COVID VAX REQUIRED TO BUY FOOD-Bolsheviking the Phillipines-

VAX CARD. File photo shows Lapu-Lapu City Junard Chan receiving a Covid-19 vaccine jab. On Tuesday (July 27, 2021), Chan said his executive order requiring residents to present a vaccination card before they will be allowed entry to establishments aims to entice them to get inoculated. (File photo)

CEBU CITY – Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Junard Chan on Tuesday said his executive order requiring residents to present a vaccination card in entering public and private markets and other establishments is meant to entice them to get inoculated against the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

Chan admitted in a radio interview that the city has a low vaccination turnout and he sees the need to bolster efforts to reach the 70 percent population protection.

On Monday, he issued Executive Order 2021-040 imposing stricter measures amid a surge in coronavirus cases and placing the entire city under month-long modified general community quarantine until Aug. 25.

He, however, said the executive order that will require residents entering markets, convenience and department stores to present their vaccination card, will take effect on August 25.

“We will wait until August 25. Let’s balance if the number of our residents who will get vaccinated. Let’s us wait and see, it’s not yet final as we will evaluate the turnout in our vaccination centers,” Chan said.

The mayor was reacting to netizens’ social media comments on the new measure, saying it will bring them hardship in accessing basic and essential goods amid the pandemic.

He appealed to the residents to cooperate with the city in observing the minimum health protocols as well as in its effort to inoculate at least 70 percent of the population to reach the protection goal against Covid-19.

“Since the start of the pandemic, we have nothing to think of except the welfare of our people. We don’t want anything else to happen but to provide protection to the Oponganons (residents of Lapu-Lapu City). So much for my concern that this week, the Covid-19 cases are seriously high,” Chan said in a separate statement posted on his social media page.

He said on Friday last week, the city recorded 93 new cases, 85 on Saturday and 64 on Sunday.

He noted that the allotted beds for Covid-19 patients in Metro Cebu’s public and private hospitals have been filled up due to a surge in cases. (PNA)

VIDEOs of Interest… “A Clif High (7-31-21) with intel about ‘woo-tage of the v’” and “DaveWaterbury, a Juan o Savin 8-2-21 summary”

In the first, Clif describes people in the supply chain for the v are emptying the vials and replacing with saline or vitamin C. Other examples are given by Clif. Extremely fascinatingly uplifting information!!!

And he gives a “linguistics lesson” regarding “sabotage”, and coins the word “woo-tage” which is kind of like a “sabo-tage for the Light”. In fact, I feel that is what many of us in the “Light Worker” field have been doing for quite some time. I can live with that word!!

The second is nice summary of the whole picture, some of it via Juan O Savin.

Thanks to KF for the first one.


“Juan and several others give info regarding the imminent changes facing America and the world. Now is the time to speak-up if you want to retain any freedom. Apathy and complacency will be our downfall. God Bless America.”

Tarot by Janine 8-4-21 VIDEOs… “Truth about NY Governor’s situation”… “Human Race Being Tested, Hold Strong in Love Vibration”

I watched both of these today. Easy to view and gives uplifting message(s) for the moment.

Tarot by Janine… does a reading looking into the recent situation surrounding New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and the calls for him to resign! What’s the DS up to? Why all of a sudden his own people are now calling for him to resign? What are they distracting the public from? What is real about this situation? Plus she looks to the recent situation outside of the Pentagon? What’s really going on there? Also she looks into Gloria Vanderbilt’s super dark cult apartment being sold! What’s behind the scenes with this?



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Trad Cat Knight’s Eric Gajewski, Russ Winter Discuss the State of the Labor Market and the Ripe Conditions to Score Hard Punches to the Woke Companies’ Mandatory Vaccine Strong Arm Tactics

A Trad Cat Knight’s quick-hitting 38-minute show. We cover the lack of skilled workers in the labor market and ask if Woke companies and institutions have a strong enough hand to intimidate their workers into […]

The post Trad Cat Knight’s Eric Gajewski, Russ Winter Discuss the State of the Labor Market and the Ripe Conditions to Score Hard Punches to the Woke Companies’ Mandatory Vaccine Strong Arm Tactics first appeared on Winter Watch.

Cobra Update: David and Goliath – 4th August 2021

We are now entering the crucial part of the year. Between August 15th and October 18th, Eris and Pluto will be in an almost exact square. This is the most powerful astrological aspect of the year and it signifies a battle between two timelines, the positive Ascension timeline and the negative Coronavirus reset timeline:

This period might appear to be very frightening, as the dark forces will do whatever is within their power to continue with their long term plan to impose vaccine passports and maybe even forced vaccinations:

Martin Armstrong, a well known economist, has developed a computer program named Socrates that makes predictions based on different cycles. Interesting enough, his predictions often match my intel. He is calling the period between August and October a dark period:

However, the Light forces are working behind the scenes to counteract this. On July 24th , Goddess priestesses of the Resistance Movement did a very powerful kundalini activation in the catacombs below Paris:

This has given much needed energy support to the protests that began on that day in many countries worldwide:

Gendarmes, the French paramilitary police, were supporting the protests, in some cases actually leading the crowd, with their helmets off:

There is a very powerful positive faction in the French military working behind the scenes, supporting this.

The protests DO have a positive effect, and Macron was forced to partially back down on vaccine passport mandates:

The Light Forces have communicated that peaceful protests against medical tyranny are supporting the planetary liberation process and can dramatically decrease the level of violence that might happen during the peak of the transition.

In the volatile August to October period, doing the Flower of Life meditation will be also very beneficial:

Right in the middle of this August to October period of Eris Pluto square, certain important operations of the Light Forces will be completed, and around September 18th  the dark forces might finally begin to lose power on the physical plane on the surface of the planet.

A hint:

There are two key countries in this process, France and the United States.

Interesting enough, Martin Armstrong is expecting a turning point on September 23/24th in France:

This inflection point is NOT yet the moment of the Event.

In the United States there are certain things going on behind the scenes, as you can read in this partially reliable report:

The Resistance has communicate that it is not Trump who will return to the White House at the time of the Event. Rather, a provisional interim government will be formed until new elections can be held as soon as logistically possible after the Event.

Intel about fake duplicate White House is correct and has been confirmed by many sources:

More and more people are aware that only two companies, Black Rock and Vanguard, control most of the global financial assets:

Black Rock is the financial force behind the Great Reset plans of the World Economic Forum:

And is buying real estate massively from people so that you will “own nothing and be happy”:

Luckily, the awareness of Black Rock and their nefarious plans has entered mainstream and already generated protests:

The real reason why the dark forces are so much in a hurry to force their Great Reset is because they are afraid of the polar shift:

I will release intel about the coming polar shift and the updated Ascension Plan as soon as I receive clearance to do so.

Victory of the Light!



People Are Rebelling Against Lockdowns, Masks Worldwide

COVID-19 vaccines were supposed to set you free and bring life back to what it looked like in 2019 — no masks, no lockdowns and freedom for everyone, regardless of vaccination status.

Along those lines, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated their guidelines May 13, 2021, to state that vaccinated individuals no longer needed to wear a mask outdoors and in most spaces indoors1 but, July 27, 2021, they changed the guidance to once again recommend masks for vaccinated people while indoors in areas with “high” or “substantial” COVID-19 transmission.2

This time, the about-face about masks — even for the vaccinated — was blamed on the Delta variant of the virus.

At this point, however, with effective treatments like ivermectin available, the documented high survival rate of COVID-193 and knowledge that if you’ve had COVID-19, you’re already likely immune to further infection, the rationale for further restrictions is questionable — and even more so when you consider the Delta variant has a very low 0.27% case fatality rate (CFR) in the U.K., which drops to 0.03% in those under 50.4

Generally speaking, as a virus becomes more transmissible, it becomes less virulent, as a virus that is highly deadly will kill off its hosts before it can spread. In an op-ed published by The Blaze, Daniel Horowitz cited data showing the Delta variant has a 0.1% CFR, which is the same rate as the flu, and has shown a pattern similar to most other respiratory viruses:5

“This is exactly what every respiratory pandemic has done through history: morphed into more transmissible and less virulent form that forces the other mutations out since you get that one. Nothing about masks, lockdowns, or experimental shots did this.

To the extent this really is more transmissible, it’s going to be less deadly, as is the case with the common cold. To the extent that there are areas below the herd immunity threshold (for example, in Scotland and the northwestern parts of the U.K.) they will likely get the Delta variant (until something else supplants it), but fatalities will continue to go down.”

The public, increasingly fed up with the contradictory guidelines and mandates, is speaking out against the draconian measures that are being reinstated, often due to Delta — a powerful move, since mass, peaceful protests can lead to significant change.

Nationwide Protests in France, Italy Over Vaccine Passports

In July 2021, more than 160,000 people, including 11,000 in Paris, protested in France against the “health pass,” the country’s version of a vaccine passport. Police released tear gas and water cannons against some of the protestors.6 France’s parliament approved a law that requires a health pass to enter restaurants, trains, planes and certain other public venues.

The health pass will be mandatory for adults and, starting September 30, 2021, children 12 and older as well.7 In order to get a health pass, individuals must prove they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, have recently tested negative or have recently recovered from the virus.8

Protestors raised concerns that “freedom is being trampled on”9 and called for liberty and “no to the pass of shame.”10 The law requiring the health pass also mandated vaccinations for all workers in the health care sector, who will be required to be vaccinated by September 15, 2021, or risk being suspended.11

In Italy, a similar pass called the “Green Pass”12 will be required as of August 6, 2021, to enter gyms, swimming pools, sports stadiums, museums, spas, casinos, cinemas and indoor restaurants. It’s already required to travel within the European Union or enter care homes or large wedding receptions in Italy.

Demonstrations against the Green Pass have popped up in Rome, Naples and Turin, with people calling for freedom and chanting “down with the dictatorship.”13 As with France’s health pass, the Green Pass serves as proof that an individual has been vaccinated, recently tested negative for COVID-19 or recovered from a previous infection.

People Rebel Against Australian, UK Lockdowns, Tracing

Thousands of protestors also turned up to rebel against extended lockdown orders in Australia.14 Stay-at-home orders were extended until at least August 28, 2021, in Sydney, which NPR said could prompt a second recession of the economy in two years.

With residents growing increasingly weary and protesting the lockdowns, police were being called in for enforcement and government officials called on individuals to report people who weren’t obeying social distancing rules.

Outside of Sydney, about half of Australia’s residents were in lockdown as of July 24, 2021, but protestors were increasingly taking to city centers to call for freedom and the truth. At one protest in Melbourne, a banner read, “This is not about a virus it’s about total government control of the people.”15 Multiple arrests were made at the Sydney protests, with police stating that crowds “broke through barriers and threw plastic bottles and plants.”16

In New South Wales, law enforcement stated that while they supported free speech and peaceful assembly, “the protest was a breach of public health orders.”17 Meanwhile in England, most COVID restrictions were recently lifted, but protests are increasing over the NHS COVID app, which notifies you if you’ve been in close contact (defined as within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more) with someone who tested positive for COVID.

During the week of July 14, 2021, 618,903 alerts were sent to people using the app, which means, if you’re unvaccinated, you’re supposed to self-isolate for 10 days since the last contact with the positive person. If you don’t self-isolate after being notified, you can be fined £1,000 ($1,390) or more.18 About 5,000 people also demonstrated against COVID measures in Athens, with banners stating, “Don’t touch our children.”19

Freedom Rally in India Protests COVID Restrictions

In India, hundreds of people joined a Freedom Rally to protest COVID lockdowns and mandatory masks, vaccination and COVID testing, with slogans reading:20

  • “Mandatory vaccination is tyranny”
  • “No more lockdowns. It has brought poverty and hunger”
  • “Vaccinating cannot guarantee safety of one’s life”
  • “WHO says masks are not for healthy people”

The peaceful protests were part of the Awaken India Movement (AIM), which aims to protect freedom of choice and basic human rights, which are rapidly eroding, and prevent mandatory vaccination, masks, social distancing and testing. It’s also working to stop lockdowns, GMO foods, 5G and tech censorship. According to AIM:21

“We are particularly concerned about health, financial and ecological crisis that humanity is facing, facilitated by misplaced and false narratives that are propagated as its cause. Our collective journey began by revealing the truth behind the ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’ and communicating with the public about the new norms, global agendas and authoritarian tactics that are unfolding to this end.”

Vaccine, Mask Mandates Under Fire in US

In the U.S., more than 100 people protested outside the Iowa State Capitol against COVID-19 vaccine mandates, including those issued by some hospitals in the state. The rally was organized by Informed Choice Iowa, a nonprofit in support of medical freedom and informed consent.22

Speaking with the Des Moines Register, Brei Johnson with Informed Choice Iowa said, “You can take off a mask but you can’t undo a vaccine. That’s a slippery slope to what comes next.”23 Republican state Rep. Jeff Shipley also spoke at the rally, referring to vaccine mandates as “a crime against humanity.”24

Advocacy groups Let Them Breathe and Reopen California Schools took a different approach in California, where they filed a lawsuit against Gov. Gavin Newsom and other health officials to challenge COVID restrictions in kindergarten through grade 12 schools — specifically mask mandates, asymptomatic testing and quarantine guidance for close contacts.25 Jonathan Zachreson, founder of Reopen California Schools, stated:26

“It’s clear that CDPH [California Department of Public Health] has chosen to ignore the overwhelming evidence that show[s] children are at a very low risk from being infected with COVID-19, transmitting it to others, or becoming seriously ill from COVID-19.

A return to a normal school year is crucial to the mental and physical health recovery for all students across California who have endured months of isolation and a majority of who spent last school year entirely in distance learning.”

Sharon McKeeman, founder of Let Them Breathe, added that health officials’ claims that face masks don’t interfere with education “is faulty in that facial cues, social skills, and comfort are just a few of the essential components of education that masking excludes.”27

Learning to Live With COVID

As noted by Horowitz in The Blaze, “Natural infection is the only phenomena that will ultimately burn out all variants, and the entire focus should be on getting seniors and other vulnerable people early treatment the minute they feel symptoms and even a prophylactic regimen of ivermectin … when appropriate.”28

Instead of locking down society, which is taking an extreme toll on the economy and individual lives, why isn’t COVID-19 being treated the way other viruses like influenza are, with symptomatic people staying home to recover while the rest of society goes on?

As I talked about in an earlier article, data compiled by Pandemics ~ Data & Analytics (PANDA) found no relationship between lockdowns and COVID-19 deaths per million people. The disease followed a trajectory of linear decline regardless of whether or not lockdowns were imposed. Yet, this type of information has been censored from the beginning.

The lack of exposure to everyday dirt and germs that is missed when people stay home, socially distanced and sanitized also cannot be ignored. “Our immune system needs a job,” Dr. Meg Lemon, a Denver dermatologist, told The New York Times in a 2019 article on the science of the immune system. “We evolved over millions of years to have our immune systems under constant assault. Now they don’t have anything to do.”29

What is perhaps most disturbing is that this comment was made prior to the pandemic. Now, it’s exponentially worse, and your immune system is likely missing out on interactions with bacteria and other microorganisms that teach it, train it how to respond and keep it primed throughout your life.

If you don’t agree with COVID-19 restrictions in your area, now is the time to speak out in peaceful protest in order to compel positive changes in support of health and overall freedom.

What the CDC Says About Obesity and COVID-19

A July 25, 2021, article1 by Joel Hirschhorn on Trial Site News highlights what he refers to as a “missed public health opportunity.” Hirschhorn is a full professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, a senior official at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and the National Governors Association, and a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and America’s Frontline Doctors.

Even though we’ve known for well over a year that obesity is one of the most common and most significant risk factors for COVID-19 (aside from age, which you have no control over), public health authorities have ignored the issue and failed to provide guidance on how to reduce excess weight.

“Would not fighting obesity qualify as a valid prevention approach to curbing the ill effects of the COVID pandemic?” Hirschhorn asks. “Could the reason for government’s lack of aggressively pursuing an anti-obesity campaign be a bias for promoting vaccines? It seems a likely explanation.”

He points out that studies suggest vaccines tend to be less effective in obese individuals,2 and if that holds true for injected gene therapeutics against COVID, then the shots may turn out disappointing results, seeing how 42.4% of Americans are obese.3 This, Hirschhorn says, would be all the “more reason to have the public health system deal more directly with obesity to curb serious impacts of COVID.”

Charting the Obesity-COVID Connection

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, while slow to put some of this information out, has in fact detailed the connection between COVID-19 severity and obesity. On its “Obesity and COVID-19” page,4 the CDC frankly admits that obesity is associated with worse COVID-19 outcomes. The agency also lists obesity and excess weight as a risk factor for severe COVID-19 infection on its medical conditions known to worsen COVID outcomes page.5

Its March 12, 2021, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report6 (MMWR) also addresses obesity and the risk for hospitalization, ICU admission, mechanical ventilation and death.

In summary, obesity increases your risk of severe illness and triples your risk of hospitalization. It impairs your immune function, decreases your lung capacity and increases your risk of ending up on invasive mechanical ventilation — a treatment strategy shown to kill more than half of all patients. Obesity is also associated with chronic inflammation that can disrupt thrombogenic responses to pathogens.

According to the CDC, modeling suggests 30.2% of all American adults hospitalized for COVID-19 up until November 18, 2020, could be attributed to obesity,7 and the greater your body mass index (BMI) the higher your risks for a poor outcome gets. The connection between obesity and COVID-19 is particularly strong in people younger than 65.8

In its March 12, 2021, MMWR,9 the CDC reports that the risk for hospitalization, ICU admission and death were lowest among patients with BMIs of 24.2 kg/m2, 25.9 kg/m2 and 23.7 kg/m2 respectively, increasing sharply with higher BMIs. (Overweight is defined as having a BMI of 25 kg/m2 or greater, while obesity is defined as a BMI of 30 kg/m2 or greater.) The risk for invasive mechanical ventilation increased in tandem with BMI, starting at 15 kg/m2.

Although BMI is the classic research tool to assess obesity, it has limited clinical value as it can be seriously off, especially if one has loads of muscle mass, as it will be incorrectly interpreted as body fat. An accurate body fat assessment is likely a far better tool to use. The key, however, is accuracy, as many inexpensive bioimpedance devices that determine body fat are not that accurate.

Why Has CDC Not Issued a Public Health Anti-Obesity Plan?

Based on the available data, the CDC could issue detailed guidance on how to not become a statistic, but has not yet done so. As noted by Hirschhorn:10

“How does CDC address the question of what can be done to address the obesity-COVID connection? Mostly with generalities and platitudes with the emphasis on what individuals can do. Consider this statement where the words government and public health or pandemic management do not appear:

‘This will take action at the policy and systems level to ensure that obesity prevention and management starts early, and that everyone has access to good nutrition and safe places to be physically active. Policy makers and community leaders must work to ensure that their communities, environments, and systems support a healthy, active lifestyle for all.’

There is no hint of how the government is going to address the pandemic with a major commitment to use public health efforts to reduce the negative impacts of obesity.”

Similarly, in the March 12, 2021, MMWR, the CDC notes that “These findings highlight clinical and public health implications of higher BMIs, including the need for … continued vaccine prioritization and masking, and policies to support healthy behaviors.”11

At the time this report was published, the injectable COVID gene therapeutics had only been out for about three months and safety data were still sorely lacking. Yet the CDC opted to prioritize vaccination while providing no public health plan whatsoever on how to address obesity.

“What is clear is that CDC thinking is mostly about considering obesity in the medical management of pandemic victims, not preventing COVID serious infections in the first place by curbing obesity at the population level,” Hirschhorn writes.12

Recent Research Strengthens Obesity-COVID Link

Studies showing the association between obesity and poor COVID-19 outcomes date back to the earlier days of the pandemic. As reported by The New York Times in mid-April 2020:13

“Obesity may be one of the most important predictors of severe coronavirus illness, new studies say. It’s an alarming finding for the United States, which has one of the highest obesity rates in the world.”

A study published April 9, 2020, reported that obesity doubled the risk of hospitalization in patients under the age of 60,14 even if the individual had no other obesity-related health problems. Since then, many more studies have been published showing the same trend.

One of the most recent ones was published in June 1, 2021, issue of The Lancet.15 This was a prospective community-based cohort study looking at the associations between BMI and COVID-19 severity in 6.9 million British adults over the age of 20. According to the authors:16

“Among 6,910,695 eligible individuals … 13,503 (0.20%) were admitted to hospital, 1,601 (0.02%) to an ICU, and 5,479 (0.08%) died after a positive test for SARS-CoV-2.

We found J-shaped associations between BMI and admission to hospital due to COVID-19 (adjusted hazard ratio [HR] per kg/m2 from the nadir at BMI of 23 kg/m2 … and a linear association across the whole BMI range with ICU admission …)

We found a significant interaction between BMI and age and ethnicity, with higher HR per kg/m2 above BMI 23 kg/m2 for younger people … in 20–39 years age group vs 80–100 years group …

The risk of admission to hospital and ICU due to COVID-19 associated with unit increase in BMI was slightly lower in people with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease than in those without these morbidities.”

In their interpretation, the authors note that, starting at a BMI above 23 kg/m2, there’s a linear increase in the risk of severe COVID-19 leading to hospital admission and death. There’s also a linear increase in ICU admission across the entire BMI range that “is not attributable to excess risks of related diseases.”

In other words, it’s not related to other chronic diseases commonly associated with obesity; rather, it appears to be directly related to obesity. They also point out that “The relative risk due to increasing BMI is particularly notable people younger than 40 years and of Black ethnicity.”

Few Obese Britons Have Been Referred for Weight Management

Despite clear association between obesity and COVID severity, government action in the U.K. was found lacking.

“[S]ince most other obesity-related risks are improved with weight loss, weight-loss interventions might reduce COVID-19 disease severity,” The Lancet authors state.17

“Although we originally planned to investigate this hypothesis in our protocol, we were unable to because the number of participants reported to have been offered referrals to weight management programmes was low and weight change was poorly recorded … In the longer term, our findings highlight the need to work towards a healthy weight at a population level.”

Other Studies Showing Obesity-COVID Link

In a Canadian paper18 published July 19, 2021, that discusses treatment approaches for obese individuals, Diana Duong writes:

“There is no doubt that people with higher body mass index (BMI) suffer worse outcomes from COVID-19. One meta-analysis that pooled data on more than 399 000 people with COVID-19 found that those with obesity were 113% more likely to be hospitalized, 74% more likely to need intensive care and 48% more likely to die than those with lower BMIs.”

Similarly, an April 2021 review article19 from The Netherlands published in the journal Cells pointed out that:

“A large number of patients severely ill with COVID-19 arriving at the ICU are overweight or suffer from obesity. Obesity is associated with chronic inflammation, resulting from immune cell activity in dysfunctional (visceral) adipose tissue.

Of the eleven studies investigating the association between BMI and mortality in hospitalized COVID-19 patients, ten studies observed an increased mortality rate in patients that were overweight (BMI ? 25 to <30), or suffering from obesity (BMI ? 30), or severe obesity (BMI ? 35).”

While the authors acknowledge “the importance of a healthy lifestyle to positively influence the course of COVID-19 disease,” and recommend “a non-processed nutrient-rich diet, limited excessive or overly energy-rich food, sufficient and intensive exercise, sufficient sleep and avoiding chronic psycho-emotional stress,” no specific government program is referenced.

What’s the Mechanism?

Alright, so what are the mechanisms? I’ve already mentioned a couple. Immune function can be impaired by chronic inflammation, which tends to be more prevalent when you’re overweight.20,21,22,23,24,25 Chronic inflammation can also disrupt thrombogenic (blood clotting) responses to pathogens. Fat cells also release a number of inflammatory compounds that can increase your risk of a cytokine storm. A 2008 paper in Diabetes Metabolism explains:26

“White adipose tissue was believed to be just an energy-storage organ, but it is now recognized to be an active participant in energy homoeostasis and physiological functions such as immunity and inflammation. Macrophages are components of adipose tissue and actively participate in its activities.

Adipose tissue is known to express and secrete a variety of products known as ‘adipokines’, including leptin, adiponectin, resistin and visfatin, as well as cytokines and chemokines such as tumor necrosis factor-alpha, interleukin-6 and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1. The release of adipokines by either adipocytes or adipose tissue-infiltrated macrophages leads to a chronic subinflammatory state …”

Interleukin-6 (IL-6) plays an important role in your immune response,27 and tends to be significantly elevated in patients with severe COVID-19. A number of studies have stressed that lowering Interleukin-6 (IL-6) can be helpful for “cooling the inflammatory soup” seen in SARS-CoV-2 infection, to quote the headline of a New England Journal of Medicine editorial.28

Leptin receptors are also expressed throughout your immune system, and leptin, typically associated with hunger signals, helps regulate both your innate and adaptive immune responses.29 Fat cells also release components of your renin-angiotensin system (RAS), which also influence your immune function, as well as your brain and metabolism.30

Obesity is also frequently associated with insulin resistance, and higher blood glucose levels play a role in viral replication and the development of cytokine storms.31,32,33

Why No Public Health Policy?

While most studies at least touch on the basics of what makes for a healthy lifestyle and how to most effectively lose weight, what’s missing is public policy. No country, to my knowledge, has implemented a public health policy aimed at reducing obesity as a way to lower the national COVID-19 burden. Hirschhorn comments on the state of affairs:34

“The U.S. public health system has failed to explicitly address the high fraction of obese American shown to have very high COVID risks. They place a burden on the health care system and suffer large health impacts. There is every reason to question whether COVID vaccines work effectively for this group.

There is a need for focused and explicit public policies and government actions to address the population of obese people, other than placing the burden on them to eliminate their obesity through life style changes. Clearly, this ‘solution’ has not worked for most obese people, especially among children and black and brown ethnic groups …

In 2020 CDC said that obesity was increasing. But the closest it got to public policy was saying there was a need to ‘remove barriers to healthy living and ensure that communities support a healthy, active lifestyle for all.’ Hardly a call for action by the public health system during the pandemic and the obesity epidemic …

Even the scourge of the pandemic has not motivated this by the government and public health system. Considering the vast numbers of overweight and obese American, several billion dollars should be aimed at public health agencies to create new programs to reduce both health conditions. If following the science is truly embraced by the government in this pandemic.

This makes more sense than depending on vaccines which have many safety issues. Especially when you acknowledge that overweight and obese individuals are very likely to be at greater risk from health impacts of COVID experimental vaccines.”

Take Control of Your Health, Starting Today

In closing, whether you’re concerned about COVID-19 or not, losing excess weight can have a positive impact on your health. Tried and true strategies include fasting, time-restricted eating, avoiding food at least three hours before bed, and cutting out added sugars and refined carbs from your diet.

Great resources for more information include an editorial35 published in the journal Open Heart by noted research scientist James DiNicolantonio, PharmD., and Dr. Jason Fung’s book,36 “The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting.”