For the Entire World to Know and Remember — Especially the High Courts

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Federation is not the Federal Republic, never said it was and never pretended to be.
The Federation (1776) predates the Federal Republic (1787) by eleven years.
Moreover, the Federation is a completely different kind of entity than the Federal Republic.
The Federation is an unincorporated Holding Company formed by the States of the Union.
The Federation holds the “mutual” combined “powers” of the States in international and global jurisdiction.
Our unincorporated Federation of States does business as The United States of America.
Our Federation of States has never been incorporated, and in fact, cannot be incorporated.
Our Federation of States has never been bankrupted, either —- it’s not eligible for bankruptcy protection.
Our Federation’s members, the States of the Union, are all sovereign entities that are also unincorporated.
So, now that you all finally have that much down and clearly stated in black and white and put in front of your noses, turn your consideration to what the Federal Republic is.
The Federal Republic is an American Federal Subcontractor that is supposed to be run by the Confederation of States(1781) which was formed by the States of the Union doing business as the States of America.
The States of the Union formed both the Federation (1776) –as described above, and the Confederation of States (1781).
Get it? Federation and Confederation, both owned by the States of the Union.
The Federal Republic is a Federal Subcontractor that is supposed to be run by the Confederation of States formed under The Articles of Confederation in 1781.
But the Confederation of States split apart and ceased operating in 1860 — yielding the Northern Confederation of States doing business as ‘the Union” and the Southern Confederation of States doing business as “The Confederate States of America”.
When the Confederation split up and stopped doing business for lack of quorum, the Federal Republic it owned (and was supposed to operate) shut down, too.
Neither the Confederation nor the Federal Republic have operated since the Civil War.
Now that those facts have been clearly stated in black and white and placed under your noses, turn your consideration to what it would take for these businesses to be “Reconstructed” and also to the order in which they would have to be “Reconstructed”.
The Confederation created, owned, and operated the Federal Republic, so the Confederation logically has to be reconstructed first.
So how could we reconstruct the Confederation of States?
The same way that they were constructed in the first place.
The States of the Union would have to be assembled, brought into Session, and each State would have to create its own Confederate State doing business as a State-of-State organization.
Those new “reconstructed” American State-of-State business organizations would then have to join together to reconstruct and recreate the Confederation of States as a whole.
And the Confederation of States would have to reconstruct and operate the Federal Republic.
The Federal Republic would then be the American Federal Subcontractor owed the powers and the juicy federal service contracts originally conveyed by The Constitution for the united States of America (1787).
Now that you have that situation in view, with the States of the Union being assembled first,, each State of the Union creating its own State of State organization, then bringing them together to recreate the Confederation of States, and the Confederation of States rebuilding the Federal Republic — you see how complex the required Reconstruction really is.
There is only one shortcut possible, one way for this country to legitimately function while all this Reconstruction takes place— and that is for the States of the Union and the Federation of States to take direct control.
Our country functioned in exactly this way for five years from 1776 to 1781, so there is past precedent for doing it this way.
It must also be pointed out that all three Federal Constitutions are owed to the States of the Union and guaranteed by the Federation of States and its Members.
By Operation of Law, all the Delegated Powers that were assigned to Federal Subcontractors by the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America have returned to the Delegator upon the Federal Subcontractor’s Failure to Perform.
That is, the powers assigned to the Federal Republic returned to the Federation of States in 1860. The powers assigned to the British Territorial United States returned to the Federation of States in 1907. The powers assigned to the Municipal United States returned to the Federation of States in 1925.
Everything that has gone on since then has gone on via a process of “legal presumption” and “assumption of contracts”.
The other Principals responsible for honoring the Federal Constitutions, the British Monarchs, the Holy See, and the Lord Mayor of London, have all acted in Gross Breach of Trust and under color of law have pillaged and plundered and misrepresented America and the American people ever since.
In 1980, then-President Jimmy Carter, attempted to wash his hands of this situation by legally surrendering possession of all our state offices to the United Nations.
The original Americans who were presumed to be “missing” and “lost at sea, presumed dead” because our American Government wasn’t visible and in Session, became Internationally Protected Persons and de facto Wards of the United Nations Organization — but the U.S. Congress had also held the United Nations harmless and unaccountable for this responsibility by passing the International Organizations Immunity Act.
In 1998, just before another disastrous Bankruptcy Fraud Cycle completed in 1999-2000, a handful of surviving progeny of the Officers of the original Federation of States served Notice on the Holy See and the Queen of Great Britain, objecting to the fraud and Breach of Trust, and announcing that no, our American Government was still alive.
We observed to them and to you, that a Government “of, for, and by” the People can never die.
And we proceeded to locate a minimum of two (2) such People in every State of the Union to act as the lawful Assembly Inheritors. All these men met the requirements to be State Citizens. All these men were qualified Inheritors. All of them have the lineage to be grandfathered-in to the original Constitutional contracts.
The Federation of States was reborn and though it would take more research and a great deal more work, every State of the Union was reclaimed by Americans for Americans.
The next step was to unravel the self-serving legal presumptions that were used to deliberately misidentify and disinherit the actual Americans.
Next, we had to develop a sound legal process to restore Americans to their natural birthright political status.
Next, we had to record their political status in the International Public Record.
Next, we had to summon the States of the Union into Session and qualify and record the members of each State Assembly.
The Federation of States and the General Assemblies of all Fifty American States of the Union have been in Session continuously for well over a year.
No country or government on Earth has any justification to ignore or gainsay these facts.
Our actual Government was never designed to be in continuous Session. It was designed so that the people of this country could enjoy their lives and conduct their own business without an undue burden — or expense — being imposed by their Public Duty to Self-Govern.
That Public Duty has been answered and fulfilled. Our Government is not in any interregnum. Our Post Office is not vacated.
All right, title, and interest related to this country vests in its sons and daughters, the living people who are here and who have been here continuously for generations.
There is no basis to claim the existence of a Federal Republic at this point.
Our Federal Republic has been in mothballs since 1860 and there has been no time to take the necessary steps to complete the aforementioned steps to complete Reconstruction of the American States of States that would give rise to a new Confederation which would give rise to a new Federal Republic.
There is no reason that the lawful Federation of States and their State Members, which are all States of the Union, cannot operate a new Federal Republic, but those who are proposing to rebirth the Federal Republic are not acting lawfully or logically at this point.
It appears to be yet another attempt by foreign interests to defraud the American Public and pretend that they are associated with us when in fact they are not — for the purpose of unjust enrichment, impersonation, and credit fraud.
Our “good faith and credit’ applies to our own American Government and to our Constitutional obligations as stipulated; it does not apply to the British Territorial United States nor to the Municipal United States, both of which are supposed to submit their budgets to our Congress –not their Congress– for approval and for payment via International Bills of Exchange drawn as credit provided by our gold and silver reserves.
Instead, these Pikers have been cashiering our gold and silver as belonging to “unknown owners” and pretending in the case of the World Bank, that these assets, including 14,000 tons of gold confiscated illegally from Americans by the Administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and given to the World Bank/IBRD, are “abandoned”.
We are here to tell you that our American Government is alive and well and not one scrap of American land, soil, credit, or any other asset is abandoned.
We are also here to tell you that we are booting up to clean out the criminal corporate interests, interlocking trust directorates, and corrupt foreign courts which have plagued not only our country, but virtually all the members of the United Nations as well.
If anyone has any questions I am here to tell you that our Federation is not the Federal Republic. Our Federation is the only American Government with the standing and provenance to act for this country or operate any new Federal Republic Subcontractor.
We have informed Mr. Trump and the U.S. Military to no avail. Despite their obligation to take their orders from the civilian government — the American Government — and despite the fact that we are the only lawful and qualified and fully populated civilian government present, they have persisted with efforts to overturn our country and our heritage and our history by severing us from our roots and from the actual Declaration of independence upon which our lawful American Government rests.
These misguided Persons acting as British Territorial U.S. Citizens have attempted to issue “new” Declarations of Independence, have failed to notify Americans in their employment regarding their political status choices, have evaded their Constitutional obligations owed to us, and have willfully continued a de facto military dictatorship in this country since March of 1863. They have acted upon non-existent, never granted “Emergency Powers” and under the False Presumption that the demise of the Federal Republic heralded the demise of the Federation of States as well.
In fact, the Federation of States and its Member States of the Union, were never involved in the so-called American Civil War, which was fought entirely as an illegal commercial mercenary conflict on our shores and then illegally and immorally and unlawfully continued by our erstwhile British Territorial and Municipal Subcontractors, despite their obligations to The Hague Conventions and The Geneva Conventions.
Both of these European “Federal” Subcontractors have operated in Gross Breach of Trust and in Violation of their Commercial Contracts for generations. The international community has turned a blind eye to the rape and pillaging of America by these foreign interests, to its own shame and detriment. The international community has thus far gone along and pandered to these criminals and blamed America for their war-mongering and predation and racketeering against innocent people throughout the world.
No more.
Therefore we are invoking all Treaties owed to us by all Governments worldwide, and all contracts owed to us by all Governments worldwide, and we are providing Notice to the High Courts. We are calling out to the loyal elements of our Armed Forces to do what must be done to rectify this situation, and to Mr. Trump in particular, to recognize the facts and circumstance set forth with specificity herein.
We are the long-lost Principals, the Priority Creditors, and the only ones that can give the military the contracts and the lawful authority to act. We are also the only ones with the standing, provenance, established claims, and assets to pay them for lawful service as soldiers instead of misusing them as cheap mercenaries without even securing their consent to this outrageous circumstance.
We, the living people of this country and every other country, are now under attack.
Our private physicians have been coerced under color of law to register themselves as Medical Doctors, resulting in an undisclosed contractual obligation to act as Uniformed Officers subject to Title 37 of the British Territorial Government’s Federal Code. This allows that same foreign Subcontractor to illegally press-gang and conscript our health professionals and misdirect them to knowingly and unknowingly murder people misidentified as “enemy combatants”.
There are no enemy combatants here. There are only crooks and criminals operating in self-interest and for profit.
Our Assemblies have declared the end of the American Civil War, and all the States have accepted the Peace. The Peace Treaty has been published. The International Proclamation has been issued by our Head of State.
The deployment of an illegal experimental bioweapon by the British Territorial United States Government using our physicians as Uniformed Officers is an Act of War by the Governments of Great Britain and Westminster, carried out under color of law.
We call upon the Russian Government to honor the American-Russian Alliance and for all other countries and people to heed our warning. The purpose of this is criminal unjust enrichment. The perpetrators are not Americans, though they appear to be. They are in fact British Territorial Subjects.
The American Federation of States is committed to peace and always has been. Our Government has officially been at peace since 1814.
All people of goodwill and all people of common sense and moral conscience worldwide are called upon to look at this situation and take action, or be counted as accomplices to these crimes against humanity.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
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Red Alert — Wake Up — The Federation of States is American

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our Federation of States has nothing whatsoever to do with the foreign Federal Subcontractors.
Anyone who is talking anti-Federation and equating the Federation with “the” US or “the” USA Federal Subcontractors is: (1) profoundly ignorant or, (2) playing you like violins.
Those who haven’t bothered to study the history and those who have a base interest in promoting disinformation have a common theme—- getting people to fear the Federation of States the same way they fear the ‘Federal” Subcontractors of the British Territorial and Municipal United States Governments.
This is a grave mistake for Americans, because the Federation is their instrument to bring the Federal Subcontractors to heel. The Federation is our hammer to beat their nail or pull it out.
If you don’t like the government that has been harassing and pillaging you, you’d better have the brains to recognize and support the American Federation of States that you are heir to and support it for all you are worth.
We are presented with the spectacle of ignorant, bewildered Americans being hoodwinked into fighting against the only lawful means they have of controlling the British and Papist interests that have been pillaging them for six generations.
How stupid is that?
And it is all because some individuals in California didn’t want Federation Employees holding oversight over their own crooked dealings.
First, they got caught giving people false information, and they were corrected by Federation Coordinators.
Then, they got caught imposing censorship against anyone that didn’t agree with them — and that got stopped by the Federation.
Then, financial mischief — and that was corrected by the Federation.
Then more financial mismanagement and bad faith and refusal to turn over the books — and at that juncture, the perpetrators “jumped ship” and stole the seals and other property belonging to The California Assembly and they have continued their rampage.
This morning, word has reached us that they have been selling our paperwork which we offer on our websites for free and are charging people hundreds of dollars in service fees for simple recording services.
They are scammers and they are impersonating us and trying to substitute their phony organization for a State of the Union. This is not only criminal, it’s an insurrection against the actual lawful government.
The valid California Assembly is recognizable by being peaceable, community-oriented, and non-authoritarian — meaning that we do our work by cooperative committee, not by exercise of executive powers vested in offices.
We gave the renegades until November 15 to Cease and Desist and return the purloined property of The California Assembly.
The California Assembly Coordinators that work with our lawful Federation of States are Satya Orion and Michelle Ford. They are Californians charged with the oversight of bringing their State’s Assembly into Session and building the organizational structures needed to provide the people of California with a voice and needed services.
If anyone comes to you pretending to be a representative of me or of The California Assembly and they are asking for large amounts of money and otherwise acting like the same-old same-old scam artists, be aware that these crooks are now out there impersonating our Assembly, which is continuing to organize.
Be aware that they do not represent California, meaning our State of the Union.
Neither they nor anyone associated with them has the protection of any Constitutional Guarantees; they have returned to their former status as Federal Dual Citizens and their names and paperwork are being expunged from the records of the lawful California Assembly; they cannot own land in this country, and they will not inherit the wealth of California or control it. They will not receive relief through the Sign In America program and they will not receive funding.
Please be on your guard against people operating in this manner in your State of the Union. and talking trash about the American Federation of States.
We offer the paperwork for free and the recording service fees range from $3 to around $100 for the publication of a full land patent claim — not the hundreds of dollars and sometimes thousands of dollars that the would-be interlopers are charging.
More importantly, our recordings have lawful standing as State Records. Their expensive copycat productions do not.
So, for your own sake, for the sake of your State, and the sake of your country— be on your toes and use your horse sense.
It should never cost any great amount of money for you to recoup your lawful birthright political status as an American. There should be no “membership” fees or contracts to sign. Nobody should ask to see a Social Security Number or ask you to sign any Power of Attorney.
The only record that we ever ask to see is a Birth Certificate showing exactly where you were born (because in America nationality derives from your birth place) or reasonable proof of naturalization and/or length of time you have been in this country if you are an immigrant.
We don’t vet people or expose them to background checks unless that is necessary for the job they are doing. Peacekeeping officers and officials, treasurers and financial managers, record keepers and others in responsible positions of public trust get “vetted”, but this is always consensual and average Assemblymen and Assemblywomen’s privacy is always respected.
We are monitoring this situation on a countrywide basis. If anyone is talking trash about “the Federation” please make the effort to explain to them what the American Federation is and how it is different from the foreign Federal Government Subcontractors. If they still don’t stop the disinformation and fear-mongering, ask them to leave and cross their names off the Assembly roster.
Federation membership is a requirement to be a State of the Union. Oversight of the Assembly Process and strictly enforced standards are necessary to ensure honesty and good government and commonality of service which ensures equal protection under the Public Law.
No honest person should object to oversight applied to public functions of any level of government. Ever.
Contact the Federation of States directly through the State Coordinators listed at or via my website at or via my email at
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Pfizer Whistleblower Sinks Vaccine Trial Integrity

Yet again, mainstream media have completely ignored what should have been front-page news. According to a whistleblower who worked on Pfizer’s Phase 3 COVID jab trial in the fall of 2020, data were falsified, patients were unblinded, the company hired poorly trained people to administer the injections, and follow-up on reported side effects lagged way behind.

What makes the media’s silence all the more remarkable is that this revelation was published in The British Medical Journal. Paul Thacker, investigative journalist for The BMJ, writes in his November 2, 2021, report:1

“Revelations of poor practices at a contract research company helping to carry out Pfizer’s pivotal covid-19 vaccine trial raise questions about data integrity and regulatory oversight …

[F]or researchers who were testing Pfizer’s vaccine at several sites in Texas during that autumn, speed may have come at the cost of data integrity and patient safety … Staff who conducted quality control checks were overwhelmed by the volume of problems they were finding.”

As noted by Bill Bruckner for

“Editors’ widespread failure to pick up on the story is deeply problematic. First and foremost, it lets the U.S. Food and Drug Administration off the hook for what appear to be severe lapses in regulatory oversight over this trial … Where are the media outlets questioning the FDA about its oversight processes? Where are the politicians calling for an enquiry? …

Second, it lets Pfizer off the hook for apparently failing to adequately oversee the operations of its subcontractor … Where are the media outlets questioning Pfizer about its oversight and quality assurance processes? …

Third, it undermines confidence in democratic institutions and public health bodies because it gives citizens … the impression that mainstream media are deliberately ignoring a big story in order to avoid fueling vaccine hesitancy.”

So far, this story has been largely confined to the alternative news media. You’ll find a selection of video reports covering the whistleblower’s testimony in the sections below.

Research Organization Falsified Data in Pfizer Trial

The whistleblower in question is Brook Jackson, a former regional director of Ventavia Research Group, a research organization charged with testing Pfizer’s COVID jab at several sites in Texas.

Jackson repeatedly “informed her superiors of poor laboratory management, patient safety concerns and data integrity issues,” Thacker writes, and when her concerns were ignored, she finally called the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and filed a complaint via email.

Jackson was fired later that day after just two weeks on the job. According to her separation letter, management decided she was “not a good fit” for the company after all. She has provided The BMJ with “dozens of internal company documents, photos, audio recordings and emails” proving her concerns were valid. According to Jackson, this was the first time she’d ever been fired in her 20-year career as a clinical research coordinator. Thacker explains:3

“Jackson was a trained clinical trial auditor who previously held a director of operations position and came to Ventavia with more than 15 years’ experience in clinical research coordination and management.

Exasperated that Ventavia was not dealing with the problems, Jackson documented several matters late one night, taking photos on her mobile phone. One photo, provided to The BMJ, showed needles discarded in a plastic biohazard bag instead of a sharps container box.

Another showed vaccine packaging materials with trial participants’ identification numbers written on them left out in the open, potentially unblinding participants … Jackson told The BMJ that drug assignment confirmation printouts were being left in participants’ charts, accessible to blinded personnel …

In a recording of a meeting in late September 2020 between Jackson and two directors a Ventavia executive can be heard explaining that the company wasn’t able to quantify the types and number of errors they were finding when examining the trial paperwork for quality control. ‘In my mind, it’s something new every day,’ a Ventavia executive says. ‘We know that it’s significant.’

Ventavia was not keeping up with data entry queries, shows an email sent by ICON, the contract research organization with which Pfizer partnered on the trial. ICON reminded Ventavia in a September 2020 email: ‘The expectation for this study is that all queries are addressed within 24hrs.’

ICON then highlighted over 100 outstanding queries older than three days in yellow. Examples included two individuals for which ‘Subject has reported with Severe symptoms/reactions … Per protocol, subjects experiencing Grade 3 local reactions should be contacted. Please confirm if an UNPLANNED CONTACT was made and update the corresponding form as appropriate.’

According to the trial protocol a telephone contact should have occurred ‘to ascertain further details and determine whether a site visit is clinically indicated.’ Documents show that problems had been going on for weeks.

In a list of ‘action items’ circulated among Ventavia leaders in early August 2020, shortly after the trial began and before Jackson’s hiring, a Ventavia executive identified three site staff members with whom to ‘Go over e-diary issue/falsifying data, etc.’ One of them was ‘verbally counseled for changing data and not noting late entry,’ a note indicates.”

FDA Ignored Whistleblower Concerns

In her complaint to the FDA, Jackson listed a dozen incidents of concern, including the following:

  • Participants were not monitored by clinical staff after receiving the shot
  • Patients who experienced adverse effects were not promptly evaluated
  • Protocol deviations were not being reported
  • The Pfizer injection vials were stored at improper temperatures
  • Laboratory specimens were mislabeled

Not a single one of the problems Jackson raised in her complaint to the FDA were noted or addressed in Pfizer’s briefing document submitted to the FDA’s advisory committee meeting December 20, 2020, when its emergency use authorization application was reviewed.

The FDA went ahead, granting the Pfizer jab emergency use authorization the very next day, despite being in receipt of Jackson’s complaint, which ought to have put the brakes on the FDA’s authorization. At bare minimum, they should have investigated the matter before proceeding.

What’s more, the FDA’s summary of its inspections of the Pfizer trial, published in August 2021, revealed the agency only inspected nine of the 153 trial sites, and Ventavia was not one of them. The complaint also appears to have been ignored when the FDA granted full approval to Comirnaty, Pfizer/BioNTech’s COVID shot that is not yet available.

Pfizer is also in on the cover-up. Shortly after Jackson’s firing, Pfizer was notified of the problems she’d raised. Despite that, Pfizer has since then contracted Ventavia to conduct no less than four additional trials — one for COVID shots in children and young adults, one for the COVID jab in pregnant women, a booster shot trial, and an RSV vaccine trial.

So, clearly, Pfizer is not opposed to contractors falsifying data or otherwise undermining the integrity of the trials. That alone is a fiery indictment against Pfizer.

They can feign ignorance and proclaim to adhere to “the highest scientific, ethical and clinical standards”4 all they want. Those are just words which, unless backed by consistent action, are completely meaningless. Behind the scenes, they’re clearly well-aware that their trials are resting on fraudulent foundations.

Pfizer Trial Described as a ‘Crazy Mess’

Jackson wasn’t the only employee to get sacked from Ventavia after raising concerns about the integrity of the Pfizer trial. Thacker writes:5

“In recent months Jackson has reconnected with several former Ventavia employees who all left or were fired from the company. One of them was one of the officials who had taken part in the late September meeting. In a text message sent in June the former official apologized, saying that ‘everything that you complained about was spot on.’

Two former Ventavia employees spoke to The BMJ anonymously for fear of reprisal and loss of job prospects in the tightly knit research community. Both confirmed broad aspects of Jackson’s complaint.

One said that she had worked on over four dozen clinical trials in her career, including many large trials, but had never experienced such a ‘helter skelter’ work environment as with Ventavia on Pfizer’s trial. ‘I’ve never had to do what they were asking me to do, ever,’ she told The BMJ. ‘It just seemed like something a little different from normal — the things that were allowed and expected’ …

After Jackson left the company problems persisted at Ventavia, this employee said. In several cases Ventavia lacked enough employees to swab all trial participants who reported COVID-like symptoms, to test for infection. Laboratory confirmed symptomatic COVID-19 was the trial’s primary endpoint, the employee noted.

(An FDA review memorandum released in August this year states that across the full trial swabs were not taken from 477 people with suspected cases of symptomatic COVID-19.) ‘I don’t think it was good clean data,’ the employee said of the data Ventavia generated for the Pfizer trial. ‘It’s a crazy mess.’”

Such statements clearly fly in the face of statements made by world leaders, health authorities and the mainstream media. Most, like federal health minister for Australia, Greg Hunt, have claimed the COVID shots have undergone “rigorous, independent testing” to ensure they’re “safe, effective and manufactured to a high standard.”6

Nothing we know so far supports such a conclusion. The testing has been far from rigorous and has not been independently verified.

Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) data show they’re shockingly far from safe; real-world data show effectiveness wanes within a handful of months while leaving you more susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 variants and other infections; and manufacturing standards have also been shown lacking, as a variety of foreign contaminants have been found in the vials.7

Media Are Manipulated by Pfizer

propaganda from a pharmaceutical company

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One of the reasons why English- and German-speaking legacy media have completely ignored this whistleblower testimony is probably because Pfizer has such a dominating influence over them. Thacker told blogger Maryanne Demasi, Ph.D.,8 “Pfizer has such a huge PR machine, they have basically captured the media, they’ve hypnotized the media.”

Pfizer’s PR department is also hard at work trying to hypnotize the public. The TV ad above is perhaps one of the most offensive. In it, Pfizer brainwashes young children into thinking that getting the COVID shot will make them superheroes. Never mind the fact that getting the shot could kill or permanently injure them.

You Cannot ‘Follow the Science’ if There Are No Data

The video at the top of this article is a short extract from a November 2, 2021, meeting organized by Sen. Ron Johnson, during which associate editor of The BMJ, Peter Doshi, Ph.D., reviewed some of the many concerns experts have about the integrity of the COVID jab data.

He points out that Pfizer’s raw trial data will not be made available until May 2025. So far, Pfizer has refused to release any of its raw data to independent investigators and, without that, there’s no possible way to confirm that what Pfizer is claiming is actually true and correct.

In other words, we’re expected to simply take the word of a company that has earned a top spot on the list of white collar criminals; a company that in 2009 was fined a record-breaking $2.3 billion in fines for fraudulent marketing and health care fraud.9 Press releases are not science. They’re marketing. Without the raw data, we have no science upon which to base our decisions about the COVID shot.

As noted by Dr. Robert Kaplan from Stanford’s School of Medicine Clinical Excellence Research Centre, who also spoke at the meeting:

“The evidence we have comes from highly curated, industry-controlled press releases and journal publications. We are making big decisions based on limited, highly selected evidence. A compromised scientific process will lead to poor decisions, and it may set a bad precedent.”

Doshi stresses how utterly unscientific a process we’re now following. He also points out that doctors have an ethical duty to not recommend a treatment for which they have no data. Quoting from a 2020 article he co-wrote:10

“Data transparency is not a ‘nice to have.’ Claims made without access to the data — whether appearing in peer reviewed publications or in preprints without peer review — are not scientific claims.

Products can be marketed without access to the data, but doctors and professional societies should publicly state that, without complete data transparency, they will refuse to endorse COVID-19 products as being based on science.”

“The point I am trying to make is very simple,” Doshi said. “The data from COVID vaccines are not available and won’t be available for years. Yet, we are not just ‘asking’ but ‘mandating’ millions of people to take these vaccines … Without data, it’s not science.”

Regulatory Agencies Are Designed to Fail

We’ve known the FDA is a captured agency for at least a decade. None of the issues we’re now seeing are exactly new. We’re now getting a close-up view of just how dangerous the incestuous relationship between the FDA and Big Pharma really is.

Americans are dying from COVID jab injuries at unprecedented record rates, and the FDA is completely ignoring it. Instead, it continues to push for more jabs, more injuries and more deaths. It’s complicit in causing avoidable deaths rather than protecting public health. That’s the price we’re now paying for not cleaning up the agency and sealing the revolving door between regulators and industry earlier.

In “Designed to Fail: Why Regulatory Agencies Don’t Work,”11 published in May 2012 — nearly a decade ago — William Sanjour discussed the failures of regulatory reform. He points out that the reason reforms don’t work is because they keep reforming in the wrong direction:

“… as a result of the recent catastrophic failures of regulatory agencies, politicians and pundits are talking about the same old ‘Regulatory Reform’ again. ‘Fill the regulatory agencies with honest people who won’t cave in to special interests.’ ‘Give them more money, more authority and more people.’

But my experience has shown that by concentrating all legislative, executive and judiciary authority in one regulatory agency just makes it easier for it to be corrupted by the industries it regulates.

I worked for the U.S. Environmental Protection agency for 30 years and lived through many cycles of ‘Regulatory Reform,’ doing the same ‘reforms’ over and over again and expecting different results.

I’ve learned that the way to achieve true regulatory reform is to give regulatory agencies less money, less authority, fewer people but more intelligent regulations. The theme of this article is that by dispersing regulatory authority, rather than concentrating it, we would make corruption more difficult and facilitate more sensible regulation.”

Sanjour points out that regulators being captured by the parties they’re supposed to regulate is far more dangerous than having no regulatory agencies at all, because “capture gives industry the power of government.” Can there be any doubt that the FDA, as an agency captured by Big Pharma in general and Pfizer in particular, now wields power over the U.S. government?

“From my own experience with the U.S. EPA, even if an inspector finds a violation, this only triggers a lengthy complex process with many levels of warning, review, appeal, negotiation, and adjudication before any action is taken (or, more often, avoided),” Sanjour writes.12

“See the labyrinthine flow chart13 for an example of an agency enforcement procedure. It resembles a game of ‘chutes and ladders.’ Compare this with what happens when you park under a ‘No Parking’ sign. A policeman writes a ticket, and you can either pay the fine or tell it to the judge.

If the EPA wrote the rules for parking violations, the officer would first have to determine if there were sufficient legal parking available at a reasonable cost and at a reasonable distance, and would then have to stand by the car and wait until the owner showed up so that he could negotiate a settlement agreement.”

Regulatory Complexity Intentionally Hides Loopholes

Even more disturbing, Sanjour reveals that, when he was writing regulations for the EPA, he was “told on more than one occasion to make sure I put in enough loopholes. The purpose of the complexity is to hide the loopholes.” Sanjour went on to explain:

“Regulatory agencies are created by Congress in order to control some powerful forces in society (usually corporations), which benefit society but which are also prone to abuse their power. The purpose of a regulatory agency is to allow the flow of benefits while straining out the abuse.

In order to do this, Congress gives administrators of regulatory agencies broad discretionary power to write regulations for industries for which they are responsible. The flaw in the system is that the administrator is appointed by the president … Thus any discretionary authority given to a regulatory agency administrator is, in fact, given to the president of the United States to be used as the president sees fit …

[R]egulatory agencies, by their very nature, can do little that doesn’t adversely affect business, especially big and influential business, and this disturbs a president’s repose.

The EPA, for instance, cannot write regulations governing the petroleum industry without the oil companies going to the White House screaming ‘energy crisis!’ … When the FDA wants to thoroughly evaluate a new drug, the pharmaceutical company lets loose a public relations barrage about how the bureaucratic delays are costing lives.

Regulatory agency employees soon learn that drafting and implementing rules for big corporations means making enemies of powerful and influential people. They learn to be ‘team players,’ an ethic that permeates the entire agency without ever being transmitted through written or even oral instructions.

People who like to get things done, who need to see concrete results for their efforts, don’t last long. They don’t necessarily get fired, but they don’t advance either; their responsibilities are transferred to others, and they often leave the agency in disgust. The people who get ahead are those clever ones with a talent for procrastination, obfuscation, and coming up with superficially plausible reasons for accomplishing nothing.”

How Do We Fix It?

The question staring us in the face now is, how do we fix these regulatory agencies so that they can operate for the benefit of the public rather than private for-profit interests?

“The reason salaried government regulators can be corrupted is that writing and enforcing effective regulations is not their No. 1 priority,” Sanjour noted. “Their main objective is keeping their job and advancing their careers.” Industries, meanwhile, believe that pressuring corrupt officials is the only way to protect their business. The answer, Sanjour suggests, is:

“… to remove discretionary judgment from the hands of the regulatory bureaucracy and place it in hands less susceptible to industry influence. The first thing I would suggest is to make use of people or institutions who have a vested interest in effective regulation as strong or stronger than the regulated community.”

Sanjour cites research showing that, by far, whistleblowers — who risk their jobs by speaking out — are the No. 1 fraud detection group, responsible for 19% of frauds being brought to light. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, meanwhile, which exists to uncover corporate fraud, was responsible for just 7%.

So, one way we could improve the system is by issuing monetary rewards to corporate whistleblowers. “Monetary rewards for whistleblowers pay benefits far in excess of the cost when compared with hired regulatory bureaucrats,” Sanjour notes. Insurance companies can also play an important role, as they are far less likely to overlook safety shortcuts that can result in disaster. An example given by Sanjour is the BP oil spill:

“BP has admitted, between 2005 and 2010, to breaking U.S. environmental and safety laws and committing outright fraud and paid $373 million in fines. Between June 2007 and February 2010, BP refineries in Texas and Ohio accounted for 97% of the ‘egregious, willful’ violations handed out by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Yet none of this resulted in any oversight of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that blew up …

If BP had been required to carry a $10 billion insurance policy for an oil spill, I’m sure the insurance company would not have allowed the penny-pinching short cuts that the paid regulators allowed. If the laws are written intelligently, insurance companies can be a significant instrument for regulation.”

A third group that makes for a far better fraud detection system than federal regulators is the public. Organizations such as Citizens for Health and Environmental Justice teaches citizens how to get involved in the enforcement of regulations, and even more can be done in that regard.

For example, the EPA could sponsor civilian testing and equip citizens living in polluted areas with resources to conduct their own testing and report back if toxic exposures are found. Sanjour continues:14

“A second reform I would suggest for removing discretionary authority from the regulatory bureaucracy is to make the rules as simple as possible and to place all appellate functions and consent agreements into the hands of the law courts, just as in our traffic cop example.

This could be judicial courts or administrative law courts. Anything to take the discretionary authority away from the people who write and enforce the rules and provide one more barrier to industry influence.”

We Need to Return to the Constitution

To do any or all of that, we first need to reorganize our regulatory agencies in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. As explained by Sanjour, the U.S. has three branches of government: the legislative, executive and judicial branches. However, when regulatory agencies were formed, we diverted from this structure.

Regulations are a type of laws, and as such they should come from the legislative branch. But regulatory agencies are part of the executive branch. Judicial functions have also been usurped by regulatory agencies, and hence the executive branch.

“Thus, despite the wishes of the Founding Fathers, the executive branch now includes a great many regulatory agencies whose functions span all three branches of government. A large part of the corruption and inefficiency noted above flows from this fact,” Sanjour notes.

While making changes such as those proposed by Sanjour sounds simple enough, the political pushback would be enormous, and would have to be broken through, somehow. Legally, however, it would be a reasonably simple affair.

All Congress would need to do is amend the law such that the agency administrator is stripped of its authority to write rules and implement the law. That authority would then be transferred to another agency, the administrator of which would be appointed by Congress, not the president.

“Note that these are all paper changes. They do not require any relocation, new buildings, new hires, etc. The functions all currently exist. They are merely rearranged,” Sanjour says.

At present, we can no longer overlook the FDA’s corruption. It’s costing too many lives. They have completely abandoned any semblance of working for the public good. How we get rid of them and fix the problem will become an increasingly pressing question as we move forward.

Investigation: Died ‘From’ or Died ‘With’ COVID?

In this short news report from Full Measure, Sharyl Attkisson interviews the coroner from Grand County, Colorado, where a murder-suicide during Thanksgiving 2020 were recorded as two COVID-19 deaths. While outlandish, it has appeared from other reports around the country1 and statements from the Colorado governor, this practice is not uncommon.2

In the early months of 2020, many in the mainstream news media laughingly called concerns that there were more deaths reported from COVID-19 than could be attributed to the disease a “death toll conspiracy.”3 Rolling Stone reported this was led by conservative Republicans and “anti-vaxxers” who believe the numbers were inflated.4

Yet, it was only several short months later that data confirmed what many already knew: The number of people who died “from” COVID-19 we’re not the same as those who died “with” COVID-19. The differentiation is not subtle. In the first case, individuals died from the disease.

However, in the second case, an individual may have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 28 days but died from other health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes or end stage cancer.

Inaccurate and high false positive rates from PCR tests likely contributed to the number of individuals who died “with” COVID-19. PCR tests use something called “cycle thresholds” to look for positive cases. The higher the threshold, the greater the risk a healthy person is labeled as a COVID-19 “case.”5 In reality, PCR testing is not a proper diagnostic tool.6 Yet, it has supported the promoted narrative that the U.S. is suffering from a rising number of deaths.

Inflated COVID Death Numbers Recorded in Multiple Counties

In July 2021, Santa Clara and Alameda counties in California did an analysis of the number of people who died from COVID-19. Santa Clara found a significant discrepancy.7 The data did not change. The number of actual deaths did not change. But the authorities found 22% of the deaths recorded from COVID-19 could not be attributed to the virus.

The new numbers were generated by counting only those people whose cause of death was ‘from’ the virus. They left off the people who had tested positive at the time of death, but whose cause of death was not the result of an infection from SARS-CoV-2. In the month before, Alameda County recounted their deaths and registered a drop of roughly 25%.8

Dr. Monica Gandy is an infectious disease expert at the University of California San Francisco. She believes that it’s important to have an accurate accounting of the cause of death. She spoke with a reporter from CBS KPIX San Francisco and rather optimistically believed the CDC “may soon ask all counties to do the same as Alameda and Santa Clara Counties and that the nation could also see a drop in its COVID-19 death toll.”9

In the Full Measure video above, Attkisson recounts the story from 2020 of the two deaths from gunshot wounds in Grand County, Colorado, that were recorded as COVID-19 deaths.

The video also reveals that what was happening in Grand County was happening across the state. Dr. James Caruso, chief medical examiner and coroner for Denver, recounted hearing similar stories from coroners in rural counties where it was easier to quickly assess whether a death was from COVID. He told Attkisson:10

“I was told by some of my fellow coroners in the more rural counties in Colorado that it was happening to them, that they knew of issues where they had signed out a death certificate with perhaps trauma involved. And they were being advised that it was being counted as a COVID-related death.”

Caruso believes that early in the process at the local level, death certificates are probably completed accurately. But then, potentially at the state or federal level, there is a possibility that agencies are cross-referencing COVID tests against death certificates. Anyone who had tested positive is listed as a COVID-related death, regardless of how they died.

When Attkisson checked the tally of deaths in Grand County in July 2021, she found The New York Times had over reported the deaths, including the two gunshot wounds, one who had died outside of the county and two people who were recorded as dead but were alive.11

Merrit Linke is the chair of the Grand County Board of Commissioners. He and the other commissioners drafted and signed a letter that was sent to the governor of Colorado. Essentially, the letter said, “Hey, these numbers are not correct. It’s not right. We should report these correctly, and please fix this.”12

The response was appalling. Brenda Bock is the corner for Grand County, and she also signed the letter with the commissioners. She recounted her conversation with the governor of Colorado to Attkisson, saying, “He told me he didn’t believe it was right, but he wasn’t going to have them remove it from the count because all the other states were doing it that way so we were going to also.”13

Financial Incentives Likely Contributed to Inflated Numbers

The reason other states were over reporting COVID deaths, and maybe the reason the governor of Colorado wanted to continue, were the financial incentives offered to hospitals. As early as April 2020, some health authorities were suspicious that the COVID-19 death counts were padded.

However, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the chief medical adviser to the president, brushed off those questions, even after the CDC numbers were called into question later in the year.14 A host of mainstream media also reported these suspicions were a conspiracy theory.15,16

Yet, in June 2020, nurse Erin Olszewski gave first-hand testimony, sharing how financial incentives were at the heart of diagnosis and mistreatment at a public hospital in Queens, New York.17 Olszewski was interviewed by The Press and the Public Project as part of the series “Perspectives on the Pandemic.” Olszewski has a long history of honorable service in the army.

She was deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. “Part of her duties involved overseeing aid disbursement and improvements to hospital facilities. While in the country she received the Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service and was wounded in combat.”18 She retired in 2012 to work as a civilian nurse and continued work as a medical freedom and informed consent advocate.

According to Olszewski, patients who tested negative were routinely listed as positive and quickly placed on ventilators, a largely inappropriate treatment that ended up killing nearly all of them. By August 2020,19 then-CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield admitted financial policies may have artificially inflated hospitalization rates and death toll statistics.

In response to a question before a House panel committee asked by Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, R-Mo., about potential “perverse incentives” that hospitals might have to alter death certificates, Redfield said:20

“I think you’re correct in that we’ve seen this in other disease processes, too. Really, in the HIV epidemic, somebody may have a heart attack but also have HIV — the hospital would prefer the [classification] for HIV because there’s greater reimbursement.”

The Washington Examiner21 also reported that in August 2020 more than 3,000 people were removed from the death count in Texas after it was revealed they did not test positive but were only considered a probable case.

CDC Now Counting Vaccination Deaths as Unvaccinated Illness

The issue of inaccurately counting COVID-related deaths is continuing. Based on statements made by Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it appears the CDC is manipulating statistics to create a false and inaccurate impression.

In a July 16, 2021, White House Press briefing, she claimed “over 97% of people who are entering the hospital right now are unvaccinated.”22 Just a few weeks later, she inadvertently revealed how the CDC came by that statistic.23

The CDC took hospitalization and mortality data from January through June 2021 to come to this conclusion. However, during this time frame, most of the people in the U.S. were not vaccinated,24 so the majority of people in the hospital or who had died would not have received the vaccine.

The newest way that the CDC is playing with statistics is to count anyone who has died within the first 14 days post-injection as unvaccinated.25 This not only artificially inflates the unvaccinated death toll, but also artificially deflates the number of people who die as a result of the genetic therapy shot.

The vast majority of deaths from the COVID jabs are happening within the first 2 weeks.26 These deaths are now being recorded as an unvaccinated death from COVID, rather than being counted as a death related to a breakthrough infection or vaccine injury.

This may be related to the fact that public health agencies were fully aware of the expected side effects from the shot and that they may have determined these were acceptable losses. According to Slide 16 in an October 22, 2020, presentation to the FDA by the director of Biostatistics and Epidemiology on some of the expected effects included:27




Acute myocardial infarction (heart attack)

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in children

Vaccine enhanced disease


Autoimmune disease


Kawasaki disease


Guillain-Barre syndrome

As you’ll note, many of these effects from the shot are reported in growing numbers to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).28 Additionally, the FDA added a warning to the Pfizer and Moderna shots about the risk of heart inflammation and myocarditis.29

Just days before, the CDC announced the benefits of the shot outweigh the risk of a “likely association” between the shots and myocarditis in otherwise healthy young people.30 In June 2021, CNN31 reported the CDC had received 1,226 preliminary reports of children with myocarditis or pericarditis through VAERS.

Interestingly, the CDC found these numbers enough to issue a warning but have completely ignored the number who have died from the shots. By October 22, 2021, VAERS had recorded 10,956 cases of “rare”32 myocarditis and 17,619 deaths from the shot.33

AMA Teaches Doctors the Power of Misinformation

Before turning to your health care professional for accurate information, it’s important to note that the American Medical Association is strongly advising doctors to follow the company line. And the company line is full of “language swaps,” samples of acceptable social media posts and information on how to deflect or redirect questions to push AMA acceptable content.34

Deception has been the name of the game since long before the vaccine was released. As the push toward the “Great Reset” continues on multiple fronts, it is imperative that the medical establishment remain on board with the same rhetoric and unsubstantiated messages to drive fear and impair American’s critical decision making.

The language swaps and sample social media posts take advantage of a powerful tool – words. Language is a powerful way to shape reality,35,36,37 because it shapes how we think about what we’re experiencing. As noted by storyteller and filmmaker Jason Silva:38

“The use of language, the words you use to describe reality, can in fact engender reality, can disclose reality. Words are generative… We create and perceive our reality through language. We think reality into existence through linguistic construction in real-time.”

For example, “lockdown” sounds like involuntary imprisonment imposed by a totalitarian regime, which is what it is, whereas “stay-at-home order” sounds far less draconian. After all, “home” is typically associated with comfort and safety. The AMA goes on to provide instructions on how to block, deflect and stall in the face of tough questions where an honest answer might break the official narrative.

I encourage you to read through Page 8 of the guide and pay attention to how these psychological tricks are used when listening to interviews or reading the news.

The AMA’s guidance isn’t all bad. Some of its advice makes perfect sense. But the inclusion of language swaps that result in false statements being made, and tools for steering, blocking, deflecting, redirecting and stalling to avoid direct answers do nothing but erode credibility and thus trust in the medical community.

After having gathered data during the pandemic for roughly 19 months (March 2020 to October 2021) it is imperative that the American people begin to question the number of reported “cases” and deaths in a country where medical care is reportedly better and more advanced than many other countries.

In other words, why does the U.S. lead the world in number of deaths from an infection?39 Might it be for the same reason that Australia is in a tyrannical lockdown when their infection rate is .6% and just 1% of those infected have died? Could there be a different agenda than what you’ve been led to believe?

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin is a British Loyalist


TRAITOR! New VA Governor Glenn A. Youngkin swore allegiance to the British Monarch and Ministry of Defence [sic] long ago

Glenn Allen Youngkin is a British Trojan Horse. He has sold out America under instruction from the British Pilgrims Society.

On Dec. 12, 2002, Glenn Allen Youngkin was the founding secretary director of QinetiQ Holdings Limited, UK Co. No. 4586941 (pronounced “kinetic” as in “kinetic war”). See UK Companies House Form 288a below. Plus, note their fascination with the “Q” character… from the James Bond Pilgrims Society propaganda films (spying is merely an “intelligence” function of the mockingbird press, media and film industry). These people also started In-Q-Tel a few years earlier on Sep. 29, 1999.

The British Pilgrims Society appears to have an affinity for boyish front men, Boris John exempted.

QintetiQ catalogues all inventory for the U.S. Army worldwide… from the UK

QintetiQ invests heavily in robot warriors

QintetiQ has had over $8 billion in contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense

Whoops, what about best interests of the United States?

QinetiQ founding Certificate of Incorporation, PDF pp. 20,21, Dec. 12, 2002.

2003 QinetiQ (UK) Annual Report, p. 4

2004 QinetiQ (UK) Annual Report, p. 6

2005 QinetiQ (UK) Annual Report, p. 5

2006 QinetiQ (UK) Annual Report, p. 7

2007 QinetiQ (UK) Annual Report, p. 5, 45, 49, Youngkin steps down

2008 QinetiQ (UK) Annual Report, multiple pages showing conspiracy with American military and CIA

More Annual Reports linked below.

Full QinetiQ Investigation:

Research: AFI. (Mar. 16, 2020). Weaponized Coronavirus is an Anglo-American Pilgrims Society Attack on Competitors in America and China. Americans for Innovation. (PDF).



Fig. 25—Qinetiq Group Plc Co No 4586941. (Oct. 24, 2006)George Tenet [former CIA director 1997-2004] Director Appointment—Pledged to pursue the best interests of the United Kingdom and obey the Queen in the operations of QinetiQ. Companies House (UK). See also QinetiQ Group Plc, Co. No. 4586941. (Oct. 20, 2006). Articles of Association. Companies House (UK).


During George Tenet’s QinetiQ directorship, the company was awarded over $1 billion in U.S. government contracts, including one $100 million contract to track essentially all moving U.S. Army inventory worldwide—a British intelligence, propaganda and biowarfare operation!

Bookmark: #giambastiani-joined-qinetiq-pledged-to-queen |


Fig. 26—Edmund P. Giambastiani, Jr. (Feb. 08, 2008). Appointment of director, QinetiQ Group Plc, Co. No. 4586941, Form 288a—Pledged to pursue the best interests of the United Kingdom and obey the Queen in the operations of QinetiQ. Companies House (UK).See also QinetiQ Group Plc, Co. No. 4586941. (Oct. 20, 2006). Articles of Association. Companies House (UK).


Just months after former Joint Chiefs Admiral Giambastiani joined the QinetiQ board, the company continued to boast about their central role in tracking U.S. Army assets worldwide — a British intelligence, propaganda and biowarfare operation!

Bookmark: #qinetiq-tracks-us-army-assets-worldwide |

Fig. 27—QinetiQ Group Plc, Co. No. 4586941. (Aug. 07, 2008). Annual Report and Accounts, p. 16 (PDF p. 20), Keeping track of US Army equipment worldwide. Companies House (UK).


TRANSCRIPTION, p. 16: QinetiQ Group plc Annual Report and Accounts 2008. Business review – QinetiQ North American continued, $100m contract, QinetiQ has provided the US Army with sample data collection and analyses services since 1992. The current re-compete contract, worth $100m provides continued support to the US Army’s Sample Data Collection programme. “From our base at Fort Hood in Texas, we coordinate the data collection activities of 28 locations worldwide, encompassing three continents and two war zones. Our main challenges are time and distance” Maurice Squires Weapons System Analyst.

Bookmark: #qinetiq-tracks-us-army-assets-worldwide |

Fig. 28—QinetiQ Group Plc, Co. No. 4586941. (Aug. 07, 2008). Annual Report and Accounts, p. 17 (PDF p. 21), Keeping track of US Army equipment worldwide. Companies House (UK).


TRANSCRIPTION, p. 17: QinetiQ Group plc Annual Report and Accounts 2008. Business review – QinetiQ North American continued, Keeping track of US Army equipment, Under the contract, QNA continues to meet the challenge of collecting data on all US Army equipment – ground combat systems, tactical wheeled vehicles and aviation systems – from across the US and all areas overseas in which the US Army has a presence QNA then provides the Army with timely and accurate logistics data for comprehensive studies and analyses.

Now add Glenn A. Youngkin to this rogues gallery of QinetiQ traitors to America. Question: Did Youngkin disclose his conflict of interest with the British Crown via QintetiQ when he ran for governor? If not, he defrauded the citizens of Virginia and his election must be unwound.

Full QinetiQ Investigation:

Research: AFI. (Mar. 16, 2020). Weaponized Coronavirus is an Anglo-American Pilgrims Society Attack on Competitors in America and China. Americans for Innovation. (PDF).

Also note:

Sir Jonathan Richard Symonds was the founding accounting for the Queen’s Golden Share.


GlaxoSmithKline. Current chairman

HSBC chair

Novartis CFO

Goldman Sachs  Managing Director

AstraZeneca CFO

Did GLENN YOUNGKIN disclose any of these conflicts of interest in his run for Virginia governor?

Didn’t think so.


See full analysis of Symonds, QinetiQ here:


Youngkin – QinetiQ – “e-voting”


QintetiQ / Youngkin sold arms


QinetiQ supplies full-body scanners.

In other breaking HISTORIC news:


1869 evidence of Rothschild Arkancide of his winning political opponent for MP of City of London, MP-elect, Charles Bell, and Baron Lionel de Rothschild’s replacement of the freshly dead Charles Bell—the first Jewish MP in Parliament,­ hastily announced in Bell’s obituary!

The Bank of England also appointed Baron Lionel de Rothschild as the first Jewish director.


“Some Eminent Jews,” Bolton Evening News, May 4, 1874

(Bolton is a NW Manchester (UK) suburb. Living Sound sang in and had thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of supporters all over this area.)

Baron Lionel de Rothschild: “…eminent banker whose name is now almost a household world.”

Editor. (May 04, 1874). Some Eminent Jews [including Baron Lionel de Rothschild]. Bolton Evening Standard (UK).


PDF version of image above:


Editor. (Sep. 01, 1877). The Rothschilds “Considerably Mixed.” Edinburgh Evening News.

What happens when you marry close relatives? You get Adam Schiff?

VAERS analysis exposes CDC, FDA for covering up hundreds of serious adverse events associated with COVID vaccines

(Natural News) A researcher named Albert Benavides conducted a data analysis on Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And what he found is that there are hundreds of serious adverse events associated with Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19)…