Kp Message 6-22-21… “Living ‘in the moment’ is not always easy”

…That became evident tonight as I packed up a few more items from the house to take to Salvation (Army). Just a challenge letting go of items which I know my parents used, but sometimes I have no idea what for. And releasing those things to Salvation, or going to the trash, sometimes I allow to be an emotional challenge.

On top of all that is the challenge I feel about those who’ve consciously chosen to “get the vax”. I still feel immense challenges about “them” taking those vaqs without any seeming consciousness as to the consequences. So is that any of my business? No.

My main challenge is letting go of all of that.

There’s many times when I feel so emotionally alone with all of this. I can speak with a few (a very few) about these things. But sometimes, in this location, at least, there is no one to speak to and to share these things.

Well, enough about that. The sun is shining through all of this seeming darkness, and there is an end to it all. But I have no idea when that end will come. Right now I’m just taking one moment at a time.

Aloha, Kp

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