An Ice Water Cocktail to Wake You Up

 By Anna Von Reitz

Here’s just a grab bag to get your little grey cells working:
Abraham Lincoln wasn’t an American President. He was a British Territorial “President” of a British Crown Corporation under contract to provide us with stipulated “essential government services”. He knowingly and deceitfully substituted this “presidency” for our Public Office, using a simple confusion of similar names to fool the American Public.
Abraham Lincoln was President of “the” United States of America (Incorporated). He was never President of The United States of America (Unincorporated).
Whatever else he may have been, Honest Abe wasn’t honest.
Lincoln also began the nefarious practice of issuing Executive Orders and using these to commandeer the operations of government and bypass the system of Checks and Balances that our Forefathers established.
Meantime, the Congress also began operating as a foreign crime syndicate. Bought off by British and Papal Payola, they employed a similar deceit to substitute their public offices for private corporation offices.
In 1990-91, this foreign “Congress” still misrepresenting itself as the actual Congress that this country is owed, passed legislation to change the Judicial Oath, so that Judges are no longer required to make their judgements agreeable to the Constitutions.
These “judges” are instead made answerable to Congress, so that there is no longer any such thing as an independent judiciary in this country. And in actual practice, there are no longer three branches of government. Just two. The Executive Branch operating under Executive Orders which were never Kosher to begin with, and the Congressional-Judicial Branch, which was never authorized by the people of this country, either.
All of this has been done under conditions of self-interested fraud. These are known crimes of fraud, executed with intent, and enforced under color of law. And nobody is arresting the vermin responsible.
The Military is obligated to come in and straighten this situation out, but the Military is complicit. They have been taking their orders from the wrong President since 1860. They have continued to take their orders from the wrong governments for decades in the purported “absence” of the American Government. All without bothering to notify their actual Employers.
How’s that for a Sin by Omission?
Now that the American Government has been called back into Session, they continue in their errors and mistakes. Some continue to mistake the “civil” government for the “civilian” government. Some mistake the Federal Republic for the Federation, and vice versa. And nobody will listen to anybody else.
A deplorable stench of both ignorance and self-interest permeates the atmosphere, as people who owe this country far more than lip-service dive for cover and mill around like steers in a feedlot.
And while this goes on, the enemies of all Mankind are recklessly plowing onward with insurance fraud schemes, counterfeiting fraud schemes, and prior indebtedness schemes.
How many times have you, Joe Average American, heard this drivel about “indebting future generations” with debts being piled up by the foreign, fraudulent “Congress” purportedly acting “in our names”?
Do you all need ten sticks of dynamite lit under your tails?
It’s not legally nor is it lawfully possible to indebt future generations. If it were, you would be able to indebt me, and I would be able to indebt you, simply by saying, “Yep, Joe Biden owes me fifty million dollars.” No proof necessary. Not even any need to name a specific Joe Biden.
That’s all nothing but more fraud, more horse manure, and more crime.
It needs to be stopped and it needs to be stopped now.
While we wait for the US Military to wake up and figure out who their Employers actually are, and to, hopefully, protect the people they are supposed to protect, we have to move forward quickly to take charge of this situation ourselves.
So —- go to: today and weigh in.
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