Phil Godlewski (Patriot News & Updates) 10-28-21… “RAPID FIRE, Episode 5” (and a Tarot by Janine “read” on some of what he says)

[Kp update: Phil also just posted another video where he called on the White Hats to give us some visible evidence that things are really happening (entitled, “The Arrests“)]

Another “Rapid Fire” by Phil (where answers are given, yes or no, to questions asked from “the audience”). Tarot by Janine made a comment video about the “veracity” of what Phil was conveying (although she spent not very much time on Phil’s info).

I do recall him answering “yes” to the possibility of not having an EBS (might not be needed).

I suggest listening at 1.5 – 2x speed, as Phil talks deliberately.

The 5th installment of the popular RAPID FIRE series. Phil answers yes/no questions of which he is only certain of the answers to.


TAROT BY JANINE LOOKS INTO Phil’s Rapid Fire Videos , Is He Getting Good Intel? Sending everyone ravens!

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