tests than you would otherwise.

We’ve also had problems with faulty and contaminated tests. As soon as the genetic sequence for SARS-CoV-2 became available in January 2020, German researchers quickly developed a PCR test for the virus.

In March 2020, The New York Times3 reported the initial test kits developed by the CDC had been found to be flawed. The Verge also reported4 that this flawed CDC test in turn became the basis for the WHO’s test, which the CDC ended up refusing to use.

PCR Tests Cannot Detect Infection

Perhaps most importantly of all, the PCR tests cannot distinguish between inactive viruses and “live” or reproductive ones. What that means is that PCR tests cannot detect infection. Period. It cannot tell you whether you’re currently ill, whether you’ll develop symptoms in the near future, or whether you’re contagious.

The tests may pick up dead debris or inactive viral particles that pose no risk whatsoever to the patient and others. What’s more, the test can pick up the presence of other coronaviruses, so a positive result may simply indicate that you’ve recuperated from a common cold in the past.

An “infection” is when a virus penetrates into a cell and replicates. As the virus multiplies, symptoms set in. A person is only infectious if the virus is actually replicating. As long as the virus is inactive and not replicating, it’s completely harmless both to the host and others.

Chances are, if you have no symptoms, a positive test simply means it has detected inactive viral DNA in your body. This would also mean that you are not contagious and pose no risk to anyone.

For all of these reasons, a number of highly respected scientists around the world are now saying that what we have is not a COVID-19 pandemic but a PCR test pandemic. In his September 20, 2020, article5 “Lies, Damned Lies and Health Statistics — The Deadly Danger of False Positives,” Yeadon explains why basing our pandemic response on positive PCR tests is so problematic.

In short, it appears millions of people are simply being found to carry inactive viral DNA that pose no risk to anyone, yet these test results are being used by the global technocracy to implement a brand new economic and social system based on draconian surveillance and totalitarian controls.

Artificially Created Justifications for Totalitarian Controls

As reported by The Vaccine Reaction, September 29, 2020:6

“The test’s threshold is so high that it detects people with the live virus as well as those with a few genetic fragments left over from a past infection that no longer poses a risk. It’s like finding a hair in a room after a person left it, says Michael Mina, MD, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.7

In three sets of testing data that include cycle thresholds compiled by officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada, up to 90% of people testing positive carried barely any virus, a review by The New York Times found8

‘We’ve been using one type of data for everything, and that is just plus or minus — that’s all,’ Dr. Mina said. ‘We’re using that for clinical diagnostics, for public health, for policy decision-making.’

But ‘yes’ or ‘no’ isn’t good enough, he added. It’s the amount of virus that should dictate the infected patient’s next steps. ‘It’s really irresponsible, I think, to forgo the recognition that this is a quantitative issue,’ Dr. Mina said.”

Again, medical experts agree any cycle threshold over 35 cycles makes the test too sensitive, as at that point it starts picking up harmless inactive DNA fragments. Mina believes a more reasonable cutoff would be 30 or less.

According to The New York Times,9 the CDC’s own calculations show it’s extremely unlikely to detect live viruses in samples that have gone through more than 33 cycles, and research10 published in April 2020 concluded patients with positive PCR tests that had a cycle threshold above 33 were not contagious and could safely be discharged from the hospital or home isolation.

Importantly, when officials at the New York state laboratory, the Wadsworth Center, reanalyzed testing data at The Times’ request, they found that changing the threshold from 40 cycles to 35 cycles eliminated about 43% of the positive results. Limiting it to 30 cycles eliminated a whopping 63%.11 The Vaccine Reaction adds:12

“In Massachusetts, from 85 to 90% of people who tested positive in July with a cycle threshold of 40 would have been deemed negative if the threshold were 30 cycles, Dr. Mina said. ‘I would say that none of those people should be contact-traced, not one,’ he said.

‘I’m really shocked that it could be that high — the proportion of people with high CT value results,’ said Ashish Jha, MD, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute. ‘Boy, does it really change the way we need to be thinking about testing’13

In late August, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first rapid coronavirus test that doesn’t need any special computer equipment. Made by Abbot Laboratories, the 15-minute test [BinaxNOW] will sell for U.S. $5 but still requires a nasal swab to be taken by a health worker.14

The Abbot test is the fourth rapid point-of-care test that looks for the presence of antigens rather than the virus’s genetic code as the PCR molecular tests do.15

Massive Waste of Resources

As noted by Dr. Tom Jefferson and professor Carl Henegan in an October 31, 2020, article in the Daily Mail,16 mass PCR testing has been a massive waste or resources, as it doesn’t provide us with the information we actually need to know — who’s infectious, how far is the virus spreading and how fast does it spread?

Instead, it has led to economic devastation from business shutdowns and isolating noninfectious people in their homes for weeks and months on end. Jefferson and Henegan claim they shared their pandemic response plan with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson over a month ago, and just presented it to him again. “We urge him to pay attention and embrace it,” they write, adding:

“There are only two things about which we can be certain: first, that lockdowns do not work in the long term … The idea that a month of economic hardship will permit some sort of ‘reset’, allowing us a brighter future, is a myth. What, when it ends, do we think will happen? Meanwhile, ever-increasing restrictions will destroy lives and livelihoods.

The second certainty is this: that we need to find a way out of the mess that does no more damage than the virus itself … Our strategy would be to tackle the four key failings.”

These four areas are:

  1. Addressing the problems in the government’s mass testing program
  2. Addressing “the blight of confused and contradictory statistics”
  3. Protect and isolate the vulnerable — primarily the elderly, but also hospitalized patients in general and staff — while allowing the rest to maintain “some semblance of normal life”
  4. Inform the public about the true and quantifiable costs of lockdown that “kill people just as surely as COVID-19”

“If we do these things, there is real hope that we can learn to live with the virus. That, after all, was supposed to be the plan,” Jefferson and Henegan note. With regard to testing, the pair call “for a national program of testing quality control to ensure that results are accurate, precise and consistent.”

Importantly, we must not rely on positive/negative readings alone. The results must be assessed in relation to other factors, such as the age of the subject and whether they are symptomatic, to determine who actually poses an infectious risk. You can review the full details of their proposed plan at the end of their Daily Mail article.17

Lockdown Dangers Have Been Kept Out of Public Discussion

Jefferson and Henegan aren’t the only ones highlighting the fact that the global lockdown strategy is causing more harm and destruction than the virus itself. In a June 16, 2020 article in The Federalist, James Lucas, a New York City attorney, wrote:18

“If we’re going to allow models and modelers to dictate the entire nature of our society, one would hope that the models are as complete as possible. Yet the epidemiological models that have so transformed our world are seriously incomplete, and therefore fundamentally inadequate.

Any medical therapy is supposed to be tested for both efficacy and safety. There have been several studies19 examining the effectiveness of the lockdowns in combating the spread of the COVID-19 virus, with mixed conclusions.

So far, however, none of these studies or models have analyzed the safety side of the lockdown therapy. In response to questions from physician Sens. Rand Paul and Bill Cassidy, Dr. Anthony Fauci admits20 this side of the equation has not been accounted for in the models now driving our world.

As noted in an open letter21 recently signed by more than 600 health-care professionals, the public health costs from the lockdowns — described as a ‘mass casualty incident’ are real and growing.

These models are estimations based on existing research. The constantly changing projections of coronavirus deaths are extrapolations from research on previous epidemics. Yet modelers have no excuse for leaving evaluations of the lockdowns’ massive costs to public health out of their models.”

The Hidden Costs of Lockdowns

How does the “lockdown therapy” affect public safety? In his article, Lucas highlights the following:22

Increased chronic disease rates due to unemployment, poverty and putting non-COVID medical care on hold — Research23 by the Veterans Administration has shown delaying cancer treatment for just one month led to a 20% increase in mortality. Another study24 found each one-month delay in breast cancer diagnosis increased mortality by 10%

Increased rates of mental health problems due to unemployment and isolation

Increased mortality rates from suicide — In one study,25 being unemployed was associated with a twofold to threefold higher relative risk of suicide. A more recent study26 estimates “deaths of despair” linked to lockdowns may be around 75,000 in the U.S.

Reduced collective life span — Extended unemployment is also associated with shorter, unhealthier lives. Hannes Schwandt, a health economics researcher at Northwestern University, estimates an extended economic shutdown could shorten the lifespan of 6.4 million Americans entering the job market by an average of about two years.27 Lucas notes:

“If epidemiologists don’t care to take account of this toll, another profession must. A study28 just released by a group of South African actuaries estimates that the net reduction in lifespan from increased unemployment and poverty due to a national lockdown will exceed the increased lifespan due to lives saved from COVID-19 by the lockdown by a factor of 30 to 1.

In other words, each year of additional life attributable to isolating potential coronavirus victims in the lockdown comes at a cost of 30 years lost due to the negative public health effects of a lockdown …”

Lack of education is also associated with significantly shorter life spans and poorer health. High school drop-outs die on average nine years sooner than college graduates,29 and school closings disproportionally affect poorer students.

Who Pays the Most?

As noted by Lucas, in addition to calculating the overall costs on society, modelers must also determine “on whom those costs fall,” because the costs are not borne equally by all. The consequences of the lockdowns disproportionally affect those who are already the most vulnerable — financially and health wise — such as those living near the poverty line, the chronically ill, people with mental illness and minorities in general.

“Contrary to the PR slogan, we are NOT all in this together,” Lucas writes.30 “We need less insipid pro-lockdown propaganda extolling the virtues of the ‘essential’ workers, and more serious analysis of the enormous public health toll the lockdowns are imposing on them. Otherwise, we may come to see the era of coronavirus as simply the time where pro-lockdown elites sacrificed the working class31 to protect themselves.”

A Pandemic of Fearmongering

An October 28, 2020, article featured by the Ron Paul Institute points out that:32

“Ever since the alleged pandemic erupted this past March the mainstream media has spewed a non-stop stream of misinformation that appears to be laser focused on generating maximum fear among the citizenry.

But the facts and the science simply don’t support the grave picture painted of a deadly virus sweeping the land. Yes, we do have a pandemic, but it’ a pandemic of ginned up pseudo-science masquerading as unbiased fact.”

Nine facts that can be backed up with data “paints a very different picture from the fear and dread being relentlessly drummed into the brains of unsuspecting citizens,” the article states. In addition to the fact that PCR testing is practically useless, for all the reasons already mentioned, these data-backed facts include:

1. A positive test is NOT a “case” — As explained by Dr. Lee Merritt in her August 2020 Doctors for Disaster Preparedness33 lecture, featured in “How Medical Technocracy Made the Plandemic Possible,” media and public health officials appear to have purposefully conflated “cases” or positive tests with the actual illness.

Medically speaking, a “case” refers to a sick person. It never ever referred to someone who had no symptoms of illness. Now all of a sudden, this well-established medical term, “case,” has been completely and arbitrarily redefined to mean someone who tested positive for the presence of viral RNA. As noted by Merritt, “That is not epidemiology. That’s fraud.”

2. According to the CDC34 and other research data,35 the COVID-19 survival rate is over 99%, and the vast majority of deaths occur in those over 70, which is close to normal life expectancy.

3. CDC analysis reveals 85% of patients testing positive for COVID-19 wore face masks “often” or “always” in the two weeks preceding their positive test. As noted in the Ron Paul article,36 “The only rational conclusion from this study is that cloth face masks offer little if any protection from Covid-19 infection.”

4. There are inexpensive, proven successful therapies for COVID-19 — Examples include various regimens involving hydroxychloroquine with zinc and antibiotics, quercetin-based protocols, the MATH+ protocol and nebulized hydrogen peroxide.

5. The death rate has not risen despite pandemic deaths — Data37,38 show the overall all-cause mortality has remained steady during 2020 and doesn’t veer from the norm. In other words, COVID-19 has not killed off more of the population than would have died in any given year anyway.

As noted in the Ron Paul article,39 “According to the CDC as of early May 2020 the total number of deaths in the US was 944,251 from January 1 — April 30th. This is actually slightly lower than the number of deaths during the same period in 2017 when 946,067 total deaths were reported.”

15,000 Doctors and Scientists Call for End to Lockdowns

All in all, there are many reasons to suspect that continued lockdowns, social distancing and mask mandates are completely unnecessary and will not significantly alter the course of this pandemic illness, or the final death count.

And, with regard to universal PCR testing where individuals are tested every two weeks or even more frequently, whether they have symptoms or not, this is clearly a pointless effort that yields useless data. It’s just a tool to spread fear, which in turn allows for the rapid implementation of the totalitarian control mechanisms required to pull off The Great Reset. Fortunately, more and more people are now starting to see through this plot.

About 45,000 scientists and doctors worldwide have already signed the Great Barrington Declaration,40 which calls for the end to all lockdowns and implementation of a herd immunity approach to the pandemic, meaning governments should allow people who are not at significant risk of serious COVID-19 illness to go back to normal life, as the lockdown approach is having a devastating effect on public health — far worse than the virus itself.41,42 The declaration states:43

“Coming from both the left and right, and around the world, we have devoted our careers to protecting people. Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health …

The most compassionate approach that balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity, is to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to coronavirus through natural infection, while better protecting those who are at highest risk. We call this focused protection.”

The declaration points out that current lockdown policies will result in excess mortality in the future, primarily among younger people and the working class. As of November 5, 2020, The Great Barrington Declaration44 had been signed by 11,791 medical and public health scientists, 33,903 medical practitioners and 617,685 “concerned citizens.”45

For the Record

 By Anna Von Reitz

My Great-Great Grandfather was born in Konigsburg, Prussia — then the capitol of that vast East German Principality. He was related to the von Strelitz und Mecklenburg family, and indirectly related to the Kaiser by marriage. He knew Otto von Bismark and where the bodies were buried and what the European elitists were planning and he did not approve of it at all.

His son, my Great Grandfather, created the name “Riezinger” out of thin air in 1855 and trademarked it. It has been in use ever since and it literally belongs to me and to legitimate members of our family for use in international trade. It is a private trademark and not subject to any government on Earth.

My Great-Grandfather also gave up his vast fortune to the poor people of France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, and what was then Slovakia. The record of that unselfish release of actual assets still stands on the public record and amounts to over 200 handwritten pages executed in his own tiny, neat Fractur script, if anyone can read it and wants to read it.

So much for me being a “Princess”. Prussia is long gone and so is the money which was all given away, but the Trademark lives on and the blood still flows.

My family took its stand then with the living people and with common Christian decency and it has stood with the people and that same decency ever since.

As the foregoing chain of events clearly testifies, we were at one time connected to the top of the heap of the European “elite” — but we disconnected from it, came out of Babylon, and shed ourselves of the chains of worldly riches a long time ago.

My Grandfather built a number of successful businesses in Chicago and at one time was quite well-connected in the construction business, a buddy of the architects Robert Emmett and Frank Lloyd Wright; but he drank excessively and apart from work never had much of a life.

My Father was born in Chicago. His Father died when he was only eight. His Mother died when he was eighteen. And when he was twenty-one, he joined the US Army Air Force, was assigned to the Eighth Army Air Force, and went with the Big Red One to Europe. He was on schedule to receive a Field Commission as a Lieutenant for bravery in the line of duty and had his orders for the Pacific Theater when the war ended.

Afterward, he came home and joined my Mother and Grandmother, who had been left alone to try to keep their family farm in Wisconsin going — “two women, forty cows, and a dog” who somehow survived the worst of WWII on their own.

And though part of my European family is Catholic, my parents were both raised in the Protestant faith, and so was I. I joined the Lutheran Church at age seven and stayed in that church all my life until this year, when I left it for cause, as published.

That’s my family. I’m proud of it. Make of it what you will.

And if anyone has any “problem” with my heritage or wants to accuse us of having any part in the despicable criminality that has gone on in “high places” and which has infested high offices, they can just go take a running jump off the nearest bridge, because we had no part of it. We did everything we could to stop it and fight it and put an end to it.

It goes without saying, that my Father had nothing whatsoever to do with Marduk or the nasty bankers or FDR or any fraudulently constructed “World Trusts” nor with Bretton Woods nor any of the rest of the criminal nonsense that has gone on here, and he certainly was NOT the “Trustee” before Kim, who is nothing but a Bank Trustee trying to skim her way along.

It is time to put an end to the ugliness and greed and irresponsibility and stupidity, too.

The Truth is the Truth and it will set everyone free.


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"It" is Getting Really Deep

 By Anna Von Reitz

Last night, I had an email conversation with Kim Goguen, in which she called me “Princess” and claimed that I asked her to give the USA (Inc.) share of “in ground resources” to the Vatican.

Well, this “Princess” grew up on a worn-out old-fashioned dairy farm in Wisconsin and was mucking out cow barns and collecting eggs by hand at age five.

Obviously, Kim is living in the Looney-Tunes world, where disinherited farm girls turn into princesses, and an Apologist for crime bosses becomes enabled to distribute the world’s assets to whomever she pleases.

In fact, I never said a word to Kim Goguen about the USA, Inc. — why would I? And I certainly never suggested giving the Queen’s portion to “the Vatican”, either.

I’m with The United States of America, an unincorporated Federation of actual States. We don’t even recognize “the Vatican”– which only came into existence in 1929.

Furthermore, I have nothing to do with the Queen’s Territorial Government nor with her Municipal Corporations. I could care less what they do with their assets and would never in this world venture to tell them what to do with their “tribute share” of in-ground gold assets.

For those who don’t know, the British Monarch gained a “tribute share” interest in our in-ground gold assets as part of the treaty process ending The War of Independence. The Queen gets a portion of every ounce of gold we mine here.

What did happen is that the Queen proposed to sell her share of “in-ground” gold assets located here in this country to China. That would have enabled China to move in here and start gold mining operations wherever they pleased.

So I raised my hand and said, yes, she does have a claim on in-ground gold assets, but no right to mine or move a cubic centimeter of our soil.

That action on my part quashed that little Sweetheart Deal between the Queen and China, and saved Americans from an ersatz invasion hosted by Chinese mining corporations. The Queen will just have to wait until we mine our own in-ground gold to get her cut. And then she can sell it to whomever she pleases.

That is what actually and factually went on, and Kim is still seething about being “cheated” out of that opportunity to cause us harm and disruption.

And then, today, I got this in the mail:

“Anna, There is also the Republic of the USA (RuSA i think they call it). They together with Kim claim your father was a Nazi and had Kim’s place as trustee. They claim RuSA is the recognized Republic. And this guy that works for the World’s Trust Jean LeTener spreads rumors about the assembly members going to jail for doing the sign in America Debt Relief.”

So, they are accusing my Father, who was born in Chicago and raised in Peoria, Illinois, and who served in the Eighth Army Air Force for almost all of World War II — of being a Nazi? I guess he was a Nazi like General Eisenhower was a Nazi? Because he has a German last name?

And as for our “Sign In America” program and the IMF rattling its chains, we own the World Bank because we, Americans, bankrolled it —and we have FDR’s admission that he took our illegally confiscated privately-held gold and used it for that purpose.

So the shit flows downhill, Kim. We own the World Bank and that means we also own the IMF. And the IBRD. And the Federal Reserve, too, for that matter.

Time to get back to the actual and factual world, and stop all the lies and fantasies.

I will just make one comment about RuSA, an organization I once had high hopes for. They never dealt with the political status issue, so they could never gain what is called “standing” to enforce the Constitutions — and without that, they and their members are lost. I tried to explain the importance of standing and identity to their “President” Tim Turner, but he wouldn’t listen.

I also tried to explain the importance of identity and standing with regard to the IRS/Internal Revenue Service issues Tim Turner was facing, but he wouldn’t listen.

Enough said.


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GaiaPortal 11-11-20… “Highest Missions are embraced”

Very much align with each and every line of this GP. Not going to “analyze” each part, but there is much depth in this one.

“Oceans of Harmonics bathe the planet” and “Light BEings awaken to their roles” are particular ones that struck me. And I like to recall that these “roles” might involve multi-dimensions, and multiple-roles-all-at-once.


Freemen arise

Oceans of Harmonics bathe the planet.

Light BEings awaken to their roles.

Far-seers complete their visions.

“Causes” are dropped.

Highest Missions are embraced.

Whose Fault Is It?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Question: Why is there no Article III, Section 1 Court available? 

Answer: Because we didn’t finish the Reconstruction and provide ourselves with one. 

One of the most galling things about this entire situation became apparent early on, when we began grappling with certain Cardinals in the Roman Catholic Church who were high enough in the hierarchy to know the truth.  

To a man, their answer was that, well, it was our own fault.  We had the power.  We simply didn’t do our duty to exercise it.  We have the right to self-govern, but didn’t do so. And who is at fault for that? 

Question:  Why don’t we have “Constitutional” Sheriffs in every one of our over 3100 Counties?  

Answer:  Because we didn’t bring our Assemblies into Session and elect them. We let the District Assemblies elect and hire “law enforcement officers” instead of hiring our own people to act as Peacekeepers. 

And again, we didn’t provide ourselves with what we wanted. We “let George do it”.  

So, the Cardinals shrug and say, “It’s your own fault. You have every right to do it, but you haven’t done it.  Why blame other people who stepped into the gap and did what they could do to keep things running in your absence?” 

They have a point, except that nobody in their ranks and certainly nobody in the British Territorial Government ever did their moral duty to us as our Employees.  They didn’t inform the populace of the circumstance and they didn’t help us one iota with organizing the Reconstruction, and that much was certainly within their job description.

According to the Cardinals, we have been “absent” for many decades, and though they and others “hoped for our return”, that hope faded as time went by and there was no “sign of us” until now — when we showed up on their doorsteps ready to spit. 

What they mean, of course, is that our American Government has not been in Session.  We haven’t brought our States into Session in decades.  We’ve slept on and let the Brits conscript us as babies.  Nobody has been running the show.  And the Reconstruction of the Federal Republic and other matters of “pressing interest” still haven’t been addressed. 

If our Government actually continues to exist at all, why haven’t we assembled our States of the Union and finished the enrollment of all the States that have been formed during and after the Civil War, for instance?  

What sane people would leave half their country “unsettled” and in the care of custodians for over a hundred years?  

The Cardinals wag their heads and say, “What were we supposed to think?  The people and resources of those states have been left hanging for generations, in limbo, waiting for you, Americans, to finish their enrollment as States of the Union.” 

By the grace of God, we have called our State Assemblies into Session and our Assembly Members have straightened out the issue of their actual political status. We have finally enrolled all the States that were formed during and after the Civil War as States of the Union.  So far, so good. 

And we figured it out and we did it ourselves, standing on our own two feet, thank you.  The Queen and His Holiness (Francis) have done precious little to help, but then, why should they?  

Our “absence” left them in control of our assets and our trade policies. It has allowed them to conscript our men as cheap mercenaries, control our currency via the implementation of legal tender laws, and a whole lot more. They were in the catbird seat for generations and they liked it that way. 

But whose fault is it?  

I encounter people every day, patriots who want to blow off their mouths, and who wave copies of the Constitutions, and who make all sorts of claims about what “they” owe us, meaning the remaining Federal Subcontractors.  

These people are invariably confused and unable to distinguish between what “they” owe us and what we owe ourselves. They also often mistake the purpose and meaning of the Constitutions, too.  

The Constitutions do empower the Federal Government, but from our side of it, the important point is that the Constitutions also limit the Federal Government and obligate it to perform and yield certain “guarantees” to those of us who claim our birthright political status as Americans. 

When you get down to it, as we have, you soon discover that you are for the most part whipping a dead horse.  

Yes, there have been usurpations and infractions and fraud schemes to do end runs around those constitutional obligations, plots to undermine our sovereignty, racketeering, pillaging, and all sorts of other evils and criminality.  

Our employees shouldn’t have done this and they shouldn’t have done that, and those directing our employees “for” us, shouldn’t have done this or that, either.  
Gross crimes have been committed against our nation and against us as individual “persons”.  

It’s all true, and yet—- where were we?  Why didn’t we stand up and object and give our employees our instructions?  We weren’t doing our job, and they were never empowered to do our job for us. 

So?  The Cardinals take a step back on one slippered heel, nod their heads forward, and say, “We’re sorry you’re not happy with what we’ve done, but neither the Queen nor the Pope ever had the power to complete the Reconstruction of your Confederation or your Federal Republic.”

And that is absolutely true. 

The States have to reconstruct their own States of States. 

Those States of States have to reboot the Confederation, otherwise known as the States of America. 

And then, the States of America has to reboot the Federal Republic, the American portion of the Federal Government. 

Nobody on Earth can do that “for” us.  

It’s like blaming your next door neighbor because they can’t eat dinner for you.  And then beating them up because they can’t. 

“So, while you may be angry with how your country has been “administered”, you haven’t done what you needed to do, and you’ve been in control and able to do it the whole time.”  The Cardinals wag their heads again. 

Let everyone on Earth know that we finally did step up. Our States of the Union are now in Session.  

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x22Report 11-12-20 VIDEO… “Rig For Red, Patriots Begin Operation, Attempted To Alter Our Election & Got Caught” (Ep. 2327B)

I did find the information in here quite illuminating, and some points he makes about a possible “internet shutdown” also rang some bells.

Basically, no one seems to know exactly what and when might happen, but continue to “be prepared”.

My own personal “sense”, is that something is about to “pop” very soon (no idea about timing, however). I’m feeling a great deal of energetic “pressure” on my bodies… intense and occasionally discomforting.

Published 11-12-20
The trap has been set, the fraud evidence is about to be produced and the MSM/[DS] are going to go into a tale spin. Once this evidence begins to come out, red1 will be initiated, prepare to rig for red. The patriots have planned for this and now they are proceeding forward with their plan. Trump is here to win and he has planned this out with the military, truth and transparency is the only forward.

Alternative channels for x22Report:

[Kp note: please note that because of x22’s recent “YouTube banishment”, Dave has set up a private server to store and share his videos, without the “danger” of them being taken down by YouTube or anyone else. It is available via paid subscription at (quite inexpensive, at $29.99/year, $2.99/month). I have subscribed to this, as I love his news presentations and information. The videos are also all available for free at]