Reece Committee Report from 1954 Shows Foundations Funded the Collectivist Capture of US Education

Norman Dodd (1899-1987) was the chief investigator for the Congressional Reece Committee in 1952-1954. He investigated the un-American activities of large endowment foundations and in particular the Carnegie, Rockefeller, Guggenheim and Ford Foundation. Before he died, […]

The post Reece Committee Report from 1954 Shows Foundations Funded the Collectivist Capture of US Education first appeared on Winter Watch.

Reece Committee Report from 1954 Shows Foundations Funded the Collectivist Capture of US Education

Norman Dodd (1899-1987) was the chief investigator for the Congressional Reece Committee in 1952-1954. He investigated the un-American activities of large endowment foundations and in particular the Carnegie, Rockefeller, Guggenheim and Ford Foundation. Before he died, […]

The post Reece Committee Report from 1954 Shows Foundations Funded the Collectivist Capture of US Education first appeared on Winter Watch.

Cobra Update 11-16-21… “Divine Intervention Activation Update and Videos” (plus petition update)

The Divine Intervention Activation is taking place on 12-21-21. I’ve yet to post that article, but was alerted to the prior preparatory meditations that are being held on 11-19-21 (lunar eclipse) and 12-4-21 (solar eclipse). Here is what the Cobra website says about these:

“We will be using the energy of those two eclipses to meditate and visualize reaching the critical mass of over 144,000 people or more participating in our main meditation for the Divine Intervention activation on December 21st and over 144,000 people signing the Planetary Liberation petition.

“Light Forces are asking as many people as possible to do these two preparatory booster meditations at the exact moment of both eclipses.”

Pardon the late posting, but the first of these occurs in 3.5 hours, at 0903 GMT (UTC), 0303 CST, 0103 PST. I know that many may want to participate in these. There is also a petition that may be signed to assist this process.

I will post the Divine Intervention Activation article a bit later.


Divine Intervention Activation Update and Videos (11-16-21)

We are approaching a very powerful Lunar eclipse in a few days on November 19th at 09:03 am UTC and a powerful Solar eclipse two weeks later on December 4th 07:35 am UTC :

We will be using the energy of those two eclipses to meditate and visualize reaching the critical mass of over 144,000 people or more participating in our main meditation for the Divine Intervention activation on December 21st and over 144,000 people signing the Planetary Liberation petition.

Light Forces are asking as many people as possible to do these two preparatory booster meditations at the exact moment of both eclipses.

You can find the exact moment for the first booster meditation for your timezone here:

And here for the second one:

Guided audio videos in 13 languages for both booster meditations are here:

And the live stream for the first booster meditation is here:

Instructions for both booster meditations are here:

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to reach the critical mass of 144,000 people or more meditating for our Divine Intervention activation, and more than 144,000 people signing the Planetary Liberation petition.

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light

4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe, then entering through the Galactic Central Sun of our Galaxy, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize this Light activating Soul star chakras of millions upon millions of people, presenting them with the possibility of joining Divine Intervention activation. Visualize those who feel so guided actually participating, their number far exceeding the critical mass, and the activation itself having a massive positive healing effect for all sentient beings on Earth and stabilizing the positive timeline. Visualize over 144,000 people signing the petition in the weeks and days leading to the activation.

Signing of the petition is important because if a critical mass of 144,000 people signs the petition, this will be the first physical expression of the collective will of surface humanity in human history that contact and intervention is desired. By signing the petition, we are using our free will to create an energetic bridge between the surface of the planet and the forces of Light that live beyond the surface. This energetic bridge will speed up the process. The physical act of signing the petition is important because we wish to manifest change on the physical plane, therefore, simple inner dedication is not enough.You are not doing this only for yourself, you are doing this for the whole humanity:

For those who are worried, you do NOT need to sign the petition with full name or address displayed.


Urgent [Petition] Update (11-18-21)

The Planetary Liberation Petition was suddenly taken down earlier today for a few hours without any explanation given:


Now the main original petition page is back online and you can keep signing it:

In the case of any potential future disruptions to the original petition page, an alternative backup petition page has been created here:

You need to keep signing the petition on the main original page, expect if there are any disruptions and the original page is not available. Then you can use the alternative backup petition page.

All the signatures on the main original petition page and all signatures from the backup petition page will count towards 144,000. If you have already signed the petition on the original web page, DO NOT sign it again.

It is now getting extremely evident that our petition DOES have an impact.

This blog post will be updated as the situation develops.

Victory of the Light!

About the British Crown Government

 By Anna Von Reitz

The British Crown Government headed by the Lord Mayor of London is over six hundred years old, and it is independent of the British Government, which it holds more or less in thrall.
It’s the British Crown that acts as the Mercenary Force — provides the Bar Attorneys and Banks and worships devils and reptiles at the Crown Temple. They have been at war with the Christian Church, and particularly, the Church of Rome, since their Templar Founders were forced to flee to Britain under force and their Grandmaster, Jacques de Molay, was slow-roasted by French Kingdom Officials on Friday the 13th, March 19, 1314.
It’s a sad and ugly tale of misbegotten beliefs, religious suppression, intrigue, propaganda, self-interest, deception, and, well, pure evil.
Despite this, the Templars had one thing going for them. They could always make money, out of thin air, if necessary.
And, as a bonus, they had maps of the world showing the continents and ley lines (longitude measured magnetically) many decades before the King’s Navy.
This gave them considerable power and allure to start with, and they improved upon their position as court physicians and magicians for the next several hundred years, gradually gaining control of the banks, theaters, and war-making machinery ——and always, always, pursuing their Nemesis, the Roman Catholic Church.
As you might imagine, corrupting and controlling the Church that censured them has been a long-sought aim, and in 2011, they hit the jackpot, when Pope Benedict XVI agreed to back them on certain claims regarding the transfer of Power of Attorney from Mooi/Soewarno to the lawful Successor.
The fact remains that on November 9, 2009, all the Tier One Banks in the world received a Swift message and a Statutory Declaration from Soewarno telling all of them who the legitimate Power of Attorney was, and none of those banks have ever received any communication contradicting those instructions.
As this was a matter of private trust interests, it isn’t the business of any government to interfere. Not even the Church Government.
Pope Benedict XVI was misled by a simple legal deceit, a forgery, and a change of legal name imposed upon the legitimate Power of Attorney by the CIA, but the adoption of a different legal name proscribed by a Court or a Naturalization Service does not change the true identity of the man or transfer any private right held under the original lawful name.
So he is still the lawful Power of Attorney over all the assets, just as Soewarno decreed, and there is no credible evidence otherwise. The truth stands and the truth will out.
This entire mess, the corruption of the banks, the lawlessness of the corporations, the lies that have infested every corner of the globe, and the misery of the people on this planet, can be traced to the efforts of HSBC, which is the British-Chinese investment bank, deceit and interference by the CIA, unlawful impersonation by the UNITED STATES, INC., and self-serving dishonesty on the part of the major Tier 1 banks worldwide— allowed by an old man who was lied to.
All of you who are suffering, all of you who are in despair, gather your courage and support our efforts:
Anna Maria Riezinger
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652
They all know who the Power of Attorney belongs to, and they attempt to deny it. The hooligans in charge of the CIA know it, too. And it all comes down to this: the banks and corporations have conspired with the help of the British Crown Government, to steal the private wealth of the world and commandeer it for their own use, and Pope Benedict XVI was fooled into agreeing with this.
And thus, the British Crown Government celebrates its victory over the Roman Catholic Church. It only took seven hundred years to accomplish it.
Find your courage and know the truth: their victory of lies is not meant to last.
The outcome depends on you. Support our efforts. Support Soewarno’s lawful Successor. In this way, the wealth of the world can be returned to the service of humanity.
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Contracts of Corporations Must Be Lawful or The Corporations Are Illegal

 By Anna Von Reitz

More than fifty countries, including “the” US under Trump, signed a contract giving Pfizer, Inc., “substitute executive power”.
In other words, these foreign corporations in the business of providing essential government services, signed over their executive powers to one of the vaccine producers — if you can imagine that.
Fortunately for all of us, none of these foreign commercial corporations have any power to sign over our executive power to Pfizer or anyone else.
They may have all shot themselves in the foot and been paid off to do it, but Pfizer, Inc., needs to understand exactly what it bought — and did not buy.
It bought control of the bankrupt US, INC. Whoopee-ding.
It bought control of the bankrupt AUSTRALIA. Another Whoopee!
It bought control of the bankrupt UK. Hoop-la!
But we, the living people, hold Pfizer’s charter — and all their executives — in our hands.
They made the deal with us a long time before they made any deals with the UN CORP and so, in all three jurisdictions, their contracts to act as a substitute executive power for all these bankrupt corporations means nothing.
We will shortly have a report on where Pfizer is headquartered and which State of the Union is responsible for letting them operate in this country, and all those officials responsible for its bad behavior will be notified by the actual authorities concerning its dismantling and liquidation and the arrest of its Board Members.
Meantime, a brief note to Pfizer, Inc. stockholders: sell now!
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My Thoughts as Texas Reorganizes

 By Anna Von Reitz

I didn’t suggest that this morning’s meeting be postponed. I suggested that the meeting proposed for 1 PM this afternoon be postponed.
Not too long ago we had one strong woman in charge in Texas, and she was getting the job of organizing done with flying colors. It bothered me because that isn’t the way our government is supposed to be structured. Our government depends on whole communities of strong people working together, not just one leader exercising executive power. That’s what we are used to, but that’s not the way the American Government is supposed to work.
I stifled my instinct on the matter in favor of hoping that additional Coordinators would step forward and the situation would resolve itself.
In reflecting upon all that subsequently happened, I realized how important it is to build teams of strong leaders in every State and make sure that — as much as possible — everyone is educated about the rights and responsibilities of their State of the Union, because every right comes with responsibilities attached.
One of the most galling things for me in addressing Vatican officials is that they always knew more about our history than any average American, and they would listen politely and nod their heads and agree that yes, what I was saying was true. And then, they’d point out that everything we were complaining about was all our own fault, our own failure to self-govern, our own failure to do our part.
Now, I might retort that it was their obligation to tell the American People what was going on, but they would only smile and quirk an eyebrow and observe that it’s our country. How is it that we don’t see what the situation is? Obviously, I saw what the situation was. I read the history. I knew the players. If I knew, how was it that all these other Americans remained clueless? Wasn’t it more my responsibility to wake people up, than men employed by a foreign theocracy?
And what do you say to that?
We are all accountable. It is our responsibility to study and learn and know our own history, our own government, our own rights —- and the responsibilities that go with those rights. Nobody else can do that for us.
No, the Vatican officials said, we will help you to the extent that we are required by contract to do, and we will obey the limitations of the Constitutions if you enforce them, but the rest is up to you.
What can I say to that, except — fair enough?
The meltdown in Texas underlined the weakness of the executive model of government. It’s convenient and easy to have only one person in charge, but then, everything hangs on that one person, and in their absence the whole structure has to be rebuilt. The wisdom of the American Government model built on committees and communities becomes readily apparent. It’s not only our actual tradition, it’s a better, stronger form of government overall.
So in reorganizing Texas there needs to be a fairly large number of Coordinators sharing the load and all pursuing the common goal of having a fully functional Assembly in place. As long as everyone pursues that goal in good faith, nothing can hold Texas back, but Texas.
I’m going to tell you all what the Vatican officials told me. It’s your responsibility to build the strong, united, community-based government that our tradition demands. Nobody else can do it for you. If you want to self-govern, you have to do the work. And you have to build the organizational structure that supports self-governance, instead of clinging to the familiar executive power model.
After all, if you want an executive telling you what to do, you already have the choice of bowing to the Pope or the Queen, and they are both very competent executives, so far as that goes. Why bother choosing a home-grown tyrant?
The Vatican officials laughed at us a good deal. And they weren’t entirely wrong. Many Americans recoil from the responsibility of self-governance. Many don’t even have a clue of what that implies and the kind of group participation it requires.
Fortunately, in the years since those discussions, we have learned a few lessons and one of those lessons is that the American Way is inclusive and it has to be inclusive. It has to be big enough, broad enough, open-hearted enough to include everyone, because it accords everyone equal rights.
As Texas has come to grips with reorganizing Katherine Soulis has emerged as a strong leader, but she won’t be the only strong leader and she won’t be the only Coordinator. The burden of organizing The Texas Assembly and the range of opinions and communities to be equally considered is far beyond the ability of any one Texan to embody, and the single executive model is not what our tradition and our government structure demands.
So, yes, there will be more than one Coordinator in Texas and they won’t all be cookie-cutter copies of one set of values, one age group, one ethnicity, or one anything else — but taken all together, they will build one government and one community that embraces everything that Texas is and can be.
I’ve asked everyone to set aside their personal animosities and past squabbles, and make the decision to work together in good faith — because it is a decision, just as love is a decision. Decide to accept each other, warts and all. Decide to focus on the work set before you.
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Santa Surfing 11-18-21 VIDEOs, with some “neat” data points…

These had some great data points covering “what’s going on.
Link to related Santa Surfing article
Link to related Santa Surfing article





Twitter account, @GoSammyUhHuh

DISCORD.COM: SantaSurfing#5279

A Couple of Phil’s (Godlewski, that is)… “Current Events 11-17-21” & “Rapid Fire 6”

These two I listened to, but I’d say the Current Events one had two key intel points that have potential to “blow certain minds open”. Go to about 50:00 for the first one, and 1 hr. 10 min. for the second (that was the “big one” for me).

Key point in the first video: White Hats appear to have “control” over the US election system.

Suggest playing at 1.5-2x speed as his delivery is slow, sometimes.

Diabolical — How Digital ID Will Control Your Life

While the media continue to scoff at warnings that vaccine passports are part of a surveillance structure that is likely to become a permanent part of our lives if we allow their implementation, there’s nothing to suggest that this won’t be the case.

In “The Jimmy Dore Show” above, Dore highlights and interviews Max Blumenthal about his article, “Public Health or Private Wealth? How Digital Vaccine Passports Pave Way for Unprecedented Surveillance Capitalism,”1 co-written with investigative reporter Jeremy Loffredo.

The article reviews some of the tragic consequences that can be expected if a global rollout of digital vaccine passports were to succeed. Loffredo and Blumenthal point to India, where a digital ID system has already been implemented.

The database, called Aadhaar, contains the digital identifications of more than 1 billion residents, making it the largest biometric digital ID system ever constructed.

India’s System Illustrates the Dangers of Digital IDs

While not officially described as such, the system is a “de facto social credit system,” the authors say. It’s sold to the public as the key access point to government services, but it also tracks users’ geolocation, employment and purchasing habits.

Indians have no choice but to submit to this invasive surveillance in order to access government services and assistance programs, such as food rations. As you might expect from such a behemoth database, there are glitches, and in India, such glitches have proven deadly. Loffredo and Blumenthal explain:2

“The death by starvation of Etwariya Devi, a 67-year-old widow from the rural Indian state of Jharkhand, might have passed without notice had it not been part of a more widespread trend.

Like 1.3 billion of her fellow Indians, Devi had been pushed to enroll in a biometric digital ID system called Aadhaar in order to access public services, including her monthly allotment of 25kg of rice.

When her fingerprint failed to register with the shoddy system, Devi was denied her food ration. Throughout the course of the following three months in 2017, she was repeatedly refused food until she succumbed to hunger, alone in her home.

Premani Kumar, a 64-year-old woman also from Jharkhand, met the same demise as Devi, dying of hunger and exhaustion the same year after the Aadhaar system transferred her pension payments to another person without her permission, while cutting off her monthly food rations.

A similarly cruel fate was reserved for Santoshi Kumari, an 11-year-old girl, also from Jharkhand, who reportedly died begging for rice after her family’s ration card was canceled because it had not been linked to their Aadhaar digital ID.

These three heart-rending casualties were among a spate of deaths in rural India in 2017 which came as a direct result of the Aadhaar digital ID system.”

Rule Through Medicine

As noted by the authors, “titans of global capitalism” are now exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to implement this kind of social-credit style digital ID systems across the Western world:

“For those yearning for an end to pandemic-related restrictions, credential programs certifying their vaccination against COVID-19 have been marketed as the key to reopening the economy and restoring their personal freedom. But the implementation of immunity passports is also accelerating the establishment of a global digital identity infrastructure.”

The plan is as diabolical as it is genius. While the rise of dictatorships has historically involved the use of armed forces to subdue an unruly public, the budding dictatorship of today relies heavily on weaponized medicine and the control of information.

If you’ve taken the time to familiarize yourself with the concept of technocracy, which has a distinct transhumanist component to it, you will see why this makes perfect sense and was, in fact, entirely predictable. By tying the issue of health care into the digital surveillance apparatus, you end up with a very robust platform for automated mass control.

The use of fear also works well in this scenario, since most are keen to stay alive and don’t want their loved ones to die. So, they fall for lies like “we have to shut down the world and sequester indoors for months on end or else we all die.”

Bill Gates Turns Public Health to Private Wealth

A leading figure in this medical dictatorship scheme is Bill Gates, who now wields a dominating influence over not just Big Tech but also global health policy, agriculture and food policy (including biopiracy and fake food), weather modification and other climate technologies,3 surveillance, education and media. As reported by Loffredo and Michele Greenstein in a July 8, 2020, GrayZone article:4

“Beyond the public relations bonanza about Gates lies a disturbing history that should raise concerns about whether his foundation’s plans for resolving the pandemic will benefit the global public as much as it expands and entrenches its power over international institutions.

The Gates Foundation has already effectively privatized the international body charged with creating health policy, transforming it into a vehicle for corporate dominance.

It has facilitated the dumping of toxic products onto the people of the Global South, and even used the world’s poor as guinea pigs for drug experiments. The Gates Foundation’s influence over public health policy is practically contingent on ensuring that safety regulations and other government functions are weak enough to be circumvented …

Strong evidence suggests that the Gates Foundation functions as a Trojan horse for Western corporations, which of course have no goal greater than an increased bottom line.”

Indeed, Gates donates billions to private companies, and is heavily invested in the very products and businesses he donates money to and otherwise promotes as solutions to the world’s problems, be they hunger, disease, pandemic viruses or climate change.

As suggested by The GrayZone, Gates’ global health empire is more about building an empire for himself and his technocrat cronies than promoting public health.5 Not surprisingly, Gates has called Aadhaar’s creator “a hero,” and many of Gates’ initiatives have sought to bring a similar system to the West.6

It’s About Control and Profit

As explained by Blumenthal in the video, these biometric ID systems are all about allowing private companies to profit from your personal data. They’ve been doing that for years already, of course, siphoning your personal data online and then selling it to anyone willing to pay, be they crooks and scammers or reputable companies.

But a biometric ID system will allow them to sell and profit from your fingerprints, iris and your face, along with all the data that is tied to you, from medical and employment data to social and financial services.

So, to summarize, the vaccine passport/digital ID system will allow those controlling the system to profit from your very identity while simultaneously enslaving you to the system. It’s a modernized slave system, pure and simple. 

The Convenience Trap

For a taste of what vaccine passports will turn into, check out the video above by the military surveillance firm Thales, which has acknowledged that vaccine passports are in fact the precursor to digital ID wallets.7 As you can see, the digital ID is being sold as a phenomenal convenience, something that will protect you, your identity and your money.

Believe this PR stunt at your own risk. As noted by Dore, “If I [the digital wallet] falls into the wrong hands, [your] life is pretty much over.” The most disturbing part is that having it fall into the hands of hackers and thieves isn’t your biggest concern.

Considering the devastating power a totalitarian regime can have over your life through their control of this system — should they disapprove of what you say, what you view, what you buy, where you go, how you behave or who you hang out with — losing your digital wallet to a common crook would be a minor inconvenience in comparison.

As noted by Dore, the dictators in charge could declare you a terrorist for participating in a protest, and shut off your access to government services, health care services and bank accounts with a single push of a button. Nothing you want to do in life will be very convenient after that.

There’s also the possibility of glitches and system errors, of course, and as illustrated in the Indian stories above, that too can have lethal consequences. A fingerprint failed to register. Pension payments were transferred to the wrong person and food rations were inexplicably cut off.

How is it that errors cannot be fixed? Probably because all the authorities who rely on the system have no authority to make changes in it. It’s all automated, run by algorithms, and everyone is essentially a powerless slave to and within the system. Probably, everyone just shrugged, saying they couldn’t do anything about it, and the lack of human involvement led to the death of these people.

And problems are not rare. A random sampling of 18 villages in India that had implemented compulsory biometric authentication at rationing stations showed a shocking 37% of people were unable to get their food rations due to some problem in the system.8

How Many Times Are You Willing to Play Russian Roulette?

When it comes to vaccine passports, we’ve already seen that maintaining a valid passport will require you to get an undisclosed number of booster shots. It’s not like you can just get the initial one- or two-dose regimen and be set.

No, any time a booster is released, your passport will cease to be valid until or unless you get that booster, be it the third or the thirty-third. Considering how dangerous these COVID shots are turning out to be, you’ll essentially be gambling your life each and every time you get the injection. And for what?

You’ll do it to be “given” basic freedoms that you never even thought could be infringed upon a mere two years ago, such as the right to work, the right to go to school, the right to travel and move about in society as you please, to shop, enter a gym or restaurant or a bank.

Say NO to Biomedical Dictatorship

In Italy, where mandatory vaccine passports are now implanted for all workers, both public and private, reports of inhumane exclusion are already emerging. An old woman was turned away from a hospital because she didn’t have a passport.9

Lithuanians have some of the harshest COVID shot mandates in the world. There, the unvaccinated are banned from restaurants, all non-essential stores, shopping malls, beauty services, libraries, banks, insurance agencies, universities, inpatient medical care and train travel. In a series of Twitter posts, Gluboco Lietuva, an unvaccinated father and husband, said:10

“With no COVID Pass, my wife and I are banished from society. We have no income. Banned from most shopping. Can barely exist … We tried to buy art supplies for our kids from a craft store. No purchase allowed without a Pass. We tried to buy educational toys in a toy store. We were barred from entering. Can’t buy kitchen supplies. Banal, but frustrating …

This pressure to submit is everywhere. And it’s overwhelming. Our ability to survive has been destroyed. But no matter the suffering imposed and the hardships we must endure, we will never accept the descent into the authoritarianism which the COVID Pass represents.”

Indeed, while standing up to the tyranny that is the vaccine passport now might cause pain and struggle, it’s nothing to the pain we’ll experience down the line if we don’t say no now.

Just how much freedom are you willing to lose? Don’t think for a minute that it’ll all end once you get fully vaccinated against COVID-19. As noted by the financial consulting firm Aite-Novarica in September 2021,11 the COVID-19 digital vaccine passport rolled out in New York (the Excelsior Pass) is “a step toward comprehensive digital identification … beyond COVID-19 vaccination only,” and serves as a “neat pilot program opportunity” to that end.

Military-Intelligence Org at Center of US Vaccine Pass Push

In the interview, Blumenthal mentions he’ll soon publish another article detailing the military-intelligence organization MITRE’s role in the U.S. vaccine passport push. That article was published on The GrayZone October 26, 2021.12 If you’ve been a fence-sitter, this piece just might push you to make a decision as to where you stand on this issue.

While MITRE is listed as a nonprofit, its leadership consists of military intelligence professionals, and most of its business comes from contracts with the Department of Defense, FBI and national security sector.

“The effort ‘to expand QR code vaccine passports beyond states like California and New York’ now revolves around a public-private partnership known as the Vaccine Credential Initiative (VCI). And the VCI has reserved an instrumental role in its coalition for MITRE,” Blumenthal and Loffredo write.13

“Described by Forbes as a ‘cloak and dagger [research and development] shop’ that is ‘the most important organization you’ve never heard of,’ MITRE has developed some of the most invasive surveillance technology in use by U.S. spy agencies today.

Among its most novel products is a system built for the FBI which captures individuals’ fingerprints from images posted on social media sites. MITRE’s own COVID-19 umbrella coalition includes In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency, and Palantir, a scandal-stained private spying firm.

Elizabeth Renieris, the founding director of Notre Dame and IBM’s technology ethics lab, has warned that ‘as dominant technology and surveillance companies’ like MITRE ‘pursue new revenue streams in healthcare and financial services … privately owned and operated ID systems with profit-maximizing business models threaten the privacy, security, and other fundamental rights of individuals and communities.’

Indeed, the involvement of the military-intelligence apparatus in the development of a digital vaccine passport system is yet another indication that behind the guise of public health concerns, the U.S. surveillance state could be due to enhance its control over an increasingly restive population.”

What Is MITRE?

So, what is MITRE, and why are they a key player in the VCI? The organization did not reply to “The GrayZone’s” questions for the article; “however, its documented history makes for unsettling reading,” Blumenthal and Loffredo note.

MITRE was founded in 1958 and is based in northern Virginia. The military-intelligence think tank receives about $2 billion a year from U.S. agencies. Initially, it was founded as a joint project of the U.S. Air Force and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to develop command and control systems for nuclear and conventional warfare.

They’ve also been contracted to eradicate cannabis in Mexico using toxic herbicides, a strategy that ended up contaminating large swaths of food crops. More recently, MITRE has worked on surveillance tech for the FBI, collecting fingerprints from people’s social media photos where their palms and fingers are visible, and helped the agency establish the world’s largest biometric database.

MITRE also worked on the FBI’s Modernized Intelligence Database (MIDB) project, which according to the former FBI assistant director William Bayse allowed police to identify the political causes, associates and employers of activists, along with their biometric data, spending and tax information. As if that’s not hair raising enough, Blumenthal and Loffredo note:14

“Through hundreds of FOIA requests and interviews with current and former MITRE officials, Forbes learned that MITRE has designed ‘a prototype tool that can hack into smartwatches, fitness trackers and home thermometers for the purposes of homeland security… and a study to determine whether someone’s body odor can show they’re lying.’

MITRE is also home to the ATT&CK Program, an cybersecurity module which the corporation describes as ‘a globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and [intelligence] techniques based on real-world observations.’

Adam Pennington, the lead architect for MITRE’s ATT&CK, ‘has spent over a decade with MITRE studying and preaching the use of deception for intelligence gathering.’ ACLU staff attorney Nate Wessler has called MITRE’s surveillance projects ‘extraordinarily chilling,’ and warned that they ‘raise serious privacy concerns.’”

These are the same people who are now playing a key role in the U.S. vaccine passport program. Blumenthal and Loffredo go into further depth in their article,15 but I think you get the gist.

The vaccine passports clearly have nothing to do with keeping people healthy and safe from infection, and everything to do with turning our most personal data into a profit center that simultaneously allows them to exercise unprecedented control over everyone’s life.

Make no mistake, sooner or later — and time is rapidly running out — everyone will have to make a choice: freedom or slavery. There’s no middle ground anymore.

And if we say no to slavery, we must be ready to not capitulate, because we can already see that mass protests are doing little to dissuade the World Economic Forum and its partners from pushing for a global digital vaccine ID, along with a centralized digital currency. Together, those two things will give them complete control over our lives. Our children and grandchildren will never experience what it’s like to be free if we let that happen.