24 Dead and 137 Infected in Nursing Home After COVID-19 Vaccination – Previously, They Had ZERO Deaths from Covid

By Adam Dick,

Things seem to be working backwards at The Commons on St. Anthony nursing home in Auburn, New York. Vaccinating people is supposed to reduce or end coronavirus deaths. Right?

But, at The Commons, such deaths are reported to have occurred only after residents began receiving coronavirus vaccinations.

James T. Mulder wrote Saturday at syracuse.com that until December 29 there had been no coronavirus deaths at The Commons.

December 29, when deaths of residents with coronavirus began occurring at The Commons, is also, Mulder’s article discloses, seven days days after the nursing home began giving coronavirus vaccinations to residents, with 80 percent of residents so far having been vaccinated.

Over a period of less than two weeks since December 29, Mulder relates that 24 coronavirus-infected residents at the 300-bed nursing home have died.

Is the timing just a strange coincidence?

Read Mulder’s article here.

This is the penultimate paragraph of Mulder’s article, where vaccinations at The Commons is mentioned:

The nursing home began vaccinating residents Dec. 22. So far 193 residents, or 80%, and 113 employees, or less than half the staff, have been vaccinated. The nursing home plans to do more vaccinations Jan. 12.”

Source:  Humans Are Free.

The New mRNA COVID Vaccines Inject an Operating System into Your Body – Not a Conspiracy Theory, Moderna Admits It

 by Brian Shilhavy

Our first article of 2021 featured a video of an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, titled: Catherine Austin Fitts Explains how the Globalist Billionaires and Technocrats are Planning on Taking Over the Planet, and How We can Stop It.

In this interview, Catherine compared the new mRNA COVID vaccines to a computer operating system, stating that just like computer operating systems such as Windows, that there would be a “back door” where the technocrats will be able to control our bodies through regular “updates.”

I thought it was a brilliant analogy of what the technocrats seek to accomplish with this new class of vaccines.

Well, it turns out this was NOT an “analogy” at all! Moderna, the manufacturer of one of the COVID mRNA vaccines that has currently been issued emergency use authorization, has actually published on their website that this is true: the mRNA vaccine injects an “operating system” into your body that they call “The Software of Life.”

The Globalists have become so bold, and the human masses have become so compliant, that they are no longer doing these things in secret, but right out in the open for all to see.

mRNA Platform: Enabling Drug Discovery & Development


Enabling Drug Discovery & Development

We built Moderna on the guiding premise that if using mRNA as a medicine works for one disease, it should work for many diseases. And, if this is possible – given the right approach and infrastructure – it could meaningfully improve how medicines are discovered, developed and manufactured.

Our Operating System

Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.

We have a dedicated team of several hundred scientists and engineers solely focused on advancing Moderna’s platform technology. They are organized around key disciplines and work in an integrated fashion to advance knowledge surrounding mRNA science and solve for challenges that are unique to mRNA drug development. Some of these disciplines include mRNA biology, chemistry, formulation & delivery, bioinformatics and protein engineering.

Our mRNA Medicines – The ‘Software of Life’

When we have a concept for a new mRNA medicine and begin research, fundamental components are already in place.

Generally, the only thing that changes from one potential mRNA medicine to another is the coding region – the actual genetic code that instructs ribosomes to make protein. Utilizing these instruction sets gives our investigational mRNA medicines a software-like quality. We also have the ability to combine different mRNA sequences encoding for different proteins in a single mRNA investigational medicine.

We are leveraging the flexibility afforded by our platform and the fundamental role mRNA plays in protein synthesis to pursue mRNA medicines for a broad spectrum of diseases.

Overcoming Key Challenges

Using mRNA to create medicines is a complex undertaking and requires overcoming novel scientific and technical challenges. We need to get the mRNA into the targeted tissue and cells while evading the immune system.

If the immune system is triggered, the resultant response may limit protein production and, thus, limit the therapeutic benefit of mRNA medicines.

We also need ribosomes to think the mRNA was produced naturally, so they can accurately read the instructions to produce the right protein. And we need to ensure the cells express enough of the protein to have the desired therapeutic effect.

Our multidisciplinary platform teams work together closely to address these scientific and technical challenges.

This intensive cross-functional collaboration has enabled us to advance key aspects of our platform and make significant strides to deliver mRNA medicines for patients.


Situation Update, Jan 13th, 2021 – Competing Trump scenarios; breaking the spells of FEAR and SCARCITY


(Natural News) On the surface, it appears certain that Trump has thrown in the towel and is preparing for Biden to be sworn in as president. If that’s true, then all conservatives, Christians, gun owners and Trump supporters across America must prepare to be persecuted like never before. The death squads will be initiated by Democrats as soon as they complete their illegal coup and seize the White House.

But another point of view on current events notes the many anomalies that cannot be swept under the rug, such as the fact that now 20,000 armed National Guard troops are descending on Washington D.C. even though Joe Biden won’t even be inaugurated there. He will be sworn in, if that happens, in front of a green screen in a studio where he can attempt several takes to maybe get the words right.

With Italy’s government now collapsing, and the Pope rumored to have been arrested, and a raid having taken place on the Leonardo company that provided the satellite infrastructure used by the deep state to steal the election, it’s obvious that major events are under way on the world stage, all pointing to something much bigger taking place in the next seven days.

Some people close to Trump are in a state of despair, according to reports, but others are defiant and remain convinced that Trump will take office on the 20th (or soon thereafter).

We don’t know the final answer to all this, but we know the importance of proceeding in a way that keeps us in faith and personal integrity. If we are about to march through the fire and be persecuted, then let us do so with absolute adherence to the principles that our wicked opponents despise: Truth, honesty and obedience to God.

In today’s Situation Update, I cover:

  • The coming persecution of conservatives, and what it means for all those who hold Christian values.
  • McConnell’s delusion and why he thinks he can save the GOP by throwing Trump under the bus.
  • Why the FBI is setting up false flag staged attacks on 50 state capitol buildings.
  • Why nearly everything you see from the media, the FBI and Big Tech is pure theater for weak minds.
  • How the FBI will use left-wing crisis actors to dress up as Trump supporters and carry out staged attacks while CNN’s cameras capture the theatrics to further the dark spell of deception on the world.
  • Why most people are living under an actual spell of witchery, and why this spell requires constant fear to maintain, which is why the media is incessantly promoting fear.
  • How to break the spell of fear and scarcity and set yourself free.
  • If Biden is sworn in, he will use the staged violence to call for nationwide gun confiscation. The purpose of this is to provoke civil war, which is what China wants to occur in the United States in order to weaken the country before they attack.
  • Gen. McInerney says World War III has started. China used biological weapons, cyber warfare and now psychological operations (and vote rigging) to attack the United States. Many agents in the US — such as the FBI and most lawmakers — went along with it because they too are compromised by the CCP.
  • Discussion of the recent Joint Chiefs letter that claims Joe Biden will be sworn in as president. Many elements of the military do not report to the Joint Chiefs. SOF report directly to DoD head Chris Miller.
  • Why we have much to thank Trump for, including forcing the wickedness of the radical Left to come out in full view. Trump forced the media, Big Tech and the insane left-wing culture to reveal their true demonic, authoritarian agendas. Trump also gave us four years to prepare for what’s coming next.
  • Why Pelosi claims Trump might order a nuclear strike: Because she is working with the deep state to threaten Trump with a nuclear bomb or dirty bomb false flag operation on U.S. soil.
  • AirBnb is banning all conservatives. So are insurance companies, banks and airlines. Conservatives are the new oppressed class in society.
  • How news networks like CBN propagate lies by deceptively editing Trump’s speech to falsely make it appear like he was calling for violence at the capitol building.
  • PBS Principal Counsel Michael Beller caught inciting violence against Trump supporters in a radical leftwing rant (Project Veritas bombshell).
  • Trump signs new executive orders and directives for hot fusion mobile energy devices that can power spacecraft and help humans colonize other planets. This same technology can be used to provide essentially “free energy” to humanity here on Earth.
  • The White House also launches an Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative.

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 1-11-21… “Khazarian Mafia Seeks to Surrender as Second American Revolution Underway”

Here’s the full weekly report from Ben.

“The events of the past week, and the coming weeks, will go down in history as one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, revolutions in history. We are not talking just about the fall of the United States of America Corporation. We are talking about the end to a system of slavery that has continued for thousands of years.

“…from both the P3 Freemasons and Russian FSB sources that the Khazarian Mafia (specifically the Davos people and the European dark nobility) has reached out to the White Dragon Society and its allies to negotiate a surrender.

“…keep in mind U.S. President Donald Trump… is a genuine human being elected by the human beings of the United States. His political opponent Joe Biden is (more often now visible as a CG composite) representing an unelected group that hides from public view.

“We mention Queen Elizabeth as having been replaced for the first time because unlike in previous years, we have not received any analog documents bearing her signature as proof that she is alive.

“If the Queen is gone, this means now Trump and the U.S. military are now all that stands to protect humanity from enslavement by hidden, malevolent forces. We have received numerous, contradictory reports about where Trump is…

“The trigger for the sudden escalation of this ongoing war was the events in Washington DC on January 6th, 2021. This was a very real attempt to remove from office the last real human leader of a major power.

“General Thomas McInerney is on the record to say the Special Forces did capture computers belonging to members of Congress including that of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. These are filled with incriminating proof about election theft etc… We have unconfirmed reports, from CIA sources that Nancy Pelosi was subsequently arrested at the Canadian border.

“…Pentagon sources say, “President Trump is the last president of the U.S. Corporation.” Instead “Trump, on March 4th,” will become the First President of the New Republic,” the sources say.”


Khazarian Mafia Seeks to Surrender as Second American Revolution Underway
by Benjamin Fulford, January 11, 2021

The events of the past week, and the coming weeks, will go down in history as one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, revolutions in history.  We are not talking just about the fall of the United States of America Corporation.  We are talking about the end to a system of slavery that has continued for thousands of years.

The U.S. military is now officially on the warpath.  Multiple U.S. warriors like Generals Michael Flynn and Thomas McInterney are among the many who have gone on the record to say a Second American Revolution is underway.

We can also report from both the P3 Freemasons and Russian FSB sources that the Khazarian Mafia (specifically the Davos people and the European dark nobility) has reached out to the White Dragon Society and its allies to negotiate a surrender.

As the P3 put it:

“The Deep State is in panic, they want to negotiate…they understand at the highest level what really happened and are afraid.”

This is going to take time because it will involve complex exchanges of documents and actual face-to-face meetings (not via computer networks).  Remember these are the hidden families who privately own such institutions as the UN, the IMF, the BIS, and the World Bank.  That is why arranging an orderly transition cannot be expected to take place overnight.  Anything that replaces it must be democratic, meritocratic, and visible to all.

However, the longer the Khazarians delay their surrender, the more likely it is they will be hung from lamp-posts instead of just being forced to speak to a truth and reconciliation committee.

Also, keep in mind U.S. President Donald Trump, whether you love him or hate him, is a genuine human being elected by the human beings of the United States.  His political opponent Joe Biden is (more often now visible as a CG composite) representing an unelected group that hides from public view.

This same secretive group has killed and replaced Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Pope Francis, and Queen Elizabeth with computer graphics and body double actors.

In the latest indication, Pope Francis is dead, his personal doctor died last week of “Covid 19.”  Presumably, he was killed to prevent him from telling the world that the Pope is dead.  https://edition.cnn.com/world/live-news/coronavirus-pandemic-vaccine-updates-01-10-21/h_e979352feb2e66eaffd7275117d350e4

We mention Queen Elizabeth as having been replaced for the first time because…

…unlike in previous years, we have not received any analog documents bearing her signature as proof that she is alive.  Furthermore, new reports are now saying she and her husband have been given vaccines for the non-existent Covid-19 “virus.”

MI6 sources say this announcement was “a highly out of the ordinary protocol, it is unheard of for any details of health to ever be made mention of in public.” https://news.sky.com/story/amp/covid-19-queen-and-duke-of-edinburgh-receive-first-doses-of-their-coronavirus-vaccinations-12183316

If the Queen is gone, this means now Trump and the U.S. military are now all that stands to protect humanity from enslavement by hidden, malevolent forces.  We have received numerous, contradictory reports about where Trump is but, they all agree he and his family are at a military base somewhere in the Southern United States.

Lin Wood relayed a message of what is to come and over the years of fighting the Khazarian Mafia I can independently confirm and prove that what he says is true.

To learn more about Satanic pedophilia  https://pedoempire.org/book-4-in-print-linked-table-of-contents/

Rest assured though, that these hidden forces have to say hidden because they are few and weak and rely on bribes, lies, and murder to stay in power because they would be killed instantly in an open, fair fight.

What the U.S. military forces now fighting to save their country need to do now is correctly identify their targets for retaliation.  We will get back to that subject later.

But first, let us take a closer look at what has happened.  The trigger for the sudden escalation of this ongoing war was the events in Washington DC on January 6th, 2021.  This was a very real attempt to remove from office the last real human leader of a major power.

Here is what White Dragon Society members who were on the scene in Washington DC have to report about what really happened on that day.  As one source notes:

“In a normal joint session for the counting of electoral votes, members of the public are allowed to observe from the gallery.  On Jan 6, 2017, there were protesters in the gallery who disrupted the proceedings and were ordered to be removed.  It is highly irregular to restrict the public from observing proceedings.  But this was not the case on Wednesday (January 6th).  The public was barred from entering, due to the fake virus crisis.”

Moreover, you can see from the video that  https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=aDULJM-Lbd4

“Not only was the public not allowed in the Gallery to observe, but most members of Congress also were not even allowed on the floor to participate.  Only 11 members on each side were allowed on the floor.  If there could only be 11 members from each side on the floor at any one time, then they could not have had a quorum and the counting of the votes could not be official.”

Our sources also say the U.S. Special Forces sent a team that was specifically trying to find Congressmen but failed.  Perhaps this group was set up.

However, General Thomas McInerney is on the record to say the Special Forces did capture computers belonging to members of Congress including that of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  These are filled with incriminating proof about election theft etc. https://www.bitchute.com/video/YY97haR18zKt/

We have unconfirmed reports, from CIA sources that Nancy Pelosi was subsequently arrested at the Canadian border.

What patriots need to do now is identify the correct targets.  Since Facebook, Twitter, etc. have de-platformed a sitting president then they have committed high treason.  In the normal course of events, this means the executives of these companies should face death by firing squad.  General McInerney and others say the same thing.

So now Special Forces need to be sent to the headquarters of Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. to make arrests and stop the dissemination of deep fakes and other disinformation.

Ordinary people can help fight the high tech oligarchs by making the moves suggested in the diagram below.

Of course, big media companies also need to be occupied by military forces.  Also, needless to say, the politicians and others pushing the election theft, lockdowns, and vaccines are obvious targets.

However, FSB sources warn that most of the obvious targets have already been moved to bunkers.  They suggest that while they hide, we should hijack the elite’s current agenda while making crucial changes to remove the malevolent bits.  For example, one FSB source and WDS member says she has personally confirmed the Russian vaccines now being promoted are “ordinary flu vaccines,” and that accepting these vaccines (even if not used) would be a way to deflect pressure to use dangerous vaccines being pushed by the cabal.

We also note that people are taking direct local action in many places.  Kentucky, San Diego, Quebec, etc. are all seeing such action. https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/2021/01/09/live-updates-patriot-rally-gathered-outside-kentucky-capitol/6586529002/


We also note the U.S. military operations in Pakistan, Italy, Germany, and elsewhere related to the attempted theft of the U.S. election.  Here is the Leonardi Company President whose satellites have been implicated in the election theft. https://www.leonardocompany.com/documents/20142/5502789/CV+ING+Alessandro+Profumo.pdf?t=1603730712429

No matter what though, Pentagon sources say, “President Trump is the last president of the U.S. Corporation.” Instead “Trump, on March 4th,” will become the First President of the New Republic,” the sources say.

However, what U.S. patriots and the U.S. military need to understand, is that even if a new republic is declared and renounces the debts of the U.S. Corporation, it will still need to negotiate a new deal with the rest of the world.  The alternative will be a huge collapse in U.S. living standards and the closure of all overseas U.S. military bases due to a lack of funds.

Remember, it is the U.S. people and not just the U.S. government, who are bankrupt.  Now about 40% of Americans cannot pay their rent or mortgage.  Also, 110,000 restaurants have been bankrupted by the fake pandemic. http://themostimportantnews.com/the-u-s-has-lost-more-than-110000-restaurants-setting-the-stage-for-a-commercial-real-estate-collapse-of-epic-proportions/

U.S. industry has also been mostly moved to China and cannot be rebuilt overnight, It will take many years, if not decades, to do that.

The American people can take cold comfort in the fact that most of the rest of the world is bankrupt too. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-worldbank-debt/world-bank-sees-more-countries-in-deep-debt-distress-this-year-idUSKBN29A1WK?il=0&utm_source=reddit.com

From Bloomberg: “The world’s biggest economies shouldering record debt burdens are about to confront an unwelcome legacy of the financial crisis: a $13 trillion debt bill.” https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-05/a-13-trillion-crisis-era-debt-bill-comes-due-for-big-economies?sref=RJ2RlMrh

Brazil’s president, for example, has admitted his country is bankrupt. https://www.ibtimes.com/brazils-president-says-country-broke-3115320

Even China is facing blackouts due to a coal shortage. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/05/chinese-cities-go-dark-amid-shortage-of-coal-a-key-australian-export.html

What this means is that negotiations for a jubilee and an orderly transition to a better system for running the planet are essential.  These negotiations are taking place but, to get from here to there means they need to pick up the pace.  Otherwise, we will see degeneration to chaos, warfare and mass suffering.

On a final note: more strange planetary movements. https://www.the-sun.com/lifestyle/tech/2106242/jupiter-saturn-mercury-conjunction/

The Search for SARS-CoV-2’s Origin Must Continue

In an in-depth article1 published in New York magazine January 4, 2021, Nicholson Baker reviews the history of viral gain-of-function research, and why the idea that SARS-CoV-2 might be an escaped lab creation isn’t so far-fetched after all.

He points out that while there’s “no direct evidence for an experimental mishap” (the key word here being “direct”), there’s no direct evidence that the virus arose zoonotically either.

In other words, while some scientists have pushed the idea that SARS-CoV-2 arose and evolved naturally, skipping from one animal species to another before ultimately developing the capability of infecting humans, there’s no solid scientific evidence to back this theory, and there should be, were it actually true.

Unique Features Raise Questions About SARS-CoV-2’s Origin

As noted in an August 20, 2020, article2 by Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D., a former researcher with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute, SARS-CoV-2 has several unique features that make it exceptionally well-adapted for human infection.

This is quite odd, considering it “came out of nowhere” and hasn’t been found in any other living creature. If the virus arose naturally, we should be able to trace its evolution back to its source. Unique features of SARS-CoV-2 include:3

  • A very high infection rate, thanks to it being more selective for the human ACE2 receptor than SARS-Cov-1 (the virus responsible for the 2003 SARS pandemic)4
  • A unique furin cleavage site not found in any closely related bat coronaviruses, which allows the virus to fuse to human cells, thereby enhancing its pathogenicity and transmissibility5,6,7,8
  • Certain spike protein structures that are similar to those found in the MERS-CoV virus, which allow the virus to attach using not only the ACE2 receptor but also the DPP4 receptor, like MERS-CoV. This dual receptor strategy might be responsible for its ability to infect a wide range of human tissues9

In the preprint paper “Wuhan nCoV-2019 SARS Coronaviruses Genomics Fractal Metastructures Evolution and Origins,”10 Jean-Claude Perez, Ph.D., a retired interdisciplinary researcher with the IBM European Research Center on Artificial Intelligence, claims to provide “formal proof that 2019-nCoV coronavirus is partially a synthetic genome.”

According to Perez, the presence of HIV1 retrovirus fragments is evidence of SARS-CoV-2’s artificial nature. I’ve also written many other articles detailing evidence suggesting SARS-CoV-2 might be a laboratory creation.

Gain-of-Function Research Is a Pandemic Waiting to Happen

One of the reasons scientists would want to promote the zoonotic theory is because their livelihoods and careers are at stake. If it turns out that SARS-CoV-2 is an escaped lab creation, the logical conclusion would be that we need to severely restrict or stop gain-of-function research on pathogens altogether.

“It has been a full year … and, surprisingly, no public investigation has taken place,” Baker writes.11 “I think it’s worth offering some historical context for our yearlong medical nightmare.

We need to hear from the people who for years have contended that certain types of virus experimentation might lead to a disastrous pandemic like this one.

And we need to stop hunting for new exotic diseases in the wild, shipping them back to laboratories, and hot-wiring their genomes to prove how dangerous to human life they might become.”

As the name implies, gain-of-function research is aimed at creating more virulent strains of pathogens by giving them new functionalities. The justification for this hazardous work is that viruses mutate naturally, and we need to be prepared for the kinds of mutations that might arise.

The problem with this is that we’ve not been prepared for any of the lethal pandemics that have arisen, despite investing hundreds of millions of dollars into this kind of research. Apparently, it hasn’t given us the head start it’s supposed to give us, so why continue?

Even more disturbingly, there’s evidence that this research has caused a number of lethal outbreaks through the years. Many believe it’s only a matter of time before scientists cook up something truly horrific — something that would never have arisen in nature — that might threaten humanity’s survival were it to get out. As noted in Baker’s article:12

“The intentional creation of new microbes that combine virulence with heightened transmissibility ‘poses extraordinary risks to the public,’ wrote infectious-disease experts Marc Lipsitch and Thomas Inglesby in 2014. ‘A rigorous and transparent risk-assessment process for this work has not yet been established.’ That’s still true today.

In 2012, in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists,13 Lynn Klotz warned that there was an 80 percent chance, given how many laboratories were then handling virulent viro-varietals, that a leak of a potential pandemic pathogen would occur sometime in the next 12 years.”

Operation Baseless

In his article,14 Baker highlights a 1950s Pentagon program called Project Baseless, the goal of which was to achieve “an Air Force-wide combat capability in biological and chemical warfare at the earliest possible date.”

According to Baker, who has published an entire book on this topic, the U.S. government has spent “a vast treasure” on the “amplification and aerial delivery of diseases” over the past 70 years.

Serial Passaging Mimics Natural Evolution

One technique that allows scientists to make a pathogen more virulent is called “serial passaging.” By passing the virus through a series of cells from different animals, the virus progressively adapts to the new host cell, just as it would in nature (although there’s no guarantee that such transmission and adaptation would actually occur in nature). As described by Baker:15

“Take, for instance, this paper from 1995: ‘High Recombination and Mutation Rates in Mouse Hepatitis Viruses Suggest That Coronaviruses May Be Potentially Important Emerging Viruses’ … written by Dr. Ralph Baric and his bench scientist, Boyd Yount, at the University of North Carolina.

Baric … described in this early paper how his lab was able to train a coronavirus, MHV, which causes hepatitis in mice, to jump species, so that it could reliably infect BHK (baby-hamster kidney) cell cultures.

They did it using serial passaging: repeatedly dosing a mixed solution of mouse cells and hamster cells with mouse-hepatitis virus, while each time decreasing the number of mouse cells and upping the concentration of hamster cells.

At first, predictably, the mouse-hepatitis virus couldn’t do much with the hamster cells, which were left almost free of infection, floating in their world of fetal-calf serum.

But by the end of the experiment, after dozens of passages through cell cultures, the virus had mutated: It had mastered the trick of parasitizing an unfamiliar rodent. A scourge of mice was transformed into a scourge of hamsters …

A few years later, in a further round of ‘interspecies transfer’ experimentation, Baric’s scientists introduced their mouse coronavirus into flasks that held a suspension of African-green-monkey cells, human cells, and pig-testicle cells.

Then, in 2002, they announced something even more impressive: They’d found a way to create a full-length infectious clone of the entire mouse-hepatitis genome. Their ‘infectious construct’ replicated itself just like the real thing, they wrote.16

Not only that, but they’d figured out how to perform their assembly seamlessly, without any signs of human handiwork. Nobody would know if the virus had been fabricated in a laboratory or grown in nature. Baric called this the ‘no-see’m method,’ and he asserted that it had ‘broad and largely unappreciated molecular biology applications.'”

In 2006, Baric and Yount were granted a patent for this “no-see’m method” of cloning the deadly human SARS virus, which had been responsible for the SARS outbreak four years earlier. Interestingly, Baric started collaborating with another coronavirus expert in 2015 — a female scientist named Shi Zhengli at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.17

In his book “China COVID-19: The Chimera That Changed the World,”18 professor Giuseppe Tritto — president of the World Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Technology, founded under UNESCO, and an internationally recognized expert in bio and nanotechnology — accuses Shi of producing a SARS-like virus with increased pathogenicity by inserting a segment of the HIV virus into a horseshoe bat coronavirus.19

Thousands of Safety Breaches Have Occurred

As noted by Baker,20 “By 1960, hundreds of American scientists and technicians had been hospitalized, victims of the diseases they were trying to weaponize.” Since then, many more safety breaches have occurred.

Between 2008 and 2012 alone, more than 1,100 lab incidents involving highly infectious germs were reported to federal regulators,21 but the details are shrouded in secrecy.

According to a 2014 article in USA Today,22 “More than half these incidents were serious enough that lab workers received medical evaluations or treatment.” In his article, Baker lists several lethal incidents, including the following:23

  • In 1951, a Camp Detrick, Maryland, microbiologist developed a fever and died after trying to perfect the “foaming process of high-volume production” of anthrax
  • In 1964, veterinary worker Albert Nickel died after being bitten by a lab animal infected with the Machupo virus, which causes hemorrhagic fever
  • A 1977 global pandemic of influenza was traced back to a sample collected in 1950, which had been “preserved in a laboratory freezer” since then
  • In 1978, a medical photographer died after contracting a hybrid strain of smallpox at a lab in Birmingham, England
  • In 2007, live specimens of foot-and-mouth disease ended up leaking out of a faulty drainpipe at the Institute for Animal Health in Surrey, England

Only a Matter of Time Before Something Truly Nasty Gets Out

Other incidents are even more serious. For example, in 2015, the U.S. Department of Defense discovered that a germ-warfare testing center in Utah had sent out nearly 200 shipments of live anthrax to labs around the world, including the U.S., Australia, Germany, Japan and South Korea. Remarkably, this had been going on for the past 12 years!

As recently as 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shut down labs at Fort Detrick after “breaches of containment” were discovered.

“High-containment laboratories have a whispered history of near misses,” Baker writes.24 “Scientists are people, and people have clumsy moments and poke themselves and get bitten by the enraged animals they are trying to nasally inoculate.

Machines can create invisible aerosols, and cell solutions can become contaminated. Waste systems don’t always work properly. Things can go wrong in a hundred different ways …

I asked Jonathan A. King, a molecular biologist and biosafety advocate from MIT, whether he’d thought lab accident when he first heard about the epidemic. ‘Absolutely, absolutely,’ King answered. Other scientists he knew were concerned as well.

But scientists, he said, in general were cautious about speaking out. There were ‘very intense, very subtle pressures’ on them not to push on issues of laboratory biohazards.

Collecting lots of bat viruses, and passaging those viruses repeatedly through cell cultures, and making bat-human viral hybrids, King believes, ‘generates new threats and desperately needs to be reined in.'”

Baker quotes concerns from several other scientists as well, including Philip Murphy, chief of the Laboratory of Molecular Immunology at the NIH; Nikolai Petrovsky, a professor of endocrinology at Flinders University College of Medicine in Adelaide, Australia; and Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University.

Ebright, in particular, said he’d “been concerned for some years” about the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s efforts to create hybrid SARS-related bat coronaviruses “with enhanced human infectivity.” Ebright told Baker that “In this context, the news of a novel coronavirus in Wuhan *screamed* lab release.”

US Government Suspects Lab Leak

A number of government officials have also given credence to the lab-origin theory, including U.S. deputy national security adviser Matthew Pottinger, who in January 2021 stated that the lab-escape theory is the most credible, based on a growing body of evidence.

According to a January 2, 2021, report by the Daily Mail,25 “during a Zoom conference with [British] MPs on China.” The article further states that:

“Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory Party leader who attended the meeting, said Mr. Pottinger’s comments represented a ‘stiffening’ of the U.S. position on the theory that the virus came from a leak at the laboratory, amid reports that the Americans are talking to a whistleblower from the Wuhan institute.

I was told the U.S. have an ex-scientist from the laboratory in America at the moment,’ he said. ‘That was what I heard a few weeks ago. I was led to believe this is how they have been able to stiffen up their position on how this outbreak originated.’ He added that Beijing’s refusal to allow journalists to visit the laboratory only served to increase suspicion that it was ‘ground zero’ for the pandemic.”

Independent Investigation Required

As noted by journalist Ian Birrell in another January 3, 2021 article26 in the Daily Mail, “The world must investigate all the mounting evidence COVID leaked from a Wuhan lab.”

At present, there are two such investigations underway — one by the World Health Organization27 and another by The Lancet’s COVID-19 commission28 — but both are grossly tainted by conflicts of interest. EcoHealth Alliance president Peter Daszak is part of both of these investigations, despite being at the epicenter of the whole affair.

As noted in a December 16, 2020, Independent Science News article written by journalist Sam Husseini:29

  1. When SARS-CoV-2 first emerged in Wuhan, China, the EcoHealth Alliance was providing funding to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to collect and study novel bat coronaviruses.
  2. Daszak has been the primary expert chosen by the mainstream media to explain the origin of the pandemic.
  3. Daszak has openly and repeatedly dismissed the possibility of the pandemic being the result of a lab leak.30

What’s more, in November 2020, U.S. Right to Know (USRTK), an investigative public health nonprofit group, reported31,32 that emails obtained via Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests prove Daszak played a central role in the plot to obscure the lab origin of SARS-CoV-2 by issuing a scientific statement in The Lancet condemning such inquiries as “conspiracy theory.”

Five other members of The Lancet Commission also signed the February 18, 2020, Lancet statement,33 which puts their credibility in question as well.

Daszak has every reason to make sure SARS-CoV-2 origin ends up being declared natural. It would be naïve to believe that safeguarding the continuation of dangerous gain-of-function research wouldn’t be a powerful motivator to preserve the zoonotic origin narrative.

Inconsistencies in the Data Raise Concerns

Professor Roger Pielke Jr., who studies and writes “about the messy and complicated places where science meets politics,”34 has also highlighted the need for independent investigations by the scientific community. In a November 19, 2020, blog post, Pielke wrote:35

“We should not let the hot politics of COVID-19 distract from the need for a cool assessment of where it came from, and corresponding lessons for the future.

A first priority for the research community, and in particular leading academic journals, is to ensure that relevant data is made available for independent analysis and that the narratives told and claims made by researchers are consistent across the scientific literature.

In the case of COVID-19, there is ample reason to suggest that some narratives and claims have been misleading or incomplete, and that data have been selectively shared, or not at all, or even gone missing.”

He goes on to review examples of inconsistencies discovered in both the timeline and characterization of data presented by Wuhan Institute of Virology scientists, who were among the first to publish data on the virus back in February 2020. One of those papers, published in the journal Nature, suggested SARS-CoV-2 was related to previously unsequenced bat coronaviruses.

However, shortly after, Indian researchers hypothesized that the bat virus described in that Nature paper had actually been collected in 2013, after several miners fell ill from a disease suspiciously similar to COVID-19.

“Earlier this week Nature published a clarifying addendum36 to the original WIV article. That addendum admitted that, yes indeed, the bat coronavirus was collected in 2013 from a cave after a group of miners had fallen ill due to a SARS-like disease.

Further, that 2013 bat coronavirus had been discussed in a 2016 paper37 (which, oddly, was uncited in their Nature paper). The name of the virus sample had been changed since 2016, and interestingly, was one of nine similar coronaviruses that had been collected at the time, but never disclosed, apparently until the Nature Addendum …

All of this is unusual and is troubling. The failure to disclose what are obviously key details is sloppy, under the most charitable interpretation, and less generously, lends itself to interpretations of being misleading or evasive …

The issues associated with the WIV Nature paper provide just a few from a larger set of examples of research integrity issues38 that appear to surround the WIV COVID-19 research. For instance, some researchers have alleged that relevant virus databases once online at WIV are no longer available39,40

While understanding the origins of COVID-19 is important to public health and international diplomacy, setting the research record straight is a matter of scientific integrity.”

Complicating matters, though, is the fact that China’s political system is an authoritarian one. There have been plenty of rumors of Chinese scientists being threatened by the government for speaking out about matters that might damage the nation or cause it to lose face, so while China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has pledged China will help the WHO’s investigation into the origin of SARS-CoV-2 with an “open, transparent and responsible spirit,”41 there’s reason to doubt the genuineness of that statement.

Be that as it may, we must not give up the quest to determine its origin, because, as mentioned, if it turns out that the virus was created, and did escape — whether intentionally or not — we need to ensure that such an event never happens again. And that may mean shutting down and banning gain-of-function research altogether. 

COVID Vaccine May Not Prevent Infection, Disease Transmission

At a virtual press conference held by the World Health Organization December 28, 2020, WHO officials warned there is no guarantee that COVID-19 vaccines will prevent people from being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and transmitting it to other people.1

In a New Year’s Day interview with Newsweek, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), reinforced the WHO’s admission that health officials do not know if COVID-19 vaccines prevent infection or if people can spread the virus to others after getting vaccinated.2

According to U.S. and WHO health officials, vaccinated persons still need to mask and social distance because they could be able to spread the new coronavirus to others without knowing it.3,4

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in December 2020 for Pfizer/BioNTech5 and Moderna6 to release their experimental mRNA vaccines for use in the U.S., the companies only provided evidence from clinical trials to demonstrate that, compared to unvaccinated trial participants, their vaccines prevented more mild to severe COVID-19 disease symptoms in vaccinated participants.

The companies did not investigate whether the vaccines prevent people from becoming asymptomatically infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and/or transmitting it to other people.7,8

COVID-19 Vaccines Designed to Prevent Severe Disease

According to WHO officials, while it appears the vaccines can prevent clinically symptomatic COVID-19 clinical disease, there is no clear evidence COVID-19 vaccines are effective at preventing asymptomatic infection and transmission. During the press conference, WHO chief scientist and pediatrician Dr. Soumya Swaminathan said:9

“We continue to wait for more results from the vaccine trials to really understand whether the vaccines, apart from preventing symptomatic disease and severe disease and deaths, whether they’re also going to reduce infection or prevent people from getting infected with the virus, then from passing it on or transmitting it to other people.

I don’t believe we have the evidence on any of the vaccines to be confident that it’s going to prevent people from actually getting the infection and therefore being able to pass it on.”

Swaminathan said the COVID-19 vaccine was designed to first prevent symptomatic disease, severe disease and deaths. Dr. Mark Ryan, MPH, who is executive director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program, agreed with Swaminathan and added:10

“So the first primary objective is to decrease the impact the disease is having on people’s lives and, therefore, that will be a major step forward in bringing the world back to some kind of normal.

The second phase is then looking at how will this vaccine affect transmission. We just don’t know enough yet about length of protection and other things to be absolutely able to predict that, but we should be able to get good control of the virus.”

SARS-CoV-2 Eradication Via Mass Vaccination Is a ‘Moonshot’

Ryan also pointed out that the decision by WHO to try to eradicate the SARS-CoV-2 virus “requires a much higher degree of efficiency and effectiveness in the vaccination program and the other control measures” and that it is likely the new coronavirus will “become another endemic virus, a virus that will remain somewhat of a threat but a very low level threat in the context of an effective vaccination program.”

Ryan cautioned that, like with measles and polio, there is no guarantee of eliminating the SARS-CoV-2 virus through mass vaccination programs. He said:11

“The existence of a vaccine even at high efficacy is no guarantee of eliminating or eradicating an infectious disease. That’s a very high bar for us to be able to get over. First, we have to focus on saving lives, getting good control of this epidemic, and then we will deal with the moonshot of potentially being able to eliminate or eradicate this virus.”

Azar Says Get Vaccinated but Still Mask Up

In a December 22, 2020, interview, HHS Secretary Alex Azar told Fox News that the current “consensus” among health officials is that people who get two doses of COVID-19 vaccine should still mask up and practice social distancing. He said:12

“We’re still studying some fundamental scientific questions though, such as, once you’ve been vaccinated, do you still need to wear a mask to protect others, could you still be carrying the virus even though you’re protected from it …

If you’re getting vaccinated right now, still social distance, still wear a mask, but all these [recommendations] have to be data and science-driven, so we’re working to generate the data there so that as we go forward, we’ll be able to advise people on a foundation of data.”

COVID-19 Vaccine Passports and Mandates May Be Coming

In an interview on CNN in early April 2020 when most states were in some form of a coronavirus lockdown, Fauci told Alyson Camerota, “It’s very likely that there are a large number of people out there that have been infected, have been asymptomatic, and did not know they were infected.”13

Eight months later, on New Year’s Day 2021, Fauci told Newsweek that in his role as the new administration’s chief medical adviser, there is a possibility the federal government will eventually introduce “COVID-19 vaccine passports” and that some city, county or state governments and businesses will make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory, including in schools.14

“Everything will be on the table,” Fauci declared. A week earlier, Fauci told The New York Times that between 70% and 90% of the U.S. population would need to get COVID-19 vaccinations in order for the country to reach vaccine-acquired herd immunity. He explained why he has continued to shift the “herd immunity” goal post over the past year:15

“When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75 percent. Then, when newer surveys said 60 percent or more would take it, I thought, ‘I can nudge this up a bit,’ so I went to 80, 85 … We really don’t know what the real number is. I think the real range is somewhere between 70 to 90 percent. But, I’m not going to say 90 percent.”

Even as Fauci discussed vaccine passports and mandates in Newsweek, he admitted that proving that COVID-19 vaccines do more than prevent clinical disease but also block infection and transmission has been elusive. He emphasized that persons who get vaccinated still must wear masks:16

“We do not know if the vaccines that prevent clinical disease also prevent infection. They very well might, but we have not proven that yet … That’s the reason I keep saying that even though you get vaccinated, we should not eliminate, at all, public health measures like wearing masks because we don’t know yet what the effect [of the vaccine] is on transmissibility.”

Fauci added, “We don’t know what we don’t know.”

Immunity Passports: Suggested Soon After the Pandemic Began

Government health officials in Israel are getting ready to issue a COVID-19 “green passport” to citizens who have received two COVID-19 shots, which will exempt them from travel restrictions and testing for infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus or being required to quarantine after exposure to an infected person.17

Technology companies have been working on creating a digital certificate, which contains personal medical information giving evidence that an individual has been vaccinated and can be used as a screening tool by employers, businesses and owners or operators of services and public venues, such as airlines, theme parks, concert halls, hotels and other places where people gather in groups with other people.18,19,20,21

Immediately after the coronavirus pandemic was declared by the WHO last winter, Silicon Valley businessman Bill Gates began talking about the need for issuing digital certificates proving immunity to the virus and, once a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available, proof of vaccination.

In a comment posted on Reddit in March 2020, Gates said, “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.”22

That same month in a TED Talk, Gates explained how lockdowns and resulting “economic pain” will prevent people from getting naturally acquired immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and that immunity “certificates” will eventually be required. Gates said:23

“Now we don’t want to have a lot of recovered people, you know. To be clear, we’re trying through the shutdown in the United States, to not get to one percent of the population infected. We’re well below that today, but with exponentiation you could get past that three million. I believe we will be able to avoid that with having this economic pain.

Eventually, what we’ll have to have is certificates of who is a recovered person, who’s a vaccinated person, because you don’t want people moving around the world where you’ll have some countries that won’t have it under control, sadly. You don’t want to completely block off the ability for people to go there and come back and move around.”

In an April 9, 2020, interview on National Public Radio, Gates returned to the message that some “social distancing” measures have to stay in place “until we get a vaccine that almost everybody’s had.” He said:24

“What I’m saying, what Dr. Anthony Fauci is saying, what some other experts are saying, there’s a great deal of consistency. We’re not sure yet which activities should be resumed, because until we get a vaccine that almost everybody’s had, the risk of a rebound will be there.”

As of January 3, 2021, the CDC had recorded over 20 million COVID-19 cases and nearly 350,000 related deaths.25

Lasting Immunity After Mild, Asymptomatic COVID-19 Infection

A study was published December 24, 2020, in Science Immunology by scientists from Queen Mary, University of London, in which they analyzed antibody and T cell responses in 136 London health care workers and reported that there was evidence of protective immunity up to four months after mild or asymptomatic COVID-19.26

A press release issued by the university stated that mild or asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections represent the largest infected group and noted that researchers found T cell responses tended to be higher in those with the classic, defining symptoms of COVID-19, while asymptomatic infection resulted in a weaker T cell immunity than symptomatic infection, but equivalent neutralizing antibody responses.27 One of the researchers commented:28

“Our study of SARS-CoV-2 infection in healthcare workers from London hospitals reveals that four months after infection, around 90 percent of individuals have antibodies to block the virus. Even more encouragingly, in 66 percent of healthcare workers we see levels of these protective antibodies are high and that this robust antibody response is complemented by T cells which we see reacting to various parts of the virus.

This is good news. It means that if you have been infected there is a good chance that you will have developed antibodies and T cells that may provide some protection if you encounter the virus again.”

Why They Are Afraid and Why They Ought to Be

 By Anna Von Reitz

They are pirates.  They are con artists.  They are cannibals.  They are reprehensible criminals.  And they have been viciously suppressed since ancient times — in Babylon, in Greece, in Egypt, in India,  in Carthage, in Rome, in Phoenicia, in Ireland, in Wales, in France, in Scotland, too.  

Their evil religion is universally abhorrent and has been universally condemned and suppressed for thousands of years, but because their chief stock-in-trade is the commodity called “money” they have continued to ply their trade, and people have foolishly allowed the devotees of Mammon to push their self-created idols as things having “value”— when in fact, no value but gullibility and convenience is involved. 

Humanity has proven to be very simple-minded, and that has led to the “bloom and bust” history of the Babylonian Mystery Religion.  We wise up and suppress the rats, and then, we forget.  Money is so convenient.  We produce our own for a while and all goes well, and then…. 

The Merchants of Money wheedle and coerce and blackmail and squeeze their way back into power, and everything predictably goes to Hell again.  

Look at the history of the Federal Reserve.  Concocted in a backroom meeting on Jekyll Island, Georgia, using the excuse that such an institution would be able to stabilize the banking industry and currency values and keep the banks on the straight and narrow.


That’s me, guffawing in the background.  

Well, the Federal Reserve System could have done that and a great deal more.  Could have.  If it wasn’t operated by crooks, for crooks, and on behalf of crooks from Day One. 

It’s like saying an infamous Madam could become a righteous God-fearing woman and fearless leader of the PTA, a wonderful Mother and faithful Wife.  

Could.  Surely.  Could. 

In the same way, the Federal Reserve could have been a great institution and could have served noble purposes, but that was hardly in the make-up or history of the men promoting it, and nobody should be too surprised that the noble side of the Federal Reserve System was never explained to the General Public. 

Explaining it to the General Public would have meant that mere average Americans would have had remedy for the illegal and immoral profiteering of the Federal Reserve—- and that was never the intention.  

The intention was for the Perpetrators to commandeer the control of the banks and the US Mint and the US Treasury and the control of the domestic and international currencies, plus all the transfer systems related to each — and to also leave themselves a loophole by which they could exempt themselves from any private losses. 

So the Madam returned to her wanton ways, left Dear Old Uncle Sam to take care of the six kids she abandoned, and skipped town with everything of value packed in a rucksack for offshore deposit in the middle of the night. 

Now all the chickens have come home to roost, the embezzlement and enslavement rackets, the impersonation scheme, the barratry practiced by the courts, the theft of our natural resources, the duplicitous, self-serving, substitution of our government by foreign powers, the grotesque Breach of Trust, the criminal malfeasance and mis-administration of virtually all functions of our government — plus the banking and currency gambits, all of it. 

And they are afraid.  They ought to be afraid.  They deserve to be afraid.  

They are pumping incense into the skies and trying to protect their satellites from the righteous anger of the newly awakened National Governments —actual governments that now realize that they have all been abused and cheated and undermined by these charlatans.  

They can sense another purge and suppression coming on, because the National Governments are being roused to take action against them, and it is in the best interests of the National Governments to do so.  

But there is another twist, something else embedded in their memories, that they don’t like to think about— the prophecy of their final defeat.   Their plot against humanity has been discovered and the fury of the Primal Creator has been unleashed; and, these people who worship the God of War, now know that The Undefeated have been roused against them, right here on Earth. 

The name Guilleroi de Armentrois du Lac may mean nothing to you, but it means something to them. 

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