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The messages from these videos have to do with some of the emotional, etc., processes I’ve been going through. It’s partly a matter of releasing judgement on any things that may be happening, “exploding” when necessary (and where appropriate), and letting the “cracking of the shell” occur, so the Light may shine out.

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Power Outside The Matrix: Inventing New Reality

by Jon Rappoport

There are two major effects of overall mind control.

The first is the distracting and confusing of thought processes.

This is defeated and kept at bay by logic, a discipline employed by Plato 2400 years ago and refined by his student, Aristotle.

Today, logic needs to be expanded and updated to deal with the flood of information and misinformation we encounter every day.

The second overall effect of mind control is the repression of the individual’s creative impulse. Creation and imagination are, of course, the energies that bring about the invention of new realities.

All forms of mind control target the individual so that he passively accepts the reality presented to him.

Taken together, logic and imagination are the most formidable force in the liberation of the individual—his consciousness and his action.

That liberation should be the goal of any sane teaching.

It is the goal of my collection, Power Outside The Matrix.

Expanding one’s own power involves the conscious projection of new realities.

Previously, the notion of “projection” has been the property of the pseudoscience called psychology. The concept has been twisted to mean the blind projection of one’s own “negative images and feelings” on to other people.

Beyond this blip on the radar of human existence, there emerges a far greater kind of projection: conscious and imaginative invention of new futures. That is where liberated individual power travels and operates and works.

The objective of my third and most recent collection, Power Outside The Matrix, is the launching (and stabilizing) of this breakthrough.

This collection contains a long section called, Analyzing Disinformation in the Age of Information.

It explains the buying and selling of false realities—a major occupation in the Matrix.

The key is having the tools to analyze realities, take them apart, and apply logic and other critical methods to these structures.

I’ve been at this for 30 years. In this section of Power Outside The Matrix, I offer key examples from my own extensive investigations.

The cults in charge of selling false realities try to bypass the rational mind and instead covertly appeal to automatic reflex functions.

The most important of these reflex functions is: investing emotions in presented images. This is the primary strategy of informational mind control on the planet.

During my 30 years as a reporter covering “the news behind the news,” I’ve seen countless instances in which the Matrix shows up, swims into view.

The Matrix, the central image, is a lie. But not just any lie.

It is very deep, shared, hypnotic picture of reality.

People need more power—more individual power, so they can both stand and operate outside the Matrix.

Limited concepts of space, time, and energy—these, too, are “given” to human beings as the be-all and end-all of a story. A story that ultimately short-circuits and short-changes what the individual is really capable of.

The entire mural of imposed Reality is aimed at radically diminishing the individual’s power.

So in addition to my work as an investigative reporter, I’ve been researching the individual’s ability to go beyond this mural of reality.

In the late 1980s, in concert with the brilliant hypnotherapist Jack True (who gave up doing hypnosis with his patients), I developed many exercises and techniques for expanding the creative power of the individual. Both Jack and I were continuing a tradition that goes all the way back to early Tibet.

Some of those exercises are included in a section titled Power Outside The Matrix and The Invention of New Reality. These techniques are aimed at accessing more energy, more imagination, more stability and intelligence “beyond the mural of reality.”

Power Outside The Matrix is all about being able to think, act, and create both outside and inside The Matrix. Because that’s the goal: to be able to function in both places.

People are consciously or unconsciously fixated on boundaries and systems. They are hoping for whatever can be delivered through a system.

That fixation is a form of mind control.

Freedom isn’t a system.

But freedom needs creative power, otherwise it just sits there and becomes a lonely statue gathering dust in an abandoned park.

At one time or another, every human being who has ever lived on this planet has abandoned his creative power. The question is: does he want to get it back?

It never really goes away. It is always there. It is the basis of a life that can be lived. A life that can be chosen. People instead choose roles that don’t require that power. They think this is a winning strategy.

It isn’t.

A section of my mega-collection, titled Power Outside The Matrix and The Invention of New Reality, features creative exercises you do on a daily basis that will help a committed individual move toward the goal of power outside The Matrix. The exercises are all about increasing your energy and stability—and about the invention of new spaces.

Access to your internal energy, in huge amounts, is necessary for a life outside The Matrix—rather than relying on the illusory energy that The Matrix seems to provide.

I’ve developed the exercises for exactly that purpose: your energy, your dynamism.

As I just mentioned, Power Outside The Matrix also features a long section called: Analyzing Information in the Age of Disinformation.

It’s filled with specific examples of my past investigations. Based on 25 years of experience, it shows you how to take apart and put together data that lead to valid conclusions.

It is far more than a logic course.

It’s an advanced approach to analysis.

Establishing power outside The Matrix requires that a person be able to deal with today’s flood of information, misinformation, and disinformation. I’ve left no stone unturned in bringing you a workable approach to analysis.

There is a further extensive section titled, A Writer’s Tutorial. People have been asking me to provide this Tutorial, and here it is in spades. But it’s not just for writers. It’s for any creative person who wants to grasp his own power, understand it, and use it to reach out into the world.

The Tutorial exposes you to lessons that go far beyond what is normally taught in writer’s seminars. In fact, several core concepts in the Tutorial contradict ordinary writer’s seminars, and thus give you access to inner resources that would otherwise be ignored.

And finally, I have included a number of audio seminars that offer a wider perspective about The Matrix and what it means to live and work outside it.

power outside the matrix

Here are the particulars. These are audio presentations. 55 total hours.

* Analyzing Information in the Age of Disinformation (11.5-hours)

* Writer’s Tutorial (8.5-hours)

* Power Outside The Matrix and The Invention of New Reality—creative techniques (6.5-hours)

Then you will receive the following audio presentations I have previously done:

* The Third Philosophy of Imagination (1-hour)

* The Infinite Imagination (3-hours)

* The Mass Projection of Events (1.5-hours)

* The Decentralization of Power (1.5-hours)

* Creating the Future (6-hours)

* Pictures of Reality (6-hours)

* The Real History of America (2-hours)

* Corporations: The New Gods (7.5-hours)

I have included an additional bonus section:

* The complete text (331 pages) of AIDS INC., the book that exposed a conspiracy of scientific fraud deep within the medical research establishment. The book has become a sought-after item, since its publication in 1988. It contains material about viruses, medical testing, and the invention of disease that is, now and in the future, vital to our understanding of phony epidemics arising in our midst (and how to analyze them). I assure you, the revelations in the book will surprise you; they cut much deeper and are more subtle than “virus made in a lab” scenarios.

* A 2-hour radio interview I did on AIDS in Dec 1987 with host Roy Tuckman on KPFK in Los Angeles, California.

* My book, The Secret Behind Secret Societies

(All the audio presentations are mp3 files and the books are pdf files. You download them upon purchase. You’ll receive an email with a link to the entire collection.)

This is about your power. Not as an abstract idea, but as a living core of your being. This is about accessing that power, expanding it, and using it.

On this road, there are no limits.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice – 10 April 2021 — Blood Money 4

 By Anna Von Reitz

What happens when indentured servitude is not enough to pay the bills of the British Empire? The answer to that question came in 1933: slavery.
This was announced by FDR in his First Inaugural Address— but again, in such veiled terms of art that the General Populace would never recognize his use of the word “consecration” in its religious context, nor his invocation of a “holy cause” either.
What he was telling us, was that the Brits were selling the Municipal citizens of the United States back to the Pope — a message that went over the heads of the audience then, and still does today.
Among those Municipal citizens of the United States were all the United States Corporations that had been formed from 1870 to 1930, a “translation” which was arranged by another bit of legalese known as “the diversity of citizenship clause”, which redefined and expanded the meaning of “US citizen” to include corporations.
This, too, is more international fraud, because the 1870 Corporations Act was fraudulent on the face of it. All corporations formed in this country ever since have been formed in our names, but without the authority to exercise our sovereign right to charter corporations. Thus, all the corporations and corporate “citizens”, too, revert to our ownership, and once again, the Brits and Papists were busy buying, selling, and trading upon assets that never belonged to them, and exercising authorities never assigned to them.
Via the 1933 “New Deal” between our two foreign federal subcontractors, the Pope, acting in his secular guise as Pontiff, acquired Legal Title to all the US Corporations as well as the living, breathing Municipal citizenry — the former plantation slaves, their progeny, the Federal Civil Servants, their dependents, and also any political asylum or welfare seekers.
Legal Title to people? That sounds like slavery, doesn’t it? And so it is.
One of the gobsmackers well-hidden from rank and file Americans is that the Municipal Government never abolished slavery, and the Territorial Government enshrined slavery as a permanent part of its corporate “constitution” via the Bill of Attainder which they published as the Fourteenth Amendment.
In the years leading up to this, the excuse for it was that it was just a cozy little deal between the British King and the Pope designed to collect war reparations; after the 1930-33 round of bankruptcies, a new era of “glorious collusion” opened up, in which the Municipal (Papist) and Territorial (British) Subcontractors agreed among themselves to join forces under The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States.
The Municipal citizens of the United States had always been considered assets of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) —property and chattel thereof. And this was allowed because the Municipal Government acting as the independent, international city-state of Washington, DC, allowed slavery. After 1920, the Brits got in on the act, doing the same basic thing by redefining their own indentured servants, the British U.S. Citizens, as Dual Citizens of the Municipal Government.
The game was on. They simply entrapped all the unwary Americans, redefined everyone as a Dual Federal Citizen, and split the take.
The British courts prosecute the victims as Municipal citizens, and the Municipal COURTS prosecute them as British Territorial U.S. Citizens. This Double-Ended Impersonation scheme is a crime of fraud and personation being employed on an unimaginable scale.
The Municipal Government got the Equitable Title to the new slaves, and the British Government got the Legal Title, which they handed over to Westminster for administration.
The Americans who were never told a word about any of this, sailed on unaware of all the flagrant lies being told about them and about their purportedly “absent” government.
Via this constructive fraud and political identity theft scheme, the Proper Names of millions of Americans were latched upon under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure, and copyrighted by the British Crown Corporation.
One of the principal parts of the scheme was to back the currency system using the labor and intellectual property of the Americans, including the fiat Federal Reserve Notes. The removal of the silver and gold standards then allowed a free hand for commodity rigging — including the ability to rig the money commodities themselves.
As noted yesterday, you can’t commit a crime of commodity rigging, if the values of all commodities are unknown for lack of a standard.
Another principal part of this fraud was to seize upon the private property and assets of the Americans under the pretense that they were Municipal citizens of the United States — criminals and “prizes” subject to the Fourteenth Amendment.
Without our government acting to record the political status of our people, the Brits were free to “presume” what they liked — and so they did — liberally presuming that every American they saw was a Municipal citizen of the United States and subjecting them to the foreign law of their King’s Equity, meaning that everything belongs to the King and the privateers he employs as Hired Jurists are entitled to a cut of the profits.
In truth and in fact this is a gross Breach of Trust, International Treaty, and commercial contract, a contract from which the British Principals have continued to benefit themselves and claim authority from — the actual Territorial Constitution: The Constitution of the United States of America.
This famous agreement is the Supreme Law of the Land, which all British “sailors” –including those who wear wigs — are obligated to honor, yet they have been in violation of Article VI, Article IV, and Amendment XI with regard to their treatment of Americans for decades, and they have evaded their obligations by deliberate falsification of records, forced enrollments, unconscionable contracts, and other illegal activities on our shores.
Here’s an example of the viewpoint and assumptions of the British BAR Privateers forwarded to me this morning from a BAR Attorney in Tennessee:
“You may try to void all debts but I have the pirate booty, and that is in estate furtura en absentia abstracto and therefore is outside the realm of reason. All currency is gold and no fiat money accepted as it is worthless and should be forwarded with haste to avoid the intemperate stain of the U.S. illegal tender.
Your offer is now half revoked and half revived with the revived portion transferred to the real person in being, Bill Lee, and not the false de jure person Governor Bill Lee.
This is done with all appurtenances and hereditaments there and two belonging or in any way pertaining into the said trustee, it’s successors or assignees and fee simple forever.”
So let’s examine this piece of self-interested doggerel offered by an actual Privateer engaged in his “trade” on our soil in contravention of Treaty, Constitution, and Commercial Contract.
Who is he privateering for? For the Governor of Tennessee —-but, in his private capacity.
The Privateer has no respect for the Office, that is, the Person, of “Governor Bill Lee” but instead insists that the interest in the estate that he has latched onto vests in Bill Lee in his private capacity as a “real” (that is, “royal”) “person-in-being” — in other words, as a Subject of the Queen.
So, ultimately, he’s a British Privateer working for the Queen, and funneling the Queen’s share of the illegal takings through Bill Lee, a British Subject, who just happens to occupy the Governor’s Office in Tennessee.
If pushed, Mr. Bill will explain that he’s, well, the Territorial Governor and that the Territorial Government is “standing in” for us while we, Americans, are supposedly Missing in Action, Absent, in Interregnum….. until now, when you can clearly see that we are wide awake and very much present and accounted for.
This whole scenario painted by the Privateer makes no sense at all, until you remember that the Territorial U.S. Congress acting on February 2, 1871, Third Session, Chapters 62, 63, 64, 65— claimed to be the “successor” of all “United States corporations” and the property of all said corporations. And then combine that with the information provided above, concerning the inclusion of corporations as citizenry of the United States under the so-called Diversity Clause.
Here is what happens in actual life — the British Territorial thugs operating under color of law, grab a clueless American off the street, press-gang him on paper, remove him to international jurisdiction, impersonate him as a corporation, and define that corporation as a Municipal citizen of the United States so that they can claim to own “him” as property—- a slave.
They made so much money doing this that in 1921, they institutionalized it, so that they started stealing our identities while we are still babies in our cribs and applying the same roster of criminal acts to us– kidnapping, press-ganging, impersonation, unlawful conversion, and enslavement.
Governor Bill is a Brit Subject occupying an American “de jure” office, just like a cuckoo bird occupying a nest that doesn’t belong to him. Put simply, he’s the Bag Man for the Queen and has no right or reason to be occupying an American Public Office. He’s impersonating an American Governor, and that is a crime under our Public Law.
And the same pattern repeats in all the other States.
The Privateer member of the British Bar is feeding Bill Lee the loot (minus a hefty reward commission for himself, of course) obtained from prosecuting the innocent American Populace under these absurd and vicious constructive fraud schemes and calling his Boss, Bill Lee, the trustee.
Trustee of what?
He’s the trustee of the British Territorial Foreign Situs Trust that they created in the name of “John Allen Parker” — an American baby, in order to impersonate that American baby, and subject him under British law in contravention of The Constitution of the United States of America.
They’ve been busily kidnapping, press-ganging, and removing American babies from their native land and soil, with nobody being the wiser. The fraud, identity theft, and impersonation is all accomplished on paper without the victim’s knowledge, participation or knowing consent.
The same little Gravy Train is happening in all the other States and has been since 1868. These men and women are all engaged in criminal acts in contravention of our Public Law and International Law, too.
Next, let’s look at the Latin phrases and claims that the Privateer makes about the “pirate booty”.
The Latin quoted by the Privateer is from a commentary by Thomas Aquinas on Galatians 3:13, which is in turn describing how Christ set us free from the curse of the Law by becoming accursed himself. It’s a backhanded apology for acting as the devil’s henchman and dealing in lies—- and accusing the American victim of being a pirate (Municipal citizen of the United States) while engaging in piracy himself.
More generally, he, the British Bar Attorney, operating as a Privateer under Color of Law on our shores is referring to “Durante Absentia” —- a Latin phrase meaning “during absence” and refers to the administration of an estate in the absence of an executor. And this is connected to the purported absence of our government, which has been here, defrauded and misinformed by our employees, the entire time.
All Americans and their estates are naturally outside the jurisdiction of the British courts, so they drag the impersonated American estate into their jurisdiction by the illegal and unlawful means described above.
They then appoint one of their own court officers as an administrator durante absentia….. and pillage the foreign estate in the absence of the actual, lawful executor. This is the land-version of salvage at sea, which is why he refers to the “pirate booty”.
The Privateer has been appointed to act as administrator durante absentia, by a state-of-state “court” and based on this authority assumed under color of law, he pretends to have the power of life and death over his American slave and ownership of all the American assets — and he does this in front of a living man who is actually his Employer, a man who is owed his good faith and service, and this is done, moreover, while standing on the land and soil of this country, in violation of our Constitutions, and while pretending that our government is “absent”.
Finally, note that the Privateer is attempting to solicit a bribe purportedly payable to Bill Lee via a CashAp transaction, and advocating this, even though it’s “worthless” and not “currency” to avoid the “taint” of U.S. dollars.
This is especially offensive and ironic, not only because of the bribery, but because the British Territorial Government is responsible for purloining the gold and silver belonging to Americans and moving it all offshore to locations in the Philippines, Indonesia, and elsewhere for “safekeeping” — and also responsible, therefore, for denying Americans access to their own precious metals and preventing the issuance of both a commodity-backed monetary standard and a precious metals backed currency.
This is being reported to The International Court of Justice for prosecution of the rogue governments promoting this Great Fraud, the corporations implementing it, and for the specific investigation of William Byron Lee, also known as Bill Lee of Franklin, Tennessee, and as Governor Bill Lee, and the Madison County Court in Tennessee which is, self-evidently, engaged in human trafficking, personage, barratry, and other crimes including usurpation against the lawful government of Tennessee and The Tennessee Assembly which is now in Session. Also for prosecution of the Administrators Durante Absentia appointed by the Madison County Court — all of whom are acting as Executors de Son Tort, all of whom are acting as unlicensed privateers and undeclared Foreign Agents on our shores.
This is only one particularly galling example of human trafficking, personage crimes and barratry, improper probate administration, probate fraud, pillaging, inland piracy, conspiracy against the constitutions of this country, evasion of contractual obligations, bad faith, fraud, racketeering under color of law, illegal mercenary activities on our soil, impersonation of American Public Officials, usurpation, unlawful conversion, violation of The Constitution of the United States of America, Article VI, IV, and Amendment XI, trespass upon our land and soil, armed robbery under color of law, impersonation of lawful court officials, and violation of both the Geneva and Hague Conventions.
The filthy mis-administration of these courts by the British Crown and by the Municipal United States must be brought to an end, together with the False Legal Presumptions promoted by these secondary subcontractors. The Principals must be held to account and our assets must be returned to our own control without further misunderstanding or excuse. We rely upon the goodwill of the court and the international community to prevail upon the rogue interests responsible.
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Famous Polish Film Producer Creates Documentary Exposing the Sale of Babies for Sex and Organ Harvesting – If You can Handle it

by Brian Shilhavy,


We are currently seeing an unprecedented number of children streaming across the U.S. border from other countries without their parents.

This is the lucrative child trafficking business, and while news sources, both corporate and alternative news, are reporting the crisis at the border, few are explaining why this is happening, or what is going to happen to these children.

If you truly want to know what the fate is for many of these children, then proceed to read about a new documentary just released by Polish film producer Patryk Vega, called “Eyes of the Devil.”

The Polish version on YouTube has now been viewed by about 6 million people, and the English version, with English sub-titles and English voice-overs, has just been released.

But I cannot give strong enough warnings about what you will see, and how that could affect your emotional health.

I have covered the child trafficking subject for over 6 years now, and have dealt with many dozens of victims during this time while learning about the most depraved condition of the human race.

When I first started MedicalKidnap.com back in 2014 along with two other people, I seldom got a good night’s sleep, and was very sick for 6 months, so horrible were the stories we were discovering and reporting on.

But nothing prepared me for what I saw and heard when I watched Patryk Vega’s new documentary, “Eyes of the Devil.” I had to stop the video many times and walk away, weeping.

If you are new to this topic, this is NOT the place to start. You could seriously suffer traumatic emotional and mental harm from watching this, and under no circumstances should children watch any of this.

Start by reading this article, and watch the videos by former FBI Director Ted Gunderson and Linda Weigand.

Unmasking Who is Behind the Plandemic and Rioting to Usher in the New World Order

If Linda Weigand’s story about how her children were involved in the Satanic ritual abuse pedophile network bothers you, as it well should, then please understand that this video is at least 100x worse.

So why am I publishing it? Because it is time for people to WAKE UP! This is happening all across the U.S., in your city, in your county.

Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.

If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay each person according to what he has done? (Proverbs 24:11-12)

Patryk Vega is a Polish director, screenwriter, writer and film producer. He is reportedly a box-office record holder in Poland with a total audience of 14 million people.

The Eyes of the Devil documentary starts with Patryk explaining that someone from the criminal underworld tipped him off about a pregnant woman in Poland who was trying to sell her baby.

A child trafficking agent was in the process of brokering a deal for her that would allegedly bring in a large sum of money if she carried her baby to term and then allowed a child trafficker to sign the birth certificate as the father, so that the baby could never be traced or reported as “missing.”

This would typically happen outside of Poland, usually in Germany where pedophile child brothels exist for pedophiles. Although it is revealed later in the film that there is one such pedophile brothel in Poland also, mostly populated with young children smuggled in from the Ukraine to erase their identity.

But COVID shut everything down, and she was not able to leave Poland, allowing Patryk to get involved.

He states at the beginning of the documentary, that his goal is to save the baby, and in the process create a documentary about the child trafficking business. The documentary films his conversations with the mother selling her baby, the agent handler, and the child trafficker, a Polish man who apparently worked out of Germany.

The voices and faces are altered. But these conversations reveal for the first time in public, at least for me, just how these businesses operate, and how utterly evil they are, referring to these children as “merchandise.”

Patryk is very clearly a man of faith (he begins the film by quoting Matthew 18:6), and throughout the film he explains his personal encounters with the devil.

I have no problem giving a spoiler alert to such a dark film, because in the end he does save the baby, and he states:

A man has no chance to win with the devil, because the devil is a million times more intelligent than we are. What we deal with is horrible, manipulative, merciless power.

But when a man is close to God, then the devil doesn’t stand a chance. And it roars angrily like a lion, because it knows that it has already lost.

Unable to get to me, the devil attacked the child trafficker.

The child trafficker, apparently realizing he made a huge mistake in ever consenting to be interviewed and filmed by Patryk, apparently commits suicide rather than be exposed publicly as a pedophile child trafficker.

As you will learn from this film, should you choose to watch it, is that the buying and selling of children and their body parts is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world, catering to the rich and famous.

This film specifically deals with the child trafficking business of children from Poland, and also the Ukraine. While some of these children do end up in the U.S., especially now since the border is open under the Biden administration, most of them go to Europe.

But this type of business operates the same in the U.S., although most of the children coming across the border are from Mexico and other Latin American countries. The U.S. has been documented as the #1 destination for these sexually trafficked children, because the demand is so great in the U.S. See:

State Department Report: U.S. #1 in Sex Trafficking – 60% American Child Sex Slaves Come Out of Foster Care

This is why so many children are now streaming across the border into the U.S. without their parents, and this film will explain how evil this business is much better than anything I can write on the topic.

The number of people involved in this large business is truly staggering. Even if individuals are not the ones who actually abuse these children sexually, or murder them, many are involved and tied to the business in one way or another.

From the private business sector to the political realm all the way to the White House and the Supreme Court, millions of people in the U.S. are involved one way or another in the child trafficking business, which includes the U.S. Foster care system where much of this begins.

Here is the YouTube English version. If it disappears, let us know.

WARNING VERY GRAPHIC! Very explicit filthy sexual language, violent acts/murder, bad language (F-word used throughout.) Pray for protection for your own emotional and mental health prior to watching. 

Source: https://healthimpactnews.com

Lolita Slave Toys

Now let’s talk about Lolita.

The blog/thread was published on 2011 and it is narrated by a surgeon that claims to be creating and selling Lolita slave toys. He specify how he transform young girls into manageable sex toys, saying that finally the girl cannot resist, walk or talk. That is just there for your sadistic amusement.

This man lives in one of those countries at the eastern outskirts of Europe. Poverty is enormous there, and unless you have money and connections you can’t pretty much do nothing in places there. Eastern Europe countries are well known also for having beautiful girls which some of them ends up in orphanages due to the poverty they faced in which their parents abandoned them. Some of them get adopted, but when they turn 8 or 9, Some of the prettiest girls get sold into prostitution, but there are a few that get into the hands of some sick person like this surgeon. He said that he prefer young girls ages 8 to 10 years old (Before getting into puberty) and he gets it on the orphanages which is very cooperative because they will have less mouth to feed. So, the orphanages sell this poor girls to this kind of people and because the girls are orphan, the orphanages doesn’t need to do any paper works and just sell it directly while erasing the existence of those poor child. At one point, after the surgeon bought this children, he said that he could cut them and sell their organs like kidneys, heart, etc., but he discovered a much profitable business which feeds the lustful desires of mankind. Guess what is he making?

Yes, he is turning little girls into sex toys. But this is just the beginning, He trades/sells them for money and They are NOT CHEAP. He sells them for only 30,000 to 40,000 US Dollars or ONE to THREE MILLION PESOS. How does he convert this girls into Sex Toys that cannot resist, walk or talk?

The process is really Simple. Based on the blog/thread, first, He will amputate their legs above the knees, then amputate their arms above the elbows. Then he will cut their vocal cords so they cannot shout nor talk and he will remove all the teeths so they cannot bite. Then the rest of the post simply specify how he breaks this girls and transforms them into submissive slaves ready for sale. He laser treat them so they can’t see, makes them hear loud music with headphones so eventually they won’t hear anything. And he do more inhumane things that destroy not just the physical aspect of the kids but also it’s whole being and transforming them into a Slave Doll.

Here is the blog I read about Lolita Slave Toys. Just Zoom it in. If you want the original Link of the Picture. Here it is. (http://missaliciahart.deviantart.com/art/Lolita-Slave-Toy-Taken-from-The-Deep-Web-622483196)

Source: https://www.wattpad.com

SGTReport 4-10-21 VIDEO… “Woo Woo & Much More” [with JeanClaude, from the Beyond Mystic 2?]

Very interesting video, which I’ve been watching since I returned home from a) Salvation (Army, that is), b) Arcedium Mayan mocha. A couple “sticking out in my mind” time points were approx. 26 minutes (silver likely going up big time), 33 minutes around mid-April may be a big crack in the msm vax story, at beginning, Jean Claude discusses a tarot reading which saw government officials crying that their systems had collapsed (not sure where this actually occurred in the video).


JeanClaude from the Beyond Mystic 2 YouTube channel joins me to discuss woo and a lot more.

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The Dangers of Root Canals and How to Treat Them

Dr. Mercola Interviews the Experts

This article is part of a weekly series in which Dr. Mercola interviews various experts on a variety of health issues. To see more expert interviews, click here.

In this interview, Dr. Val Kanter, a board-certified endodontist and biological dentist with a practice in Beverly Hills, California, discusses the oft-ignored dangers of root canal procedures and modern technologies with which these issues can be effectively addressed and corrected.

Unfortunately, few regular dentists fully appreciate the intimate links between your oral health and overall physical health and, as a result, some of their interventions can actually cause catastrophic health challenges.

The sad reality is that if we knew how to eat properly from the time we were born, the need for just about any type of dentistry would, in my view, decrease by at least 90%, because we just wouldn’t develop cavities.

Thankfully we have trained professionals who can help restore our health, and Kanter is one of them. Her transition into holistic dentistry occurred after she moved from Florida to California and started doing some self-exploration.

“I had some enlightening moments,” she says, “and it was really interesting because I was raised in mainstream dentistry and mainstream health, not really understanding what I do now. It was through that self-discovery that I actually learned about water fluoridation and the major damage that has created.

I got involved with the Fluoride Action Network and worked closely with Michael [Connett] for a long time, publishing research on some of the damages. One of the things that is so obvious to us is fluorosis in kids. It was originally thought to affect only 10% of kids, and now we’re up to a place where it’s affecting 50% or more.

That’s a window. It’s a view of what’s happening inside the body. That’s what got me on the path and that led me into learning about ozone and laser therapy and it really opened up a whole new world for me in the field of endodontics.”

Do You Really Need a Root Canal?

One of the founding members of the American Endodontics Society, Dr. George Meinig, wrote the book “Root Canal Cover-Up.” It’s a really good primer and provides solid information as to why you may want to consider avoiding root canal treatment.

The conventional idea is that it’s best to preserve whatever you can of the original tooth rather than replacing it entirely. Hence, they’ll do a root canal and attach a crown rather than pull the tooth and replace it, typically with an implant. The downside is that root canal-treated teeth can cause significant health complications that often aren’t recognized as being a side effect of the root canal.

According to Kanter, more than 20 million root canal procedures are done every year in the U.S. “It’s an astronomical number, and most of those root canal procedures are done by general dentists,” she says. That in itself is a problem, as you typically do less than 10 root canals while in dental school, and once you’re in practice, much of the training you get is done by sales reps of various equipment.

“One of the most important things that I want the listeners to understand,” Kanter says, “is that there is a specialty out there that focuses on this procedure. If you do decide to have the procedure done, please go see a specialist. See two or three. Get multiple opinions.

It’s so important, because I feel that a lot of root canal procedures are done unnecessarily. It’s a quick way to hit a symptom, just like a medication. It’s, ‘Oh, let’s take out the nerve and the pain will stop.’ These inflammations inside the teeth can be reversed. I see it daily in my practice. I see a lot of patients who want to prevent a root canal.

There’s a whole new world of regenerative dentistry and regenerative endodontics that if you’re using the proper equipment, you can preserve the vitality of the teeth and that’s my passion and goal. With that said, most of my practice is retreating old, contaminated root canals …

My goal is to teach all of the dentists out there about these procedures because then it doesn’t even have to go to that level. If someone needs a root canal procedure, they should see an endodontist if they decide to go that route.

I think one of the top things that you should be seeking if you are a patient looking for a practitioner that’s going to resonate with the things that you want — which are some of these regenerative procedures — is finding dentists that are using this laser therapy.

It’s becoming more and more popular, but still probably about 10% of dentists use dental lasers. I would start there. Go to Fotona’s website1 and find someone in your area using this laser therapy.”

Prevention Basics

Of course, prevention is the best medicine, and some basic care can help you minimize the time you need to spend in a dentist chair. The most important factor in that regard is nutrition. Three crucial nutrients for oral and dental health are vitamins A, D and K. You also need a good supply of minerals.

“Unfortunately, most of our food is deficient in the minerals and micronutrients we need because of the way that farming has been done,” Kanter says. Ideally, you’ll want to do micronutrient testing along with testing your vitamin D level and hemoglobin A1C. Kanter will perform many of these tests at her office, and helps patients customize their diet.

“It’s challenging because the nutritional component of dental schools is minuscule. That’s why I did advanced training with the ACIMD, which is basically integrative biological dentistry and medicine training to become a naturopath … By decreasing sugar in your diet, and stress, you can actually [heal your teeth].

Your teeth are a beautiful complex system that are actually healing themselves constantly. There’s an outward fluid flow inside the nerve complex in your tubules and it’s protecting your teeth. As soon as you start loading your body with sugar and all of these other things, the fluid flow just reverses, and that leads to an influx of bacteria and other toxins that can start to create inflammation in the tooth.

The tooth is a very complex and unique system, unlike anywhere else in the body. If you have inflammation from any other injury, your skin can stretch and swell, whereas the tooth is encapsulated in enamel, and it can’t stretch. When inflammation starts to build up, it can quickly turn into a pathological process and that’s what leads to major nerve damage.”

Ozone and Laser Therapy

Once pain sets in, you’re past the point of being able to prevent deterioration, but this is where regenerative dentistry can come in and save the day (and your tooth). One is ozone therapy. Another is laser therapy.

Pulpitis is inflammation of the pulp nerve complex of the tooth. Using these regenerative therapies, Kanter has successfully reversed this kind of inflammation in many patients. Even when decay and bacteria have made it all the way into the nerve tissue, laser therapy can sterilize the surface of the nerve, while ozone gas, which also kills pathogens, can actually stimulate your immune system to kick in and eradicate the remaining infection.

In the interview, you’ll find a video showing how the Erbium YAG laser treatment seemingly melts away the decayed tooth structure. Contrary to mechanical drilling, the laser is so gentle on the tooth structure, you don’t even need anesthesia. It also sterilizes the surface as you go along. Why is this important? Kanter explains:

“When you drill, you’re starting to remove decay filled with bacteria. As the dentist is drilling deeper into the tooth into the more vulnerable layers near the nerve, you’re carrying that bacteria that’s trapped in the bur and you’re actually driving it deeper in the tooth. With the laser, you’re sterilizing cell layer by cell layer.”

Were the laser to hit the nerve, it also will not kill the nerve. Once the area is free of decay, Kanter will ozonate the entire surface, and since it’s a gas, the ozone is able to penetrate into and actually disinfect the tubules. Special bioceramic materials that are highly biocompatible are then used to complete the restoration of the tooth.

“Using photobiomodulation or low-level laser … a neodymium YAG laser, which is 1064 wavelength … you can actually stimulate the mitochondria inside the tissues, upregulating ATP production, collagen synthesis and angiogenesis,” she says.

“I generally use it at 20 Hertz, so the frequency is 20. Then, if it’s intraoral, we usually use it at a 2-watt power level. It takes just a couple of minutes … We do these low-level laser procedures on every single patient that’s coming to see me, and it’s profound, the amount of healing and the reduction of pain and inflammation that we can see.”

In the future, we may even have the ability to regenerate tooth material naturally. As explained by Kanter, researchers are investigating the ability of collagen matrices embedded with different medications to stimulate natural tooth formation. There are also studies looking at how to regrow teeth from scratch.

The Hidden Hazards of Root Canals

There are several reasons for avoiding root canals. Importantly, research by Dr. Weston A. Price demonstrated just how interconnected your teeth are with your overall health. He implanted infected root canaled teeth under the skin of rabbits, and in many cases, the rabbits went on to develop the very disease that the donor of the tooth had.

Granted, dentistry has changed a lot since Price, so his results may not be directly applicable to today. Kanter, who is the endo director of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), is now in the process of developing studies to try to recreate some of his studies to see whether the root canals of today, in which teeth are able to be cleaned to a far greater degree, still produce the same systemic effects.

That said, as recently as nine years ago, the American Association of Endodontists, which oversees the specialty of endodontics, admitted that current techniques fail to completely remove all infected material from root canaled teeth. To illustrate this, Kanter shows a CT scan of a root canaled tooth (see video).

“The red area is the area that the instrument has cleaned out. The green area wasn’t even touched. What this means is that a third of the soft tissue of this necrotic tissue in the tooth is completely untouched by instruments. Unfortunately, most [dental students] have in their head, ‘I need to get these instruments in and I got to do this shaping of these canals,’ and that’s actually not what’s cleaning the teeth at all.

What’s happening is that the dentist is grabbing a syringe of a fluid to irrigate the tooth. Generally, they’re using sodium hypochlorite, which is essentially bleach, and they’re just taking a syringe with a small needle on it and they’re introducing it down into the canal. It’s not cleaning everything out. It’s only cleaning a teeny tiny percentage of the dentinal tubules, leaving a ton of bacteria and toxins behind.

In the picture on the right, you see all this black material. These are complete channels of necrotic tissue that are left behind during these procedures. We can see why these teeth can be so toxic if all of this material is left behind. That’s just looking at the main nerve channels, not even tubules. It’s surprising that root canal treatments ever work.”

The good news is that the relationship of apical periodontitis and systemic illnesses is finally starting to be more widely recognized. Apical periodontitis is an infection around a tooth that leads to infection in the bone. “If you have apical periodontitis, you’re three times more likely to develop coronary artery disease,” Kanter says. It’s also associated with a higher risk of kidney disease and cancer.

Up to 78% of the plaques found in heart attack victims have oral pathogens in them, and they’re the exact same pathogens you find in failed root canal treatments. This kind of systemic infection can be identified by looking at biomarkers such as CRP and interleukin-6.

Yes, There Are Ways to Make Root Canals Safer

In cases where regenerative techniques are inappropriate and more aggressive treatment is required, you basically have only two options left: extraction of the tooth or a root canal. The good news is that there are safer ways of doing a root canal these days, but you need to use a combination of ozone and laser therapy in order to achieve optimal sterilization. Ozone alone isn’t even enough. Kanter explains:

“I have incorporated ozone therapy into my root canal procedures for the last five years. In fact, I started a pilot study at UCLA looking at the efficacy of ozone gas and comparing it to traditional techniques. It was a blow to me, but unfortunately the ozone gas wasn’t doing the job.

We use that at about 100 micrograms per milliliter, which is very high, but we only did it for one minute per canal. Now, what we know about ozone is that it’s both dose dependent and time dependent. Further studies are going to be done, but we may need to create a closed system where we can completely infuse the tooth with the ozone gas in order to sterilize it because, yes, of course, a gas is going to travel deeper into tubules than a liquid is.

The main issue is that if there’s debris and blockages in these tubules, I don’t believe the ozone gas to be able to penetrate. Now, with the traditional techniques, you’re leaving so much behind. I have a really cool video that compares the traditional technique with the new laser activated irrigation. This is what’s made me feel really good about these treatments that I’m doing on my patients …

With the new laser activation that I’m using in my practice, watch how quickly this biofilm is disrupted. The laser is simply at the top of the tooth. It doesn’t have to extend down the canal, and look at that energy.

This is what not a lot of people are familiar with. You cannot have a root canal procedure without an advanced irrigation. It is absolutely critical. Within 10 to 20 seconds, look at the amount of biofilm that’s disrupted. We’re also seeing complete cleaning of the dentinal tubules … down to the microtubules as well …

There’s one more technology on the market that’s reaching a lot of endodontists. If you need a root canal procedure, find someone that’s using either the laser or this gentle procedure. The general aid is using sound energy … all of these different frequencies, and you have a closed system on the tooth and it actually sucks all of the necrotic tissue and debris out of the root structure.

Between these two technologies, we’re getting results like this. This is the look of the tubules when they’re just sparkling clean. It is possible, but unfortunately the majority of root canal procedures that are being done are not using this.”

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Another alternative treatment that can be very useful is hyperbaric oxygen treatment. By introducing higher pressures, you’re able to get oxygen deeper into the tooth area, thereby facilitating and speeding healing. Kanter has a couple of different hyperbaric centers in Los Angeles that she will sometimes refer patients to.

“The patients that come see me are generally very committed to their health. We do a variety of treatments that support the procedures that we’re doing. We do ozone inside the tooth, where it has an antibacterial effect, but we also inject it around the tooth. We do that at their recall appointments as well, so we’re constantly stimulating the immune system around these teeth.

We’re also doing the low-level laser treatments, as well as microcurrent and other things to keep energy flowing in these areas where I know that there is scar tissue. We have to break that down, and eventually energy can start flowing through,” she says.

Why Extraction Isn’t an Ideal Solution

The second option, to extract the infected tooth, also has its issues. For example, there’s a decrease in neurofeedback to the brain, and so it’s correlated with early Alzheimer’s and other degenerative, neurodegenerative diseases, Kanter says. Also, when you take a tooth out, the periodontal ligament that encompasses the root needs to be completely removed as well.

This ligament nourishes the root from the outside and acts as a defense mechanism against bacteria. The problem is it also provides 70% of the blood flow to the surrounding jaw bone. So, when you take a tooth and the surrounding ligament out, you also cut the blood supply to your jaw in that area by 70%, which is why you end up seeing bone degeneration and resorption, as there’s nothing left to support that bone.

“There’s definitely cases [in which] a tooth extraction is indicated, but I think there’s plenty of patients out there that can withstand having a root canal procedure and remain healthy. Even Weston Price said there are different categories of patients out there.

There are patients who are going to be very susceptible to any sort of remnant bacteria in these teeth, causing systemic illnesses, and then there’s going to be people that are just fine … Apical periodontitis or root canal infections cause systemic illnesses. But a root canal procedure or a root canal treated tooth in itself does not cause the systemic illness …

We need to do more research with these new techniques. It’s definitely a goal of mine to get the research done, to mimic some of these older studies, using the new technology, and looking at not only getting rid of the bacteria but getting rid of the endotoxins and everything else the bacteria leave behind, because those move quicker than the bacteria once they’re released into the body.”

Replacing Extracted Teeth

If you have a periapical abscess, it is typically too late to save the tooth as it is dead and seriously infected. In that case, it will need to be removed. Once a tooth is extracted, you then have to decide what you’re going to replace it with. Here, there are a number of options — implant, bridge or partial — each with its own pros and cons.

“First of all, if you’re going to extract the tooth, it needs to be done by a surgeon using things like PRF, platelet rich fibrin, which really helps the site heal and create new bone and collagen in the area quickly, and also provides an immune response in the area. That’s really important,” Kanter says.

“Also, if you’re thinking about doing an implant, you need to do sensitivity testing … because [many] are sensitive to titanium, and most of the implants being placed are made of titanium. There are alternatives like zirconia, but it’s important that you find out if you are compatible with these materials before you put them in your body.

If you’re not able to put these in your body because of sensitivity, then your options are going to be a bridge or a partial. But metal in the mouth is becoming more and more of an issue. We’re seeing it constantly. It’s creating these interference fields in the mouth and a lot of people are having hypersensitivity reactions to them.

It turns into a domino effect on the patient’s overall health. We’re constantly evaluating that and helping our patients figure out what materials are best for them and what prosthesis or restorative plan is going to be best for them.”

Call to Action

Unfortunately, many have improperly cleaned root canal-treated teeth, and more often than not, there can be silent infections around these teeth. For this reason, Kanter urges anyone who has a root canaled tooth to get a three-dimensional cone beam image done of the tooth.

Many endodontists have this machine. If they don’t have one, they should be able to refer you out for one. “You should have a 3D scan if you’ve ever had a root canal procedure,” Kanter says. “That’s my call of action to all of your listeners.”

In the interview video, she shows what an infected root canal looks like. You cannot see this infection, however, on a standard dental X-ray. These are the kinds of post-root canal problems Kanter deals with in her practice, using the regenerative technologies discussed above.

“That’s 75% of my practice,” she says. “Patients get the CT, we find these issues, we find the connections into the sinus, how it’s related to all of these [health] problems, and we just start breaking it down and doing our best to help these patients.”

So, getting a 3D cone scan of your tooth is the first step. Kanter recommends having the scan radiographically interpreted by your nearest university or a company called Beam Readers. “These are board-certified radiologists that look through every detail,” Kanter explains.

Again, to locate a biological endodontist familiar with the regenerative technologies discussed in this interview, check out fotona.com, or gentlewave.com. They offer lists of practitioners that are using these technologies.

“If you’re going to someone using either of these technologies, you’re going to generally be in good hands,” Kanter says. “In my practice, I’m using both. I use the laser and the gentle wave, so we are cleaning to the ultimate capacity in these teeth and that’s what I feel is necessary.”

More Information

Kanter is creating an educational platform to teach and endodontists and dentists about diagnosis and precision dentistry on her website, i-endo.com. “These new courses are already starting, and I’m going to be spending the next decade really trying to change this paradigm and shift into the new way of healthcare,” she says.

To learn more about the nutritional aspects of dental health, check out Weston Price’s classic book, “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,” and for a foundational understanding of the health hazards of root canal treatment, see “Root Canal Cover-Up.”