Kp Message 11-5-21… “BEing who / what I AM here to BE”

Every time I watch things, videos, someone’s “life story”, or whatever, and I see implications like, “Well, this is the way you must live”… because it’s the “right” way to live.

And so on.

I do sometimes have to remind myself, there is only one BEing’s life I here to to live… and that is mine.

These “implications about how to live, how to be”, come in forms like, Be a “family man”, Be a “working person”, “Have a job”, “Earn a living”, “Go to church”, Be a “spiritual student”… and so on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…

Enough already.

I am here to BE. I am here to be in this body, with this mission, in this place, following the path that I get is mine to be on. And that is what I do.

I am here to carry out what I get is (are) my mission(s). I do my utmost to not get “trapped” into believing that others’ missions are mine.

So I’m sure many get this. Some may not, but that is not my concern.

The image at upper left (taken at Kihei, Maui), is what I feel I am really about… BEing at the beach, near and/or in the ocean, by the volcano, working with the energies of Pele, of creation. And I know that I am being prepared to return.

But the mission here in the middle of Turtle Island was necessary to undertake, and to complete (whatever that means). The mission included my parents, and caring for their estate, but primarily I feel it was to “hold the Energetic space” for the massive transformations that humanity has gone through during the past two years. It continues here, in this place, until I “get” that it is over. That time is coming. I am preparing for that.

So we keep on keeping on, and enjoying each and every moment that is lived here, including the mochas, and discoveries, and travels, that have been part of this path. I’ll also enjoy the snow and the cool temperatures that are soon to embrace this location.

That is all for now.

Aloha, Kp

New Jersey “Election-anigans” 11-4-21 VIDEOs, via Project Veritas and Stew Peters

These might be of interest to a few. Really… voting irregularities in New Jersey? I find that “Hard to believe”…

More exposures coming our way!
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[Highlights from next video: “This week’s elections in Virginia and New Jersey were more than just referendums on Joe Biden’s Presidency, they were new chapters in the ongoing cancer of election fraud. Stew Peters Show investigative journalist Edward Szall delves into the mysterious flipping of votes after midnight, and the actions being taken in Florida to stop cheating in 2022.”

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Secret Military Experiments and Our Health

This story is about secret experiments on people. It is also about the reality of living inside a Machine that plays games with us. Sometimes the Machine selectively shows its face — and sometimes it selectively hides it — and based on that, it plays its favorite game called, “Confuse, Divide and Conquer.”

The story was specifically inspired by the fact that as I am typing this, a biosecurity experiment is taking place in my home town of New York. All safe, allegedly …

Of course it’s safe. It’s always safe when the television says so! We in the West are used to being mostly spared by the Machine, and so we think that our bureaucracies are mostly under control. We believe that yes, there is corruption — and yes, there are bad apples here and there — but they cannot go very far because we have a Democracy. A Machine that is working for us. A working Machine.

And while our levels of trust do vary from person to person and from community to community — based on the fact that some people get to see the Machine more up close than others — overall, up until last year, we’ve been living in relative comfort, taught to generally trust our bureaucracies like sweet puppies generally trust their owners with their open-for-petting bellies (including those owners who, on a side note, sterilize their pets at the beginning of their life journeys and then potentially euthanize the mat the end of it, in order to prevent greater suffering; such is our culture).

Relationships of love inside the Machine can be puzzling at times. And so, we’ve been living in relative comfort and relative trust of our bureaucracies, and feeling okay. And then last spring, we were asked to lockdown for two weeks to flatten the curve — and here we are.

Ana Cabrera tweet

>>>>> Click Here <<<<<

The blood-chilling dehumanization is in vogue. It’s 2021, and we are marching straight into the Great Reset. Everything is “fine.”

And what about the Machine? The Machine is showing its face to most of us at last. It demands that we stop being human, stop touching each other, and bury our faces and our children’s faces under The Mask, “to be good citizens.” It demands that we don’t think and comply. It proclaims that we have no bodily freedom and need to obey.

But another thing that is happening is that we the people are becoming awake. Many people are becoming “mechanics,” looking under the hood — and discovering things we have not thought about before.

For example, how many of us just recently found out that during the Prohibition era, the U.S. government purposely poisoned alcohol to ween the unruly Americans off the forbidden habit?

That particular story went like this: At the time, there was a black market for re-distilled industrial alcohol — and, unhappy with the state of affairs, federal officials “ordered manufacturers to make their products far more deadly.”

According to Slate, “In 1926, President Calvin Coolidge’s government decided to turn to chemistry as an enforcement tool … By mid-1927, the new denaturing formulas included some notable poisons … The Treasury Department also demanded more methyl alcohol be added — up to 10 percent of total product. It was the last that proved most deadly.”

“In 1926, in New York City, 1,200 were sickened by poisonous alcohol; 400 died. The following year, deaths climbed to 700. These numbers were repeated in cities around the country.” (In 1926, the population of the United States was about 117 million people.) “Officially, the special denaturing program ended only once the 18th Amendment was repealed in December 1933.”

And how many of us remember that in 1931, Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, a 1945 recipient of Legion of Merit, infected people with cancer cells while working with the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations in Puerto Rico, “under the auspices of studying hookworm-caused anemia and tropical sprue anemia“?

How many of us know that fourteen years after the Tuskegee experiment started, the U.S. also conducted syphilis experiments in Guatemala, purposely infecting Guatemalan men and women with syphilis?

How many of us know that during the Cold War, MIT researchers and the Quaker Oats Company fed the mentally disabled children at the Walter E. Fernald School in Waltham, MA, doses of radiation in their cereal?

How many of us know that in 1950, in San Francisco, the Navy intentionally hosed a “cloud of microbes into the air and into the city’s famous fog”? The microbe was Serratia marcescens. According to Discover, over a period of six days, “members of the US Navy sprayed clouds of Serratia from giant hoses aboard a Navy minesweeper drifting two miles along the San Francisco coastline.”

As a result, “a week after the spraying, eleven patients were admitted to the now defunct Stanford University Hospital in San Francisco with severe urinary tract infections, resistant to the limited antibiotics available in that era. One gentlemen, recovering from prostate surgery, developed complications of heart infection as Serratia colonized his heart valves.” Unfortunately, he passed away.

According to WJS, in 1950s, “Army researchers dispersed Serratia on Panama City, Fla., and Key West, Fla., with no known illnesses resulting. They also released fluorescent compounds over Minnesota and other Midwestern states to see how far they would spread in the atmosphere. The particles of zinc-cadmium-sulfide — now a known cancer-causing agent — were detected more than 1,000 miles away in New York state.”

Another bacterium, Bacillus globigii, “was released in San Francisco, while still others were tested on unwitting residents in New York, Washington, D.C., and along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, among other places, according to Army reports released during the 1977 hearings.”

How many of us know that in 1966, in New York, military researchers dispersed Bacillus subtilis variant Niger, believed to be harmless at the time and currently considered to be a pathogen, in the subway system, by dropping lightbulbs filled with the bacteria onto tracks in stations in midtown Manhattan?

WSJ wrote that the bacteria were carried for miles throughout the subway system. In a 1968 report, Army officials concluded: “Similar covert attacks with a pathogenic [disease-causing] agent during peak traffic periods could be expected to expose large numbers of people to infection and subsequent illness or death.”

Also notable is the reaction from the public to being fumed over. At the time, in a report titled “A Study of the Vulnerability of Subway Passengers in New York City to Covert Attack with Biological Agents,” the team noted: “When the cloud engulfed people, they brushed their clothing, looked up at the grating and walked on. People in the big city are moving too fast to see what is going on around them.” Sounds familiar?

To further quote WJS, “army officials also found widespread dispersal of bacteria in a May 1965 secret release of Bacillus globigii at Washington’s National Airport and its Greyhound bus terminal, according to military reports released a few years after the Senate hearings. More than 130 passengers who had been exposed to the bacteria traveling to 39 cities in seven states in the two weeks following the mock attack.”

“The Army kept the biological-warfare tests secret until word of them was leaked to the press in the 1970s. Between 1949 and 1969, when President Nixon ordered the Pentagon’s biological weapons destroyed, open-air tests of biological agents were conducted 239 times, according to the Army’s testimony in 1977 before the Senate’s subcommittee on health.

In 80 of those experiments, the Army said it used live bacteria that its researchers at the time thought were harmless, such as the Serratia that was showered on San Francisco. In the others, it used inert chemicals to simulate bacteria.”

In 1975, the New York Times published an article detailing various military experiments that took place in 1960s. In particular, it talked about the 1966 subway experiment in New York and various other “exotic” experiments and weapons.

The New York Times story focused on the testimony by Charles Senseney, “a project engineer who developed weapons such as an electric poison dart gun and a system to spread biological poison from a fluorescent bulb.”

Charles Senseney told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that he “took part in the New York ‘vulnerability study’ as one of many such efforts aimed at testing the dangers of biological warfare … Mr. Senseney said the studies [were] conducted by the staff of the Army laboratories at Fort Detrick, Md … They included tests at the White House, the Pentagon, a Food and Drug Administration building in Washington and McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey.”

Additionally, Mr. Senseney confirmed that “the Fort Detrick labs had secretly placed a colored dye into the water system of a Washington building used by the Food and Drug Administration to test how fast the occupants could be killed or incapacitated by introducing a biological agent into the water system. Mr. Senseney said he had developed a special drill that allowed the dye to be punched into a water pipe without leakage or change in the water pressure.”

A question: How many Americans at the time had any idea that all this was happening? I would bet that even today, this might come as a shock to many. Stay safe?

And how many of us are aware that from 1963 to 1973, under Project SHAD, numerous sets of tests were performed, “many involving multiple releases of biological or chemical agents in locations as far-ranging as the Deseret Test Center (80 miles from Dugway), Hawaii, the Panama Canal Zone, and off the coast of San Diego?”

Among the substances and organisms released were F. tularensis, Coxiella burnetti, Staphylococcal enterotoxin B), as well as the nerve agents sarin, tabun, soman, and VX. “One or more of these potential biological or chemical weapons were used in 26 SHAD tests.

Biological simulants were also released: B. globigii in 24 tests, S. marcescens in 7 tests, and E. coli in 5 tests.” This list of experiments is incomplete and doesn’t even touch on Fauci or Daszac — but even an incomplete list should make us stop and ponder why we are living in a world like this.

Speaking of experiments, here is a thought-provoking interview with Dr. Lee Merritt in which she and Mike Adams discuss the possibility of spikes having been scattered over target cities.

And then my mind comes back to the experiment happening right now in the open in my city, where they are releasing “harmless substances” on the New York subway and in various populous locations. Among those substances are DNATrax, amorphous silica, sulfur hexafluoride, and perfluorocarboms.

Will we hear in ten or twenty or fifty years that it was a really bad idea, and that whatever they thought was harmless (wink, wink) was toxic? If history is any proof, we probably will. That is, if Mother Nature saves us again and we survive mad science and mad feudal owners for the millionth time.

If we do, I hope, we will wake up to our senses and stop accepting abuse. Just stop accepting abuse. Abuse is not cool. The end.

Elite Athlete Explains Vaccine Injury and Doctor’s Ignorance

Kyle Warner is 29 years old and was at the peak of his career as a professional mountain bike racer when, in June 2021, he got his second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot. He suffered a reaction so severe that, as of October, he was still spending days in bed, easily overwhelmed by too much mental or physical exertion.

Warner shared his detailed experience with John Campbell, a retired nurse and teacher based in England, and headed to Washington, D.C., in early November 2021 to get the word out that COVID-19 shots aren’t always as safe as you have been led to believe. Even someone in their 20s, in peak physical form, can be severely harmed, which is why Warner is also speaking out against vaccine mandates.

“I believe where there is risk, there needs to be choice,” he said.1 But right now, people are being misled. “People are being coerced into making a decision based on lack of information versus being convinced of a decision based on total information transparency.”2

COVID Jab Triggers Reaction, Doctor Doesn’t Believe Him

Warner wanted to be able to travel internationally, so he decided to get a COVID-19 shot. He received his first dose of the Pfizer jab in mid-May 2021, suffering only a sore arm afterward. After his second dose on June 10, his arm wasn’t even sore, so he thought he got off easy.

But there was a strange symptom that occurred within seconds that may have been the clue that something was very wrong. “As soon as they injected it, I had a weird metallic saline taste in my mouth. I asked the guy, ‘Is that normal?’ and he said no, they don’t hear of that much.”3 According to Campbell:4

“The fact that the clinician doesn’t recognize that a metallic taste in the mouth could be a sign of an inadvertent intravascular administration concerns me because what happens is if the vaccine goes into your muscle, then it stays in your muscle, and it’s going to take half an hour to be systemically absorbed at all, or much longer than that. But if it goes into a vessel, you get a metallic taste straight away …

The fact that you could taste that straight away is, to me, very suspicious of them inadvertently giving that into a blood vessel … Basically you’re having the inflammatory reaction in your heart and in your joints instead of in your arm.”

A day or two later, with no sore arm, he thought it was going to be easier than the first dose, but about two weeks later he started having strange reactions in his heart. Throughout the day, he started experiencing periods of accelerated heart rate. As a professional athlete, Warner is very in-tune with his body.

He regularly wears a smart watch that tracks his heart rate and knows what’s normal for him — and this was not. While sitting at rest, his heart rate would spike to the 90s and over 100. He decided to cut out all stimulants like caffeine, just in case, and took two weeks off from riding because he didn’t feel good.

After the break, he attempted to go for a ride and his heart rate spiked to 160 and remained elevated. Feeling weak and nauseous, he had his friend take him to the emergency room. He told the ER doctor that he’d heard about myocarditis as a side effect with the mRNA injections and he thought he was having this reaction. They completely brushed him off, telling him that he was not having that reaction but, instead, was having an anxiety attack.

After being told that his problem didn’t make him a priority to be seen, he sat in the waiting room for 3.5 hours and was ultimately given a shot of the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug Toradol to treat reactive arthritis. His heart rate dropped down to 110, leading the doctor to tell him he was doing better, but he was still at nearly double his average heart rate.

The doctor’s solution was to refer him to a psychiatrist for what he described as a “psychotic episode.” According to Warner, since he suggested that his reaction was from the shot, the health care practitioners thought he was imagining things or “trying to be anti-vaxx or a conspiracy theorist.” Four days later, he ended up in the hospital again.

Diagnosed With Pericarditis, POTS and Reactive Arthritis

Days after being sent home from the ER, Warner again had problems with his heart — this time, a strong squeezing sensation along with cramping and burning. He went to a different hospital where they took his concern seriously, said it could be myocarditis — an inflammation of the heart muscle — and referred him to a cardiologist.

It’s since been recognized that myocarditis and pericarditis, inflammation of the outer lining of the heart, are occurring after COVID-19 shots, most often after the second dose in male adolescents and young adults.5,6 The cardiologist diagnosed Warner with pericarditis along with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and reactive arthritis.

POTS is a blood circulation disorder that affects the autonomic nervous system and can be triggered by injections, including mRNA COVID-19 shots.7 One of the key symptoms of POTS is a significant increase in heart rate when a person stands up, and the elevated heart rate remains elevated for a longer than normal period. Fatigue, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations and exercise intolerance can also occur.

As a professional biker, Warner has had his share of injuries, although prior to the shot he wasn’t in any pain and all of his injuries had healed. After the second dose of the jab, however, he felt like all of his old injuries were reactivated and became painful again. His wrists, for instance, became so painful that he couldn’t put his seatbelt on.

For four months now, Warner has been so ill that he hasn’t been able to work. Even mental exertion can cause him to relapse physically. When he has a “good” day and overdoes it, he ends up in pain again for the next few days. Even reading too much makes him feel drained.

While his symptoms of pericarditis have cleared, he’s still struggling with the symptoms of reactive arthritis and POTS, which can last for 12 to 18 months or more. And Warner, being very fit and accustomed to listening to his body, caught the problem early — many others may not.

Where’s the Support for Vaccine-Injured People?

Upward of 60 people have reached out to Warner to share their own experiences getting injured by COVID-19 shots. Many of them have been afraid to tell others out of fear that they’ll be mocked, ridiculed or labeled an “antivaxxer” for speaking out. However, they are not alone.

As of October 15, 2021, 818,044 adverse events have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System following COVID-19 shots, including 17,128 deaths.8 Past investigations have shown only between 1%9 and 10%10 of adverse reactions are ever reported to VAERS, which is a passive, voluntary reporting system, so the actual number could be much higher and Steve Kirsch estimates there could be over 5 million unreported adverse effects.

Warner had to fill out his own report to VAERS because no doctor would do it for him. It took him 45 minutes to complete — a length of time that many doctors can’t or won’t devote when it comes to reporting adverse vaccine reactions seen among their patients.

At the Real, Not Rare rally held in Washington, D.C., Warner spoke before politicians to make a difference in the support level for vaccine-injured people — which is nonexistent in the U.S. — and voice opposition to vaccine mandates.

Their mission is to gain acknowledgement from elected officials and federal health agencies of vaccine adverse reactions and raise awareness within the medical community about these reactions. They also want to stop the denial of certain vaccine exemptions and stop vaccine mandates:11

“Real lives are being affected by ‘not so rare’ consequences. Many vaccine injured individuals are seeking acknowledgment by the media and government so they can receive better healthcare and treatment. Vaccine injured individuals did their part by getting this vaccine, and now they need your help.”

Warner has also spoken with React 19, a grassroots organization also raising awareness about adverse events from COVID-19 shots. The woman who started the group, Warner said, is one of the first COVID-19 shot clinical trial patients and one of the first COVID-19 vaccine-injured people in the U.S. The group is tracking the vaccine injuries of 5,000 people and is calling on others to share their reactions as well, as part of their patient-led research program.12

Sadly, Warner said six of the people suffering from adverse events committed suicide in the past month; with the current government narrative silencing and censoring those who speak out about COVID-19 shot risks, those injured have no opportunity to speak out about their experiences. Even now, Warner said, being unable to work and carry on with his daily life the way he did pre-shot, “I just feel so worthless.”13

Warner has experimented with a number of therapies that he believes have helped, including ivermectin, pine needle tea and star anise. His doctor has recommended staying hydrated, wearing compression leggings and exercising gently in a supine position to regain his strength, but he still can’t ride a bike.

Vaccine-Injured Unlikely to Get Help

While health officials have begun to acknowledge myocarditis following COVID-19 shots, there are many other adverse events that are still being ignored. Neuroinflammation, severe headaches, epilepsy and even blindness have been reported, Warner said. While an increasing number of people are calling for support for those who have been injured, U.S. law is set up to protect drug companies with a complete liability shield.

In the U.S., vaccine makers already have something of a “free pass” when it comes to vaccine injury liability and lawsuits through the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 198614 and the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act, passed in 2005.15 The 1986 Act established a federal no-fault vaccine injury compensation program (VICP) as an administrative alternative to a lawsuit for injuries caused by vaccines recommended by the CDC for children.

Contested vaccine injury claims are adjudicated by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C., and there is a trust fund out of which claims are paid, sparing insurance companies representing vaccine makers and vaccine providers from costly payouts for vaccine injuries and deaths.16

Only reactions to routinely recommended vaccines may be heard in this “vaccine court,” however, which doesn’t apply to COVID-19 shots, which are being routed through the obscure Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program.17 The bottom line, sadly, is this, as noted by NVIC’s Barbara Loe Fisher:

“If you or a loved one dies or is permanently injured by an experimental or … [recently] licensed COVID vaccine, you cannot sue the drug company who made it, even if there is evidence the company could have made it less reactive or more effective.”

Benjamin Fulford 11/1/21 Report: G20 Slave “leaders” pose for photos while their masters struggle to survive

A group of slaves known as the “leaders” of the G20 group of nations have been gathering in Rome and next Scotland to pose for pictures and pretend they run the planet. However, the so-called $150 trillion COP26 plan they have been gathering for is dead in the water. The masters who ordered them to follow this plan are being hunted down and will soon lose power, CIA, Mossad, MI6 and Asian secret society sources agree.

“The G-20 becomes the showpiece for a dysfunctional global order,” is even how the establishment mouthpiece, the Washington Post, describes the situation.

The fact is the families that own the so-called “global” architecture such as the UN, the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, the Chinese Communist Party, the United States Corporation etc. are bankrupt.

A group of Venetian nobility and Asian Royal Families have come to an agreement that these families need to be removed from power and control of so-called global institutions. Instead, the people of the planet will be given control, and so, as was long prophesied “the meek shall inherit the earth.”

A visible sign of this is that Queen Elizabeth, the head of the committee of 300 (often called the secret government of the West) is not attending COP26.

“The secret service, the police and the courts are saying enough is enough,” says an Ambassador for Venetian and Asian nobility. “Essentially the Queen is gone. She is under a two-week house arrest [OK palace arrest], and banned from Cop 26,” the Ambassador says. “The act of succession will remove Charles because of the murder of Diana,” he says. “Charles must never be king that is a widely accepted norm,” he adds. Furthermore, Prince William will not be King because he is “an obsequious little creep and we do not like him at all.” Instead, the source says, “The act of installation goes to King George VII or William’s son.”

“We removed the king of Spain because he was essentially the worlds’ biggest drug dealer,” he added.

Another sign is that US Corporate Presidential Spoketrans Jens Psaki (almost certainly a cross-dressing David Rockefeller grandson Mark Zuckerberg) has “contracted Covid 19” despite being vaccinated and has been put under quarantine for 10 days and possibly forever.

CIA sources say Mark Rockefeller Zuckerberg has also been removed from control of Facebook, which is why it has been renamed Meta which, by no coincidence, means “dead” in Hebrew.

The fact that Kamala Harris is “desperately trying to get out before she and her husband are outed and sink with the ship,” underlines the ongoing collapse of the fake Biden regime, CIA sources note.

More Clinton (Rockefeller/Hanover) puppets are being rounded up slowly but surely, the CIA says. “They will all sing like canaries for a reduced sentence,” they add.

Another big event coming soon will be the public announcement of the death of



former US Vice-President and CIA head, Dick Cheney, the sources continue. “He died June 29th. They say it was old age. This intel was just released internally four days ago. It has not been released to civilians or the MSM yet,” they say noting: “Wait till this gets out it will be a real game-changer.” 

Another bad guy to publicly bite the dust is disgraced ex-New York Governor. Andrew Cuomo -who was charged Thursday with groping a former aide in Albany’s Executive Mansion — a crime that could send him to jail for a year if he’s convicted.

“I have been told that he is about to be removed, Permanently,” a Mossad source says.

A sign of the continuing arrests taking place in Washington DC is the weekly flights from the nearby Baltimore Airport to the Thule airbase in Greenland. “This is a weekly run for many months now. Each run holds up to 280 passengers. Add this up for at least 6 months [26 weeks times 280=7,280]. That’s a lot of prisoners,” a Pentagon source says. 

There can be no doubt that bad guys are vanishing right left and center and this process will continue until THEY ARE ALL GONE, Pentagon sources promise.

Now let us look at some of the latest signs of the economic collapse of their system. The U.S. merchandise-trade deficit hit a new record of $96.3 billion in September, up from a $88.2 billion in August (The August figure was revised up from $73.3 billion).

The fact that empty containers are piling up as store shelves get bare are signs the US Corporation failed to borrow money to keep paying for its deficit past October.

This quote sums up the current US system quite well:

“We’re literally paying people in the form of cash welfare, housing, and other services to live in tents on the street, use hard drugs, defecate publicly, and commit crimes,” says Michael Shellenberger,

However, the collapse of the US has been well reported. What is still not being widely talked about is the imminent collapse of the financial system in Communist China. When that goes, it will be the domino that really does cause the current system to implode.

This writer has long dismissed talk of a Chinese collapse but now the signs are undeniable. The problem is real estate.

There has been a lot of talk about the bankruptcy of the Chinese real estate giant Evergrande. This talk was temporarily silenced when they avoided default by making a last-minute payment on a bond recently. However, it turns out they did not make a payment and this was just fake news meant to prevent a domino-style collapse of the entire global financial system, CIA and other sources say.

The fact is China has no easy way out. The basic problem is their real estate market has lost touch with reality and -no matter how hard you try to avoid it- reality has a way of catching up with you.

The Chinese financial system is real estate based, just like the Japanese one was until their decades-long bubble burst in the early 1990’s. The situation in China is eerily similar to the one in Japan then. Right now 74.7% of Chinese household wealth is in real estate. However, just like in Japan -when people had to take out 99-year loans to afford a house- apartments in China cost 30 to 40 times the annual salary of a typical Chinese worker.

To add to the problem, there are about 100 million empty condos owned by people who do not live in them. They cannot rent them because if they do, the condo loses value because it is “used.” 

The other thing that is happening is China’s population is aging and they are not having enough children. If you ever raised hamsters you know that no matter how much food you give them, they will not have children if their cage is too small. This is what has happened in China with the population being suddenly stuffed into small apartments.

In other words, these are existential problems that cannot be solved without bankrupting and then completely rebooting the financial system. This will affect the entire planet.

The other problem is that the current world financial system is supported not only by loans from China but by debt slavery in the developing world. For example, 34 of the world’s poorest countries are spending $29.4 billion a year on debt payments, while only getting $5.4 billion in aid. On top of this, multinational corporations (90% of which are controlled by 700 people) routinely plunder their oil, minerals, etc. without paying anything more than token bribes to corrupt leaders.

In a sign of how dysfunctional things have become 2% of Elon Musk’s wealth could solve world hunger, according to David Beasley, director of the UN food scarcity organization.

The current Western financial system consists of oligarchs using the central banks they own to pump money into the corporations they also own. That is why you have the worlds’ wealth vanishing into a black hole headquartered around Lake Geneva, Switzerland, home of the Octagon group; the real-life James Bond villains of the world.

These criminals, aware their control grid was collapsing, have been trying desperately to vaccinate the world into obedience with a fake pandemic. They planned to inject people with a machine-readable mark of the beast ID (Certificate Of Vaccine ID) and make their ability to earn a living dependent on that ID, according to a Rothschild family whistleblower.

Instead, their scam is falling apart.

Japan was the first major G7 country to rebel, but many others are following.

There are also riots and demonstrations taking place around the world. The fact that four of the top 10 recent iTunes hits were based on “Fuck Joe Biden,” is a clear indication of this popular anger.

This anger is reflected in all the countries still controlled by the Khazarian mafia. For example, we got the following report from Italy:

The media is silent BUT… There is an ASTONISHING number of large demonstrations in Italy against the Green Pass, since last week employers are fined (€5000??) for each unvaccinated worker who enters a workplace building and similar fines for owners of public spaces such as restaurants and museums, gyms, etc. since 2 months. 

Demonstrations are taking place at the following locations:

AGRIGENTO: Piazza Cavour

ALESSANDRIA: Piazza Della Libertà

ALGHERO: Via Vittorio Emanuele incrocio Via Cagliari

ANCONA: Piazza Cavour

AOSTA: Piazza Chanoux

AREZZO: Piazza S. Agostino

ASCOLI PICENO: Piazza Del Popolo

ASTI: Piazza San Secondo

AVELLINO: Piazza Libertà

BARI: Piazza Ferrarese

BARLETTA:Piazza Aldo Moro


BELLUNO: Piazza Dei Martiri

BERGAMO: Davanti La Procura

BIELLA: Piazza Martiri Della Libertà

BOLOGNA: Piazza del Nettuno

BOLZANO: Piazza Walther

BRESCIA: Piazza Della Vittoria


BRINDISI: Piazza Della Vittoria

BRUNICO:Piazza Municipio

BUSTO ARSIZIO:Piazza San Giovanni

CAGLIARI: Piazza Garibaldi

CAMPOBASSO: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II


CASERTA: Piazza Carlo Di Borbone


CATANIA: Fontana Dell’Elefante

CATANZARO: Piazza Matteotti

CERVIA:Piazza Garibaldi

CESENA: Piazza Del Popolo



COMO: Piazza Cavour

COSENZA: Piazza Bilotti

CREMONA: Piazza Stradivari

CROTONE:Piazza Resistenza

CUNEO: Piazza Galimberti

FELTRE: Piazza Maggiore

FERRARA: Piazza Trento

FIRENZE: Piazza Della Signoria

FOGGIA: Piazza Umberto Giordano

FORLÌ: Piazza Della Vittoria

GELA: Piazza San Francesco

GENOVA: Varco Etiopia

GROSSETO: Piazza Dante

IGLESIAS:Piazza Lamarmora

IMPERIA: Piazza San Giovanni

JESI: Piazza Federico II

LA SPEZIA:Piazza Europa

LADISPOLI:Piazza Rossellini

L’AQUILA: Piazza Duomo

LATINA: Piazza Del Popolo

LECCE: Piazza Sant’Oronzo

LECCO: Piazza Cermenati

LIVORNO: Piazza Del Municipio

LODI: Piazza Della Vittoria

LUCCA: Piazza Napoleone

MANTOVA: Piazza Sordello

MASSA: Piazza Aranci

MATERA:Piazza Vittorio Veneto

MESSINA: Piazza Cairoli

MILANO: Piazza Fontana

MODENA: Piazza Grande

MONTEBELLUNA: Piazza Del Municipio

MONZA: Piazza Trento

NAPOLI: Piazza Dante

NIZZA MONFERRATO: Piazza Garibaldi

NOVARA: Piazza Puccini

NUORO: Piazza Sebastiano Satta

OLBIA:Piazza San Simplicio

ORISTANO:Piazza Roma

OSTIA : Piazza Cesario Console

PADOVA: Piazza Duomo

PALERMO: Piazza Castelnuovo (Palchetto Della Musica)

PARMA: Piazza Garibaldi

PAVIA: Piazza Della Vittoria

PERUGIA: Piazza IV Novembre

PESARO: Piazza Del Popolo

PESCARA: Piazza Della Rinascita (Piazza Salotto)

PIACENZA: Pubblico passeggio (lato Respighi )

PINEROLO: Piazza Luigi Facta

PIOMBINO: Piazza Verdi

PISA: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

PISTOIA:Piazza Del Duomo

PORDENONE: Piazza XX Settembre

POTENZA:Piazza Mario Pagano

PRATO: Piazza Del Duomo

RAGUSA: Piazza Libertà

RAVENNA: Piazza Del Popolo


REGGIO EMILIA: Piazza Della Vittoria

RIETI: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

RIMINI: Piazzale John Kennedy

ROMA: Piazza del Popolo

ROVIGO: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele

SALERNO: Piazza Portanuova

SANREMO: Piazza Colombo

SASSARI: Piazza D’Italia

SAVONA: Piazza Sisto IV

SIENA:Piazza del Campo

SIRACUSA:Piazza Santa Lucia

SONDRIO: Piazza Campello

TARANTO: Piazza Garibaldi

TERNI: Piazza Europa

TORINO: Piazza Castello

TRAPANI: Piazza Vittorio Veneto

TRENTO: Piazza Dante

TREVISO: Piazza Dei Signori

UDINE: Piazza Della Libertà

VARESE: Piazza Monte Grappa

VENEZIA: Campo San Geremia – Palazzo Della Rai

VERCELLI: Piazza Cavour

VERONA: Piazza Bra

VIAREGGIO: Piazza Mazzini

VICENZA: Campo Marzo

VIGEVANO: Piazza Ducale

VITERBO: Piazza Del Plebiscito

VOGHERA: Piazza Meardi

We are hearing similar reports from Australia etc.

Even the Israelis -some of the most brainwashed people in human history- are waking up. The Mossad-linked propaganda site DEBKA acknowledged this by noting nobody was paying attention anymore to their decades-long chant about Iran being “weeks away from getting a nuclear weapon.”

In other words the Israelis are no longer going along with the Khazarian mafia plan to kill 90% of humanity with an artificial Armageddon aka World War III.

As the now executed George Bush Sr. famously said “if the people find out what we did we would be chased down the streets and hung from the nearest lamp post.” Well, folks, that process is well underway.

To illustrate this we will end this weeks’ report by showing pictures of some of the treasures seized recently by the white hats from the tunnels under the Vatican: