This may be my new Favorite YouTube channel… (with, perhaps, my new favorite governor)

Here’s a couple of example videos, with my new favorite governor, Ron DeSantis (whose female counterpart is Kristi Noem of South Dakota)…

Here is the YT channel:

Here is the Telegram channel:

I have been laughing a LOT at these videos!!

The Health Ranger warned back in 2012 that “self-spreading” vaccines would “threaten the survival of the human race”

(Natural News) Nearly a decade prior to the release of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines,” the Health Ranger was warning us all about future “self-spreading” injections that threatened to annihilate humanity from the face of the earth. Self-spreading vaccines, in case you are unfamiliar with them, spread without even having to be injected. The vaccinated simply…

Johns Hopkins University confirms that “self-spreading” vaccines are real

(Natural News) Most Americans are saying no to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines despite the deep state’s best efforts to sway them. It may not matter, though, because the jabs could be self-spreading, meaning the vaccinated could be effectively vaccinating the unvaccinated simply by “shedding” it onto them. A Johns Hopkins University (JHU) paper explains how…

Covid-19 vaccine blood clot sufferers seek payout from government

(Natural News) It has come to our attention that recipients of the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injection who consequently suffered blood clots are now seeking compensation from the government for their injuries. Because vaccine corporations like J&J are exempt from all liability for their Chinese Virus cocktails, injured recipients have no recourse…

VACCINE FAIL: CDC admits more than 9,000 Americans contracted the coronavirus even after taking covid vaccines

(Natural News) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that more than 9,000 Americans contracted COVID-19 after getting vaccinated. It registered a total of 9,245 so-called breakthrough COVID-19 cases as of April 26. However, this official number from the CDC might be larger due to actual figures being under-reported. A breakthrough COVID-19 case happens when a…

Businesses threaten to push mandatory coronavirus vaccinations for employees

(Natural News) Many companies are deciding whether to make Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations mandatory for their workers to come back into the office. Some are even planning to make vaccination status a condition of continued employment. A March survey by insurance firm Willis Towers Watson found that 23 percent of American companies were planning or…

Turkey enters first nationwide covid lockdown while grappling with an ailing economy

(Natural News) Turkey entered its first nationwide lockdown on Thursday, April 29, right in the midst of an economic crisis. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he ordered the nearly three-week lockdown to keep Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases below 5,000 ahead of the upcoming tourist season. Under the new restrictions, residents are not allowed to leave their homes except when shopping…

REMINDER – “Return of the Top Predator” class Saturday, May 8th


The Prepare for Change Nature Restoration Group is inviting you to join Antoine for a monthly class / talk about forestry and nature. Each month Antoine from le Rêve de Gaia Foundation holds a ZOOM class that elaborates on his most recent post in the Nature and Our Planet section of our website During his class, he gives a short presentation followed by a delightful question and answer session.

Antoine and Margot from Le Rêve de Gaia

Saturday 8 may at 17.30 Paris time

This Saturday the topic will be

“Return of the Top Predator”

We will discuss the impact of wildlife on our lives as a human being and the importance to have a large variety in biodiversity.

This talk will start with a story about how Antoine lost his sheep to the wolf.

A little presentation with some photo’s to visualize problems and solutions and of course a Q&A.

Request an invitation to the group by sending an Email to with your name, email address, and reason for participation. You will receive an email reply with the zoom link prior to the meeting.

Once a member of the group, you will receive weekly notices of the calls and topics of discussion.

USA Times: 11:30 AM EDT/ 10:30AM CDT/ 9:30 AM MDT/ 8:30 AM PDT
Paris Time: 17:30