117 Illegible Pages of Legalistic Gunk

 By Anna Von Reitz

This morning, Thanksgiving Day, we received in our California office, a 117 page document from the Insurrectionists in California— Nancy Kremer, Wayne Whomley, Ron Kelly, et alia.
Much of the document is illegible because of poor print quality, but we don’t need to read it to know that: “The truth is always simple. It’s the lies that are complex.”
1. Everything with the word “California” attached to it ultimately belongs to the people of California — those who live there on a permanent basis and who claim the physically-described State of the Union as their home State. This includes the land and soil, sea coast, patents, surveys and all other property within the borders of the State. The Federation of States holds the international trademarks for the people of California, and all copyrights derive from the trademarks, thus all the copyrights ultimately are held by the Federation of States.
2, The only provenance for “California” and those ownership claims described above, derives from California’s status as a State of the Union and a Member of the Federation of States. Read that: if you want to keep your claim to own California, you have to function as a State of the Union and as Member of the Federation of States, or you lose your claim including your reversionary trust interest, trademarks and copyrights. You lose your “chain of title” and are regarded as a stateless person regardless of where you were born or who you think you are.
3. The States of the Union only existed as “free, sovereign, and independent states” for approximately three months — July 1776 to September 1776 — at which point they formed the Federation of States for their mutual benefit and protection in international jurisdictions of the law. Ever since, all States of the Union are Members of the Federation, and all Members of the Federation are States of the Union. The two are joined together as land and soil are joined. Any attempt to alter, “redefine”, or overthrow these relationships is a crime of treason and insurrection against the actual Government.
4. Obviously, the Federation of States has remained true to its purpose and has called all the States to Assemble and has loyally defended the interests of the states and the people in international jurisdiction, or there would presently be no State Assembly convened in California.
5. All the anti-Federation talk stems from failed leaders who want someone or something to blame other than themselves.
6. All the anti-Federation talk comes from people who have demonstrated a desire to avoid basic common sense oversight of their own activities.
We are standing here as we have stood here all these years — not as fools who would give up their provenance and lawful claims, nor as self-interested criminals or politicians slavering after votes.
We are here for the clearly stated and defined purpose of assembling the States of the Union and restoring the lawful American Government. All States of the Union are Members of the Federation and failing that, they are not States of the Union.
The failed leaders of The California Assembly would have everyone living as stateless, brainless Insurrectionists, which is why we dissolved the organization effective November first and started over.
The dissolution of an Assembly during the assembling process is similar to the dissolution of Parliament — new leadership is obliged to step forward and then, operations resume.
Those who led the insurrectionist activity are no longer considered members of the Assembly, though they may be recognizable as American State Nationals.
This is necessary at times to keep the effort on track and keep the people involved safe from legal and physical attacks from the Federal Government Subcontractors— which have nothing to do with the Federation of States — and are simply named after us.
The best advice we can give is to do the job set before you in good faith and honor. Study hard. Learn the history and the law.
Accept the oversight and instruction of the Summoning Authority that called you to do this work, so that you wind up with a lawful and fully functional Assembly that is competent to serve the needs of the people in your State of the Union.
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The American Holiday

 By Anna Von Reitz

In many parts of the world, Thanksgiving is referred to as “the American holiday” and our snobby British counterparts sniff at it disparagingly from the end of a long British nose.
However, Thanksgiving is more than a holiday and concerns more than turkeys.
Thanksgiving is a mindset.
Thanksgiving is a way of life.
Thanksgiving is our secret means to gain excellence and victory.
The Monarchists among us have little cause to celebrate or give thanks, because whether they are bowing down to a King or Queen, or bowing down to a Corporation’s CEO, it still means that they are not free, that they are in fact abdicating their responsibility for their own lives, and practicing idolatry instead of worshiping our Creator and Sustainer, Divine Providence.
That is precisely why our Ancestors came here to found a New World and a new social order.
And that is why we give thanks today and every day, above and beyond all else.
We saw the eternal Truth and we grasped it close and were glad for it. We celebrate it every year.
It’s impossible to feel sorry for yourself when gratitude fills your heart.
It’s impossible to be afraid when gratitude floods your mind.
Thanksgiving isn’t just an odd American holiday nobody else celebrates.
Thanksgiving is our secret weapon in the Spiritual War now gripping the entire world.
Be grateful that you have hearts and minds and hands and feet. Be grateful that you have friends and family and neighbors. Be grateful that our Earth continues despite all the attacks of the Evil Ones against her. Be grateful for the wisdom that guides every waking hour.
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Herbs Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

Heart disease has ranked No. 1 in the top 10 leading causes of death in the U.S. for years. In 2020,1 690,882 people died from heart disease. This is compared to 633,842 who died in 2015, which represents a 9% jump in six short years. One of the key risk factors for heart disease is high blood pressure.2 New data show a diet rich in herbs and spices may help reduce high blood pressure.3

Blood pressure measurements are expressed as two numbers.4 The top number is called the systolic number and the bottom is called the diastolic number. These numbers represent the pressure measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg) required to move blood through your arteries. The top number is how much pressure is on the artery as the heart beats and the diastolic number is how much pressure remains in the artery between heart beats.

In 2017, the American College of Cardiology,5 in collaboration with the American Heart Association,6 published new guidelines that defined high blood pressure. This moved the measurement to diagnose high blood pressure from 140/90 to 130/80 mmHg.7

Researchers had been noticing a rise in heart disease in individuals whose blood pressure was previously thought to be within normal limits. With the changed guidelines, the American Heart Association8 estimated more than 100 million Americans have high blood pressure.

High blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack, kidney disease, vision loss, stroke and damaged blood vessels.9 New data published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrate how closely associated your diet is to your blood pressure measurement.10

24 Herbs and Spices Over Four Weeks Lowered Blood Pressure

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University11 sought to understand the effect that eating herbs and spices would have on cardiovascular disease. According to the researchers,12 this was the first controlled feeding study to evaluate mixed herbs and spices in a traditional U.S. diet against the risk factors for heart disease.

The researchers recruited 71 people with known risk factors for heart disease. Of those, 63 participants completed the controlled feeding study. The researchers used blood samples and blood pressure to gauge the effect of a low (0.5 grams), moderate (3.2 grams) and high (6.5 grams) intake of herbs and spices.

The participants consumed each diet in random order for a period of four weeks with a two-week washout between each diet.13 The remainder of the diet was based on the average American intake. The herbs and spices included basil, thyme, cinnamon and turmeric.

The researchers discovered that those consuming the diet high in herbs and spices had lower systolic blood pressure then those who consumed the diet with medium or low-dose herbs and spices. The participants wore a blood pressure monitor for 24 hours at the start of the study and at the end of each treatment period.

The researchers were excited by the results because the study did not specifically change the diet to be heart healthy. The only difference was in the number of herbs and spices consumed by the participants. Penny M. Kris-Etherton, professor of nutritional sciences at Penn State Evan Pugh University,14 said in a press release:15

“I think it’s really significant that participants consumed an average American diet throughout the study and we still found these results. We didn’t decrease sodium, we didn’t increase fruits and vegetables, we just added herbs and spices. It begs the next question that if we did alter the diet in these ways, how much better would the results be?”

Vitamin D Deficiency May Be Linked to High Blood Pressure

Several important factors influence your blood pressure, and your vitamin D level is one of them.16 Researchers have found vitamin D insufficiency and deficiency are associated with high blood pressure in adults and now find that low levels in infants and children can increase the risk of high blood pressure later in childhood and during the teen years.17

Vitamin D plays a significant role in several health conditions, and it may be one of the simplest solutions to a wide range of problems. Optimally, you’ll want to obtain vitamin D through sun exposure. However, since many dermatologists and other agencies18,19,20 began telling people to avoid the sun and use liberal amounts of sunscreen, vitamin D deficiency has reached epidemic proportions.21,22,23

In the U.K., the optimal level of vitamin D is 20 ng/mL (50 nmol/L) and higher.24 However, in the U.S., sufficient levels are between 30 ng/mL (75 nmol/L) and 60 ng/mL (150 nmol/L)25 or from 40 ng/mL (100 nmol/L) to 60 ng/mL (150 nmol/L).26 One study27 published in 2018 found 39.92% of the people had a vitamin D level of 20 ng/mL or less and 60.08% had levels of 20 ng/mL or greater.

Since the lowest sufficient level is 30 ng/mL, at least 40% of the population surveyed were deficient in vitamin D, and likely higher. Evidence suggests that low levels are associated with high blood pressure. One literature review28 of 30 randomized clinical trials and 4,744 participants found that vitamin D3 could help reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The effect appeared dependent on the dose, duration and population.

A second review29 of 17 trials with 1,687 participants found supplementation with vitamin D had a statistically significant difference in reducing systolic and diastolic pressure in people who were vitamin D deficient and had high blood pressure.

Low levels of vitamin D also appear to have a predictive value in children. Researchers30 followed 775 children in ages ranging from birth to age 18 from 2005 to 2012 to investigate the effect vitamin D had on the development of high systolic blood pressure. Low vitamin D status was defined as less than 11 ng/mL at birth and less than 25 ng/mL during early childhood.

The researchers31 compared those with low levels of vitamin D to children who were born with adequate levels. They found that children with low levels had about a 60% higher risk of elevated systolic blood pressure from ages 6 to 18. Children who experienced persistently low levels throughout childhood were at double the risk of elevated systolic blood pressure between ages 3 and 18.32

Take Care With Your Sodium/Potassium Ratio

In the U.S. and many other developed countries, salt has been vilified as a primary cause of high blood pressure.33 The idea is with more salt, your body retains more fluid and therefore increases the work of the heart. According to research presented at the American Heart Association meeting in 2013,34 excessive salt contributed to 2.3 million heart-related deaths worldwide in 2010.

However, it is important to understand that sodium and potassium work together to affect your blood pressure. The average reported intake of potassium from food is about half35 of the 4,700 mg recommended.36 Research has demonstrated these low levels of potassium may have a significant impact on blood pressure,37,38,39 especially as it relates to the amount of salt normally found in the Western diet.

Potassium works to relax the walls of your arteries, which keeps your muscles from cramping and lowers your blood pressure.40 Reduction in blood pressure with added potassium has also been associated with a reduced risk of stroke and all-cause mortality.41

It’s recommended that you consume in the range of two to three times more potassium than sodium, depending on whether you currently have a heart condition or diabetes.42,43 But most Americans consume more sodium than potassium.

If researchers are looking only at sodium levels and not the ratio, which is more important than the overall salt intake,44 then it may appear as if salt is driving high blood pressure. Therefore, by lowering your salt intake you automatically improve the ratio.

More Strategies to Help Control Blood Pressure

There are many factors that can positively or negatively affect your blood pressure. As discussed, your diet plays an important role in the nutrients supplied to your arterial system. Several other strategies you may consider include:

Exercise more — The American Heart Association45 recommends activity and exercise to help manage blood pressure. Studies have also demonstrated the effectiveness of exercise, including as a preventive strategy.46 Regular activity47 can lower blood pressure, reduce heart rest and prevent remodeling from high blood pressure that is pathological and increases the risk of heart failure and mortality.

Reduce stress — The American Heart Association48 also recommends managing your stress to help control high blood pressure. Stress stimulates the nervous system to produce hormones that cause vasoconstriction.49 This may cause short-term increases in blood pressure.50

Chronic stress can also affect sleep patterns,51 dietary habits52 and motivation to exercise,53 all of which are key factors in raising blood pressure.54 Acute stress is also associated with broken heart syndrome, which is a potentially life-threatening condition that mimics a heart attack.55

Try inspiratory muscle strength training — One study56 showed using high resistance inspiratory muscle strength training (IMST) could reduce blood pressure measurements as well as aerobic exercise or meditation. IMST was originally developed for critically ill patients with respiratory diseases. The strategy uses a handheld device that provides resistance to the user as they inhale vigorously, thus strengthening muscles.

Incorporate meditation — Mind-body practices that trigger your body’s relaxation response,57 such as meditation, play an important role in lowering blood pressure by favorably influencing a recently identified set of genes and biological pathways.58 As the relaxation response is elicited, biochemical changes occur, including decreased oxygen consumption, blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate.59

Use intermittent fasting — This is a form of time restricted eating during which you typically fast for 16 to 18 hours with a window of six to eight hours to eat. Evidence shows that there are several benefits to the cardiovascular system, including lowering blood pressure.60 A recent study61 from Baylor College of Medicine suggested that fasting may help normalize blood pressure by impacting the gut microbiota.

Sauna bathing — Sometimes some of the simplest strategies can have a tremendous impact. Sweating in a sauna can help expel toxins, improve blood circulation and improve mitochondrial function. In a video lecture by Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D.,62 she reviews how sauna bathing can be used as an exercise mimetic to increase your longevity.

In this lecture she notes that just a single sauna session has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve heart rate variability, and improve arterial compliance. Some of the positive benefits of the sauna on heart health may have to do with similar physiological changes that also occur during physical exercise.

Check your magnesium — Magnesium deficiency can contribute to a significant number of health problems since it is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body.63 One scientific review64 suggested that low magnesium may be the greatest predictor of heart disease and another65 suggested subclinical deficiency can compromise cardiovascular health.

Low magnesium levels have been linked to a high risk of high blood pressure,66 stroke67 and sudden cardiac death.68 The best way to determine your status is to do an RBC magnesium test. This measures the amount of magnesium in your red blood cells.

There are several reasons why you may have insufficient or deficient levels of magnesium, including not getting enough from your diet, sweating, stress and lack of sleep. Seek to eat more magnesium-rich foods and consider high-quality magnesium supplements if necessary. Another way of effectively boosting your level is to use an Epsom salt bath as the magnesium is effectively absorbed through your skin.

Vaccine Victims Share Adverse Reactions, Loss of Loved Ones

I want to share a very personal story and confession with you. When I was in medical school in the late ‘70s, I was on the front cover for the national medical student handbook. I’m sharing this photo with you that shows me administering a vaccine. At that time and for the next 15 years, I rigidly followed all vaccine guidelines.

Even when I started seeing patients at my own clinic, I never once questioned the safety of any vaccine and I rejected information from people voicing their concerns. In the late ‘80s, one particularly kind patient of mine, a mother, patiently shared a personal testimony about her vaccine-injured son, Jack.

She opened my eyes to a reality that I was previously unaware of and did not want to accept. She confronted me with clinical data that I could no longer ignore. In the years that followed, I saw more and more parents who had serious fears about certain vaccines; I slowly came to the realization that informed consent was practically nonexistent and there were serious medical risks being covered up by pharmaceutical companies and the federal government.

We are now in the midst of vaccine mandates that have affected nearly every person on the planet. If you don’t know someone personally who has suffered a reaction to these vaccines, you are likely in the minority.

Victims of Adverse Vaccine Reactions Need To Be Heard

Sheryl Ruettgers, who is the wife of former Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Ken Ruettgers, is among those who have suffered severe adverse effects from a COVID-19 injection.

Four days after receiving the first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 shot in January 2021, Sheryl experienced a severe neurological reaction. She is still experiencing muscle pain, numbness, weakness and paresthesia that inhibit her daily activities.1 When she connected on social media with others who had been injured by the injections, the private pages were shut down.

After connecting with doctors, nurses and other individuals who had experienced firsthand accounts of adverse reactions, the group wrote a letter to Dr. Janet Woodcock, acting commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It stated:2

“We deserve and strongly request transparency and acknowledgment of these vaccine reactions so that there can be a beginning to the discoveries and developments in the care that we desperately need. Until acknowledgement of these adverse reactions exists, it will be impossible for people to receive care.

We are pleading that you make the medical community aware of these reactions so we can get the medical care that we need and hopefully recover and return to our previously healthy lives.”

The group received no response from federal officials, which led Ken to start the website C19 Vax Reactions,3 for people to share their stories. There you can read over 500 real testimonies of adverse reactions to the shots and view dozens of videos detailing individuals’ reactions.

In one example, 17-year-old Everest Romney received his first dose of the Pfizer shot, and experienced extreme swelling in his arm and neck that night.4 Two days later, the previously healthy athlete was unable to lift his head due to the pain and swelling. A pediatrician dismissed the concerns, blaming them on a sports injury.

His mother insisted on a CT scan, which revealed a blood clot inside his jugular vein on the same side he got the shot. Rare blood clots in his brain were also later revealed. He ended up in the ICU, where doctors still refused to acknowledge that the clots could be linked to the shot.

Adverse Reactions Are Being Ignored

Medical observations from doctors, nurses, first responders, general practitioners and other medical professionals regarding negative vaccine reactions are also included at C19 Vax Reactions. For example, Karen W. stated:5

“I work in andrology in a fertility clinic. The rumors about the increase in miscarriages is not a rumor. It’s real. We are seeing it, and it started when the shots rolled out to the general public, in March/April.”

Another medical professional, Dr. Katherine R., said:6

“I have seen pulmonary emboli, DVTs, psoriasis exacerbations/ diffuse rashes, peripheral neuropathy, and CVAs from the shots. I purposefully look to see when the patient has received their shots. None of my colleagues care to look or ask. It is a nonissue for them. A potential reaction after vaccine is likely to be a coincidence, I’m told.”

Y.D., another doctor, similarly stated:7

“I’ve seen 2 instances of previously localized cancers turn metastatic within a month of the second dose. I’ve seen 1 instance of polyarticular arthritis in an otherwise healthy mid 30’s male. 1 instance of disseminated mucosal vasculitis in a 20 something female. 1 death from a rhinovirus infection after vaccination.”

This is the type of data that need to be collected, analyzed and studied in the midst of this unprecedented injection campaign, but instead those who speak out are silenced or discredited. Kyle Warner, a 29-year-old professional mountain bike racer, developed pericarditis, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and reactive arthritis following his second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot.8

An ER doctor refused to believe it was an adverse reaction to the jab and instead blamed it on a “psychotic episode.” At the Real, Not Rare rally held in Washington, D.C., Warner spoke before politicians to make a difference in the support level for vaccine-injured people — which is nonexistent in the U.S. — and voice opposition to vaccine mandates.

Their mission is to gain acknowledgement from elected officials and federal health agencies of vaccine adverse reactions and raise awareness within the medical community about these reactions. The Real, Not Rare website has also collected dozens of stories from people who have been injured by COVID-19 shots.9 They also want to stop the denial of certain vaccine exemptions and stop vaccine mandates:10

“Real lives are being affected by ‘not so rare’ consequences. Many vaccine injured individuals are seeking acknowledgment by the media and government so they can receive better healthcare and treatment. Vaccine injured individuals did their part by getting this vaccine, and now they need your help.”

Without Acknowledgment, ‘We Don’t Exist’

In a second letter to the CDC and FDA, dated September 4, 2021, the “ever-growing group of Americans who have suffered severe and ongoing neurological adverse reactions” to the COVID-19 shots, asked for acknowledgement that these reactions exist. “Until you acknowledge us, we simply do not exist,” they wrote, adding:11

“Doctors tell us repeatedly that if neurological reactions were occurring, the medical community would be promptly notified by the CDC and FDA … The experts at the NIH have stated that they believe these reactions are treatable and that early intervention is key to reducing the severity and duration of these disabling reactions.

Given that these adverse reactions are being denied recognition, it is impossible for those who are injured to receive any early intervention and, therefore people remain hopelessly injured.”

Four Categories of Adverse Events Described

While health officials remain silent about COVID-19 injection reactions, the growing number of reports cannot be silenced forever. Board-certified internist and cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough12 detailed the nonfatal syndromes that are occurring after COVID-19 shots, which cause symptoms similar to that of long COVID in many cases. The shot-induced syndromes fall into four areas, the first being cardiac.

In addition to myocarditis, a recognized adverse reaction to the shots, atrial fibrillation in young people and pericarditis can also occur post-COVID-19 shot. The second category of shot-induced syndromes is neurologic, which causes neurological symptoms similar to those among COVID-19 long haulers, as well as additional, more serious, effects. This includes Guillain-Barré syndrome, which can be fatal, bell’s palsy, seizures, persistent headaches and blood clots in the brain.

The third category is immunologic, which includes suppression of lymphocyte count and reactivation of other viral syndromes, including Epstein-Barr virus and shingles. The fourth category — hematologic — occurs about two weeks after the shot and describes vaccine-induced thrombocytopenic purpura.

Signs include bruising all over the body, bleeding from the gums and nose and dark urine. If you notice these signs in the weeks after receiving a COVID-19 injection, get to a hospital immediately.

For those suffering from these shot-induced syndromes, the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group’s I-RECOVER13 protocol for long-haul COVID syndrome has been used to treat shot-induced symptoms with similar success. The protocol can be downloaded in full,14 giving you step-by-step instructions on how to treat reactions from COVID-19 injections.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

I am dedicated now more than ever to individuals and families who have been injured by these vaccines. They were not informed of the risks. They believed what they were told — that the vaccines were safe and effective. These people’s lives have been changed forever. They have been isolated, unsupported and shamed; wading through grief in the wake of vaccine mandates established “for the greater good.”

The more devoted I became in supporting the ethical principal of informed consent to medical risk taking — which includes the legal right to make voluntary decisions about getting an experimental injection — the more the attacks from the media, the government and pharmaceutical companies were compounded.

People recognize truth when they see and hear it. We are united in our philosophical opposition to government health officials intimidating, threatening and coercing citizens to violate their conscientiously-held beliefs. Censorship is pervasive; big tech has colluded with dictators and pharmaceutical companies to bury the harms occurring through these experimental vaccines, including death.

If you want your voice to be heard, I will help you share your testimony. Vaccine mandates have led to injuries, devastation and deaths — while the brainwashing “get your vaccine now” campaign is being used to divide and conquer.

One parent’s personal grief shared with me nearly 30 years ago changed my life and opened my eyes. One spark is all that is required to start a fire. There is a revolution building — a revolution for freedom to live your life without medical mandates or dictators calling the shots.

Please share your story with us, and encourage others you know who have a story to share theirs. It’s never been more important than now, for you and your family, to take control of your health.

Studies Reveal Getting Jabbed Won’t Reduce Your Risk of Long Covid, and Cancer Patients Improve Covid Survival without Vax

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The Republican party has been given power at the state and national level over and over, and over and over they’ve botched it. Against all odds, Donald Trump delivered the Republican Party its biggest victory and its biggest opportunity in a century. They had the House, the Senate, the White House, and a majority of the Supreme Court with a new seat waiting to be filled. Enter Machiavellian Mark Meadows, Meadows had Trump convinced he was this big ally of his, so in 2020 he was brought in to serve as chief of staff. What did he do there? He kept fighting against a serious America-First agenda, this time from within the White House. Come election time, Meadows undercut the effort to stop the Joe Biden coup d’etat, and pushed Trump into meekly leaving office.