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Why COVID-19 Cases Will Instantly Drop

COVID-19 cases will drop like a rock from here on, and the reason for that is simple. One hour after Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th president of the United States, the World Health Organization suddenly and out of the blue lowered the recommended PCR cycle threshold (CT),1,2 which automatically guarantees that the number of “cases,” i.e., positive PCR test results, will plummet.

For months, experts have warned that COVID-19 is not so much a viral pandemic as it is a “casedemic” or pandemic of false positive tests, and the thing that has kept this casedemic going this long is the fact that laboratories have been using excessively high CTs.3 I detailed this scheme in “COVID-19 Testing Scandal Deepens” and “Astonishing COVID-19 Testing Fraud Revealed.”

Tests recommended by the World Health Organization used to be set to 45 cycles,4,5,6 yet the scientific consensus has long been that anything over 35 CTs renders the test useless,7,8,9 as the accuracy will be a measly 3% — 97% are false positives.10

Why in the world did it take them this long to fix this well-recognized problem, which fueled the false idea that asymptomatic people posed a health threat and had to be quarantined? As reported by former Fortune 500 executive and health care professional Stacey Lennox in a PJ Media column:11

“In August of last year, The New York Times published an article stating that as many as 90% of COVID-19 tests in three states were not indicative of active illness. In other words, they were picking up viral debris incapable of causing infection or being transmitted because the cycle threshold (Ct) of the PCR testing amplified the sample too many times …

Shortly before the New York Times article was published, the CDC revised its COVID-19 test recommendations, saying that only symptomatic patients should be tested.

The media went insane, and Dr. Fauci went all over television saying … ‘I am concerned about the interpretation of these recommendations and worried it will give people the incorrect assumption that asymptomatic spread is not of great concern. In fact it is.’

The guidelines went back to testing everyone, all the time, with an oversensitive test. The idea that asymptomatic spread was a concern as of August was just one of many lies Dr. Fauci told …”

Lower CT Results in Lower ‘Case’ Loads

The WHO’s update, dated January 20, 2021, admits that a positive PCR test alone does not equal infection, that the “PCR threshold (CT) needed to detect virus is inversely proportional to the patient’s viral load,” and that in cases where the patient’s symptoms do not correspond to the result of the test, they should be retested using the same or different test.

In other words, if you don’t have symptoms, a positive test using a high CT is unlikely to indicate active infection. Most likely, you’re not infectious and will not get sick. Taking a patient’s symptoms into account should have been routine practice from the beginning, and lowering the CT count should have occurred months ago. It just didn’t fit the geopolitical narrative.

January 7, 2021, the Kansas Department of Health also lowered the CT for its COVID-19 tests, from 42 to 35 CTs. While it’s unclear if private labs in the state followed suit and, if so, how many, the “case” trend in Kansas did start to drop, from a daily average of 2,752 on January 7 to 1,795 as of January 20.12 Indeed, Lennox’s prediction back in October 2020 is getting more prophetic by the day:13

“Biden will issue national standards, like the plexiglass barriers in restaurants he spoke about during the debate, and pressure governors to implement mask mandates using the federal government’s financial leverage. Some hack at the CDC or FDA will issue new guidance lowering the Ct the labs use, and cases will magically start to fall.

In reality, the change will only eliminate false positives, but most Americans won’t know that. Good old Uncle Joe will be the hero, even though it is Deep-State actors in the health bureaucracies who won’t solve a problem with testing they have been aware of for months.”

US Slated to Shape the Great Reset

Why did the WHO wait this long to correct the CT guidance? Is it really a coincidence that the updated guidance was issued on the day of Biden’s inauguration? Or is it just more evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic is a political chess piece, the aim of which is to guide the world’s population into a global economic and social “reset”?

President Biden has a long history of supporting globalist agendas and the “New World Order,” which is the old term for what is now called the “Great Reset.” Clearly, Biden would be the preferred choice for the technocratic elite pushing this nefarious agenda to radically decrease personal liberties.

As noted in an October 29, 2020, article on the World Economic Forum website,14 it is U.S. foreign policy that will shape the Great Reset. “The United States will need to set distinct priorities to ensure its foreign policy efforts can harness its capabilities to shape the global recovery,” the article states.

While much of the discussion therein sounds benevolent and good to the untrained ear, those who have investigated the Great Reset plan and are familiar with the jargon and the real meaning behind the buzz words will be able to read the truth between the lines.

Media Are Complicit in Creating the Fake Pandemic Narrative

Just how did the deep state technocracy fool the masses? In short, through their media accomplices. Without the mainstream media pumping out misleading if not flat-out false information on a daily basis (think nonstop tickertape with case and mortality data, for example), none of it would have been possible. 

A key player behind the Great Reset is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). As explained by Swiss Policy Research, “Largely unbeknownst to the general public, executives and top journalists of almost all major U.S. media outlets have long been members of the influential Council on Foreign Relations.”15

Not to be confused with the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations or the European Council on Foreign Relations, CFR is a nonprofit think tank, the 5,000-plus members of which also include past and present presidents, politicians, secretaries of state, CIA directors, bankers, lawyers, academic professors and corporate leaders, just to name a few.16

CFR also operates the David Rockefeller Studies Program, which in turn advises the White House on foreign policy matters. Overall, the CFR wields incredible power and influence over the U.S. White House and its policies. As reported by Swiss Policy Research:17

“In his famous article about ‘The American Establishment,’ political columnist Richard H. Rovere noted: ‘The directors of the CFR make up a sort of Presidium for that part of the Establishment that guides our destiny as a nation …

[I]t rarely fails to get one of its members, or at least one of its allies, into the White House. In fact, it generally is able to see to it that both nominees are men acceptable to it.’ It was not until the 2016 election that the Council couldn’t, apparently, prevail.”

The Synchronization of Fake News

CFR has two international affiliates: the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission. As explained by Swiss Policy Research, both of these groups were established by CFR leaders “to foster elite cooperation at the global level.”

Well-known names in the Trilateral group’s U.S. branch include David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Michael Bloomberg and Google heavyweights Eric Schmidt and Susan Molinari, vice president for public policy at Google. Many of its board members are also members of The Aspen Institute, which grooms and mentors executives from around the world about the subtleties of globalization.

As you can see in the graphic below, major media are well represented in all three groups, which explains how a false narrative (whatever it might be) can be so widely coordinated and synchronized to the day, if not the hour.

american empire and its media

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As noted in the Swiss Policy Research post, “The Propaganda Multiplier”:18

“It is one of the most important aspects of our media system, and yet hardly known to the public: most of the international news coverage in Western media is provided by only three global news agencies [Associated Press (AP), Reuters and Agence France-Presse (AFP)] based in New York, London and Paris.

The key role played by these agencies means Western media often report on the same topics, even using the same wording. In addition, governments, military and intelligence services use these global news agencies as multipliers to spread their messages around the world.

A study of the Syria war coverage by nine leading European newspapers clearly illustrates these issues: 78% of all articles were based in whole or in part on agency reports … 0% on investigative research. Moreover, 82% of all opinion pieces and interviews were in favor of a U.S. and NATO intervention, while propaganda was attributed exclusively to the opposite side.”

The ‘Free Press’ Is Far From Independent

Until or unless these news agencies send out a notice, national and local media are unlikely to report on an event. Even photos and videos are typically sourced directly from these global news agencies. This way, people hear, see and read the exact same message everywhere.

“This dependency on the global agencies creates a striking similarity in international reporting: from Vienna to Washington, our media often report the same topics, using many of the same phrases – a phenomenon that would otherwise rather be associated with ‘controlled media’ in authoritarian states,” Swiss Policy Research writes.19

Even media outlets that have foreign correspondents on their payroll do not expect those correspondents to conduct independent investigations. They too simply report whatever the Big Three news agencies want covered, and from the angle they want it covered. What you end up with is a sort of echo-chamber where only one view is presented.

As one might expect, this setup makes for a perfect propaganda machine. As noted by Swiss Policy Research, “Due to the rather low journalistic performance of the mainstream media and their high dependence on a few news agencies, it is easy for interested parties to spread propaganda and disinformation in a supposedly respectable format to a worldwide audience.” Military and defense ministries are well aware of this and use it with regularity.

Full Circle Back to the WHO

We’ve already mentioned three key organizations involved in creating and pushing the Great Reset agenda forward: the CFR, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group. The WHO, which serves as the medical branch of the U.N., also plays a central role in the technocratic plan, which brings us full circle back to where we started this article.

Its role in the Great Reset agenda is why I don’t believe it’s pure coincidence that the WHO’s sudden decision to change the way we diagnose COVID-19 cases coincided with the inauguration of President Biden. It’s simply too convenient. Another clue: One of the first things Biden did when he entered office was to rejoin the WHO.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation became the WHO’s largest funder when the Trump administration, in mid-April 2020, halted funding until a White House review of the WHO’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic can be completed.20

The GAVI Alliance — a partnership between Gates and Big Pharma with a stated aim of solving global health problems through vaccines — is also a top donor to the WHO, and one of the primary initiatives of the World Economic Forum,21 which we’ll review next.

The World Economic Forum

No deep state organizational chart is complete without the World Economic Forum, which serves as the social and economic branch of the U.N. and is the organization that hosts the annual conference of billionaires at Davos, Switzerland.22

The World Economic Forum was founded by Klaus Schwab, who also wrote the books “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” (2016), “Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution” (2018) and “COVID-19: The Great Reset.”

The World Economic Forum is a conglomeration of the world’s largest and most powerful businesses, all of which are helping to further the technocratic agenda along. They include:

  • Microsoft, which made Bill Gates a billionaire
  • MasterCard, which is leading the globalist charge to develop digital IDs and banking services
  • Google, the No. 1 Big Data collector in the world and a leader in artificial intelligence services
  • Foundations started by the world’s wealthiest people, such as the Rockefeller foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Ford Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation

When you peek behind the curtain at the World Economic Forum and the WHO, you find all the same wealthy individuals and their companies and foundations who, although they claim to be working for a more equitable society and healthier planet, are really only trying to centralize profit and power.

Technocracy by Any Other Name Is Still Technocracy

Many of the terms we’ve heard more and more of from these and other organizations in recent years actually refer to technocracy under a different name. Examples include:

The Great Reset23

The Fourth Industrial Revolution24

“Build Back Better”25

Sustainable development

Agenda 21

The 2030 Agenda

The New Urban Agenda

Green economy

The green new deal

The Paris Climate Agreement and the global warming movement in general

All of these refer to and are part of technocracy and its resource-based economics. Their common goal is to capture ownership of all the resources of the world for a small global elite group that has the know-how to program the computer systems that will ultimately dictate the lives of everyone.

What they’re aiming for is really the ultimate form of totalitarianism. When they talk about “wealth redistribution,” what they’re actually referring to is the redistribution of resources from us to them, and that is precisely the kind of wealth transfer the COVID-19 “casedemic” facilitated.

For nearly a year, we were snookered into thinking that millions would die unless we gave up all semblance of a normal life, when in fact faulty testing had been put into place that merely detects inactive viral particles that pose no threat to health. While small business owners were forced to sacrifice everything they owned, the rich gobbled up both the market share and property that they had to forfeit because of lost business.

I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has been the biggest false flag event in human history, cooked up by technocrats and implemented through their network of global organizations that influence — if not outright direct and control — politics, health, finance and media.
As noted by Lennox in her January 20, 2021, article:26

“What I have referred to as the ‘casedemic’ since September will be magically solved just in time for Joe Biden to look like a hero. For doing absolutely nothing. Do not tell me there is not a politicized deep state in our health agencies … Every business owner who has been ruined because of lockdowns due to a high number of ‘cases’ should be livid. Any parent whose child has lost a year of school should be furious. None of this was for your health.”

60% of Americans Will Be Obese by 2030

In the U.S. 42.5% of adults 20 and over are obese, while, in total, 73.6% are overweight or obese.1 While these statistics are already alarming, the American Obesity Association suggests that by 2025 50% of Americans may be obese — and predicts this will jump to 60% by 2030.2

What’s behind this ongoing rise in Americans’ weight is the burning question — one with a complex answer. Everything from endocrine-disrupting chemicals, known as “obesogens,” in the environment3 to chronic stress4 and lack of sleep5 affect fat deposition and weight gain in the human body.

However, the consumption of ultraprocessed foods, which make up 57.9% of the average American’s caloric intake,6 are a likely culprit. The link between processed foods and obesity has taken on new meaning during the pandemic, as even mild obesity may raise the risk of COVID-19.

In fact, patients with mild obesity had a 2.5 times greater risk of respiratory failure and a five times greater risk of being admitted to an ICU compared to non-obese patients, according to researchers from the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna in Italy.7 As such, calls have been made to tackle the pandemic by targeting junk food.

Why Processed Foods Are a Key Obesity Culprit

Ultraprocessed foods include items like breakfast cereals, pizza, chicken nuggets, soda, chips, salty/sweet/savory snacks, packaged baked goods, microwaveable frozen meals and instant soups and sauces. They’re high in sugar, and a high-sugar diet will take a toll on your health by packing on unwanted pounds at a remarkably rapid rate.

As noted in the BBC program The Truth About Sugar, drinking three cups of tea or coffee per day with 2 teaspoons of sugar added to each cup can result in a 9.9-pound weight gain (4.5 kilos) in a single year, provided you don’t increase your physical activity to burn off the extra calories.

When you consider that most consume five or six times more added sugar than that each day, it’s easy to see how obesity has become more the norm than the exception. Yet, sugar is only one problem with processed foods. Another, which may be an even worse offender than sugar, is industrially processed seed oils, often referred to as “vegetable oils.”

Nine years of research and investigation have led Dr. Chris Knobbe, an ophthalmologist, to conclude that chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes, age-related macular degeneration, heart disease and cancer, are being driven by nutrient deficiencies and toxicity, caused by processed foods.

The root of the problem lies in mitochondrial dysfunction, which is caused by the excessive consumption of a Westernized diet, including toxic industrially processed seed oils, refined flour, refined added sugars and trans fats.

In a presentation at the ALLDOCS 2020 Annual Meeting, Knobbe cited data that found the obesity rate in the 19th century was 1.2%. By 1960, it had already risen to 13% — an 11-fold increase — and continued to climb steadily to this day.

“Obesity is on target to be 50% of adults obese in the United States by 2030, half obese,” Knobbe said. “So the increase looks something like … a 33-fold increase already in 115 years.” He continued:8

“Again, you have to ask, you know, what accounts for this … All right, well, let’s go back to the dietary history now. So you’re going to see westernized disease correlate to modernized diets. That’s the theme of this, essentially …

And I will submit to you that this has really been a global human experiment that began in 1866, it didn’t begin in 1980, you know, with our low fat, low saturated fat dietary guidelines, it began in the 19th century and nobody gave informed consent of us. Not none of us knew what we were getting into and most of us still don’t.”

Long-Term Consumption of Seed Oils Sets Off Obesity Cascade

When you consume an abundance of ultraprocessed foods, it’s not only a matter of taking in “empty calories” or too many calories that cause weight gain. It actually triggers a catastrophic cascade of health declines rooted in mitochondrial dysfunction and insulin resistance.

At the root of the harmful biochemical reactions triggered by seed oils is linoleic acid, which is an 18-carbon omega-6 fat. Linoleic acid is the primary fatty acid found in PUFAs and accounts for about 80% of the fatty acid composition of vegetable oils. Omega-6 fats must be balanced with omega-3 fats in order not to be harmful, but this isn’t the case for most Americans.

To make matters even worse, most of the omega-6 people eat has been damaged and oxidized through processing. Knobbe explained the complex process in his presentation:9

“Here’s what excess omega-6 does in a westernized diet: induces nutrient deficiencies, causes a catastrophic lipid peroxidation cascade, is what this does … This damages … a phospholipid called cardio lipid in the mitochondrial membranes. And this leads to electron transport chain failure … which causes mitochondrial failure and dysfunction.

And this leads first to reactive oxygen species, which feeds back into this peroxidation cascade. So you’re filling up your fat cells and your mitochondrial membranes with omega-6, and these are going to peroxidize because of the fact that they are polyunsaturated.

All right, next thing that happens, insulin resistance, which leads to metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. When the mitochondria fail you get reduced fatty acid, beta oxidation, meaning you can’t burn these fats properly for fuel.

So now you’re … carb dependent and you’re heading for obesity. So you’re feeling tired. You’re gaining weight. Your mitochondria are failing to burn fat for fuel … this is a powerful mechanism for obesity.”

Refined Sugars and Grains Are Also Driving Obesity

In his most recent book, “The Case for Keto: Rethinking Weight Control and the Science and Practice of Low-Carb/High-Fat Eating,” journalist Gary Taubes explains how carbs and fats affect your body, and why replacing unhealthy carbs with healthy fats is so important if you’re trying to control your weight and/or blood sugar.

In our 2021 interview, he also explained that the obesity epidemic can be linked back to a Western diet rich in refined sugars and grains. Whenever sugar and white flour are added to a population’s diet, regardless of what their baseline disease rate is, you eventually end up with an epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

Yet, Taubes estimated that some 98% of the conventional nutrition and obesity research community still approach obesity as an energy balance disorder, when it’s actually related to the type of food we’re eating:

“So, when you’re talking about the influence of diet on obesity, it’s not because we eat too much. It’s not because we eat too much energy dense food. It’s [about] the glycemic index of the carbohydrates — how quickly can we digest the carbohydrates in our diet? And then the fructose content, the sugar content.”

The good thing about cutting ultraprocessed foods from your diet is that doing so eliminates not only excessive amounts of refined sugars and grains, but also the omega-6 linoleic acid that’s abundant in seed oils.

Nearly every fast food restaurant is also guilty of using high levels of these toxic fats, along with high amounts of refined sugar and grains. This is why it is so important to prepare as much of your food as you can in your home so you can know what you are eating.

Officials Advise Fighting COVID-19 by Targeting Junk Food

Some of the damages caused by processed foods have gone mainstream, as it’s become clear that obesity plays a role in COVID-19 deaths. London-based cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra is among those warning that poor diet can increase your risk of dying from COVID-19 via its role in obesity and related conditions.

He tweeted, “The government and Public Health England are ignorant and grossly negligent for not telling the public they need to change their diet now.”10

He told BBC that ultraprocessed foods make up more than half of the calories consumed by the British, and if you suffer from obesity, Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure — all of which are linked to poor diet — your risk of mortality from COVID-19 increases 10-fold. Journal of Virology researchers agreed, writing:11

“Over the years, humans have adopted sedentary lifestyles and dietary patterns have shifted to excessive food consumption and poor nutrition. Overnutrition has led to the constellation of metabolic abnormalities that not only contributes to metabolic reprogramming but also limits host innate and adaptive immunity.

Impaired immune responses and chronic inflammation in metabolically diseased microenvironments provide the ideal conditions for viral exploitation of host cells and enhanced viral pathogenesis.”

Prime minister Boris Johnson also believes that his weight made his COVID-19 infection more severe, and announced plans to implement bans on junk food ads online.12,13 More than a dozen states in Mexico have also decided to combat the pandemic by banning the sale of junk food to minors.14

In an editorial published in the BMJ,15 three researchers also cited the role of the food industry in driving up rates of obesity and ultimately causing more COVID-19 deaths:

“It is now clear that the food industry shares the blame not only for the obesity pandemic but also for the severity of covid-19 disease and its devastating consequences.

During the covid-19 pandemic an increase in food poverty, disruptions to supply chains, and panic buying may have limited access to fresh foods, thus tilting the balance towards a greater consumption of highly processed foods and those with long shelf lives …

Moreover, since the start of the covid-19 pandemic the food industry has launched campaigns and corporate social responsibility initiatives, often with thinly veiled tactics using the outbreak as a marketing opportunity (for example, by offering half a million “smiles” in the form of doughnuts to NHS staff).”16

Top Steps to Lose Weight

If you’re overweight or obese, taking steps to optimize your weight will have far-reaching benefits on your physical and mental health.

This starts with what you eat, and I recommend adopting a cyclical ketogenic diet, which involves radically limiting carbs (replacing them with healthy fats and moderate amounts of protein) until you’re close to or at your ideal weight, ultimately allowing your body to burn fat — not carbohydrates — as its primary fuel.

This includes avoiding all ultraprocessed foods and also limiting added sugars to a maximum of 25 grams per day (15 grams a day if you’re insulin resistant or diabetic). KetoFasting, the program I developed and detail in my book, “KetoFast: A Step-By-Step Guide to Timing Your Ketogenic Meals,” combines a cyclical ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting with cyclical partial fasting to optimize weight, health and longevity.

Regular exercise along with increased physical movement during your waking hours is also important, as are getting sufficient sleep and tending to your emotional health. If cravings are an issue for you, the video above, in which Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner Julie Schiffman demonstrates how to use EFT to fight food cravings, can help.

Taken together, by addressing the emotional side of eating and swapping out ultraprocessed foods for whole foods, while staying active as much as possible, you’ll not only naturally lose weight but also propel your overall health in a positive direction.

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COVID, a disease in name only

by Jon Rappoport

February 3, 2021

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The official definition of a “COVID-19 case” is so broad, it allows pretty much anything through the door.

A COUGH, or CHILLS AND FEVER, for example. Either of these is sufficient for a diagnosis of COVID.

The requirement of a positive PCR test for the virus—even that isn’t absolutely necessary.

Besides which—as I’ve been demonstrating in many articles—the PCR is riddled with irreparable flaws, leading to millions of false-positives.

On top of all this, as I’ve been writing (with details), the very existence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is unproven.

So there is a perfect recipe for a false pandemic.

A person who, in 2018, would be diagnosed with the flu turns into a person who, in 2020, is diagnosed with COVID-19.

Ordinary pneumonia suddenly turns into COVID pneumonia.

All sorts of other lung infections are now COVID.

“I have a cold, Doctor.”

“No, it’s COVID.”

“It’s a sniffle.”

“A COVID sniffle.”

STAR ATHLETE: “Thanks to all my fans who supported me through this time. After my COVID diagnosis, I was really sick for three days. I mean, it was really bad. I could hardly get out of bed.”

SPORTS REPORTER (who will be fired five minutes after submitting this interview to his editor): Have you ever had a bad case of the flu, Charlie?”

STAR ATHLETE: “Well, sure. Back in 2015, I was really sick for three days. I mean, it was really bad. I could hardly get out of bed.”

SPORTS REPORTER: “That’s called a clue, pal. Think it through.”

STAR ATHLETE: What? Oh…you mean…?”

The disease labeling and relabeling game has been going on since the dawn of priest classes. Modern medicine has refined it somewhat, but it’s still a quite obvious con.

I first encountered the modern version in 1987. In Central Africa, there was “wasting disease.” Then it was called “Slim disease.” And finally, AIDS.

Actually, it was a relabeling of protein-calorie malnutrition, hunger, and starvation.

But the truth was too stark. It implicated local dictators and predatory transnational agriculture corporations who specialized in stealing good farmland from the people.

Today, COVID-19 is a label that conceals another stark truth: the real “disease” is an assault on national economies and every human who works for a living, through lockdowns.

The Matrix Revealed

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

Article Video – 1779 v. 928’s February 1, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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Nicholas Veniamin 2-2-21 VIDEO… “Mel K Discusses Latest Updates” (in particular, Myanmar) (and Clin!on/So~os/DS connections)

Yes, when I heard about the Myanmar events of the last couple days (Myanmar = Burma, right next to Thailand), and saw a couple pics of the current State Counsellor, Aung San Suu Kyi, along with hugs and hand-holding with HC, BHO, et al., I knew something more was afoot. Mel K and Nicholas discuss this at the beginning of this video.

Things that will be exposed via this event, it appears, are a) planet-wide DS vote manipulation, b) same as a) but with the 2020 US election, c) the huge human trafficking DS connections in SE Asia.

Here’s a couple of articles I just found, maybe of interest to one or two, with a quote from each:
Burmese Military Arrests Government Over Election Fraud, Connects to Clinton, Obama, Smartmatic, etc. (2-1-21: Stillness in Storm)

“It appears the Burmese military understands very well who their real enemies are. We seem to share enemies. So, who are these now arrested government officials affiliated with? None other than Hillary Clinton, Obama, and George Soros.”

The Myanmar Story Is Completely the Opposite. The Media Lies About it (2-2-21:

“It has been more than five years that the media continues lying about Myanmar. Aung San Suu Kyi, now the leader of the liberal National League for Democracy (NLD) party was arrested by the military. She was the joint production of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Goerge Soros in 2012. The hunger for power triggered the Clinton-Soros machine to “puff” her and rose her at the top of the political ladder to install her. A medal here and a prize there, from 2012 to 2016 the process of building her political resume continued.”


B I T C H U T E:…?

Y O U T U B E: http://NickV.UK/?


T E L E G R A M:

T W I T T E R:




THE DETOX SHOP – CBD Oil, Super Green Juice:

Article Video – Passing It On — The Sarah Westall Interview February 1, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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