Tarot by Janine 11-1-21… “Breakthrough November” (and a couple of “confirmations” by REK, and Jaco)

Yes, I know there’s been a lot of TbJ’s videos recently, but the ones that resonate, I post. Also I listened to two Randall Earl Kaiser videos, where he notes that he has other sources that say the same as Janine’s readings. Then there was this Michael Jaco update stating (in first 5 minutes) that his intuitive vision sees the same thing.

So have fun with these, and feel free to use Higher Inner Discernment for all of them! REK’s videos have beautiful views of nature from the Calgary area.

“…Tarot by Janine’s… does a reading looking into the world situation and what will happen in November! Will we see movement? Will we really see things being revealed? Will the DS agenda proceed or will it fail and begin to fall apart?”




“Asset Backed Accounts Blocked and Off Ledger coming through the Banks I restricted.”




First of November 2021 Dear Cardinal Mamberti,

  By Anna Von Reitz

First of November 2021
Dear Cardinal Mamberti,
It is now years since we began our correspondence with your offices, and we continue to get inquiries about many basic things even as the leaders of the Church propose an enclave to decide the fate of the so-called Historic or Legacy Trusts which are, rightfully, the property of living men and women, their Heirs, and their Assigns.
A False Legal Presumption was deliberately employed in the wake of World War II to pretend that the whereabouts of the donors of these trusts were unknown and that the inheritors and assigns were also unknown.
This is like children on a playground snubbing another child by pretending that they don’t exist, only in this case, it is far worse, because this false assumption was pursued for the purpose of purloining the assets of the victims and using their assets for public and corporate purposes without their consent.
As Spokesperson for the Donors of these Historic Trusts, I have enclosed a Notice of Prohibition. The Heirs and Assigns and Powers of Attorney have been identified and are not lost, and not agreeing to disposal of their trust assets by incorporated entities and unknown Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s).
Since 2005 there has been no general contract for anyone to use these private assets approved of by any of the Donors, their Heirs, or their Assigns, and since 2017, there is no contract for UBS or any of the Swiss banks, to use the assets, either.
This situation cannot be overcome by pretending that the Heirs and proper Assigns don’t exist.
New contracts for the use of the assets must be established, and together with new contracts, a new understanding of what the Will of the Donors requires. The Donors have long established their Will to employ the wealth of the trusts to break the yoke of poverty, to break the yoke of ignorance, and to break the yoke of prejudice forever.
The assets of the Historic Trusts belong to living people, not governments, not corporations.
We have called our lawful governments into Session and established our international trade banks, including The Global Family Bank, and their wholly owned commercial subsidiaries, including The Global Family Bank of Commerce, for the direct administration of the Historic Trust assets.
The Holders of the Powers of Attorney and Fiduciaries established by the Donors, request your urgent assistance and support. The Donors of the World Trust have left their progeny to act as Donors in the present day, and the American People are still present and accounted for, too.
We have been able to locate the Inheritors and intended administrators of every trust we have thus far researched. This indicates that these people are not missing and should not be presumed lost at sea, dead, disinherited, or otherwise incapacitated —- and the assets of these trusts should not be distributed without a good faith effort to locate the rightful inheritors and administrators.
Furthermore, those who have survived and come forward need to be recognized for who they are and the valid offices they occupy. We can provide new contracts and new direction for these assets to bless the entire Earth; it was the Will of our ancestors that this should be so, and it is our Will, too.
Please advise the Curia that a substantial number of the actual Holders and Fiduciaries have been found and that there is likelihood that more will be found if a good faith effort to find them is made.
The General Power of Attorney over the D’Avila Family Trust and the lawful Fiduciary of the United States Trust are both present, as are the Trustees of the V.K. Durham Trust, the Beneficiaries of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust, the Holders of the Santiago Family Trust, the progeny Donors of the World Trust, and many more who have been falsely reported as lost and presumed dead.
Most sincerely,
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America [Unincorporated]
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Welcome to the Church of Fear and Blindness

by Jon Rappoport

November 1, 2021

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It’s always so wonderful to see so many of you again on these Sundays, when we gather and worship. As your minister, I try to guide you on the path to salvation.

As you know, in our Church we come from fear.

That is our watchword. When we experience the impulse to step out on the stage of deep commitment, we pull back. We sense the danger. This we all understand.

When the lockdowns were ordered last year, we closed our doors. We avoided risk. We prayed online. Not long ago, when the mandates were announced, we complied.

Out in public, we obey the rules.

We are a branch of the State. We respect things of this world.

We will never challenge Earthly authority on behalf of God.

Religion is dead.

I’m not talking about God or the independent individual. I’m talking about organized religion.

Over the past year, there have been many occasions…after gargantuan rulings from the State, during this false pandemic…when you would HAVE THOUGHT religious leaders and their congregations would come forward, in great numbers, to TAKE A STAND.

Declare their allegiance to God. Refuse to obey the restrictions against life, against work, against freedom, against worshipping together.

But except for a few scattered cases, no. Nothing happened.

Silence. Meek silence.

Well, I have a new religion. The old religion.

It’s called FAITH.

Faith that leads you to do SOMETHING.

Religion is dead because the leaders are dead. They let people in the doors of the churches and then pacify them and isolate them and put them in a bubble. If the leaders preached RESISTANCE, the people coming in the door would be more RELIGIOUS. The air would clear. There would be FIRE in the room.

Trying to reform modern Churches would be like trying to turn a banker into a pilgrim journeying long and far to a sacred shrine.

I’ve never been satisfied with the phrase, THY WILL BE DONE. If he’s God, His will is already being done. And if it isn’t, then the faithful themselves need to be doing something. So why are they presenting the phrase in the passive voice? Why aren’t they saying, WE WILL DO YOUR WILL?

And the answer is, they would rather sit in Church.

Now we have parents across America going into school board meetings to protest, among other oppressions, the vaccine mandate.

I’m sure many of these parents are religious. If they’ve gotten part of that religion from their churches, they’ve taken it outside and made something out of it.

And the Attorney General of the United States has declared war on them, calling them potential terrorists. Now this I understand. The State is baring its teeth. The State is revealing its true character.

And the parents are standing up against that.

The Churches should have been doing this all along.

But they’ve sold themselves.

Try to imagine what the Pope, with all his influence over a billion worshippers, could have said when the lockdowns and mandates were declared.

Imagine a Pope with youth, vitality, passion, an outgoing man, stirring the ashes, finding hot coals, and building them into a conflagration, setting his Church against the Earthly State.

This is why the Cardinals pick old men to be their leader.

Is there a Church anywhere, in which people of the flock have risen up and thrown out their pastor, because he is of insufficient moral strength?

I’m not talking about mundane scandals. I’m referring to POWER. The power to set things right. To re-establish the mandatory chasm between Faith and the Secular.

Has any congregation dismissed its leader for failing to do THAT?

This is called a clue. The accountability finally falls on the congregation.

As I write this, I’ve been told 4500 police officers in Chicago have refused to log in and report their vaccination status, violating the deadline set by the fascist mayor of the city.

Now this sounds like the sort of thing church congregations should be doing.

Resisting. Drawing a line in the sand.

“And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money changers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.”

When the leaders of a congregation are the money changers and the merchants and the assets and the partners of the secular state, it falls to the congregation to throw them out.

—As an act of renewing faith, and directing faith where it should go.

Otherwise, the congregation is a collective of fear and blindness.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

How to Fight Vaccine Mandates and Passports

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Around the world, huge numbers of people are protesting vaccine mandates and passports. In mid-September 2021, Italy became the first European country to announce the implementation of mandatory COVID-19 health passes (so-called “Green Pass”) for all workers, both public and private.

The Italian mandate took effect October 15, 2021. Under the new rules, any Italian who does not have a Green Pass is forced into unpaid leave and risks fines of up to 1,500 euros (approximately $1,750). Massive demonstrations are also taking place in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Australia and France.

Even in Israel, mass protests are now taking place as it was announced Israelis will lose their health pass privileges unless they get a third booster shot six months after their second dose.

Situation in New York

disclose tv tweet

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New York City has also seen large protests in the wake of its vaccine requirement for restaurants and other public venues. Among those protesting are firefighters, first responders, correctional officers, police officers and sanitation workers.

The New York City police union, the Police Benevolent Association, recently sued the city over its COVID jab mandate, saying it opposes any mandate that does not allow police officers to undergo weekly testing in lieu of getting the shot.

As of mid-October 2021, an estimated 30% of the New York police department remained unvaccinated.1 Unless they’re fully “vaccinated” by November 1, 2021, they all face being placed on unpaid leave. In all, about 46,0002 New York city workers stand before this difficult choice: get the risky jab or lose their job.

Among city sanitation workers, 38% remain unvaccinated.3 We’ve already seen how mass walkouts can change things. For example, in mid-October 2021, Southwest Airlines did a sudden U-turn, reversing its strict get jabbed or get lost policy.4

Southwest is now urging unvaccinated employees to apply for an exemption, which the airline will do its best to approve. In cases where an exemption is not approved, Southwest has promised to provide other accommodation, such as weekly testing, which is not an option under Biden’s mandate.

Now, imagine what halving the sanitation department in New York City would do. I predict a few weeks of letting trash pile up might soften the mayor’s stance on the mandate.

It would be even more catastrophic — and more likely to end the mandate — were the remaining vaccinated sanitation workers to walk off the job in solidarity. After all, whether you decided to get the initial jab or not, the vaccine mandate is a direct attack on your personal freedom and liberty.

Unless you’re willing to give up all personal autonomy to the government, you have to say no to this clear authoritarian overreach, because it’s only going to get worse from here. There really is no telling what you’ll have to submit yourself to next in order to keep your “privileges,” which now include having a job.

The Global Threat of Vaccine Mandates and Passports

In the video above, investigative reporter James Corbett of The Corbett Report Solution Watch explores how we can thwart the threat of vaccine mandates and passports. As noted by Corbett, this threat is worldwide.

There’s not a nation in the world that can expect to not face vaccine mandates and passports, for the simple reason that the passports are a foundational part of the new economic control system that is being rolled out.

So, while it appears people have successfully pushed back in some areas — including the U.K., which recently announced it would scrap the passport requirement for restaurants and other public venues, and in Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis is calling on businesses to pay for adverse reactions if they mandate the shot (see his speech below) — we must remain vigilant, not let up, and not give an inch.

We’ve repeatedly seen how government officials have said there are no plans for vaccine mandates or passports, only to turn on a dime days or weeks later. It seems they’re all using the same playbook: First, put people’s minds at ease, and then pull the rug out — over and over again.

How to Thwart the Threat of Vaccine Mandates and Passports

While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, some general suggestions can be made. Corbett divides the available solutions into four main categories:

1. Legal challenges to the vaccine mandates — A variety of legal resources can be found on The Corbett Report’s September Open Thread.5 A thread by HomeRemedySupply, in particular, contains a long list of legal resources for Americans looking to combat vaccine mandates, including vaccine exemption documents and much more.

The Corbett Report show notes6 also list a variety of resources. Another resource is The Solari Report, where you can download a variety of forms, including:

a. A family financial disclosure form, to ensure that a vaccine injury or death does not translate into financial destruction of the whole family

b. An employer disclosure form that informs your employer of the many laws and ethical principles they are breaking and demands they take financial responsibility for any injury you might incur as a result of their mandate

c. A school disclosure form that informs the school of the many laws and ethical principles they are breaking and demands they take financial responsibility for any injury you might incur as a result of their mandate

d. A notice of parental authority form, which parents can use to notify relevant parties that they do not consent to their child being vaccinated without their written informed consent

Another type of legal challenge you can pursue is that of religious and medical exemptions. Just keep in mind that while this might temporarily save the livelihoods of some, it does virtually nothing to protect you or anyone else from tyranny in the long term.

And, as noted by Corbett, even the Amish have had religious exemptions denied by bureaucrats who say they don’t think the Amish have a strongly held religious conviction against vaccination. If you know anything about Amish who choose not to vaccinate, you know what a ridiculous statement that is, but at the end of the day, these are the kinds of people making the decisions.

2. Workarounds that don’t necessitate facing the problem head-on — This includes setting up a network of likeminded people to create parallel economies and resources,7 and getting involved in local politics, your children’s school board and so on, where you can apply pressure and affect change from the inside. You can also sign petitions, such as the British togetherdeclaration.org.8

3. Peaceful protests and demonstrations — As mentioned earlier, there are mass protests taking place all over the world. Keep in mind that this strategy requires patience and above all persistence. Doing it once or twice will accomplish little.

The French have been taken to the streets by the hundreds of thousands every weekend for months. Our leaders are clearly not easily or rapidly swayed by these displays of solidarity but, over time, peaceful protests can be effective.

4. The ultimate solution: noncompliance — At the end of the day, the most effective long-term solution is mass noncompliance, “ignoring the rulers out of existence,” to quote Arizona Dara, featured in Corbett’s report. It’s important to realize that it’s not our politicians who are running the show. They’re foot soldiers for unnamed, unelected globalists, which is why fighting in the political arena is unlikely to eliminate this threat over the long term.

As noted by Corbett, the technocrat globalists that are the real string pullers are only able to do what they do because people tend to just go along with it. It’s that simple. If enough people don’t comply, their plans fall apart.

If millions of people refuse to comply with the mandates and the passports and then sue their employers when they’re fired, if millions force the establishment to go through that hassle, the establishment will eventually cave. As noted by Corbett, it would become mathematically impossible for them to enforce the tyranny. Ultimately, that’s how we win.

Vaccine Passports Are Part of Surveillance Capitalism

To learn more about the scheme behind vaccine passports, read Jeremy Loffredo’s and Max Blumenthal’s article, “Public Health or Private Wealth? How Digital Vaccine Passports Pave Way for Unprecedented Surveillance Capitalism.”9 As noted in that article:

“The titans of global capitalism are exploiting the Covid-19 crisis to institute social credit-style digital ID systems across the West.

The death by starvation of Etwariya Devi, a 67-year-old widow from the rural Indian state of Jharkhand, might have passed without notice had it not been part of a more widespread trend.

Like 1.3 billion of her fellow Indians, Devi had been pushed to enroll in a biometric digital ID system called Aadhaar in order to access public services, including her monthly allotment of 25kg of rice.

When her fingerprint failed to register with the shoddy system, Devi was denied her food ration. Throughout the course of the following three months in 2017, she was repeatedly refused food until she succumbed to hunger, alone in her home.

Premani Kumar, a 64-year-old woman also from Jharkhand, met the same demise as Devi, dying of hunger and exhaustion the same year after the Aadhaar system transferred her pension payments to another person without her permission, while cutting off her monthly food rations.

A similarly cruel fate was reserved for Santoshi Kumari, an 11-year-old girl, also from Jharkhand, who reportedly died begging for rice after her family’s ration card was canceled because it had not been linked to their Aadhaar digital ID.

These three heart-rending casualties were among a spate of deaths in rural India in 2017 which came as a direct result of the Aadhaar digital ID system.

With over one billion Indians in its database, Aadhaar is the largest biometric digital ID program ever constructed. Besides serving as a portal to government services, it tracks users’ movements between cities, their employment status, and purchasing records. It is a de facto social credit system that serves as the key entry point for accessing services in India …

For those yearning for an end to pandemic-related restrictions, credential programs certifying their vaccination against Covid-19 have been marketed as the key to reopening the economy and restoring their personal freedom. But the implementation of immunity passports is also accelerating the establishment of a global digital identity infrastructure.”

Don’t Fall Into the Convenience Trap

Make no mistake, vaccine passports are the precursor to digital ID wallets, as noted by the military surveillance firm Thales.10 Of course, it’s sold as something that will provide you with superior convenience, but as the three stories above show, it doesn’t always work, and even when it does, it turns you into a slave in a system that profits from surveilling everything you do.

The system also gives unelected globalists — the richest of the rich — the power to cut your access to funds, health care, travel, food or anything else whenever they please. Bill Gates, the World Health Organization, the Rockefellers, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum are just some of the people and organizations that are behind this global enslavement agenda.

Don’t fall for altruistic language spouted by these people. It’s nothing but PR to cover their profit motives. In the real world, digital ID systems have proven disastrous for the average person, resulting in marginalization and death.

In India, a random sampling of 18 villages that had implemented compulsory biometric authentication at rationing stations showed a shocking 37% of people were unable to get their food rations for one reason or another.11 So much for convenience. Imagine having to rely on a system like that for everything in your life — your food, your health care, your education, your banking and everyday purchases.

As noted by Canadian immunologist and geneticist Sir John Bell,12 the COVID-19 medical system can easily be repurposed for other ailments and health goals as well. Any number of other vaccinations could be mandated, and without having those logged in your passport, there goes your freedom yet again.

Any number of drugs could be required to maintain a valid passport. They could put every adult over 40 on mandatory statin treatment, for example, as a public health measure.

Just how much freedom are you willing to lose? Don’t think for a minute that it’ll all end once you get fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Sooner or later, everyone will have to make a choice: freedom or slavery. There’s no middle ground anymore.

Colleges Conditioning Students for a Surveillance Bureaucracy

Despite successful treatment protocols,1,2 hundreds of thousands of reports of vaccine injury3 and excess death numbers that have never reached the millions of people predicted from COVID-19,4 government officials continue to call for mandatory masking,5 vaccinations, social distancing and exorbitant fines6 for people who refuse to bow down to unreasonable demands.

In addition to businesses, primary schools and high schools, colleges have also taken up the banner against COVID-19. They are enforcing draconian rules for a population of people with the lowest rate of infection, long-haul symptoms and death.7 In fact, the rules in place at many college campuses are even crazier than those you might see at any big box store, restaurant or small business.8

As the number of “cases” of COVID-19 being reported in the mainstream media has faded to the background, college campuses are implementing strict protocols after asymptomatic students test positive. For example, with a total enrollment9 of 6,632 full-time undergraduate students and 2,501 full-time graduate students, Brown University put the lock down on the campus after 82 asymptomatic students (0.89%) tested positive.

The percentage of positive cases on the university campus does not warrant the measures being taken to keep students from socializing. While the actions on college campuses appear to mimic what’s happening in some areas, the long-term effects of teaching impressionable and vulnerable students to conform to surveillance and reporting measures will be felt as they graduate from college and take their place as police officers, doctors, lawyers and business owners.

Capricious and Comical COVID Restrictions on College Campuses

Brown University has made it clear to their student population that until the “cases” on their university campus have reduced in number, they are forbidden to get together in groups of more than five, whether they are inside or outdoors. Addressing the challenges of an infection that is now endemic, Brown University released a statement September 13, 2021:10

“To reverse this trend and ensure that Brown can continue the positive gains we have made in re-establishing in-person campus activities, the University is implementing a set of new short-term COVID-19 restrictions.”

These are measures that have never been put into place for flu or colds but appear to be completely reasonable to the university administration to put into place for a virus that has a less than a significant effect on the student population. The statement assures the students that these are short-term requirements and restrictions.

However, on a school campus where students are required to be vaccinated in order to attend,11 it appears that the restrictions and requirements are more about control and surveillance than they are about maintaining safety for the students.

For example, undergraduate students will be tested for COVID every four days, and all students and staff are required to wear masks indoors. The dining service has closed for in-person dining and the university goes so far as to mandate students not to make new friends:12

“Students are expected to consistently engage with the same small social group, rather than attending or “hopping” among multiple small-group gatherings over the course of a day or short period of time. They should not go to indoor bars or restaurants.”

Yet, the university reserves the right to host events of any size as long as it adheres to the mask protocols. Essentially, this addresses any athletic event for this Division 1 school13 for which students, faculty and the community are charged admission.

It seems logical that college campuses would be the ideal place to test a relaxation of ineffective mask protocols since the vaccination rate is higher than most other places and the population is at the lowest risk. Instead, it seems as if university administrators are moving in the opposite direction. And Brown University is not alone.

More College Campuses Join in Absurd Restrictions

Harvard is asking students to keep their “close contacts to a minimum,” despite publicizing their positivity rate had dropped to 0.16%.14 According to Harvard,15 96% of the employees and 95% of the students were fully vaccinated by September 22, 2021. And yet, they continue to require masks indoors at all times.

Yale University16 is telling students to wear a mask in their rooms if other students are visiting, to wear a mask if it makes them feel more comfortable and to wear a mask outdoors if they’ve received instructions from the contact tracing team.

The University of Southern California17 is recommending that masks are worn indoors at all times and is specific about the mask covering the nose and mouth. Additionally, students must not eat or drink inside the building. If they need to hydrate, they must leave the building. Only instructors can “briefly hydrate while teaching but must re-mask immediately.”

September 17, 2021, Columbia University announced “temporary” restrictions on campus.18 Student key cards were recoded so they could only get into their assigned residence halls. Students are not allowed guests and social gatherings are limited to 10 students. Although they assure the students these are temporary restrictions, they reserve the right to “reevaluate and determine if they can be lifted or must continue” after two weeks.

Radical Student College Life Is No Longer Radical

In a video interview, Dr. Bryan Ardis describes what he calls “natural human behavior.”19 In his example he describes a parent trying to get their children to clean their room. For many, this means that the parent asks the child to clean the room. If that doesn’t work, they move on to bribing the child and if that doesn’t work, the child is forced.

In much the same path the government first engineered fear in the population and then said “we have a fix.” When enough people were not getting vaccinated, bribes were offered that ranged from a donut a day to game consoles to a free haircut to myriad gift cards and giveaways, such as one in West Virginia offering free custom hunting rifles.20 California offered $116.5 million in prizes and in June 2021, President Biden announced Anheuser-Busch would give away beer.

President Biden has now moved on to forcing the American public to take a vaccine that infringes on your right to choose. The administration is using multiple pathways21,22 to force business owners to mandate a vaccine to keep your job. Colleges began with forcing their students to get the vaccine or they were not allowed to return to campus. But now they’ve taken it another step further.

Guidance from administrators sounds more like parental edicts than communication to young adults. Boston University23 emphasizes the need for students to be obedient to the testing requirements and warns that being overdue for testing or their “daily self-symptom attestation” can ultimately result in suspension and being barred from the university campus.

If the student is not compliant within 48 hours of being suspended, that suspension will remain in place for the rest of the semester. The University of Michigan24 requires all their students to have a vaccine passport on their phones that must be presented whenever required.

Contrary to the Civil Rights activism, anti-war protests and most recent Black Lives Matter movement on college campuses around the country,25 many young people seem to embrace the added surveillance, mandatory masking, vaccinations and social distancing being enforced.

College students, who in previous decades developed critical thinking skills and questioned authority through the encouragement of faculty who believed that colleges were a place where future generations would learn to advance society, are now quickly learning to comply with rules and regulations.

Students are voluntarily reporting on each other for not wearing a mask.26 Accurate accounting of COVID-19 illnesses and deaths appears to have eluded University of Iowa students who held a “die-in” September 2021 to protest what they believe are “lax” rules.27 They issued demands that masks should be worn inside all campus buildings, vaccinations should be required, and all nonessential in-person events should be paused.

On other campuses, college administrators are encouraging students to “hold each other accountable,” and yet, as Michael Tracy28 points out, “with the added irony that these invocations of “accountability” serve to deflect scrutiny from those who wield the real decision-making power.” Tracey writes that the motivation behind the mandates, rules, restrictions and overuse of power, is in fact about power:29

“These administrators have so much invested in the infrastructure of “case” detection they’ve constructed over the past year and a half — not to mention the wider ideological project of “stopping the spread” at all costs — that it’s impossible to imagine conditions under which they’d voluntarily move to dismantle the surveillance systems over which they preside.”

Americans Unaware of True COVID Numbers

In the best-case scenario, we can hope accurate information about the illness and death resulting from COVID-19 has not reached college administration and the actions they are taking are not nefarious. According to surveys, most of the American public are unaware of what the true illness and death rates are.

Six months after the start of the pandemic, investment management organization Franklin Templeton Investments30 collaborated with Gallup and released a report about Americans’ understanding of the COVID-19 infection. They found many misconceptions in the general population about the risks. After separating those beliefs and comparing them to the actual data they found this, from the report:31

  • On average, Americans believe that people aged 55 and older account for just over half of total COVID-19 deaths; the actual figure is 92%.
  • Americans believe that people aged 44 and younger account for about 30% of total deaths; the actual figure is 2.7%.
  • Americans overestimate the risk of death from COVID-19 for people aged 24 and younger by a factor of 50; and they think the risk for people aged 65 and older is half of what it actually is (40% versus 80%).

When the data were broken down by age groups, the researchers found that most people under age 65 really had no concept of the actual number of deaths for their age group.32

Age Percent worried about serious effects Percent of actual total deaths
18-24 59.1% 0.1%
25-34 67.1% 0.7%
35-44 69.3% 1.9%
45-54 67.9% 5.0%
55-64 69.8% 12.2%
65+ 77.6% 80.0%

Seven months later, in February 2021, CNN33 reported similar results to those taken in July 2020, from the data in the Templeton-Gallup study represented in the table above. Based on the percentage of individuals who are vaccinated in the U.S., there continues to be a large portion of Americans who are operating under the misconception that the infection has a broad effect on every age group.

The CNN poll revealed34 that 76% of the people who had been vaccinated continue to see COVID-19 as a high risk. According to Mayo Clinic’s COVID-19 tracker35 approximately 52.7% of adults in the U.S. were fully vaccinated on August 31, 2021.

The Washington Post36 reported August 2, 2021, that 70% of adults had received at least one shot. Extrapolating this information, if 76% of those who are vaccinated believe that COVID is a broad risk for the population, this means from 40% to 53.2% of the country continues to hold this belief.

Senior editor at Reason, Robby Soave, wrote about this cultural trend on college and university campuses. His views are that these actions by administrators and students “is madness.” In his piece in Reason, Soave writes:37

“Progressive young people who view basic free speech principles with antipathy or even disdain are in the process of fundamentally changing the workplace. ‘We should look to the campus activist culture of the present to discover what our broader culture might resemble a few years from now,’ I wrote in a recent article for the Deseret News.

If recent history is any guide, we should be terrified that the current crop of college students might leave campus possessed of the notion that the most insane version of pandemic oppression is perfectly normal and desirable.”

Cobra Update: Flash Overtura Update – 1st November 2021

Now that the most critical period has passed, I can release a little bit of intel.

As a response from a non-physical, non-local quantum cosmic impulse of Light, our Galactic Central Sun is showing signs of increased activity on the non-physical planes. This is expected to increase until the Galactic pulse Superwave occurs in the near future.

Our Universe is a living entity and it is learning:


The main lesson of our Universe now is to completely transform all gross primary anomaly, and the current metastable cosmic quantum vacuum state will shift into a new, more stable equilibrium state without darkness:


This new Galactic Center activity is already changing quantum vacuum structure of the Solar system, and there is more and more luminous superfluid plasma which brings pure Light into our Solar system:



The remaining Chimera fleet in the Kuiper belt, which came into our Solar system from Orion in 1996, can not stand this high vibration. Most of those ships were cleared, and the rest escaped much closer towards the Earth beyond lunar orbit between 1-10 million miles from Earth, where they might be temporarily safe for a few weeks still.

When the presence of luminous superfluid plasma of Light in our Solar system is strong enough, the Light forces will begin to build two cloaked Dyson spheres with motherships of the Galactic Confederation in icosahedral formation.

Those Dyson spheres will have a diameter of around 15-20 million miles and will regulate the flow of energies of the Galactic Superwave and of the Event flash. The first Dyson sphere will be built around the Sun and the second one around the Earth, and they will ensure a two step phase translation of incoming cosmic energies towards the surface population.

There is a lot of activity below the surface of the planet right now, but all of it must remain classified.

Increased Galactic Central Sun activity has also resulted in a new inflow of Goddess energies towards the planet. Isis got her crown back.

A very important Goddess vortex in Europe, location of which must remain veiled for now, is being reactivated as a result of this new inflow, after more than 200 years of dormancy.

Also, double Paris / Versailles Goddess vortex is being restructured and prepared for a new level of activity in December. As part of this restructuring, Rose Goddess energy is being anchored in Versailles:


This new wave of Goddess energy will bring the return of the myrrophore priestesses:


And a revival of the hymns to the Goddess:

A claim has been made. White nobility families, many of which have connection to the Goddess / Grail lineages, are also the rightful owners of the “historical assets”, “golden fleece” and “collateral accounts”:


This claim against the black nobility families will be enforced through the Positive Military and it will make the black nobility families effectively bankrupt:


The Positive Military will protect the distribution of the assets to humanity and will oversee the paymaster system. The plan to bankrupt the black nobility is called “6900 series of collapse protocols” and is partially revealed here:





Positive Military will NOT move before all extraterrestrial and subterranean threats are removed, and most exotic weapons are removed from the surface.

To delay this process, Biden wants to weaken the military with vaccine mandates.

Illuminati network is also very active in the military and needs to be exposed:


The Cabal wants to prevent its bankruptcy with the Great Reset and with a new “green” Ponzi scheme:


Part of the Great Reset plans is also a slow collapse of the old infrastructure to “build back better”:



Now the critical astrological configurations of October have passed, and all major threats have been deflected. La Palma tsunami will NOT happen:


The Great Reset plans are doomed to fail more than ever. As one commenter on my blog has put it brilliantly:

We just need to hold on a little longer and withstand the siege:


It is very risky to make any predictions how the coronavirus will behave, but official Russian sources with access to very high level intel are claiming that the pandemic will be over in a few months:


Mainstream media are finally releasing intel about how China created the virus:


And of course, the alternative media are having many juicy details of how and why it was done:







Behind the scenes, on the surface of the planet, the Light Forces are removing the exotic scalar weapons that are creating the Veil:



They are not yet addressing the situation in Urim military base in Israel, and Utah Data Center near Orem, Utah:


Those two locations are two main Chimera strongholds on the surface, with Urim base being superior, and both (Urim and Orem) are related to the Urim stone, which was a communication device:



It is not a coincidence that Utah Data City was built not far away from Salt Lake City, which is the location of the Church of the Latter day Saints :


And not far away from The Vault:


Urim base in Israel is the main base for scalar and directed weapons attacks:

Urim base has a “spider room” and a “black cube room” . The black cube room contains a very powerful quantum supercomputer which processes and analyses all SIGINT data coming into the Urim base, and relays it to its etheric counterpart and to the etheric implant/Chimera network. This room is the center of the inverted planetary grid and center of the planetary primary anomaly.

Unfortunately, the black cube room also contains another Black Stone top quark condensate, similar to the one that was cleared from Long Island a few years ago:


It is not a coincidence that the most powerful financial institution on the planet is called BlackRock:


The black cube room also contains a subquantum anomaly container which was brought to Earth from Rigel in 1996.

This situation will be addressed when it will be safe to do so.

On a brighter note, Pleiadians are increasing their presence near the surface of the planet. Here you can see their mothership:


Pleiadians are also contacting musicians again, inspiring their music:


like they did in the previous wave of Pleiadian contact in the early/mid 1980s when they were inspiring some of the disco music:


There was even a song predicting the defeat of the AI:


There is even a facebook group called Pleiadian Disco:


Pleiadian mythos is now being revealed:


And more of a true history of planet Earth and the Universe:


If you feel so guided, you can join this advanced meditation group to assist the planetary grid:

Or you can read this book for a little pure inspiration:

Cintamani stone is very important in this time of planetary transformation. Dragons have known it as Ye Ming Zhu, and in India it was known also as Naga-Mani, the glowing Cobra stone:


Together with my team I have decided to prepare one batch of Cintamani stones only for those Lightworkers and Lightwarriors who do not have money to buy one (everybody else who has money can of course still buy them on http://www.cintamani.space/Cintamani.html). They will receive the stone for free, they will only need to pay actual shipping costs. If you are from Asia or Australia and would like to receive your stone, please contact sharelightlove.777@gmail.com . People from North and South America can contact Per_Neter_Kemet@outlook.com, and people from Europe and Africa can contact info@tachyonhungary.com . Stones will begin to be shipped in a few weeks.

Victory of the Light!

Source: 2012portal.blogspot.com


Benjamin Fulford 11-1-21… “G20 Slave “leaders” pose for photos while their masters struggle to survive”

New weekly report from Ben. As with last week’s report, this one is full of “items of interest”. Feel free to use one’s own Higher Discernment with all of this, and to Hold the Light for the Planet.

“A group of slaves known as the “leaders” of the G20 group of nations have been gathering in Rome and next Scotland to pose for pictures and pretend they run the planet. However, the so-called $150 trillion COP26 plan they have been gathering for is dead in the water… “The G-20 becomes the showpiece for a dysfunctional global order,” is even how the establishment mouthpiece, the Washington Post, describes the situation.

“A group of Venetian nobility and Asian Royal Families have come to an agreement that these families [that own the so-called “global” architecture] need to be removed from power and control of so-called global institutions. Instead, the people of the planet will be given control…

““The secret service, the police and the courts are saying enough is enough,” says an Ambassador for Venetian and Asian nobility. “Essentially the Queen is gone. She is under a two-week house arrest… “We removed the king of Spain because he was essentially the worlds’ biggest drug dealer,” he added.

“CIA sources say Mark Rockefeller Zuckerberg has also been removed from control of Facebook, which is why it has been renamed Meta which, by no coincidence, means “dead” in Hebrew.

“More Clinton (Rockefeller/Hanover) puppets are being rounded up slowly but surely, the CIA says. “They will all sing like canaries for a reduced sentence,” they add.”


G20 Slave “leaders” pose for photos while their masters struggle to survive
by Benjamin Fulford, November 1, 2021

A group of slaves known as the “leaders” of the G20 group of nations have been gathering in Rome and next Scotland to pose for pictures and pretend they run the planet. However, the so-called $150 trillion COP26 plan they have been gathering for is dead in the water. The masters who ordered them to follow this plan are being hunted down and will soon lose power, CIA, Mossad, MI6 and Asian secret society sources agree.

“The G-20 becomes the showpiece for a dysfunctional global order,” is even how the establishment mouthpiece, the Washington Post, describes the situation.


The fact is the families that own the so-called “global” architecture such as the UN, the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, the Chinese Communist Party, the United States Corporation etc. are bankrupt.

A group of Venetian nobility and Asian Royal Families have come to an agreement that these families need to be removed from power and control of so-called global institutions. Instead, the people of the planet will be given control, and so, as was long prophesied “the meek shall inherit the earth.”

A visible sign of this is that Queen Elizabeth, the head of the committee of 300 (often called the secret government of the West) is not attending COP26.

“The secret service, the police and the courts are saying enough is enough,” says an Ambassador for Venetian and Asian nobility. “Essentially the Queen is gone. She is under a two-week house arrest [OK palace arrest], and banned from Cop 26,” the Ambassador says. “The act of succession will remove Charles because of the murder of Diana,” he says. “Charles must never be king that is a widely accepted norm,” he adds. Furthermore, Prince William will not be King because he is “an obsequious little creep and we do not like him at all.” Instead, the source says, “The act of installation goes to King George VII or William’s son.”


“We removed the king of Spain because he was essentially the worlds’ biggest drug dealer,” he added.

Another sign is that US Corporate Presidential Spoketrans Jens Psaki (almost certainly a cross-dressing David Rockefeller grandson Mark Zuckerberg) has “contracted Covid 19” despite being vaccinated and has been put under quarantine for 10 days and possibly forever.


CIA sources say Mark Rockefeller Zuckerberg has also been removed from control of Facebook, which is why it has been renamed Meta which, by no coincidence, means “dead” in Hebrew.


The fact that Kamala Harris is “desperately trying to get out before she and her husband are outed and sink with the ship,” underlines the ongoing collapse of the fake Biden regime, CIA sources note.


More Clinton (Rockefeller/Hanover) puppets are being rounded up slowly but surely, the CIA says. “They will all sing like canaries for a reduced sentence,” they add. 


Another big event coming soon will be the public announcement of the death of…

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