Hawaii Free Speech News 8-31-21 VIDEO… “Josh Green protest… (and more lockdowns from the Oahu mayor?)” (or, “the Hawaii ds must be getting very desperate”)

Found this new video on the HFSN Bitchute channel today. One part that stood out is at about 1:40, where a short news clip is played showing the mayor of Oahu (home of Honolulu) announcing more cv restrictions. All I can say is that this is likely very positive, as the ds (deep state) on the islands is pushing and pushing and pushing. People on the islands (more and more of them) are indeed waking up.

This is also viewable on YouTube.


Location: Hawaii State Capitol. On the Eve of Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi’s announcement that restaurants, gyms, and even shooting and archery ranges would be forced to require vaccine passports from people or suffer excessive fines or be forced to shut down, the Aloha Freedom Coalition joined by other groups from around Oahu who want freedom from a compromised controlled democrat puppet government imposing a communist and fascist mandates on the good people of Hawaii under an emergency use proclamation took to the Capitol to March to Lt. Governor Josh Green’s residence once again to demand and end to these fascist mandates. As more and more people lose their jobs for refusing to comply with getting the jab or going through the trouble of weekly covid fraudulent testing throughout the state, people of Hawaii are being pushed to the edge as they consider whether to move to texas or Florida or stay on the island and fight this medical tyranny on the front lines. The situation is getting more desperate. Folks are on the front lines trying to keep Hawaii from turning into Australia.

Some VIDEOs of Interest that I have viewed recently (as of 9-1-21)…

These were three I viewed today (8-31-21). The Tarot by Janine was fascinating (if you enjoy “God” and/or “rods”), but the Joseph P. Anthony (and Twin Soul girls) video looks into the energies of September and October, which will likely be of interest to many. They cover upcoming situations in both the USA and particularly, in Australia.

And then there’s a Project Veritas exposure video that I found fascinating.

MAJOR CHANGES AHEAD !! Sept & October 2021! Joseph P Anthony joins Soul twins Carly & Julia




Tarot by Janine… does a reading looking into the situation with the DS shadow players and the technology they are using against each other and the people all over the world! What are the Rods of God? Which side is in control of such tech? What does it spell out for the human race?



Here are some beautiful views of the Minnesota Lake house, where I (Kp) have stayed many times (posted 9-1-21)…

The owners, who have “permitted” me to stay there several times, had this Zillow listing created. The property is called “Rockwell Estate”. The Zillow link (below) has a collection of wonderful images of the house, the property, and the lake, so you may see what it is really like.

I have always enjoyed my stays there. In my case, I’ve been there in the summer and late autumn, so snow is sometimes included.

A primary reason I’ve been at Rockwell is because of it’s proximity to the Mississippi Headwaters (Lake Itasca), which has been part of several missions up there. Rockwell was the “mission central” for those missions. The property possesses (for myself, at least) very High Vibration nature energies.

I felt that this was to be the 1st post on this day, 9-1-21.

Enjoy viewing the views.


Vaccine passport legislation introduced in California – take ACTION to oppose!

(Natural News) The Branch Covidians that infest the California legislature have introduced new legislation that would require people to show proof of “vaccination” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) in order to enter many “public establishments” throughout the state, including restaurants, gyms and sports stadiums. Assembly Bill 455, dubbed “The Vaccine Passport Bill,” is still in…

Why Would You Want to Be a Shareholder in a Bankrupt Corporation?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Let me ask everyone who is aching to vote and eagerly joining political parties and getting all revved up over politics a big, glaring question: why would you want to be a shareholder in a bankrupt corporation?
All that makes you is a mark, as in scapegoat, responsible for its debts.
You thought your taxes were high before? Just wait.
Americans elect fiduciary deputies to make accountable business decisions.
U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States vote and thereby give away their proxies as shareholders in their respective governmental services corporations to representatives who aren’t accountable to anyone at all.
Why would anyone in their right mind voluntarily do this?
It’s a fair question, especially when people now know that both the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc., have been run into the ground?
And neither successor organization has a contract with us, so there is no way for them to start the cycle of charge-to-the-moon, go bankrupt, and charge the dumb Americans over again without new negotiation.
Standing there in your stocking-feet, do you have any crazy idea on this planet what you are doing to yourselves by continuing to vote in these foreign, corporate elections?
Instead of tending to your own business and attending your own State Assembly and electing your own fiduciary deputies?
Come on, America, this is not that difficult!
Do you want to be financially responsible for buying solid gold toilet seats for crooks?
If your answer is no, then don’t vote in these whiz-bang political party elections. They may be bright and shiny and “exciting” and competitive and all the rest of it, but they are essentially phony substitutes for actual public elections and they result in allowing political lobbyists (think Tobacco lobbyists, Big Pharma lobbyists, Big Oil lobbyists) to access your pocketbook with no accountability and no concern for you.
Political parties are foreign in origin and didn’t exist in early America. They only arrived here from Europe about ten years before the Civil War. They became popular with our foreign federal Subcontractors, and in the wake of the war, they substituted their elections for our elections.
Thankfully, not everyone was fooled.
They also made it illegal to vote in their private corporate elections, unless you are adopting their foreign citizenship, too.
So, both from a carrot and a stick standpoint, any American with a brain in their head needs to run like an antelope away from any association with the political parties and these party-based elections and has no reason in this world to step forward and volunteer to be the scapegoat responsible for paying the debts of these run amok foreign governmental services corporations.
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