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Can Flu Vaccine Increase COVID Risk?

For years, concerns have been raised that previous flu vaccination seems to increase patients’ risk of contracting more severe pandemic illness. This occurred during the 2008 to 2009 flu season, when prior vaccination with the seasonal flu vaccine was associated with an increased risk of H1N1 “swine flu” during spring/summer 2009 in Canada.1

A January 2020 study published in the journal Vaccine also found people were more likely to get some form of coronavirus infection if they had been vaccinated against influenza during the 2017 to 2018 flu season.2

Compared to unvaccinated individuals, those who had received a seasonal flu shot were 36% more likely to contract unspecified coronavirus infection (it did not specifically mention SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19) and 51% more likely to contract human metapneumovirus (hMPV) infection, which has symptoms similar to COVID-19.3

Again, in October 2020, another positive association was found between COVID-19 deaths and flu vaccination rates in the elderly,4 raising further questions about the potentially serious unintended side effects of annual flu shots.

Flu Vaccination Linked to Increased Risk of COVID-19 Death

Christian Wehenkel, a professor of forest genetics, forest ecosystem analysis, forestry, biometrics, forest growth and biodiversity with the Universidad Juarez del Estado de Durango, and a PeerJ editor, analyzed data sets from 39 countries with more than one-half million inhabitants.5 He expected to find that prior flu vaccination would be linked to lower COVID-19 death risk, but instead the data revealed the opposite.

Among people aged 65 years and older, flu vaccination was positively associated with COVID-19 deaths, meaning those who got a flu vaccine were more likely to die from COVID-19. “Contrary to expectations, the present worldwide analysis and European sub-analysis do not support the previously reported negative association between COVID-19 deaths (DPMI) and IVR [influenza vaccination rate] in elderly people,” Wehenkel wrote.

A May 2020 analysis by online news publication The Gateway Pundit similarly found that European countries with the highest COVID-19 death rates had high rates of flu vaccination — at least 50% —  among the elderly.6 For instance, they wrote, “Denmark and Germany, with lower use of the flu vaccine, had considerably lower Covid-19 mortality.”

They attempted to update their figures for fall 2020, and were able to update COVID-19 mortality rates but did not obtain current vaccination data. Spikes in COVID-19 deaths were noted, which they suggested could be related to a sudden uptick in flu vaccination in countries that had previously lower vaccination rates:7

“This [increase in COVID-19 deaths] could simply be due to the virus reaching endemic level later in east Europe, but another factor could be sudden increase in flu vaccination in counties of hitherto low uptake. Are they unwittingly endangering their seniors?

The World Health Organization is vigorously promoting flu vaccination in Europe, with posters warning ‘don’t bring home an unwanted visitor: protect your family by getting vaccinated.’ The Covid-19 pandemic has terrified the public and many people see a vaccine as the only means of escape.”

Wehenkel’s data, however, picks up where they left off, showing by scatterplot a clear association of COVID-19 deaths per million inhabitants with flu vaccination rate, up to July 25, 2020 (each dot represents a different European country):8,9

COVID-19 deaths per million inhabitants

The Problem With Pathogenic Priming

Given the PeerJ study’s highly controversial finding, which, if proven to be causative, would call into question annual flu vaccination, a publisher’s note at the top reminds readers that correlation does not necessarily mean causation.

“[T]his article should not be taken to suggest that receiving the influenza vaccination results in an increased risk of death for an individual with COVID-19 as there may be many confounding factors at play (including, for example, socioeconomic factors),” it reads.10 It also doesn’t rule out causation, however, and this is a potential link that must be urgently explored. The Gateway Pundit explained:11

“It is right to ask the question: are patients who die of / with Covid-19 more likely to have received the flu vaccine? Given the clear correlation from Wehenkel’s data, an urgent investigation is needed to ascertain whether the large increase in Covid-19 deaths in eastern Europe in the autumn of 2020 correlates with an increase in flu jabs in autumn 2020 in those same countries.”

They didn’t stop there:12

“This leads on to the further explosive question: are flu jabs not only correlative with Covid-19 mortality, but causative by way of pathogenic priming? If the data from autumn 2020 confirm correlation, causation should be investigated with rigor and urgency.”

What is pathogenic priming? It’s a scenario in which, rather than enhancing your immunity against the infection, exposure to a virus or vaccine enhances the virus’ ability to enter and infect your cells, resulting in more severe disease.13

Research published in the Journal of Translational Autoimmunity confirmed that treatment with a vaccine may increase the risks associated with a wild type virus rather than protect against it, and concluded, as its title suggests, “Pathogenic priming likely contributes to serious and critical illness and mortality in COVID-19 via automimmunity.”14

Coronavirus Vaccines Have Enhanced Disease in the Past

The Journal of Translational Autoimmunity article, written by James Lyons-Weiler with the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, a nonprofit organization that performs scientific research in the public interest, explains how pathogenic priming occurred during previous trials of a SARS coronavirus vaccine:15

“In SARS, a type of ‘priming’ of the immune system was observed during animal studies of SARS spike protein-based vaccines leading to increased morbidity and mortality in vaccinated animals who were subsequently exposed to wild SARS virus.

The problem, highlighted in two studies, became obvious following post-vaccination challenge with the SARS virus … recombinant SARS spike-protein-based vaccines not only failed to provide protection from SARS-CoV infection, but also that the mice experienced increased immunopathology with eosinophilic infiltrates in their lungs.

Similarly … ferrets previously vaccinated against SARS-CoV also developed a strong inflammatory response in liver tissue (hepatitis). Both studies suspected a ‘cellular immune response.’

These types of unfortunate outcomes are sometimes referred to as ‘immune enhancement’; however, this nearly euphemistic phrase fails to convey the increased risk of illness and death due to prior exposure to the SARS spike protein. For this reason, I refer to the concept as ‘pathogen priming’.”

At the time, even long-time pro-vaccine advocate Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine and professor of pediatrics and molecular virology and microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine, was shaken. According to a feature published in PNAS:16

“When SARS, also a coronavirus, appeared in China and spread globally nearly two decades ago, Hotez was among researchers who began investigating a potential vaccine.

In early tests of his candidate, he witnessed how immune cells of vaccinated animals attacked lung tissue, in much the same way that the RSV vaccine had resulted in immune cells attacking kids’ lungs. ‘I thought, ‘Oh crap,’’ he recalls, noting his initial fear that a safe vaccine may again not be possible.”

Despite years of additional research and alternative development strategies, immune enhancement concerns remain, and, as explained by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in our 2020 interview, coronavirus vaccines remain notorious for creating paradoxical immune enhancement.

Healthy 18-Year-Old Who Died of COVID-19 Got Flu Shot

NBC News Chicago reported the death of an 18-year-old girl from Tinley Park, Ill., who died from COVID-19 in December 2020 just three days after being hospitalized.17 It’s the type of tragic story that strikes fear in millions, but it’s important to remember that this type of death is extremely rare.

The COVID-19 survival rate among newborns to age 19 is 99.997%, according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cited by Dr. Reid Sheftall.18 What this heartbreaking loss should trigger, however, is increased investigation into why a previously healthy teenager died so unexpectedly from a virus that’s rarely dangerous in that age group.

In an interview, her mother stated that she had gotten a flu shot. Could this have been a factor in her body’s severe, and ultimately fatal, response to the virus? It’s impossible to know, but given the increasing research suggesting flu vaccination may worsen viral illness, it’s a connection that must be considered.

Research published in the Journal of Virology in 2011, for instance, found that seasonal flu vaccine may weaken children’s immune systems and increase their chances of getting sick from influenza viruses not included in the vaccine.

“[L]ong-term annual vaccination using inactivated vaccines may hamper the induction of cross-reactive CD8+ T cell responses by natural infections and thus may affect the induction of heterosubtypic immunity. This may render young children who have not previously been infected with an influenza virus more susceptible to infection with a pandemic influenza virus of a novel subtype,” the researchers noted.19

Flu Shots Could Be ‘Potential Contributors’ to Pandemic

Dr. Allan S. Cunningham, a retired pediatrician, reiterated what the data bear out — that flu vaccines should be evaluated as potential causative agents or, at least, contributors to the COVID-19 pandemic. In a rapid response to an article published by The BMJ, he stated:20

“A randomized placebo-controlled trial in children showed that flu shots increased fivefold the risk of acute respiratory infections caused by a group of noninfluenza viruses, including coronaviruses21

Such an observation may seem counterintuitive, but it is possible that influenza vaccines alter our immune systems non-specifically to increase susceptibility to other infections; this has been observed with DTP and other vaccines.22 There are other immune mechanisms that might also explain the observation.

To investigate this possibility, a case-control study is in order … Influenza vaccines have become sacred cows in some quarters, but they shouldn’t be.”

Meanwhile, in the U.S. the CDC reported that the percentage of respiratory specimens submitted for influenza testing that test positive decreased from greater than 20% to 2.3% since the start of the pandemic.23 In short, flu has essentially disappeared, for reasons unknown. But even while stating that flu cases are next to nonexistent this season — they still want you to get your flu shot, “especially this season.”24

How COVID-19 Is Changing the Future of Vaccines

In his December 24, 2020, video report,1,2 “The Future of Vaccines,” investigative journalist James Corbett reviews how the novel COVID-19 vaccine is paving the way for nonconsensual medical experimentation on the general public.

As noted by Corbett, if the international medical establishment get their way, nothing will get back to “normal” until world health officials have definitively determined there is an effective COVID vaccine in place.

Even then, however, things may not go back to the normal we’re accustomed to or expect. Since the beginning of the pandemic, world leaders have warned that social distancing, mask wearing, travel restrictions and other measures will become part of our “new normal.”3

Be that as it may, the refrain we keep hearing from the likes of Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci and a long list of other world leaders is that any sense of normalcy will remain elusive until or unless the entire global population gets vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.

Brave New World of Vaccines

“The public is being prepared for an unprecedented global vaccination campaign,” Corbett says. However, one major problem with this is that the current COVID-19 vaccines are still in the experimental stage. While they’ve been granted emergency use authorization, they still haven’t completed Stage 3 clinical trials. Data for some end points won’t even be collected until 24 months after injection.

Another problem is that the COVID vaccines’ adverse side effects are still relatively unknown due to the “fanatical” warp speed at which they were developed.

Even if there is only one serious event per 1,000 people, cumulatively that would equate to 100,000 people being harmed by the vaccine for every 100 million vaccinated — a steep price for an infection that has an overall noninstitutionalized infection fatality rate of just 0.26%.4 Among those under the age of 40, the infection fatality rate is a mere 0.01%, which is lower than that for seasonal influenza.5

A third issue that Corbett homes in on in his report is the fact that the COVID-19 vaccines are “unlike any vaccines that have ever been used on the human population before,” and “as radically different as these vaccines appear, they represent only the very beginning of a complete transformation of vaccine technology that is currently taking place in research labs across the planet.”6

Are COVID-19 Vaccines Really as Effective as Advertised?

On an important side note, while Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines have reported very high success rates, their “success” is only measured by their ability to lessen moderate to severe COVID-19 symptoms such as cough and headache. Presumably, this would lower the risk of hospitalization and death for vaccinated individuals.

However, as explained in “How COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Are Rigged,” the vaccines were not evaluated for their ability to actually prevent infection and transmission of the virus. So, since the vaccine cannot reduce infection, hospitalizations or deaths, it cannot create vaccine-acquired herd immunity and end the pandemic, even though this has been the vaccine’s primary selling point. Furthermore, as noted by Corbett:7

“The studies are touted as involving tens of thousands of people, but in Pfizer’s trial, only 170 of them were reported as being ‘diagnosed with COVID-19’ during the trial. Of those, 162 were in the placebo group and eight were in the vaccine group.

From this, it is inferred that the vaccine prevented 154/162 people from developing the disease, or ‘95%.’ But as even the British Medical Journal points out,8 ‘a relative risk reduction is being reported, not absolute risk reduction, which appears to be less than 1%.'”

COVID-19 Ushers in a Whole New Breed of Vaccines 

Getting back to the main point of the Corbett report, the COVID-19 vaccines under development are unlike any other vaccine ever released. They’re mRNA vaccines, and do not work like conventional vaccines. In summary, RNA are molecules that encode certain proteins. The RNA used in COVID-19 vaccines encode for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

The idea is that by injecting this RNA, your own cells will start to produce and secrete the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Your immune system will then respond to the presence of that viral protein by producing antibodies. It’s important to realize that this technology is entirely unproven, and there’s no telling how this RNA programming might affect your health in years to come. As explained by Corbett:9

“The term ‘vaccination’ … came to refer to the general process of introducing immunogens or attenuated infectious agents into the body in order to stimulate the immune system to fight infections. But this is not how mRNA vaccines function.

In contrast to vaccination, which involves introducing an immunogen into the body, mRNA vaccines seek to introduce messenger RNA into the body in order to ‘trick’ that body’s cells into producing immunogens, which then stimulate an immune response …

Despite the straw man argument that opposition to the vaccine comes solely from ignorant members of the public who are worried about being ‘injected with mircochips,’ there are genuine concerns about the long-term safety of these vaccines coming from within the scientific community, and even from whistleblowers from within the ranks of the Big Pharma manufacturers themselves.”

December 1, 2020, two such whistleblowers — Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, former chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Health Committee, and Dr. Michael Yeadon, former vice-president and chief scientific officer at Pfizer Global R&D — filed a petition10 calling on the European Medicine Agency to halt Phase 3 clinical trials of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine until they’ve been restructured to address critical safety concerns.

Key Safety Concerns

The four key safety concerns specified in the petition11 to the European Medicine Agency are:

1. The potential for formation of non-neutralizing antibodies that can trigger an exaggerated immune reaction (referred to as paradoxical immune enhancement or antibody-dependent immune amplification) when the individual is exposed to the real “wild” virus post-vaccination.

Antibody-dependent amplification has been repeatedly demonstrated in coronavirus vaccine trials on animals.12 While the animals initially tolerated the vaccine well and had robust immune responses, they later became severely ill or died when infected with the wild virus. Put plainly, the vaccine increased their susceptibility to the virus and made them more likely to die from the infection.

2. Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine contains polyethylene glycol (PEG), and studies have shown 70% of people develop antibodies against this substance. This suggests PEG may trigger fatal allergic reactions in many who receive the vaccine.

Indeed, within days of the vaccine’s release, reports started coming in of people having life-threatening anaphylactic reactions,13 leading to warnings that people with known allergies should not take the Pfizer vaccine.14 Since then, anaphylactic reactions have been reported by recipients of the Moderna mRNA vaccine as well.15

3. The mRNA vaccine triggers your body to produce antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, and spike proteins in turn contain syncytin-homologous proteins that are essential for the formation of placenta. If a woman’s immune system starts reacting against syncytin-1, then there is the possibility she could become infertile.

This is an issue that none of the vaccine studies is looking at specifically. Mass vaccinating women of childbearing age against COVID-19 could potentially have the devastating consequence of causing mass infertility if the vaccine triggers an immune reaction against syncytin-1. The petition states that this possibility must be “absolutely ruled out” before mass vaccination takes place.

4. The studies are far too brief in duration to allow a realistic estimation of side effects. Depending on what those effects end up being, millions of people may be exposed to unacceptable risk in return for a very minor benefit. 

In an interview — a snippet of which is featured in the Corbett Report — Del Bigtree asked Wodarg how we can ensure we don’t end up making the greatest scientific error in history with this vaccine campaign. Wodarg answered:16

“Protect yourself and protect your neighbors and friends so that they don’t get this vaccine … And you have to show up. You have to tell the politicians that you will blame them for what they do with this. I think what’s happening … is a great betrayal. We are betrayed. And people who betray normally are punished, and we won’t forget this if they go on doing this with us.”

Health Freedom Undermined in the Name of ‘Emergency’

As noted by Corbett, even more fundamental than any particular safety concern is the fact that a vaccination campaign of this magnitude, using an entirely novel technology, sets “the most dangerous public health precedent in the history of humanity.” By drumming up unnecessary panic, many are now willing to forgo all manner of freedom in the name of responding to a global health emergency.

“One of these core freedoms is the ability to refuse an experimental medical procedure, a freedom that was acknowledged in the Nuremberg Code of 194717 and enshrined in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which states that ‘no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation,'” Corbett says.18

“Despite the fact that the clinical trials surrounding these experimental vaccines are ongoing and that the FDA itself admits19 that there is ‘currently insufficient data to make conclusions about the safety of the vaccine in subpopulations such as children less than 16 years of age, pregnant and lactating individuals, and immunocompromised individuals’ and ‘risk of vaccine-enhanced disease over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknown,’ governments around the world are contemplating making these vaccinations mandatory, or compelling people to take them against their will by restricting their access to public life until they subject themselves to this medical experimentation.

The threat of forcing or compelling people to become unwilling guinea pigs in an ongoing medical experiment is immoral on its face. But even the prospect of enforcing such mandates would entail the erection of a surveillance and tracking system that further threatens basic rights and liberties.

After all, in order to determine who has been vaccinated — and thus who is allowed to board an airplane or access a stadium or enter a store with a vaccine policy — there will need to be a system for identifying and tracking each vaccine recipient.”

Indeed, I’ve written several articles detailing how the tracking of vaccination status will usher in a surveillance apparatus greater than anything we’ve ever experienced before. This initial vaccine surveillance system will ultimately be tied into other digital systems, such as all other medical records, biometric ID and an all-digital banking system.

The implementation of a Google-based social credit system, similar to that implemented in China in 2018, is highly likely as well. Under a social credit system, points are awarded or subtracted for certain types of behavior. When your score falls below a certain point, punishment is meted out in the form of travel restrictions or the inability to obtain a loan, for example.

“There are already apps like IBM’s Digital Health Pass and CLEAR’s Health Pass that envision a world where our biometric ID will be linked via our smartphones to our health data in order to grant or deny access from public spaces and public events,” Corbett says.

“Once the COVID vaccines are widely distributed, it would simply be a question of linking one’s vaccination record to the health pass app to prevent the unvaccinated from accessing any given space …

The COVID vaccine presents governments, intelligence agencies and corporations that have a direct interest in suppressing dissent, monitoring dissidents and controlling their populations with the perfect opportunity to make such systems a permanent fixture of daily life.

After the immediate ‘threat’ of the declared public health crisis subsides, the public is already being warned that these apps will be transitioned seamlessly into general monitoring of the population.”

The precedent being set up right now is one that, in the future, will grant health authorities the “right” to force any number of experimental drugs, vaccines and technologies upon us in the name of public health. If the right to refuse an experimental medical procedure is not upheld now, the entire population of the earth will be available for experimentation without recourse. 

Novel Medical Technologies Under Development

While COVID-19 vaccines do not contain tracking-enabled microchips, we are indeed looking at a future where quantum dot tags and hydrogel biosensors will likely be used in vaccine delivery, and they will allow far more than just identifying or tracking your vaccination status.

They’ll be able to collect and transmit all sorts of information about what’s going on in your body. The ramifications of handing all of this biological data over to some artificial intelligence-driven machine run by a technocratic elite hell-bent on owning all the world’s resources is anyone’s guess.

Already, there’s a study underway to evaluate how an implantable biosensor, which continuously monitors your body chemistry, can be used as an early warning system for disease outbreaks, biological attacks and pandemics by sending a signal when it detects the onset of an infection. Other medical technologies under development include:

  • Edible vaccines
  • Remote-controlled vaccine delivery systems — For example, a hydrogel mesh sphere containing a vaccine can be injected under the skin, and when you swallow a particular substance that dissolves the hydrogel, the vaccine is released. Proof of concept for this was demonstrated in 2014
  • Autonomous DNA nanorobots that can carry molecular payloads into your cells
  • Shape-changing microdevices called “theragrippers” that, when placed into your gastrointestinal tract, extend drug delivery

As noted by Corbett:

“Nanobots. Shape-changing bioelectronic devices. Remote-controlled vaccines. This is not the stuff of science fiction but of science fact, and the precedent that is being set during the COVID era to rush experimental and unproven medical technologies into use on the back of a declared crisis is the same precedent that could be used to foist these injectable technologies on the public in the future …

These injectables are part of an elaborate system of biological, economic, and political control that is being bankrolled into existence by powerful special interests.”

Indisputable Facts

While the technocratic elite behind the Great Reset insist there’s nothing nefarious about any of these experimental technologies, mRNA vaccines included, the fact that they will lead us into a future that a vast majority of people would never choose, given the chance, seems inevitable. Corbett notes:20

“Despite the protestations of those like Bill Gates who have a financial interest in these experimental vaccines, and the Big Pharma corporations that are selling these vaccines, and the governments that are being bribed21 by the international public health cartel to purchase these vaccines and pressure their public to accept them, and the corporate media who relies on these Big Pharma corporations for their advertising dollars, some facts about these novel coronavirus vaccines are indisputable:

They are the most rushed vaccines ever developed.

The manufacturers have been given total immunity from liability if their experimental vaccines cause injury.22

The clinical trials testing the safety of these injections are not finished, meaning that every member of the public who takes one is now a human guinea pig in an ongoing medical experiment with the population of the planet.

The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines are themselves part of an experimental class of injection that has never before been given to the public;

These vaccines have not been tested for their ability to prevent infection or spread of SARS-CoV-2 and are not intended to do so.

And there is absolutely no long-term data about these vaccines to determine what their effects may be on fertility, the potential for pathogenic priming,23 or any other serious adverse reaction.

That this represents the most reckless and brazen experiment in the history of the world is undeniable on its face. Never before have billions of people been pressured to submit to a completely experimental, invasive medical procedure on the basis of a disease with a greater than 99% survival rate …

Surely those who wish to be the test subjects in this ongoing experiment should be free to make themselves into guinea pigs for the Big Pharma manufacturers.

But every mandate or compulsion to force the vaccine on an unwilling recipient sets a dangerous precedent, a precedent that will one day lead to a tracked and surveilled population unable to resist the next generation of injectable bioelectronics.

This is not a game, this is not a test. Billions of people are being asked to participate in a gigantic experiment, not just an experiment in medical technology, but an experiment in compliance and blind trust.

The pressure to say yes and to go along with the crowd in this experiment is enormous. But if we lose the freedom to say “no” to this, then we may lose control over our bodily autonomy — and, ultimately, our humanity — forever.”

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