A Few Videos of possible interest, 5-2-21

These resonated today, and although I’m not saying much about each, I felt many would be assisted by the messages within.

Lee Dawson & David Mahoney, 4-30-21 VIDEO… “The Media is the Virus!”
They offer quite an excellent summary of the “fakeness” and controlled nature of msm.

JC Kay, 5-1-21… #128 TRUTH & LIES – What’s to come? (JC Kay)
This one was recommended by Sophia Love, and points us to staying in the “now moment” and removing ourselves from the “fear arena”.

Jay Campbell & Magenta Pixie (5-1-21) – The Frequency War, Maxines and more!
Listened to a bit of this. Information and perspectives may be helpful to some.

I Cannot Over- Emphasize for the Military Veterans

 By Anna Von Reitz

If you wish to serve as actual American County Sheriffs, or wish to become members of the lawful State Militias, you must send the head of your branch of service a letter notifying them that you have left Federal Jurisdiction and returned home to your birthright political status.
This is necessary in addition to receiving your DD214.
If you were an Officer in your branch of service, you will need to surrender your Commission held in the U.S. Armed Forces, and retain your Commission in The United States Armed Forces.
This clears up any ambiguity created by the similar names. Be sure that you say, “The” United States Armed Forces and include “The” as part of the name.
This simple notification process and proof that you sent it actually completes the discharge process. I recommend sending such important correspondence via Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested.
Do not use Certified Mail for this. Certified Mail is a special class of mail between government offices and government officers. If you are not acting as a Federal Person of some kind, you should not use Certified Mail.
Changing your political status back to your birthright political status as an American does not change or endanger any pensions or other benefits owed to you as a U.S. veteran.
With respect to militias, the only militias recognized under the Constitutions are the “well-regulated” militias operated by the State Assemblies. This is important to know, because unless you are operating as a State Assembly Militia, you can be “mistaken” as a “rebel” (I guess they assume that you are at least 174 years old and still a threat?) or “insurgent” or “insurrectionist”.
Please do not jeopardize the legitimacy of your claim to your constitutional guarantees by back-sliding and failure to declare your identity and political status as an American State National or American State Citizen.
Help us all out here by joining your official State Assembly Militia and putting an end to any supposition about who you are and what you are doing — and your right to keep and bear arms in your own country.
The greatest threat to our Constitutional Guarantees, including the right to keep and bear arms, is our generalized failure to declare and record the fact that we are Americans and are therefore owed those Guarantees.
Think about it. There are Certificates of Live Birth identifying you as British Territorial United States Citizens, and there are BIRTH CERTIFICATES identifying you as Municipal US CITIZENS defined under the Diversity Clause, but where is there any Public Record of you being an American, born in Akron, Ohio?
There isn’t one until you create one.
That oversight on your part is what has allowed your Public Employees to abuse your rights and prerogatives: you have not been identified as an American who is owed the guarantees of the Federal Constitutions.
You have been deliberately misidentified as a Territorial U.S. Citizen (like someone born in Puerto Rico) or as a Municipal US CITIZEN like IBM, INC., instead.
This is also how they have assumed a Public Trust Interest amounting to custody of you and your estate and your estate assets.
So put an end to this infringement upon your freedoms and your contractual guarantees and put the politicians in their place.
Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net and learn more today!
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For Linda and Other Critics of My Leadership — Judge for Yourselves

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have the money, Linda— or rather, the assets that what passes for money depends upon. We know how the scheme works. We are not going to be ruled by our employees anymore and that’s been decided. The horrors that we are now experiencing are proof enough of how power corrupts.
Linda— I was lied to by omission. I was not given mission critical information that was prejudicial to a correct assessment of the situation.
I was told that this was a grassroots effort by Robert and Sasha—- not a Hollywood production that is 60% owned by Juan O’Savin and being “porked” by the Bush Political Machine.
Remember how I told you that the Brits are at the bottom of every dog pile? If I had had any idea that a Brit was bankrolling this to the tune of a 60% majority interest do you think I would have agreed to participate?
No, I would have politely declined and that would have been that, which is probably why I wasn’t told.
You and some others are still making assumptions based on your experiences in the world of the “US Democracy”. Your assumption is that we need to recruit and move massive numbers of people and play politics to succeed.
To put it bluntly, you think that I need to be a politician, put on my make-up, etc., etc., etc.—- and that I and our movement will fail if I don’t provide the kind of “leadership” you are used to in the corporate world of the US Democracy…..
But our government isn’t a democracy.
Our republican states don’t function that way. We don’t need vast numbers of people to do what we need to do—- we just need qualified people who have the right provenance and standing.
Read that: we already achieved critical mass. If nobody new joined our ranks, we would still have more than enough Americans to do the job.
In fact, the only reason that we spend our time and energy trying to teach and reach other Americans is for their sake, so they can live decent secure lives and not have to be afraid of their own employees and be plundered in their own country.
Right now, with all my “deficits” I am engaged in all four of the highest courts on Earth slogging it out to save your life, your freedom, and your inheritance.
What, really, is RDS doing—- ? Talking.
Talk is well and good so long as someone has truth and goodwill to share, but at the end of the day, you have to have the actual knowledge of the problems involved and also the skill and the will to act.
So you think RDS is going to win these cases? You think he is going to provide you with a new sane banking system and secure your assets and make sure that you and your family are going to be set free and enabled to access your pre-paid credit?
Is he going to build an effective protective shield of peacekeeping forces to keep your country from sinking into lawlessness? Who was that five years ago setting up the lawful framework and starting the Continental Marshals Service? The Peacekeeping Task Force, too?
Where was he when I started The Living Law Firm?
When I published the first books in the mass market that actually step-by-step explained the history and brought forward the public records to prove what has happened to this country?
When I analyzed the corruption of the courts, wrote the Jural Assembly Handbook, and penned over 3,000 Articles?
“Leadership” Linda, is in what you do, not in what you say, and not in how you look on camera.
I pulled out of the tour because RDS didn’t fully disclose — and after what we have all suffered as a result of non-disclosure in the country, I am a tad bit sensitive to that issue.
I also pulled out because our actual government doesn’t need to be presented as a back up act for our employees. Our employees need to be our back up act.
So much of what we suffer is because things are upside down—- the tail wags the dog, the employers are enslaved to feed the employees. Why perpetuate any more of that paradigm?
I also pulled out because political parties and even special interests within political parties were getting involved — and our government is not about politics. We don’t have political parties. We don’t have corporate elections. And that’s a good thing. Why muddy the waters and confuse people — leave them running around in that mindset?
They have to learn the truth about their own government and it is actually quite different than anything they are used to.
Finally, I fail to see why you think that I was so wrong to say what I said — which allows that Robert and Sasha may have had nothing but good intentions—- yet you don’t see anything wrong about RDS calling me “menopausal” and “unhinged” and “drunk” and a “non-person” over this?
Who really took a lot of personal abuse here for no good reason?
Who actually made a sound decision not to involve our Assemblies in an operation that was not fully disclosed and not shaping up to be an appropriate venue for us?
And who actually overreacted and stomped and stormed and raged and name-called like a two year-old? And then, too, why should our withdrawal from the program be any cause for that kind of hate-speech and slander?
I will tell you something more, too. After we tentatively agreed to participate, and were told we might get five to ten minutes of facetime on stage in each State, RDS casually mentioned that he’d need our Assemblies to raise $500,000.00 for this great opportunity.
Well, that right there told me this was no grassroots production and it should tell you the same thing, too. If something costs that much for “maybe” five or ten minutes on stage in each State—- it’s being funded by Deep Pockets.
Oh, and there was no whisper of sharing any proceeds from the box office to recoup any of this investment, no stakeholder share in exchange for half a million dollars.
Instead of berating me for being a “bad leader” maybe you should look around the corner at the deal we were actually being offered?
For $500,000.00 I can offer people something a lot more valuable than a five minute cameo in a night of entertainment.
For example, for that same amount of money, I can equip 500 Continental Marshals with pistols, tactical jackets, ammo, duty fuel and food stipends.
I can buy computers to run our banks’ security system.
I can host meet and greet meetings with the Assemblies in every state of the Union.
I can do professional grade video teaching programs — lots of them.
So what in your opinion, Linda, is the wise thing for a real leader to do?
Five minutes on stage as part of a traveling show? Or three days to visit with every Assembly? Or ten more Continental Marshals active in every State? Or fifty fully produced video lessons?
Our actual government isn’t glitzy and glamorous and image conscious. Our real government’s job is to protect you — directly and indirectly. And we have a lot more things to spend money on at the moment.
So— still think I was the problem?
Maybe it was the whole set up that was a problem.
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