Exit From The Matrix: The surpassing power of imagination

by Jon Rappoport

Readers who’ve been with me for a while know I’ve written a great deal about imagination. My collection Exit From the Matrix puts together more than 50 exercises and techniques for expanding the scope, range, and power of imagination.

Why? Because imagination is the quality that outdoes reality. Any kind of reality. Imagination is the infinite road.

Consciousness wants to create new consciousness, and it can. Imagination is how it does it. If there were some ultimate state of consciousness, imagination would always be able to play another card and take it further.

In any arena of life, and especially when it comes to mind, perception, power, empathy, and so on, there is always a status quo. It’s the place where a person says, “Well, that’s enough. I’ll settle for what I have. I’ll stop here.”

Sooner or later, this leads to boredom, frustration, problems, and conflict. It leads to a decline.

Imagination, which knows no bounds, is the source for the most adventurous explorations. It can have great impact on the material world, of course, but one mustn’t therefore conclude it is composed of matter or energy. Imagination is non-material. To think otherwise winds you up in using some version of physics to depict imagination—and then you are imposing limits on it. This is an error. Imagination doesn’t obey any laws of physics.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we’ve flattered reality enough. It doesn’t need any more. Imagination creates new realities.

You can create the same thing over and over, and eventually you’ll be about as alive as a table. Inject imagination into the mix, and everything suddenly changes. You can steer that boat anywhere you want to. You can build worlds.

The lowest common denominator of consensus implies an absence of imagination. Everyone agrees; everyone is bored; everyone is obedient. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are massive floods of unique individual creation, and then that sought-after thing called abundance is as natural as the sun rising in the morning.

Sitting around in a cosmic bus station waiting for reality is what reality is. Everything else is imagination.

There are those who believe life is a museum. You walk through the rooms, find one painting, stroll into it and take up permanent residence. But the museum is endless. If you were a painter, you’d never decide to live inside one of your canvases forever. You’d keep on painting.

The relentless and obsessive search for all those things on which we can agree is a confession of bankruptcy.

When we re-learn to live through and by imagination, we enter and invent new space and time. But space and time aren’t superior forces. They come into being at the tap of imagination.

With imagination, one can solve a problem. More importantly, one can skip ahead of the problem and render it null and void.

There are a billion murals on a billion walls, and a person chooses one and falls down before it and devotes himself to it. He spends a thousand years trying to decipher it. So be it. This isn’t imagination.

Imagination isn’t a system. It might invent systems, but it is non-material. It’s a capacity. It feels no compulsion to imitate reality. It makes realities. Its scope is limited only by a person’s imagining of how far imagination can go.

The human race is obsessed by the question: what exists? It appears to be a far easier question than: what do you want to imagine? This comparison explains why civilizations decline.

Imagination is a path. Walking on that path long enough, you find answers to all the questions you’ve ever asked. You also find power that people dream of.

Exit From the Matrix is the realization of those clues, fleshed out, clarified, and embedded in techniques and exercises anyone can do on a daily basis.

exit from the matrix

Here are the contents of my collection, Exit From The Matrix:

First, my new audio presentations:















Then you will receive the following audio seminars I have previously done:

* Mind Control, Mind Freedom

* The Transformations

* Desire, Manifestation and Fulfillment

* Altered States, Consciousness, and Magic

* Beyond Structures

* The Mystery and Magic of Dialogue

* The Voyage of Merlin

* Modern Alchemy and Imagination

* Imagination and Spiritual Enlightenment

* Dissolving Stress

* The Paranormal Project

* Zen Painting for Everyone Now

* Past Lives, Archetypes, and Hidden Sources of Human Energy

* Expression of Self

* Imagination Exercises for a Lifetime

* Old Planet, New Planet, New Mind

* The Era of Magic Returns

* Your Power Revealed

* Universes Without End

* Relationships

* Building a Business for Success

I have included an additional bonus section:

* My book, The Secret Behind Secret Societies (pdf document)

* My book, The Ownership of All Life (pdf document)

* A long excerpt from my briefly published book, Full Power (pdf document)

* My 24 articles in the series, “Coaching the Coaches” (pdf document)
And these audio seminars:

* The Role of Medical Drugs in Human Illness

* Longevity One: The Mind-Body Connection

* Longevity Two: The Nutritional Factors

(All the audio presentations are mp3 files, and the documents and books are pdf files. You download the files upon purchase. An email will be sent you with a link to all the materials.)

What has been called The Matrix is a series of layers. These layers compose what we call Reality. Reality is not merely the consensus people accept in their daily lives. It is also a personal and individual conception of limits. It is a perception that these limits are somehow built into existence. But this is not true.

What I’ve done here is remove the lid on those perceived limits. This isn’t an intellectual undertaking. It’s a way to open up space and step on to a new road.

I invite you to that road.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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Of course, no need to trouble Donald Trump with any of this TRUTH information. He already threw America and the world under the bus in favor of GLOBAL GENOCIDE. Inquiring kitties want to know what his pay-off was for this atrocious action. He may get something in this lifetime, but karma is going to be a bitch for him.

The Azar-Fauci-Trump coronavirus pandemic fiat on Jan. 31, 2020 was based on HHS fraud


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“How can you be in control of your affairs if you lose control over what goes into your body? But! Vaccines are the new and improved Jesus Christ! To reject vaccines is like rejecting the church during the Holy Inquisition! Heretics must be punished severely! “You will be taken before the Inquisitional Tribunal (Mental Health Court)! There, the matter of your witchcraft (vaccine denial) will be decided!””


Read more from the PDF below.


Daddy’s little girl gets special treatment. When will she suffer her injuries and/or be deceased? Did she and Jared inject their children? Did she consult with the Father of Vaccines before injecting this deadly concoction into her bloodstream….or is she faking it?!



AIMCat Rick sent in this PDF that is a visual web of lies, deceit, and mass murder.


The U.S. Congress in 1882, 47th Congress, 1st Session, took us to school on the pros and cons of paper, legal tender, gold and silver money authorized by Congress (We The People), not self-interested banks.

Ira S. Haseltine, MO-6th. (May 17, 1882).  House Proceedings, Vol. 13, Pt. 4 (Apr. 18, 1882 to May 17, 1882), 47th Congress, 1st Session, pp. 3976-4011, GPO-CRECB-1882-pt4-v13-25-2. GPO.

They actually debated substantively instead of all the grandstanding of our modern day.


In 1910, P. Whitwell Wilson’s brother-in-law Sir John Hope Simpson, used the YMCA Red Triangle publishing to issue instructions on how to be a non-Church “missionary” abroad (for the British government!)

Sir John Hope Simpson, P. Whitwell Wilson’s brother-in-law, wrote it.

The YMCA published it.

Sir John Hope Simpson. (1910). The layman abroad. YMCA Red Triangle Press.


This writer is not a Christian. No Christian talks like this… “the cause of Christianity…”

This is not written by a Christian. Christians do not say “professional agent of a Church.” Also, in an interdenominational setting, the world used is “minister” never “Padre.” “Padre” would only be used for Roman Catholic Spanish-speaking countries.

This “fellow-exile” jingoism was not written by a Chrisitian who does not disparage the souls in the country in which he/she sojourns as a calling, not a burden.

The writer sees missionary work as “a lonely station.” Simpson is speaking condescendingly.

This is a tacit admission by Sir John Hope Simpson that the YMCA is a paramilitary operation for the “British layman abroad” to care for the needs of “his fellow-exile” and a “man of his own race.” Sir John is a flaming racist, like the entire self-anointed British elitists of then, and now.

Sir John is telling real Christians to “help” their fellow Brit overseas even if they disparage Christianity.

Sir John writes here a shameless advertisement for the YMCA in India and elsewhere.

Sir John’s brother Sir James is the owner of the Bank of Liverpool and became the chief banker at the League of Nations, where Sir John led the refugee commission.

Another tell that Sir John is training paramilitary YMCA soldiers.

How to approach an Indian.

How to engage in confidence tricks with the local churches.

Conclusion: Sir John Hope Simpson hardly masks the fact that this pamphlet is a British paramilitary training booklet for the YMCA is pressing the British corporatist one-world government agenda. Remember, his brother Sir James was the leader of the Liverpool Central YMCA for 31 years (See. Fig. 9).

To find Read more Of what we uncovered about the YMCA and Salvation Army, please use the search bar. What we found is SHOCKING!

Robber Barons Created Homosexual Operations at the YMCA


Now we move on to more notes found on Philip Whitwell Wilson. To read our research, type his name into the search bar.

Philip Whitwell Wilson employed a sly rhetorical technique to propagandize the “social gospel” agenda—through the supposed quotes of Pilgrims Society subjects of his lionization.

P. Whitwell Wilson:
“Christianity is a democracy, a Socialism, a Communism…”

In 1924, Philip Whitwell Wilson, on the eve of the formation of the Institute of Pacific Relations by the Y.M.C.A. for whom he was their chief propagandist, and his brother-in-law Sir James Hope Simpson was the 31-year chairman, president of the Liverpool Central Y.M.C.A. and owner of Liverpool Bank, now Barclays Bank. The New York department store Wannamaker’s in which Ogden was an insider, was the site of one of the first British Marconi Wireless listening posts in the United States, staffed by David Sarnoff, co-founder of RCA and founder of NBC. Note Wilson’s prolific use of Biblical metaphors for a Christianity he evidently despised as an impediment to Pilgrims Society hegemony.

In this one book, Whitwell Wilson stuffed favorable impressions of many of his Pilgrims Society co-conspirators, including Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (“And there was a rich young man, eager för the Kingdom of Heaven, called John n Rockefeller. Jr.”), Roosevelt, Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Cambridge, Union Theological Institute, William Booth (YMCA) (Rhodes’ Society of the Elect), George Vanderbilt, Cardinal Manning (Rhodes’ Society of the Elect), James Bryce, Lloyd George, Pilgrims Society, Chamber of Commerce, Red Cross, Elihu Root, Russell Sage, Woodrow Wilson, YMCA.

PDF p. 187

Philip Whitwell Wilson. (1924). An Unofficial Statesmen – Robert C. Ogden, 325 pgs., (“Christianity is a democracy, a Socialism, a Communism “). PDF p. 187. Country Life Press, Doubleday, Page & Company. Source: Google Books.


The Pilgrims Society gave churches tax exemptions if they would not engage in civil discourse in exchange for not challenging offshore British bank account tax exemptions!





American Intelligence Media School of Truth



An AIMCat contacted us regarding the priests in the parish that are re-mandating masking at Church. This was a response we gave. If you can use it, do so. Share with others.

He is s potentially committing parishioners to death with his uninformed doctoring. See mountains of actual science below.

His screed excoriates quite an array of sources: “Facebook or some television or radio ‘shock jock’ or some politician wanting attention, rather than the experts with years of expertise and research behind them…” Sadly, he provides unscientific propaganda (“experts”… the godless U.N.—W.H.O. eugenicists?), but no facts to support his thesis, and offers no opportunity for other points of view. That is not respect for the Trinitarian image and likeness of God in other human beings. This is a drive-by shooting!

During the 1918 Pandemic, 'Mask Slackers' Were Labeled as Unpatriotic -  HISTORYHere’s an expert presumably not on his scarlet-letter list: Dr. Anthony S. Fauci.  Fauci’s own 2008 peer-reviewed research says bacterial pneumonia from wearing masks in 1918, not the virus, caused most of the deaths.  

David M. Morens, Jeffery K. Taubenberger, Anthony S. Fauci. (Oct. 01, 2008). Predominant Role of Bacterial Pneumonia as a Cause of Death in Pandemic Influenza: Implications for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness, Volume 198, Issue 7, 1 October 2008, Pages 962–970. The Journal of Infectious Diseases. Source: https://doi.org/10.1086/591708  (also attached).

“Published pathologic and/or bacteriologic findings from the 1918 –1919 influenza pandemic. Although the cause of influenza was disputed in 1918, there was almost universal agreement among experts [e.g., 20, 27–33] that deaths were virtually never caused by the unidentified etiologic agent itself, but resulted directly from severe secondary pneumonia caused by well-known bacterial “pneumopathogens” that colonized the upper respiratory tract (predominantly pneumococci, streptococci, and staphylococci). Without this secondary bacterial pneumonia, experts generally believed that most patients would have recovered.”

Robert Roos. (Aug. 22, 2008). Study: Bacterial pneumonia was main killer in 1918 flu pandemic. Center for Infectious Disease and Research Policy, University of Minnesota.

“But the new report suggests that more than 90% actually died of invading bacterial pneumonia after the virus wiped out cells lining the bronchial tubes and lungs.”

Lena Salzbank. (Nov. 20, 2020). Bacteria is growing on your mask. CBS News 12, MSN.

Left: fungal growth, Right: bacterial growth… on the reporter’s mask after just two days. (A great cause is the constant fiddling with the mask.)

Shawn Stevenson. (Aug. 15, 2020). Mask Facts [with source links]: “The Science & History of Mask in Medicine.”

Contributing Authors. (Oct. 21, 2020). Recall your high school geometry and then take off the damned mask. Engineers Against Tyranny.

We haven’t even analyzed the horrific effects of oxygen deprivation on cognition and the brain.

Jesus: “and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32


Make sure to share this FANTASTIC video with your downline. Mike and Doug do a great job summarizing years of research. MICHAEL MCKIBBEN AND DOUGLAS GABRIEL ON THE LONG ARM OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE


This item on Australia comes from AIMCat John who resides in Australia.

SPIRITUS: Commissioner Fuller is a Freemason per his checker board hat band! his accomplice is next to him! parties to our posting yesterday 

ALERT. UN TROOPS. in AUSTRALIA. the MAJORITY being CCP! a conspiracy of Australian Satanic Pedophile Politicians & Police. all members of the Faux Corporate Govt. “Australia Inc.” .  deceitfully-secretly established in the’60’s! . which is now in the end stage of TREASON!.

NSW Police Commissioner admits increased enforcement is not based on health orders!.

The head of NSW Police has admitted escalated enforcement operations are not directed by any public health order, but rather their own agenda to achieve greater compliance.

Mick Fuller recently told NSW Parliament that the force has committed to “treating the virus like a criminal”, encouraging officers to “put community policing to the side”.


Shocking displays of overhanded police tactics in Australia have become the laughing stock of the world in recent months, particularly in locked down New South Wales.

This country has witnessed the police force enforce cruel compliance operations across the state, issuing fines, arresting citizens for breaching health rules, squashing democratic protests and more.

Now, in a bombshell admission, the head of the NSW police has admitted the increased tyrannical actions witnessed in recent months have been taken solely on the own accord of the force.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller was recently called before a NSW Parliament budget estimates hearing and was questioned over the response of his force to COVID-19.

During this sitting, Fuller said the decision to escalate police enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions was solely based on low levels of compliance in the community, as opposed to NSW Health orders:

The commissioner revealed to the Greens Leader David Shoebridge that police have committed to “treating the virus like a criminal” to support the pandemic response.

How this is achieved, however, rests solely with him as commissioner:

The Hon. Walt Secord also questioned the police commissioner, raising questions about the legitimacy of social distancing and other guidelines — which are not a provision of any orders.

Fuller confirms that these practices are merely ‘good health advice’, as opposed to directives, which have caused ‘understandable confusion’ in the community:

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.

Since the very beginning of this pandemic saga, TOTT News has stated that this has never been about ‘health’ or ‘security’, rather, the entire martial law operation is designed for mass compliance.

The police are acting on their own accord — not as a result of public health orders — and believe the justification lies in the notion that greater enforcement will ‘stop the spread’.

However, this also stands on very shaky ground, as revealed by later comments from the hearing.

David then asks the Commissioner about what evidence he has to support the strategy that an increased police presence leads to a safer community:

“Is that your evidence?”

Yes, I agree David.

These bombshell comments by the head of the New South Wales police force prove that inhumane violation of human rights are all based on opinion, not evidence or directives.

‘Operation Stay at Home’ is nothing but psychological and economic warfare against free citizens.

Similar to Victorian Police enforcing curfew orders past a certain time with no basis whatsoever.

Who is questioning the decisions made by these officers?

How are they allowed to go rogue on their own?

What a state of affairs in New South Wales.

It doesn’t end there, either.

On closer examination, we see that these officers are not only enforcing orders on a false basis, but the commissioner himself has given them free reign to fine as they please with no consequences.


Not only has Fuller admitted that police are acting on their own accord, but he also brags to the committee about the levels of infringement notices they have handed out over the last few months.

When speaking on the success of dystopian compliance operations, Fuller revealed that police have issued about 18,000 fines over the past six weeks of enforcement of public health orders:

18,000 fines in six weeks.

Nobody shall do anything that objects The Party in 2021 NSW.

Here is where things get interesting.

Police are not only issuing stunning amounts of infringement notices to citizens for less-than-misdemeanour activities, but they do not even care if they are legal fines or not.

Last month, Fuller told his officers that he won’t hold them to account for wrongly issuing COVID-19 fines in a call to prioritise health order enforcement outside emergency duties.

Fuller, in fact, urged police members to put community policing aside during a blitz on breaches, issuing a challenge over the course of Operation Stay at Home to “go high-level enforcement”.

The commissioner directed officers to “put community policing to the side for a short period of time” and said they would not be held to account for issuing fines that turned out to be wrong.

“We need to stretch ourselves across the state, but we’ll only get compliance if you start writing tickets, if you start future CANing [issuing a future court attendance notice] people for breaching the health orders.”

This is the mentality driving unprecedented amounts of fines in locked down Sydney, and as we have now revealed, is not even based on any type of health order.

It is simply police going mad with their own power.

‘Look to the UK’, they vaguely say when asked to provide evidence.


Let’s not forget the health department also refused to provide any evidence for their measures.

It’s fine for guys like Fuller.

They just jet off and leave after the damage has been done to the private sector.


NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller will retire next year after more than three decades in the police force, it was revealed in July of this year.

Right before the next wave of coronavirus lockdowns began to ramp up.

Is this just a ‘coincidence’?


A Call for New ‘Revolutionaries’


The Parable of St. Germain

By AIMCat Peter Little Stone



Click here for other articles we have written about St. Germain: https://patriots4truth.org/2021/09/23/germain/


AIMCat Angela reminds us that information about Mike Flynn’s involvement in a child killing is still circulating the internet. We don’t know if this info is true or not. The video doesn’t offer facts and evidence in the way we like to post them, and we see lots of shills in the video. Perhaps YOU have more reliable info. Until then, please do not take this video as anything but opinion and innuendo.



The Saint Germain Deception


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