Kp Radio Hawaii 10-4-21… “Clearing and Rising”

Theme of the show: “We’re clearing the old paradigms and Rising into the New one”

[Kp note: please pardon my occasional chair squeak noise. I’ll correct that prior to the next show.]

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Talked about (among other things):

  • Important to pay attention to one’s own Higher Guidance and one’s own Path… Follow what “resonates”.
  • Less and less into following the news type deals (generally watch x22Report, Santa Surfing).
  • Going “beyond normal” is most helpful to get out of old paradigm.
  • Disclosures (Jean-Claude, Clif High, JSnip video) .
  • BOTTOM LINE: stay out of the “fear vibration”.
  • What’s my current, now moment “correct” path?.
  • Perception… how mind perceives meaning of something.
  • Clearing the house using selenite. Clearing the corners.
  • We’re moving from old paradigm to the new one… we have to transition.
  • Jetson White Q&A video… woke up some things within me.
  • I appeared on Goldfish Report #777 show (to be posted on her Rumble channel).
  • We are “making it”.

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[Kp music note: the intro and ending music is from “Kaulana na Pua” by Makaha Sons. A translation to English may be found here. (“Famous are the children of Hawai?i… Ever loyal to the land”)]
[Another beautiful, with stunning visuals, version is at this link.]

via Dani Henderson 10-1-21 VIDEO… “Galactic Informers Roundtable with Alex Collier, Elena Danaan, Megan Rose…”

I saw this via someone else sending the link to me (GV, KF, EW, Kp-Brasil, ??), and felt drawn to listen to it, especially the Alex Collier portion that starts at 51:33. Very helpful I found, this video to be.

At about 55:22 Alex shared this “news” that he was told (by his Guide):

Only four moves left. Primary at of 9/25-10/17 many things would occur, by end of October we’ll clearly know the direction humanity is going will be know, and by end of December the Light v. dark war itself would be over. Most regressives on planet have been removed. The rest are surrendering.

I do know someone who was at the Mt. Shasta conference, and she had very High Vibration connections with Alex.

Project Veritas VIDEOs 10-3-21… “Veritas Army takes to local radio stations [re] Part 4 coming Monday!” & “TOMORROW [10-4-21] 8PM”

These videos are preludes to tomorrow’s release of disclosure from a Pfizer PV insider. It is (to me) a wonderful view of how “the Alliance” people and groups are trolling the deep state players. The second video is a very short snippet of what will be coming out tomorrow.
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