Kp Message 10-8-21… “Staying True to ‘the Cycle’ and ‘the Higher Inner Path’”

Two years ago this day (10-8-19) I arrived in Illinois. Thought it might be a “short” trip, but here I am, still.

So many times I’ve tried to “keep this thing going” and stay nose-up in attitude as I was “keeping this thing going”. Today my attitude was not so nose-up, but it rather worked itself through, somehow.

Somehow I’m still feeling challenged by the question, “When the h— am I going to get out of here???” or “When the h— am I going to get back to the islands???” or “Am I going to get (the h—) back to the islands???” Question is, “Is all that part of my ‘current now moment Higher Self optimum path’”?

I go back to what I have heard several times since I arrived here, and particularly, after my parents passed over and I was then left with (seemingly) tonnes and tonnes of things to process and old energies to transmute from this place. The message I’ve received has consistently been:

I am here for a period of time, in this precise location, because it is my current role FOR the Planet (and my Self), and it is NECESSARY for the Planet (and my Self).
I deserved a “rest” from Hawaii (in a comfortable place), so that other Inner items (and outer ones) might be “taken care of”.

So here I am.

From my view, we are completing a very key cycle for the planet, for the communities in which we live, and for each of us individually. We are releasing many major, major, previously unrecognized “defects of character”, or “corrections”, that had to be released, in order to move forward.

Each individual’s path is unique, and may not be “comfortable” or “nice, like before”. And of course, mine has been very uncomfortable at times, and definitely far, far away from what it was “like before”.

No matter.

At this moment, when things perhaps seem extremely challenging and extremely unfamiliar, I know it is most important to “Stay True to ‘the Cycle’ and Stay True to ‘The Path’”.

That seems to be the message that wanted to come out, for now.

I am ready to shower and cleanse the outer body, prior to going horizontal and enjoying a rest, and very likely, dream work.

Nothing more for now. All I can recommend is, follow the Higher Inner Path, and all will be resolved, for the benefit of all Hue-manity.

Aloha, Kp

The Matrix Revealed: The collective experiment on planet Earth

by Jon Rappoport

When all obsessive group-consciousness on Earth is finished, exhausted, when it admits defeat, then a different era will emerge. But for now, we are in the middle of the collective experiment.

High-flying cloying sentiment, profound dependence on others, covert repression—these are the order of the day.

How long until the collective age is over? A hundred years? A thousand years? The answer is, as long as it takes for every human to realize that the experiment has failed, and why.

The why is clear—the individual has been overlooked. He has been demeaned. He has been grabbed up and drafted into groups. His creative power has been compromised in order to fit in.

The majority of the world still believes in this approach, as if from good groups will flow the ultimate and final solutions we have all been seeking.

This is sheer mind control, because good groups morph into evil, and vice versa, in the ongoing stage play called reality.

Ideals are twisted, infiltrators subvert plans, lessons are ignored, and the whole sorry mess repeats itself again.

What constituted a triumph of good over evil at one moment is guided into yet another collective, whose aims are “a better kind of control.”

The most deluded among us believe we are always on the cusp of a final breakthrough.

But there is no “we” to make the breakthrough.

It comes to every person on his own. And it does not arrive as the thrust of an external force, but from one’s own struggle, accompanied by insights for which there is no outside agency to lend confirmation.

If indeed it will take a thousand years to bring this collective illusion to a close, that is no cause for despondent reaction.

On the contrary, it is simply an understanding that all experiments come to an end, as does the method of thought on which they are based.

One or ten or a hundred collapses of civilization, and the resultant rebuilding, are not enough.

The pattern endures.

It can only dissolve when overwhelming numbers of individuals, each in his own way, absent self-deception, sees its bankruptcy.

The “we” and the “us” are merely postponements and cover stories splashed on the front pages of the mind.

Fighting for what is right, here and now, is vital. But it does not preclude the knowledge that, as long as people are fixated on groups as the Answer, the underlying problem will persist.

Therefore, as part of my research over the last several decades, I have explored what is now commonly called the Matrix, from the point of view of freeing the individual from it.

The first step is understanding Matrix as an ongoing perverse “work of art” and viewing the nuts and bolts of it.

That is the purpose of my first collection, The Matrix Revealed. You can order the collection here.

the matrix revealed

Here are the contents of The Matrix Revealed:

* 250 megabytes of information.

* Over 1100 pages of text.

* Ten and a half hours of audio.

The 2 bonuses alone are rather extraordinary:

* My complete 18-lesson course, LOGIC AND ANALYSIS, which includes the teacher’s manual and audio to guide you. I was previously selling the course for $375. This is a new way to teach logic, the subject that has been missing from schools for decades.

* The complete text (331 pages) of AIDS INC., the book that exposed a conspiracy of scientific fraud deep within the medical research establishment. The book has become a sought-after item, since its publication in 1988. It contains material about viruses, medical testing, and the invention of disease that is, now and in the future, vital to our understanding of phony epidemics arising in our midst. I assure you, the revelations in the book will surprise you; they cut much deeper and are more subtle than “virus made in a lab” scenarios.

The heart and soul of this product are the text interviews I conducted with Matrix-insiders, who have first-hand knowledge of how the major illusions of our world are put together:

* ELLIS MEDAVOY, master of PR, propaganda, and deception, who worked for key controllers in the medical and political arenas. 28 interviews, 290 pages.

* JACK TRUE, the most creative hypnotherapist on the face of the planet. Jack’s anti-Matrix understanding of the mind and how to liberate it is unparalleled. His insights are unique, staggering. 43 interviews, 320 pages.

* RICHARD BELL, financial analyst and trader, whose profound grasp of market manipulation and economic-rigging is formidable, to say the least. 16 interviews, 132 pages.

Also included:

* Several more interviews with brilliant analysts of the Matrix. 53 pages.

* The ten and a half hours of mp3 audio are my solo presentation, based on these interviews and my own research. Title: The Multi-Dimensional Planetary Chessboard—The Matrix vs. the Un-Conditioning of the Individual.

(All the material is digital. Upon ordering it, you’ll receive an email with a link to it.)

Understanding Matrix is also understanding your capacity and power, and that is the way to approach this subject. Because liberation is the goal. And liberation has no limit.

I invite you to a new exploration and a great adventure.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

Canada Bans Unvaccinated Travellers From Boarding Planes, Trains & Cruises


  • The Facts:
    • As of Oct. 30th, passengers boarding any flight, train or cruise in Canada will be required to be fully vaccinated and show proof.
    • Only until Nov. 30th, a negative test can be presented to board.
    • Canada announced it’s also working on an international travel document so citizens prove vaccination status while travelling abroad.
  • Reflect On:
    • When looking at all the facts, is the COVID situation serious enough to warrant such draconian measures?
    • With so much science and so many facts being censored that change the COVID narrative dramatically, is this a sign that something is trying to be hidden?

Yesterday, the Canadian government announced that by Oct. 29th “core” federal public servants will have to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or face unpaid leave by Nov. 15th. Further, the government announced that anyone wishing to board a plane, train, or cruise in Canada will have to prove they are vaccinated by Oct 30th.

The announcements came from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.

For the approximately 267,000 federal workers affected by this policy, whether they work from home or go into the office, mandates will apply. There are a couple of limited exemptions in place. People will need to provide medical proof of the requirement for the exemption or testify under oath to their religious beliefs.

Should federal employees not wish to be vaccinated still, they will be required to attend an online COVID vaccine re-education session. They will also lose access to their workplace, office events, meetings, and will not be able to travel for business at all.

Partially-vaccinated workers will have up to 10 weeks to receive their second dose before being put on unpaid leave. Federal workers who wish to keep their jobs are required to make an attestation of their vaccination status which will be used as proof.

“It’s very straightforward: If you want to continue to work for the public service of Canada, you’re going to need to be fully vaccinated. And the way to ensure that that happens as quickly as possible, is to allow for the vast majority of public servants who are vaccinated, to make a simple straightforward attestation… That allows managers and departments to focus in on those people who will not…”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Mandates For Travellers

Updates have also been provided for passengers boarding any domestic or international flight, interprovincial train or cruise ship, as well as workers in restricted sections of airports. Starting Oct 30th, passengers must be fully vaccinated to board these travel vehicles. There will be a short period where proof of a negative COVID-19 test will be acceptable, but by Nov 30th, that option will fall away.

Ferry passengers have not been included in these new mandates.

“This is about keeping people safe on the job and in our communities,” Trudeau said. “If you’ve done the right thing and gotten vaccinated, you deserve the freedom to be safe from COVID-19, to have your kids safe from COVID, to get back to the things you love.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Trudeau is seen again politicizing the COVID issue by bringing children into the equation while controversial and draconian measures are announced. As The Pulse has covered on numerous occasions, children face almost no risk from COVID. In fact, children are at greater risk of death and hospitalization from the seasonal flu. One can only assume this speech was written to counteract an authoritarian policy with pulling on community heartstrings when it comes to children.

The careful wording of “If you’ve done the right thing” is also troublesome for a journalist like myself. I’ve noticed that many of my colleagues in journalism are not exercising balanced journalism during COVID, and are leaving out pertinent facts that drastically change the narrative around COVID.

Right now there are effective treatments available for COVID. We know that the vaccines are not very effective after the 6 or 7 month mark, making treatments all that much more important for the aging population, yet government and media continues to deny these treatments and continues forcing everyone to be vaccinated. As with the several decades prior to COVID, it feels all too clear again that Big Pharma has massive influence over government policy.

As a journalist who has been censored on several occasions during COVID, I can say that if Canadians were given the full truth, as opposed to the very limited truth they are getting from mainstream media, they would likely not feel that the government has “done the right thing.”

My sense is that the average person who would support such measures is likely not aware of facts like: the likelihood of false positives from PCR tests is around 50%, the fact that vaccination only offers protection from severe infection for 6 to 7 months, that children are more at risk from the seasonal flu than COVID, that it’s exceedingly rare for children to spread COVID to others, there are several viable treatments for COVID, and that the chances of hospitalization if infected by COVID is extremely low.

Here in lies what is worrisome about what’s taking place, the vast majority of people are not aware of the entirety of what’s going on, so they support measures that are tackling a problem that isn’t like what they are told. If they did understand it however, they likely would push back much harder on these measures.

This new mandatory vaccination policy includes the RCMP, as well as full-time employees, casual workers, students and volunteers for federal departments, agencies, and offices such as the Department of Health, Veterans Affairs Canada, Service Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Correctional Service of Canada, and the Canada Border Services Agency.

“We are taking this step to protect those who work in the federal public service, their families, and their communities. This measure also protects everyone who does business with the public service, whether it is getting access to your benefits at a Service Canada office, or safely traveling across our borders,”

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland

Trudeau also mentioned the government is still working on what is being dubbed ‘the standardized, pan-Canadian proof of vaccination document.’ This document is designed to hold Canadian citizen’s vaccination records for use in international travel. Dedicated funding and work on this measure suggests that Canada is not looking to stop COVID vaccination efforts in the coming years, which means constant boosters will likely need to be kept up with to be fully vaccinated as vaccine efficacy after two doses steeply wanes after 6 to 7 months.

“Part of the work that we’re doing with the major carriers in this country is to integrate the proof of vaccination digital codes into their online booking process, so that when you print out your boarding pass either at the airport, or in advance, there will be a clearly marked proof of vaccination thumbs up or checkmark, so that the gate agent does not have to be checking documentation,”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

What will come next is anyone’s guess, but what we do know is that a culture of authoritarian control is evident in government right now. It seems upon people to begin to calmly and effectively organize around creating solutions to push back against these measures in a meaningful way. Anger only further fuels the government and mainstream media in pointing to “anti-vaxxers as crazy.” Still, the solution seems unclear, but meaningful dialogue can bring us there.



More Than 200,000 Have Already Died From the COVID Jab in the US

Yesterday, October 8, 2021, I published a Highwire exclusive interview with Deborah Conrad, a physician’s assistant who is blowing the whistle on COVID jab injuries, and the fact that these injuries are rarely reported because of a faulty VAERS database design.

Today you’re in for yet another bombshell video: “Vaccine Secrets: COVID Crisis.” It’s the first episode of “The False Narrative Takedown Series,” produced by Steve Kirsch, executive director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund.

“Vaccine Secrets” complements and supports everything Conrad shared in her interview, so I highly recommend saving these files on your computer and watching both of them. Both are available on Bitchute.

How Many Have Died From the COVID Jabs?

According to Kirsch, the COVID shots have already killed an estimated 200,000 Americans, a far higher number than the 15,386 deaths reported to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) as of September 17, 2021.1 You can find all the research for Episode 1 of the “False Narrative Takedown” series on

As noted by Kirsch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Rochelle Walensky claims no causative link has been found for any of these deaths. She’s not lying, per se. But she’s also not telling the whole truth.

So far, the CDC has not determined that any death was directly caused by the COVID shot, but that doesn’t mean the injections haven’t killed anyone. In this episode, Kirsch sets out to determine whether evidence of causality exists, and if so, what the actual death toll is likely to be.

Can VAERS Data Demonstrate Causality?

The big disconnect, Kirsch points out, is that the CDC insists that VAERS, as an early warning system, cannot prove (or disprove) causality. Kirsch argues that this is false. The idea that VAERS cannot show causality is part of how and why the CDC can claim none of the deaths is attributable to the COVID shot.

To prove his point, Kirsch gives the following analogy: Suppose you give a two-dose vaccine. After the first dose, nothing happens, but after the second dose, people die within 24 hours of a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). When you look at the VAERS data, what you would find is no reports associated with the first dose, and a rash of deaths after the second dose, and all within the same timeframe and with the same cause of death.

According to the CDC, you cannot ascribe any causality at all from that. To them, it’s just random chance that everyone died after the second dose, and from the same condition, and not the first dose or from another condition.

Kirsch argues that causality CAN be identified from this kind of data. It’s very difficult to come up with another explanation for why people die exactly 24 hours after their second dose.

For example, is it reasonable to assume that people with, say, undiagnosed heart conditions would die exactly 24 hours after getting a second dose of vaccine? Or that people with undiagnosed diabetes would die exactly 24 hours after their second dose?

Why not after the first dose, or two months after the second dose, or any other random number of hours or days, or for other random cause of death? Why would people randomly die of the same condition at the exact same time, over and over again?

Vaccine Program Needs To Be Halted Immediately

According to Kirsch, the vaccination program should be immediately halted, as the VAERS data suggest more than 200,000 Americans have already died, and more than 2 million have been seriously injured by the vaccines. Interestingly enough, Kirsch and his entire family took the COVID shot early on, so he’s not coming from an “anti-vax” position.

Ending the vaccinations would not spell disaster in terms of allowing COVID-19 to run rampant, as we now know there are safe and effective early treatment protocols that everyone can use, both at home and in the hospital. These treatments also work for all variants.

According to Kirsch, the CDC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health are all “spreading misinformation about the vaccine versus early treatment.” In a nutshell, these agencies are saying the complete opposite of what is true — classic Orwellian doublespeak.

They claim the COVID shots are safe and effective, when the data show they’re neither, and they say there is no safe and effective early treatment, which is clearly false. At the same time, our medical freedoms are being stripped away under the guise of public health — all while an immense death toll is allowed to take place right before our eyes.

Kirsch is so confident in his analyses, he’s offered a $1 million academic grant to anyone who can show his analysis is flawed by a factor of four or more. So far, no one has stepped up to claim the prize. He’s even offered $1 million to any official willing to simply have a public debate with him about the data, and none has accepted the challenge.

As noted by Kirsch, “we’ve replaced debates as a way to settle scientific disagreements … with government-driven censorship and intimidation.” Medical recommendations are now also driven by the White House rather than medical experts and doctors themselves.

False Narratives Overview

In this episode, Kirsch goes through five false narratives about COVID jab safety, namely that:

  1. The shots are safe and effective
  2. No one has died from the COVID shot
  3. You cannot use VAERS to determine causality
  4. The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is harmless
  5. Only a few adverse events are associated with the shots and they’re all “mild”

He also reviews the five false narratives about what the solutions are:

  1. Vaccines are the only way to end the pandemic
  2. Vaccine mandates are therefore needed
  3. Masks work
  4. Early treatments do not work
  5. Ivermectin is dangerous

COVID Shot Kills Five Times More People Than It Saves

Kirsch cites information from Dr. Peter Schirmacher, chief pathologist at the University of Heidelberg, who is recognized as one of the top 100 pathologists in the world.

Schirmacher did autopsies on 40 patients who died within two weeks of their COVID jab, and found 30% to 40% of them were conclusively due to the shot, as there was no other underlying pathology that could have caused the deaths. Now, he did not rule out that 100% of the deaths could have been caused by the shots. He just could not conclusively prove it.

There’s also Pfizer’s six-month study, which included 44,000 people. During the blinded period of the study, the deaths were just about even — 15 deaths in the vaccine group and 14 in the control group. So, one life was saved by the shot.

But then, after the study was unblinded and controls were offered the vaccine, another three in the original vaccine group died along with two original placebo recipients who opted to get the shot. None of these deaths was considered related to the Pfizer “vaccine,” yet no one knows what they actually died from.

So, the final tally ended up being 20 deaths in the vaccine group and 14 deaths in the control group. What this tells us is the Pfizer shot offers no all-cause mortality benefit. The shot saved one life, and killed six, which gives us a net-negative mortality rate. The reality is that five times more people are killed by the shot than are saved by it.

How to Calculate Excess Mortality

In the video, Kirsch explains how anyone can calculate the number of COVID shot deaths using VAERS data. What we’re looking at here is excess deaths, not background deaths of people who were going to die from a natural cause, such as old age, anyway. In summary, this is done by:

  1. Determining the propensity to report
  2. Determining the number of domestic deaths in the VAERS database
  3. Determining the underreporting factor for serious events
  4. Determining the background death rate, i.e., all deaths reported to VAERS by year
  5. Calculating the number of excess deaths

Lastly, you would validate your findings using independent methods or comparing it to what others have found. Step-by-step instructions and calculations can be found in the document called “Estimating the Number of Vaccine Deaths in America.”3

More Than 200,000 Have Likely Been Killed by the Jabs

Between the documentation on his website and the video, you get a detailed in-depth understanding of how to do this and how Kirsch came to the conclusions made. Here, I will simply provide a summary rundown of Kirsch calculations and conclusions:

  1. Propensity to report = same as in previous years
  2. Number of domestic deaths in the VAERS database = 6,167 as of August 27, 2021
  3. Under-reporting factor for serious events = 41 (i.e., for every 41 events, only one is reported)
  4. Background VAERS death rate = 500 per year (this background death number will be subtracted twice, as most COVID jab recipients are receiving two doses. This gives us a very conservative estimate)
  5. Excess deaths calculation = (6,167 – 2 x 500) x 41 = 212,000 excess deaths

Using the same calculation methods, Kirsch conservatively estimates more than 300,000 Americans have also been permanently disabled by the COVID shots. These estimates have been validated by four teams of researchers using other methods. (None of them used VAERS data.)

Kirsch also demonstrates another calculation to show the COVID shots kill more people than the actual COVID-19 infection does. That calculation also shows that if you’re under the age of 50, your risk of dying from the vaccine is greater than your chance of dying from COVID-19, so it makes no sense from a risk-benefit perspective to get the jab if you’re younger than 50.

What’s more, since your risk of natural infection exponentially decreases over time (as natural herd immunity grows, your chance of infection approximately halves each year), the risks of the COVID shot rapidly outgrow any potential benefit with each passing year.

Examples of Adverse Events

Kirsch has also analyzed adverse events by symptom, calculating the rate at which they occur after the COVID shots compared to the average rate seen for all other vaccines combined from 2015- to 2019 for ages 20 to 60. Here’s a sampling:4

Pulmonary embolism, occurs at a rate 473 times higher than the normal incidence rate (i.e., if there was one pulmonary embolism event reported in VAERS on average for all vaccines, there were 473 events following a COVID injection)

Stroke, 326 times higher

Deep vein thrombosis 264.3 times higher

Appendicitis 145.5 times higher

Parkinson’s disease 55 times higher

Blindness 29.1 times higher

Deafness 44.7 times higher

Death 58.1 times higher

Interestingly, the most common cause of death in children aged 12 to 17 who got the COVID shot was pulmonary embolism. This was determined by the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) after analyzing the deaths of 14 children. Coincidence? Or evidence of causality?

Anecdotes and Other Data Consistent With High Death Rate

Kirsch also cites anecdotal data that can clue us into what’s happening. One top neurologist claims to have 2,000 reportable vaccine injuries in 2021, compared to zero in the last 11 years.

In all, 5% of her existing patients now have suspected vaccine injuries. Yet this neurologist has only reported two of them, because she got so frustrated with the VAERS system. So, in this instance, the under-reporting rate is not 41, but 1,000. And she’s not alone. This is another classic real-world illustration of what the PA Deborah Conrad shared in yesterday’s article.

Canadian physician Dr. Charles Hoffe has also reported that 60% of his COVID jabbed patients have elevated D-dimer levels, which is indicative of blood clotting, and levels in many cases remained elevated for up to three months.

This too is evidence of causation, because your D-dimer level is a marker for blood clotting. Even if you don’t have obvious symptoms of clotting, it can indicate the presence of microclots. Hoffe discusses this in the video below.

Dr. Peter McCullough has also reported that troponin levels are elevated in many vaccinated patients. Troponin is a marker for heart damage, such as when you’re having a heart attack or myocarditis (heart inflammation). A level between 1 and 4 is indicative of an acute or recent heart attack. In case of a serious heart attack, troponin can remain elevated for five days.

In many patients who have received the COVID jab, the troponin level is between 35 and 50(!) and remains at that level for up to two months, which suggests massive damage is occurring to the heart. Yet this is what they’re routinely labeling as “mild” myocarditis. There’s absolutely nothing mild about this level of heart damage.

No Rate of Injury or Death Is Too Great

Unbelievably, there seems to be no ceiling above which the death and disability toll is deemed too great. Why aren’t the FDA and CDC concerned about safety when more than half a million side effect reports have been filed? How come nearly 15,000 reported deaths5 haven’t set off emergency alarms and in-depth investigations? Historically, 50 deaths have been the cutoff point at which a vaccine is pulled.

Considering the unprecedented risks of these shots, I urge you to review as much data as you can before you jump on the booster bandwagon. Based on everything I’ve seen, I believe the risk of side effects is likely going to exponentially increase with each dose.

If you need a refresher on the potential mechanisms of harm, download and read Stephanie Seneff’s excellent paper,6Worse Than The Disease: Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19,” published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research in collaboration with Dr. Greg Nigh.

Can the COVID Vaccine Affect Fertility?

Women across the U.S. have reported changes in their menstrual cycles following COVID-19 shots. Changes include heavier, earlier and more painful periods,1 as well as unexpected breakthrough bleeding or spotting among women on long-acting contraception or those who are postmenopausal and hadn’t had a period in years or even decades.2 Health officials have tried to brush off the reports, but they’ve become too numerous to ignore.

Kate Clancy, a human reproductive ecologist and associate professor of anthropology at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Katharine Lee, a biological anthropologist studying women’s health at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, have more than 140,000 reports from those who’ve had changes in their period following COVID-19 injections, which they’re formally documenting in an open-ended study.3

Another 30,000 reports of period changes following the jabs have been reported to the U.K.’s regulator.4 The implication is that the shots could be having an effect on fertility, but in order to keep people lining up for shots, no questions asked, officials have been quick to deny such a link.

Link to Menstrual Changes and Jabs ‘Biologically Plausible’

The University of California, Davis, even went so far as to say that the tens of thousands of women who have reported menstrual changes following the injections are simply stressed out.

“[A] woman’s ovulation and menstrual cycle can be affected by stress. Stress may be the reason for any effect on menstruation. We do not believe there is any physiologic reason why the vaccine itself would affect a woman’s menstrual cycle,” wrote Clara Paik, clinic medical director of obstetrics and gynecology at UC David.5

It’s as though we’ve been transported back to the 18th and 19th centuries, when women were commonly diagnosed with “hysteria” to explain away any symptoms that doctors didn’t understand.6 Fortunately, not everyone is OK with brushing off nearly 200,000 reports of shot-induced menstrual changes as “stress.”

In an editorial published in the BMJ, Victoria Male, a lecturer in reproductive immunology at Imperial College London, stated that when it comes to menstrual changes after COVID-19 shots, “A link is plausible and should be investigated.”7 According to Male:8

“Menstrual changes have been reported after both mRNA and adenovirus vectored covid-19 vaccines, suggesting that, if there is a connection, it is likely to be a result of the immune response to vaccination rather than a specific vaccine component. Vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) has also been associated with menstrual changes.

… Biologically plausible mechanisms linking immune stimulation with menstrual changes include immunological influences on the hormones driving the menstrual cycle or effects mediated by immune cells in the lining of the uterus, which are involved in the cyclical build-up and breakdown of this tissue.

Research exploring a possible association between covid-19 vaccines and menstrual changes may also help understand the mechanism.”

As it stands, effects of medical interventions on menstruation are often an afterthought during clinical research. As Male noted, while clinical trials present an opportune time to monitor how medical interventions influence menstruation, women are unlikely to report changes to their periods unless they’re specifically asked to.

“Information about menstrual cycles and other vaginal bleeding should be actively solicited in future clinical trials, including trials of covid-19 vaccines,” she said.9

Why It Takes so Long to Recognize Side Effects

Clancy and Lee started their survey after personally experiencing abnormal menstruation following their COVID-19 shots. It wasn’t until they posted their experiences online that hundreds of other women spoke up about their similar experiences.

One woman who experienced abnormal bleeding after not having a period for 1.5 years due to an IUD said, “I didn’t really think that it was anything until I saw that someone had said that, that it might’ve been a symptom or a side effect of the vaccine. It was like, ‘Oh, that’s interesting.'”10

Meanwhile, many doctors are brushing off their patients’ concerns instead of listening to them. Contradicting Male’s BMJ editorial, Dr. Rakhi Shah, an OB-GYN at Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital, told the Chicago Tribune:11

“I think that there’s really no biological mechanism that is plausible in terms of how that could be possible. I think that potentially people are having normal menstrual pain plus the aches and pains that are associated post-vaccine, and maybe combining all of that together and associating it.”

Dr. Julie Levitt, an OB-GYN at Northwestern Medicine, had two patients who experienced menstruation changes after the shots, but also brushed it off, stating, “Bleeding occurs for so many reasons that it’s really hard to isolate the two,” and suggesting that women shouldn’t worry about it and, “If it does continue after a few weeks following the administration of the vaccine, it probably is something else.”

It’s premature to brush off women’s reports, however, especially since long-term research on the shots’ effects on menstruation and fertility hasn’t been conducted. In late August 2021, the U.S. National Institutes of Health awarded $1.67 million in grants to five institutions to study links between COVID-19 shots and menstrual changes.12 According to the NIH:13

“Researchers will assess the prevalence and severity of post-vaccination changes to menstrual characteristics including flow, cycle length, pain and other symptoms. These analyses will account for other factors that can affect menstruation — such as stress, medications and exercise — to determine whether the changes are attributable to vaccination.

Several projects also seek to unravel the mechanisms underlying the potential effects of COVID-19 vaccines on the menstrual cycle by examining immune and hormonal characteristics in blood, tissue and saliva samples taken before and after COVID-19 vaccination.”

Toxic Spike Protein Accumulates in the Ovaries

Your body recognizes the spike protein in COVID-19 jabs as foreign, so it begins to manufacture antibodies to protect you against COVID-19, or so the theory goes. But there’s a problem. The spike protein itself is dangerous and known to circulate in your body at least for weeks and more likely months14 — perhaps much longer — after the COVID jab.

In your cells, the spike protein damages blood vessels and can lead to the development of blood clots.15 It can go into your brain, adrenal glands, ovaries, heart, skeletal muscles and nerves, causing inflammation, scarring and damage in organs over time.

In fact, Pfizer’s biodistribution study, which was used to determine where the injected substances go in the body, showed the COVID spike protein from the shots accumulated in “quite high concentrations” in the ovaries.16

Molecular Biologist Warns of Impaired Fertility

Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D., a prominent toxicologist and molecular biologist who works with M.D. Anderson Cancer Center-Houston, spoke at the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices meeting held April 23, 2021.

The focus of the meeting was blood clotting disorders following COVID-19 shots, and Lindsay spoke during the public comment period, calling for “all gene therapy vaccines” to “be halted immediately due to safety concerns on several fronts.” Fertility concerns were among them. Lindsay stated:17

“Covid vaccines could induce cross-reactive antibodies to syncytin, and impair fertility as well as pregnancy outcomes. First, there is a credible reason to believe that Covid vaccines will cross-react with the syncytin and reproductive proteins in sperm, ova, and placenta, leading to impaired fertility and impaired reproductive and gestational outcomes.

Respected virologist Dr. Bill Gallaher, Ph.D., made excellent arguments as to why you would expect cross reaction. Due to beta sheet conformation similarities between spike proteins and syncytin-1 and syncytin-2. I have yet to see a single immunological study which disproves this.

Despite the fact that it would literally take the manufacturers a single day to do these syncytin studies to ascertain this [once they had serum from vaccinated individuals]. It’s been over a year since the assertions were first made that this [the body attacking its own syncytin proteins due to similarity in spike protein structure] could occur.”

An Entire Generation Could Be Sterilized

Lindsay also noted that 100 pregnancy losses have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in the U.S. as of April 9, 2021, which also demands that COVID-19 shots be halted. Other concerning reports following COVID-19 injections include impaired spermatogenesis and placental findings, implicating a syncytin-mediated role.18

Lindsay warned that these red flags are severe enough that an entire generation could be a risk of sterilization if COVID-19 shots aren’t stopped until more research is conducted:19

“We simply cannot put these [vaccines] in our children who are at .002% risk for Covid mortality, if infected, or any more of the child-bearing age population without thoroughly investigating this matter.

[If we do], we could potentially sterilize an entire generation. Speculation that this will not occur and a few anecdotal reports of pregnancies within the trial are not sufficient proof that this is not impacting on a population-wide scale.”

Investigative journalist Jennifer Margulis contacted Lindsay after the meeting to see what additional information she had that she was not allowed to present due to the three-minute time restriction. In a written response, Lindsay said:20

“There is strong evidence for immune escape and that inoculation under pandemic pressure with these leaky vaccines is driving the creation of more lethal mutants that are both newly infecting a younger age demographic, and causing more COVID-related deaths across the population than would have occurred without intervention. That is, there is evidence that the vaccines are making the pandemic worse.”

The menstrual changes being experienced by women following COVID-19 shots are highlighting another scientific gap, one that relates to women’s health in general, which has not been a research priority for the last two decades, Dr. Sarah Gray, a general practitioner in Cornwall, England, said in a news release.21

“The control of menstrual bleeding is complex with potential effects from the brain, ovaries, and uterus itself. It is plausible that the effects of either [SARS-CoV-2] infection or vaccination on the immune system could affect this control pathway, and any research would be greatly valued,” she said.22 It’s also an urgent matter that must be investigated so people can make an informed decision before consenting to an injection that could have serious reproductive effects.

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