Covid microchips are coming “whether we like it or not,” warns developer

(Natural News) Hannes Sjoblad is lashing out against critics who say that his company’s new implantable microchips that track people’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination status are “invasive.” The director of DSruptive Subdermals, based in Sweden, told the public in a recent media interview that his company’s chips are here now “whether we like it or…

Perhaps I Am Not Being Pointed Enough….

 By Anna Von Reitz

After becoming aware of all the corruption and collusion and Breach of Trust the Roman Catholic Church promoted against our actual American Government, and then also becoming aware of the practices of the Baal Worshipers, I reached some startling new insights.
I used to wonder — hey, if this is all about Jesus and his teaching, how come they are calling him by a different name? Who is this “Christ” fellow?
Whenever you see someone in scripture undergoing a name change, it’s time to look out.
So, I looked. And just as Jacob became Israel after his wrestling match with the devil, Jesus became “Christ” after his anointing by a former prostitute.
“Christ” means “The Anointed One” and the only anointing he received was the one from Mary Magdalene.
What I am seeing is the possibility, even the likelihood, that the Common Enemy, the Father of All Lies and all his Liar children, piggy-backed along and corrupted the fellowship of the Apostles early on, remaking and redefining Jesus into a priest of Baal and promoting “Christianity” as a rebranding of the ubiquitous Baal Cult.
The Baal Cult magically disappeared from the history books at the same time that Christianity was taking off. Just like the Templars disappeared. Just like the Dutch East India Company disappeared. Just like the Fleet Street Bankers are trying to disappear into China now.
Is this a coincidence? Did Christianity win over Baal Worship, or did Baal Worship take over Christianity?
Did the Liars just adopt the new narrative, adopt a new name, and keep on skating?
They have proven that you can just redefine a few words and voila, make anything or anyone, your property. John Raymond Smith comes to stand for both an American and a British Territorial Citizen. JOHN RAYMOND SMITH is a Cestui Que Vie trust…. The word “person” suddenly means “corporation”. And an experimental gene therapy is suddenly a “vaccine”.
Overnight, one big night of struggle, Jacob is crippled and he becomes “Israel”.
Suddenly, after being anointed with oil by a prostitute, Jesus becomes the Anointed One, the Christ — and the Christian religion is born. And the worship of Baal disappears….
Maybe it didn’t disappear. Maybe it just changed its spots. Maybe the Baal Cult just used Jesus and his teachings as a new storefront, and behind closed doors, kept on doing the same venal, ugly things as ever.
How else do you explain the pedophilia, the unmarked mass graves, the millions of missing children, the symbolic cannibalism, the “castrated” priesthood, the wild private parties, the financial scandals like “Peter’s Pence”, all the gaping vaginas and lurid vulvas carved in stone decorating St. Peter’s Basilica, the obelisks and other phallic symbols littered all over the Church properties, the pagan holidays “adopted” by the Church, the pagan symbols used by the Church, pentagrams and dividers, keyholes and snakes and church spires…. or are they? And all these ghastly “holy relics” — ? Mummified and skeletal human body parts, skulls and corpses on display?
What you can see in all of this, is evidence of Black Magic on a vast scale. And there is also ample evidence of a Death Cult.
I think there is a very good chance that they have been ruling “in the name of Christ” — just like they have been ruling “in your name”, too.
I would not be doing my job as a Grandma if I observed these things and didn’t share these observations with you, as unsettling and unhappy as these ruminations are. The Truth is often unsettling and unhappy, but in the end, it’s all that matters. So let the chips fall and the little gray cells kick in.
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To The High Courts — A Public Objection to Crime in International Jurisdiction

 By Anna Von Reitz

Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Janet Yellen are busily converting fiat dollar accounts into gold and silver-backed dollar accounts, using our money and other assets without our permission. This lawful conversion may be the right thing to do, but it is being done in the wrong way — which results in more fraud and invalidates the new monetary system they are trying to create from the moment of its birth.
The fiat money they are exchanging was all private military and municipal corporation script that was unauthorized by the lawful representatives of the people of this country in the first place.
They are trying to paper over this immense trespass and Breach of Trust — and make themselves out to be the heroes at our expense again, but no matter how much lipstick you apply to a pig, it is still a pig.
Speaking as the Lawful Fiduciary for this country, we don’t have an objection to returning to the gold standard nor to the general ideas espoused by NESARA/GESARA. What we object to are the frauds being committed in pursuit of these ends.
In the first place, there is no Federal Republic for these men and women to return to. The American Federal Subcontractor failed in 1860 and cannot be restored absent Reconstruction by the Federation of States. The only “federal” authority still standing and able to stand is the original Federation of States, which is now in Session.
In the second place, Angel Marcos has no authority in this matter at all. He is the Son of Ferdinand Marcos who was the attorney of Severino Sta Romano. Alleging that he has some inherited right or authority over the funds and assets of our Trusts is ridiculous.
That’s like saying that the son of my Father’s lawyer inherited my estate and has control over my assets– apparently by magic, because there is no authority for it otherwise. No valid statutory Power of Attorney is possible.
In the third place, the people who donated these massive amounts of assets and who placed these assets in trust as donors with the aim of benefiting this planet and everyone on it, are being bypassed and ignored instead of recognized and honored.
The actual heir(s) of Severino are alive and all the Grand Poobahs on the planet know that, because they signed off on it. Then the CIA got involved and messed things up and everything has been a Spider Web and endless delay of settlement ever since.
It’s not the fault of the Donors that the relief wasn’t received back in the 1960’s. It is entirely the fault of the CIA and certain elements in the British and Israeli Governments mucking things up and trying to commandeer funds that don’t belong to them.
In the fourth place, the same old dirty enslavement game is being played out and they are getting away with it unchallenged by those who are intent on giving our assets away and making themselves out to be Goodfellows at our expense.
Let’s go over general recipe again — the [Slave] Master Mix:
(1) Entrap, coerce, scare, and bully people into contractual relationships that are undisclosed.
(2) Make False Claims in Commerce against them.
(3) Depend on the victim’s ignorance to keep them confused and helpless.
And now let’s look at the current crime-in-progress —which is a specific example of the worldwide drama now being staged:
(1) All these injections are carrying patented payloads, and people are being deliberately scared, coerced, and bullied into taking these shots.
(2) The patent holders then have an excuse to claim that the injected people are GMO’s — Genetically Modified Organisms.
(3) Having secured an ownership interest, the Perpetrators can call these people by a different name —“trans-humans”— and then, the Perpetrators of these crimes can deny them all rights, benefits, and guarantees — even the right to live.
(4) Indemnified against any responsibility for the deaths of these Innocents the vicious monsters stand ready to claim their estates.
The Slave Masters win again. Even though slavery has been outlawed worldwide since 1926.
The victims of this heinous criminality are left to enforce the Public and International Law, and when they do the Public Duty that the High Courts are all obligated to provide, the victims are called vigilantes, dangerous extremists, and so on.
Our Government was not in Session in 1895 and no Sovereign State is eligible for bankruptcy protection — a fact that settles any confusion about which “United States” was bankrupt and who was — and still is — responsible for the debts.
All of this is in flagrant violation of the public trust and all forms of law, even Roman Civil Law, now that the fraud is exposed and recognized.
Whereupon the Sovereign Kingdom of Ethiopia and the Federation of States call upon the United Nations and the High Courts to return the purloined land jurisdiction assets to the rightful and lawful Federation of States and to recognize the current crimes-in-progress as a clear and present danger to the world economy and world peace.
We cannot build a stable monetary system on more fraud and theft and glad-handing.
Even less can we build a future built on continued deceit, stealthy murder, insurance fraud, and probate fraud using new technologies to establish repugnant ownership claims.
The Donors must come to the table and speak to the distribution of the assets, because they are the only ones with the right and the jurisdiction to do so. Not our employees. Not our subcontractors. And especially not subcontractors acting without a valid contract.
We must reboot and rebuild with the proper authorities in place, or face the fact that fraud at the beginning will still be fraud at the end.
We are forwarding an explanation of the situation with respect to the Territorial Citizenry provided as a petition by the Ethiopian Government. As this 19 page document exposes, U.S. Citizens have suffered personation as Special Purpose Vehicles owned and operated by Municipal Transportation Authorities. Although Territorial U.S. Citizens have not been our direct responsibility, they are now, because of the failure of both remaining federal corporations and the fact that all successor contracts thought to exist by assumpsit have been denied.
These Territorial Citizens are Stateless without our rescue, and millions of Americans have been misidentified and put at risk as Territorial U.S. Citizens via undisclosed registration processes and related adhesion contracts, a fact that creates more urgency and more compelling reason to act now and provide international assistance and arbitration.
There are those who might decry our efforts as causing more delay in providing much-needed relief and restoration, but delay is not our intent. We support the actual NESARA legislation and the original plan proposed by General Roy E. Schwasinger and will do all in our power to see restitution delivered. We simply want it delivered in the right way with the correct authority.
by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
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Benjamin Fulford 1/3/22 Report: Recent moves make final cabal defeat in 2022 probable

There are multiple signs that a final defeat of the Satanic Khazarian mafia is likely in 2022. The year 2021 year of the bull featured a largely successful defense against a Khazarian mafia plot to kill 90% of humanity. Now, the year of the tiger means we go on the offensive and destroy the final remnants of this ancient, evil cabal.

The key to victory is to locate and apprehend David Rockefeller Jr. and other members of the Rockefeller family in order to end their control of the Fortune 500 companies, including the pharmacidical corporations promoting the fake pandemic and related vaccine fascism, Mossad and CIA sources say. Until this happens, the corporate US government, their fake Joe Biden regime and treasonous governments in the G7 remain the heart of darkness on the planet earth.

While most of the world has been protected from the Khazarian mafia attempt to kill six billion people, Asian secret society sources describe what is happening in the US and other Western countries as a “murder-suicide.” The masters of the ancient system of Babylonian slavery would rather kill their slaves -including the Jews- than lose power, say Asian secret society sources who have been trying to force the Satanists to surrender.

This is not rhetoric. Scott Davison, the CEO of Indianapolis-based insurance company OneAmerica, says the death rate among people aged 18 to 64 in the US is up a horrific 40% from pre-pandemic levels.

The overwhelming scientific evidence shows this death rate is being caused by vaccines. Since this has been extensively documented by others -notably Robert F. Kennedy Jr, in his well-documented book- we will not deep dive into the evidence here.

However, we do note:

The World Council for Health declares that it is time to put an end to this humanitarian crisis. Further, the Council also declares that any direct or indirect involvement in the manufacturing, distribution, administration and promotion of these injections violates basic principles of common law, constitutional law and natural justice, as well as the Nuremberg Code, the Helsinki Declaration, and other international treaties…

Action is being taken. The UK government has assigned a police task force to investigate vaccine crimes by senior members of government agencies.

The international criminal court is also being presented with detailed evidence of the biggest mass murder crime spree since World War II. Hopefully, the death toll will be lower than that.

The rest of the world, fortunately for them, is paying less of a price. In Japan -where the government found and destroyed 3.6 million vaccine doses “contaminated with foreign substances”- the death rate is actually lower than normal years. In places like Africa, where governments refused to go along with either the fake pandemic or the vaccines, life expectancy and population are actually increasing.

Despite the grim news in the West, the intelligence agencies and the aware military there are continuing their offensive against the Khazarian cabal.

“This news headline is a clear sign of this:
U.S. Defense Secretary Austin tests positive for COVID-19, symptoms mild”
“We know what this means….  He has been picked up and is under questioning by the  White Hat / Military  Alliance,” a Pentagon source says. “

 “We are dealing with the death throes of a 3000 year old Babylonian empire. These people will not go quietly, they will try to take everybody with them,” MI6 sources say noting “They seize power by taking over the very tip top of society through a combination of murder, bribery, propaganda and blackmail.”

MI6 describes the sort of horrific acts carried out by the top Babylonians: “When the two world trade centers were built, David Rockefeller presided over an orgy where they killed children and had sex in their blood.” MI6 adds “We have a video of the ceremony where they cut off children’s heads and have sex with the head.” Now you can see why David Rockefeller Jr. is a person of interest.

Inviting people to such events and filming them means “They have a file on everybody in the world, basically everybody is blackmailed. It is a compromise and control network,” the agency notes.

The other way they have kept a stranglehold on Western society is through the control of money. The article linked below, for example, shows how doctors in New Zealand are paid “$1,000 plus expenses” for each person they kill through euthanasia.

Western medicine operates under a military hierarchy and doctors who fail to obey are stripped of their “licenses” and become unable to earn a living. Those who obey and vaccinate, are given large amounts of money. 

This follows the money adage applies to politics, corporations, media etc. as does the blackmail.

As grim as the situation may seem in the West, the white hats have already hunted down and executed many of the top Satanists. As a CIA source puts it:

For all those folks who think mass arrests are not happening. Ask yourself this question, why are they installing a second courtroom for war crimes in GITMO and having two military judges working simultaneously? There are thousands more cabal members that need to be processed. This news release is just leaking out the truth slowly.

However, there are also items in the news that make it appear the Satanists are still very powerful. This one from last week is one such example:

Tony Blair to be given most senior knighthood in new year honors list

The former prime minister will be made Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter by the Queen

“This is unbelievable. Something does not seem to be correct. Tony Blair is one of the evilest warmongers still breathing. Who is behind Q E pulling the strings now on her behalf? Or is this his last award before being marched off to military tribunals?” was how a puzzled Mossad source reacted to the news.

A message from Queen Elizabeth explained that Tony Blair



was given this high reward due to outstanding –but secret- services to the British Empire.

An MI6 source who personally knows Blair –and says he is not a very nice person- claims he was rewarded for helping dismantle the German fourth Reich. Remember, 911 was a Nazi Reichstag fire that led to the US becoming a fascist state. Thanks in part to the secret testimony by Blair, the Bush family was executed for treason while the German Pope Ratzinger and Angela Hitler (Merkel) were removed from power. The Nazi infiltrators of the top ranks of the British bureaucracy were also removed -paving the way for Brexit.

Now Betty White -another top Satanist- has been permanently removed from this earth.

Here is a bullet point summary sent by the CIA:

Betty White is Barbara Bush’s sister.

The Bush’s created the OSS/CIA and

322 Yale Skull and Bones.

Barbara Bush and Betty White are the daughters of Aleister Crowley

Barbara handled all the politicians for the CIA

Betty handled Hollywood for the CIA.

Betty is/WAS {SNOWWHITE} The

QUEEN of Hollywood and the CIA’s

Adrenochrome harvesting/child

trafficking network.

“Snow White. CIA Dream”-17

{Betty White Crowley}

Here is a quote to remember White by: When asked what age she started driving, without skipping a beat, she said, “I think I was 4. No, no, no. That was something else! That’s when I lost my virginity!”

“This is what Hollywood does to mitigate and obfuscate the truth in plain sight…they turn it into a public joke to mock us. Just like Ellen Degeneres did at the Oscars when she ordered a bunch of pizzas for all the elites in the audience to eat on camera to mock PizzaGate,” a CIA source notes.

“Or when Jim Carrey came out on the Jimmy Kimmel show flashing the triangle hand symbol, and did a tongue-in-cheek mockery about how they are all members of the Illuminati occult. His Hollywood career came to an end shortly after this as you know,” the source continues. The interview is below on YouTube.

They have the power to get the sheep to laugh WITH them, thus rendering it a silly notion

Speaking about sheeple, we note that Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty on 5 of 6 counts in the Epstein sex trafficking case.

The real story -according to a Mossad affiliated contact in NY- is that Maxwell, who already flipped sides months ago, has turned over volumes of incriminating documents to the Alliance. This will send hundreds of senior satanic cabal members to Gitmo for processing and execution. “Watch for Ghislaine to commit suicide or have a fatal heart attack in jail very soon. Don’t worry, she is already in a safe and very secure location, with the Alliance,” the source says. That is the real reason why important details about the case were sealed by the judge, he notes. “The entire court proceeding was a circus show for the sheeple,” he concludes.

In any case, the fact that our visual entertainment has migrated away from traditional Hollywood and towards streaming services like Netflix shows the clean-up of the “celebrity” world is well underway. This was thanks in large part to double agents like Jeff Epstein and Maxwell.

The next big priority is to finish the detoxification of the financial world. This has to do with the Rothschild controlled 

, rigged Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate) interest rate control mechanism. While no new contracts are allowed to use Libor, there are still about $230 trillion in contracts that rely on it. “It’s one of the biggest transitions in financial markets in decades,” says Dixit Joshi, group treasurer of Deutsche Bank.


When we asked the person who originally blew the lid on Libor about this he said:

The illicit financial system is based on a computer system in Antarctica run by a person going by the code name ‘Ian Fleming’…Ian Fleming is the computer technologist protected by MI6 by way of a gentleman by the name of Scot Lennon. We have his details…The fraudulent computer mainframe which launders money to pay for fifth columns including the so-called public health emergency –another WMD [Weapons of Mass Destruction] scam- is owned and controlled by various factions in retreat from us…By simply using these names you will see the very vast majority of the criminal conspiracy to genocide run to the hills. The rest the military can deal with.”

We have run across Scot Lennon before and know he is one of the last surviving members of the Majestic 12 group set up by President Dwight Eisenhower to deal with “aliens.”

The fact that two-thirds of the Belgian Antarctic base’s staff just “got infected with Covid 19” appears to be related to this. We assume it was special forces who “infected” them.

In any case, as this news item shows, unless the West hurries up and removes its Satanic infection, China is going to leave us in the dust:

China’s “artificial sun” ran for 20 minutes at a whopping 70 million degrees in its latest experiment – five times hotter than the real sun.

The prospect of free energy is something that cannot be understated. If properly harnessed it would allow for users to increase the amount and variety of life exponentially: a trillion fold, a quadrillion fold or more. The amount of carbon available will be the only growth constraint to the new Cambrian explosion.



5th Circuit Court of Appeals, in shutting down OSHA mandates, also challenges the validity of the pandemic and government restrictions

(Natural News) Not only did the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals shut down the OSHA workplace mandates, but the court also challenged the validity of the pandemic and all subsequent emergency orders and physical restrictions that governments have imposed under its premise. On page 10, the court states: “The natural first step in enacting a…